Baby Stories - 54


Kaden is 4 months and is a fun loving always happy baby was born at 6lbs 13ounces
Eevee was born September 3rd, and she’s all smiles. Her favorite thing to do is tell everyone "hi" and eat snacks!
Wyatt is a little firecracker. He’s always making us laugh and keeping us on our toes. He loves playing in the water and playing with his dogs
Karter loves bathtime, cuddling with his older sisters and watching sports with daddy
Zaryiano loves to look in the mirror and smile and cooo at himself it's so adorable he gets so excited everytime he see's himself!!
She is very happy out going and has the best personality
Maraelyn is a happy 2 month old baby who loves to smile, laugh & play with her older brothers 💫
Kanani is 3 months old, and she loves Sofia the 1st. she loves going on car rides. Kanani loves apple juice, and loves to talk and smile with her Meme. Bath time is her favorite, along with going swimming.
Melania is a happy baby. She love to smile and eat. She is only 1 month.
Ace is 10 Months old. Crawling. Loves eating anything. Likes the outdoors. The moment he gets in his walker he’s gone. Definitely a Mama’s Boy. Has a thing for the camera.
Avery is starting to walk. She says “mama” & “dada”. She loves to eat. She loves to play outside.
Kory Michael is a fun loving baby, he loves to giggle, play patty cake and be held. He is named after 2 of his uncles who have passed away. He is truley an angel sent from heaven, and our little miracle.
Kaydence is 2 yrs old I do believe she is one of the meanest 2 year olds around.
Kinsley is 5 yrs old she loves to play outside, she tries to be a little mommy to her sisters she’ll actually get to start kindergarten this year.
Nevaeh is 3 yrs old she loves to play outside, loves to fight with her sisters, she’s a wild one for sure.
Fall in love at first sight , smart loveable baby boy .
Brynlee is a bubbly, happy girl who loves to smile and laugh. She is 6 months old and is trying to crawl but is already walking while holding mommy or daddy's hands! Her best friend is her 95lb Great Pyrenees pup.
Piper is our 10 month old crazy child! She loves to play with mommy and daddy, walk, and most of all she absolutely loves to try new things. She is an absolute sweetheart.
Alaura was born 4 1/2 lbs. She is the youngest of 5 and the strongest lil person i have ever seen. She love kiss and she also enjoy great conversations. I hope she brings sunshine the way she gives her family sunshine. Please show her some love
Easton loves cars and trucks. He likes to play with any dog he meets no matter the size. He can say quite a bit and is always laughing
Laylah was born at 33w & was 4lbs! she is now 10lbs & loves her big brother!!
Ezekiel Lazarrio 🤍 he is always on the move! He has no time to sit down. Very much full of energy and plays pretend baseball everyday . He will set out his bases around the house and either bat or pitch . He loves his big sister , he just isn’t the same little boy when his sister isn’t home. He is so ticklish sometimes I struggle just to get his shirt and pants off, he literally melts. And if he ever gets a booboo 1 kiss always makes it better. He loves music and loves his Spanish Regué music . He also is very much a ladies man . Couldn’t forget that one. He says , it’s the curls huh. Ezekiel Lazarrio
Rory Alice is the happiest baby and she loves big bows! She’s happiest when she’s playing with her St. Bernard or anytime she’s outside!
He loves sticking his tongue out 😜
Having gone into acute liver failure at six weeks old, she had a transplant operation. She is a strong little trooper and loves to smile.
Bear is a sweet and silly boy who enjoys swimming in the pool, jumping in his jumper and going on adventures with mama and dada!
A little on the wild side and free spirited. ❤️
After two boys mommy and daddy got their little girl and she is 100% girly girl. Her nickname is sissy but she also responds to beautiful and princess! Sissy loves her puppies and always has a blanket in her hands to chew on. The universe definitely revolves around this little girl at least we let her think it does.
Ryan the Fighter spent his first year in hospitals in Texas and Massachusetts. He has had multiple surgeries and procedures, but he still has the best personality! He is a people person, and he is working hard on his development. His smile and laugh are like no other!
tate is 11 days old, he lost his umbilical cord today, so he got his first bath and absolutely loved it 🥰
Hey everyone cianni is 2 years old her birthday is December 24th (Christmas eve) Cianni is full of energy & love her favorite thing to do is dress up like her favorite character Elsa off of frozen ❤️
Levi was born at 25 weeks gestation and has spent 9 months of his life in the hosptial. He goes in for a surgery number 13 in 3 weeks. It’s a warrior, our biggest blessing, and our miracle.
She’s been featured on the target website, fashion magazines. Loves the attention & especially the camera!
Brooklynn is my Miracle baby she was born at 26 weeks and now she’s my happy go lucky baby❤️ She defining all her odds.
Mark Anthony
The little Rockstar! He likes to sing and dance on all Cocomelon songs. He loves playing soccer ⚽️🏆 swimming 🐠 eating popcorn 🍿 and meeting new friends🧒👦🏻
Mila is such a happy, easy going baby. She is a true blessing
Elayna is 4 months old she loves to watch tv some of her favorite shows are puppy dog pals, pj masks, Doc mcstuffins, she loves to watch TikTok and she’s already trying to sit up she loves when you stand her up and she’s really good at saying “I’m good” she’s very vocal and over all just a happy baby❤️
She’s super outgoing, sweet and loves everyone!
This girl is a sweet yet sassy girl. Meet Miss Makayla Rose!! She’s smart, intelligent, bright,and funny … She’s a girlie girl and tomboy all in one!!! She loves to spend time with her great grandparents. Loves dance, music, books and drawing . She will entertain you for hours.THERE’S NEVER a dull moment here….
This little firecracker is a ball of thunder. He loves to play no matter what the game is..This little boy is the sunshine that will make all your gray skies disappear instantly. He absolutely loves to love and make you laugh no matter who you are. This boy will melt anyone’s heart! So loving, and caring ❤️
Aspen Melissa-Faye is a smiling, playful happy toddler. She loves to be fed and like to laugh at mommy and daddy. She loves Baby Shark and loves to dance.
Brady is an amazing and smart little boy. He’s so sensitive and loves to give people Hi-fives. Brady also loves building puzzles of all sizes. He absolutely loves Captain America, The Hulk and Iron Man. He loves spending time with his brother Benjamyn. He also likes to feed his little brother his breakfast every morning.
Benny loves to play football, baseball, and basketball. He loves his trucks and his hot wheels as well. He’s very energetic and loves to wrestle with his Brother Brady.
Jayce is super chilled, laid back, and loves to watch a good movie! His Top 3 are Shrek, Luca & Finding Nemo. Jayce is a straight up mamas boy and enjoys being up under her all day.
Sanai is loving and active. Love to dance and eat everything In site.
My name is Legend! I’m almost 2 years old and love playing with my toys. We’d love to have your vote! Thank you❤️