Baby Stories - 51


Dahlia is a funny, smart, lovable, adorable little girl💕. She is very food driven to the point she'll do anything for it😂. Dahlia is loved by many!💕😍
Ezekiel is a Gods blessings for my son Noah and Isabella he is a happy baby boy amen and also is a love able baby boy and a real blessing for our son Noah and Isabella they are first time and awesome parents God is good amen
Vincent loves cuddles
He loves wiggling to music loves tummy time on mom and dad very content baby loves his food
Nina Rose is Her Nana and Grandpa's Beautiful little Butterfly Princess and her parents and many other relatives pride and joy!
He is very bright and most of the time he has a big ol smile on his face. He is the sweetest 😻
Hes always gigggling, loves cocomelon and its literally the best baby. Has the biggest smile and definitely is a mommas boy.
Ja'mari is a healthy and happy baby that like to sleep and eat...
Autumn is a very smart 3 year old she seems to amaze me everyday with something new😊💚 she loves riding four wheelers with her dad and much much more🤗🤗 she is my very best friend and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better💕❤️
Cayson is so energetic & always on the go! He’s the sweetest little boy who loves cars, being outside & playing with his big brother. He has the cutest obsession w/ pumpkins 😌 and loves learning new things!💙
Phoenix Eka
Phoenix is a happy girl. Is learning how to use her voice and loves being talked to. Her favorite thing is bath time.
She's a mommas girl, loves snuggles, exploring and boob 😛
Mommas girl who's full of life and love ❤️ The sweetest little girl and the best little helper!
Taylynn is very loving she loves to eat and enjoys skin to skin with mommy she has a smile that lights up my world 🌍
He loves watermelon, kisses n hugs from momma n daddy , loves to sleep and eat ,loves car rides, loves saying momma all day ❤️❤️
Carter Mason is our first grandchild and he’s our world!!! He loves snuggling, his baba and is now starting to enjoy his surroundings. He’ll be one month old on November 13th.
Vote for her she is the sweetest girl you will ever met ❤️. She always goes down for nap time with no issues. She loves green beans, Coco melon and mommy!! 🔥
Little boy is mixed with Mexican & Korean! 4 months! Full of joy, curiosity, and laughter. His niece adores him. He’s wild and loves to explore!
Zayden is a extremely happy baby! He absolutely loves attention and he loves to play he has a smile that will light up the room and make your day❤️
Mosiah Dean Perez, his name is as special as it sounds. Mosiah meaning savior because saved me, Dean after his grandpa Dino in heaven and Perez he will carry on his dads last name. Mosiah loves his mama, daddy and brothers. He laughs and smiles all day. His favorite thing to do is drink his chichi milk. He talks his baby talk, loves to watch Bluey and Barney. Mosiah is just the light in all of our life.
Michael loves tummy time, saying “DA”, loves rolling over multiple times. Loves looking at ponies and loves his dogs! Loves to smile and laugh at people🥰
James T. Witt is a very goofy little guy with a big personality! He is always smiling and running around the house. He loves his kitty Simba, he loves to chase him and pull on his tail. He loves Mickey Mouse, Bluey, and The Wiggles. He’s love his bath time and swimming! He also loves to hear his daddy’s voice, and see mommy’s face. He likes to dance to music, he try’s to shake his butt up in the air. James loves loud cars, and really any other car. James likes to go outside. He collects leaves, flowers, and pine cones.
Paisley is 3 months old an mommy and daddy’s everything💖she loves to be held, talked too and giggle, she enjoys her naps and mommy’s milk, she is a firecracker with a sweet side that will melt your heart ❤️
My name is Adrian Scarlet-Chanelle im a sassy, dramatic newborn, born on October 15th, 2021. Im very calm until I want to eat, then you see just how dramatic and fussy I can get. I love to eat, sleep, and cuddle. I absolutely hate bathtime, but I love my hair getting washed and brushed.
Amelia Gertrude is my name ❤️ I love my momma and my aunty. I like too say “bababa” all day long. My favorite foods are green beans and mashed potatoes. I love music as well. ✨✨
Merrit James is the sweetest and happiest little boy you could meet. He loves smiling, laughing and playing. He was born on 5/21/21 after 33 long hours of labor and a 4 day nicu stay but our baby boy is as happy and healthy as ever now. ☺️💙
He is only a month old. He loves his momma and daddy. He also loves to watch out the window and just chill. He enjoys car rides way and peeing and pooping on everybody and everything when you change his diaper. So you better change it quick.
Hi! My name is Oliver, but you can call me Ollie! ☺️💚 I'm obsessed with my mama and daddy. I've just learned I can smile and that I have a voice as well. I'm still learning to use my hands and legs - they're really tricky. I can't wait to do great big things in this world!🌎 If I win, the prize will be going towards my college fund!
Her smile makes you smile
Max loves to smile and giggles with his Mommy and Daddy during play time. He loves taking naps and drinking his milk, like any 3 month old should.
Hi, I'm grace I am 8 months old mommy and daddy weren't expecting me at first but now Ive been the light of their life for this long Thank you everyone for your support Koala kisses!
I’m 5 months old I’m such a happy baby I love to laugh and scream
Hi I’m Trenton I am 6 months old and my birthday is on cinco de mayo! Cool right I LOVE Mickey Mouse and enjoy my time with my grandmas,mom,and dad. I recently learned a new word DADA! I say it all of the time I enjoy meal time (sweet peas are my faaavorite) The picture shown is my first time EVER seeing a glow stick!!
Heavenley likes to stay awake and see what all the world has for her to see. She loves her family especially her aunt and uncle and her older brother. She tried really hard to talk to you.
Kinsley is happy sweet fun loving energetic baby, she loves dogs and her babydoll
Here is little Harry Jr. ! He is turning 6months on November 12, 2021 :) He loves tummy time & just started crawling. He loves meat baby foods, bananas, & just loves playing w his big sister. He's a very happy, giggly, teething baby - loves chewing on everything at the moment. Overall, my handsomest, strong boy.
Zoella Mae
Zoella is 2 1/2 weeks old, and just recently started opening her eyes more! She loves the water and bath time!💕
Kennedy is a very loving and outgoing little girl, whose full of so much energy. She is bright and has a bunch of sass in her💕
Kasen, with his big blue eyes, loves going to the lake & swimming! His favorite movie is Tarzan. He loves cheetos and meat sticks for a snack. He is a mamas boy & a sweetheart, he loves giving kisses & playing with his doggy Dallas. Most of all he just loves to be wherever mommy and daddy are, on the boat, in the camper, or at home 😊
Addilyn is an outstanding little girl. She speaks both English & Spanish. She always strives to be #1 at school and in sports, while remembering to lend a hand to help others. She enjoys inline speed skating and hopes to compete in competitions in the future.
Kyirianna she’s a beautiful smart fun and just a all around wonderful little girl to see her is to love her.
Cèvion is 4 months and full of life. He brings a smile to everyone’s face. He is one of the happiest babies you will ever meet.
Please like⬇️🤩🥰This girl has the best personality, always making people smile and laugh. Josephine Mae (Josey Mae),has always wanted to enter a beauty pageant so this is it! Josey loves everyone and seems to win over complete strangers with her kindness and smile. She has the best heart of anyone I’ve met in my 37 years! She takes ballet and gymnastics and is passionate about both!! She LOVES to dress up…even on regular days she is always dressed to impress, lol. So cute 🥰 She sure is a special one, an sim happy to introduce her to you!
This is her as a baby,i figured id try showing her as a baby for a month,feel free to vote her,as she is bueatiful baby girl! Ill add her now as well as throughout the years. I luv my babysister!
Almost a year! Loves to play and chase his sisters around. The sweetest boy you’ll ever meet 😍🥰
Made this as a joke along with my other ones lmao
Hi, I am Ackerson. I love lights, bath time, feeding, and my mommy.