Baby Stories - 55


Penelope can serve a smile or a “look” equally well. She loves to dance and kick her legs and just learned to roll over!
Precious , Loves to Watch Tv & Laugh / Smile with Mommy & Daddy ! I’m Working on My Crawling Early
Chauncey is the cutest little boy who loves to laugh. His little dimples always pop out. He loves cuddles and looking st himself in the mirror!
Gunnar loves to smile and laugh all day long. He loves belly time and cruise in his walker. He also enjoys bath time and sitting outside.
Aries got his name from the aries zodiac sign! He’s just the sweetest boy always happy and always has something to say.. he definitely has a personality on him already at 4 months 🙃
Oakley is unique and has a lot of energy. He likes music, especially Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson. He loves to hold his big brothers hand. He loves to smile and be silly. He is precious and I am very lucky to be his Mom.
Alex loves to stick his tongue out, but only if you do it back. His favorite book is chicka chicka boom boom and he turns the pages himself. He is a “do it myself” baby and tries his best to steal grown up food at the dinner table. Despite being premature and only 4 pounds when born he’s a rockstar hitting all his milestones and has gained 10 pounds !
Annaleigha is a happy baby with the biggest smile.
Kehlani is such a happy baby! She loves being around other kids and playing! She’s my angel sent from heaven 🥰
Bentley is a sweet baby. Loves to smile and laugh with a squeal. He’s got the best personality already and it keeps getting better ❤️
Jonathan Ja'Kobe
He is 6 months old, very energetic and has a personality that will melt your ❤
Oliver is a little BIG boy that loves morning snuggles, finger chewing and talking mom and dads ears off!
He is a lovable, cute and happy baby! ❤️ He loves to be talked to
He is trying to talk already lol
She is a very independent strong little lady, happy spirited, wise beyond her years. She reminds me of a cat, who isn't interested in looking for affection, she would let people show her affection on her own time. Very smart, funny, and stunning in an innocent to the world face. She captures gorgerous moments at times in photos, wanted to see if i wqs right.
Hi I’m Silas! I’m 5 months old and I love to smile! I like bananas, mangos and avocados and I love to travel with my mom! Giggling is my favorite thing to do!
Rylan is the happiest baby! He loves to smile and he doesn’t meet a stranger. He loves Cars, his big sissy, and his goofy doggies. He loves to talk and blow raspberries.
7 month old such a happy bright baby!Just started crawling has one tooth second one coming in atm! He’s trying to walk 🥺🥰! Very lovable and bubbly! He Is loved by his big sister and brother! Spoiled by his aunts and uncles! He loves to bounce in his bouncer and bath time!! This is his very first ever contest! Let’s see what the future hold!! Let’s get those votes! 💕💙💙😁🙌🏼
Loving, kindhearted girl who loves to be with her family she enjoys pets and the outdoors and her baby brother is her best friend 💕
He loves to play with anything that lights up or makes noice. He is always smiling such a happy little guy❣
This little guy loves to smile, he enjoys the outdoors and visits with family, he talks your little ears off. Nickname is bubba💙 hope he can get your vote 🗳
Elliot loves bouncing and listening to sea shanties. He's very talkative and will babble all day if you let him.
Dalton loves the water, eating, and snuggling. He is always smiling!
This little booger is all smiles all day. She loves to give kisses. She just learned how to sit up on her own!
Y’all vote for my sweet silly girl💗
Such a happy boy and ready to explore the world!
She’s a beautiful ray of sunshine. She unique in her own way with her many faces she makes in a 5 min period. A blessing my rainbow 🌈 princess!!!!
His eyes get wide open when he sees breast and he sounds like he’s talking when he cries. Smiling from the start to himself and started reacting with smiles this week! Yummy baby.
Eva is such a caring gentle child she is so kind with a huge heart and she is an awesome BIG Sister
Jasmine is one of the most happiest baby i have ever met, she is really demanding when it's time for her feeding, she is a great baby.
Alexandra loves to eat, she is a super/wild child she loves to share and play. she is the sweetest baby all around and the funniest.
Delaila can put a smile on anyone’s face! She is sweet and sassy in all the same look. She is smart and loves her big brother more than anything in the world! I love watching them grow together. Delaila is kind and caring already and I hope she never changes for anyone but her and will always be free to be herself ❤️
Youngest sister of 3. Loves to smile and all around a very happy girl ❤️
Royce is 6 months! He’s our rainbow baby!! He’s favorite is to jump! (His jumper) such a beautiful smart over the top happy baby!!
Castor Jackson
Cass loves to eat and snuggle!
Harper was born 17 days early at just 4 pounds, 13 ounces. But from the very beginning, she's made up for her size in spirit and motivation! She is always wanting to look around or move somewhere, whether in someone's arms or on her own.
Josiah is a loving baby, who likes to be sung to & also like when you talk to him.. often smiles & always has the hiccups.
Emerson loves to play the piano with her feet while smiling and cooing at her momma!
Jaxson loves to play baseball he also loves Spiderman. He is a very active little man. His favorite is pizza.
Tyrone Is a very loving baby. He loves other kids he loves the attention peppa pig is his favorite show and he loves bananas
AnnaBeth or “AB” is always happy. She is very independent and easy going. She is full of personality and easily brightens any room she walks into. She likes bananas and loves to dance every time she hears a song come on. She lights up when her daddy comes home from work. Anyone who knows her says she should be entered in a “baby contest.” Knowing her makes me feel like the winner.
Matthew was born 9 lbs 8oz. Now, he crawls, sit up on his own and starting to stand up.
He likes Daniel tiger from pbs kids and loves drinking milk
Judah is always smiling, he loves everyone and he thinks everything is so funny! His smile is contagious!
Colin is a sweet smiling happy boy! He loves tummy time & snuggling his mommy! His smile is heart warming.
My happy baby!!