Ryder is a very happy friendly baby. He loves attention, food ,and to be talked too.
This is Abbie Lou Cody, she’s such a sweet and beautiful little girl. Please vote for my baby🥺
this is Keegan! he is the happiest boy you’ll ever meet, he loves to swing & loves his musicals! his smile can light up a room❤️
Braylon is currently 4;months old he was my rainbow baby he came at exactly 35 weeks & 1 day I had him a year after my first miscarriage he’s the happiest little baby &’ is already learning and so much at only 4 months old &’ loves to put everything and anything in his mouth but he does prefer his hands a lot more 🤭
Asher is a very calm and quiet baby, he loves to swing in his rocker and Definitely likes food. He’s the king of mean mugging and attitudes and will make sure everyone knows when he doesn’t get his way.
He’s 9 months old loves bananas and anything his daddy has in has hands loves playing with all kinds of toys as long as they have sound and loves to watch tv because of the colors
Kamryn is such a sweetheart, loves her mama and laughs every time you talk to her. She is such a joy!
This is rafe, he loves apples and eating his hands. When he’s happy he screams and has the biggest smile
Grayson likes bananas, Trying to talk and his pacis and blanky
Spencer is a happy, smiling, handsome boy. You should vote for Spencer because he knows how to brighten someones day and enjoys being around people that adore him. He’s a very friendly kid and loves to have fun. Vote for Spencer!
Just turned 3 months and loves to eat a lot of food 😂
Elliot is smart and funny starting get himself everywhere around the house !
Karlee is just a month old she is a little sister, her big sister is so in love with her. She gives us some of the biggest smiles.
Clara Ann
Clara Ann loves being held, and she is a big mommy's girl, she lifts her own head and can hold it up quite well. She is also a natural redhead as well like her mommy
This is our little Wesley James. He is turning a month old on May 27th. He loves snuggles with mommy and daddy. His favorite thing is when you rub his back to help him sleep. We would appreciate it so much if everyone of our friends and family could vote and like his profile! Thank you!!
She loves to eat, sleep and cuddle mommy and most definitely loves to hold her head up and smile
Meet Miss Novah is the happiest fun loving baby you’ll meet! She loves spending Time her family! Novahs favorite food is anything fruity, Just like her attitude! She’s an outdoorsy girl forsure! Any time in the sun she can get is a good day for her!
She is beautiful and so cute she is learning really fast and loves being talked to
Kealan is such a bright eyed little boy. He’s so silly, & overall such a happy & smiley baby ☺️ He loves to eat & sleep more than anything! His sweet smile is so contagious & lights up every room. Our love for him is endless ❤️
He loves fo gigle blow bubbles and smile
Everly is definitely the light of our lives ! She’s growing so quickly. She loves to swing on the porch swing and spend time outside!
What Kamaria likes most is to stare at her mommy and daddy and just smile. She’s the happiest baby a mother could ask for! Kamaria is 1 week old today! (May 26, 2022) She has a doggo brother who absolutely loves to snuggle her!
Brooklyn Is A Wonderful Baby, She Wasn’t Supposed To Be Here But God Choose Other Wise. She Has A Bigger Sister That She’s Loves The Death. Yeah She’s Only 2 Months But She Who She Is And Knows How To love 💕
Abel loves tractors, can name just about all of them; loves playing at the park, and playing with his brother Jackie 🤩
Tekaylah Tyler is a precious angel with a sweet spirit. She is inquisitive, jubilant and has a humorous sense of humor already.
Jackie loves tummy time and eating! His first word was mommy and he definitely loves mommy. Im about to have 4 teeth and i love to chew. Vote for me ❤️❤️
She goes by Kayleigh loves her baby dolls and all animals. She is very sweet and loving.
Lilly loves to smile and to swing in her swing. She loves her mommy & daddy and her doggy brother Rupert❤️
She loves to be sung the song baby shark.. and where ever she goes her pup is there to follow or snuggle with her.. she loves mom a dad and sisters and brother.. she is one loved baby
Hello everyone, my name is Elias I don’t like tummy time 👶🏽 I do love to roll back and forth 🧸 I love to laugh and smile 🥰 My favorite animal is an elephant 🐘 I love my mommy & daddy so much ❤️
Camila is a smart, funny, and a full of life little diva! She loves to play outside, learn new things, and LOVES to talk and sing her favorite songs!
Kaami is starting to become into her own person she loves to laugh and smile big and she will steal your heart every chance she gets
Brroklyn is 5 months old. She loves her momma and her daddy. Brooklyn's fav veggies are green beans and sweet potatoes, her fav fruit is bananas and prunes. Brooklyn loves to be outside and she loves to watch her big sister ryder play outside also.
Miss hadlee rose is the sweetest yet sassiest little girl we know!! She has a huge personality for such a small person. She loves animals and eating just about anything!! She also LOVES to be outsides❤️
Amelia Jude loves to wake up and toot her life away! She LOVES bath time and is just starting to figure out all the new things in life. She made me a first time momma and im in love 😍
Isriel is a happy little one month old who loves to smile and has now started to make noises to talk 😊. He loves car rides, going on walks, & of course cuddling with mommy❤️.
Edwin enjoys sleeping drinking breastmilk and enjoying time with his family.
She is a very happy baby and youngest of 6. She wants to do everything the big kids do and know what she wants.
Niall is super loving and so sweet. His smile lights up a room and he is the happiest baby you’ll ever meet! 🥰
Daxton Lee Herrell
Daxton loves Dino’s and cars he loves watching blues clue, Elmo and Pokémon he loves everyone and is the sweetest boy ever
Hi! We absolutely love being outside and playing in the flowers and making mommy run around crazy after us! Our favorites is Minnie Mouse!! And chicken nuggets!! Please vote!
Jaxton has 5 sisters and they love him very much
Heaven is such a good baby. She's the happiest baby I know. She's always smiling 🤗 she loves crawling all over the house an playing with her big sister Nevaeh ♥️
I like hanging out with my older siblings, drinking my bottle and sleeping 🥰 I’m a mommy’s girls
Aliyah is the life of the party! She without a doubt will make anyone laugh that she's around. She loves her "kitty" and "fishie". Anyone that has met her definitely wouldn't be able to forget her. She's loud and outgoing and never knows when to stop talking, even if its inaudible.
Kashton is one happy baby! Can make anyone in the room smile! He is a water baby he loves baths, and enjoying water in general. He’s an explorer, he will want to wonder anywhere as long as we let him! Vote Kash! :))