Lorenzo is a ball of energy he loves Disney movies his toy trucks shoes and loves walking around holding people's hands and he is absolutely in love with his sister Delilah
Angelica smiles all the time. The grocery trips to Wal-Mart seem to be the funniest for her....she gets lots of attention from people in the community....we always have time to talk about how happy she is. Shes a natural star. 🌟
Cataleya loves to eat all kinds of food especially whatever her mom is eating lol and loves to watch Elmo and make everyone smile❤️
Kai is the sweetest, goofiest, and most lovable little girl. Always full of smiles and laughs and LOVES her toys and is the biggest water bug!
Little Miss Ellie is as sweet as can be! She is always happy, always smiling, and will never turn down cuddles with mama❤️.
Ainsley Is 6 Weeks Old She Loves To Be Cuddled And Talked To She Has A Very Unique Personality She Lights Up The Room With Her Smile ...
Noelani Loves Saying Mama & Dada 🥰 Loves Clapping Her Hands ❤️ Her Fav Food Is Spaghetti 🍝🌥 She Loves Taking Photos And Smiling 😇 Let’s Exchange Votes?
Kai Lei
Kai’lei is very adventurous and full of life . She loves playing with toys and listening to music . She’s definitely the light in a dark room , her smile is one of a kind . She can count to 5 and she knows how to point out her nose , eyes and mouth .
Junior is 2 weeks and growing so fast! He loves to sleep all day , and he is also trying to hold his bottle already! If he was to win we would greatly appreciate the opportunity and all the votes , thank you all in advance for voting on Junior 🫶🏽💙
Annika Is A Very Smart Lovable Lil Girl She Lnows How To Say Hi Bye Momma daddy and more her favorite food is mash potatoes and gingerbread cookies
Paisley try’s to talk loves to cuddle, play and walk in her walker is she getting smart each and everyday 🫶🏼
Zay-Laa is a month old! Not only is she a new baby she is a fierce baby! She loves to sit and chill with you and watch tv or listen to music while presenting the biggest smile or her face. But she also as a mean mug to her too! She loves to kick and swing her arms while yelling out those baby words to you. She loves to drink her milk and sleep under her mommy or daddy all day long. Overall she’s a very quiet and content baby.
He loves crocs
Chandler is a very happy and sweet boy. He loves smiling and seeing new people! He also loves watching boss baby! He loves spending time with his parents and with his friends!
This is 4 month old Alayna, she is a happy baby, when she gets excited and happy she stick’s out her tongue. It’s the cutest thing ever.
Waverly loves cuddles and attention!❤️
He loves Morgan Wallen, George Strait and sleeping on mommy’s chest. He has a favorite blanket that has dinosaurs on it 🦕
JohnnyLee Is a bright Smiled Fun loving Seven Month old baby.He has rolls everywhere What can I say my baby likes his groceries lol His laugh is to die for & Those cheeks makes you just wanna squeeze them.He is Perfect in every possible way ❤ Vote for my baby Give him some love 😁❤
Jameson is the sweetest most loving little man. He loves his brother and three sisters and his dog Beau. He especially loves loves his Daddy and Daddy's big truck.
This is one year old Kingston he loves playing with balloons, his first fav food was cheese puffs I’ve had it all over him
Braxton is a happy little guy all the time he love his older sister and brother and he loves to play with his toys and loves to listen to music
Blazen Siles got all the Smiles!! Such a happy beautiful soul he has the biggest heart and absolutely loves people his favorite thing to do is Smile at people to get them to laugh & smile back. This sweet little baby deserves all the love!!
Her middle name means “Happy one” And she happens to be the happiest baby ever! She loves going to the store. She makes lots of friends and gets lots of smiles. Fav hobby: SWIMMING 🦆
Natalia loves to eat,sleep & smile 🥰
Benjamin is a Capricorn. He is the youngest of three and the only boy! He loves to play and smile but don’t let it fool you, he does have a wild side. He loves Cocomelon and saying ROAR!
Blakeleigh loves bath time and tummy time. She loves to share her smile with everyone she comes in contact with! She is a momma’s girl.
Tumaini loves bananas and cottage cheese. Her favorite word is Hi and it was the first ever word she said. She loves to smile and laugh at everyone and that’s why I think you should vote for her☺️
Luna is a very spunky 4 month old. Always happy and loves playing with her toys.
Ryan is such a happy baby. He wakes up happy every morning ready to play. And he loves his baths every night before bedtime.
Maximus loves to show off his gum and he loves to share his smile 🤭 he loves playing with his tuggies..
Adelyne will be 2 weeks old soon. She is such a happy, curious baby. She's always looking around and absolutely loves her big siblings.
She’s very outgoing she likes to make people smile and laugh
Landon is 8 weeks old So sweet💞 Loves to eat Definitely a snuggle bug Chillest baby you will ever meet Great little brother Loves mommy, daddy, & big brother Loves his rocker & swing
Paisley was born a month early via emergency induction and spent 5.5 days in the NICU! But that didn’t stop her from being the most perfect baby EVER!
She loves to watch her siblings
Amoura is 2months she loves to smile and talk all the time .She is a very happy baby And she loves to sleep a lot
Full of personality 💜 she loves to smile & laugh 🥹 every person she has met has fell in love with her . Just the sweetest thing !
Tatum is 9 months old, he LOVES food, loves crawling, and is a big mamas boy 💙
Melanie loves to dress up, go on play dates , eat and loves to take pictures ❤️🥹
he 3 months , he likes to talk a lot , he likes to sit up on his own , his likes watching number blocks ! he is very active for his age 💙
She likes to go to grandmas, watch tv, and go on walks with family in the morning
Loves her ABC's and other music as well! She's nosey, spoiled and cute!
Lakelynn is actually 9 months old. She loves to sing, dance and play. She has 2 teeth, can crawl, walk and loves to swim!
Meet mister Oakley! He is one and is one wild little man. He loves anything with a motor and anything outdoors!!
Elijah was born on Star Wars day, May the fourth be with you💙 he loves to be outdoors & taking baths. He is my cuddle buddy for sure 🥰
She likes cocomelon and she likes to scream and play with people