Reina is a sweet baby girl who loves her mommy and Daddy❤️ She’s full of Energy and surprises and loves to talk 🥰
Riverlynn is a very bright happy girl she love the outside and to swing she love crawling all around and pulling herself up to stand on everything she always talking and trying learn new things she smiles and laughs more than any baby i know as soon as you see her she makes everything 100x better
Ezra is the happiest little man. He’s always smiling and spreading joy!
Jeffrey is very happy baby he loves baby shark song and napping lot
Alayiah is super happy and playful she loves music , she’s intelligent , sweet and full of character.
Khalia-Sherron is my rainbow baby, shes a happy playful sassy baby girl who loves to be friendly and say hi to everyone along with blowing kisses. She is the youngest of the bunch and loves to cuddle up in your arm pockets. She also enjoy church and dancing.
Aria is a bright cheerful lil girl she’s always happy and giggling she loves to play with her fluffy puppy. She’s so photogenic and has such a personality on top of it and anytime you wanna cuddle up on the couch she’s all for it.☺️
Luci is one of the sweetest girls you’ll see! Always smiling loves her big sisters and most of all her dad. And boy does she love to babble and argue. She’s my little squeaker!❤️
Carlos Jr
My Name is Carlos! Im named after my Daddy so that makes me a JR! I LOVE when mama reads me books before bed and when dada "power bombs" me into a heap of fluffy pillows. I laugh and talk to everyone! Im such a happy & smiley baby! I also LOVE my Dinosaurs outfits and my kitty cat "big brother" Lincoln!
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Mav is the happiest boy ever only time the chunka is upset is if hes not being fed fast enough 😂
Hi! I’m Asher 😎 I love to be outside, and smile all day!
Elian is currently 9 months old, loves to laugh, bounce and play! he has big brown eyes that will melt your heart🥹.. he enjoys watching Mickey Mouse clubhouse & is always humming! He loves eating rice and tries to taste anything momma is eating
Raedynn love to dance and laugh, she loves to play with her Big Brothers. Her favorite thing is her Animal snuggle pacifier and she's definitely a mamas girl!
Eliy is three months old and loves tummy time! She enjoys laughing and smiling at mom and dad and everyone else! She loves watching her aunt Brook wrestle, reading books, and watching softball!
Aika means L-O-V-E 💙
Hello my name is A’vaughn but everyone likes to call me Von, I love to watch Mickey Mouse, Dinosaur Train, & Phineas and Ferb. My favorite thing to eat is sweet potatoes oh and I also love applesauce. Bath time is my favorite part of the day because I get to play with the bubbles in my baby tub and splash the water all over mommy.
Oakley is sitting up on her own she's starting to crawl and she is always happy and smiling
My baby boy is so sweet an relaxed my son is always smiles an giggles☺️🤗
Allee Iv
Birthday 2.2.22 ! 14lbs of pure handsomeness . He loves car rides & cuddles with mommy & daddy 🥰
He loves to eat. Loves mamas cuddles. Loves his big sisters and he is our rainbow baby.
Ella Mae
Ella Mae is such a little sweetie! First Girl in the Family!
Hi! I’m Jaxon! I’m 2 years old. I love to watch chip and potato, play on my scooter and build things with blocks! I have two older brothers who I love to play with as well.
Avery loves her doggy and playing outside! She will be one soon and is so full of energy!
Waylon loves to smile, eat, sleep, give kisses, and wave.
She loves to laugh and very smart learns everything you teach her
He likes to smile he is also trying to laugh here and there he loves snuggle time he is trying to roll over and scoot.
She likes to run and play , she loves Dino’s, cars, and playing with bubbles. She loves watching her dino show and going for walks.
Ezekiel is a fun energetic little baby, he’s always smiling and loves to play. He definitely does not like to sleep , what he loves most is spending time w all that love him. He’s our sunshine alarm clock in the morning ☀️🫶🏻
The sweetest, most ornery little boy!
Hey I’m Izabella Marie. I’m 8 months old now. I love playing with my family. I like to yell to get my brothers attention while I’m in the car.
He is an out going creative child that had a heart of gold.
My handsome son , he likes dinosaurs 🦕, bubbles.... He's really smart and sweet..... Aka also my lil twin
My beautiful queen my twin ..... She likes to talk to me and she likes stuffed animals and most of all she tries to get down to walk but can't right now
Gannon is 30 days old he loves keeping his mom and dad up all night he loves his food and spending time with his family
Hi everyone ! I am Sienna, I just turned one month today. All I love to do is sleep and eat haha, please vote for me !
Isabella loves playing with your younger cousin enjoys TikTok and dancing loves being with family
Everlyn Rose just turned 4 months old, she loves listening to mommy and daddy talk to her, she loves her tummy time and just overall love attention. She’s doing great with all her new milestones in life and is for sure a movement baby. 🥺❤️ Please vote for my beautiful girl 🥰
Ezekiel is 5 months old he loves anything soft and loves to cuddle. Ezekiel is a very sweet and funny baby he is the light of my life.
Leilani is a happy very energetic little girl <3 Never a dull moment with her
Such a bright eyed happy little boy that is when hes not sleeping of course. He loves cuddles and is just as calm as can be. Such a perfect angel who brings so much joy to our life.
Robert is the sweetest little boy alive filled with love! He loves to smile and give kisses!
My name Zach and I am 7months old and I love to laugh and play with my mommy I like watching tv and I love carrots and sweet potatoes
This is avianna she’s almost 11 months old she loves to eat everything just like us she’s got lots of teeth and she’s super active she does love her naps tho she’s photo genetic as you can see she loves to smile
Hello I’m Paisley and my mamaw set this up for me. My nickname is squishy peanut. I love to snuggle and I’m very nosey I like to see what’s going on.
She loves to give kisses and hugs she a very loveable baby