Baby Stories - 45


Brynleigh loves eating bananas, watching Cocomelon, & playing with Mommy, Daddy, & her big brothers.
Elliot loves music and ALWAYS has a smile on his face!! He can make a bad day great and is always ready for hug, kisses and cuddles!!
He’s just amazing! Personality wise an everything
Kennedy is the almost sweetest 8 ur old ever, has the biggest heart and loves to watch shows with me and do lots of arts and crafts along with singing all the time.
Jaymeson is a very outgoing happy always hyper little boy, he plays hockey and absolutely loves it..
She loves roller skating, making new friends and making TikToks. She is a very outgoing child
My rainbow baby loves to laugh at her brother and roll all over the floor blowing raspberries . Screaming has become her favorite way of communicating and boyyy does she have a pair of lungs on her😂💖. Wouldn't trade my silly girl for anything though
Elijah Blake
Elijah is one of the smartest 2 year olds I’ve known , he’s very smart and such a comedian that if your feeling down he can cheer you up no matter what’s the situation and very talkative
Eliyanna Brown
Eliyanna is my first born and my best friend she’s funny , silly and just very caring she’s super smart and very creative you would think she’s older then she is cause she’s very mature ❤️ She loves music, drawing, dancing, tV , games etc she deserves to win cause she’s a big help with her siblings
Amariyanna Blake
Amariyanna is my birthday twin she’s loud friendly and over all one of the best kids you can meet she’s funny silly and very caring
Emonie Blake
Emonie is a energetic kid who loves video games he’s very shy but loud at home I think he would be so excited to win this contest
Little Miss Scarlett came into our lives and brought so many smiles :) She definitely got her aunties sass, for only being 4 weeks old she has quite the personality! She loves snuggles and being outside💕
Siyez loves to laugh, and play! His favorite cartoon character is woody from Toy Story! Loves being tickled.
Elijah Is An One Year Old That’s Beyond His Years . He Is Literally A Grown Little Man Lol. He Is So Full Of Life & Can Make Your Entire Day With Just A Smile. He Loves Drums & Pianos . He Loves Drawing & Specifically Painting ❤️ He Is Just Well Rounded & Such A People Person Already 👑
Abel is a unique little guy. Always smiling and happy and can light up a room ❤️
Cherishes favorite princess is Belle and her favorite movie Beauty and the Beast. Fun fact she was that for Halloween!
She loves to play on her phone and talk to her baby dolls
Jordyn loves to play with her toys. She can say Hi, bye, dada, momma, nana and I want that sometimes. She is so sweet and kind but mean when she wants to be
Javier Earl
Javier is 1 year old and 5 Months. He loves to run around and play with his 2 older siblings. He loves to help his dad around with everything mopping, sweeping, help with his dads 4 wheeler. He loves to cuddle, and he’s just a happy little baby.
Kaori has a twin brother name Keon 💙
He loves Elmo, he loves his broccoli. He loves to laugh and smile.
My Baby Nalani Is So Sweet && Beautiful 😍 She Live The Sunlight And Love When Yu Kiss Her Chucky Cheeks
Hey I'm syair and I'm 11 months but I'll be one year old next month I'm growing up to be a big boy i Like to play the drums and make cool sounds and my favorite color is green and blue wish b
My little Leo baby is the sassiest in town! My sweet girl is 3 months old ❤️ She loves tummy time, cocomelon and time with her family! This baby is as sweet as sugar, never a dull moment with her. 🌸
Gracie Jane
Pooka butt is her nickname! She is the happiest little girl who loves to laugh and smile! She's our firecracker!!
Jaysiah is a loving, funny baby boy. He loves his backyardigans and his baby shark. He loves to laugh and smile. He’s our rainbow baby.
Latrell Charlie Jr
Hi my name is Latrell jr but everyone calls me Lj. My favorite movie is Trolls World tour I like to play peek-a-boo with my mommy and try new foods. I absolutely favorite thing to do smile and laugh. My mommy always tells me how silly I am. Right now I can feed myself, kick really hard, roll over on my own, and I can almost sit up on my own.
Wrenley Rose is a loving, funky, always smiling, excited, 3 month old! She is such a good baby! She loves to sleep, eat, smile, laugh, and just have a good time all around. There is hardly a time when she’s not in a good mood!
Savanna likes to listen to music and make dinosaur noises💕
Funny, sweet, talkative, intelligent Legend
Helen is a mischievous little girl that loves to explore. Always smiling
Please meet ahriah Jade. My tiny lil baby was born nov 1st and weighed 6pounds 6oz and 19inc long. She’s loves to see everything around her. She’s loves her hands and to be cuddled please vote for my baby
Cason Greenleaf
SonSon is a Hilarious Ball of Energy That adapts to everything ! He has so much fun & is so creative & a super smart 1 yr old. Vote For my Babyboy💙
Sassy little 1.5 year old
Freya loves to play outside she loves watching Daniel Tiger and she’s just a happy little girl
AJ never stops smiling , and loves Bubble guppies 🧸
Ella is 3 months old she loves spending time with mommy and daddy . She loveeeessss to smile and laugh . Ella also LOVES Mickey Mouse and she loves to watch football as well ! Everyone vote for my precious girl. !❤️
Mia is a very verbal little girl.She loves spending time with mommy and daddy... She loves her puppy cona.. She loves to giggle and eat..
Amara Grace loves smiling, laughing, music and kicking her feet💘
Our bundle of love is the first grand and great granddaughter..she’s everything and more!
Hes healthy and cute
Hattie is an animal lover, loves to give kisses, and loves the outdoors. She has always been such a happy baby! She's curious about everything and loves to explore.
Stealing our hearts one smile at a time.
Mosiah is a very intelligent little boy, he love to play with cars, monster trucks, and he love to be around his family, and mosiah have autism but he love to play with his brother
Zion is a very intelligent little boy, when my son was born he was with a Immune deficiency, where that kept him and the hospital for 6month of his life, and he love to dance and sing and he’s a very good helper, and he love his dinosaur, his monster truck, and he love to read books to me
She's Charlie. She's an infant and she's freaking cute. She loves to smile and eat. Nuff said 😁