Hazel has a disorder / diease since birth doesnt stop her from anything . She loves her brother mommy her family and pets . She likes her walker bouncer and swing . She likes scooby and other old cartoons . She likes unicorns and minnie mouse .
Zyair loves to eat his hands and yours too if you let him. He loves to coo and make noise and smile when he sees his mommy or daddy!
He’s the sweetest and smartest little 2 year old! Has one of the biggest personalities. He loves dinosaurs and playing outside.
He loves watching hey bear. He can roll over and he’s the smiliest little boy!
Jaxton is a very loving little boy. He is very helpful to others , especially to his peers an younger friends. Jaxton allways says " everyone needs to be loved no matter what they do or dont do"
Karter loves roblox and his family he is a very happy kid ❤️
Hi my name is Noah James I am 15 months old I was born in September i love to watch my dada play his game i love you do everything that my dada does I like to eat what he eats i love cats I like to be crazy sometimes i love to go to the park and i love to go outside all the time I like to mess with my mom and get on her nerves and I like to mess with my mommy cat angel i love to mess with my great grandma and my grandma too.
Elizabeth Faye loves her papaw she also love for us to read to her she loves when Mimi sings to her
Ryker is one month what he likes the most is to help his daddy work on the race car in the garage at papas house and play with his puppies dogs and his kitty’s cats
Nathaniel Brana
Great smile outgoing loves to dance womanizer look lol his 3 and very smart loves taking pictures he's just an energetic handsome boy that always has a smile on
He is a month old, the sweetest little thing, and our rainbow baby!
Little girl, Big personality! This girl is my sunshine, she always makes everyone smile and laugh. She loves doing make up and skin routines. And she loves her LOL dolls that her Mimi and Papa get for her. She lives with her grandparents but I am there every weekend to spend as much time with her as I can. Because like I said she's my sunshine!! Vote for Nevaeh❤️🎄
It’s not one but two beautiful girls
Martin is a 3 year old happy little boy. Martin loves to give hugs and kisses. He loves playing his games and just being around his brothers and sisters an mom and dad. He loves the camera and is always smiling away.
Zaire is a charming, energetic baby. He loving smiling and talking. He loves watching Miss Rachel and Elmo. He loves playing peek a boo and pancake with mommy. He loves playing with his big brother and going to visit his grandparents.
Zahmir is very energetic and outgoing. Loves being silly and playing with his baby brother and going to school. His favorite color is orange and he loves sonic
Raymond is a very loving sweet little boy! He loves playing/spending time together, He loves his baths he’s my little water boy! Very energetic, fun entertainment! When he’s around there’ll never be a dull moment where you won’t be smiling!
Vanity is a caring, playful and very spunky, outgoing little girl.
He’s so smart for his age he’s got a cute smile and big beautiful eyes his favorite animals cows and he loves spending time with his family
Romeo is a special sweet boy just a month and a half old.
Trinity was born at 38 weeks she is such a sweet baby girl and so loved she loves sleeping in her bassinet with her lullabies on or in mommy’s arms she loves watching me cook and bake
She loves to smile all the time
Micah nicknamed "Jelly Bean," a vibrant and energetic four-month-old, exudes an undeniable zest for life. With every gurgle and giggle, he captivates the hearts of all who encounter him. His infectious laughter fills the room, spreading joy like wildfire. Micah's curiosity knows no bounds as he explores his surroundings with wide-eyed wonder. His tiny hands eagerly grasp at objects, eager to unravel their mysteries. Blessed with a radiant smile that could melt even the coldest of hearts, Micah is a true testament to the beauty and innocence of infancy. Every day is an adventure for this little jelly bean, reminding us all to embrace life's simple pleasures and cherish each precious moment. Meet micah!
Lucie loves anything that makes noise she is very outgoing and still is learning, She has her own personality and the moment you look at her she steals your heart 💕
Blayke loves dogs, and all types of animals. Dogs and horses mainly
Aleigha loves dance, the outdoors, and helping others. She has over come a lot to get where she is now!!!!
Loving caring 2 year old ❤️she is extremely smart!
He is a very caring, and happy child that love fortnight, roblox and minecraft he hates when people are sad and will do anything to cheer them up.
Jayce loves sonic and he loves to play with his brothers 💞 he is very bright and talented boy. He he really likes to watch YouTube ❤️
Jayden is such a happy boy he is so lovable he loves to watch PO the Kung Fu Panda and play with his brothers 💞
Mae is the most happy baby! She loves to learn and play 🥰
Cattleya Adkins
Amazing beautiful babygirl ❤️😍❤️
Forrest is a very active little boy. He loves doing puzzles and playdough!
Selena is a bright an beautiful little girl she likes dancing she loves the camera an she likes to just have fun
Jay has the best heart and loves to laugh. Happy holidays from Jay Jay!
My name is Ariyah I am a 11 month old beautiful sassy baby girl. I love to eat Everything I see, and playing . My favorite people are mommy and daddy.
He’s 7 Months old, he loves applesauce, he loves playing with his father and he likes to eat & he’s a very happy baby boy
Hello my name is McKayla Kelly Hughes am ten months old I live in Portland Oregon, .... it's just me and my mommy at the moment, but am surrounded by ppl that just love me whitch is probably why my nick name is smiles! Besides laughing,sleeping,crawling on my mommy,doing a stinking .... I also get to spend some of my days at daycare playing with my friends at day care , while mommy also goes to school....yes I'd say we got a pretty good life if you think am pretty cute you can vote for me!
Sorin is a wild 15month old! He LOVES outside, dogs, squishmallows and helping mom and dad around the house!
Hi I’m Graycen Ryan. I’m almost 3. I love to help with my 6month old cousin. She is my best-friend. I love to play with my cars. Especially my monster trucks. I am very interested in RzR’s. I have a big one that I can drive but with a parent. And I have another one that I can drive all by myself. I also have one I can control with a controller. Those are my favorite things to play with. I love my mama, my GG, my papa, and everybody else.
Shayaan is a beautiful 2 year old toddler who keeps everyone on his feet he loves to play with his older 3 siblings and he is def the baby of the house .He comes from a long line of tough cookies but he will always be my little handsome baby .Always my number 1 !!
Joaquin is a very fun and happy baby. He loves Mickey Mouse and loves his cat Will!
This is Romeo! Romeo is 8months old ! Romeo likes watching Ms.rachel , eating food , and saying dada !
Izzy is just a happy baby who loves to smile and laugh. He is learning how to stand so he loves his jumper right now, if he isn’t there he prefers to be with his mama 🥰
Liam is 13 months old he is our angel baby. We had two miscarriages before we had him. He loves ms Rachel and walking. And chasing the dog.
She loves puppies, singing and dancing. She is a very loving little girl.
Kloe is such an amazing baby girl! She is happy and laughs out loud in her sleep. She is so loving, even at this early age. She is a little sister to a 7 year old sister Zoey from her father and her mothers first child at age 42. She is a blessing to us all and a very loved child.