Baby Stories - 51


Hi im Ethan Creech im 18 month old I love playing with my chickens and dogs and love riding my 🐎 I love to sing and laugh and play with my daddy we have tickle fights I love being silly and making people laugh and I'm a very loveable little boy with a huge heart
Josh is the sweetest, kindest, funniest, silly 6 year old I've ever known! He's a kind, gentle soul & loves to have fun. He can light up a room by simply walking into it. His energy is amazing & he loves to laugh & play. He loves to play Roblox, going to the park, hanging out with family, school, & going to waterparks. If he wins, he will either use the money for Robux or a small trip to do something fun that he enjoys & put some to save in his piggy bank.
He loves his momma (definitely a mommas boy), he LOVES HIS FOOD, loves to cuddle, and loves sleeping on daddies chest! He is the best little guy! Definitely do not want him to grow up!!
Myla is a spunky 5 year old she loves cats, the color pink and is quite the character! She can put a smile on anyone’s face with her fabulous imagination 🥰🥰
Michael is a happy, energetic little boy that is the love of our life. He loves his walker and scooting around the house with our two dogs.
Miss Zayna is still a little one, loves to smile, babble away and just learned how to ROLL OVER🥰🥰stealing peoples hearts alreadyy 🙌
Kat is a Coco melon & baby shark Chic !!
Hi! My name is Elijah David Hillman I was born july 15th and im already lifting my head up and moving around like a crazy kid i love to be held and to play with my two dogs. I hope seeing my face brings a smile to yours!
Also known as Moo is 3 months old. He's a barrel of delight and smiles enjoying all of his firsts surrounded by his 4 siblings.
Steven is my miracle baby. I was told for 13years that i could not bare my own child. After finally accepting that a year later i got pregnant with steven. He is named after his uncle steven whom unfortunitly passed away febuary of 2015. He loves his grandparents. Loves playing on his tummy time mat. Adores his swing. Loves to hear himself talk. He is an all around amazing and smart baby. Took him over a decades to find his true mama, I couldn't be happier with the amazing little boy that I have.
Mia Jo
Mia is officially a ONE year old little toddler! She is super playful, runs around the house, laughs at everything and loves to babble!
Alana loves to look outside. She loves music! Her go to song when she’s fussy is ‘dreams’ by Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks! She’s already learning to hold her head up and very alert!
Baby A
My name is A’zer… I’ll be 3months on the 3rd.. I love to eat, sleep, talk and poop… I’m a mama’s boy☺️ I have two sister’s and two brother’s… My favorite thing to watch on tv is cocomelon and 🚗.. I love to kick in the water when mommy takes me a bath.. 💙🍫🥰
Maddie was born 7 weeks premature and had been a fighter since the day she was conceived. After 2 miscarriages, Maddie stuck around to be the best rainbow baby ever.
Olivia is our adorible sweet girl! Shes such a happy baby, and loves to play! Constantly smiling or mean mugging! She lives for her bath time! Having a bad day? Just come look at our daughter and she'll put a smile on your face :)
Braxton, is quite possibly the happiest baby. He loves a lot of things but some of the things he loves most are; his older brother, remote controls and PICKLES! He’s our big boy, and has a big personality to boot!
Dalen loves to smile he such a happy baby
Avy bear 💗🧸 She’s has such a big happy personality, she’s starting to groove in her walker and loves anything banana!
Mason is a whole vibe. He’s a very happy baby with big personality.
Alexander loves his momma, daddy, and brother! He loves to swing in his swing and his milkies! He enjoys sleeping and squealing like a little piggy at the most random times. 😂 He is definitely our little blessing. We tried so hard for this little baby and so glad to finally have him here. 🥰
Happy little6 month boy 💙 always smiling ☺️ loves to jump and laugh.
Audreigh is a bright, and beautiful 1 year old . ❤️ She loves eating food, playing with her toys, and making crazy noises. 🤐 Her papa is her best friend. 🥰 & she’s still a stink when going to bed! 🤓
Hi, my name is Bryce! I love carrots and bananas. My favorite cartoon is cocomelon. I have a very quirky and silly personality-mom calls me silly nilly.
Everleigh is 3 years old. She loves cartoons and playing outside!
Olive Rose
Hi! I’m Olive. I joined my mom and dad, plus my 3 furry siblings 5 weeks early! I am happy, healthy, and lots of fun. I love being read to, and being outside!
Baby Joey is a very happy and active! He’s trying to walk around and loves chasing his new puppy!
Ah’rulla loves to play, laugh and be in everyone’s business! Lol she’s such a sweet little girl and brings joy to anyone she’s around!
This little boy will steal your heart with those big eyes!
Izabel Kathrine Rose Wilson
Izabel loves to play with her aunt Koko and her cousins, to roar, chase people around the house,say what's that,daddy or what,fake cry, dance,make people smile and laugh, saying moo,helping her daddy make things and loves being a soon to be big sister
This is Sebastian, a year old🥺🥰! Loves paw patrol and blue clues, he has the cutest laugh and smile that will just make your heart melt 😩🥰💙💙
Cillian loves food, his big sister Charlotte, playing with his toys, and spending time with mommy and daddy.
LJ was born May 1,2020. 6lbs 7oz 19 1/2 inches. HE LOVES PAW PATROL AND PLAYING WITH HIS TOYS..
Tristan is a kind caring little boy that loves his action figures and playing on the swing set. He loves playing with his brothers and going to the beach.
Dameon is a fun loving baby that loves mommy holding him and loves playing with his brothers
Mark Jr
Mark loves to play on his video games or read books with mommy he also loves to just sit back and watch a movie when he’s not at his swimming lessons he’s fun and very 🥰.
He likes Minecraft, Trains, cars, and Pokémon. He is really smart and enjoys helping others!! Votes will be returned!
Our Pacie girl loves to sit with mommy and daddy for hours and smile and make faces! What more is there to do when you’re a baby?❤️
Hi my name is Dwayne but my family calls me Jr. I’m a happy energetic little guy who loves to move around and discover new things.
Hi my name is Cassian! My parents are big Starwars fans and named me after one of the characters from the movie (Rouge One). I love to sleep on my mommy’s chest and I love bath time. Vote for me !!!
Angelo is almost 3 months old, he can hold his head up, he loves walks and especially loves his elephant! he is one of the happiest babies in the world!
Loves unicorns. Favorite things to do talk to her friend Myha, play minecraft, eat, and she never likes wearing socks and shoes no matter what the weather.
Deliziah Watts
Deliziah, is a true miracle baby. She was conceived via IVF after an 8 year battle with infertility. I went in labor at 18 weeks and was told she would never survive as her foot and amniotic sac were bulging from my cervix. She was then born at 27 weeks breathing in her own after my water and placenta ruptured on Christmas. She is a strong fighter. She continues to remind us of Gods promises and that there really are rainbows after the storm. She has amazed us with her ability to overcome things she was told she would never do. She has exceeded all her milestones for her actual and corrected ages. I know she has a purpose in life and can’t wait to see where God takes her next.