Baby Stories - 44


Eli is Maddox’s identical twin brother! He is wild, sweet, funny, and hyper! He loves to be a flying baby, jumping in daddy’s lap, and cuddles with momma.
Silas A is 5 months old he loves to listen to mommy and daddy’s voice. He enjoys when his sister sings to him and loves to cuddle!
Peyton loves cartoons, sweet potatoes and dancing! Her Favorite song is somewhere over the rainbow
Maddox is Eli’s identical twin brother! He loves riding in his wagon, eating, cuddles, and riding in daddy’s truck. He’s such a ham!
Beautiful very goofy personality and loves cocamelon and when mommy sings to her
Brooklyn is already 4 months old and she is Mommy & Daddy's Little Princess as well as our little Diva & she already knows how to mess with her Mommy & Daddy. Brooklyn already have her Mommy & Daddy wrapped around her little finger.
Jaxon just turned a year old and is growing leaps and bounds! He loves music and anytime a song comes on (whether it’s a commercial or the jeopardy theme song lol) he always breaks out into dance with the biggest grin. He loves giving mommy kisses and has learned to wave goodbye 👋🏼 He is such a happy baby and continues to make us smile every day
Bentley is very active , & loves to say dadada ❤️
Konner is a lover not a fighter but don’t get in between his bottle and cocomelon!
Ximena is a Happy little sister who loves her grandma and brother and sister and her favorite show is minnie mouse.
Sage loves tractors and puzzles.He's a sweetie.❤
Skylars loves to color and she loves Blimpy.Shes a real Sweetheart❤
Oliver is a happy baby! Since the day he was born we have said we were blessed 😇 he is a perfect angel ❤️
He is always in good spirits! He loves smiling and babbling! He loooves his pacifier! He makes my day so amazing and I feel so blessed to be his Mom! He loves baths he hugs the water. He barely cries and if he does he is so easy to comfort.
She is the sweetest, most loving baby. She loves cuddles and is always smiling and giving lovin. Best baby ever.
Theo is a super happy baby boy. He loves to clap his hands and jump, jump, jump! He’s working on climbing up and standing on his own. Theo also loves the pool and isn’t afraid to dunk his face in. He’s growing and won’t stop!
Gabby aka Lulu 💞 Loving and very protective🤞🏽 Loves to sing and dance 🎶
Hazely is bundle of joy love to crawl and get into everything she is lovable and she love minnie mouse and love to cuddle and she loves to swim
this little princess is the one thing I always wished for! She’s been the perfect baby from day one, she’s always been a really easy going baby 😍 she’s so lovable and anywhere we go she smiles at complete strangers and wins their hearts instantly 🥰 her favorite food would be boobie 😂 if she could she would be latched to me all day long 🤗😂 she crawls very slowly since she just started but she eats grown up food 😂 since she was 4 months old she hated baby food, as soon as we tried food of my plate she was sold 😂 I can’t wait to watch her grow up 🥺💜
Lucas is 11 weeks old. He likes to smile at anyone who will smile at him and loves to eat his hands.
Aubrielle is a sweet and sassy little princess and loves to be around her aunt's grandpa and brothers she's the only girl out of six kids. So she is extremely sweet and adorable.
Elijah is a happy go lucky sweetheart he loves his momma big brothers and big sister.Elijahs big blue eyes will melt ur heart and brighten your day.
Olivia is a little firecracker! She brings so much joy to everyone’s life. She has such a big personality there is never a dual moment with her. She loves to boss her older siblings around. She loves to be the center of attention and loves to make you laugh and loves keeping you on the edge of your seat with her daredevil stunts she does.
Mckynzie is a sweet spunky sassy little girl. She will light up a room when she when she walks into it. She has the biggest heart and so much love to give.
Legacy loves cuddles and is so advanced its scary! He sits up and rolls over, moves around everywhere we sit him by himself. Appalled his father myself and the nurse by crawling up his fathers chest the day he was born! Our last baby that made 8 between us and our little bundle of joy 🥰
My name is David Clayton Rogers, I Go By Clay. Im One Years Old, Im A Mommas Boy and My Dads Bestfriend. I Love To Play And Watch Cartoons And Laugh. Im A Chunky Boy, And Happy Baby. The Only Time Im Upset Is When Im Hangry . Please Vote For Me . Have A Blessed Day!
Kaden is 4 months and is a fun loving always happy baby was born at 6lbs 13ounces
Eevee was born September 3rd, and she’s all smiles. Her favorite thing to do is tell everyone "hi" and eat snacks!
Wyatt is a little firecracker. He’s always making us laugh and keeping us on our toes. He loves playing in the water and playing with his dogs
Karter loves bathtime, cuddling with his older sisters and watching sports with daddy
Zaryiano loves to look in the mirror and smile and cooo at himself it's so adorable he gets so excited everytime he see's himself!!
She is very happy out going and has the best personality
Maraelyn is a happy 2 month old baby who loves to smile, laugh & play with her older brothers 💫
Kanani is 3 months old, and she loves Sofia the 1st. she loves going on car rides. Kanani loves apple juice, and loves to talk and smile with her Meme. Bath time is her favorite, along with going swimming.
Melania is a happy baby. She love to smile and eat. She is only 1 month.
Ace is 10 Months old. Crawling. Loves eating anything. Likes the outdoors. The moment he gets in his walker he’s gone. Definitely a Mama’s Boy. Has a thing for the camera.
Avery is starting to walk. She says “mama” & “dada”. She loves to eat. She loves to play outside.
Kory Michael is a fun loving baby, he loves to giggle, play patty cake and be held. He is named after 2 of his uncles who have passed away. He is truley an angel sent from heaven, and our little miracle.
Kaydence is 2 yrs old I do believe she is one of the meanest 2 year olds around.
Kinsley is 5 yrs old she loves to play outside, she tries to be a little mommy to her sisters she’ll actually get to start kindergarten this year.
Nevaeh is 3 yrs old she loves to play outside, loves to fight with her sisters, she’s a wild one for sure.
Fall in love at first sight , smart loveable baby boy .
Brynlee is a bubbly, happy girl who loves to smile and laugh. She is 6 months old and is trying to crawl but is already walking while holding mommy or daddy's hands! Her best friend is her 95lb Great Pyrenees pup.