Baby Stories - 48


I’m 6 months I am a fat boy love to eat & laugh & I love to be held ❤️ Vote for me
Perez Twins
These girls are so loving and so sweet and the love there family and mostly they love there little brother
Hasson is very lovable baby very cute and always happy also likes seeing or being around other babies his age
Baby Finau was born 2 1/2 months early. He was in the NICU for 3 months! He’s our miracle baby! He’s such a warrior! He’s been through a lot in such a little amount of time! He loves to play, laugh, and especially eat. ❤️❤️❤️
Kayse Kay is 2 months old, and she is The sweetest happiest girl. Kayse is currently trying to mimic noises from her sister, mom and dad. This little sweetheart is already trying to roll over and almost has it down. The biggest smiles come from Kayse when her big sister sits and talks with her ❤️
Isaiah Benjamin
Isaiah is my little champ! He was born at 34 weeks. Due to his immature lungs, he required the use of oxygen on the 10th day of his life. We were able to wean him off after a month and a half and is now steadily gaining weight and meeting his developmental milestones!
Darius Jr
Darius jr aka dj is the most loving and sweet baby ive ever met, hes also one of the most chillest babies. Dj loves swimming, juice, dogs and cats, his toys, and his mommy and daddy.
Loves laughing and rolling over on her back when shes doing tummy time
layla has a beautiful smile and a big heart she loves books and to be outside . she melt your heart.. she love to play drums. will sing and dance with you
Valerie has 3 big brothers so she's the only princess in our family. She looooves her toys, trying to grab them and put in her mouth. She's very smiley baby as you can tell from her photo.
Ryleigh Ann
Ryleigh is a twin. She has had a battle since birth with health conditions and is the boss of our house 😍 she is overcome so much already and is the best baby 💜
Hudson is a sweet loving , happy baby boy .❤️
Maverick is the light in a dark tunnel, he livens everyone’s life & even though he can be a handful sometimes he has such a beautiful soul. ❤️ He will be two years old in October & has already changed everyone’s lives around him. 😊
Melanie is the happiest 5 month old around. She loves trying to chew on anything she get her hands on, including her little toes. She loves car rides with mommy and papa as well as being in front of the camera. Her favorite time of the day is play time with papa.
Small but mighty is her tag line. The sweetest little peach in all the land! A smile that will melt your heart!
Zion is my lil chocolate mr good bar. He is so alert. He loves eating, laughing, kisses, and hugs. He is the most handsomest baby to me.
Born at 29 weeks 2lbs 2 brain bleeds now seizures but also now 22 pounds 30’ long 🙏 such a happy baby loves to jump in his jumper. Loves fruit. Loves to see his dad walk in the door after work. Always laughing and smiling.
My beautiful baby girl Ari’Ella Vairo loves to dance and most of all eats .
Sandra is so funny and full of life
Silly & Sassy 💁‍♀️ Sweet as can be! Snacking is our favorite 🤩 cheesy smile all day everyday since the day she was born 💖
He is a very happy boy. He is happiest during diaper changes and snuggling with his parents.
My name is Kennidi Liana and I am 2 months old. I love playing with my family. I love unicorns and eating my milk. I am growing faster than my mom wants me to. I love smiling and laughing.
Cj is our miracle rainbow baby after 8 years of infertility. Hes an easy going happy child who is loved by many
Karson is a chill baby who loves cuddles from his mommy🥰 his most fav thing in the world is his milkies😊he is very alert him loves being outside 💞 smiles when mommy and daddy interact with him 🤗
He Loves Cars, Elmo & Mickey Mouse. He’s such a ball of Joy. Just smiles and loves everyone he comes across. His favorite thing to do right now is WAVE at every plant, Tree, person & car. He’s just an amazing child.
Lily is our miracle baby, she loves music, chewing on mommy and daddy, and her favorite thing is to bounce. When she isn’t cuddling mommy, you can find her on her tummy grabbing and chewing on everything in sight. Stay tuned to watch her grow and learn!
Sofia is a very smart girl! She loves Elmo and Abby! She loves being outside playing with her friends and niece and nephew. She loves swimming and learning new things! She’s super sweet! And loves her mama ! ❤️
This little firecracker is a ball of thunder. She loves to play no matter the game. This girl is the sunshine that will make all your gray skies disappear instantly. She loves to love and make you laugh no matter who you are.
Tashawn Jr
Tashawn Jr Born June 6 2021! @9:34pm weighing 7lb 2oz and 20 1/2 inches long HE’S PERFECT and growing so fast he has hazel eyes like me! a head full of hair loves to cuddle with mom and give kisses and smiles at everyone
She loves to sing, Shes such an animated character. Her personality is spunky and silly. She’s super tall and hates it. I love it. She’s Such a great Big Sister and loves volley ball.
Kennedy loves chewing on anything she can get her hands on, including her toes! She loves nightly walks with Daddy looking at the trees, her big brother Kayden makes her laugh hysterically and she loves cuddles with her Mama! She loves all food, but squash is her favorite. She has a whole lot of personality and isn’t afraid to show it! Sassy but cute! She loves being tickled under her chin and has the biggest gummy smile! She has over 150+ bows to coordinate with every cute outfit and she’s a Rep for a couple Mama owned boutiques!
My name is Alayah Renee and I am 4 months old and super advanced !!! I am a nicu warrior as well being born at 29 weeks weighing 2 pounds !! I love to talk, play with my mommy, and scoot all over 💓
Sheba loves going on long walks in the woods, staring at strangers, and communicating with her blue eyes and genuine smile. Sheba is a real life doll!
Tashawn Jr.
He is so adorable an he is such a happy baby boy! He loves to smile an has the most beautiful hazel blue eyes! He is currently two months old an is already holding his head up pushing up on his legs an making baby talk. This is my first & only grandson an I just adore him so much!
Kamari is a very energetic, smart and stunning toddler! She loves to play in the park with mom and dad. She also loves to play “Toss the ball”. Kamari is most excited when she watches her collection of movies on Disney+ that she loves so much. She spends most of her time yodeling and sprinting with great excitement. She’s a very busy kid and keeps us busy. Vote for this pretty face today!
Maddox is a active little boy who never stops smiling 😃 he loves to be around everyone and is always observing everything around him. His mommy is his favorite person unless his sister is acting silly. Maddox is currently our baby until he become a big brother next April.
Rosalee is a feisty little girl who loves life. She's excited about the world around her and enjoys everyone she meets.
Jordan is 6 months and currently working on crawling. This bundle of sunshine has brought the biggest blessing to our family, his infectious happy outgoing personality is so amazing to get to be around everyday. To see someone smile at you the way he does just uplifts your soul! Jordan loves to look at and observe all thats around him with those big beautiful blue eyes that were shared down to him by his great grandfather in heaven 😇🙌 💙 they are such a treasure to look into !!!! Please take the time if you would to vote for this little man. We appreciate any & all people who take the time to appreciate such beautiful gifts from above 🙏🙏💙
Kali loves to laugh, dance and play with her brother❤️
Tyler is 3 months old. The most simple things make him smile. So happy in the morning. Found his hands and starting to find his voice! He loves music ☺️☺️
Has very very high energy. Really protective of his baby sister
She was born a month early. She a happy go lucky baby always a smile on her face.
Aliyah is the youngest sister she love to play with her sister she love to eat in watch music video she love to lay on you chest in hear you heart beat she love being around her sister in taking all there toys lol she the peaceful baby to be around
Ananda likes to play music! She enjoys her light up piano and watches the lights! She’s on her way to her first recital!