Aiyana is a very active girl, she’s like a jack in the box. She’s very outspoken and I love to eat whatever is on my grandparents plate. She loves to sing and dance, she knows how to put on a show. She always puts a smile on my face. We love her so much.
Ellianna loves to play with her mommy and daddy ! She learned to walk and is into everything !
Kaleeah is 2 months old & loves to smile! She has big brown eyes. She brings so much happiness to so many people!
Kinsley Rose has red hair and baby blue eyes she is the most smiley happy baby she can be. She loves to dance, she lives to be in the water or on the boat, her kitten, her mom, her cousin, playing outside, squishmallows, Barney, animals,and hanging out with mom and dads friends. Kinsley is a wild child if its in her reach shes into it especially if its the cats or dogs food and water. She lived in the NICU for the first 14 days of her life because she has an infection. She kept ripping her IV out so they had to put a picc tube in the vein in her head.
Monty has the best smile it will light up any room he loves to watch Bluey and absolutely loves Mickey Mouse
Aubriella loves to bounce and play with any toy that makes noise.she also loves to be outside and just watch the birds fly by. She also loves dogs and cats
Im super happy, super creative and always wantto play!
Sweet little boy, who loves fire trucks, spiderman, and sleeping
Maela is 5 months old, she is very sassy and she loves taking pictures. 💕
My name is Axl and I’m 18 months old. I love mommy, daddy and big sissy. I’m very adventurous and love the outdoors and animals. My favorite word is ball and I love being a toddler
Ava Kate
Ava Kate is the happiest baby! She is full of such joy and giggles. She smiles at everyone she meets and is infatuated with seeing new faces! There isn’t a day you won’t see her smiling or laughing! She is the best little sister and makes us all feel so complete. We couldn’t of been blessed with a cuter, chunkier, sweeter baby.
Ethan loves being cuddled up with his blankets and his mommy
Shes such a happy girl! She crawls and gets into evrything she scrunches her nose when she smiles or when shes frustrated, but this girl lights eveyones heart right up shes so goofy and adorable and has our hearts
Hello I'm Grayson I like rattle toys and I can hold up my head and roll over and I'm starting to sit up and I'm a happy baby I smile and laugh and I'm starting to talk please vote for me
Zachary is such a happy baby. He smiles all the time, he love music 😊 he is such a smart baby!!!
Kai is a lovable sweet little girl. She brings so much joy and happiness to her family. She enjoys eating, laughing, and talking. Every vote count, if you vote for her, we are truly grateful thank you so much.
Amelia Rose Noda 🌹♥️ 05.17.20 ♉️ Love to dance , modeling and eat 💖 Dream big little one 🦄
Paislee loves playing with her big sister the minute she wakes up. She also loves trying to take steps by herself even if she can’t get far.
Autumn loves to play with other kids and have fun. She has a new brother and sister that came 8 weeks early and is at the NICU that she can’t wait to see when they come home. She’s funny, sweet, and charismatic. She has a heart of gold💛
Sama is a very funny cutie smart girl that spread positive and happy vibes wherever she goes , she likes music .
This is my little man Gryphin. His favorite thing to do is just be around mom and dad with his favorite stuffed animal hedgehog.❤️
My babygirls name is Naviah Loyalte An’Marie, she loves sleeping and cuddles,
Hogue takes his name from his great grandfather. He is a very special little boy.
Prim loves the outdoors and doing crafts
Rayanna Jasper is 1 month old she’s named after her great granddaddy. She loves to eat , being talked to, and loves her belly. Why vote for her when she was 5 weeks old and got admitted into the hospital for a severe case of rsv. She’s our miracle baby ❤️
Grayson is such a happy baby. He smiles all the time. He loves to listen to his mother sing, he enjoys swinging on the front porch with his mother, and he enjoys cuddling on the sofa. He’s very excited that his very first Christmas is coming up!
Eliana loves Ms.Rachel and loves to learn . She likes to mimick Mommy's funny laugh and sit on her dog novas head , Eliana is such a bright and beautiful young baby 💞
Jade And Willow
Thank you for the votes! We appreciate it so much. Taking care of two babies by myself is so hard. If they win money ever, it’ll all go to them. I hope we can get something. Jade and Willow are identical twin sisters. They both are as happy as can be. They love to eat, laugh, and scream. They also love the word DaDa an MaMa. They are the silliest babies ever.
This Is Little Lay Lay ❤️ She Is Growing Up So Fast 🥺Lets just hope she isn’t moving out the way for another one. She’s so full of life & personality. She was born to shine😍💖
She’s is a super happy baby with such a cute personality I can’t wait to see how she grows! She’s is my rainbow baby after losing my son god gave me her 🥹
Peaceful and happy Adeife loves music.
Heather Marie
Heather Marie. Such a happy baby!
Hi I’m Jameson! I enjoy being outside especially being in the pool. I love my furry siblings, I have dogs an cats who I love to play with an chase around the house.
My son is very energetic and meannnn 😂 he loves to play and wrestle he also loves food he loves to baby talk and get mad when you don’t give eye contact when he tells you what’s on his mind 😂♥️
I am 22 months old. I love eating Mexican food!! I love to be around my family and my puppies. I enjoy walks outside but I would rather walk around myself and watching cars.I am a daddy’s girl!! I know how to count to 10 and I’m starting to read books!
He loves to play and cuddle and he loves his mommy
Annalee Rose is a spunky 2 year old who loves to dance and pretends to be Spider-Man and will web you. She loves to draw and laugh. Annalee loves Halloween 🎃 and just has a loving and bubbly personality!
He the funniest 🤣 lil kid i know he loves meeting new people and he has an amazing personality like no other,.. he loves his big sister and his little sister and he really loves spiderman
Gunner is a happy go lucky boy. To smart for his own good. Already talking and learning his colors and numbers. And always wanting to watch Mickey Mouse.
Addison is the worlds happiest baby! She loves to smile and laugh with her older sister and loves to splash in the bath!! This sweet girl always has a smile on her face and will brighten up anyones day!
Owen is new to this world and just started sharing his first smiles with us! So far so what I’d think he’d like to say :)
He so sweet and lovable and cuddly 💖 and he is full of spunk lol 😆
Bravery is a very happy baby always smiling and camera ready!
This baby girl loves to laugh when she farts. She is not afraid to drool and blow bubbles every now and again. She loves sweet potatoes, bubble baths, and tummy time. Vote for this girl who will one day encourage woman to love themselves and more importantly will march to the beat of her own drum 🥁
Was born on her great grandfathers birthday.She loves music,singing,and watching her older siblings do tik toks.She's an extremely happy baby .Never cries unless she hungry and thats a whimper.
Was born on her great grandfathers birthday.She loves music,singing,and watching her older siblings do tik toks.She's an extremely happy baby .Never cries unless she hungry and thats a whimper.
Was born on her great grandfathers birthday.She loves music,singing,and watching her older siblings do tik toks.She's an extremely happy baby .Never cries unless she hungry and thats a whimper.