Theodore is super active and wants to play with everything! His favorite thing to do is take baths. And we just started crawling!
He’s loves playing with his toy and playing with the animals,He’s the happiness baby you will ever meet!!
Briella Lynne loves people!!! She says”Hi” to everyone she sees. She is a sweet and loving baby. Always kissing all her friends and family. Her first word was Elmo. Every time she hears him on the TV she runs to it and dances with him. We love her so much and hope you feel the same.
Hi! I’m Lily I’m 2 months old and I love to play with my snuggle bug and watch cartoons.
She loves her dolls and getting her hair done!!
Braxton enjoys laughter and fun. He loves to jump ahead milestones and be unique💙
Kingstin Is A Loving Little Guy, He Loves His Big Sister And Just Playing All Day! My Son Is A Bright 😀
Jonah is my rainbow baby! He is the happiest little guy you will ever meet! He loves tummy time, cuddles, and of course eating!!
My favorite past time is keeping mommy and daddy up at night. I also like sleeping on their chest instead of my bassinet.
She is the happiest most giggly baby i’ve ever met🥰
Lily Tyler
Lily has been quite the comedian since birth-always laughing & looking to play a game of who can most inconspicuously stick their tongue out! Has a gift of making everyone fall in love with her in minutes. The minute I take her out of the carseat, she peers over my shoulder saying, "heyy" & "hii" over and over to anyone in the vacinity 🤣
Kennedi is 2months old, She loves to smile,laugh and sit up around look around. She always loves when her mommy sings to her❤️ Vote for my pretty baby girl!!!
Ava plays T-ball and enjoys swimming lessons. Ava is a sweet girl! Ava never meets a stranger.
Malakai is 2 months old! He loves watching tv, being outside, and he REALLY loves eating! 😂💕 pls vote for my HANDSOME baby boy!
Khaleesi is almost 2 months old, she loves to smile & laugh. She tries to hold her head up and rolls herself over already. She’s super advanced and so cute!
Hello my name is Lincoln ray i come in this world may 4th I weighed 5 pounds 1 ounce and 18.5 inches long. Im a good baby im not fussy and when im awake I like to be cuddled by my mommy and to look around I also like too eat and sleep
Saylor is a ball of fun! Only cries when she’s super hungry, LOVES her sun glasses, and will give you the cutest puppy eyes for a taste of your food! She’s bubbly and will smile at anyone willing to give her attention!
She loves being outside playing and loves the water.
Sophie is a happy baby always smiling. Sophie enjoys watching Ms. Rachel and crawling all over the house.
Ember is a fiery little girl with the spirit of the sun. This girl’s smile could turn anyone’s bad day around.
Izaiah loves dogs and loves playing with his two older brothers and hes a total mamas boy 💙
Baby Milah enjoys long naps, cuddling with mommy, and spending time with her chocolate man (daddy). She enjoys cooing and is fantasized by ceiling fans. She’s the younger sibling of two brothers Marlon Jr (13 year old) Kash (2 year old dog).
Shelby Williams
Shelby love basketball and art and she loves her brother to she loves fish and love pizza and love going to church and here Barbie dolls to play games.
Kensington Rose
Kensington Rose is fairly new to the world born May 18th but already full of so much love, joy, and personality! VOTE FOR HER!
This is Amatallah aka lala she is such a sweetie with a whole lot of energy vote lala cutest baby.
My name is Lunabelle, I love drinking big bottles on the beach with all the beautiful colors of the sunset!!!
Benjamin loves himself some veggie tales & spending time with family & friends. Especially mommy & daddy. Mommy & daddy love u benjamin.
He loves making facial expressions !
Naomi is a four month old sweetheart. 💕 She loves to play with her stuffed sloth, her doggos and go on walks to watch the trees and birds. She has the sweetest little giggle and her smile lights up the room. 💕
Ezra is 2 months now! Hes still learning to hold his head up and how to grab things, just last week he learned how to howl like a wolf and loves doing it when we put him in his crib to get our attention🥺💙. When he was born his eyes and hair were darker, and now he’s slowly getting blue eyes and red hair!!
always a happy baby,her smile will brighten up your day no matter what mood your in.
Hi im 1 year old Braxton im a daddys boy and my mamas world plus my sissy is my best friend
Hi im 3 month Gracelynn i love my mommy and daddy and bubba
Aiden loves to play video games & eat lol.
Chloe is a girly girl love to play dress up does her hair & make up and love’s the outdoors
He like’s to play outside as much as he can, he love’s water. Karter is always on the go.
He is standing on his own. He likes anything that makes noise especially on mamas make shift drum. He learned to wave and shake his head no no no He loves his snacks He has tried all kinds of new fruit and is loving them He is such a happy, smiling baby We all just love him so much🥰❤️
Bentley is a very outgoing happy baby. He loves his fruits and all other food. He loves to laugh and play and most importantly roll around and scoot everywhere. He loves to have his pictures taken no matter what. When you see him he always has the biggest smile on his little face. His laugh is so contagious.
Liam is a bubbly, full of energy 4 month old. He pretty much enjoys everything, except being still😂 he’s as sweet as they come❤️
My son Angelo is just around the corner to being 6 months, he loves trying new fruits(his favorite so far is peaches) He can sit up and roll over and is very ticklish😊 He has the sweetest baby laugh!
Sloane is a very happy newborn baby that was just brought into this world May 14!
He loves to be talked too and smile and make noises and roll over
Nova Grace
Nova is a shining🌟! She loves the camera and has a BIG personality for such a tiny human! VOTE FOR HER!!
Karson is 1 month old and he weights 8 ibs and love watching cartoons and loves his pacifier
Calliope loves cuddles and copying you. She also loves trying new thing and going outside. She has the most lovable energy❤️