Baby Stories - 53


Xander loves to play and also loves blues clues and Winnie the Pooh
Mick is 5 months old. He loves the pool, beach, watching his daddy surf and smiling at all the beautiful strangers.
Jace is 2 months old he’s always smiling and laughing, he loves Mickey Mouse and his bath time💙
Hudson loves his cuddles! Hudson enjoys sitting down and just talking, giggling, playing peekaboo and watching Disney! His favorite activity is to go swimming with his Mommy, Mimi and Papa! He has such a huge personality at 3 months its insane! We can lay down for cuddles and he gets so excited seeing his galaxy projector! His face when he looks at the stars and nebula clouds takes my breath away.
This is Draven Tomlinson's first baby contest. Hes been the biggest blessing to our family. He loves to lay on mommy to go to sleep. He likes to coo and ahh. He has been going back and fourth between mom and dad. He loves baths.
Hayden was a miracle baby, as we didn’t think we could have children. He is always happy, smiling and giggling.
Halina is a sweet girl with lots of personality. Your vote today can help her get a good jump start on her college fund. Believe me, this strong girl is going places.
Zizi came to us through blessings and prayer. She's been a joy to everyone who has met her and she lights up everyone's heart! She loves to talk to daddy when he gets home from work and smiles and giggles with you to show off those gorgeous eyes. We love you Ziya!
Emmy loves dressing up and admiring herself in the mirror lol yes my 1 year old adores her little self! She is the epitome of beauty. Loves to dance & is a word party Superfan!!!
Colin loves Mommy, Daddy, and brother. He also loves Food. He can sit up and he’s starting to learn to crawl.
Novah is 8 months old. Just learned to sit up on her own! 14 pounds & getting chunkier by the day! Happiest & smiliest baby ever!
Khalil Walkins
Hi. his name is Khalil his is 9 Years old his funny outgoing love games .
This is Silas, or Bubs, as we like to call him. He was born at 34 weeks after a rough pregnancy where we almost lost him completely. He has been our entire family's shining light. He is the happiest baby, always smiling and laughing. Even when hes upset, we can still get him to giggle. He is adored by his older siblings and is a blessing to us. His favorite person in our family is, of course, our dog. Haha.
Jessi Jane loves going outdoors she loves her momma an also hoot owls an cows loves dancing with the music an playing with her brother an loves making different animal sounds with her daddy
First off I was never even sure if I could have children but all of that changed August 8th around 10:30 pm I discovered I was pregnant! When I say he saved my life, I am by no means exaggerating! I was at a bad spot in my life and this little boy changed all that, he is my MIRACLE...when I say this is a 4 month old like no other I mean it! One of his favorite things to do is watch cocomelon with his mommy or daddy, he loves his mommy and always wants to snuggle with her.
Benjamin is a blonde hair blue eyed cutie, who is always making people laugh.
Abigail is a very happy baby! she loves to watch tv with her daddy and she loves to smile and roll her eyes. She’s sassy like her mama❤️
Ryver Nathaniel
Hi I’m Ryver! 9th month old, I like chewing things, I am learning to walk by myself, I have 2 teeths 😬 love chewing mommy’s hair and love milk! ❤️
Kenzley is 7months old. Loves playing with her brother and is always happy.
Antonella is 3 months! She loves to smirk and loves to hold your hand! And she loves Minnie Mouse 💜
Zhyiah is a miracle child, her name means light and glow. Although she went to nicu with complications she’s the happiest, healthiest, little girl you will ever meet! She’s the true meaning of a blessing.
Brook is the most expressive little one I’ve ever known! Her smile lights up a room, and her personality is out of this world! She loves to talk, and she’ll hold a conversation with just about anyone!
I was born July 23rd, weighing nearly 10lbs. I had the cord wrapped around my neck and wasn’t breathing. I was transferred to a NICU and since then I’ve made a full recovery!
Daciana is always happy she is 2 months old!! She weight 10 lb and her theme is sunflowers!! 🌻🌻
Ezra was born at 33weeks and spent 20 days in the NICU. He is 1 year old, He likes to play with his toys, look at trucks, watch cocamelon or anything his momma watches. Ezra loves to cuddle with mom, get excited when his diaper gets changed, take naps and when people squish his cheeks or call him cute.
Iris is a mommy's girl! She loves her snacks daily walks with mommy! Iris is also a big fan of Elmo and Care Bears! 💜
Levon is 5 month's old. Absolutely LOVES foods! Momma is his favorite person and he loves his doggies too!!!
Hunter is the sweetest and happiest baby boy! He loves watching his Mama, Daddy, and siblings most. He's in aww with every move we make and always has the biggest smile on his face... His Daddy made him laugh for the first time a few weeks ago and that's the sound we hear and love the most!
Arlyn is the light of my life, i dont know how long ive had depression but she definitely got me oout of it. Shes always making me laugh. She love Peppa Pig, she sits there and laughs with it and is very content
Iris is a bright intelligent full of energy lil girl, loves swimming and playing outside. She has an infectious smile and laugh, brings sheer joy to us !! Vote for her and like her profile and I'll return the vote and like.
Fun, cool, funny, baby loves to eat 🥰💙with a side of handsome on top 🐻
He is very loving smart young boy! He wants to go to races and see cars!
There is no stopping this little boy... He was born with club foot, was in castings for the first 6 weeks of his life then was upgraded to wearing boots and bar 23 hours a day for 3 months... and now has has to be in his boots and bar for 12 hours at night.... But none of that's stopping him he's on the move learning to stand and crawl within a few days of each other and is trying so hard to walk on his own now!! 💙💙
Elvis loves taking baths and showers. He’s a water baby all day! He loves Mommy’s boobies and laying on Daddy’s chest. He’s such a sweet boy and everyone misses him when he’s left the building!
Yvette is very caring to her 2 baby brothers, LOVES ice cream(especially in the winter), a bit sassy and bossy but a really great sister. Always up to trying new things, loves to swim! She loves watching Peppa Pig and Cocomelon.
Ezequiel is full of energy and loves to figure out how to put things together, loves playing with blocks and enjoys music. He loves paw patrol and blues clues.
Loves watching his siblings play, enjoys music and loves to smile. He like to be sat up and loves tummy time
My little Ritsuna loves to smile. Shes a happy, bubbly baby who loves to jump, swing, eat and play! Shes the cutest little squish and loves to laugh!
Hailey Martinez
My beautiful youngest girl of the bunch She another one of my little girly girl who like long hair and painted nails and all
Jannette Martinez
My little pretty princess She is a girly girl lol she loves all the pretty things
Heaven Martinez
Beautiful baby girl, smart She love horses and dinosaurs
Aaliyah Hurt
Beautiful, loving big girl Loves playing and just having fun
Ijanay Hurt
Very smart, bright, and a big help