Baby Stories - 46


Tatum is the worlds most smiley kid! He loves dancing singing playing and hugging everyone he meets. He spreads light into every room he walks in and leaves his mark on your heart once you meet him. ❤️ Your votes are going to get him to meet Mickey Mouse and his favorite Princess Elsa
She is just simply the most precious baby anyone could evef ask for. She loves life.
Analeia Avery
Analeia is a very smart and beautiful little girl! She is so sweet and caring! She loves her sisters, mommy and daddy and she loves to play hide and seek! 🤍
Hi my names Charli and I love to smile 😃 and play with alll my toys!
Preston is a 2 year old little fighter! He has PRS and sticklers syndrome. He is Trach and g-tube dependent. Witch does not stop him from being a normal little boy! He loves Mickey Mouse and anything that has to do with music. Oh and also his dad is his best friend.
Evelynn Isla
Evelynn is the happiest baby ever 🤍 She loves everyone she meets, and loves to smile and laugh! She loves doggies & kitties & of course her piano mat! 🤍
Lacey Jo is a sweet baby girl who likes chillin and snuggles. She loves patty cake and bath time until you start washing her hair.
This is my adorable son Bryson🥰His personality is like no other‼️ He’s really one of a kind when people meet my small little family they remember us because of Bryson. His cuteness and personality leaves a mark on you that you can’t forget❤️But he likes activities aswell, He loves to be outside with mommy and daddy🥰 he likes to watch his daddy fish and LOVES to hold them when his daddy catches one, he also loves to go on walks with his mommy😊 after a long day of exploring the outside world he likes to end it with cuddles with mommy❤️ I hope my bundle of joy is just as cute in your eyes as he is in mine🥺❤️ Please vote for Bryson🥰😊
Ozias is 7 months old, he loves bananas and mangos, he loves to smile at everyone haha, vote for my sweet baby :)
Marie Brooke
Miss Brooke loves her big sisters and her momma and daddy. She is definitely the boss. She is the very best baby, she always has a smile on her face.
Jameson is 1 month old and very into looking at lights! Perfect for christmas time. Even moreso he likes snuggling with mommy and petting his dog Maverick 🥰
Juniper Irene came into this world on August 27th at 5lbs 12oz of pure cuteness. She is the happiest baby I know, and I’m so blessed to have her. I ended up with pre-eclampsia and had to have an urgent c-section to save her life. She now loves her doggy siblings, absolutely adores her grandma, and loves when her grandpa sits and talks to her. She’s smiling all the time, and is figuring out she has a voice.
Theodore loves to be held so that he can look around the house and be a part of whatever's happening. He's recently started to get more control over his arms and now he's always reaching out to touching things such as mom and dad's face. He smiles so big anytime he's set down on the changing pad.
Jaxson is an animal lover, he also loves Bananas (they are his favorite!) Jaxson also likes to paint, color, dance, and play with his toys!
I am a happy girl! My momma worked hard to get me here and she is very proud.
Maggie And Dolly
Magnolia and Dahlia are identical twins from West Michigan!
Matthew John is the first Matthew after 4 generations. He’s named after my father Matthew, my grandpa and great grandpa and my fiancé’s father John. He’s a very talkative baby, has a lot to say! He’s only 4 months and already scooting/rolling. He is the one boy out of 3 older siblings, and many cousins that are girls.
Hi my my names lily and I love to smile😊and play video games! 🎮
Hi I’m cooper! and I like to sleep a lot and play with my family!
Baby Preston love to eat and snuggle with mommy daddy and his big brothers
Josiah loves to play with cars and be outside and loves his baby brother and big brother and he’s my chunky boy
Patrick is special needs but I love him and he’s a very good big brother he loves his baby brothers
Our sweet silly smart, wild, fearless little girl loves climbing and jumping on her mini trampoline, loves Minnie Mouse! Loves food! Loves to laugh and have fun
Kovah loves singing, eating, being outdoors, and loves learning ...
He has a big heart and loves hard. He’s very active and he loves to explore. He really enjoys science and wants to play soccer like his daddy.
The sun shines on a new generation. Go Theo the Leo!
Benjamin is two months old. He loves looking at ceiling fans and cuddles with mommy and daddy.
Zaidyn is a super sweet and smart Three year old who loves spending time with his baby sister ❤
Carter Mae
Carter Mae is 6 months old, she is spunky and spontaneous. She is to smart for her own good. She is always wanting to do more than her cute little body will let her. She has the biggest personality and her smile will just melt your heart!
Remy is 3 months an loves to talk and make sounds ' she's such a happy baby
Zember is the sweetest, she loves to laugh and smile and play with her big brother ❤🥰
Dax LOVES his momma and he loves his bottles. He loves to be outside and to go on walks. He is ONE month old and he is the light of our lives and we are so blessed to be his parents. 💙
Noelle loves music, dancing, playing with mama's pots and pans, climbing, and getting in to anything and everything. She is the happiest baby and such an absolute blessing. We couldn't love her more!
Beau is 3 years old. He loves playing outside, camping, going on the boat. His best friend is his black lab Dixie. 🥰
Hi! My name is Magnus. I decided i didn't want to wait around another month to be born, so here i am! My mama likes to call me Animal, monster and Mr. King of Stretchies! I do love to stretch! My favorite things right now are eating and my musical monkey! Thank you for voting for me!
Deklyn is a very smart and very active 2 month old! He enjoys mommy’s singing, sitting outside and rain. He had a rough start in life and was a nicu baby for 27 days, but looking at him now you could never tell it! He is in 0-3 months clothes and size one diapers. Mamas chonkey munkin ❤️
Beautiful and fun loving
Evelynn loves her daddy, discovering this new big world, and partying all night with mommy! :)
Carson Cash Nilson is an very active 11 month old boy. He is already walking and ridding his little motorcycle. He loves to make engine and motor sounds. And is always on the go. Sweet little boy full of love and laughs.
Gwen loves music , and her big brothes. She is a sassy princess that enjoys to play and eat her cookies.
she loves sticking her tongue out and blowing bubbles. happiest baby I have ever met.
Larkyn is A premature baby. We almost lost her ! She’s a strong hard fighting baby ! We almost lost her due to her doctor during delivery , but boy did she put up a fight ! She will have special needs due to the oxygen lost to her brain ! She a happy baby and so fun to play with ! She always smiles and she’s our tiny baby ! She’s 8 months but she wears 0-3 month clothes , and size 2 diapers ! Show our tiny one some love .
He loves to play cuddle he loves food lol he also loves being spend time with he's friendly and has a good heart he's a quiet kid he loves the outside he loves to go on walks his favorite color is blue red and white he loves cats and dogs.
Violet is a sweet little 3 month old who loves her mama and dada .she loves to be outside and take baths!. She also loves to chew on her fingers!
She loves to laugh, dance and be chased all through the house! Her favorite shows are Yo Gabba Gabba , Blue Clues & You and Sesame Street! Listening and making music is soooo much fun with Keeleigh , she always plays piano with her mommy! She’s always on the GO GO GO Vote for my little bean bean ❤️
I’m 7 months old and I am an extremely happy boy! I love music and sweet potatoes.
Camila Canales born on November 10, 2019 is a bundle of joy ever since her first day out of the womb, always cheerful and always laughing Camila finds ways to make herself and others laugh, already saying words like mama, dada and baby she is very smart and aware of what goes on around her, her most recent trait she’s picked up is sharing food, she will walk up to you and try to hand you what she’s eating, Camilas favorite food is blueberries and she does try to sneak into the fridge to find them.