My sweet little Luxa is very smiley and learning to laugh, which is the sweetest little sounds in the world. She is my first baby and is more than I could ever ask for she will tell you gibberish stories all day I love watching her grow
He’s very funny outgoing and very Adventurous he’s so happy all the time and is a big goofball
My name Zach and I am 10months old and I love to laugh and play with my mommy I like watching tv and I love carrots and sweet potatoes , chicken I like crawling and I have 12teeth my favorite movies is frozen
the craziest, sassiest, most stubborn little girl you‘ll have ever seen🫶🏼
Kinzlee loves to play outside and with her friends. She enjoys gymnastics and softball. She wants to be an OU cheerleader one day and grow up to be a teacher.
Precious Girl
Hi I am Luke and I love to crawl around and try to walk. I love eating food specially from my grandma. But I want to shout out to my mom she’s the most strongest person and I love her so much thank you for taking care of me and loving me. Oh and I forgot I like playing with my toys.
James is the happiest baby. He loves to laugh and dance. He is the most out going, fun loving, baby!
Clarissa is such a sweet and jolly little girl. She makes friends wherever we go and she loves to blow raspberries.
Beckham is 1month old! He holds his head up, loves to eat, and loves snuggles with mommy and daddy! As you can tell we still aren’t too sure about bath time, but he’s getting used to it!❤️
Aundrea Unique
Aundrea aka Drea is a very dainty . She wants to be a princess someday ☺️ She very sweet & loving . I can always count on Drea to Help or give me hugs when I’m down . She is in pre k
Abrianna Nicole
Abrianna aka Abbey is a best big sister ever . She is a big sister to two sisters and two brothers . She’s such a sweetheart ♥️ She loves tumbling gymnastics & dancing . She’s a very shy girl but very wild around the people she loves. Abrianna is in the fifth grade this year .
Blakeley Lynn has learned how to say mama. Blakeley Lynn always has a smile on her face.
Brooklyn love outside and play with her toys and she love to laugh and she love her momma and daddy and grandma and grandpa she loves watching bonfire with all of us she is happy girl she was born April 14 2020 and she was born on her due date
Kingsley, my kingsley is very intelligent to be only 1 month old! He loves fashion! He’s a fashion model on Instagram! He loves to watch tv & he loves to cuddle up with his mommy!
Emmit is so caring and loving. He absolutely adores animals, especially cats. Hes such a good boy!
Hes super friendly, happy, and loving. Hes such a great heper and big brother.
She like to swim. One place she loves going is to the dollar store Bec she knows she can get more there than anywhere els.
Athena is a 2 year old who loves paw patrol and cocomelon. She loves to climb and loves dogs. She also loves airplanes and cars.
Samuel is our third baby. It took us 7 years of no protection and birth control to have this sweet boy. He is so happy and our beautiful blessing. He loves snuggling, eating, pooping, and his family 😍😂
Kynlee nickname is baby K shes almost 5 months old! She’s always so happy in the morning and loves to be told Goodmorning! She loves making noises, music and being sung too ! She hates being in the car! She’s almost rolling over and barely sitting up on her own!!! And she loves talking to new people and getting to know new faces! ❤️❤️
Oakley is 3 months old, she’s our 2nd baby! She loves her older brother, momma & daddy. She loves trying to talk,trying to jump in her jumper && watching her baby shark show. She’s the happiest baby & we’re so in love with her strawberry red hair & blue eyes !!!
Jack loves snacks, he loves music and dancing his heart out to the songs! He is the best little boy a momma could ask for! Go give our sweet boy a vote! Hearts 💕 we love you all!
Addison Grace gave her family scare when she was born but look at her now!!
Lillianna is 1 years old. She loves cuddles, smiling, playing with her cousins, and getting into everything she can
Happiest baby on Earth. She always makes everyone’s day with her cute little smile! She loves animals and anything squishy.
She's the happiest baby I've ever met! She loves to laugh and play with her sister and brothers as well as her pageant friends!
Julian is 4 months old. He likes to be outside, sleep and eat just like his mommy. He's a sweet baby.
Linda is the youngest of 5 children. She so loving yet a spitfire at the same time, loves to be outdoors and playing with her siblings, food is her best friend and she loves to dance and listen to music.
Hello world my name is Kameron❤. Im the sweetiest baby and I love listening to Christian music. It makes me smile so big! What makes me happy is when I get mommy's booby milk, when daddy and brother sing to me and when Nanny and Mae Mae hold me tight❤ ❤
Kian was born preemie, He’s a strong baby. He loves to cuddle most of the time and loves to be feed every hour.
Messiah Ali Brown🤎 He’s very active and alert at 4 months. He loves cuddles, stories, watching elmo, and kisses. He’s such a smart happy baby.
Elijah is 7 months old. He loves his 2 big brothers! He is definitely a daddy’s boy. He loves pulling himself up on everything! He is crawling and getting into everything. He loves to eat!
Harmony is a very happy baby, she loves bath time, she loves tummy time, and she loves her mommy and daddy the most. She always smoking and love taking pictures, her favorite color is yellow and pink.
Very energetic loves to play, laugh and loves the outdoors.
Amoura loves to be on her stomach. She loves to laugh and giggle. She loves her toys and chewing on everything.
He likes to pull himself up to try and stand, but he loves to flip himself on his stomach to learn to crawl. Huxley is also having another sister or brother on the way!!! He is also obsessed with every food that is edible to him!
Marlee is so smart and adorable and sassy and mommy's best friend! She loves her brothers and her pet ferret Frankie.
The sweetest sunshine baby you will ever meet! Eyes as blue as can be and hair as dark as night- but she lights up any room she is in with her sweet giggle and chatty babble and amazing personality!
Keigan was born at 35 week due to high risk he was healthy no problems with him thank god. He is the most active and funny baby he loves to play in his jumper and he loves his food
Hi I’m Journi I’m 4 months and I like baths 🛁, My favorite time is eating time where I get bananas 🍌 and sweet potatoes 🍠, I like watching boss baby and Gracie’s corner , but I never can turn down a good nap 😴, my mom likes getting me dressed in different outfits so I can look best during our photo shoots she says I have the prettiest smile 😊 and laugh 😆 so vote for me baby Journi
This is sweet River!! My baby is almost 11 months old! He loves to dance and place with mommy & daddy. He loves bubbles and cartoons.
Hensley loves watching race car videos with her daddy & taking naps with mom! She’s getting so big and so smart every single day!
Remy is the light of our lives. He was born during our 24th year of marriage. He is a only child full of joy, energy & laughter. Remy is inquisitive, bursting with exuberance for everything. He loves to help cook, clean & spend every waking minute outside or in water.
She a sweet little angel 😇 💛
Harleigh Elizabeth
She was born 3 weeks early, Even though she was an 8 pound 12 ounce 21 inches long she was also a NICU baby. After 65 hours of labor with this Beautiful stubborn little girl, they seen she wasn’t gonna drop so a C-section it was. I’m so blessed that God seen fit for me to be her Mother. She loves to be Cuddled, Loves when you play peek a boo with her when you catch her peeping her beautiful eyes open, she loves to stare at lights, loves going on car rides, and is spoiled in so many ways by so many. She is very blessed to have so many to Love her!