Baby Stories - 45


Scarlett Rose likes to eat and smile😊 She’s a happy little girl with a spitfire personality! She has the chubbiest kissable cheeks and two teefers that she likes to bite everything with (especially mom).
Clara loves to cuddle, smile, kick, play air drums, kisses, coo, and lots more. She would brighten anyone's day and definitely give you baby fever. She's my little love bug ❤️
Aubrina Velles
Aubrina’s smile is very contagious 😊. She brightens everyone’s day just in one smile...
Youngest out of three children. Loves to talk and interact with siblings. Loves to smile and laugh, eat and sleep. Perfect baby who hardly cries. She’ll give some really good sass though instead 😂
She is a ray of sunshine, she lights up the room when she walks in! She loves to sing worship, food is her best friend! She is our rainbow baby full of love!
Kaylee bug is the happiest baby in the world. She is all smiles, giggles, and sass. She loves to roll around and bounce the day away. She’s truly a blessing...the day she was born she and I almost didn’t make it but here we are! If you ever need love then this love bug right here has plenty for you!
Kai is 3 weeks 2 days old. He loves to eat and be held. Kai hates the bath.
6 months old love kicking her feet smileing she just a loveable baby
Michael is 4 years old, he loves trucks and cars. He enjoys playing outside and playing in the water
Rose loves to hang out with Daddy and watch the Pittsburgh Penguins. She is a master at grabbing Daddy's beard and Mommy's hair.
Carson is a spunky little girl with a heart full of love. Her smile is infectious! She can warm your heart and make you laugh when you need it the most. Her favorite movie is Despicable Me. She absolutely loves to dance to music. I’m beyond lucky to be her mommy❤️
Liam is a big boy for his age. He loves snuggling and kisses and playing with his Grammy. He likes to suck in his bottom lip and stick his tongue out at you, especially when he’s hungry.
Ava is our little miracle baby, ~born April 28, 2020, she was a little 6lb 3oz baby, and 18.7in long. She was instantly our everything. Ava is a strong girl who fought and still fights for where she needs and wants to be. At 17 days olds she had her first surgery, and has another one coming up soon. She is one special baby, born with Severe ventricular megly, hydrocephalus, and born without her cerebellum, She has dirty blond hair with a hint of red in it. Beautiful blue eyes. She loves animals, especially her puppy Buddy (Bubby as she calls him), she loves the color blue, unicorns and Moana. She enjoys giving hugs and kisses, her daddy is her favorite person in the world, she is learning to talk with her hands (due to hearing issues) and loves to use her hands to play with her hair, or pull out her oxygen cord, or grab mommy's glasses off her face 😊 We really don't know where we would be without our princess.
Little girl who loves crawling around jumping on everyone
Cyrus is an amazing little boy! He has the most captivating eyes and contagious smile that will stop u in your tracks. He loves everybody he comes across..He such a happy loving-sweetest little boy ever.
The future miss indian universe princess
Jillian is 3 months old and has her 2 big brothers wrapped around her fingers already! She loves to smile and laugh. She is our little princess!
Max loves listening to music and watching his big brother Liam while he plays. He is a loving and smiley little guy.
I was a 27weeks premie twin weighing 1lb 7oz when I was born. I’ve come such a long way!
Loves his froggy rattle and will laugh when he hears others laugh ❤️ absolutely a ray of sunshine
Our beautiful 3 month old baby girl ❤️ Loves eating and snuggling with mom and dad.
Ani Kylee
My name is Ani Kylee. I came to live with my adopted family when I was 3 days old. I love to listen to orchestra and choir it smooths me, I love my baths their the best and I also love to smile and make googoo sound when I'm speaking to my mommy ❤ Let me be your February! Come and vote for me. 💜💜💜
Kinsley is the most sweetest baby ever! She makes you laugh, and gives you crazy baby fever. She’s so smart, and the most beautiful child I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I’m so lucky to be her mama ❤️ She loves Mickey Mouse! She likes to eat mashed potatoes lol especially with gravy. She’s a strong but lazy lol super sweet talented kid, and I couldn’t be more blessed to call her my daughter.
Willow loves to play and eat all the time. Willow enjoys giving kisses to her daddy and watching him play games. Willow is very observent and love to look around at everything. Please vote for my sweet girl. Thank you so much.
Adam Legend
Legend isn’t just in his name.Adam is something special With his bright blue eyes and his cheeky smile,He’s sure to bring smiles and laughter to any room.He enjoys making tick-tock’s with his mom and is a natural flirt with the camera Vote Adam Legend he is sure to steal your heart ❤️
My crazy Pumpkin, loves playing with her doggy’s and going to the park
I am a bright eyes baby girl thats love her daddy and is a gift from god for both mommy and daddy
viviana lou franco is a gorgeous 7 month old girl who loves to smile, eat snacks, & cuddle🥰 she loves her toy puppy & her older brother, santiago💘
Lucian is a very SWEET, happy baby! He loves to smile and giggle and talk all day long!
Lukas is a very happy baby loves his mommy loves to play with his toys and his brothers and his dog he loves cuddle time with mommy and daddy and is a very fast crawler
Scarlett is the happiest 6 month old we’ve ever seen. Carhartt Queen, She absolutely loves her daddy & her German Shepherd. Aside from always kicking around she enjoys mom snuggle naps & bath time! She is our miracle baby and our greatest blessing. ♥️
He loves to smile and pull hair and likes disney music to put him to sleep
He loves the word party and his blocks.
Rambunctious 4 year old that loves to run, play, learn about dinosaurs, Can tell you the name of every construction vehicle in the book!
Hello, I’m Hayengchi Atreus Moua! I love eating a lot and I’m a big pooper. I’m a night owl and I can be very fussy. I’m always happy being cuddle by my mommy! She makes me smile when I hear her laugh. I’m a chunky 8 pound baby when I was born. Mommy continues to make sure I’m sleeping well and am well fed. I love my mommy and daddy! 💙✨
I think Ayden loves his mommy the most. His eyes light up every time he sees me!!
Kensleigh is a very happy baby she has a smile that will light up the room.She loves to watch mickey mouse and loves music. Loves hugs and kisses.
James is 10 and loves the outdoors! Hunting,fishing,quads,dirt bikes, and snowmobiling! He also loves video games and hanging with this brothers and friends!
Wyatt is a strong warrior battling Cerebral Palsy, Cystic Encephalomalacia, a giant congenital melanocytic nevus, and hemiparesis. He loves smiling, laughing, and being a big brother. You can follow his journey on Facebook at Aworldwithwyatt
Our strong, little premie loves spending time with his warrior brother. Both are miracles 🖤
Kacen is a ball of energy and very clumsy like his mom! He also loves anything with a motor and has no fear when riding his dirt bike, quad or snowmobile! He loves the outdoors just like his brothers and is obsessed with spider-man! He isn’t afraid of anything...except monsters lol
My name is addyson elizabeth! I am 7 1/2 months old! I love my momma and daddy!! I love to play with my dogs and toys!!
Wesley is a rambunctious 4 year old who loves being outside fishing, riding snowmobiles, quads, dirt bikes, and playing with his brothers! He may be four but he is smart as a whip and will tell you all about!
Anthony is 7 months old he loves to play in his bouncer he likes rattles he is a sweet baby and loves smiling and play with his sister
She was put in the nicu cause of arota not growing and she was a blessing cause it grew like it supposed to
She is always happy and nothing but smiles just the sweatiest there is
Hi! I’m Savannah, and people always tell me how adorable I am! So why not?! Help me grow my savings for when I’m older so I can learn financial responsibility! No money needed, just give me a vote! Please 👶🏼
Nova is full of smiles and laughs! A tiny little princess who loves to clap and dance. She is such a fun baby and her family loves to watch her learn every day.