Loves music very happy baby
Julian is 6 weeks old and is loving life! He loves smiling and dancing to “You’ll be in my heart” from Tarzan. Julian also loves eating and his cuddles with mommy! He’s accomplished smiling, cooing and already holds his own head up high! This sweetest boy deserves it all ❤️
So sweet and happy
Hes only 18 days old, loves to eat, loves to smile, loves to stare at anything.
Pronunciation: Kay-lee-na She loves: Cuddles, Mommy and Daddy, Telling stories, Going for walks, Smiling,Napping
Amayrani loves to play at the park, she adores to sing wheels on the bus every time she sees a school bus. She likes giving high fives and eating mango o
She loves animals and eating ice cream. Singing is her passion and dancing is the way she moves.
He loves baths and listening to his brother and sister argue. Only a few weeks old.
Serenity loves being under her mommy and tries to sing when her mommy sings to her
Loves her toes just as much as she would love your vote!
Grayson is 1 month old he loves to smile ♥️
Zionn is a happy and intelligent baby. She’s beautiful as you can see and I her mommy love her more than anything in the entire world 🥺❤️‼️
My little princess!!! She loves her brothers and loves to play with balls !!
Our sweet Karter man loves playing baseball, swimming, and playing his Xbox!
Our little koko loves to play outside with his trucks in the dirt, he loves swimming, and earring watermelon!
Angelo is such a happy natured kid, gullible, & loves to say Hi to everyone he sees 😂😊. He can light your world up with just a simple hi & it's so cute. He is smart for his age but he loves to learn new things & being outside is his favorite!
Loves dinosaurs and paw patrol very intelligent for having autism
serenity loves cuddling, watching cartoons, laughing, she also likes pulling hair but its cute lol. ❤️
Jayce loves his morning wake ups at 8:00 a.m with a big good morning and how did you sleep!? With a Grin from ear to ear he is super happy and out going n likes to hang out in his swing if he is full and has had a good burp. Lol just simply laid back baby.
Easton loves cuddle time with mommy, and nursery raps😂 he’s extremely active and intelligent for his age, he loves to play sleeping an will peek and smile at you once he knows he’s been caught lol
Hazel is the most fun loving baby ever! she is a little sister and definitely plays the part. she loves to roll over and chew on her toys because that first tooth already came in. she is my rainbow baby after i had a miscarriage. i am blessed to have her in my life!
Alice is a smiley sleepy child she loves to smile and laugh and will always make your day
Grayson is a very happy baby! He loves to look around and laugh!
Hazel Grace Darlene
Hazel loves held and cuddles. She sees her guardian angels. Her grandma Darlene and grandma Hazel.
Khloe Danielle
Khloe Is VERY VERY Loving & Funny ❤️😌
Mariah is a sweet soul who loves everyone she meets, she loves peppa pig and going swimming. Mariahs favorite food is macaroni, chicken nuggets and hotdogs. Please vote for our sweet girl it would mean the world to her! She says “vote for me” ❤️
Happy, spunky baby 💜 outgoing & loves her food.
Paisley is a spirited 13 month old who wears 3T clothing!! She’s always been a big girl and is weighing in currently at 30 lbs 😂 She loves her farm animals and her family more than anything 💗
Briggs is 2mths, he loves to smile, laugh & talk!
Amara Skye came into this world at 11.3 lbs and 21 inches long on Feb. 3 2022. She was a surprise for everyone including me. Since she’s been here she’s brought nothing but smiles to everyone she meets. She’s the perfect little person for me making my day better with every smile and every giggle.
Arlo is 5 months old, can say 1000 words with a facial expression; especially his eye brows. He likes to laugh at dogs and from being scared! He loves his blankys and his most favorite thing is music and when mommy sings :)
Derrick loves to be outside and enjoying nature, he also loves bath time and when you talk to him
Zoey loves to laugh & play!!!!
This is baby Malik, he is 7 months old and he is very lovable and smart
She likes to feed her grandma’s chickens and loves to splash in the pool
Kinsley is 7 months about to be 8 and she loves to play outside and walk and she loves to try to walk when she crawls❤️❤️❤️
Brynlee is always a smiley little girl! She’s got some big blue eyes and the cheesiest smile! ❤️
Spencer will be 8 months next week! He is super cuddly and always a happy baby!!! Always smiling!! He loves the cat in the hat show lol! He is such a sweet boy!! He’s my chunk🥰
Hi my name Elijah I love to be out side I love puppy’s and I love to make ever one laugh go vote for my little man ❤️
Haden is a very bright energetic 6 month old she loves her family and playing with her toys outside
He is all smiles and giggles! Very good baby and he’s very vocal and just a wiggle worm❤️ He will melt your heart. He likes to play with his links and swing his passy around and just shake his head and laugh!
Lil man looking just like his daddy! love my nephew more then you could know! He is the best. He just started walking and now getting into everything.
Just a happy baby who loves to eat and blow bubbles🥰
Gianluca is 5 months old and he is one happy baby! My boy is always smiling and makes me so proud. He has the best personality and is super lovable! He brightens any day for anyone! Vote for my handsome boy
This is my granddaughter Grace, she loves the camera and it shows.This baby girl is crawlimg standingand love to play.she loves fresh fruits. And lobes to worship to Jesus music.
Connor Matthew Metz Birthday June 21, 2021 Born in Saint Louis Missouri. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and dimples. He’s full of smiles, laughter and love. Just started walking so of course it’s one of his favorite things to do.