Johnathan is a very outgoing baby, tries to hit milestones ahead of time, tries to be funny and make people laugh and smile whenever he can, but other than that, he’s just a little baby boy, who is loving life with his mommy and daddy by his side. You should vote for Johnathan because he’s a smart, funny little boy. He loves to talk, play with his toys, wave at people, and laugh when you make silly faces at him.
Cora is a smart girl. She loves to run, jump and play. She loves to learn new things. She is a people person and loves saying hi to everyone
Kaisley is a happy little 8 month old! She smiles all the time and loves to eat! Loves the outdoors and all of our animals! She is definitely a momma's girl tho! ❤️
Waylon is a very happy baby..he is always smiling at everyone and loves going to big places with lots of ppl..hes the sweetest ever and loves givin lovins❤
Aleeah is 10 months old, full of joy and such a happy, sassy baby! She loves FOOD, sunglasses 🕶, and loves taking naps with Dad.
Raelynn has an out going personality same with her momma
My name is Julian you can also call me J.T. I i will be 3 in November I’m such a happy boy i love to play with my toys and eat lots of food, pasta is my favorite anything red sauce really ..true Italian over here 😉
Sky is has a photographic mind and very silly and outgoing and his nickname is noodles
Kaitlyn is outgoing, friendly and has a warm smile. She loves playing around with the camera looking at herself . Kaitlyn enjoys car rides and likes to stuff her face with cheese puffs
Kiyrah’s the most smiling baby you’ll ever meet ☺️. She tries to talk back when someone talks to her. She’s standing on her own and also pulling up on things. Kiyrah enjoy playing with anything that makes noise, that’s soft, and anything she doesn’t supposed to have.😂 Overall she’s goofy,adventurous,adorable, oh and I can’t forget very playful.🥰🫶🏽
Aaron is always on the move now that he knows how to crawl. His favorite movie to watch is The Lion King. He is tall like his dad. Aaron's favorite foods are bananas and sweet potatoesa
He is the most loving kids ever but can also be a lil sweet and sour he loves the out doors he is most definitely a water bug and also loves bugs he really has no fear not found anything he is scared of yet he dose not like tomatoes lol he keeps a mean mug on his if only looks could kill haha he lis bed to cuddle and his is a dog lover
This is Zephyrus but everybody calls him zephy he’s a very happy baby loves to laugh, play, roll everywhere, and cuddle. He loves to look at himself in the mirror and play with his teething blanket he has 2 teeth and loves to show it with his big smile
Cody loves to watch curious George, sleep, and spend lots of time with his family. He loves animals. Cody can’t sleep without his favorite Cody Brian blanket. Cody’s got one hell of a goofy personality. He’s my sweet boy. Please vote for him and share!
Hi my name is Kai! I’m 2 months old. I love to smile all the time! I love bath time and being outside. I found my voice and love to talk to my mommy and daddy💙.
Hi my name is Alanna. Im almost 2 months old (June 6th). Im the first girl in our family with 5 boys to protect me. I have 2 older brothers, Bryson who is 5 and Colton who is 6 and 3 older boy cousins aging 5, 3, and 1. I was the end to our all boy crew but I know I’ll fit right in! Alanna is a sassy little princess, knows what she wants and makes her self known.
Dei'Yari Jane is a beautiful lil girl. She is always on the go. She loves her cat and feeding the dogs when she eats. She loves to play outside and play with her older brother and boss him around.
Ms.Emma Rylee is the sweetest little babe! She loves the camera, cuddles , Teething toys and her big sissy singing to her!
Deilynn loves his dinosaur and sharks and loves to swim and play in water. He loves his baby sister and loves to run and play with her and act like a dinosaur trying to scare people.
Cataleyah is a month old who loves to swing and loves to be outside. She loves music ,and also loves her bath time and any water she can dip her toes in !
This little angle is our doll baby, she was born with brown hair and blonde tips like highlights and she has the cutest smile. We can't wait to experience what life has in store for her.
sweet brinleigh grey loves watching tv or somebody’s phone, she likes running around yelling for her “daaaddy” even when he isn’t around her😂 she also like to eat, a lot. she enjoys playing on her bouncy house and with her friends at daycare. she enjoys eating a little of everything but especially powdered donuts.
One of the cutest and happiest babies, loves attention and messing with people phones and remotes 💜
She absolutely loves peppa pig and although shes a little meanie she loves kisses and hugs <3
Kyrie is a happy, goofy, playful, jumping baby. He loves to listen to music, play with toys, and explore new things🥰he’s one of the sweetest babies you will ever meet❤️
Greyson Ryder
Greyson Ryder loves to play and talk to his sister, he can say momma, dada and baba. But he loves to try to talk. He has a total of 6 teeth, 4 of which haven’t came in yet. He’s funny and outgoing. His personality is definitely one for the books. He loves to dance and trying to walk now.
Amorosa carinhosa e super inteligente
Harper is 5months old. She absolutely loves the water, her parents, being tickled and food. She hates cow noises and loves her beauty sleep.
He is loving loves the outdoors and his dirt bike
Pat Pat
P3 is a very jolly baby, he loves to eat, his favorite is macaroni 😊, he love race cars 🚗 & his favorite cartoon is ELMO 🥰
Love the outdoors and fishing
I'm a very happy baby. I love to play outside, play with my cars, ride my little truck. And spending time with my cousins. I love superheros my favorite one is Spider-Man and the flash I also love animals
He loves animals and is so living he loves the outside
Camdyn is such a fun, loving, happy baby. He loves to play with his older brothers and play with the dogs. He’s always quick to smile for a picture
Vote for kenni because she lights up any room she enters. She’s funny, energetic, and loving. She’s love spending time with her family especially her big brother.
Kason is 9 months old , he looovvveesss to eat , it’s his absolute favorite thing. He’ll eat anything and everything and cries if you don’t share with him. He loves to watch Elmo and throw his toy balls around. When he’s in his walker he’s pretty much a nascar driver , he’s super fast and loves to try to hit your ankles! He’s an absolute hoot and he’s such a happy boy ❤️
Ta’Rylin is 1 , born on st Patrick’s day . He has beautiful blue eyes & bright Orange hair ! He loves playing with his big brothers , loves to play outside & always gives the best LOVE ! He likes to be the boss but his favorite thing to do is sweep vacuum or SWIM!
Arthur is our little miracle. We did not expect his birth to go the way it did. He had a bilateral pneumothorax, but is doing great! He LOVES car rides and being rocked to sleep on mommy. He is 2 months old as I write this and is smiling so well and it melts everyone’s hearts. We would love to put any winnings in savings for him. Thank you.
Declan is 2 month's old, he's such a happy loving baby! He loves his big brother, & cuddling with mommy & daddy. He is also our rainbow baby!
Teddy loves snuggles and playing bubble monster. His favorite activities is chatting with you about anything,and eating big boy foods!
She love’s her big sister and brother. She also loves her food. Her favorite thing to do is pull her brother’s hair 😂
Little baby Seth was born November 14th but passed away 5 weeks later. I had COVID while pregnant & he wasn’t born healthy because of it. He spent most of his life in the NICU. He was my precious baby boy & we miss him dearly. Please vote for this cutie ❤️
I am a very happy smiley baby I love to be on my tummy and hang out with momma and take care of all my farm animals
Baby j is a very happy little boy . He loves the interaction of other kids and he loves to play . He’s such a sweet boy
Denzie J is my adorable little human that loves spending his days playing, dancing to the intro to Cocomelon and saying coco