Baby Stories - 5


She loves minne mouse and trolls and loves to play with her 7month old baby brother dallas
Ava loves to smile, eat and listen to her dada sing!
Lainey is such a sweetheart and is learning so much everyday! She loves tummy time and playing with mommy and daddy. Vote for our sweet girl 💕
Ragnar Daniel-lane
My theme is dinos and my color is green. I'm a big daddy's boy, but when I need it, I'm 100% a mommas boy. I was born March 19th, 2021 at Mercy Hospital. I was 6Ib 10oz & 19in long. I was 2 and a half weeks early and was supposed to be due April 6th, 2021.
My baby girl loves to laugh and dance. I can't believe she is learning so much already
Noah was born January 9, 2021 and weighed 9lbs. He babbles all the time and loves to smile and laugh. He loves his big puppy sister and his mommy and daddy.
Ragan Olivia
Ragan Olivia is the sweetest baby that wakes up everyday smiling. She loves music, talking, and cooing all day long.
Hello , My name is Layyah , my mommy calls me lay lay or Princess Layyah 🥰 I will truly appreciate to win my first contest 🥇 for a good coast. I love playing with my big brother and my mommy 🙏🏼 Vote for me 😘 thank you
Hello my name is Eli. I am 6 months old. I love The Lion King and playing in my bathtub❣ Please vote for me and have a wonderful day. 😊
Hello everyone!!! My name is Ezekiel but I go by "E" and I'm 3 years old. I love being outside on my truck or jumping on the trampoline with my older sisters! My favorite foods are chicken nuggets and ice cream. I enjoy watching Henry Danger and Scooby Doo with my mom and dad.
Kinleigh is a very energetic 2 yr old and loves Peppa pig and baby shark a lot. If she sees a commercial about baby shark she will stop what ever she is doing and start dancing and singing do do do do. She is so loving to all of her family. She will make you smile and laugh even on your worst day. She is the light of the party even if it is t her party. 🥰.
Little miss Priss, the joy and light of her father and one day my dress up partner.
Alexandra was born February 18th she weighed 4lbs 11oz and was 18.9 inches long she has 3 big sisters all teenagers ( 14 ,14, &13 years old ) who love her to death. 🥰
Tucker James
Tucker James Wilson was born 3-18-21 weighing a whopping 9Ibs 7oz and 22in long! He has a big brother named Isaiah Matthew 💙 They are going to be best friends ❤️ They are only 13 months apart! Tucker is definitely our hungry chunky boy that makes our family a whole 🥰👨‍👩‍👦‍👦
Nithan is a happy baby because she eats good and sleeps good. She loves too eat. She like to dancing. And she loves baby shark song very much. She loves her big brother.
Jade is just the happiest little girl in the world! She loves to “talk” and smile. She has learned how to copy facial expressions and loves to scream randomly❤️
She's just so happy. Ready to go anywhere she can in any possible way she can.
Is a beautiful baby and loved for everyone in his family she is the light of my life
Clara is one amazing little girl she is so smart for her age! She knows all of her color's, knows her ABCs, can count to 10 and she loves being outside, shes always on the go! She is so funny and silly!
This is Amelia Wynter-Rose. She has a princess name because she our precious little princess. Her middle name is actually a mixture of two of her aunts middle names. She also make the best faces. She has been diagnosed with alopecia areata so we never know when or if she might lose her hair but we are getting a second opinion because she is so young. She is our beautiful baby girl.we will raise her with pride and confidence in that she is perfect the way she is.
Baby boy is 13 months old! Where has time gone?! I love my booger so much 🥰🥰🥰
My name is Atlee Jo. I’m 4 months old. I love my jumper and making faces in the camera with mommy!
He’s very smart and loves too smile at everything😊
Mya is smart n full of love n joy with her smiles n giggles
Our silly fat CEO baby. He loves too coo and screech like he's the grudge. He's happy most of the time, but when he needs something, he's not happy till he gets what he wants.
Our goofy little goblin. He gets this nickname because he will steal your cards from your wallet. But his sweet side will make you fall in love.
Lorelei is absolutely beautiful with the sassiest personality and her smile is contagious. She loves learning new things and is very curious
Aaron is the sweetest little boy! He will blow kisses to just about anyone and will give hugs out like candy! Very independent and strong willed but still my sweet little baby❤️😇
Jaxson is so independent and loves to laugh and smile! Favorite people are dad, nan, and big brother ❤️😇
Arieanna will be 5 months on the 19 she is a very happy baby full of joy she always full of smiles
Baby Avery is a joy to be around such a sweet loveable baby she is a character she lights up the room with her lil smerks and different facial expressions probly one of the youngest on here .you should vote for my grandbaby cause when u see her she will make u smile
Ella is a smart beautiful baby who loves scooby doo and unicorns she is all ways happy even when she wakes up she loves playing and other babys her fav person ia mommy and drew
Babyyy Jr. 💙💙💙 Loves to listen to meditation music for soothing comfort... enjoys playing and cuddling with mommy.
Living life of a 1 year old! All smiles 🥰
He is a very happy baby always smiling he's very special and before he turned 6 months his first words was I love you 💖
Aspen loves to coo at you and loves when you do it back her favorite cartoon is winnie the pooh and lilo and stitch.she loves being held and cuddled too
Kolton is 2 and he is such a sweet boy loves to play outside
Emilee is a beautiful kind hearted loving 10 year old girl that has the biggest heart for her little sister Gabriella and Lord help anyone who tries to come between them lol Emilee enjoys a nice girls day out shopping and getting LOL dolls she loves peking's and mexican food and also italian she also loves the Netflix series Jane the virgin.
Kobe loves listening to people talk to him. He also enjoys watching a good basketball game and wrestling. I don’t sleep as much as my twin sister. lol
Kaylanie is a sleepyhead however when she is awake she loves to listen to you speak to her and smiling as you can see. She has a twin brother. They are preemies but strong and growing fast.
Eric Jr
Eric Jr goes by just "JR" he is a smart sweet outgoing 6 year old boy who loves being outside most of the time but also likes watching YouTube and playing Among us and hanging with his big brother he's my lil helper out of the bunch for sure 💙❤️
Grayson is 6 months old he loves vegetables and loves everyone he’s always smiling making everyone’s day better! 💙
Aubrey Michelle is a very happy and outgoing baby. She loves to smile at everyone. She enjoys being read and sung to and loves her baths!
Gabriella loves her Nana,her mommy,her siblings and her step dada Tommy she loves the park hates the word no and is going to be a big sister in September which she's excited about she also likes dog dogs on occasion but not always 😂
Clayton is a month old he was born February 27. He is my Bestfriend and his sisters love him. He loves to cuddle and he melts his moms and dads heart.
Ryleigh is a very intelligent 3 month old she the most amazing baby! She is very social and very talkative!
Finn is full of smiles and curiosity. I love taking him out because his happiness can brighten anybody's day. He gets his weirdness from mom and dad and its awesome! He's funny,smart, and determined to talk and walk already.