Baby Stories - 47


Carly Jo
Carly is a very smart baby who does everything early. Her father and I think it's because she was overdeveloped when I was over 41 weeks pregnant. She loves to play outside and her favorite show right now is Pocoyo.
Ahmir is 2 months and like to play in the bath and float. He also likes tummy time and sleeping. Ahmir loves to smile and laugh.
Taylyn gives a smile that makes the sun shine even when it’s dark out. She’s part of the joy that keeps me going to succeed in everything I do.
Jersey is a star in the making. She loves to sing, dance, and play with her dolls.
Nia is a princess who loves dresses and and toys.
Avion is a cheerful, chubby, baby I call him “FatBoy” 💙 he is currently sitting up at 6 months old. He loves loud toys And loves people to. He is always smiling , he loves attention the most ! ❤️
Kaizlee is the baby of 4. she loves to Dance and Sing she was born with Dwayne's retractable syndrome which affects her eyes but it hasn't slowed her down to only have 1 eye she can see out of she keeps up with all of her siblings and enjoys watching Peppa pig and joining her sisters in on doing pranks on her big brother because she finds it to be hallarious. She has a huge love for music of any kind. Anything she does she sings or mimics a song to its meaning. Her favorite food is troll cereal no exceptions about it. She will choose gummies over any kind of candy. Her favorite dinner is sloppy Joes with cheese. Her favorite color is purple. She says she's going to be a ballerina when she grows up!
Hey! My names Cordell, I’ll be 4 months on the 21st! I love smiling, taking naps and getting dressed up.
Benito loves to watch Mickey Mouse & coco melon & play with his toys.
Kylee loves her brother and cocomelon and loves to be the princess 👸💗
Raegan Grace is a super happy baby! She is full of energy, loves to follow after her big brother, sing along with songs, and occasionally will bless us with a little dance... Please vote for Raegan! 🥰
Kairo is super strong, determined, and loving. He is also very smart and happy all of the time. He enjoys Cocomelon and jumping around!
Milani is a very energetic and sassy baby girl with a big personality! She’s the happiest and sweetest baby you’d ever meet!! Always smiling and laughing.
Miss Hailey loves kisses, funny faces, and rocking in her chair! Most of all, she loves her milk!
Jocelyn loves playing with her toes and giving hugs and kisses
Hi I’m prosper ! I’m almost 7months old I like to play with my uncles and laugh. I love to eat fries and pickles.
Dillinger is our double rainbow baby! He is such a sweet chunky little red haired, blue eyed baby boy. 🥰
Hi, I’m Ri’mera and I just made 1 month on the 7th. I love to smile and laugh in my sleep & I love taking pictures just like my mommy ❤️
Zimira is playful and loves to smile ! ❤️
She can make anybody smile no matter how sad or mad or angry they are one look from her and nothing else matters
Everleigh Mae is one happy and healthy baby! She smiles and laughs so big. She loves her parents, her bouncer, and tummy time.
He loves music.
Nash loves bath time, car rides, and watching Pete the Cat!
She lights up a room when she smiles especially with her baby blue eyes. She loves to be crazy wild. She has the best facial expressions. I love everything about her so there is too much to write. If you know her you would know she’s an amazing little sweet love. She loves being outside and looking at literally everything! She loves to smile and speak gibberish!
Hi my name is Kamarieon ❤️I’m a handsome 7 month old I like to play, I love to eat very and I’m a very happy baby🥰
Paisley was born on September 26th, 2020 at 8:11 AM weighing 7 lbs and 7 oz and 19.5 cm. She’s a very happy and alert baby!! She loves cuddling her daddy and momma! She’s growing!!
We ❤️ All our voters, thank you for supporting Xavior through these contests, help him stay in the top 25 ‼️Also if I don’t click the like on your post that doesn’t mean I don’t see it, I’m just really busy with voting and Xavior because he’s in everything! Your supposed to teach your children to work for what you want, and to never cheat your way through anything, also every baby in this contest is cute ! There’s no “that’s the cutest baby”This contest is not to hate people , or put people down, it’s supposed to be supporting eachother because everyone deserves to be 1st place! We should literally all come together and whoever’s been trying the longest let them get it and the chain can keep going, that’s the only way I know each one of us can actually win without wasting money to win and everyone knows it🤷‍♀️ but That’s my opinion on it 🥰❤️ I still Wish everyone the best. Xavior has almost all his teeth,he likes to bite everything! He loves baths,Mickey Mouse and learning sign language he currently knows how to sign (please, thank you , sorry, milk ,eat, all done and potty ❤️ He also knows how to walk but always runs instead 🤣he likes to use his functional kitchen for being independent, and is almost done being potty trained ❤️He smiles for everything and everyone especially the GIRLS 🤣 this handsome little man gets smarter everyday! Thank y’all for voting!!!
Hunter is our miracle Rainbow baby. After years of struggling to become pregnant & with failed fertility treatments piling up, we were not sure what to do. My body couldn't handle any more treatments. So we took a break and by some miracle, 8 months into that break was when I saw that first positive pregnancy test! He is truly and quite possibly the sweetest little boy you will ever meet. He is filled with so much personality & he genuinely wants to be everyones' friend. He is little boy who will say hello and wave to everyone he sees. He wants to hug everyone & hold their hand. His smile and laugh are probably what people notice most when they first meet him. He lives to make people laugh and to laugh with them. My husband and I randomly discovered that Hunter's ABSOLUTE FAVORITE thing to watch is Steve Harvey's Celebrity Family Feud, but only the Fast Money round! The moment he hears that music he will stop everything and watch and cheer on the celebrities. He can be mid- meltdown & cue that music, tears instantly stop and he will start clapping and cheering right on cue with the audience. It is the most entertaining thing to watch how much joy that show and Mr.Harvey bring him!
My son is the most happiest baby in the world you will always catch him smiling and laughing.. he likes music, Mickey Mouse, and talking
Hello my name is Amelia. I love to snuggle, watch cocomelon, and sing myself to sleep. I’m very attentive, so most sounds I hear I’ll try to mimic them in some way. I love eye contact. I know my name, recognize both my parents and I will follow them with my eyes as a signal that I’d like a hug or a kiss. This only reassures me they are still in complete awww after waiting 23 years for me to come grace everyone with my presence.
Ah’mi Is Very smart and advanced for her age. She is very sweet and loves to be a goofball. she is full of life and everyone just loves her.
Born 4lbs & 4oz 💙 Been a fighter every sense I came out of mommy tummy
Hi I'm Jaz aka Triple J and I love to smile and play! I love Cocomelon & I love to laugh ❤️ . Young but independent, intelligent and beautiful.
Azlynn loves to smile and laugh and is overall a very happy baby😊 she loves to eat and cuddle with her mommy and daddy ☺️ hates tummy time 😂
Super energetic, playful, free spirit, love to play outside with nature specially with dirt and super active.
He is my grandson. The most lovable, sweetest baby.
She loves eating and cartoons and trying to be advanced by lifting this little head up all day. 😩🎀
I love to laugh and play with my footsies 👣 Every morning I enjoy walking my fur siblings with my mommy while we sing our good morning song ♥️
My name is Kyree & I am 1. I love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I’m very active, & love to get into everything. I love to be silly, & my favorite food to eat are blueberry muffins and purple grapes.
Hey my name is Da’kyrin, I love hugs and food and when mommy tickles me. Coco melon is my favorite show!
Hi my name is A’riyha I love music 🎵 enjoy playing peekaboo I also love baby dolls 🥰
David J Cole
David ||| is 6months now, he is such a happy and good baby. So relaxed and loves to play and roll around. He tries to talk so much and loves bouncing in his bouncer. He loves his mommy so much every day he wakes up and sees her he smiles and screams with joy. He’s 18lbs & 3ft. He loves bath time & is a very active baby. Sleeps so good & eats a lot. Loves feeding himself.
Hi my name is Orlondo I love CoComelon and chicken fries. My favorite game is peek a boo and hide and seek.
He's the happiest baby that I've ever been around absolutely loves cocomelon so curious about everything so smart
She like watching tv she’s a happy smiley baby