Baby Stories - 43


Sebastian is my rainbow baby 💕 me and my husband tried very hard to have a baby, we lost our first one and not even a year later we welcomed our little ray of sunshine into the world 💕 he is such a happy boy and he makes us feel filled with love and joy 💕
I love to play with my mommy and family I love to eat food all day and to nap I am 7 months and I can crawl❤️
Most Happiest, loving, and vibrant bundle of pure joy!
Loves smilling fav food moms milk Go vote for my nephew djraeden
Olivia Kate absolutely loves her little sister and her grandparents. She has a little trouble remembering her colors, but can tell you the name of any animal and most of the sounds they make! She loves to ride the tractor with her Pa, help her GiGi cook, watch tv with her Grammy, and play outside with her Poppy. She loves to play with her little sister, Piper Jade. She loves seeing new people and making friends!
Damien is a beautiful baby boy. He came into this world 08/17/21. Hes so so sweet and loves cuddles.
Alora is now more alert, spending more time awake and opening her eyes during the day. (We are transitioning from vampire mode to getting those days & nights on track. 🙌🏽) She now follows us (mostly me 😁) with her eyes around the room and she is starting to become aware. She will smile when you talk to her & sometimes let's out a little baby coo 🥰. Drinking mommy's milk is her favorite hobby & you better not be slow about getting it to her or she will throw a whole fit! Baby sis is not patient at all 🤣 And once she is comfortable and settled in a good spot she does not, I repeat DOES NOT want to be touched, talked to, or moved 🤣 (she gets that from her mama 😆). She may look like daddy but she has mommy's personality for sure. I can tell already this is gonna be my sassy girl! She is growing so fast so we are soaking in all these sweet snuggles! #1MonthOld #LeoBaby
Tyrese Taylor
Please Vote for my baby because he's cute and silly. He makes silly faces and because I'm his mom and dad ❤🤷🏾‍♀️
Hi, I' m Mikayla, I love going to the park/beach, dancing and watching Motown Magic! She is such a sweet baby, loves to give hugs and kisses!
Mallory is the sweetest baby there ever was. She makes everyone around her smile. She gets better everyday!
I love anything out doors, especially Rideing on my dads bobcat.and meeting people i alsö love animals
Kandis Jr. but we call her K.J our blue eyed baby!
Violet is 3 weeks old. She is starting to follow objects and focus on them. She found her hands and loves to eat them, she also loves to eat in general. She loves tummy time and hates being on her back. She is my bundle of joy.
Citlalli is a funny, happy, and smart baby. She always has a smile on her face. She always finds a way to make someone smile. she loves to dances and sing. think you should vote for citlalli because shes a bright and happy fun little girl.
My little beauty is 1 month old and she is my last baby! Please vote for miss Mina Rosalie
Emberlee Rose
She’s a sweet happy loving baby she love playing with her mommy and daddy and has the sweetest smile in the world
She loves her food, clothes, bows and her family. She often wants changed her outfit several times a day.
Hailey is the sweetest little babe in the world, she loves hanging at the gym, snuggling, dancing, wiggling, laughing and smiling. She has many fans, but her dog Simba is number 1 😀
Everett loves to crawl around and play with ANYTHING he can get his hands on! He loves thinking he’s one of the big kids and wants to do what the big kids do too!
She loves to poop alot and sleep. Shes an angel. 💖
Kendall loves to eat and smile all day, she is a beautiful baby girl with so much joy. You should vote for her she’s literally adorable ❤️
SaNiyah is such an active baby 💜 She already trying to crawl! She loves to kick her feet, wave her arms around, and enjoy a nice bubble bath.
Braylen is a very happy babyy, he loves moana, everyone always say he’s so precious and has the most perfect round head, look at that’s face how could you not vote for him?!
Chloe is the most loving 20 month old you will ever meet. She is very outgoing, loves people, loves her older siblings. She loves to be outside getting dirty. She is just all around a happy sweet baby. She started off in the NICU born early, now you could never tell! She is a true princess ♥️
Thea Reign
Thea Reign was born at 35 weeks, and was a NICU baby. She has kinky curly hair, big brown eyes and is a very happy girl. She loves playdough, kinetic sand, Ryan's World, Blippi, Dinosaurs, and being adventurous outside. She is a water baby and would LIVE in water if she could. She is so so smart, loves to read books, and completed her first library summer reading program. We are hopeful to win to purchase Thea a new loft bed for Christmas. 🤞🥰
Hi Anders is a month old loves to eat , smile, coo , loves to open his eyes when read too or someone is talking to him! Best little baby a one could ask for, he’s really mellow and just goes with the flow!🥰
Dakari Thomas Dixon-Brooks is our sweet baby boy!! Almost 3 months old weighing 16 pounds & he is 26 inches long! He loves bath time and laughs at everything!! ❤️
Lincoln loves smiling at the camera, bananas and bath time!
Hi! I’m Konnor. I love my daddy and my sister and am always smiling. I like to dance with the music by moving my arms and legs and I Love my puppy Kaylee!
Rosalynn has a twin brother she loves to laugh and her smiles lights up the room she is just the sweetest!!!
Kalani loves to snuggle. She enjoys listening lullabies and going for walks on warm days in her stroller!
Ziara loves baby dolls ! She is a sweet 1 yr old with a attitude at its finest she loves any food with pasta in it !
Anderson is one month. He was born with a cliff lip and plate. That hasn’t stopped him. He love’s long naps and, doesn’t enjoy tummy time yet. He loves snuggling with mom and dad.
Rylie is the Twin of his 22 y/o Dad . His interest are in car noises, walks, Pikachu & Nature. Rylie has a wardrobe selection that over laps both of his parents, as well as hotwheels collection.
He is the cutest baby, very loving, loves to play laugh and smile all the time. Very active loves zooming in his walker, he thinks he's a big boy!
Maleah is the happiest baby I know
Creed is a preemie born at 35 weeks He was 5 pounds 2 oz He is currently 2 months old Creed loves to laugh He loves to coo And he loves snuggles !
Vote for my sweet babe❤️🥰
Hi I’m Olivia! My favorite things include naps, mommy’s food delivery service and relaxing in a nice warm bath.
He is a happy easy baby that loves talking to his brothers and loves his milk.
Everleigh loves to cuddle up to mommy and daddy and loves to listen to the goodbye song from The Bear in the Big Blue House!
Lilee is the sweetest baby. She has so much love around her. Our precious princess