Sincere Miller
He is a very happy baby he been through a lot he had surgeries and conquered through everything he is strong and a fighter
Vote for Alex, the little bundle of joy who has mastered the art of spreading happiness! From the moment he opened his eyes to this world, Alex has been on a mission to share his infectious smiles with everyone he meets.
Andi is super sweet and loving. She loves anyone or anything she comes in contact with. We were blessed with her at 2 days old and got to adopt her. Just being in the same room as her will make you smile even on a bad day. She deserves a vote because she is such a blessing!!
Jayden is 6 months old he’s a very happy baby who loves to watch Mickey Mouse and play with his toys, he’s the sweetest little boy who loves to laugh and enjoy every moment with his family🤍
Syrus Andrew
Hello everyone. My name is Syrus and I have 3 brothers and 1 sister. I love being with my dad and grandma and grandpa. I also love to spend time with my aunt hayley and uncle Randy, i love spending time with my aunt kyley and uncle chris, and i love to go and spend time with my aunt Carley and Uncle Aaron. Im very smart for my age. I Know how to say "i love you" in swahili because my aunt Carley taught me. This is how you say i love you in swahili (Naku Penda). I love listening to music especially with my dad. Also its my first year of school and im doing good in school. I'm
She loves watching tv she is sweet and loving and she’s a happy baby and she is the most happiest baby I seen🥰
Noah Wells
He loves his mama and sports.
Hunter was born November 21st, 2023 at 5:47pm, he weighed 6 pound and 11ounces, 18 3/4 inches long. Hunter is my little miracle baby, as i am 37 years old and have always been told that I could not have children. He is a miracle and the sweetest little man.
Reece is the happiest baby, he doesnt cry, he coos, laughs , and yells. Lol. He is great.
Cori is a bundle of happiness and love! she's always smiling and happy babbling to me and her dad. she LOVES Curious George and her kitty friends.
Avyanna Is Very Active . From Wake Up Time Until Bed Time All She Does Is Smile And Laugh.. Avy Just Tried Mash Potatoes On Thanksgiving For The First Time & Loved Them . She's Learning How To Pull Herself Up And Get Into A Crawl Position. I Don't Think She Will Do Much Crawling Shes So Ready To Stand & Walk. Avy Loves Music And Jumping.. She's Very Outspoken She Will Yell To Get Her Point Across. She's Everything They Said Girls Would Be Sugar SPICE & EVERYTHING NICE 🎀
I like to spend time with my big brothers and little brother. I like school and my friends there. I like to do yoga and workouts with my mommy. My favorite princess is Pocahontas and I love unicorns and playing with my toys especially my kitchen set and helping mommy clean.
I like to spend time with my mommy, daddy, my big brothers and big sister. I like watching The Wiggle's and playing with blocks and drums. I also like to go shopping with my mommy.
Emma is the happiest little girl you will ever meet, with a dash of spunk! She loves playing with her puppy brothers, and going on walks with her mama and papa. Everyone says that Emmas smile can turn anyones frown upside down!
He is 7 months old, me and my fiance took full custody and are working on getting the money to get full adoption of him. We took custody so my fiance noece didnt have to put him into the systwm. We love him like he is our own.
Sawyer Allan
Sawyer was born prematurely at 34 weeks he was on oxygen for 16hrs. We came home three days later and I’ve seen nothing but progression, he eats well and sleeps well can pretty much lift his head and loves bath time! Always smiling and barely cries. Please vote for my sweet boy. 🩵🫶🏻
Cutest little bills fan you’ll ever meet! Cooper is a very happy baby boy who just loves to have your attention!
Jasmin was born on 11/9/23 at 37 weeks and 6.8lbs. She has a sister and brother who love her very much! We are very proud of all of our children!
Keith's absolutely loves Mommy & Daddy and his Grandma, he's a very smart little boy he does ABCmouse, he know all the Dinosaurs by name, he also know all his Monster Trucks & Pixar Cars by name, he love Paw Patrol he watches Educational T.V
Madisyn is such a smart girl and also a twin sister. She is the most lovable little girl and a smile to melt your heart
Gunner is 2 1/2 years old. He loves to eat, watch ninja turtles. Playing w his mommy. An hates going to sleep.
Audrey is a miracle baby. She is literally sunshine every day.
Sweetie pie
He's the happiest little boy ever!! Has the most infectious laugh and loves to watch bluey!!!
He loves to laugh
Avery is a spirited two-year-old, she confidently explores the world with a hint of sass, expressing her independence through assertive gestures and a charmingly feisty demeanor. Her curiosity is matched only by her playful defiance, making every interaction a delightful dance of wit and whimsy.
She's an autistic child with a good heart and loves to talk about God
X’ilys loves to watch puppies run and play , while showing them pearly white 6 baby teeth of his. He also loves to put his hands on his face and play peeka-boo & clap saying “yayyy”
Evelyn is an outgoing, friendly, intelligent, kid. She loves everyone, roller-coasters, and her pygmy goats. This is a selfie that i found in my camera roll.
Lejend Rome loves his granny(me) but he loves his mommy most, his best friends are his cousins River and Maddox
Lathan is a miracle baby. Doctors told me I couldn’t get pregnant. Raleigh Lathan Woods was born August 10 2023 at 11:43am by c-section. He was 21 inches long and weighed 8 pounds 7 ounces. He is a handful. He smiles and coos a lot. He hasn’t laughed yet but he tries. He’s also a little flirt. She likes to watch learning shows about numbers, colors, shapes and ABC’s. And he watches kid shows about the Bible. His body temperature is alway hot so most of the tire he lays around the house in nothing but a diaper. He will have socks on his feet because they do get cold, unlike the rest of his body. He loves floating around in the bathtub and loves spending time with his mom. He is definitely a mommas boy because he will cry if he’s not around me. He has so many facial expressions and he can raise one eyebrow at a time like I can. He’s growing fast; at 13 pounds and eating nothing but breast milk from the tap. He likes to visit the nursing home and make all the residents smile. Lathan also likes to watch his daddy on his roofing jobs. He watches momma cook and clean around the house. He loves seeing new things and learning about his hands and feet. He also likes seeing himself in the mirror.
I’m kesslee & I love my mom, dad, & bluey. tummy time is my most favorite time of the day, I get to see all the toys I have & play with my crinkle books. I like how they feel when I squeeze them. vote for me because I’d be one happy baby
Addisyn is not your average 9 year old. She has beauty and brains. She always puts others before herself. She deserves to win because she is the best kid anyone could ask for.
Hes in preschool, he loves playing outside and riding his baike. Hes protective of his best friends which is also his baby brother.
He loves playing outside. His best friend is his big brother. Hes mamas boy and daddy's buddy
He’s a happy man all the time!! We are already teething and trying to hold ourselves up!
Hayden is a one year old boy. He likes Bluey, SpongeBob and Spider-Man. He loves his big brother and sister, his mommy and daddy, and his kitty Salem.
Kaden is the funniest and craziest 2 year old, he loves building with blocks and is so interested in everything always wanting to know how something works. Loves being outside and is just so outgoing!
Alice is such a lively little big personality already. She loves hugs, kisses, Bluey, veggies, and turkey! She's glowing and growing, a little faster than most, yet still so wonderfully. Up! Up! Constantly please pick me up, but I run like the dickens and laugh while you try to chase after me. Thank you for your vote! Means a lot!
A sweet, caring, and loving little girl! Absolutely loves everyone and will you smile instantly!!