Baby Stories - 45


I am convinced that this child will change the world 🌏! There is a magic in his eyes and a fire in his soul 🔥 He has my whole heart ❤
Jaxtin is a very happy baby boy. He loves music and dancing to it! He thinks animals are funny to look at. He also loves to chase his doggy and kitty when he is in his walker. He is always so happy and loves everyone! He loves to talk, and loves mickey mouse. Especially the hot dog song!
Mary loves to smile at mommy, watch our kitties play, and get cuddles from her granny ❤️
He LOVES paw patrol themes a lot. Good helper in the family
She love beinv outside and explore. Spending time with families
Xander Kain
Xander Kain is happy, handsome, funny little boy who loves to play outside with his best friend Liam! & color with mommy & daddy! ❤️
Brock is a total sweet heart! He loves to laugh and smile, play monster trucks, and adores his baby sister!
Bridget is a sweet and sassy little girl! She loves to smile, laugh and loves her big brother!
Noah is 2 months old he’s always a happy baby! & he loves reading books, playing with his toys , and laughing with mommy ❤️
He loves being in carried allllllll the time and that’s about it!
Lilah also know as Lilah Bean or baby doll loves her mommy and daddy, the boob, her swing, music her siblings and being talked too. She has a smile that will light up the whole room , she is starting to coo and loves looking at herself. She is such a sweet baby girl💕
Neil loves Winnie the Pooh and friends , he can’t stand to have his big brother out of his site, he is a bundle of fun and pure joy!
Heartley’s favorite things are her momma, her brothers, her sisters, and food. She has very strong opinions already and knows what she wants. She is rarely seen without a smile on her face.
Everlli is the cutest she makes anyones day just amazing and lights up the whole room with her smile she love to meet new people loves puppies she is 5 months old and already so smart. Love to eat and loves to play.
James is the giggliest and most loving little guy! He loves being outside and feeling the grass, listening to music and taking naps 💙
I'm so happy to share this colorful bundle of human with the world. Hedwiggunther was a difficult birth, but one I only regret every second or third day. Please vote for me - Momma wants to get rich.
Kylah is our youngest energetic, happy and oh so smart youngest daughter, she loves playing with her siblings yelling mommy every min of the day. She loves to be outside every chance that she gets, she absolutely loves to dance whenever music comes on.
A little sunshine of joy , always happy every day , every where , his nickname is Jay jay
She loves to cuddle with momma and daddy 🥰 and her brothers love her alot 🥰
Julian is 3 months old and the most precious little sweetie you will ever meet ❤️
She’s one month old. She loves her two fur brothers, is a happy baby, loving and adorable 💜
Ryan is 2 Months old he loves spending time with his family, and listening to cocomelon!
Aubrey was born on christmas day, she loves to play outside , she is almost 3 years old now, she is so beautiful, she is smart for her age, she is a mommy's girl and mommy's world
Ophelia loves emptying our cabinets, fruit, her da-da, she also loves Mac n’ cheese. She never fails to make us all laugh and smile without trying.
i like long drinks from my bottle, sweet lullaby’s, & i love my mommy and daddy. 😘
My name is Valencia, but everyone calls me V. I like to eat, sleep & play on my play mat. I’m the sweetest baby you could ever meet 💛
Dakota Goff Jr
Jr likes mickey mouse and paw patrol. He loves bananas and yogart.
I’m the happiest little girl in the world. I put a smile on everyone’s face ❤️ I love to smile and kick as fast as I can while playing!
Oliver is a wonder little boy with the biggest heart imaginable. He is full of life and energy. He is obsessed with super heros and dinosaurs, and can name everyone. When he grows up, he wants to be a heart surgeon.
Vote for my sweet baby girl! Eeilani spent the first 45 days of her life in the NICU, she’s a warrior full of smiles! She loves her dada and her brothers, (not more than mommy though)!
Oaklynn Rose is our blue eyed beauty that loves being outside in her swing and playing with her older brother. She has a sweet smile that will just melt your heart and two hands that were made for pulling hair 😅
Emberlynn was born September 19th shes a rainbow baby she was born premature she was full turm she loves to eat she loves being held shes attached to her daddy shes a very spoiled baby shes very beautiful and intelligent she can hold her head up on her own. She loves music she loves to smile shes a good baby she loves her mamaw and pawpaw and She loves to be outside
Mahira means sunshine, and she does justice to that name because she always has her mouth turned up, with her pretty gums out giving everyone the biggest smile she has, and bringing sunshine to their day! She loves people, and she loves puppies
James is 4 months old. He loves to play, and talk to everyone! 💙
My little miracle! Our daughter at 2 weeks old had RVS and was in children’s on oxygen. She is now a thriving little girl that loves to get into everything
Loves smiling , music 😊and over all is a happy little baby boy❤️
Hi my name is sophia and i am 3 yrs old and i love the show tots and i have a very fiesty attitude just like my mom. I am here because im very cute and i know it
Were do i start she is literally the goofiest child ive ever know. She has a facial expression for everything
Melanie is always so happy and brings smiles to those around her daily. She loves playing with her puppy and running around the house as shes recenly learned how to do so.
He is just so adorable, happy little guy
Sweetest baby you will ever meet:)she loves her family so much! But loves nothing more than her rice cakes!!
She is an amazing baby loves to listen to music smile laugh is always happy.
Hes almost 4 months old the happiest baby you will ever meet and love to smile and laugh
He could be a gerber baby with that smile. 🥰