Baby Stories - 50


Hi there, my name is Tatum. I have alot of nick names so if someone calls me Tator just ignore it. I love being in water. Doesn't matter if i am taking a bath or swimming. I like meeting new people. I love anyone and everyone that i come in contact with!
He is a very active boy, loves blowing raspberries and loves being the center of attention. He is very sweet and will melt your heart with his smile.
Owen loves his mommy and daddy.He also loves his nene he loves to eat and sleep. Tummy time with his pacifier is the best he also loves the beach.
Rowan is the sunshine on a rainy day ✨ Her favorite things are swimming, fishing and the beach 🏝 She loves animals & loves making friends ☺️
He loves dinosaurs and riding horses. Loves to dance and sing with his bubba♥️
Holden is a happy boy that loves the water and being outside. He loves his doggies and talking and walking
He's the most happy positive, smart attentive baby I've ever seen . He will steal your heart at first site .
Quarius, Lil Q as we call him is the sunshine of our lives. Hes very smart,charming and outgoing. He is a lil daredevil when it comes to being a lil boy. He always trying to achieve obstacles beyond his age and is very successful with it but as much as he tries to be a big boy he also loves cuddling and being baby too. Please show him some love and vote for my lil man Q
Austin is a twin! He loves to cuddle and smile at his mommy, daddy and brother! ♥️
Connor is a twin! He loves to cuddle and smile at his mommy, daddy and brother! ♥️
Harper is a very happy, smiley baby. She loves our family dog and to jump and babble. She also loves looking at flowers and bright colors!
He's literally the happiest baby ever! Always smiles so big for everyone! If you ever do get to see his pout face even that is ADORABLE.
Isaiah Jr
He is such a happy baby! Loves to laugh! Loves when he gets stood up, instantly makes him smile and laugh. He loves to touch his feet. And don't play when its time to eat. Lol!
Hello, my name is Nichole Amber Gonzales, I am 5 months old born February 16th, 2021. I love car rides with my parents, hanging out with my grandparents, watching tv, playing in my bouncer, sleeping, and making LOTS of noises. I have a big dog name hemi and he’s my best friend!!
Camila loves to eat!! & she is the sweetest ever!! She. Really enjoys baths and taking naps.
He is the most happiest little chunky man ever 😊 he smiles even on his bad days, when you say sexy man to him his face just lights up !! He is very friendly and loves everything and everyone 🥰
Emma is 2 months and i just love her she already been on 2 camping trips she likes to look at the trees threw are front window she loves tummy time
Alan is a very active baby. He loves getting in his pool Always a happy baby 😊 & loves playing with kids 🥰
Gianna is 8wks old she loves to eat!!! She always a happy baby always laughing and smiling.
He’s Such A Sweet Baby, He Loves To Eat, Dont cry much at all and loves to sleep
Jayce is 8 months old . One of the happiest baby’s he stands and crawls everywhere . Loves to eat
April"Hoku love" Is a very smart 4 yr old... she loves to smile, dance, sing.. overall is a joyful girl who makes friends everywhere she goes. She love fashion as you can see.
Marlie Jane
Marlie is a funny, happy, sweet, caring smart girl. She is my bonus daughter and I love her as if she's my own blood. She's always down to craft anything. Very creative!
Rosa-Jean is an upbeat happy child. She is smart and always willing to help. She is my miracle and my happiness. I struggle with infertility badly so I am grateful that I was blessed with her.
Mr. Jack Dale is the sweetest baby. He loves to laugh and play outside! He's almost walking and trying to talk. He's nickname is smiley because he is such a happy baby!
Shakeel who is affecionately called, "Shak" is such a happy baby. He's always smiling and laughs at just about everything "Baba" (Daddy) says. His favorite toy is his Tickle Me Elmo. They laugh together all day.
Layna is such a happy baby, she loves her big brother and eating whatever she can
Liam is a very amazing smart little man! His big blue eyes just attract everyone! He loves to smile, stick his tongue out lol. He is a very quiet handsome baby
Hamilton is always smiling and loves having his pictures taken
Slade is a micro preemie born @28 weeks 1lb.12oz. He loves his momma and his family and friends.
Baby Yaya
My name is A’yana, I’m 1 years old…. I know my brother and sister name and my mother name.. I love to eat, drink and play and run after sister every day. I’m even happy when I’m sick.💜🥰☺️
Na'omi is a very happy baby... she loves exploring into everything.... she has a smile that could just melt your heart...
Cannon's whole name is Cannon Ray Biggs 🤗 I got the Ray part from my uncle that has past not to long ago, I got and his last name is Biggs because he's the last boy in my family that carries on my papaw's last name that is no longer here either🥰 He is about to turn 5 months this 5th and is doing everything early I'm so thankful for that! He rolls, he stands up a pretty good time, he talks (goos) and you can hear him plan as day, he can hold his head up but he could do that when he first came home and ect. He is on a bed time schedule already I have no problem outta him. You couldn't ask for a better baby then him because he is definitely the happiest baby ever 24/7❤️
Trillion is just the sweetest little man he loves music and walks and loves his two puppys and car rides and has something to say about everything All prize money is going to his savings for college please vote and thank you in advance ❤️
Bridget is the most outgoing little angel… social Butterfly she loves everyone and is the girliest little babe.. ❤️
Born 5 weeks early on July 18th 2021 at 1:17 am, weighing 5 lbs 7 oz, and 20 inches long, Asher spends his time sleeping, eating, and always pooping
Levi LOVES the outdoors! 😍
Presley is one month old !!! She loves her formula almost too much because it's finished in one gulp!! She also smiles all night in her sleep 😴 the most love able , happy girl that lets mommy and daddy sleep 5+ hours every night ❤️
I’m cutting teeth and keeping mama up at night!! I love my mama and daddy very much but mostly mama cause she feeds me!! I love laying on my boppy pillow and watching tv especially baby shark music videos!!💕❤️
Riggs loves his mommas milk, he loves his brother and sister and his golden doodle. He smiles 24/7. He is our world.
My lil ham is 9 months old. He loves crawling, clapping and telling momma no lol, mason is a twin. Mason loves all food and has no teeth yet but will eat anything.
My sweet baby girl loves spending time outside and dancing to music! She definitely loves cuddling and eating a little bit of everything!
Unforgettable , Loves being a free spirit.