Kinsley is a spunky 4 year old, and the best little girl ever. She enjoys being outside, getting dirty and going to work on the truck with her daddy. She has a big heart and loves everything. Best part, she was born Friday October 13th. 🥰🎃
Aurora Raelynn Decker
She loves to smile a lot an she loves cuddles. She's such a sweet little girl. She's smart an 2 months ahead in advance in age.
Jesse is 8 months old . He loves to watch cartoons and jump in his bouncey seat..
Ava Artyst is a beautiful soul with tons of personality and warms your heart with her sweet contagious smile and the four teeth she is so proud to show off! And she adores her duct as you can see.
Karsyn Annmarie
I’m the last baby of five! I love bath time and cuddles🖤
Gemini baby, Always Happy and Smiling. Loves to play peek a boo!
Ariella loves playing in the water she knows how to put a smile on anyone’s face just by walking in the room!! She’s a delightful little girl to anyone and we’re very lucky to have her ‼️
Journey Jheñe Leiloni
Journey is a wonderful Beautiful 1 year old Babygirl that’s intelligent , funny , beautiful & loves all types of Music & FOOD🎶.!🥰🥺👀💖💖💖
Avayah is a almost 4 month old she’s such a happy baby who is very advanced for her age
Aaliyah Rose
Aaliyah is a very happy baby and likes to blow raspberries at everyone,she also loves attention.
Araya Hope loves music..when ever she’s upset we just turn on music and she’s content..
He loves going outside, loves to smile. Absolutely enjoys photos and being out in nature
Danielle Siegl
She Love To Play And Want To Walk All Over The Place but she to small to do it yet 😂
This is Nash! He is a rainbow baby! He loves to laugh, sit up, smile, and take pictures! He loves going on walks and he tries to do everything himself!
Ollie is almost 2 months old and he’s starting to smile a lot! He loves his baths and going on long car rides.
Clayton Jr
He is so happy he loves to laugh with others he plays with big sister sitting up on his own now he squeaks when he laughs
Nalaysia likes taking walks in her stroller , she loves all the attention and being held and anything edible makes her dance and smiles
Shes a very happy baby and is always smiling
Just look at his face who can't say no to his face
Charlie smiles all the time and loves his dog willy !
Silas is a true miracle from God he has blessed our family with his little hands and as he is learning too smile and make sounds every day is a little more surprising and special.
Christian is both the goofiest and grumpiest baby you’ll ever meet! He loved to indulge himself on anything that’ll make a mess, as you can see! If he could choose his happy place it would definitely be a room filled with pasta and chicken. He loves food in general! He enjoys playing peek a boo and shooting his basketball, he may be one but this little boy has the energy of a 5 year old!
Nathan is a smiley happy baby who loves his kitty and puppies. Nathan loves to laugh and play outside.
John James
He loves to roll around, make faces, snuggles and tons of kisses!
She loves playing with her best friend she has a heart of gold and will do anything to help anyone if she can deztiny spends alot of time in childerns hospital she loves to snuggle with her dog and dress her dog up like a baby
Corbin Basilee Schmidt
Corbin loves to talk to people and loves to see people, he loves to play with his toys and anyone that wants to play with him, he loves to say mom, dad and Nan, he loves to smile and laugh, loves to play with his toes and stick them in his mouth, he loves to watch old shows, he’s rolling over, laying on his belly, trying to sit up, standing up with barely any help and he just smiles all the time and is just a happy baby
David Matthew
I’m very beautiful boy 👦🏻 I like to play with toys ,hands ,foot . Also I love to swim 🏊‍♂️
He is such a good happy baby.
Hymn makes everyday just a little bit brighter, he's always happy and rubbing off on all those around hymn with that amazing smile 😊
Ember is such a sweet heart. She loves to dance; currently in ballet, hip hop, cheer, and gymnastics. She loves playing outside and loves animals
Hazel loves to laugh and smile. She’s constantly cracking up about everything and nothing. Her favorite toy is her unicorn. We call her Zeus and Uni.
Zade is a very happy baby Loves bath time🫧 Loves being outside☀️ And loves making baby talk🥹 MAKE HIM TOP IN MISSOURI THE CUTE BOY DESERVES IT💓
Like all babies he’s quite a delight! As per this picture it seems he already knows how to pose for that camera! Personality “baby,” personality! ❤️🤗🤓
My name is Jazmine. I go by Annie or Jazzy and my daddy calls me little stinker. I love you wave hi and bye. My favorite game is peek-a-boo and patty cake. I love clapping my hands. I can say mama,mamaw, dada, baba, thank you, dog, and go.
My sweet baby boy is recovering from an emergency surgery. He’s so strong and brave he is only three weeks old and already has encountered the harsh world.
Titus is a Happy , Outgoing baby who loves to laugh and put a smile on your face. His bright eyes just melts your heart . 🧸💙🫶🏽
Hi my name is Landon. I’m 5 months old. I absolutely love anything that goes in my mouth and big warm snuggles from my momma and brother. I have two teeth and I’m 17 pounds 5.4oz. I’m getting so big.!!! Give me a vote please.
MaeBel loves to laugh and play with her feet. Her favorite place to hangout is outside she is very curious about everything. She likes to splash in the bath and get water everywhere. Her favorite person is her dad lol. We love our little crazy bug 🐞 ❤️
Kolten goes by Kolt and he is so silly and smart! His smile is contagious and he loves to make his family laugh which isn’t hard at all. He loves Mickey Mouse, any type of fruit, playing tball with Daddy outside, and most of all he loves to TALK! & he’s kind of a daredevil lol!
Dior is funny sassy a mothers best friend she can have her morning but they don’t last that long she a playful girl not a picky eater she loves to try new things. I really do love this girl
Liam Louis Logan
I love to smile my name is Liam Louis logan my nickname is Triple L I love to play and watch Hey bear I’m a silly chunky monkey
She is Sweet and Sassy. She loves to be the center of attention.
Born almost a month earthly, doing fabulous, and is perfectly healthy. She rarely cries, eats and sleeps well and loves her daddy 😊