Landon has 3 bigger siblings. He loves dinosaurs and mickey Mouse. And his cat Zues. Hes a very energetic curious child! He loves cuddle time with Mommy. And taking mommys phone and taking random pictures.
She likes taking pictures and listening to music and getting pedicures and her nails done
Bree loves peppa pig, she’s such a smart and outgoing girl. One fearless girl
She likes playing with her sister everyday
Aeron is a former 27 week preemie thats been the strongest little man since day one. He loves everyone, he's a social butterfly, he loves animals, and he has the kindest heart.
Blaze Bernice
She is Smart little sassy n very lovable... Beautiful I'm her own way
Amelia loves to laugh, she scoots backwards, and her favorite thing is bathtime❤️
Scarlett is a very smart baby she loves to smile and pays attention to all sounds she hears and loves the color red, hates to be wet or pooped throws a little scream and sure seems like she doesn’t know how to cry that’s the only sound you will hear from her when she wants your attention. She loves it when she gets cleaned and loves her baths warm with bubbles….
Amelia is a very sweet but vocal little girl. She loves to help people but also sticks up for herself and her older brother. She loves arts and crafts, playing with Barbies, and watching fun YouTube videos.
Marley is a very sweet talented little boy. He loves to draw, he loves superheroes, and loves to be an amazing big brother!
He loves school buses and loves to spend his time outside and always has a smile on his face.
Elias is 7 months old. He loves to sing, swing, roll and rock back and forth. He laughs all day long and give you the the cutest smiles. Eli loves dino’s, Mickey Mouse, Bluey, and Winnie The Pooh!
Grayson is almost two months old he loves to roll, sit up, smile, laugh and look around.
Oaklynn loves giving kisses to mommy. she’s a very active baby. she can walk and play patty cake all day long. she loves watching farmees on youtube and trying to sing along. her favorite food is mash potatoes
Andrew Gollihue
He is a sweet baby and love his mom loves to play with his brothers ❤️
She is fun and loving, she enjoys dancing and singing.
I am a vivacious, happy, and extremely blessed little girl! I was born exactly 5 days after the year anniversary of my grandfathers passing. And my family believes that he lives on through me hense where half my first name comes from, along with my amazingly strong great uncle gene. So with those two men spirits inside me i am the most strongest little girl to infinity and beyond!! And im extremely beautiful 😍
Octavia Rose is a girly outdoors girl! She loves to dress up and play in the mud. She has autism and is nonverbal but that doesnt stop her from letting you know what she wants and how happy she is. A small girl full of smiles, laughs and sass!
Not feeling well no one vote today.If anyone can please send bonuses 🙏 My daughter is crying 😭 Mila lost a lot of her clothes due to water damage so we will be in the next contest,Please keep voting 🙏 😔 I've been in the hospital for the past 2 months this contest has not been on my mind!!! I keep having seizures. Health before votes This is time consuming and takes time away from our children which this contest is all about. I have step kids my 4 year old and a 6month old granddaughter and still vote🔥🔥 Please understand I am voting from the USA in New York and if your in a different time zone the 10 votes are still complete from my time zone.🔥🔥💞💞 If you are voting from another contest please add a link so I can return votes💞🔥NOT ACCEPTING ADVANCE VOTES ONLY EXCHANGES! 💞💞💞We Accept and return votes, If I don't have time to vote a bonus will be sent 🎁 only if you return with votes 🔥If interested in 10 votes a day it will be returned💞💞. If we vote and you don't return votes, The votes won't be returned. I am very full on voting for many people, so unless I agree to returning votes,please don't expect me to it is considered a gift. There is only so many hours in a day 😂 Iam doing all the voting myself.We all know that we can see how many times someone votes, no need to lie. Mila was born 5 lbs 9oz 19 inches. I had a natural birth. Her middle name is Lynn. Which is also my middle name and my mother's first name. My mother passed away in 2016, so she never had the time to meet her granddaughter 😔 Mila knows about her, I show her pictures and tell her that she is her angel 😇 Mila is a sweet, caring and very smart little lady. She is hilarious and whenever the camera is in front of her she is ready to pose. Don't forget get to like my princess's page and vote for 💞💞her.This was her idea to do this. This is her money 🎁 if she wins it is only for her, toys, clothes and saved for college 💕😁
He is a sweet loving 6 year old boy. Dakota is my grandson. He likes animals, lankybox, Roblox and riding his bike. Dakota lost his parents when he was 9 days old and don't know about the accident but does know about them. He is very helpful and caring.
Madilynn is sweet funny bubbly and cute. She loves her mommy and daddy, is the middle of 2 brothers. She loves bath time, changing tv channels, dancing and singing.
Smart, strong, amazing little girl who blows my mind everyday! She loves her night time stories she always wants one more book! She loves amimals, she has a bunny she named Ms. Cottontail. She is so sweet and such a big helper. Just last week I spilled a cup of coffee grounds from the shelf in the kitchen then screamed 😱 as it fell. I had a sad face on when Azealia ran in. She said "you Ok? O no! Hold on mommy I help!" Then she ran to get a paper towl handed me it, ran to her room, and came back with her new stuffed jaguar. I said "whats that for?" She said " To make you not sad no more? Want to hug it? You can have it mommy!" I swear everyday is like this. She is amazing.
Jacob loves to be outside exploring. Hes very much wild but super sweet. 😍
Hayden Rae
Miss Hayden loves to nap an eat, then nap some more! Vote for me & ill vote for you back!
He is our happy, energetic youngest boy. A great big brother to his sister. Always makes everyone smile. Has so much love to give out to everyone who crosses in his path.
This is nevaeh she is 4 years old she is very smart she is in pre-k and she is doing so good we are so proud of her and the stuff that she has already accomplished we love her so much cant wait to see what the future holds for our baby girl ❤️
She’s our happy, smiley girl. She’s always happy and never sad. She’s definitely a daddy’s girl and loves her big brothers!
Gabriel Kelly
He is amazing 10 month lil man Who also the 1st grandchild and the 1st great grandson we are bless to have this lil guy apart of our life he is my shining star and when he smile he has will warm Your heart so can U take out the time to vote for my baby and I will return the love
Amari is a happy,smart funny boy. He loves fishing, football and telling jokes I couldn’t ask for a better son!
Hi my name is Kairo and i am 2 years old my birthday is right around the corner then i will be 3 years old i am very loveable and i love my mommy the most so i guess you can say i am a mommys boy i love my sisters so much i like to cuddle with my mommy and sleep next to her i love playing outside i am the youngest out of 5 other kids can you please vote for me that will be so amazing for my mommy
Beckett is always smiling and is the sweetest dinosaur lover.
He loves dinos and his mommy and daddy and granny his nana and papa He is the sweetest little boy and he is very smart for his age. He loves to be outside playing. He loves copying his mommy and daddy on everything we do. He can say his abcs by himself and count to 15.
Miracle baby
The sweetest thing you'll ever meet ! Loves basketball!
Happy boy
Ava loves to sing and color, and loves to draw she's very smart knows her colors and numbers at the age of 4
ALyrie is a precious peace of joy she lights up my world so sweet yet already a little feisty
Vote for my Fine Baby he stay camera ready
Ayleen Sanchez
Ayleen is a very smiling child full of curiosity. She always wants to try everything in doing etc. she’s full of life and makes anyone’s day happier.
He likes to cuddle, sleep, eat, he likes to talk, be held a lot. I’d say he’s a cuddle bear lol.
Chadwick Williams
Junior is a very happy and playful baby he loves cocomelon that’s his favorite cartoon 🥰 he loves to eat and bother his siblings lol he brings so much joy to our home
Nickname Mr. Chubbs loves to eat, play with blocks and read books. Very loving and independent. His favorite thing is baby shark!
Nickname Theo loves to sing and dance. Favorite thing to do is play with cars and outdoor. Very active and loving kid always looking for hugs and kisses