Baby Stories - 46


Kylo is a sweet little boy who enjoys laughing at us mommy and daddy sleeping and talking our heads off
Antonio is six months old already crawling faster than you think loves to talk such a smiley bright boy and brings so much excitement in peoples lifes pl vote for my lil monster Antonio Cortez
Reagyn is a beautiful little princess that LOVES her momma, her daddy, her baby big brother and her big big brother!
Elijah loves everybody. He’s always smiling and laughing I’m so blessed for him. His favorite thing is Mickey Mouse. ❤️
Alex loves to smile and giggle. If you sing to him you will be his new best friend. His favorite activities include eating his toes and playing "patty cake".
My miracle baby Ke'ria loves cuddles and sitting with daddy
La’Danian loves bath time & eating. He just learned how to smile and that’s all he ever does .
Xander was born during a blizzard!! He loves kicking his feet as high as possible and will talk your ear off if you let him. In his spare time he enjoys taking naps and watching t.v.
Baby Mary loves bubble baths and warm cuddles. She is super affectionate and sweeter than sugar. Her favorite activities are pulling mom's hair and having staring contests.
She loves cuddles with Mommy and Daddy. She’s a happy babygirl❤️
Miley is a very happy girl! She always has a big smile on her face, we call her smiley miley!!! She loves to learn new things and strives on doing things until she masters it!!!
AnnLee is a 7 month old babygirl, she LOVES cocomelon. She’s a very happy babygirl🥺 she says “dada” & “bye bye”. She is the most wonderful babygirl
Aubs is a happy goofy baby. She lights up the room with her infectious smile!!
Briella is 5 months old. She loves to laugh and is a cuddle bug. She loves when people talk to her especially her siblings. She is trying to roll over but she still can't figure it out yet. She just started eating baby cereal and she loves it!
Lincoln loves water, hates diaper changes, and can’t wait for his first trip to Disneyland.
Ayden is such a happy kid & loves being around people 💜
Gabe is the best most happiest baby you'd ever meet ❤️
Lucy has a handsome twin brother named Levi, she loves to dance with daddy and listen to momma sing to her!
He has a beautiful twin sister named Lucy! He loves to smile and loves music!
Taylin is a rainbow baby. She has a big personality and loves to explore already.
Beautiful little girl with a twinkle in her eyes a happy smile and a Heart filled with such pure joy and love you forget that darkness in the world exists for a moment
Matthew came in to this world only at 36 weeks. We are blessed that he was healthy. He is one happy little boy, love to laugh and smile. Just a lovable baby. Matthew enjoys watching tv with daddy, cuddles with mommy, and tummy time.
Ragnar es un bebé que siempre está sonriendo,se da muy bien con las personas aunque no las conozca.Donde quiera que llega todos tienen que ver con el.Su color de piel no es muy común y tiene unos ojos azules que resaltan su blancura.A pesar de su corta edad ama a su hermano mayor,es muy espabilado y coqueto.
She will be 6 months old on the 24th of this month. She can say dada and mama. She loves to laugh and bounce on daddy.
Remington loves chewing on her mommy and daddy's fingers, pulling on daddy's beard, hearing mommy sing, and playing with her toes. She's a happy girl that loves life and loves to be held.
Hi my name is Kehlani, I’m 4 months, I am Black and Puerto Rican, I love to talk and scream and I love to be independent and sit up by myself. I have also been told I look like a doll, thanks mom and dad lol please vote for me, it would mean the world to me, mommy and daddy 💜
Nola is 9 months old she’s loves to dance constantly she’s a super happy baby and has a very pretty smile and super curly hair!
Kayden is the sweetest baby ever! He loves to talk and tell stories! He loves attention and loves cuddles! Vote for baby Kayden!!!
Everleigh Jean is named after her grandma and great great grandma. She is the light of our life the sweetest baby girl she loves boob ,her siblings, her daddy and mommy. She has completed our family
Nova Stella was born on January 6th at 7:55pm. She started holding her own head up at a wk and a half. Last night she sat halfway up and held it for a good 10seconds. Shes very strong already and loves being told she is a pretty girl. Gets those dimples showing evetytime! Vote for Nova! ✨
Little miss Natalie loves cuddling with mommy and sleeping with her arms FREE. She likes to eat second from cuddles. Also loves to be awake and looking around at everything.
Kyndle Kai is almost 3 months and already has a lot of personality. He likes to watch tv, eat and giggle at people.
Oakley is such a lovable baby with a little bit of sass! She is the light of everyone's day that always shines bright with her contagious smile and little giggle.
Iyla Rose Is 5 Months. She’s Starting To Crawl. She Loves Minnie Mouse, And coco melon. She’s Such A Happy Baby 💕 And She Adores Her Daddy ❤️ LETS WIN BABY GIRL VOTE VOTE VOTE !!!!
My name is brysen i am a little brother i am now smiling and giggling and blowing bubbles my mom and dad say im spoiled already
Khloe loves Frozen 2, and Chicken Little. Loves her family and always has a smile on her face. Go vote for my lovely baby 💓💓
My sweet girl loves her tummy time, she’s almost full on crawling if she’s not pulling herself she’s rolls herself around the house. she’s says baba when she wants to eat. and she is the most loving baby 💗 vote for her sweet smart self!
Lilly likes playing with her toy keys, games. She likes dancing, singing. She likes when her great great uncle Gordon babysits her. She likes being Sassy
Vincent Per Johannes Ludwig was born in Northern California in January 2021. We found out we were pregnant with this bubs when on tour in South Korea! He’s a well traveled baby, from pacific Asia all the way to the Midwest and he’s not even a 2 months old yet. Our little bubs loves his swing and sleeping in mom and dads arms.
Grace is the cutest little redhead ginger baby! She such a happy spirit! Her ornery toothless smile is so heartwarming! She loves movies with music such as Moana and Zootopia!
His name is Emmett. He loves to spend time with his mommy and doggie while daddy’s at work then when he’s home he loves daddy time. His favorite things to do it giggle and roll on his side.
He loves ABC’s, Walking, Singing & Dancing, Bath time, Fuzzy Blankets & Playing Peek-A-Boo He Loves Smiling And Making Others Smile
Korbin loves toys, loves Mickey Mouse & Daniel Tiger. He loves his mommy and daddy! He loves to play & laugh!
Olivia Sky
She’s a very happy baby for two-year-old she loves frozen and she’s very funny cute she will brighten up your day if you’re down🥰🥰🥰🥰 she like to color Drawl
I’m jaza’Lynn I love to jump at get air I talk a lot and I love being around my mommy I eat a lot as well