Baby Stories - 44


Hi, I'm grace I am 8 months old mommy and daddy weren't expecting me at first but now Ive been the light of their life for this long Thank you everyone for your support Koala kisses!
I’m 5 months old I’m such a happy baby I love to laugh and scream
Hi I’m Trenton I am 6 months old and my birthday is on cinco de mayo! Cool right I LOVE Mickey Mouse and enjoy my time with my grandmas,mom,and dad. I recently learned a new word DADA! I say it all of the time I enjoy meal time (sweet peas are my faaavorite) The picture shown is my first time EVER seeing a glow stick!!
Heavenley likes to stay awake and see what all the world has for her to see. She loves her family especially her aunt and uncle and her older brother. She tried really hard to talk to you.
Kinsley is happy sweet fun loving energetic baby, she loves dogs and her babydoll
Here is little Harry Jr. ! He is turning 6months on November 12, 2021 :) He loves tummy time & just started crawling. He loves meat baby foods, bananas, & just loves playing w his big sister. He's a very happy, giggly, teething baby - loves chewing on everything at the moment. Overall, my handsomest, strong boy.
Zoella Mae
Zoella is 2 1/2 weeks old, and just recently started opening her eyes more! She loves the water and bath time!💕
Addilyn is an outstanding little girl. She speaks both English & Spanish. She always strives to be #1 at school and in sports, while remembering to lend a hand to help others. She enjoys inline speed skating and hopes to compete in competitions in the future.
Kyirianna she’s a beautiful smart fun and just a all around wonderful little girl to see her is to love her.
Cèvion is 4 months and full of life. He brings a smile to everyone’s face. He is one of the happiest babies you will ever meet.
Please like⬇️🤩🥰This girl has the best personality, always making people smile and laugh. Josephine Mae (Josey Mae),has always wanted to enter a beauty pageant so this is it! Josey loves everyone and seems to win over complete strangers with her kindness and smile. She has the best heart of anyone I’ve met in my 37 years! She takes ballet and gymnastics and is passionate about both!! She LOVES to dress up…even on regular days she is always dressed to impress, lol. So cute 🥰 She sure is a special one, an sim happy to introduce her to you!
This is her as a baby,i figured id try showing her as a baby for a month,feel free to vote her,as she is bueatiful baby girl! Ill add her now as well as throughout the years. I luv my babysister!
Almost a year! Loves to play and chase his sisters around. The sweetest boy you’ll ever meet 😍🥰
Made this as a joke along with my other ones lmao
Hi, I am Ackerson. I love lights, bath time, feeding, and my mommy.
She loves to be out side like watching coco melon and eats nun but fruit and steak 😂😂❤️❤️
Blakely was born 3 weeks early and is the most beautiful blessing we could have. We absolutely adore her.
Arianna is such a sweet, beautiful, energetic 11 month old. She loves watching Dora and snuggling with her mama, Papa and Nina. She doesn’t really enjoy car rides but loves being outside! 💕
I’m Malakai, I love crawling all over the house, pulling myself up, making funny noises, and cocmelon of course ❤️
Knox is n absolute sweetheart who loves everyone!
He is a very caring and loving little boy and looks out and helps take care of his little cousin seen in the picture. They are both beautiful little boys.
Brock is such a outgoing happy baby! He loves spending time with his mommy, daddy and his doggies! He has the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen! He is so photogenic!
Sophia is very outgoing, she loves her family and is adventurous
Mulan is such a happy loving baby with a fierce attitude
Her smile will melt your heart!
Chozen Ermias
I knew from day one Cho’zen was something special. He was born with nothing but hair & it just continues to grow bigger & bigger each day. He was walking at 10 months. He talks & plays with the older kids likes he’s a big boy already. He loves to dance, he loves to drive his mommies car lol. He’s so sweet to everyone he meets. His little face & smile says it all. Vote for my baby boy you won’t regret it!
Jacob doesn't like to be undressed. He is so cute when he stops crying:))
Happy little man who loves to smile😊
Braylon is a very active toddler that loves his family. He can be silly, stubborn, and very outgoing. He loves playing and music.
Lochlan loves laughing and screaming and is always catching peoples attention with those big blue eyes. He loves bluey and Mickey and hanging out with his big sister.
Oh this baby boy is sour than he’s the sweetest. He loves to talk, and play with slime. He’s starting to grow more independent .
My name is justin and i love to laugh and play, i love my big sissy, i love to be with mommy
She loves to eat and loves tv and she goes by moura or bubbles🥰
Emma-May was born at 32 weeks the day after Christmas, despite the fact that she has had GI issues with milks and weight gaining issues that’s been blessed to be fixed by donor milk as of right now, she’s a little smart advanced toddler that enjoys Mommy snuggles and loves learning and being socially interactive! She’s been a God Send and Angels have helped her with her growth and tummy along the way. We couldn’t be more happier and appreciate journeys in life together. She loves so much, and she loves her siblings so much. She can go 0 to 100 with them tantrums but she always wants to be independent in things. She’s such a doll!
Delilah is a happy baby who loves going to grandmas, rolling around on the floor and playing with her sister and brothers.
Hi my name is Giovonni! I am only 10 months and busy as ever! I love to play with all my toys and hang out with mom and dad! Can’t wait for my first birthday on Christmas day🎄🎉
Hi I’m Jay. I was born 2 months early. I was in the nicu for a month and 5 days. I’m finally home and happy!
Hazel is the sweetest miracle baby who smiles a lot, loves to mimic your facial expressions and enjoys watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse