Born At 26 Weeks But That Doesnt Stops Her From Rising! Very Smart Energetic Loves To Eat Play And Smile Laugh And enjoy Life!
Sehas is a such a cute boy..he most likely super heroes such as Spider Man, Iron Man, Hulk ..also he likes play with his friends..
Willow Ivy came 4 weeks early and we couldn’t be happier that she did! She just turned 2 months and is starting to love smiling at mommy and daddy! She is starting to roll over and is such a good baby. She loves eating and is growing like a weed! Vote for her or not, just look at how beautiful she is! :)
Mahi born on 5th December 2023. She is my miracle child and prettiest girl. She born with lots of hair. Her hairs amazing.
Abigail loves music. Whenever she hears music from either her toys or parents she gets so excited and kicks and sqeals.
Dezmond is almost 2 years old.He is a happy go lucky boy. He loves his mom, dad, brothers and animals.
Ava is my spunky 17 month old. AvaLynn loves to play. AvaLynn loves cars. Her favorite snack is chicken crackers ( lol) she’s so sweet baby she loves giving out hugs and kisses
She is so sassy loves to play with make up and dolls loves barbie and most of all she loves being a big sister
He is so sweet and loving he loves dinosaurs and chicky nuggies and most of all he loves his big sister
Oaklyn is the happiest baby. She is so sweet and full of her personality!
Baby girl loves being held
Beau is a thriving 7 week old. He loves waterfall sounds and baths. He loves talking to his Uncle and Brothers.
Gunner is such a smart 4 year old. He can pronounce the most difficult dinosaur names there is because he absolutely loves them and he knows which dinosaur is which, he knows all his colors, shapes and can count to 30. He is so full of life and love. He will make you feel loved in any kinda situation you might be facing, he’s so polite and caring!
Arabella is our little dancing machine and loves to smile
Judah loves to listen while mama is reading for him, he loves to run with mama and dada, he loves to eat and not picky, he crawls so fast and he loves snuggles...
River is 3 and a half month old wild man, he loves to use his voice (aka scream happily as loud as he can) He loves his mama!!
Adalee is the baby of the family and we did a at home diy photoshoot on Xmas and we're so proud to show her off! She loves compliments she smiles every time. She rolled over the day she turned 2 months. Please vote for miss girl ❤️
Myles was born a little early and spent a few weeks in the NICU but since being home he’s grown so much. He loves his brothers and fur siblings, eating in his big boy chair and snuggles with mom and dad.
Casen is 3 months old. He was 10lbs 5oz when he was born and is overall a big boy. He has such a darlin smile. He has two older brothers and loves to watch them play.
Everyone who knows Devinlynn call her Dj .Dj is tough as nails & very much a people person she cant help but to give huggs & get everyones attention!!! DJ loves the outdoors & is a tomboy at heart . DJ is so smart & is always willing to help out if DJ can & loves to share whatever she has. We hope u show DJ some love & vote for her!!! We Thank u in advance.
He is a cutie and he is my first baby and he was the only thing that made me happy at time I love him
Brinley is almost 3 month! She is the sweetest little girl. she loves watching people and lights move!
This baby girl is my purpose. Her smile gives me light. My beautiful Nya Renee❤️.
Brandon is very kind and so smart. He loves school and making achievements.
Blake is full of life and loves to help others, he has a very big heart.
Our little boy Crew (Crouton😄) is an expert snuggler. Loves his giant puppies and big sisters. And that sweet little smile can change anyone's mood😍.
laken is almost 3 months, he’s always happy & he loves to smile/talk, 🥹💙.
Chloe is Zoey's twin sister and definitely a blessing as well. She's a very active baby and loves ms. Rachel.
Meet princess Nyla👸🏽 She's always full of smiles and loves to have conversations. Not only is she a blessing, she's mommy's birthday twin.🎉 Nyla loves to sing🎶 dance💃🏽 and ride her new bike 🚲 but being a big sister is what she love more❤️ Thank you for all the love and support❤️
Maleena is a crazy girl. She loves to sing, dance, tumble, get muddy, and more. These things come from the love she has for doing them and for doing them for others. If she can make you smile and laugh, her day is made. This girl wants to grow up way too fast but doesn't want to ever get old. She is super independent and often begs to come work in the Ag world with Mom.
Zoey is a blessing with being a twin. She loves talking and playing
Janiyah is full of love and laughter . Janiyah is 3 1/2 months old and has already reached her appropriate milestone . She’s a very happy baby.
Zuri is sweet but also sassy! She’s such know it all and wants to do everything by herself! She loves princesses, Mickey Mouse, and her older brother Nash.
Myzeck loves spiderman, hulk, power rangers, teenage mutant ninja turtles. He loves to save the world. He is fearless and strong (he likes to show his muscles). He loves singing and dancing. Helping with laundry is his favorite choir. Myzeck lights up every room he is in.
Raelynn Mae is a good kid
She loves carrots and bananas and is starting to stand on her own
baby boy is 3 months old going into 4 months he sits up by himself loves to play with his toys or gum on them instead haha and loves movies and cuddles! the happiest baby you will ever meet
Harper loves her snacks and is the definition of sweet!
She is very outgoing, smart and always a happy baby. Vote for Addison because she is the happiest baby
she’s a princess 🤍
Marco Macejkovic
Marco is very energetic and funny. He is always laughing and making other people laugh. Loves to give hugs, kisses and likes to say hi to other people to put a smile on their faces.
She is starting to be vocal.. she loves her mommy milk.. she knows when we go somewhere she start little noise...
Aurora is definitely the boss in this house. She’s sassy but sweet when she’s full of smiles. Nothings going to hold her back because she’s on the move!
Our little man is our last pride and joy of our family of 5❤️
she is a angle sent from heaven.
Gianna is 4 months old she’s a sweet happy baby girl ADVANCE VOTES DAILY VOTES ARE WELCOME AND WILL BE RETURNED WITH BONUS🤗