Baby Stories - 48


She a bubble person she will always make you laugh she so smart she wants to be a doctor
Breece is our little miracle baby! Breece was brought into the world 6 weeks early at a local hospital and needed to be life flighted to the nearest NICU 2 hours away. After 18 days, we were released. Breece is an incredible addition to our family. He is such a content, happy baby!
Madeline is such a sweet baby girl. She loves to stand on her little baby feet while you hold her and she's a huge fan of fans. Lol. She makes everyone around her so happy just to see her beautiful smile and happy energy! We are so blessed and thankful to have her.
Roman is a new baby whose very happy and loves his family. Every time mommy kisses his cheek/forehead he smiles!
Emily was born on Halloween which is also fascinating because both her dad and I are also Holiday babies.She was born on the blue moon. She is a little ray of sunshine and just overall a really happy baby. She is my pride and joy and is a major blessing 💕
Asher is a happy baby always smiling. He loves to sit up and see everything he’s learning how to roll from his belly to his back
Kylie loves playing with her friends and cooking with her mommy and grandma
Grayson is such a happy baby!! He loves the song “the wheels on the bus”. He loves blues clues. Fun Fact: my baby was born with 2 teeth!
Kade is a little guy who loves boobs, baths and kicking all day! His favorite place to sleep is on mom’s chest. He could spend all day snuggled up watching TV with his favorite people!
Korbyn And Klaytyn
Identical twins born at 36 weeks by emergency c-section. One as a 4 pound 13 ounce baby and the other as 5 pounds 7 ounces.. They love looking around and sleeping. After all thats all newborns do!
Hi, my Name is Emmett i just turned 1 and i love being outside and climbing on everything. Thanks for your votes !
NevaeH Mae is almost 6 months old. She’s love her mommy. She loves the outside. NevaeH loves to smile and laugh. 💖
Braxtyn is currently 15m old. He was born on Aug.17th of 2019. He was consided a rainbow baby due to me having a miscarriage before him. He loves to read his books, and run around like a wild child.
Addison is a bubbly little girl! She loves to sing and dance, watching her big brother play and laughing right along with him. She is the biggest Daddy's girl ever! Her smile just lights up a room and always puts a smile on your face!
Azlynn is a very happy little girl, who loves her momma and loves getting into mischief. She is 8 months old and her favorite thing to do is watch Looloo Kids and dance. She has 3 teeth and can take up to 4 steps at most!
He's a happy goofball full of energy! Never a dull moment when he is around 😂😂
Iris Amor
Iris Amor is a high energy bundle of joy. A major Daddy's girl. She loves animals and being in nature. She enjoys going on hikes and walks, especially when she can run around. Iris is a very clever little girl who studies her surroundings even at her young age. She likes looking at all the different leaves and has started collecting acorns and rocks. Iris can count to three and can say all the numbers between one and five. I believe her motto would be "toys are nice but boxes are better"
Liliana loves to talk, smile and giggle like crazy!! Shes always lightening the mood and she's beyond amazing!
Sofia has a great personality. She is just full of love, smiles and just the most amazing little angel.
Emma is a spunky little girl. She is full of life and laughter. Emma is a huge fan of Mickey Mouse and her favorite food is mac n cheese. Emma loves to build with her blocks, belly laughs to peek a boo and enjoys being the center of her older siblings attention.
10 months old!! He loves crawling! STANDING AND WALKING HOLDING ON TO THINGS ALREADYYYY!!! Says muma daada and hey Loves music and the outdoors!! ALWAYS a smiley happy baby!!! 2 teeth!!(Blessed)
Hello my name is cooper Timothy, I love to with my mommy and go for long car rides 💕 I love to be with my family and watch abc’s 💕💕💕
Emmanuel goes to school & Loves drawing pictures of his family,Emmanuel Loves Watching football with his father, Emmanuel supports breast cancer awareness by drawing pretty pink hand prints on a canvas we then give the pictures to nursing homes to bring awareness.
Gracy Mae
I was found on a porch when I was 4 weeks old I was brought to the Manatee to County Humane Society for adaption but I was too young so my mommy got me from her daughter who supervisor there. I was supposed to be just a Foster but I won my mommy over and I never went back, I was her 1st Foster fail.❤🐾
Leo’s got a lot of personality, loves playing with his doggy, favorite food is yogurt ! Always so happy, and can chear anyone up instantly ❤️
Hi I’m Dani Raelynn!🥺🧡I like to talk/coo and I love to smile and laugh!😍💕I’m my mommas girl and I’m loved by so many!🥰❤️I have 6 teeth and I can clap and I love bath time and love to play outside!😍
Kaisley is 4 months old and loves to smile all the time! She likes to chew on her hands, try to talk, looking at mom, bath time, her head rubbed and of course milk! She is our little miracle baby! We are so blessed!
Jah'seer is a very bubbly silly baby who ls can clap all day long. In his free time he loves to dance,eat,talk,play while listening to music. Seer always smiling an love to brighten up people day.
Hello I’m Nyla! I was born at 30 weeks and spent some time in the NICU which made me strong and spunky. I love crawling, standing on my parents, cuddling, and playing with my doggy. I have a big personality despite my smaller size! I am the happiest baby around and always have a big smile on my face, showing off my two new teeth I got. Nice to meet you all!
Beula is 6 months old and loves to roll every which way, she loves sitting up all by herself, and she loves standing up too!! She loves her mommy & daddy, and all of her grandparents and has mastered the shy smile to get laughs. She thinks fake coughing for attention is absolutely hilarious, and her favorite thing to play with is cardboard boxes.
Vaida is a spunky, smart, funny, and adventurous little person! She loves going to school, drawing, cats, and as much candy as she can bribe from her grandpa!
Hey everyone my name is Rocky I’m 3 months,I love to smile, spend time with family. I enjoy talking baby talk. I love to laugh at everything and smile. Cuddles are the best. Standing up is my favorite thing rn. I like to watch the game with my dad. Love car noises! I rather chew my hands then anything else. Please vote for me🧡
Marcus is 5 months old, he’s the happiest baby ever and absolutely adores snuggles. He has the purest heart, and never fails to bring a smile to your face when you need it the most!
She is the cutest baby ever, she smiles She loves to eat carrots!!!! She’s 6 1/2 months old!! She loves to laugh and crawl and be independent so everyone please vote for her because she’s so beautiful and amazing
Jackson loves to do tummy time and cuddle with his big brothers and his mommy. He’s a really good sweet baby
Mason is two months old, he likes holding his head up, smiling and laughing and standing up like a big boy.
Hi my name is Alani I am going to be 4 months old in the 9th ❤️. I like to eat sleep hang out with my momma and I love bows and like to watch Mickey Mouse. I’m currently learning how to talk and love to giggle 😊. Thank you for all the votes there very much appreciated
Aiden is very very clumsy boy but he’s also a sweet and goofy little dude. Aiden loves playing with his oldest brother and cuddling with his new baby brother and his daddy.
My little baby full of energy and cuteness.
Damien has a few favorite things. These include lots of love, snuggles with mom and dad, playtime, going on walks, learning new things, and most of all, his baba!
Connor is a happy baby, loves to eat and loves his family. Vote for the giggles and smiles!
Presley is a very funny, sweet and silly little boy. He loves playing with his brother Aiden and loving on new little brother. Presley’s best feature is definitely his smile, which he’s always doing.
Grayson is the clam and sweet adorable loves to make funny faces and just most sweetest baby you could ever meet 😍🥰
Kenleigh is the most loving child I know. She has the biggest heart of anyone ever, and will gladly do without, to give to someone else in need. A truly remarkable child, that loves God, like no other!
Colton is 18 pounds of pure joy. He loves to laugh and babble constantly. He also loves his stuffed Zero from the nightmare before Christmas. Colton always has a smile on his face and is working on crawling.
Axl is the sweetest little boy you'll ever meet. He loves giving hugs and kisses, and being sung to sleep.
Reina is our miracle baby. She is a very happy baby who is always smiling or laughing. She has her moments as do any baby but she is mostly very well behaved and at 7.5 months is starting to show her little personality. She's definitely a daddy's girl but she is also mama's little mini me. I just love watching her accomplishment all her milestones (from saying hi to rolling from her back to side and then to her belly, sitting up with minimal assistance, babbling and trying to stand/walk) but I'm sad to see my baby grow up so fast.