My baby boy just turned 1 and an amazing, smart and deserving little boy
Kai is almost 2 months old, Born August 11th Of 2022. He has the prettiest blue eyes and loves to give lots of smiles🥰
Hello im Brynnlee im the happiest baby around always smiling and just enjoying life.
Hi im Raelyn i love playing with my sisters and my mommy and i love bathes.
Hi im briella I love all foods, i love paw patrol, and peppa pig, and i love playing outside.
Divinity my Beautiful sassy, spunky wild child! ❤️
Greyson Alexander is full of excitement. always been a happy baby, full of joy, always smiling, clapping his hands & showing off his dance moves lol. He loves playing with his basketball and cars Mr.Sweetface is in full speed always running around no walking from this little dude lol. He loves to talk & tell you what he wants and doesn’t want. He loves to eat, chicken nuggs, pizza, chicken or whatever you’re eating lol Vote for Baby Jack Jack lol 💙💙💙
my name is liovanni Darian 🤎🤎
Andre loves to laugh and smile. He brightens up a room when he laughs. He loves playing with his big sisters. He can always bring a smile to anyone face.
Anastasia is a very shy little girl. She enjoys swimming, quad riding, her horses and cheerleading. Anastasia is a very sweet and loving little girl, and we are very proud to call her our beautiful princess.
Hi I’m Ava, and I like to eat sleep and poop! Also everyone calls me Avacodo!
Hi! My name is mateo! Im 1 years old, i like to sing and dance to my favorite movie encanto. I have a personality of gold! I know how to say mama, dada, baby, puppy and no! I like to play with all my toys and my big brother
Kaylani is a beautiful baby always happy loves to cuddle and hopes to get some votes.
Happiest baby ever! Shes 9 months old and just has the cutest personality!
Hi I’m Remington, I am such a happy baby. I love to smile and laugh at my mom all the time ( she’s a little funny looking if I have a say), my mom is my best friend. I love my mom and dad very much ( I love mommy more though) I’m an only child for now, I tell mommy all the time that I need a sibling even if it’s a dog or a cat ( even though dad doesn’t like cats, I do because mom likes them) I like watching movies and tv shows with mommy when she isn’t working. My favorite movie to watch with mommy is dog gone trouble. Mommy also sings to me and dances with me a lot. That’s why I love my mommy, her singing and dancing is funny but it calms me down and she knows what I need all the time.
Hi im new here my name is milo and i like being with mommy all day and drinking milk if you pick me im not just spoiled but the cutest ☺🤗
Hi my name Jeremiah but you call me miah i love to learn, play outside and play with my toy cars if you pick me ill be the coolest 4 year old on the block xoxo ☺
Hi, I’m Lucca and my 3 favorite things are eating, sleeping, and crying 💙
So things have changed over these months, her favorite word is now dada. She loves leaves or anything when they are given to her. She is growing too fast for her mom. And her smile is still Contagious.
🚨🚨🚨🔔‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ Not ACCEPTING EXCHANGES HERE !!! Any votes given here and /or prior / without ME ACKNOWLEDGING AND AGREEING WILL BE CONSIDERED GIFTS 💙💙💙💙💙💙❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. I am currently not in competition I will be focusing on my other contests with my animals and my daughter as well as all of the returns I have coming up if I owe you any votes please post on the walls of the other contests that I’ve posted below to ensure that I see it I have written down what I believe everybody I owe advances to of course I’m only human I might have missed one or two hopefully not though however I return all votes if anything I MIGHT JUST NEED A REMINDER FROM TIME TO TIME thank you for your kindness and support 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 Hey there yall! HELP US REACH TOP 25?? Our goal is $300 slot to help me my sons expenses..My Lazarus is an angel sent back to us... he is deeply in love with music , baby shark and cocomelon 😊 he was born in midst of pandemic 2020 and stayed in NiCu for about a month ... we have been in love since we brought him home 💖💙😍 our lil soldier 💙 WE ACCEPT ADVANCE VOTES, 💖💙😊😊 , I can also vote for your baby 👶 ❤️ just let me know ahead of time!! I wanna have fun&enjoy myself looking at all yalls beautiful angels 😍🥰😍💖💖😍 _Bee_ lazzys mama ♥️
This is Evelyn Grace she is 5 1/2 months and loves her grandma she loves to eat baby cereal she loves to play with toys, suck on her toes, and she is a very happy quiet little baby and she is just so sweet when people meet her.
Juniper is a very sweet little man! He loves to smile, laugh and say mama! His favorite food currently is avocado 🥑 He loves to sit up, stand, jump and especially loves being held and cuddled for naps and bedtime. He has two teeth 🦷 He loves crinkle books, anything he can chew on and his jumper!
Zoey Taylor
🧩Zoey Taylor loves riding the RZR, playing in creek and her iPad!🧩
She loves to say byee, she loves Cheeto puffs,she’s a smart 2 year old who is very adventurous around the house and she loves to clean 💕 she loves to dance and she is a talker
She’s an incredibly happy baby who loves to be out making friends, but who best friend is our 16 year old dog, Izzy.
Hayden is such a cheerful baby girl, she’s got the brightest smile and brightest eyes. She can cheer your whole day up with just her little giggles
Aries is a very happy smiley baby. He’s a pretty calm and chill baby. He doesn’t really fuss or cry except for when he’s hungry or tired or wants to be put down he can get really squirmy / wiggly. He is very curious and likes to play with toys and watch people.
Malakai is a spunky, bubbly, little firecracker 🧨 He enjoy milkies, smiling, shouting, hugs, cuddles and kisses. He’s a really good baby, and mommy loves him 🥰💕💖💛❤️
Lucas is super smart he loves his dinosaurs and sharks. He enjoys being outside,fishing and doing outdoor activities. He’s a mommas boy.
My daughter Danielle Herzmann has a rare genetic disorder called Mowat-Wilson’s syndrome. She spent 81 days in the NICU due to digestive issues, bladder issues, heart problems and failure to thrive. In 9 months, she has had 3 surgeries. Her Mowat-Wilson’s may require lifelong care. Your support is greatly appreciated!
Calidora (aka Cali) saved my life. God gave her to me at a very dark time in my life and she’s one of the most beautiful souls you’ll ever meet! She has Golden Haar syndrome and has had to have multiple surgeries but it doesn’t even faze her! I have been blessed with 3 boys then my saving angel came along and brought their mommy back to them. I thank God for her every day of my life!!
Milo loves frogs and squishmallows he loves to squeeze and give big hugs
Jude is such a happy baby and is always smiling! He has the funniest personality and lately loves to dance. Jude was born premature and has overcome so much! He is now 14 months old and is thriving and growing to be a big boy!
Miss auberielle kryan mattix Atencio she’s bubbly funny loves to dance loves her big bubba she’s the sweetest little girl having her win her very first crown 👑 would mean a lot to her please vote for us thank you all
What can I say, Winnie is the best! She has the most infectious giggle and she is just a love bug!
Always smiling
Dolly Loves yo cuddle with mommy and drink all mommy’s milk . She loves to eat applesauce. Dolly is a very happy and friendly baby always smiling at everyone. So adorable and squishy,she just learned to sit up on her own
Cheyleigh is a very sassy crazy haired beautiful girl she's wild and can make anybody laugh
Brooklyn is 18 months , she loves fruit and Brooklyn loves to be outside walking around , she loves peppa pig and cocomelon please vote for my beautiful baby girl
Hello! The most vibrant trait of Amethyst is her personality. She’s sweet, outspoken and is very expressive(with a love for plums). Consider voting for her cause it’s always appreciated.
Isaiah is the youngest of 3 boys and is always a happy little man! He loves sitting up and loves his big brothers!
Daddy's whole world. Best thing that has ever happened to me. Best baby ever. Never cry's unless she's hungry and smiles all the time.
Bentley loves smiling more than anything! he’s already very ornery!
Shes a Big Bundle of Kisses! She loves to be sang to. Her smile light's up a room. Her favorite part of the day is Bath Time. She is very alert and loves the attention from everyone.
Kenah is a fighter. She has more strength than anyone else I know!!