Hi anyone who can bonus something at the end of competition to help my son win top 25 will be returned even if I have to send through PayPal it will be returned thank you all for your support Thank you If you didn’t ask me to continue voting and you did continue voting then those votes will be considered gifts thank you Please like and share Thank you ❤️🩵💕💕Mama Squad💕💕 He loves his family and loves caring for them and being there for them during hard times. He is a singer and dancer, one day he will grow up to be an inspiration to the world and inspire people. He also likes to make jokes and make people laugh.
Funny, loving little girl. Loves kisses and puppies.
She’s a bright beautiful baby girl! So smart, funny and loves making us laugh. She has the sweetest ways of people smile giggle and be happy!
My name is Daniel, im 6 years old. Im very outgoing and very smart! I love to cuddle with my mom and watch movies. I love to make everyone laugh. I like to play outside with my cars and my brother.
He is such a happy go lucky little guy. Hardly cries.
Letting my sparkle shine bright✨
Annalise is a very beautiful baby with a big bright smile that lights up the whole house. And annalise was born early but that didn't stop her nor did it slow her down she is a very wonderful baby
Zariah loves to draw pictures, playing dresses up with her dolls, love playing with her little baby sister and watching TV with her little brothers. She loves ur family and friends she has a beautiful heart.
Words to describe jamia is she is so smart for a one year old she is the most kindest, goofiest baby ever and she a beautiful baby
Mia is a wondrous and curious little angel, she loves to play with her Minnie Mouse toys and absolutely loves being outside enjoying the weather.. Mia is a smart brilliant girl that is trying to run at 13 months old she has the biggest smile and cutest dimples!
Asher is loving life. He loves playing with cats, dogs, and loves all kinds of animals. He really loves his mom and dad grandmas and siblings. He loves to give hugs all the time. He recently has discovered basketball and wants to play all the time.
Hazleigh is the youngest out of 3 kids and she absolutely loves her mommy, daddy and brothers!
Hi! My name is Luka. I'm 6 years old. My grandma said I'm one goofy boy. I love to go to the park,watch cartoons,sing,dance and play games. Please vote for me 😃😍
Mazikeen is a strong willed 2 year old. She wants to do everything herself and watches everything we do. She is super smart and has the personality of a diva. She spends her days entertaining everyine with her singing and dancing. She is so helpful around the house cleaning up plates after meals and putting laundry down the shoot. And she loves helping her older brother who has autism and other medical problems.
He loves crawling and learning
Devon loves dinosaurs - Pokemon and is a cuddle bug .
I see Nevaeh every weekend. I stay with her for the whole weekend. We always play games. And she loves pretending. She is excited for Christmas, give us a vote! We greatly appreciate it
Andrew Gollihue
He love to play. Loves his mom. He’s a happy baby
Noah is such a friendly happy baby! He has the biggest smile is so contagious🥰. Very talkative just happy! If you’re ever having a bad day and see this smile I promise you it would make you ❤️‍🩹!
She loves to sing & very beautiful smile.
I’m only just under two months old, so I’m still learning to use my hands and feet. But no matter what… My Mommy thinks I’m a winner 🥇
Curious and Independent...
Very caring loves to help others
Lakelynn is a very happy six month old who loves Ms. Racheal and her family.
Zion is the best baby ever he’s always so happy. He only cries when he’s hungry and he loves to just lay back and relax. He’s such a chill type of dude.
He's really active outgoing never shy supper energetic he's really protective with his older sisters enjoys playing with others
Andrew was a micro premie born at 27 weeks at one pound 4 ounces he’s had a rough go in life. Now 10 years old loves his stuffed animals, loves cars and constantly talks and gets really excited for things
I love my mommy and daddy and all of my siblings I was a NICU baby with oxygen problems and I was in the NICU for Thanksgiving
Ryder is really smart n so curious n full of life , he puts a smile on everyone face that he's around, He is such a joy to be around.
Mykel Griffin
Mykel is a very special boy he loves to draw and play legos he is a straight A student and prevails in every way so sweet and smart he loves to hug and be a big helper! 🤗💖
Alexis Renee
To sing
Kania is my grandbaby I'm a first time grandmother im so bless to have kania as my first grandbaby. Kania is a happy loving baby she put a smile on my face when im holding her i call her a boss baby her mom breast feeds her she let you know when she is hungry .im proud to be a part of her life and watch her grow
Sean loves Chicken/Dumplings and Veggie Straws
Sheylena loves Sour Cream and Onion Veggie Puffs and Velveeta Mac n Cheese
He is amazing gifted 4y old that knows his address and his grandparents address and can tell you how to get there he watches everything and has a better memory than i do hes also very sarcastically funny at times its like he came in this wrold knowing stuff and his IQ is of a 12y old on alot of levels
Xiimara is a 3 year old latina african american girl. She is bilingual Spanish and English. She loves to paint
Hey everybody. I am Remmi. I'm 3 years old and love the outdoors. I love fishing, riding a four-wheeler, basically, anything you can do outside I'm for it. please vote for me!
Rakiah is a sweet loving caring little girl who would do anything for anybody she likes to watch TV play video games spend time with her brothers and sisters
She is the most happiest baby you will ever meet she loves her bigger brother in sister she loves bath time she loves to eat Cheeto puffs is her favorite chips and she loves to play with her babies in her favorite person in the world is her grandma ❤️
He is a strong boy who loves music. He always has a smile on his face and just happy to be around people! We named him Mateo because he is our gift from god. Our little miracle baby is starting to do better and is finally gaining weight and starting to be a normal baby!
Shes very artistic and loves gymnastics. Shes my christmas baby
Strawberry and doggies she loves them both
Isbella Mclain
She's an outgoing baby who loves music
Ava is a very intelligent little girl to be 4 years old there's many things that she likes to do and talking is one of them very much she loves going outside she loves flowers plants and always love to pick flowers for me and her mother
Julianna P Allen
she loves to dance even dough she’s going through a lot. she is strong
Only looking for return votes on Bidiboo! thanks :) I was born with a tumor on my adrenal gland. I am a fighter and i am doing well!! I am a happy baby boy who loves to smile, eat, and sleep.
Shane loves to read he loves comic books.. he has autism and ADHD he is so smart.