Baby Stories - 44


Silly, cudddly, sweet Carolina! She loves to talk and eat her baby food, she loves to laugh and play in her walker!
devin is 2 months old & always happy!! he loves when anyone is talking to him, loves his toys that light up, and loves nap time 😍❤️
Maybelle is our rainbow baby. Shes a very calm and Smiley baby. She loves trying to walk and play with everybody she meets. Loves to watch Disney Plus and musicals.
Aubree is so funny & smart!! She's holding her bottle & sippy cups on her own. She rolls over & loves to sit up. She still needs help sitting up, but she absolutely loves it!! She loves puppies & loves giving kisses!!
Mila Quinn
Mila and Quinn are just shy if 2 1/2 yrs old and are the spunkiest, lovable most energetic girls ever! They love their music abd sings parts of almost every song on the radio!! 💚💜
Frankielyn is full of energy. She loves horses and “kitty kitties”. You can often find her dancing to Baby Shark and she gives her family an abundant amount of “hugs & kisses”. She is our pride and joy, with her you are bound to giggle right along with her!
Atreus, is a goofy little boy. Always making cute noises and wanting everyone's attention. He is super smart for his age as he was born 6 weeks early (it was scary!). He is all around a loving little baby and has a smile for you just when you need it most.
Addileigh Kaelynn Hampton
its a new adventure everyday
Benley is a super loving and happy baby! She loves everybody and loves playing with her toys! Her laugh is super infectious and she never stops smiling!
Kiley was just born on 10/28/2020 and she has an older brother Nolan and an older sister Raelynn
Hi, my name is zayda. I love to play, watch movies. I can sit and i want to walk so bad. It is 11/8/20 i stood up and took my first two steps. love to try to eat my kitten when he walks by.
She really is a happy baby and is full of smiles and laughs. She’s learning how to walk and is having a blast learning. She is very persistent and doesn’t seem to be a giver upper.
John Carl
He loves to dance and ride anything with wheels. He says please and thank you and his favorite thing to do is give mom hugs and kisses. He is such a sweet boy.
Baby tru is handsome and full of smiles! All the girls love him !
Nevaeh is very active for 3 months! She loves dancing,music,her big sister and making people smile!
He has a twin sister that he loves a bunch!
Kayson loves the sun and being outside. He's always smiling always happy full of energy. He's favorite things are his dogs and truck walker.
Asher is the Happiest little boy all the time. He loves being around everyone and babbling away and giving all the biggest smiles. He always lights up a room with his little laughs and smiles 💕
Levi will be a year old in a month! He is always smiling and always happy BUT he is also giving me a run for my money! When he wants something, NOTHING stops him. He will go through any obstacle and figure out how to get it on his own. Every day just about I get stopped saying how I should put him in baby contests because he is perfect, so here we are 😍
Tiera is so full Of life and a happy baby! She loves the grinch and giving hugs🤗
Greyson Able Reign
Greyson is a sweet lil baby who loves to snuggle. He gets lots of love from his 3 brothers and 2 sisters.
Malaya is 3 weeks old she is our rainbow baby. She holds her head up on her own already. Shes very alert and loves to sit up and watch boss baby. She has the sweetest smile that will melt your heart🥰
Maxamillion is a wonderful 8 month old who loves snacks and smiles. Anytime someone smiles at him he has to big grin back.
Baby girl is already holding her neck up and rolls herself over 💗she loves listening to everyone and is learning how to smile... she loves loves her older sisters and tries to laugh but can’t get her words out just yet haha
My chemo baby. Has been through so much with her mama. She’s 8 weeks old today, she loves snuggling mama, or anyone that wants some lovins’ 😍 she loves her paci, toys and big sister and brothers.
Dustin James C.
Dustin is my spit fire child! He Is my second born and lives up to the reputation everyday! He keeps us on our toes while keeping ours lives entertained. He is a funny dude! You are sure to smile if you ever are around him 🥰 as wild as he may be I've never met someone who cares so deeply and loves so purely as he, except maybe his sister😉 Dustin James, our Mr. D.J !
Brayden wakes up everyday with a smile and is a very happy baby. He loves anything Mivkey Mouse. He always gives others a smile when he meets them.
Jaxson Myles
He is a happy, little chunky monkey! The light of my life !🥰
Autumn loves music, and dancing. She loves to be outdoors and reading books.
Melody is the sweetest baby ever ♥️
Hello, my name is Leyla and now im 1 year ol with 2 month, I love my family alote they always make me smile, I love mostly my momy because she always is eatching me every step i make and she is proud of me when i make something new.
Koda is a sweet little boy, his way of communication is a lot of grunting and panting, and is a HUGE daddy’s boy
This is Kairi. She’s 4 years old and loves to go to school! She loves playing outside and riding the four wheeler. And especially loves Frozen 2!!
An angel , my grandson Memphis he has a smile that just like his daddy n momma so sweet n full of love
She loves to eat and bounce
Sweden is a loving Child. She loves to sing dance and she loves school!!! Every night We pray together and she tells me mommy you’re my best friend and thank you!!! She is very family oriented and very independent. She loves taking pictures and being in front of the cameras 🤩she is a star ⭐️ vote for the love of the children
Gabriel is an active, funny, loving boy. He loves playing outside, playing with his Siblings and Parents, but his best friend in the world is his Pawpaw. He plays peek-a-boo by covering his ears, and everytime he hands you something, he says "Thank you!"
Lejla is so sweet and laid back. She doesn’t want to be rocked or patted, she just wants to hang out on your lap, looking at what you look at.
This beautiful unicorn is little Miss Patience she’s a bundle of joy that’ll bring joy into anyone life she has super powers to make anybody love and adore her with an outstanding bubbly personality
Karter is such a happy baby. He loves to look at ordinary objects such as pillows, fans, and pictures on the walls, and laugh and talk to them. He teaches me to enjoy the little things in life and to always be happy.
Declyn is 12 weeks old and already breaking the hearts of everyone. He loves to stick his tongue out when you talk to him and loves to laugh. He also gets super excited when daddy plays music in front of him!
This little bundle of joy is the happiest baby. He loves sucking his thumb and talking to mom. He enjoys his swing while he watches tv. And he sure does love his bottles❤❤
Hi! My name is Carter and i love EVERYTHING! I’m the happiest baby and enjoy bouncing and playing with the television remotes! I am 6 months old!
She is very chunky, which works to her benefit.
This little angels name is Le’ah she loves to dance and she’s also very goofy, sweet and loving little girl and has a smile that would brighten up your day
Dontai loves lights & music he likes when you talk and sing to him he’s a happy baby he smiles a lot he’s 3 months old .
Oaklyn had a traumatic birth which resulted in seizures and almost a months stay in the hospital before she could come home. But other than her G-tube she’s a perfectly healthy baby girl. She is so happy all the time! I couldn’t ask for a better baby 🥰
She’s sweet, she loves to get around, loves to play with other kids