Baby Stories - 50


He is your forever Valentine. Loves to cuddle. His favorite song is twinkle twinkle little star, he likes to get your attention by laughing and playing peekaboo with you.
Mesih is 4 years old and is love with Spider-Man . He is a child who thrives at anything that comes his way. He is a very kind to others and speak with all of his manners . He is a good kid . Let’s vote for sih sih
Our little man is sooooo smart and loves outdoors and anything involving water. His favorite movie is Onward so this Halloween he went as Barley and his father dressed up as the dad. His favorite food is waffles and pizza. He is super outgoing but is non-verbal but that doesn’t stop him from telling you how he feels or what he wants by actions and I couldn’t be more proud of him. He is obsessed with animals and all the animal sounds, and let’s not forget DINOS!
Arryas Storm
Hi My Name Is Arryas Storm! I’m a cancer. I love my mama and dada💗 I like to eat my babas , making funny faces, taking naps an watching puppy dog pals and sponge bob with mom , FaceTime with god mommy Tasha and playing with my god dad he makes me laugh a lot 🥺. I love playing and talking to my Poppy’O & MeMa and bath time.
Meliha is a God sent Baby girl who loves to enjoy her family . She loves to dance , laugh and Elmo is her favorite, she spends time playing with her big brother who she adores . Let’s vote for Meme
Hi everyone this is Liam. He 7 weeks old. He loves looking at everything especially his kitties and dog, being outside with daddy, and especially being held by mommy. That’s when he’s not sleeping of course. He loves car rides, and looking at his grandma. He is very alert and nosey.
Allia is the sweetest baby shes 1 1/2 yrs old. Shes very smart and is all around a good kid already.
What Aariah like the most is lip gloss she not going no where without and Her mom is everything to her. She puts a smile on your face if you having a bad day.
Egypt is full of life, her smile can light up a Room, she such a beautiful and smiley baby and give me and other so much joy, she like Mickey Mouse club house. And she loves listening to her dad sing to her
Kashlynn Judith-ann
Kashlynn is that happest baby 🧡💙 She loves to dance and yell/sing
Says really! Everytime you tell her shes a good girl. She loves to praised.
She laughs all the time
Seven Soleil
Seven loves to dance to cocomelon songs (his favorite song is abc) he loves playing with his cars and his favorite snacks are the gerber baby biscuits!
Issach is 1 he love to sing his ABC’s dance an his Favorite movie is Good Burger. And loves to talk
Jakari is A Loving Mamas boy that loves to play and very active doesn’t sit still . Very happy and sweet lil boy that melts my heart day by day
Aria is very active and alert 😌 My precious princess
She likes her bottle and her family And starting to like sucking her thumb
Kyrie is a very loving happy baby he loves bananas and bath time he is deffinetly a daddy’s boy and loves to be outside
Rylan’s 5months very active and a sweet heart 💙
Opal is our tubie baby! She’s loving and loves loves cats
Amani is super shy but loves to laugh!
Kyng Mone
Kyng goes by “Doodie” he just made 8 months today 11/07. He is so full of life always warming everyone’s heart. Just way ahead of his time at 8 months. He loves to laugh and watch kids play literally he can’t wait until he’s able to walk so that he can run and play with the kids. My baby is very photogenic every picture that he takes is always so perfect. He enjoys watching the cartoon on nick entitled “The Loud House”. My baby was born to be different what baby his age do you know watches the loud house? And enjoys it over cocomelon. He’s such a little innocent perfect baby to mama.
Xiylen is our newest addition! He made his arrival November 6th.
Aleiyah loves being a big sister! She is goofy & loves to laugh!
Mahogany Jhené is such a happy baby. She loves dancing and playing with her older siblings. She’s exploring the world and catching many hearts and smiles with her beautiful laugh!
Ashanti is such a happy, HAPPY, baby. She loves cocomelon (JJ) and loves talking. She also LOVES her food and standing up. Ashanti brings smiles to everyone who approaches her she love playing with her toys.
Corey is a very loving baby. He loves to laugh and play with everyone! He absolutely loves car rides and walks & peek a boo 💕
Navaeh loves to snack on fruit, read books and play with her fur sister butter.
She's got alot of spirit, full of smiles, since the day day she was born this baby never knew what it meant to cry, she's headstrong, I'd like to take credit for that lol,,(grandma you see😜) so smart! And just a dollbaby!!
Talawrence is just the happiest baby ever if he is not smiling and laughing he is sleep loves watching cartoons with his big sister
Avier is such a happy baby he loves to dance and watch his favorite show cocomelon ,he loves to play peek a boo
Hi! 🐣 my name is Aaliyah. I love my ball, my mommy and my daddy, to color/draw, and to be the most hyper but loving/adorable child I can be. Please vote for me 🤍🎀
Joseph was born 24 days early due to mommy having preeclampsia. He is one strong little man and is growing great! Please vote for him!
My name is Nyomi but since my Father loves Anime he calls me Kakarrot lol
Hi! My name is Londyn, I’m known by my nickname Panda thanks to my dad. I’m pretty much a ball of laughs, smiles and loving energy. I love to eat everything even though I only have two teeth, I love crawling and standing on top of things. I especially love to be in my jumper while dancing with my daddy.
Ka’Mya is a goofy little girl who likes bath time. She also likes to play with her toys and older brother
Amir is a fresh of Breathe air. He is a happy & very humorous Infant. He enjoys watching Elmo & being loved by Almost anyone. He has a amazing sense of humor & a adorable smile.
👋🏻 My name is Yahygnese (your highness) Harris. I am a pandemic, rainbow baby born on July 9,2021 🥰🌈💙 I love CoCoMelon, cars, dogs and learning new things. I also enjoy eating, laughing, playing and talking. My favorite thing to do is smile, especially if there’s a camera around! Everyone who meets me says I’m such a great baby 😇 This is also my first baby contest! Hopefully, you’ll be seeing more of me around! I want to thank everyone now who took the time out and/or will take the time out to vote for little olé tiny me ☺️ REMEMBER TO VOTE AND TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO VOTE FOR ME! THANKS 💙 -BABY HARRIS 👑🧸🌈💙
(Vote for me because I’m awesome lol❤️) Braylen is such a happy baby! Always having thee big smile on his face that’ll light up the room. Although he’s an infant, he is so smart and VERY observant. Loves watching Barney while clapping and trying to sing along. Most of all he loves snuggles and getting sung to by Mommy & being silly on FT with Dad!
Emerie is so adventurous and loves to check out everything! She has a beautiful smile and is a very happy baby ❤! She loves Puppy Dog Pals and stealing her parents electronics 🤣
Hi, I’m Aurora!! A bundle of joy that enjoys swimming and all things water 😊.. I love anything that has lights and plays music .. Getting into mischief is my favorite pass time .. if I can’t have it ima find a way to get it 🤣..I may be young but I promise I’m having full blown conversations.. atleast I understand me lol.. I light up a room when I enter and I’m full of energy ready to play with everyone 💞🤞🏽
My name is Kamani. I can take a few steps, talk and sing. I love playing with my big brother. <3
She is such caring and loving child. So full of life !!
Gabrielle is the happiest 3 month old baby. She loves to play all day but LOVES her sleep at night! Gabrielle's favorite tv show is The Price is Right. She always has a guess to share with who ever is listening. Gabrielle also loves long walks and being outside! She is simply the best!🖤
A very loving and helpful big sister. I love them that they all get along.
She's my beautiful bossy baby girl. My happy baby's.
India is a happy healthy baby girl. She loves to smile, laugh, eat, and sleep.
Baby Michael is very curious and outgoing baby. Loves to smile alot. He loves mango baby food flavor. His a loving baby 💙