Baby Stories - 54


A very bright, funny, and loving kid. What I like most is Mommy and Me Time, Story Time, Peppa pig, Morphle, and dinosaurs.
Adelaide loves watching her favorite shows and singing with her daddy while he plays guitar!
Greyson is a wild little boy he loves to be on the go! He always has such a big smile on his face. There’s never a dull moment when he’s around!
Ailani is such a joyful baby. She loves cocomelon, fruit, and kids. Also very active and likes to be a helping hand.
Tyrion loves to chew on anything he can get his hands on. He loves to eat. His favorite movie is Vivo. He is such a sweet and happy baby! (:
Ashlynn Renee
Ashlynn is the sweetest baby i know. She loves to play with her toys and she loves to ride in her car walker. She loves cocomelon and loud house. She is 6 months old. She is trying to crawl already.
Salem is the happiest boy. So full of energy and love. He loves Mickey mouse! He loves big brother and is always trying to do what big brother does. Little body full of sass 😂🥰
Kira is a outgoing, kind but very wild child. She marches to the beat of her own drum.
Izabella Paige
Izabella is 4 months old! :) she just learned to roll over, she loves to play and just full of smiles. Shes such a happy girl ❤
Alister absolutely adores his older sister and 2 pups. He loves staying cheese and playing in the year.
Jasper's almost walking on his own, his favorite thing to do is chase his cousin around the house and get into everything he can. He's so smart already, one of his favorite words is "tickle"
Kyle Lee Born October 7th 2021 LIKES: He Likes Bottle Time & Sleeping 😴 💤💤 DISLIKES: Hiccups & Dirty Diapers
I’m 8 months old and I love to eat.
Jaxon loves anything with a motor in it. He is super smart! Loves Math and reading!
Aadonis loves music and cars ! He’s very active and smart.
Aiden O'Dell
Aiden is 1 years old, he loves making noise, he likes playing with his trucks.
Hi I'm Declan Reid! I love Octonauts and dancing! My favorite song is Discord by The Living Tombstone. My favorite toys are my toy cars and my rubber froggies!
Hi my name is Kataleya. I am super adventurous and loves getting into everything. I am obsessed with Micky Mouse. I love trying new foods. I love reading books and cuddles with mommy.
La’Riah is the cutest baby ever! She’s has the most beautiful smile! She loves to eat! And sleep! And repeat!
Hey I’m Aaliyah and I’m a month old I love to sleep eat and get baths I’m calm for the most part but when I’m hurry its like the whole world lost it until I get my bottle then I’m okay I love my older sister she’s so loving and caring for me even sometimes when she tries to help mommy with my diapers
Cyrus is 3 years old he loves art music and play fighting ! He wants to be a "monster hunter" when he grows up
Helena is a very smart one year old she knows how to count to 3 without help, she loves EVERYTHING and EVERYONE! She only weighs 18 pounds at almost a year and a half. Shes the funniest and sweetest baby ever 🥰
Hello everyone my name is Kayden, i love to play with my mom, dad, nana and papa. I love to chase my kitty around. I like playing my my dog tail and feet. Im a big momma boy
Hi my name is Kayden I am 2 and a half years old I love dinosaurs, trucks, playing at the park I’m such a happy toddler and full of so much life! I am very energetic and very adventurous but all around a sweet boy❤️
Brielle is a very intelligent and kind hearted child. She stands her ground and knows exactly what it is she wants even at 1. She loves to tell mommy NO WAY to everything and loves watching Cocomelon. Vote for my stinky butt…..her winning would go towards more Cocomelon dolls lol
Landyn was born on his due date at 9lbs 1oz he came out such a happy strong baby already holding his head up. He loves to smile and try to talk, he loves when you talk to him and give him kisses. He does great with belly time and his favorite thing is his swing or his car seat, he loves to go for car rides and look at the world around him. I got so blessed with such a good baby. 🥰
I like to watch coco melon with my mommy and kick my feet. my favorite thing to do is bath time and splash in the water ☺️ sleeping on my mommy makes me happy
Loren is a total princess who LOVES to cuddle. She is such a content baby and is completely adored by so many! ❤️
Declan is very outgoing, loves to watch boss baby with mommy & daddy. His smile will brighten up your day in a heartbeat. For being so little he sure does have a big personality already❤️🤞🏻
Jazir is a calm, cool and collect baby. He loves to smile and show off his one dimple. His favorite shows are Cocomelon and Motown Magic.
Ryland loves dinosaurs, firetrucks, and cars! He loves being a big brother as well!
Josiah And Jeremiah
Josiah and Jeremiah are identical twins They love football and love Pj mask and spider man
He loves to play football and baseball, he absolutely loves blippi and JJ (coco melon) he is a very outgoing and loving little boy. 💙
Carter is a funny & energetic little guy ! He wants to be a race car driver 💝
D’Ary is 1 & The youngest of 6 !!! His favorite this to do is EAT . He’s a very happy boy & sooo smart!
Aiden is warrior!!! A fighter!!! Born at 27 weeks, has been through so much.
Bows and Bell bottoms are what little girls are made of 🎀💜 Everly loves to have all eyes on her while she coos and jabbers, her big blue eyes can light up any room and make anyones day! 🤩 She loves her mommy, daddy, and older siblings. Her favorite place is to be in someones arms or in her swing.
Ar’Shawn is 1 He’s VERY active and LOVES to eat 😂
Ellie Ann
Ellie Ann is 1 years old and loves to give lots of hugs and kisses and also loves her some baby shark and cocomelon. She loves visiting her moo friends out in the barn and helping her daddy and papa throw down saw dust
Bryan Jr
Bryan Jr is 4 months old, he may be his daddy’s twin but his facial expressions he gets from me! He is the most ticklish little boy around. He loves interacting with his cousins and laughing with everyone at every chance he can get. If he’s not bouncing in his bouncer he’s zooming around the kitchen in the walker!
Ashton is the sweetest boy. There’s never a dull moment with him. He loves cars, dinos and food❤️
Emmie Reese is the sweetest baby girl. She is quick to smile and as easy going as they come. Everything about this big old world fascinates her, but her big brother is her favorite thing in it right now!
Kaiden is my oldest child, and he is the best big brother ever. He loves his sisters so much and takes care if them so well. He's my little man.
Miss makenzie is our 2nd rainbow baby. She had a rough start when she first arrived. She was a little over a month early and was placed into the NICU for respiratory issues. Baby girl has surpassed every obstacle that was given to her. Still a little behind and very tiny for a 1 year old (she’s the size of a 7 month old) but with therapy we are getting where we need to be.
My name is Mikey I loveeeee to laugh and play all day long. My favorite show is Mickey Mouse, I have 8 teeth & am slowly learning to walk. Put your votes in THANK YOU💙💙💙
Chloe is a little over 3 years old. She is so smart and has a wonderful personality. She is such a big love bug. I just really want to get her picture out there. Also the price would be a wonderful way to really get her college fund started. Thank you everyone for the votes ☺️