Baby Stories - 43


My Blessing..Loving.Happy..Beautiful.Smart Loves to Eat! Loves Cheetos Puffs! She knows what she likes: Watermelon, Dancing, Loves Minnie Mouse, watches Coco-Melon,
I love laughing and spending time with my family
Long hair but i love to watch troll hunters and love to play fight. I love to play with daddy and im mommas little cuddle bug
Ivy is a fun and sassy girl. She loves playing outside, listening to music, and bath time. She’s always babbling up a storm and loves to wave hi to everyone.
Louella is 3 months old, and is probably the happiest baby there is, she loves to talk our ears off and spend time with her two favorite people, mama and dada
Born to Rock 🎸
Hunter loves any kind of Trucks!
Maddie is 5 months old a very happy baby girl. She was born at 31 weeks and spent almost a month in the nicu.
She’s a very happy baby and likes the color yellow
Elijah is the happiest baby you would ever meet! His favorite pass time is sleeping and struggling to eat his big toe!
Knowledge is a VERY happy baby. Ull never catch him not smiling. Hes just learning how to crawl and has 6 teeth!!!
Alayah loves to smile & laugh! She’s truly a blessing!
Oaklynn is a miracle baby, she is a twin however she’s the only one to make it through the pregnancy. She loves being outside, loves watching Elmo, she is very independent. She loves being with her family. She’s such a happy lovable baby.
Kamren loves to watch Mickey Mouse🖤, loves to laugh, and he loves when mommy plays peek-a-boo with him! But the best thing about Kamren is he has a smile that can brighten up anyone’s day!😁⭐️
Te'Ara loves to smile,laugh, give kisses,hugs she liked to put her toys in her toy box shes very smart and out going shes starting to pull her self up on things and tries to stand at 7 months shes adorable
Happy little girl loves to laugh n smile sweetest little girl 🌞
Spencer is a big boy for being just 3 months, he loves to hear himself "talk" and continues to suprise us with how much he exceeds his milestones!
Giuliana is 2 months old. Loves to eat and talk to mom and dad and her big brothers!
She’s the worlds happiest 4 month old little girl, with the upmost beautiful hilarious personality! ❤️
Avalyn or “Ava” was born at 23 weeks and was in the NICU for 4 months. She is our miracle ! Be sure to click and vote !
Serenity is the most playful baby ever she makes everyones day with just her smile
Hiii! I'm Giada Jean but you can call me Gigi. I am a fun & fiery 2 year old diva. I love to keep mommy & daddy on their toes. Singing and dancing are my favorite pastimes. Elsa is my idol <3
Everly is our rainbow baby. She loves being outside and splashing in the tub. She is such a happy little girl!
Sincere is one of the most gorgeous babies , he is so sweet and full of character. If covid wasn't going on id definitely have him in modeling for babies .🥰
Madalyn AKA Maddie is 5 months old. She was born at 37 weeks and was a NICU baby just like her older sister. She is a daddy’s girl and adores her big sister. She loves eating ! She’s trying so hard to sit unassisted and she hates people touching her feet. She loves splashing at bath time. Her sweet smile sure warms our hearts every time! We enjoy watching her grow and learn . She’s truly a blessing. The best and the biggest blessing of 2020 !
Jaxstyn is a sweet, happy baby loved by everyone. He is the first boy born on my side of the family in 3 generations. He is unique in his very own ways. Please vote!
Hi, my name is Lucas Greggory Alexander Hogan! I am 8 months old, I love to crawl everywhere an climb on anything strong enough to support me. My favorite food is meat an potatoes, hunny buns, noodles, eggs.I say i love you dada, hi, hey. Ill shake my head no if i don't want something.
Say Hi to my Colton Curington born October 20th, 2020. Weighing 5lbs 11oz he might be tiny but his love and sweetness out reaches this universe. Can’t get enough of it he’s as perfect as it gets and would love to share my photos of my tuteness butt for everyone too see. So vote! ❤️ •still eating every 3 hours • starting to listen/look for his Mommy’s voice • Growing ❤️❤️❤️
Kora Leigh
She's 2 years old. Loves to laugh and have fun. Will talk to anyone and everyone. Kind and loving. She knows a little bit of sign language and she loves her uncle's dog Maya
Ollie loves copying silly noises and his big blue always get everyone’s attention
Oakley Violet. She is the sweetest happiest girl. She loves her family more than anything. She also loves smiling. She is forever smiling at anyone and everyone
Jaelynn is a super happy, loving little girl and her laughter is extremely contagious. Shes got an attitude though!
Ryleigh loves crawling and learning to walk. She's 11 months old and is the happiest baby on the block!
She’s a mommy girl💗 she doesn’t respond at her name but you can call her princess to get her attention
Jacklyn is always happy! She loves to walk, play with toys, cuddle, and she loves being with family!
Hi I’m Jayden 💙 I’m 3 months old ! I can roll over , and love to laugh 💕😂 Vote For Me !!!!
Aria loves sticking her tongue out and getting her picture taken, she’s the happiest baby!
Ka’Lyla is 7 months old, she is the only girl and has two older brothers who she loves! She is full of so many different personalities she loves playing dress up with mommy and getting called Pretty Girl 😍❤️‼️
Le gusta la leche
Charlie Rae is our ray of Sunshine. She is a rainbow baby full of smiles, love and laughter. She enjoys crawling and being outside with nature.
Hi my name is amber im a very happy and playful toddler My mommy and daddy love me very much. I was my mommy's birthday present she went in labor on her birthday and had me on the next day, but she's happy she did 🥰
Just turned 2 months old and she already is full of sass. Just started smiling and cooing. She holds her head up so well and shes so strong. She was a nicu baby because of weightloss and now my chucky butt is almost 11 pounds! ❤
He’s a cuddle bug who loves his Gigi.
Daisy And Julian
Born at 36weeks 3lbs 15oz each and was rushed to Omaha Children's Hospital NICU where they stay for 2.5 weeks. Both babies healthy and tiny still at 12weeks 7lbs 5 & 8 oz. Daisy and Julian are tiny angels that are complete opposite from one another. They're strong ,growing and doing new things every second. Love Twins .
Her name is Harper Rose. She’s a sweetheart. She’s smiling a lot and has the cutest giggle. She’s such a precious lil baby girl.
This is Kit we call him Kit Kat and he’s very energetic and loves to play
Jace is 1 year old he say mama dadd ana for his sister cup bye buddy he makes car sounds and trucks sounds... He love to play out side he like to wait for daddy to get home from work he like to watch movies at night and he loves baby shark
Rosemary is 12 months and was born at 36 weeks she has 2 bottom teeth and 6 more growing in she’s the most friendly baby I have ever seen