Xander is almost 7 months old. He’s such a happy baby, super mobile loves to roll. Loves to scream dada. His absolute favorite thing is his doggies 💙
My sweet freebirth baby 🤍
Will loves when his mommy talks to him and when daddy does story time at night!
She has the worlds cutest dimples ever. She loves to smile and show them off
Houston is a all around perfect baby!
I love my mommy and daddy and big brother!! I love to smile and my princess tummy time with mommy. I love listening to music that just uplifts my soul!
Niara is fun loving, sweet, charismatic, photogenic. She is a happy baby and loves attention.
Rico is two months old he love to laugh has the cutest most precious smile and he is literally one of a kind he’ll melt your heart
Nathaniel is 12mo. He is vary happy baby. He has a trach. He also loves bluey,puppy dog pals.
His favorite person is his big sis & it’s always the smiles for me 😆 he does this smirk w each smile I love it!!! & A few things to know about my lil man’s when it comes to strawberries he wants all the smoke lol if there was any child to be chosen of my family for most to risk it all it’s him! Climbs everything jumps OFF anything w/ any hesitation most times loves taking pics, water to drink & play in. He’d stay in the pool even if it meant he’s cold & shaky not to be out of water lbvs! I say vote for Josiah because it’s something different about his smile it’s unique it fills a room w/ So much tension & calms hearts. Biggest fact above all is he love saying hiii to everyone! (:
Leora is a bright light that loves people, and loves smiling. She loves being outside and flowers.
Addilyn had a tough time getting here. She had a stroke being delivered. As of now you can't tell it at all. She loves to laugh and smile! She loves her big brothers and spending time with them! Only likes meat and sweet potatoe baby food! And chews on everything!
Ace loves to smile and being talked to!
He is full of personality & love !! He makes a bad day great . He is very caring & smart !! The smallest things make him happy . To know him is to really love & adore him .. he is very curious always asking questions definitely photogenic 💗
My little boy was taken from me because of what his dad did to him the money from this contest will help with Christmas. Even though he's in this situation he is humble and thriving. He loves paw patrol,monster trucks and his favorite color is blue
i love being carried by mommy. i love laughing and cooing with sister. i love looking towards the tv listening to the football games with daddy. i fall asleep to ocean waves or the sound of rain.
Hey my names Elijah an I love watching coco melon an going outside
Tyronnica love to hear her mama voice if you want to see her smile and even a bigger smile when she watches her mama dance she’s a sweetheart
Alden loves Paw Patrol , watching Cars, going to horse shows. Alden is the best little boy to be around always making ppl day ❤️
Kyley Rayne Campbell
Kyley is a wide eyed girl who loves her mommy and daddy and smiies vibrantley.
Emilia has a contagious smile that can brighten anyones day. She loves to talk and babble to anyone that will listen to her.
Athena is almost 10 months old. She’s so funny and has such a goofy personality. She loves the outdoors. Her favorite thing to say is “dada”.
Lakelynn is 8 months old. She loves her family & is growing so fast. She’s the happiest baby you could meet. She loves all the attention. She also loves grabbing her feet & of course mommys hair. Vote for my sweet baby♥️♥️♥️
Nevaeh is 9 years old, she is a sweetheart and loves to help out as much as she can. She loves learning new things, she is currently learning how to play the Clarinet. She is one of a kind. ❤️ She is Autistic with Blindless in left eye, doesnt stop her from doing what she loves!! She is definitely a champ!! 😊
Lydia Lynn-Marie is a spunky little girl who loves everything pink! Insanely smart and strong-willed, she’s also a NICU warrior by being born just a little early! She loves her family and friends, constantly amazing us with her kindness and precociousness!
One smile can’t change the world but a precious little smile from my baby girl definitely changes mine. She is one of the most happiest & advanced babies you will ever meet. Jaliyah brings nothing but joy to the people around her. Her bright blue eyes & pretty smile will light up the whole room.
Colson Blu is 6 months old , Loves all his fruits and veggies !! Just started sitting up . He’s able to say momma & dada . Getting the hang of crawling . Loves running around playing with all his cousins . Most of all he’s gonna be a big brother in February & we are super excited 🥰 .
I love to cuddle with mommy, laughing at daddy, and watching tv. I love spending time with my nana and papa and I love FaceTiming my pawpaw in Texas. I’m a big ball of energy and I give mama a run for her money. I don’t like sitting still at all I want to be on the go.
Kylen is the sweetest, most dramatic one year old there is! 😂 he’s such a goofy boy and has the best personality ever !!🥰
Oliver is the happiest baby! He loves life and everyone around him. He makes the best out of any situation.
Saphiya is such an independent, observant and brave girl! She loves her best friend, a pit/rot mix dog, and loves to be outside!
Elliott is a happy little boy who currently loves his new puppy. He also loves snuggles with his daddy. 😊
I am a very happy boy who loves his mamma! I also love to pick on my big sister! I have the best smile and I love to share it with the elderly people my mommy works with!
Arianna loves cheerleading, making friends, posing for photos and playing with her brothers.
Shae loves to sing, dance, and smile! She has a big personality in a little body and nobody is a staffer in her eyes. She loves everyone and loves to wave and make new friends.
Ma'Khiya is a sweet little girl with a whole lot of sass! She has the sweetest smile and she loves to talk
James is almost 2. He loves to go out side. He loves to play in and with water! He loves to see his favorite uncle Sisco. He loves to play with his baby brother and talk to him. He’s always trying to help mommy with his baby brother!
Jaxon is almost 3 months he loves to do tummy time and roll over, he loves to sit up and he loves to eat! He loves talking to his brother!!
She sure is a happy baby.
She is the happiest baby and doesn’t meet a stranger. Paisley has the biggest smile and the sweetest laugh. She will have a full conversation with you and gets compliments everywhere we go❤️.
Emmersyn loves her bottle and to smile and laugh she loves being held in the air like a airplane
Cora is a very happy baby who wakes up every morning with the most precious smile, her favorite song right now is wheels on the bus
Omari loves to smile! He is the most cheerful little baby you’ll ever meet! He loves his family and also loves to eat!
Elias aka Chunker Boy loves the boobies & to sleep. His favorite time of the day is the morning 🥰 & he loves spending time with his “ twin” aka his cousin who is 1 month older than him
Hannah is a caring, artistic 10 year old. She loves to dance and is a straight A student. Best big sister and daughter.
This is Maxwell! He loves food, big cat and dog, his brother and sister, and dirt bikes!
Tyler Ray
Hi! My name is Tyler! Im 6 months old & I love playing with my toys & babbling all day! I've got the cutest smile, it'll melt your heart ❤️ Please vote for me! 💙