Adalynn is 6 months old she loves to swing in her swing and laugh at her momma and daddy and she loves to roll
Lydia is our surprise blessing that we thought would never come. After 9 years, she finally was sent to us. She is the most perfect little sister to her gorgeous 9 year old sister.
Miss Mariyah loves to cuddle and she loves music especially soul songs 🎶 🥰💕
Mikayla has so much personality she is sweet loving and a little sassy she loves being a big sister, playing with her friends and pb&j sandwiches 🥪 💕
Mileah is a very active and sweet little girl she loves doing flips, riding her tricycle and is a big fan of Spider-Man and dinosaurs💕
Georgia loves singing, dancing, and hugging anyone and everyone.
Maelynn Jo
MaeLynn Jo is the most loving & happy baby you’ll ever meet❤️ She is a huge daddy’s girl already. For her just being 3 months old she has a HUGE personality! She loves to play with light weight toys that she can grip with her little hands & she LOVES Mickey Mouse. She is daddy’s girl & mommas world❤️ Please vote for her!❤️
Ava Rose
Shes2 .5 months old not alot to tell hut a very cyrios child wants to see the world from her confined spaces well behaved picky about her bottles!
Amyra is full of energy and loves watching movies. She just started school and loves making friends. Amyra is a very energetic, talented, and hardworking.
Ally-Bell loves to run around and play with her toys. She is our smart beautiful little girl with a wild attitude and a spunky personality.
Royce loves to smile since he was born!
Bjorn is the smallest little boy out there. He loves to smile and laugh all the time.
Zachary an out going little boy. Loves to ride his bike.
Claire is a 4 month old rambunctious babygirl. She has the biggest smile, sweetest laugh, and goofiest personality. She loves playing with her feet, cuddling with her mama, and watching video games with her daddy.
Loves cuddles, eating and sleeping!
Energetic sensitive emotional talkative head strong full hearted Love are the words that describe Adali. She loves playing Barbies, swimming, dogs, and coloring. She LOVES to make her own Barbie clothes and accessories.
HI!! My name is Liam and I love to smile and be outside! I also love my mommy, PapPap, Gammi, Sissy, and Bubby ♡
Elliott is the best little dancer! He loves music and being outdoors
Aydrean is our light of our lives! His smile is bright!! He’s our rainbow 🌈 after a strom!
i’m carter! i love being on the move & eating everything that mom and dad eats!
Devin is 5 months old, he loves food, and spending time with mommy & daddy. ❤️
Ollie loves playing with toys, sitting and watching tv, or simply just hanging out with Momma and Dada. He also loves Mac and Cheese, Hotcakes, and Ziti!
Reagan Crayton
When mommy was pregnant she had some complications with me, who knew I would come out and be so strong. I’m 2 months old. I can hold my own head up since birth, I am now trying to sit up by myself, and also cutting my first tooth! I am Mommy, Daddy, and bubbys best friend. I love watching anything colorful, specially power puff girls ❤️
Hi! My name is Ocean! I have a twin brother, his name is Sir. I love to laugh and smile. I know how to sign eat, more, & milk. My favorite nursery rhymes is Jools Tv & Gracie.
Hi! My name is Sir! I have a twin sister, her name is Ocean. I love to laugh and smile. I know how to sign eat, more, & milk. My favorite nursery rhymes is Jools Tv & Gracie.
TO INFINITY AND BEYOND… this is Ramone’s life right now. He is all about Buzz Lightyear. Everyone who meets him absolutely falls in love with him. Click vote & let’s get him to 🥇1st place!
Royalty Nevaeh Knox is truly GOD sent. Through 9 months of very high risk and hard, labor. We were truly blessed with a gift from GOD🥰. When they told me I wouldn’t be able to make it GOD said yes.
A very happy baby loves to be given a lot of kisses on her nose 😍
Anya is 18months old , she is very happy little girl who loves everything especially animals , Anya loves to cook with mama and play dress up
xavier loves to cuddle with his mommy and go on walks outside 💙 he loves looking out of windows, & cooing and smiling at his mommy
Isabella Rose
Hi I’m Isabella Rose I just turned 4 years old & I am a very happy, lovable toddler. What you need to know is that I’m very photogenic & I love to be around the camera always camera ready. 🥰❤️ I have a personality to die for & I’m very friendly. I can have a whole conversation with people + I have a contagious laugh 😊Mommy says that I love to dance since I got it from both my parents 💃🏼 She also says that I’m independent & I’m a very girly girl with a bit of sass + a fashionista like my mommy 💗
Not only is he adorable , he’s a sweetheart & a warrior! At just 2 months old my baby boy was fighting COVID, no matter how bad he felt he smiled through it! He also behaves very well at church & gives his dad surprise visits at work ☺️
Hey guys, my name is Rae. I am a very happy baby and love taking photos ❤️ I have bright eyes and curly hair 💕
Roberto is an adorable baby that was 7 weeks premature, but that doesn’t stop him from being enthusiastic & vocal to his parents. He is currently learning to crawl & absolutely loves tummy time.
This little cutie loves to dance, babble, and laugh. He shakes his head "no no no" whenever you tell him no!
Paisley loves playing with her toys and running all round the house eating snacks and getting in to everything haha, favorite words are momma, dada, ball, Jj from cocomelon. Loves spending time with other family members!
Hi I’m Lina! I’m new to this world (two and a half months old.) I enjoy cuddles with mom and dad, laying in the sun & letting my fur brother lick my toes.
Ariannah is a smart and kind girl who loves animals!
Harper is a very smart, beautiful, intelegent 4 year old. She loves going outside and riding her bike. She loves swimming in her mimi and papas pool, and she loves being with her family.
My name is Barrett and I am 6 years old. I have a very rare Neuromuscular Disorder called SpinalMuscularAtrophy. I was told I wouldn’t see my first birthday and now just celebrated my 6th. I am mommy and daddy’s miracle and I just became a big brother! I am super smart, sassy, silly and LOVE to play games and drive around in my PowerWheelchair! My favorite thing is definitely my Ipad that I use to play and watch videos on andddd do school on!
My name is Bellamy Elizabeth and I am about 4 months old! I was diagnosed with a rare neuromuscular disorder called SpinalMuscularAtrophy which is the #1 Genetic Cause for Infantile Fatality. I am determined to be a miracle just like my Big Brother Barrett, and prove them all wrong. I am silly, squeally and smiley and LOVE attention, cuddles and mostly, putting everything in my mouth! 💜
Julius is such a goofy little guy with such a BIG personality! Please vote for my handsome little guy!