Austin loves to talk, loves to be outside and he loves to around people. He definitely a momma boy
Ocean is a very special rainbow baby and she loves to smile and loves watching Elmo.
Jaxson loves jumping, he is such a happy baby and loves to laugh and smile all the time, it’s Never an unhappy moment with this little guy!!♥️
Philip loves Cocomelon and being talked to. He is the youngest of four. Philip is loving, sweet and always smiling. He is the happiest baby I have ever seen.
Amora May has made her way into this world though it was a struggle for her first 2 months she has made such a turn around and is a happy healthy little girl who just figuring herself out and with such crazy hair I can’t keep contained this little girl is such a joy❤️🥰
emmi is such a happy girl, she loves to smile & she loves to listen to music. she also loves her mommy & daddy of course ❤️
Nolan was born April 13th, weighing 10lb 15oz. This picture was taken right before leaving the hospital. He loves snuggles, naps, and to eat.
My little rainbow baby 🌈 he is such a happy baby!
This is my Addi-bug! She’s my spunky, firecracker of a little girl! She’s the happiest baby I have ever met and she is always smiling! She loves her mama, daddy and her milkies.
Xavier is 9 months old he walks and loves his bubby and sissy he loves playing with his big dog Blue.. vote for him
Very happy baby smiles and laughs all the time! Loves to dance with mommy and give me tons of kisses He loves monster inc and playing wit& playing with his big sissy!! ❤️
Milani Rose
Milani is such a happy baby! She’s been photogenic since birth lol! She lights up any room we walk into! Her favorite show is Doc Mcstuffin!
She’s a very sassy & silly little girl! Loves frozen & cocomelon Loves to dance and sing And ride her pony June bug Loves being a big sissy to her little brother!❤️
Theodore is a spitfire little boy with the biggest heart. He loves to spread joy in his smiles, giggles, hugs and just about anything he does.
Freya is the sweetest and happiest baby I've ever seen. There never goes a day when she isn't smiling and giggling. She is so loved by eveyone that meets her.
Our little girl mileena is always filled with smiles and laughter! She also loves her what we call “ mama love time “ in the mornings🥰
Hayden loves Ms.Rachel & Toy Story. He plays all day and loves his mommy and daddy 💘
Nova goes by “Miss Sassy Pants.” She enjoys bananas, spending time with her family, and is a Cocomelon fan!
He is out going loves everyone. Nobody is a stranger. Loves to play.
Ava is always happy and loves to pull hair😁She’s definitely mamas beautiful baby girl💙
Zoey is a premie. Born at 33 weeks. She’s a fighter!
Alexis is the sweetest little girl! She’s a dreamer and smiles constantly when she’s sleeping. She’s definitely a mamas girl 💜❤️
Skylar loves starring at her brother and try to play with him . She also loves chewing on blankets and try to roll over 24/7!
We are going to use the money if we win to get formula for him and mothers who can’t get there formula
Holden loves his family to spend time with him and he loves his veggies and loves to jump He also loves to play peeky boo and his favorite word is uh oh
He’s 3 months old, loves to coo and pull mamas hair!
My name is Kendrick! My birthday is March 25th 2022! My mom had me early because I had no intentions of waiting any longer to see this big world! I love hearing my mom sing while I lay on her chest, and my favorite song is Happier than Ever by Billie Ellish. ❤
She’s a very smiley baby! With a big voice. She enjoys watching bluey and talking to her big sister before bedtime.
This here is Lillyann she is 5 mo old and she’s my chunky monkey.
Baelie is a month old loves her two mamas 👭her favorite thing is listening to music 🎵 , mama singing to her 🎶 and her two furry best friends Bohdi 🐾and Stella 🐾 Her interests include sleeping 😴 pooping 💩and eating 🍼
She is a very happy and active baby she loves to walk around in her walker, play in her jumper. Definitely loves being outside, loves being read to, sang to, and most of all her two big sisters playing with her always cheers her up when she’s grumpy.
sooo little & already such a sassyyyy little girl! i love this girl to pieces. my youngest and the love of my life i love you so much lil Vi Vi
Hi, my name is Ohklam Peppers 🌶! My parents are pretty young and spoil me rotten! 🧡I love mashed potatoes and Mac n cheese! I’m a big chunker and just turned 7 months old!
He's two he's is such a bright character he loves dinosaurs and baby shark and his mommy🥰 he's gonna be the best big brother to his lil sister
Val Val is what i needed in my life. shes so bubbly and spunky and such a personality. so funny. loves to eat. she will eat it all honey.
GraceLynn is 14 months old. She is a fun little girl who loves the outdoors. She enjoys tractor rides with her Poppy. She loves being story time and spending time at Gigi and Poppy’s. She love playing games with Daddy and shopping with Mommy
Mykal is a wonderful healthy baby boy who loves to eat sleep and poop…plus being the lady charmer when we go anywhere! He’s very sweet and cuddly like a teddy bear 🧸
Myles is a wild child always wants the attention on him, he loves to be outside rain or shine doesn’t matter to him. He loves his mommy and his papaw a lot❤️ Myles is a sweet babyboy❤️
Hi I’m 3 months old and LOVE to smile and chew on everything! Music and dancing are my favorite things and I love cuddles! And of course when mom and dad play with me!
Habigail es una niña amorosa inteligente le gusta cantar!
Kallie Renne
This little girl is 8 months old and so sasy haha she loves to get on her big brothers nerves forsure. She loves mommy and food 😂 she is worse than the dogs begging lol
He’s a loving lil baby who loves being outside or playing with his toys he loves bath time never sees any obstacles in his path
Im 2 years old. Everyone loves my smile & laughter. I love baseball. I also love running around playing with my grandparents dog lola. I enjoy smiling and eating healthy fruits and vegetables. I enjoy camping and going to baseball games with both of my grandparents. My favorite team are the San Francisco Giants. I love playing with toys that play musical sounds. And i love feeding the farm animals. Im under guardianship, but i know that my parents still are fighting for me back. They love me with all their hearts.
He is such a precious baby. He loves his momma and daddy.💙