Baby Stories - 53


Adrian is such a happy babyboy! He likes to be tickled by his shoulder blades and he likes to be kissed 🥰😍
My beautiful baby girl.... Sure she looks cute, but maaaan.... She's a rotten monster. ❤️❤️❤️
Bentley is such a happy brilliant little fella. He loves singing at a very high pitch. He's always smiling. He's very observant. Figuring out the similarities between his blocks, colors and shapes. You can tell he is very intelligent already at just 7months old! He gets his brilliance from his father. Yet he gets his adorable chunky cheeks and cuteness from his momma. He loves to scream to let his voice be heard. He's never in a bad mood ever. Thank God I have been blessed with such a beautiful brilliant baby named Bentley boo!
Tanner is the sweetest little guy who is always on the move. Literally running EVERYWHERE. He loves to watch our ducks and has the most fun when he's outside with Mom or Dad. When he can't be outside he loves to babble and tell his stories for anyone that will listen. He enjoys books, singing, and dancing with Mom.
Hi im Jeremiah im 6months and i love to cuddle.i am a happy baby with a big heart. I love to give kisses and hugs and blow bubbles . I love people and smiling . I am a very active baby and i love to explore and move around vote for me for a big smile ❤🥰😁😁😁😘
Cinkeel love to roll on his belly & scoot around. He loooves to eat & play with his puppy. He loves to watch baby bum & play with his musical & light up toys. His smile will brighten a room! Show him some love! ♥️
This sweet munchkin loves his bathtime and his jingle toys! He is a younger brother to two dog brothers and loves being around them! His puppy dog pout is legendary and he will win your heart over woth a simple smile!
Teagan loves smiling at her daddy, cuddling with her mommy and trying to touch her feet 💓
Danni is a beautiful strong fighter! She came into this world weighing a little over 2 lbs and is now thriving. She loves to smile and bounce in her bouncer. We are blessed to have such an amazing little girl.
Ella is my lovenox baby and a miracle She and i had an awful infection that could have killed both of us. After a cpap,bubbler machine in her lungs and a week in the Nicu,we were sent home with no further problems. Now she is a healthy beautiful girl who loves to blow spit bubbles and laugh
McKayla is one of a kind!!! She’s as sassy as they come. She loves to eat more than anything and loves about any kind of food. Loves to play games, the higher you toss her the louder she giggles! Everything about her is infectious. She steals your heart no matter what she’s doing.
Maleiah is the most funny, sassy, outgoing lil baby ever. She is 10 months old & already walking. She loves watching baby shark, cocomelon & she loves her momma & dada. Maleiah has the biggest personality ever and she’s so lovable.
Robert-Grayson is 3 months old, he loves to eat and play peekaboo. Hes such a fast learner with an amazing personality, he always has a smile on his face or laughing with his contiguous laughter!
Rylee is 11 months old. She loves crawling all over her mama and dada. She loves memas house. Rylee loves to clap and watch word party. She loves her sippy cup. She has a huge sense of humor already. She is very lovable and gives kisses.
Amira Grace
Hello, I’m Amira! I love to smile and chew on my hands. I recently discovered my fingers and toes and I’m pretty amused with playing with them!
Journey Lynn is a happy, outgoing & extremely advanced for her age!! She loves her giraffe that’s attached to her binki, It’s her absolute favorite toy she won’t take any other binki haha!! Journey loves going for walks in the stroller with mama & car rides!! Her favorite show is Beat Bugs & Baby Bum! She enjoys the colors & music!!
He loves cuddles with mommy. His giggle is the best thing in the world to hear. He’s extremely smart and loves to play!
Skylar is the light of our world. She loves to smile and eat her fingers theses days. She is also talking up a storm.
Kysen loves food, loves his blankie when he’s sleeping, and loves to play with his big brother.
Decklyn loves to help feed his baby brother, he loves Scooby doo and rugrats. He loves to help clean up. His favorite food is chicken nuggets.
Amir loves bath time and cuddling with momma
Mateo Loves Watching Cocomelon, He Loves Eating Fruits, beans and Mexican Caldos. He loves Pictures. He also loves to Video Call his Daddy and cuddle with momma.
Hi my name is Isaiah and I love to watch cocomelon and Elmo
Hi I’m aiden I’m 5 years old and I have downsyndrome and I love everyone 🥰🥰🥰
Trevelle loves to help mommy clean up, he loves Mickey Mouse and paw patrol his favorite candy is skittles
Avery-Mae is a very happy, smiley little baby who loves getting attention and loves her big brothers.
Jayden is one month old, has discovered so much already and has one amazing personality!!! He is so full of energy and loves everyone that meets him! Vote for my beautiful mixed baby boy Jayden ❤️❤️❤️
She was born with lots of long thick hair, everyone loves it! The plumest little cheeks and her favorite thing to do is snuggle up with Mom and Dad. The cutest little pumpkin you'll find on Halloween.
Mason is a very cute, smart, active little boy who never ceases to amaze me! He is the light of my life!
Delaney is a sweet 10 month old who loves to smile and laugh
Jameson is a happy, healthy wiggle worm! He loves to smile, eat, move his arms and legs and grab mommy's hair! He is also an adventure baby, who loves to go hiking and go to the beach with his mom and dad 😊
Already says Mama on her own at 6mos!
This is cashtyn he is 11 months old. His nickname is Gruntsir because he grunts all the time. He is very smart and extremely funny. His first word was hi when he was two months old. He thinks it's funny when he thinks he suprised someone it's cracks him up. He terrorizes his big brother which he thinks is funny to. Cashtyn started walking at 10 months so you can only imagine what my little stinker gets into when he's not busy stuffing his face thinking food is life. Vote for cashtyn mommy's stinker his photo goes perfect with who he is in real life a studd
Bellamie Sophia
Bellamie is one smart, funny and energetic baby🥺❤️She loves car rides, baths and cuddling with mama and papa❤️
Otis is my 16 day old baby boy! He is very calm and happy all the time. And loves to smile right before he falls asleep ♥️
She is a sweet happy little girl. She loves helping out around the house, cuddling her puppies, visiting family, feeding the cows, and being goofy. We call her a little cowgirl because she loves her horses both in real life and her toys!
Rylee is one of the most loving little girls ive ever known. She loves unicorns, princess dress up and the colors blue and purple.
Nevaeh is a fun loving 7 year so full of energy and just as sweet as she can be. She loves music and dancing and says she wants to be a firefighter when she grows up.
Sebastian is a 3 month old peanut who loves snuggles, playing with his mommy and daddy, and his puppy Layla. He is the happiest baby ever!
Hi Im Mason! I like to eat a lot, pee on mommy and I love my binki! I just got home 2 weeks ago from the NICU and my mommy calls me a miracle baby:)
Kennedy Jace
The light of my life and rainbow baby. My reason for breathing ❤
This little guy is always filled with gummy smiles! At 2 months old he loves listening to music, taking baths, and looking at all the festive lights!
Levi is a fun loving, wild baby! Loves to watch fishing shows with his daddy, and play with his puppies and kitty’s!
Lexa is two years old and a mess lol she is so full of herself all day EVERYDAY! Anybody that knows her can definitely tell you she is 😂but she's also the biggest sweetheart you'll ever meet🥰 she LOVES to go to the park, and play outside and loves her some ice cream❤️
Arthur Jack
My spooky Halloween baby! He's a sweet and happy boy who loves his Mommy ♥️🖤 Likes: Breastfeeding and swinging Dislikes: Being more than 5 feet away from my mother!
Smart, sassy, loves to chirp like a bird and run around in her walker when she is not getting cuddles!
Vyance loves cuddles ! And dressing up!