Baby Stories - 50


He loves to laugh, and cuddle. He loves to play with his mommy and daddy. Evan jr just started eating baby food, his smile definitely lights up a room.
Cooper is 10 months! Loves baby shark and blues clues💙 Happiest when eating food.. obviously! My 26 pound lil ham🥺
Jirdan is a fun loving little girl.she loves to play outsideand with her brother.but fir the mist part she lives to take pictureand to look pretty like a princess.
Danny Dj
Danny & Dj are 9 months old as of the 25th. Such happy and goofy babies🤎🤎 Love to Yell, call on their “ dada” & crawl everywhere 🥺 Growing so so big and strong everyday
Silas is a goofy little boy that takes in the world and smiles. Such a serious baby until we see that infectious smile! His two favorite women in his life are grandma Dee Dee and Aunt Cathy, he definitely flirts with them and gets plenty of snuggles. Being a single parent is hard work but worth every day of it! I get the best memories with him!
She is very smart independent sassy funny dances to her on beat loving beautiful 2 year old. She loves to dance sing, is a big helper. She is always wanting to help take care of the babies at daycare. She knows her colors, can count to five, and loves jumping and bouncing on everything!!! We are working on potty training which it’s going lol. She live brushing her teeth and washing her hands.
Maddy loves to smile and loves using her voice. She is such a sweet girl
Our Lil Guy made his debut 6 weeks early! Spent quite some time in the NICU. But he is now currently 5 months old and is healthy & thriving. So much personality in this tiny human ❤️ He loves to snuggle and tummy time.
King SUPREME brings out Thee Best in everybody by being soooo serious, but knows when to initiate fun. I L🥰VE ME LIL 😍NE
Calviah is very intelligent. She loves to interact with everyone. She always has something to say. She is so sweet and loves to smile even after the seconds that follow her bad moods she gives you the most beautiful of her smiles. Calviah is a ray of sunshine.💜
Lillian is very lovable she doesn’t do much but sleep and eat.! I truly am blessed.!
Macies is a very outgoing little girl. She’s a left handed. She loves to draw . She is very loveable!
• hi, im baby grae ! 💗• im the happiest baby ever :))) i like to blow bubbles, smile, & laugh 🥰 i ♡ my puppies khloe + diesel 🐾 🙈 🦋 🤍 👣 ✨ 💞 ❥
Dialé is all smiles. She is a very bright girl. She loves going to the park were she enjoys swinging on the swing. Thank you for all the votes.
Always Happy smiling, demanding to have way haha like her Mama. She is my little Diva My little Mini Me. She enjoys playing dress up putting on different pairs of shoes. Dancing to music expressing herself ;)
I have always wanted to be a mom. Being 29 years old and having 2 miscarriages I just thought it wasn’t possible. Then I found out about Blayklie. I finally was able to carry to full term and she’s beautiful. Her father left us when I found out I was pregnant, but life with her couldn’t be better. I love my little bug more than anything in the world. She’s my precious rainbow baby!
Loves outside Cars Any type of lights Climbing Country music Cats & dogs Bugs Hes a very happy baby, loves being held, curious, adventurous, & can light up your day with his pretty blue eyes & beautiful smile.
Antonio is an alert, sweet, & loving 2 mo old. He loves “talking” and cuddling with his parents & family members. He has a fur sister named Ava. He’s full of love & energy.
Everlie is 9 months old about to be 9!! she’s loves her daddy and mommy!! she is so talkative!! she’s loves crawling EVERYWHERE!! she’s standing up and she’s trying to walk!!
Tucker is by far the happiest little boy and such a blessing! He rocks an extra chromosome and our world ☺️
Zendaya Dior
Zendaya is 8 months old she is a happy baby with lots of smiles loves giving kisses and cuddling she loves playing with her aunt who is 4 months older than her and she just started crawling ! Shes a mommys girl forsure 💞
This sweet boy is so alert and curious about his world. He loves milk and staring at his mommy and daddy. He just started smiling on occasion as well!
Andrew was born June 10th, 2020. He loves to tell us all about his day at daycare. Loves to be outside and in the garage with the boys.☺️
Dakota was born on September 1st 2020 and we couldn't be happier to have our Rainbow baby bless our lives with so much love and happiness after 12 years of trying and many losses. He loves smiling and talking to his mommy and daddy and his big brother and big sister. He loves cuddling with his mommy and talking to the TV which is the cutest thing ever.
Eva is a very happy baby. She loves when you sing to her and she's has begun to smile. She's definitely a sweetheart.
Kaiden is just the most loving baby he loves to cuddle. Loves to be in his swing and loves spending time with all his family
Ezra was born October 10th, 2020. He has 3 brothers and 1 sister. He loves watching his sibling play and laying on mommy’s chest. Our rainbow baby has blessed us so much in this very rough year ❤️🙌🏼
Hi I’m Emma! I’m Mexican American and love to play on my play mat!! I’m 2 months old and can sit up almost on my own already. I love to giggle and smile at my mommy and daddy because it makes them happy! You should vote me because I’m adorable and I’ll love you forever!
Keiari is 7 of 7 children. He is the happiest little boy you will ever meet. His personality is as bright as his smile. There isnt ever a dull moment with this boy. He love to laugh and giggle. He is such a sweet little boy. Show some love to my babyman and vote! Thank you!
Barrett is very observant as he loves lights and anything that moves. He also loves to eat, sleep, and is getting used to his baths. He is starting to splash in the water.
Dax is almost 2yrs old and loves the bath, playing at the park and spending time with mommy and daddy! He is a crazy butt with the biggest heart, his favorite cartoon is Sheriff Callie and his favorite food is McDonald’s hamburger happy meal. He’s the sweetest kid and loves to give kisses, he recently became a big brother and hasn’t yet understood why all mommies attention isn’t all on him now! The kid LOVES to take pictures, but who wouldn’t with a smile like that🤍
Mr Rhett (his nickname) is 3.5 months old and loves to give kisses and smiles non stop, he’s the BIGGEST talker and he’s recently started making fart sounds while spitting and he thinks it’s the funniest thing! He’s a daddy’s boy but big brother is his favorite person to watch (big brother isn’t a fan yet tho)🤍
Raegan is always so happy. She loves laughing and playing with her Olaf doll.
Isabella is a wonderful little girl. She is very loving, kind, abusy body. She loved the outdoors and senjoys painting. She makes this momma proud.
Rhylee is 6 months old and she loves to wiggle her way around the living room. She loves to smile and lights up any room with it! She loves when her siblings play with her and she also loves to watch football! VOTE FOR RHYLEE AND HER CONTAGIOUS SMILE!
Zacoviah Rae
Zacoviah is a sweet baby girl who can brighten up anyone’s day with her beautiful smile. She loves to play but her favorite thing to do is eat and cuddle
Declan loves to watch Cocomelon and roll around all day, he loves spending time with his mommy & daddy too! ❣️
She loves her grandma. She loves baby yoda. She loves listening to music. She likes listening to stories. She has the cutest dimple when she smiles!
Before my son was born, his dad had left, seeking “better”. Carter and I have gone our own way and we are so happy in the position we are in, because I’ll always raise him to know everything happens for a reason. Carter absolutely loves Luke Combs when he’s really upset, he loves Eating, bath time, and moving! He loves crawling, playing, and giggling.
Athena loves her Mommy and Daddy, her puppy Hercules and her favorite game is peek a boo. Above all she loves to smile, and that smile brings joy to anyone who sees it. I was once asked if she smiles on command, I think she does! l
My name is Gabby. I am 4 months old. I love to smile and giggle constantly. I’m very talkative and silly. I’ve always got my tongue sticking out at someone.
Very silly and sweet boy whos always smiling!
Jaelynn was born a preemie and is now 3 months old almost 8 pounds. She is a total BRAT. She loves sucking on her hand and slapping you in the mouth when shes mad.
He is the cutest baby ever, he smilesHe loves to eat. Sweet potatoes!!!! Hes 4 months old! He loves to laugh at anything and everyone please vote for him. Hes my rainbow baby, he laughs at anything thats funny hes a daddy boy, he loves to eat ! Hes my rainbow baby we love you
Wyatt likes to hang out in his swing, kick at his big brother and enjoys a warm glass of mommy’s milk.
This Is my beautiful daughter Makaylah. She is 3 months old, When she was born she went to the NICU for her breathing she got out in 48 hours. She has become so strong and happy. This is my gift from God.❤️❤️