Layton loves talking to you and he absolutely loves eating cheetos!
Charlynne Joelle is 5 years old. When she grows up she wants to be a “pet doctor”. She absolutely loves the ocean, animals of all kinds, helping people, giving compliments, and Christmas time. She is rambunctious and full of energy, and has a soul full of sunshine. 💛💛
Legend is 23 months very Happy toddler he loves basketball 🏀 and football 🏈
Vote for our beautiful, spunky, loving girl miss Brayah Rose!!
Kaiya loves bath time and talking to her daddy. She also loves the outdoors!
Liam loves playing with his older sister and watching Mickey Mouse❤️
Maverick James is super energetic & loves playing outside.
Cayden is the cutest and most handsome happy baby I have ever seen 🥰🤩
Hi ! My name is Orion , I am 8 months old. I love toys , my family, out door walks, and food! my favorite word is mama . I abosultly love making art and meeting new friends!
Despite our rough start coming Earthside, Olivia Reign is such a precious treasure to our family as the 5th and last edition to our version of the Brady Bunch. Her big siblings protect her like they’re her very own personal body guards lol. She loves to be a little charmer by being super smiley and seriously the happiest baby you’ll ever meet!! Please vote for our little peanut girl 🥰🥰
She’s such a bright, silly, outgoing little girl. She loves her groceries and she’s currently learning to pull up on her own and stand. She’s so energetic and will keep you laughing the entire time. She recently learned how to say “dada” and “mama”. Her favorite cartoon is Gabbys Dollhouse. And her best friend is our family pitbull “Kilo”, they are never too far apart from one another.❤️
Denver Wayne
This is Denver, he really enjoys the outdoors for such a young little one. He loves watching TV and spending time with mommy and daddy. He’s always a happy baby and has the cutest little smile 😊. My sweet little love bug!
Avery is very energetic and curious. She loves exploring new places and playing with new toys, even if it’s just crawling inside a big box! When she isn’t watching Bluey or wearing her food she spends her time cuddling with her puppies and her squishmallows!
William is a busy boy who loves waking up at 5am on the regular. He is an only child and his hobbies include making messes, looking for cords to chew on and pulling all of the Tupperware out of the drawer in the kitchen. He loves his mama and dada, but he loves his dog the most! 🐾
Everleigh is the sweetest little girl and loves Mickey Mouse and doing school work!
Walker is definitely a mama’s boy and loves to play with his trucks and color! Loves chocolate milk too!
Everleigh is a very bright toddler, who loves to run, play, and snack, she really loves to play with her stuffies
she lovesss her milk, and her dada!! she is the happiest little girl and her smile is the most contagious!
Tatum is his mom and dad's very first babe! He is such a happy baby who enjoys car rides, exploring around the house in his walker, and screaming at his german shepherds. Tate is definitely the life of the party and knows how to go HAMM 😁
Zaelyn love to get milk drunk and thinks his sneezes are the funniest thing ever. My real life baby doll
Anae is a fun,smart, outgoing 5yr old.She loves dressing up and playing with her dolls.She has two big brothers who treats her like a princess. She’s just a sassy fun little girl who loves being a kids‼️ ❤️
Addisyn is 8 months old , she lovesss to scream and get peoples attention. She truly is the craziest, smartest, and funniest little girl . My Addi Grayce !!💕
Nevaeh is the most loving 3 year old who can make you smile from ear to ear. she is loving, funny and the best little toddler to be around!
Greyson is the happiest baby! He absolutely love food! He also loves anyone who will give him attention he’s definitely a people person
This little cutie pie os Miss Octavia Clare Enoch. She is my granddaughter never did i believe i would ever get a granddaughter. Due to it being all mostly boys in my family. She was born over a month early. But was healthy as a horse and no major.isssues. She is my guardian Angel she was brought to me so i would continue to fight my battle everyday. I have had cervical cancer since i was 15 years old. Last summer 2021. I got to the point that i had to do 7 mo. worth of Treatments. And then i was told pretty much that they couldn't do much more. And theno I was told i was going to have a granddaughter. So i believe that she is here to keepme strong and push me to my max to not give up. Cause the baby girl is my everything now and nothing is going to change that, Im fighting for her that way i can watch her grow into a mature young lady. She is also a animal lover she has her friends that live with her. Her 2 cats and 2 dogs. She is usually happy and smiling. So come vote for little Angel.
Waylon Cash lives up to his name because he loves to listen to music, and kick his feet to the beat! He also loves bath time, and anything Mickey Mouse!
Deveon or just simple Dj for short , he is a bright leader of the younger community. He’s very caring & loves to keep the crowd going. His smile will brighten your whole day & his dance moves will knock you out your seat. He loves spider man & going to get happy meals everyday.
Desmond is a happy baby boy who loves cuddling with his mommy and daddy and petting his kitty. He’s getting more talkative and has “conversations” with people more and more.
Knox has the biggest personality i’ve ever seen in a one year old! He’s so brave and will do great things one day. He loves cuddles with his mama and loves to watch Frozen2🤍
Rosaleigh loves to watch her favorite cartoons! Tom and Jerry and Scooby-Doo! She loves her Blankets, and Loves to be snuggled up to mommy! 💟
Cassius is soon to be the Big 1 he stays smiling, loves the water and getting on the swings at the park is his favorite
Big personality, and everlasting engery! But can put a smile on anyones face!
Lorenzo is a happy baby, he is always laughing or smiling. He loves playing with his toys, and playing peak a boo !
Julia is just the sweetest baby girl! 💕She loves to dance, give hugs and kisses, play with her kitty, and woof like a puppy! She just celebrated her first trip around the sun ☀️
He is the happiest almost 2 year old I know. He loves Elmo and playing with his friends.
He’s the most kindest friendliest little boy ever. Such a great behavior.
Rikkas name is from an anime called love chunibyo & other delusions, and in Japanese means dominant ruler or rich powerful ruler, also Rikka (立花, 'standing flowers') is a form of ikebana, which is a Japanese art of arranging flowers.
My name is Zariya Rose I am almost 3 months old & I love to laugh and play ! I love looking at myself in mirrors and being held 💖
Gracyn is a goofy 9 month old baby boy. That loves to be outside! He’s got the prettiest blue eyes and an adorable smile! He loves his mama & dada! He’s such a sweet boy!
Luna Reign
Luna is such a sweet 2mth old. She is always smiling and we love her so much. We hope you will too!
He walks, talks and loves to dance! Loves eating and clapping his hands! He love to play patty cake.
Gunner loves to sleep lol he’s a happy baby boy !
Aurora Loves Her BabyDolls. She is Sassy, Goofy & Loving with an Amazing Imagination & a Love for Learning New Things.