Baby Stories - 47


Charlee is a happy baby, always smiling, her favorite thing to do it be with mom(me), she love her bathes and play in her rocking chair!!!
Grayson is a calm loving baby who loves to cuddle, sleep with mommy & listen to music on car rides💗
Ellie was born 5 weeks premature. She came out fighting and continues to do so. You would never have known she was even premature! She is the sweetest baby. She is happy all the time. Her smiles and giggles melt your heart and can make even the worst day into a good one! ❤️
Jackson is always happy! He is a very big boy, and outgrows half of his clothes before he gets to wear them lol! He genuinely is never upset unless he hurts himself learning to walk. Vote for Jack just cause I think he is the best!!
Johnathan is such a fun loving baby! He is so wonderful! He loves to laugh and play! 😍
Little Syda loves to stick her tounge out and talk to people! She loves listening to music. Everything from Frank Sinatra to Fleetwood Mac to Wu-Tang! But most of all she loves watching her daddy be a wrestler!
Skylar has an older brother and she loves to feed her chickens and ducks and rabbits and likes playing with her kitten and dog
She's so very curious and squeaky. She loves when you sing to her. Shes a month old and weighs 6.2 pounds. She's a lil peanut.
Hi, my name is Lauren Tey’Anna Andrews. I am not your average 4 year-old. I’m too advanced for my age. I have a beautiful personality. And I love youtube and TikTok. I am very sweet and giving. It’s like I’ve been here before lol. I can be random at times, but I love it! I’m also intelligent beyond measures. I’m beautiful, and into fashion. I enjoy taking pictures, and doing boomerangs. You can really hold a conversation with me as if I was about 9 or 10. Mommy says that I’m totally awesome 😍❤️
Say'lahs very advanced and a happy bby al most walking with two teeth and can hold her bottke as well anytime u having a bad day her smile will always light the way
Kaelyn Welch
Kaelyn is a 5 year old female. She is currently doing her first year of school during this Covid out break. She isn’t letting this virus ruin her first year of school. She loves to dance and sing. She loves to cheer and pretend she’s a princess!! She loves to play dress up and make overs! She loves to bake and she definitely everyone’s favorite! She is top of her class to get notice it because she listens because she is respectful and used her manners she respects everyone around her!! She’s says yes ma’am no ma’am, yes sir & no sir! Thank you and your welcome!! She loves everyone around her!
Delilah Welch
Delilah Welch! Is a 3 year old female, she was born with a blood disorder and learning disorder. She is a bright young Mandy who loves her sister and mamma and daddy! She is now learning how to talk and communicate with others. She loves to stack block and sing and dance to old Macdonalds had a farm! She is a patient at St. jude! She’s is our saving grace! She of a kind
Madisen Wray
Madisen Wray! Is a 10 year old female she is in 5th grade. She is full of joy and happiness she has 2 sisters and 1 step sister. She loves to dance and sing and play Minecraft! She is part of the special Olympic! She was born with NF1 nerve issues she has a learning disability they doesn’t make her any different! She is one of the brightest kid I know!
Jase was born with a very rare neurological malformation disorder that still is unspecified. Related to a Gene called CXorF56 and we do not know his life expectancy but he fights everyday to be here. His diagnosis at birth was failure to thrive and still is on a feeding tube. He cannot push up, crawl, roll over, or sit on his own yet. He is the sweetest soul and loves elmo.
Hi my name is Bentley! I love to watch “Hey Bear”, play with my Nana and Papa, smile, and coo!
Lance loves meeting new people. He will look at you and do nothing but smile 😃 He is the happiest baby. He enjoys watching the smurfs with his mom and dad. He’s constantly talking and laughing. He likes eating lemons and pickles and riding in daddy’s 6.0 🤍💙
Wrenley Reign
Wrenley is sweet, smart and SASSY! That gummy grin will brighten anybody’s day and it sure doesn’t stop her from eating ANYTHING and EVERYTHING 😂 Show my sweet baby some love 🥰 We will return votes...Thank you!
Myla Elle
4 months! Loves to suck her thumb, watch mickey mouse & smile💛💛
Alayna is such a sweet baby girl she loves unicorns and is starting to walk. Alayna is very curious about everything. She is a miracle baby and the only baby girl I'll ever have!
I Love to beat box with mommy and eat my hands! I may be small for my age but you wouldn’t know just playing with me
He is a very sweet and loving boy. He loves animals and playing with his brother
Maria loves to watch Disney movies and listen to Disney songs. She’s a daddy’s girl. She is about to be a month old this Saturday.
She is a very happy baby! Wakes up smiling and laughing.
Colten like to play and watch winnie the pooh. He is very energetic and curious. His favorite thing to play with is mommy or daddy's phone.
Zoey Lynn
this is zoey lynn.. shes a very special little girl.. shes our rainbow babygirl.. she has a older sister in heaven who helped God send her to us 7 months after loosing her sissy at 7dys old.. we never planned or even thought about having this beautiful babygirl but here we are with a loving beautiful little girl.. thank you all for her votes
Zelda Gatland
My daughter Zelda is the most wonderful kind hearted person I ever met. I love my daughter Zelda with all my heart.
Donnie is full of life! Learns something new daily! Inseparable from any animals and would live outside if we were to let him 😆🤪🥰
She is sassy n such a fighter! Has the best smile n loves to be swaddled!!! Love talking to you and watching Mickey Mouse she is a busy body love to but hold.
Hi I’m paxtyn and I’m 2 months old💗 I love to •eat🍼•watch turtle tales 💚•snuggle with my mommy💛
Kayda is the most funniest outgoing baby you will ever meet! She loves making goofy faces and talking while also having an attitude out of this world!! She is so smart for her age and never fails to put a smile on everyone she meets face! Not to mention she is a total mommas girl and my best friend 💕
Damien is the life of the party!
Deserae is sugar and spice and everything nice
Delaynie is a sweetheart. She is super smiley and always let's out a giggle 🥰
Addison is my little angel👼 She is so peaceful and happy! She sleeps 90% of the time and nurses the other 10%
Myah Lee
Hi my name is Myah Lee! I’m 2 months & 14 days old! I was born 8 pounds 14 oz & now weighing at 12 pounds! I made mommy & daddy the happiest parents in the world on 8.20.20❤️ I LOVE to talk! I love when my mommy plays me lullaby’s to go to sleep too. I’m milk addicted 🤪 I love sleeping on my mommy’s chest after she feeds me. Daddy makes me talk the most ❤️ I love seeing Daddy when he comes home from a long day at work! I enjoy long baths 🥰 Please vote for me!
Remy is my little sunshine and such a happy boy! He is always smiling and laughing at almost everything ❤️
Benjamin aka Ben 10 loves looking at the swaying trees while listening to his favorite cellist Hauser. His 1st day home he rolled onto his side. Within the 1st week held his bottle. This boy is ready for big adventures!
Not a day goes by where this girl isn’t happy. She is such a serious yet funny baby!
Zarrdell is always ready to play and smile😃
Kaiden loves being on his tummy, hugging his stuffed animals, and smiling. He had a rough start with being in the NICU for 4 days for struggling to keep is blood sugar up. Today he is a healthy 3 month old, along side is twin brother.
Isaac loves playing outside, taking baths, and playing with the vaccume. He can say dada, bye, hey and love you
Liam is 4months old and the happiest little boy, he loves hearing his own voice and playing on his tummy and with mommy and daddy
Jason is 1 month old and the cutest, sweetest little baby you’ll ever meet. We love naps and cuddles from mom and dad!
Tgler Jr
Tyler Jr.
You should vote for Ryder because hes so sweet and friendly and all around the happiest most outgoing baby ive seen. Ryder loves paw patrol and he loves his little kitten he has.
Linux is a 10 month old baby boy who loves to watch Masha and Bear, play with his little toys, clapping, screaming, and he loves to eat. He loves to eat anything that is sweet, or whatever mommy is eating. He can crawl, say a few words, and pull himself up. We are working on the walking, but he hasn’t exactly got it down yet.