Nayvee is the funniest most outgoing baby you’d ever meet. she is such a people person and has the most heart warming laugh!
Ryker is 9 months old, an only child, LOVES being outside and saying “da-da” even though he loves us both🥰 he’s very talkative (baby gibberish) and rolls around all over the place! he loves food if you can’t tell by all the rolls! 🥰 and would absolutely give you all a big slobbery kiss for your votes🤍
Jax is an amazing kid who can light anybody’s day up. He loves being outside no matter the weather and he’s very comical and happy.
Jaxson is the sweetest blue eyed 5 month old there is! He loves laughing and smiling at everyone he sees! He’s recently found his feet and toes and thinks they are the best!! He also can give the best kisses!
Laniyah loves to talk and always has a smile on her face no matter what. She has been through a lot within the past 11 months but she doesn’t let that stop her from being herself and most of all being a happy baby If need to return votes please be kind and remond us when your contest is and their name
Evangeline is such a smart girl!. She has the most amazing laugh and the cutest dimples when she smiles!! I wish I had a cuter smiling picture but she a moving machine haha
Hi My Name Is Delylah 👶🏻👑 I Am 4 Months I Love To Smile & Like When My Parents Make Me Laugh 😁
Everly is a sweet snuggler. Always down for a cuddle. She loves bath time and to be sung to. She loves to nap trap her daddy.
Little girl who loves to smile 😍
Asher is 14months, he loves playing with his big brothers, he’s a sweet and funny little boy. His smile will brighten your day ❤️🥰
Came into the world full of sass. Loves mommy’s milk and snuggles. Sleeps most of the day but the sweetest girl. Loves when big brother holds her the most.
This feisty girl sure likes to talk a lot. She always likes to tell us all the stories and give us all the biggest smiles.
He loves to smile🥰
Hello I’m Emma I’m 6 months old. I love when my mommy dresses me up and takes pictures of me. I also love my 2 older brothers
She a crazy outgoing loving baby she has a amazing smile it’s contagious she is sassy and has one of a kind personality
Brentley is a mamas boy . Loves being in his mamaroo and babbling to mama all day long
mason loves his dada and baby brother the most ! loves animal crackers and playing ball with dada .
Tyson loves being in the bath, spend time with his family, go for car rides, loves listening to music. I was born on December 18th. I am starting to teeth now, loves books and smiling and laughing. Love watching paw patrol
Tyson loves his family so much, loves his stuff animal bunny. Loves smiling and laughing. Watches paw patrol
Tyson loves going in the bath and pool. He just loves water so much and loves everything about his family. Loves smiling and laughing. Loves watching paw patrol
My Norah is THREE months old, her birthday is January 19th, 2022. She’s such a joy to our lives. After one birth of our first daughter Clementine, now 5yo… and 6 miscarriages, we finally got our rainbow baby ♡
Eli is 14 months old. He is one of the happiest most laid back baby. He loves to adventure around. He loves his fur brothers and sister, even though sometimes he tries to eat there fur.. lol.. Eli loves fruits and veggies, twizzlers, and chocolate milk! Eli has clubbed foot but is such a strong little boy, you wouldn’t guess he had a disability other than the methods they use to treat it by castings and braces. He is such a love bug and a little ladies man! Such a flirt! Mommy and daddy love you so much chubba !
Dakota loves to take naps, eat, and stay awake for attention. 🥰
Kodah baby loves his mama, nap time, mickey mouse and all the food 🍽
He loves Mickey Mouse!!
Wade’s such a happy boy who always knows how to brighten up your day.
Kohen Joseph has surely been the light of our lives. As Kohen grows older and his bubbly personality shows more and more, his smiles & adorable little giggle make the days fly by. Kohen is such a smart/happy baby all the time! His father and I have surely been blessed with the most perfect little boy! How could you not vote for those little chubby cheeks❤️
Matilda is loving,caring She's always happy She loves to go outside She Surprises me every single day She loves to Talk she loves her buddy And she's a daddy's girl
Little Jesiah just loves the outdoors more than anything🥰 It loves it so much that it's hard to get him inside after being outside😂😊 He is the happiest little boy who loves to smile and laugh.
This is my little monster he’s loves loves loves fooood !! He’s my little chunky monkey Loves to make funny faces and waits for you to look at him and then he look away and laughs ! He thinks he da boss baby 🤣🤣🤣loves to wave at everyone !!! When I mean everyone I mean everyoneeeee 🤣🤣 he’s so bright and a over achiever at 7 months he started to stand my himself but he insisted to but scoot hehee 🤭 anyways enough bragging about him !! Hi everyone thank you for taking the time out of your day to learn about my amazing bright baby boy !!!!bless you guys and have a wonderful day ❣️Love ya
Ellie is a fiery little girl. She loves to laugh and clap. She is full of energy and is so sweet. Ellie loves her 2 older brothers and is always excited to see how they will make her giggle each day.
Elyse loves cooing at mama trying to talk she loves her naps and loves her milk!
Elijah LOVES to laugh! He is a Scorpio, so he is so sweet and shy at the same time! When he’s around people, is when he feels his best!
Gracie is a sweet girl always smiling loves to dance and play with her brothers outside
Nola is a happy giggly big ball of baby she is our eighth baby and does everything she can to keep up with her sisters and one brother! She has a smile that could light up a room with her big blue eyes and sweet rosy cheeks. She loves to play with her toys and crawl around and get into things she is a very curious baby.
Ellijah is a very outgoing boy loves to be outside with his sisters and loves any kind of sport. His favorite things right now are the color blue, dinosaurs, spider man, the show bluey, skateboarding and baseball. He loves getting his picture taken and always has to see it after.
Hayden is always smiling no matter We’re goes he always lights the room up he loves to make all his baby noises also he loves car rides an also loves to swing please vote for this handsome lil man
Such a joyful baby! Smile and giggles are the cutest. Loves playing with siblings.
Zarah is a very spunky outdoors loving big girl. She is the second to the last of 8 children so she is busy! She has the most contagious smile and makes me laugh all the time. She loves to eat and drink she makes anything look like it taste amazing.
This my sweet Grandson He loves to smile play bath time he loves spending time with his mommy and nana his smile will brighten anyones day
Hi , my name is Wallace an i am 11 months old , i love running and playing out side with my big sister , i love eating that's my favorite things 😋
Rome is a happy baby who loves to eat, dance and smile!
Elijah Medina Jr
Elijah LOVES spider man, hulk and monster trucks. Very energetic and loving little boy
He loves the camera, mommy and Daddy. He likes to be talked to and read to.
Emilio already like to scoot around. Love to make all his baby noises and is overall such a happy baby
Jwan Jr
Jwan is a biracial smiley happy boy who loves to eat lol he is loves to yell so you know he is talking he is vibrant and full of life to know him is to be blessed 🫶🏼💙