Hazel is the sweetest baby! She has so much personality and loves to talk and smile at everyone! She is smart, beautiful and very outgoing!
Avaya is a 5month old baby girl, with a big personality at such a young age. Avaya is a happy baby who loves the camera and is always ready for a for a pic. Avaya is such a great baby, easy to manage and most importantly, she’s a beautiful baby, with big beautiful eyes, and is always camera ready.
Zha’Miya is such a sweet little girl. She is all smiles and giggles. She loves being talked to and she is my little nosey rosey. She likes to sit up and see what is going on. She adores her big siblings. She is also a milk monster. Lol.
Elijah ( Eli) may only be 1month old but hes has the personality and has a tremendously extreme mature and adult type a nature personality facial expressions and more iim sure if he was able to talk and walk right now he would most surely be doing just that ..he a strong no nonesense beautiful gifted and highly too highly intelligent and very much way beyond smater than 2 fifth graders and his own age ....
Busy, she wakes daddy & mommy up by either kissing us or slapping us haha. She loves to play w her daddy and mommy.
To know her is to Love her!!! It's a birthmark on the right side of her face, called a Port Wine Stain. It's my mission to bring awareness to her condition. My hope that she embraces her differences throughout her life. My beliefs that she will react to others ignorance the same way I do, that is why I lead by example! And my right to protect her at all cost!! The World Is Cruel Remember To Be Kind, It's Free and Contagious!!!
Oakly is such a bundle of joy. She loves people and sharing her smiles with them. Her favorite thing to do is play around. She loves playing with her favorite unicorn the most of all.
This is Lexi, our little princess. She loves bright lights, trying new food and Hey Bear!
He is our little rainbow baby! He’s so loving and as he’s growing he has the cutest smile and that tiny little laugh. He loves his dad, but he is truly a mommas boy! He is definitely one in a million!
Super calm, happy, loves to snuggle, has an eccentric personality, doesn’t cry, just whines. Loves the outdoors and car rides.
She is the most Gorgeous Sweetest,Outgoing,Smartest,Photogenic Baby Ever…She can walk in a room and light up everyone’s day!!
Chipper loves fortune cookies, and a daily swim in the pool! He is very sweet and has lots of friends on Facebook all over the world😍
Avah is 6 months she likes to eat. She’s a very smiley baby. She loves her dad sooo much. She likes when I walk around with her in her stroller.
Cassidy is a miracle baby. During my pregnancy I was evaluated 3 times a week until her selected due date because doctors thought she may be growth restricted. During labor her heart dropped for 10 minutes and I had to get an emergency C section. Cassidy came out healthy weighing 4”7. Months after birth she suffered a major head injury while in someone else’s care that landed her in ICU. Cassidy never loss any momentum, she was very strong, happy and managed to remain bubbly. Cassidy pulled through and is now very healthy and healing. Cassidy is such a great burst of energy.
My name is Gael, and my account is monitored by my mommy. I am a very happy baby and always smiling. You shall vote for me because I’m very brilliant and know I’d be very much appreciatedX
Mr. Personality... The Sweetest Baby... always laughing and Smileing
Lauren aka little miss lolo! Lauren is a very sweet girl loving girl. She is a straight A honor roll student and also a member of her schools girls scout. Lauren love to give an helping hand with anything, no matter her sizes! she loves to make friends, coloring drawing pretty pictures and having picnics with her mommy & big sister. 🚸🔁Exchange FRIENDLY🫱🏾‍🫲🏽 Please consult before making votes for exchange Thank youu
Atharv loves to dance and sing. He is fond of cocomelon and also Ms. Rachel's you tube channel SONGS FOTLR LITTLE. Since past few days he is also trying to sing.
She is a happy baby always smiling and learning new thing daily and her memee's best friend
She loves to watch Leo the truck and dance.
He likes to play , eat , sleep , and repeat . He is very sweet and loving big brown beautiful eyes . The biggest and brightest smile you will ever see .
I’m Keegan and I’m 9 months old! I already have 8 teeth and I’m so ready to start running !!!
🏈👋🏼😁WELCOME TO DE’MONII’s WORLD👶🏽 🌎 🏈 De’Monii is a old man that living through a 5month old🤣🙃. De’Monii is such a happy baby that loves to laugh and be round biggest sister(the spoiler) he’ll give you a smile that’ll light up your heart 🥰 and love I MEAN LOVEESSS To hear himself talk and see how loud he can get 😅 to know his you’ll love him trust me❣️ Thank you for all your votes 🚸🔁Exchange FRIENDLY Consult before sending votes⚠️
Momma calls me Ms.Independent bc I like to do things myself. When i focus on something I pucker my lips:) I love my cuddles with my momma especially for nap time.
My little love bug always a happy baby now cutting his first tooth and still happy.
Mizell is almost 2 yrs old! He loves to dance, play basketball and make people laugh!
Loves watching movies and paw patrol. Enjoys going in car rides and traveling.
This little girl is such a sweetheart she makes your day and is so precious
Hi, this is my daughter her name is aubree she’s 5 months and she loves to watch tv and she if a very silly baby❤️ she’s very playful and loves Minnie Mouse it’s her favorite character she is a very fast learner and loves to say mama and dada. She has very beautiful dimples.the cutest thing she loves to do is sing herself to sleep in her baby language 🥺🥺
Alayna is very kind hearted and loves all things girl. She also loves Fortnite and watching wrestling. When she grows up she wants to be a firefighter or a construction worker
Tiara it’s such a sweet little bug she loves eating Ice creams loves playing with her puppy Mason Singing on her own language likes to pick on her bigger brother she loves pictures loves other people it’s always curious about everything
Phoenix is a miracle baby I was told I couldn't have babies , he was born on Valentine's day and a month after my mother passed away , he loves to sword fight and play with his action figures
Our Jethro is a funny little guy. Keeps us smiling and laughing. He wants to be where the people are.
This is Autumn🥰 she is the most precious little baby girl 11/28/22
Layla is a loving sweet girl she loves playing with her brother and sisters she loves going for walks with her mom and dad she also loves playing in her pack and play
Trinity is the happiest little girl you will ever meet! Please help me make her “WISH COME TRUE” by helping her go to Disney! She tries to help anyone that she can and wants to be everyone’s “bestest friend” as she would put it! She’s high functioning autistic but meeting her, you would never know! She tries her best, & tries so hard to make everyone happy! I’m a disabled Mom and she is always right there trying her best to help Mommy and anyone else she can!
She loves barbie and cars. Big momma's girl and a big cuddle bug. Favorite animal is an elephant
Hello my name is Nevaeh I love playing with dolls and my two older sisters are my favorite people.
Trinity is a 8 year old big sister. She likes to to put make-up on and get her nails done. She loves to take selfies. Loves to get attention.
He’s a chubby little boy loves to eat❤️
She loves her Mimi and pops and loves to give raspberries and big smiles any stuff toy is her go too and devours mashed potatoes
He is the sweetest baby! he smiles a lot and very loving😍 he has the chunky cheeks and the best baby feet.
Spunky little straight A student, who loves to play soccer, loves animals, loves to sing, dance and boy does she love to talk!! She’s got a heart as big as Texas but she’s a tiny little thing. But don’t let her size fool ya!! She as tough as they come. 🥰
My sweet ohmi boy loves anything that involves mama and everything fluffy that makes noise! He loves cooing and just hanging! Hes the sweetest most smiley boy in the world! From his toes to the sweet dimple on his his!
Dextin is the spunkiest little butthead youll ever meet! He loves fishing, eating pizza and playing with his dogs! Hes the sweetest little meanie in the workd! Vote for my sweet boogie boy!
Axel is the baby of the bunch, most lovely and sweetest. Love our sweet axel.
Pressley is a very lovable little boy that loves wheels, trucks, and anything he can cuddle.
Joanie is a sweet little girl that was born at 32 weeks made it through everything….