Baby Stories - 51


Paisley Faye has a heart full of love for her family, loves to laugh and play outside! She has the purest, sweetest soul and is beautiful inside and out. She is a free spirit and is always on the go! We love people, enjoy our food, praising Jesus and living our best life! Thank you for voting for me!
My beautiful baby girl came into the world weighing 5 lb 7 oz 16 in Long she was born prematurely but she's a fighter she didn't want to wait no more she said Mom I'm coming she loves to try sitting up on her own she loves to roll over she likes bananas she's such a little diva I hope you all will come to love her as much as I do she's my little homegirl :-)
happy baby loves to coo play peekaboo and hang out in her swing do tummy time and get read a bedtime story every night before bed!
Zoey is a bubbly happy little girl who will be 6 on thanksgiving she loves barbies and lol dolls and loves to make others smile. She is kind loving and so sweet. She is the best big sister a mom could ask for
Wyatt or wy wy as we call her is a fun loving girl fun of spirt and love dogs and other animals. She is always tring to be like her big sissy.
Hi! I’m 4 months old, & I was born at 4 pounds 7 oz, & dropped to 4 & 4, but I’m so strong & i’ve grown so much.. I love to smile at sweet faces! I always want to stand, & be apart of the action. I’m very vocal, & so kind spirited already ♥️
Lydia is a rambunctious toddler who loves her little brother and the outdoors! She is such a loving and caring little girl and would love to have your vote and possibly win! ❤️
Astrid is a beautiful girl who loves animals and toes. She can almost sit up on her own. ❤
Nolan is a sweet, red headed, blue eyed 6 month old baby boy, born during this crazy pandemic. He already has quite the personality and always has a smile on his face 😍
Ellie is a little sweetheart she was born with a life threatening illness and had to have a bone marrow transplant in order to survive she is such a little fighter. Ellie likes playing with barbie, doing her fingernails and makeup.
Annalee is wild and outgoing. She is a bright little girl. She is a soon to be Big Sister and she is super excited about her baby sister coming in January. She would love to have your vote! 💕💕
Jordon is a hero he donated his bone marrow to save his older sisters life. And the transplant was a success. He loves playing with his toy cars and animals also loves to play catch with mommy and daddy.
Bryson Michael
Bryson is a happy and amazing boy! I love this little budd so much. Bryson has a cold since 2 months after he turned 4. The pics I put is bryson on his birthday and 4 days before his birthday. Bryson loves to smile. but he has a bad cold. He goes to the doctor!! He has a cute little hulk mask, His favorite superheros are Hulk and Spiderman.
Hi, my name is Adonis and I love to laugh and smile. I'm only 2 months old, but I'm already trying to explore my new world around me. I love tummy time but not as much as my nap time.
Silly, loves being outside, loves cows, loves everyone 🎀
Happy, loves to eat, & loves her mommy, daddy, big brother & sister 🎀
Bentley was born early at 34 weeks and has already had 2 surgeries! He’s our little Super hero!
Avery loves to smile & giggle. She is already holding her head up. She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She loves to cuddle mommy & daddy. She likes to put everything in her mouth, especially her hands. Avery will melt your heart instantly when you see her. Her little smile will make you smile.
Baby Gray Alexios was born April 2nd! He’s a smiley baby that loves to play and laugh with anyone he meets❤️
Rowen, or Rowboat, as he is affectionately called is the happiest baby ever! He loves his blankies, his puppies, and bedtime!
My name is Rebecca. I am Daddy's and Mommy's Sweetheart. I love tummy time, laughing with Daddy and being with Mommy all day :D
Stetson loves to be outside, playing with his daddy, or well eating snacks🤣
Laylah is a sweet baby girl, she loves to smile and coo at her mommy and daddy. She’s a big bundle of joy.
Chubby little nugget loves to flip & roll. She babbles all day long & is the most snuggly little baby in the world we are blessed ✨ She is the youngest & last of 5 🖤
Lex is one of the chillest babies around. He spends all day smiling and playing with his grandpa at daycare, then comes home and enjoys sleeping in his swing or napping on his parents! The only thing he loves more than his parents are his furry siblings!
Maverick is just the happiest baby on the world. Always smiling and laughing and just loving life!
Kaiden is a very energetic little guy. He makes everyone in the room smile and lights up where ever he goes. He loves yelling “mama” and “dada” and tries to get in on Xbox with boys.
Beckham is a busy and happy baby! He love to jump and play. He is the sweetest little boy.
Cypress can make anyone’s mood go from down to up in a flash. He is truly a gift from God. This chunker is ALL smiles and laughs at all times. Cypress loves being around people and is always content wherever momma is. He flirts with his eyes and he knows it. Nap time & Baba time are his hobbies!
Brooklyn Rayne
Brooklyn is such a happy baby & loves to smile.
Journey is an amazing little girl. She loves watching Doc Mcstuffins and la vaca lola. She loves eating everything she sees lol and being right under her mommy. She likes when you read to her and she stay looking at your phone trying to see what you are doing. She is very talkative and loves to argue with you then laugh. She gives mommy tons of kisses and smiles at everyone.
Samantha is an out going young lady. She loves to play with her toys and just about everything she’s not supposed to play with. She enjoys seeing new people as well as always always has a smile on her face.
Hi everyone! I'm Charlie and some of my favorite things are milk, bouncing, music, and snuggles 🥰
This fiery little red head has personality for days. Our little sour patch girl can be sour but always so sweet!
Ella is almost 13 months old, loves to eat and is just getting the hang of walking!!
Kamila : Perfect, complete; feminine variant of Kamal, which means completion Kamila is the baby sister of 4 brothers!!
She’s our little miracle baby. At two months old, she already has the sweetest personality and loves being silly with mommy & daddy.
Angelo is a little guy for his age he was a preemie but he makes up for his size with personality. Hes a awesome baby and he makes me smile everyday!
He loves cuddling his mommy, or his passy, but he’s a sweet little boy who sleeps all day and has the prettiest deep blue eyes
Such a beautiful and bright kid!🥰 LOVE PICTURES AND LOVES BEING OUTSIDE ❤
Roman is the type of baby who is constantly smiling and giggling. He loves to eat his hands (because why not??) and just recently learned his new love of sticking out his tongue 😛.
Jarren is a smart baby boy he learns something new everyday!
This handsome gentleman loves the ladies. His beautiful smile and charming personality make him irresistible!
Shes super sweet and the best cuddler. She loves to hear mommys voice she smiles so big. Shes the cutest baby ever why wouldnt you vote for her.
Elijah Alvarez
He likes to roll over to his tummy, play with his hands and put them in his mouth, loves to talk, rather be outside so he can see everything, sit in his bouncer to either watch tv with us or watch daddy play games, loves taking baths, snuggle his parents and taking long naps, loves to hang out with his siblings and watch them run around and talking to them. I’m not gonna tell you why you should vote for him because even if he doesn’t win he’ll always have my vote
Hi I’m Gemma May I’m 1 year old. I’m very smart for my age I love hanging out with my grandmas on weekends to get away from my sisters. I live with my mommy and daddy and 2 other sisters. I’m very well behaved when I’m not at home. I love to eat anything this is made I will eat I’m not very picky. I don’t really like juice but I love milk and mommy’s mt dew. I love running around the house playing with my puppy.
Smiliest and happiest baby!
Hi my name is Miracle Raelynn I’m 3 years old and very out going. I love learning new things and very excited to start school next year. I love my baby sister my auntie and uncle and my mommy. Frozen is my favorite movie and I love running around the house in my Elsa dress singing let it go. If I win I’m going to use the money on new Elsa stuff