Baby Stories - 53


Hi everyone, I am Alaia & I am 4 months old. I’m always smiling & laughing. I love when my mommy & daddy give me all the kisses & tickle me. I’m not too much of a fan of tummy time, but I try my best. Since I discovered my hands I love to stare at them & bite on my fingers because I’m teething. I also have 2 big sisters who I love so much. Please vote for me ❤️
Andrew loves to explore new things, hangout with his daddy and talk about cars. Currently learning to walk and loves to be outdoors!! ❤️
Salem is a very happy baby, who is always watching everything mommy does, with a smile from ear to ear! Also he is a little cuddle bug 💙
Hi my name is James! I was born with a cleft lip and palate but that doesn't stop me from playing and being a happy happy baby! I've been gaining weight steadily now and I'm ready for my first surgery! I love it when my daddy comes homes and plays with my toes, it makes me smile soooo big!
Ja’ziah is such a happy baby. He is full of energy. He makes you feel at peace every time you hold him. Big bundle of joy. And his smile is priceless!
Bryson is a energetic handsome lil boy he is also very happy and lovable boy
Bailey loves to play with her puppy Manson. She also enjoys playing with ANYTHING besides her toys 😂💜 Bailey is also a thief and likes to steal mommy’s food when she’s not looking. ☺️
My name is Alayah, they call me layah or Laylay I’m 6months old and I love smiling at my mommy and screaming when I play
My name is Jaxon Eugene Lee Beeman i am 5 months old i can roll over i got two teeth!! I love to smile i am a happy boy!!
Easton is 4. He loves his baby sister so much. He enjoys having all of his cousins over and playing fortnite.
Jason is the sweetest little boy I have ever met, he always has a smile on his face and loves his puppies. Jason is truly a gift sent from above ❤️❤️
Elizabeth Claire is the happiest girl! She loves music and being held. Vote, vote, vote!!💓
Brooklyn loves crawling, jumping, laughing loud, eating and trying all kinds of new food. We are starting to learn to stand and trying to get into walking. She loves everyone and her cat Luna. 💕
🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨Scarlett is a verry loving little girl with a big personality! She has such a big heart and loves her sisters
Sophia is 5 months old and loves her big brother Easton. She loves laughing and watching Finding Nemo.
You’re favorite bebesita, belly dancer , and lil diva model💋✨
She is our rainbow baby. She always has a smile on her face. Shes always happy. Shes a daddys girl for sure, and mommas world.
John Michael
Hello I am John Michael! My fam call me Baby Johnny or Juanito! I am from California but my mom is from Venezuela and my dad from Wisconsin. I enjoy eat, spend time in my mom or dad arms and listen music.
Ryder is the happiest baby! He loves to play with his toys and loves to hear his voice!
Hannah loves cuddle time, story time, her favorite movie is The Book of Pooh, and she laughs all the time and loves everybody. ❤
Violet deserves your vote because she is beautiful, smart, hilarious, sassy, and isn't afraid to be herself!
Emma Rose
This little red head loves to dance to power metal and Winnie the Pooh. She loves to eat anything and everything, even spicy things! Her giggles are contagious and her smiles are the best thing about Mom and Dad's day. This little Air Force brat also loves her heritage from both sides of her family and is super proud of her Mom. 💕🥾🪖
This is my sweet little boy, Roman Enzo! He loves his baba, and most definitely loves his mama. His nickname has been "Doo-Doo" since the 1st day we brought him home. He has the most sweetest smile I have ever seen, and a laugh that can make your whole day even on the worst days. 🥰
My first born son 💙 ❤ my second born my love
Gracelynn loves to dance and sing! She alsoloves to give hugs and kisses, watch cocomelon and the dong old towm road! She is always smiling and loving! She causes smiles everywhere she goes. She could whisper or yell at any point of the day!
4 months , waking mommy and daddy by kicking them in the face , loves theatrics
Jamil is the sweetest, precious and most happy baby I have ever met. He’s such a lover 😍 he loves to give hugs and kisses!
Sawyer is just over 2 months old and the most laughing talkative baby I've ever met. She loves to laugh and she want her fingers, she makes the cutest noises. And she's already about to pop through two teeth. Vote for my baby
Harmonie is a sweet babygirl she loves to eat,talk,play and sleep. She loves to FaceTime her grandma and play on tiktok.
His nickname is Tater and he loves rocking in his seat, watching cartoons, playing with his toys, yelling at people, his dogs, and he LOVES to eat!!!
Little Noah loves cuddling and smiling! He loves to eat to since he’s a chunk butt!!
My rainbow baby. She's very giggly. Loves to smile and laugh when talked to or sing to. Never a dull moment with her.
I am 3 months old! I love to cuddle with mommy and daddy. Coco melon is the best show ever!! Have a wonderful day ❤️
Hello my name is Tyler I’m happy as can be most of the time I enjoy a lot of daddy time mainly when we are sleeping mommy is my best friend One day I hope to be a little cowboy and enjoy my life with horses among other things dad might have in plane for me I every much love to move around and make it hard for mom to change me I’m now learning to smile and make a bunch of noises I enjoy looking at the big dogs as they play and bark in the house over all I am happy handsome and most of all huggable
I go by CJ. I love playing with slippers and enjoys lots of cookies 😁😁 and did i say I ❤❤❤❤ LOVE BATH TIME😝😝
Hi everyone, I'm Oscar! I'm 4 months old and I love to sleep, play and say mama all day 💜 I love the wiggles and music, Even though I have MSPI I'm still a happy baby. Vote for me!
Izzy is a 2 month old little ball of happiness who loves bath time and cuddles ! :)
My grand baby Rosie is the sweetest little soul anyone could ever imagine. Thanks in advance for all your support 🙂
Jackson is so smart. He is so sweet. He loves everybody he comes across.. to say we are blessed to have this baby boy is an understatement!
Devin is such a loud soul. He HAS to be the center of attention, will love you harder than anyone and always has a smile on his face. He's definitely one of a kind!
Loving, adorable, and my biggest blessing. Eden is a happy little girl and loves to give hugs and kisses. ❤️
Andrew is 5 months old, almost 6. He's so naturally funny and the sweetest, HAPPIEST little boy I have ever seen. I don't think there is anybody he doesn't love!
Maddie loves playing with her blocks and spending time with her family! She is her daddy’s girl and momma’s world! ❤️
Hazel Lynn
“Words are not enough to express the unconditional love between mother and daughter”✨
Louey's favorite thing to say is mamama, dadda and nana all the time and now since our bottom 2 teeth have popped through and so are his top two! He is saying all kind of things. The drooling is insane 🤣 but the little bubble noises are so cute. Louey my sweet boy is just so funny and always smiling!!! I love those baby giggles so much!
Ryleigh Grace
Hello I’m Ryleigh. I love to smile and I’m every friendly. I also love getting all the attention. Please give me love and vote for me