Kai is one of the most happiest babies ever he love love loves his food! Vote for my lil chunky baby🥺❤️
Braelynn is a very sweet and loving baby always so happy and so smart she is the light of our lives
Bryson is a BALL OF FIRE, he is the sweetest yet meanest little boy I know, but the face makes up for it all ❤️ Bryson loves to attack his older brother and then smother him with hugs and kisses afterwards. I think his favorite thing to do is climb in my bed in the middle of the night and pick my nose for me 🥰
Likes : Sleeping, eating, cuddling ! Loves kisses from her mommy & daddy Has 2 big sisters that love her . Has such a beautiful little smile ❤️
Anaiah is a very observant little one. She loves to watch Minnie Mouse Bow-Toons, Dancing Vegetables, and Elmo. She’s a very talkative and happy baby as well.
Tymber is a goofy little girl with a very spunky attitude. She loves to look at anything colorful and has a newfound fascination with any and all animals. Voting for her would be very much appreciated! I mean, look at that hair!
Liam is an active 3 month old, he loves his parents and his grandparents. He loves his stuffed animal Jaffey the giraffe and he loves to look at himself in mirrors. He found out he had roll on his stomach recently so he does it all the time now.
My baby is only ten days old and what a strong cookie he is! At three days he was holding his head up for a good 20 seconds
Elizabeth likes to learn and play with her light up toys. She loves to swing outdoors . Elizabeth enjoys her meals and so far doesnt care for peaches. Vote for her she is adorable.
Lyric is the sweetest and craziest baby in the world , oh and the cutest .❤️
Everleigh is 10 weeks. So far we love: •Tv •Daddy •Laying on our back •Being talked to •OUR FOOD We don’t like: •Not being able to see somebody at all times •Being in the dark
Jordyn is a rainbow baby. She is always smiling and laughing and loves to eat her fingers. She likes to watch sports with her dad and she loves when we read to her. She is bright, funny, and oh so sweet.
Jai’Lyn is a very bubbly baby who loves to laugh and scream. She has a lot of energy and she’s very friendly. Jai’Lyn was born premature but doesn’t let that get in the way of her progress!
Luke loves being in the water, playing in the dirt, and working on jeeps with his daddy!
Athena is a sweet baby, she loves to play and try to do things on her own. She is 6 months and growing fast!
Loves to play, & is fearless at 7months ❤️
Parker is the quietest happy baby ever. He loves to look around and talk to his mommy.
Ella is a happy little baby who loves taking baths and being in her swing. She also loves taking strolls in her stroller and looking at everything.
A happy baby. She loves water and being outside. She eats anything!
Hello everyone, please welcome our newest member Dallas B. Dallas is the most outgoing, smart, and most loving 3 year old you’ll ever meet. Dallas has ASD, chromosome 16 deletion, as well as a advanced bone age, Despite all of Dallas’s trials she strives everyday to be her best self. She loves her colors & numbers, Baby shark, & eating pizza 🍕 until she Burst. Dallas is full of life, love, Prosperity, and hope. If I had to describe Dallas in one word it would be AMAZING 💙🦋
My Crazy Elijah is a 1 year old boy who loves to play outside and chase his sister. But he’s always interested in a good cuddle with mom. His favorite word is nope at the moment. He enjoys getting wet with the hose with his dog Athena. And following daddy around while he works on things.
Chicago Skye
Chicago will soon be 1 May 29th! She is walking now. Has 4 teeth, and is off the bottle! Most importantly she has a great, funny, and amazing personality! She loves music, and dancing! She claps her hands as a celebration! She also claps while she dances! Shes a very happy baby, always smiling, and her smile lights up a room! Melts my heart! She also loves her Grandma, and Grandma loves her! I announce her, as if shes famous. HERE SHE IS CHICAGO SKYE!!!! 👏(THAT'S GRANDMA'S GIRL💖
She is my sweet baby. She loves to sleep and eat. Especially eat. She loves to be outside. She’s one of the best snugglers around. She is very curious. She’s mostly happy except when her belly hurts. She’s such a good baby!!
A sweet baby boy who loves to be held, cuddle, and play peek-a-boo.
Cameron Lee is the definition of an All-American boy he's a mama's boy he loves basketball and outside he always talks to everyone in the stores and wave he is my best friend
Paityn is a smart beautiful girl who loves to dance sing fish and work hard on her goals..
Everyone meet my amazing baby girl Malina❣️ A mix of Hawaiian, Caucasian, Chinese & Nicaraguense😍 Malina loves to eat rice, loves to play with water, & loves to eat her Gerber snacks. Malina is such a blessing, she’s a beautiful baby inside & out💖
Arianna loves to give lots of kisses and love she is so bright beautiful and smart she loves her books and toys she has a HUGE PERSONALITY all ready she was born a true star
Ava is 3 months old. She is a rainbow baby. 🌈 She currently battles sezuires, but we hope to get that straightened out. She's extremely smart, so happy, and loveable.❤️
Olivia is the sweetest. She loves to talk , play with her toys and EAT😂😭. She is very sociable at 1 years old!! adorable at its finest😍😍😍🫀 . VOTE LIVY!!!
My beautiful smiley girl loves being tickled, being held, and of course big bows 💕
Kayson is such a easy going baby who loves bouncing an being outside
He Is Such A Sleeper 💙 Loves His Sister 🥰 Only Wakes Up For A Bottle Or A Diaper Change 😌
She’s funny, happy, and her favorite food is bananas. Vote for this precious baby.
Hi I’m Ma’Lonn I am a happy giggling baby. My favorite thing is to be around mom and dad. I love to be outside and be walked around☺️
Puff is 2.5 years old, and he’s the best, very kind and sweet. He loves his greens, raspberries, blueberries and bugs! Fan favorite at holidays.
Mia Rose
She’s very sweet She loves to laugh and cry of course but she loves it when you call her beautiful or pretty she just grins so big 💕
Madison is a warrior! Born at 34 weeks she spent 6 weeks in the Nicu before being healthy enough to come home. She’s sassy and sweet and so strong at only 3 months old!
I love sleeping and snuggling with my mama
Aiden is a twin to Kayden . Aiden is autistic but definitely try’s to do what others do he loves to be outside and he try’s to be the boss to everyone
Kayden is a twin to Aiden. Kayden loves to watch choo choo trains, he loves to be outside and he loves cars
he’s two months old , he’s a big ball of sunshine. he’s got a big personality for a small guy
Beckham is going to be 7 months old on May 16th. He is definitely a mommas boy. Beckham loves to splash in the pool, have books read to him and he lovesss to eat(don’t we all)! He is always smiling or putting everything in his mouth. He is the sweetest boy!❤️
Zakai is less than 2 weeks old, his neck is already so strong and he’s already so alert! He is the most relaxed baby, and makes the funniest faces!!
Isla Ann
She's the sweetest little one, she loves being swaddled and cuddles with daddy! I am beyond lucky to have such a perfect baby🥰