Baby Stories - 5


Elaina Jo loves to kick, coo, giggle, smile and cuddle with mommy. 😍
i love to •nap 😴 •walk around w| my mommy 🤱🏽 •jump up & down • fuss until I get my way 😂 •smile 😌 •& coo when me & mommy are talking 🥰
Evie Mea is a kind hearted baby who loves it all! Puppy kisses, seashells, fruits, veggies and snuggling. She’s sure to warm you up with her cheery smile.
Ariella is 1 years old. She loves Elmo and the cookie monster. Loves her mommy and puppy. Loves to play and smile and laugh
Konner loves all different kinds of music but LBB is his favorite. He likes to eat anything mommy has. He's such a character with a very silly personality. He's very active and likes to go go go. He is the youngest of 6 and loves his big sisters and brother very much.
Micah is 2 years old. Loves playing with trucks and loves Mickey Mouse.
Super sweet & loving baby
Roman loves to smile and laugh. He’s the sweetest baby and so lovable.
Jada is a bright little girl that loves to read she also love to model
This is Everett. He has end stage kidney disease and is on dialysis. He has had many surgery’s and spent a month in the nicu and many other nights in the hospital. Yet he always has a smile on his face.
He smiles all the time,very happy sweet baby
Adalynn (addy) is 4 months old she is teething and laughing and smiling like crazy! She LOVES cocomelon & Minnie Mouse! She a momma girl! 💞💞
Jordyn is spunky, funny, always dancing little busybody!
Carmen loves jj from cocomelon! She’s the most happiest baby you’ll ever see !
Hello, my name is Everleigh. I am four years old and I am in pre-K. I love to sing, read, and play with my little sister. I love watching fancy Nancy and I am always ready to put on a show. I am a mamas girl and I want to be a doctor when I am older.
Hello everyone. My name is Emersyn. I am two years old and I am a fiery red head. My mama and daddy say that I was born to be a middle child. I am sweet, sassy, and strong willed. I love to talk and I am sooo smart. I love my mama, daddy, and big sissy.
Chloe loves to play outside, she loves to sing and sing! She is so kind hearted she loves everyone. She is my biggest blessing.
Hello my name is emoree raine stover I will be two weeks old Wednesday my favorite thing to do right now is cuddle with mommy and daddy ! 🖤
Marshall is a 3 month old baby boy who loves his family and loves lights and music. He is truly a light in these bad times we find ourselves in.
Joseph Is A Wild Little Red Head Who Loves His Baby Sister And Doggies !! He Helps Mommy Clean And Is Such A Good BIG Boy !!
She’a a wild child with a fiery spirit but so loving and sweet!!
My baby Opal is named after my mother who passed away when I was young..she literally is the best thing that has ever happened to me..she has so many cute expressions from grumpy to happy each one is precious to me!
She’s such a sweet and happy baby loaded with personality !!
Addilyn is 5 years old! She loves pretty much everything! Loves babies and barbies mostly! She is in pre-K this year and has lots of friends! ❤️
Kenzii Qynn
Kenzii is fun loving and very energetic.
Elijah Blake loves...•eating •sleeping •laying on his tummy •being held •bath time •swinging (sometimes)
He is a very observant little boy. He was tiny in the start of life but had since gained 3 pounds and grew an inch in a month. He now weighs a whole 10 pounds. Jacob is a very happy baby a rarely has a frown.
Jolene has a lot of sass! She loves being outside with her ponies and looking at the Christmas lights!
Aj spent the first week in NICU. Since he has had some medical issues on and off but He is the happiest baby ive ever known, considering everything hes been through. He can turn anyones bad day around with the simplist smile. He loves talking and listening to mom sing to him. He is greatly loved by his siblings and his 2 year old brother is always by his side, showing him just how much he loves him.
He loves to big smiles first thong every morning
Mia Joran Azua
Mia loves to talk and color. She loves to play outside. Mia has a dog named Athen. She learning new words. She loves her dad❤️She loves to read. Mia love to go for car ride n dance❤️
Hey there! My name is Damien. I like the color blue and dinosaurs. I am very energetic. I love school. I get sad when I have to leave. Most importantly I love to kick back and watch cartoons.
My name is Lucas. I am almost 3 months old. I love spending time with my older brother and sister. So far I like hearing the word mama and dada, it makes me smile. I like watching people walk around abs talk. I find that very interesting. I like having my bath time it's very soothing if you don’t know that already. But the one thing I enjoy most is trying to make faces.
At only 5 years old, Bransyn is an avid fisherman having his own Youtube page already
This is little MAZE! He was so excited that Santa was coming that he stayed awake all night-then this happened!
Hunter Just turned two. Hes silly. Hes shy. He has a huge heart and loves to show his little brother how much he loves him every day. He likes thinking he's a dinosaur. He helps mom by picking up, sweeping, vaccuming and throwing things away but also enjoys scattering his toys all over all day everyday. Big hero 6 and bluey are some of his favorite everyday shows. This one has a huge personality and is always on the go.
Maliyah Evelynn
Hi everyone, baby Maliyah she is half Thai-American! She is Mommy and daddy little sweetheart!❤️
Zacharius is a libra. Zach loves animals and loves to run and is the mega cheese puff lover😩😭 Zach loves watching coco melon and fair to say how can you get enough of those curls.😍
Ryder didn’t have it easy. The blood flow to him in womb was restricted so he stop growing. Born 5lbs 12oz and struggling with his sugar levels was tough. But he’s stronger and growing now! He’s my inspiration, my miracle baby.
I ama nine month old full of personality. I love my mommy and daddy so very much.
I love bananas and sitting up. I’m 7 months 💙
Giselle loves to smile even when she is crying. She hates tummy time though it growing on her.
Ezra is a very happy little baby who smiles from the second he wakes up to his naps. He loves cuddles and talking! His eyes are baby blue just like his big brothers!
Mr.Alexzander is obsessed with cars, running around, laughing, and loving. Hes our baby blue with his shinning eyes and our first baby doll.
He loves to play and call everyone mom!! Always happy and up to no good! Loves water!!
Hi this is my sweet boy Daryl! He is 3 months and is super cuddly! He will make you melt with ahh! He will make you wanna gobble him right up! He loves his swing and his penguin binky!