Ella is one of the happiest babies. Her smile is so pure and she has a heart of gold!
My son Brendan is a very special, talented, kind and handsome little boy. He brings cheer and love to everyone. He has long beautiful eyelashes most women would love to have. He loves Minecraft and is very talented at drawing and painting! You should vote for Brendan because he is one amazing kid
Hello my names juniper mila-rose i maybe small but im so mighty! I was born with a rare Genetic disorder called spinal muscular atrophy type one and im here to prove the world wrong one wheelchair roll at a time
Zander loves to talk your ear off, he definitely loves to show off his belly button. He loves making a mess and having fun and making silly faces
Abigail is one of the most sweetest, sassy, loving girls there are! She is very special to me! She loves makeup, toys, and princess stuff!!!
Brooks is 12 years old. He loves all things music. He plays the saxophone and the cello.
Love to play soccer
Andrew is six years old. He is the biggest Alabama Football fan. He plays football and baseball, and loves anything outside!
Mason is three years old, and loves to swim. He is outgoing, athletic, and the best cuddle buddy.
Jamison is an absolute goofball, he loves laughing and making silly noises!
Miles was born on 2/2/22. He is the happiest baby, and loves his five brothers. He is the caboose to our crew, and loves to walk around and terrorize his brothers.
Everlee she's my little sassy one she loves hoho Santa she loves baby dolls and wants to help with her young sister
Leland loves Christmas and Santa and snow he loves his family and toys spiderman
This is Nevaeh first Christmas and she's such a happy baby she's starting to walk and loves music
Lorenzo is 2.5 years old.. absolutely obsessed with his Spider-Man! He loves to color & draw , true artist. He loves squishing bugs & singing twinkle twinkle little star. He is the most outgoing little boy and loves his baby sissy
Emberlynn is very loving and energetic her eyes light up when her big sister is around and loves watching everything she does.
Mazikeen is a blue eyed brown haired baby girl who always has a smile on her face. She loves TV , the outside , and most of all cuddling up to take a nap on your chest.
Marry Jane
Marry was born at 26 weeks she has been in the NICU going on 4 months and making outstanding progress was born 2 pounds 2 ounces! Doctors told us she wouldn't make it but she pulled through I'm here to show off my baby girl and a miracle God created❤️
Za’Nylah is 6 years she is very smart girl who loves to dance and do gymnastics
Kamara Jade is a very loving calm baby . Shes always happy and smiling and definitely lights up the room. If you met her it would definitely melt your heart . She loves watching ms. Rachel on YouTube.
Lilianna says "Happy Holidays to EVERYONE!
Harleigh is 2 years old. She loves watching the Grinch, The Lorax and Santa Clause. She loves to play with her cousins, Arlee and Kollyns
Leo was born 10 weeks early and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy in April 2021. But, he doesnt let that get him down or slow him down. He always pushes himself to do the impossible. Leo enjoys being a little and big brother, loves to sing along with Cocomelon, and smiling. He will always be the light in your life!
Jordyn Lavelle Fortune
Jordyn is a fun smart bright little girl
Korrie is such a happy baby! She loves looking around and talking to whoever wants to listen! Learning and growing so much everyday. She is truly a blessing to our family!
Hayden Barriga
Hayden is a very sweet a luving lil girl she luvs to sing dance and help others feel better when they are down. She always brightens the room with her smile and laughter.
My name is Malaya! I’m always super happy & joyful, I love my big brothers they make me laugh. I love to yell with my new voice all day and love sticking my tongue out! Please vote for me😊
Roslin loves camping, crafting, water, mushrooming, gardening anything nature wise. She is also very good at acting haha but growing flowers and gegetables one of her favorites. She would like to become the doctor when grown up.
Hi my names kasen, I love to stare and smile at my mom and dad. I love watching tv and the fireplace is pretty interesting. I’m rolling over and I hold my head up no problem. My mommy says I’m dramatic but I don’t see it.
Messiah loves JoJo Siwa.She enjoys spending time with family.You can find her outside riding bikes,jumping on the trampoline and making mud pies with her siblings and cousins.She loves going to church with granny.She has a big heart and she doesn’t meet a stranger❤️
She is a happy baby loves to be around everyone. Loves to play with her momma and siblings.
Kynleigh is currently 3 months old she loves colorful lights she loves getting baths and she loves to smile and laugh this would be her very first Christmas 💕
Amir is such a big help when it comes to helping momma with baby brother!! He loves his dinosaurs 🦖 . Only 4 yet can name all the dinosaurs there ever was.. He loves playing with cousin as much as he can. Loves spending time at TiTi’s house 🏡!!
She is a very smart & intelligent toddler that loves to sing with a loving heart and a bigger dream I pray my baby win we deserve this
She loves listening to music 🎶 & watching big sis play. She loves having all the attention on her at all times of at all possible!! She’s such a sweet baby girl. She’s just figured out she can be vocal. She’s truly a blessing.. Merry 🎄 Christmas & Good luck to us all!!!
Ashton And Zyker
Ashton 2 Zyker 1
Lydia Carlsen
Shes 5 yrs old, favorite color is pink,loves to play and draw, always happy but alittle shy at first. She loves doing silly faces. Loves listening to music and dance.
She loves Christmas, she donates almost all her toys.
Karter is 4, he loves music, he loves dancing and he is very smart !!!!
Ezra is just the sweetest little boy. He eats whatever you give him; loves yogurt and juice; and spends his day playing and sleeping.
“Alex” is so sweet, funny & loving. He LOVES animals, playing outside, & hanging out with his family. He is theeeee cutest🧡 his smile tells it all.