Gabriel just LOVES to make people smile ❤️
Kingston just turned one last month. He such a sweetheart. He loves blues clues and FOOD! Lol. He’s such a happy baby always smiling at everyone 🥰
Little Dakota is a smart baby ❤️ He wears 0-3 months in clothes, Size one diapers and can now smile and roll over ♥️😩
Raynna is a super happy baby, she is always giving us precious smiles and is finding her voice more and more everyday. She is constantly snacking on her fingers and is starting to discover her feet.
Mitchell is the happiest little guy with such a contagious smile! He loves spending time playing with his cars and listening to Bruno mars ❤️
Hes recently got walking down and now trying to run. He will blabber your ear off like no tomorrow if you let him!!
Meet Bastet, a baby with such a contagious smile and the happiest personality. Bastet loves to play with her baby dolls and chew on just about EVERYTHING. She’s constantly on the move and wants to stand on her own so bad!
Blakely loves her momma and daddy. She says “dada” all day everyday, but loves being with her mommy. She’s a happy, loving baby with a big personality.
Just a very bright blue eyed little boy that enjoys the outdoors!
Waylon is 9 months old, he is a very happy little boy and loves playing outside!
This is my first baby Lorelei, she is about to be 3 months old! She is a very happy baby girl who smiles all the time and has even learned how to squeal/laugh. She is my pride and joy
Dixie May
Born April 1st at 7:06am.
This is a little bit older picture but still one of my favorites ❤️
Cooper is 15 months!! He loves to interact with other babies, he’s definitely gonna love this summer he’s 100% a water baby, he’s such a fun and outgoing baby. He’s brought so much joy to our lives.
She is the most happiest baby you could ever meet, she’s got her little brows that show the attitude, she likes to growl when shes mad, leuna is 4 months old and is our perfect little rainbow 🌈 baby
Emmett is such a happy baby! He loves his baths and looking out the windows. He's only 2 months and is already rolling over and giggling at the dogs. We appreciate the votes!!
This is my little one she just turned 5 weeks old! I'm a FTM and just wanted to share her beautiful self with you all!
Meet Evelyn! Shes 2 months old and the sweetest little babygirl❤️ She loves when people say “hi”, “yay” and “goodmorning “ ! ❤️
Silas trys to talk to mommy, he loves his 2 big brothers so much and he trys to sit up 🥰
Jhon Asencio
Hes a twin, hes 10 months old ... born 3 lbs was born a month early was a premie baby a fighter... loves to laugh... and is just adorable handsome 😍
Damian Asencio
He is a twin the baby of the 2, 10 months old a premie baby born one month early a fighter just like his brother sensitive loving loves to smile mamas boy
Jackson loves yelling, saying hey, watching crime shows, strawberries, pears, scooting around, and his teething giraffe! Hes starting to crawl and pulling himself up.
Charlie is a sweet and funny little boy who loves to play outside, ride ATV's with his brother and play with all his cousins. ♥️
Mr. Archie here loves to laugh and smile. He loves to go on walks and car rides. He's my little snuggle bug
Meet Laikynn. Our little warrior that overcame gastroschisis when she was born. Laikynn loves to watch her older sister play and LOVES her bouncy swing ❤️
Renleigh Loves being outside playing with her toys and bath time so happy all the time loves food and swinging ❤️
The sweetest little love bug & the happiest boy . Waylon loves his food , playing with his toys , & spending time with family . He knows how to sit on his own , crawl & brightens everyone’s day that he meets ❤️
Adalynn is a very calm and sweet little girl. She loves to spend time with her two big brothers and just loves to cuddle. She is the sweetest and most amazing little girl!
Harper Rose is a very active little 6 month girl with some life challenges she was born with a lot of different health problems. So she see a lot of different doctors a few times a week but overall she’s a happy baby
She’s such a happy girl, and ahead in some of her milestones. She loves Doc Mcstuffins & Mickey Mouse.
Nova June
Nova is the first girl born after 5 boys! She is happy, bright, and the queen of the house!
Keegan’s is a very loving baby with 1 dimple on 1 side of his cheek ❤️ He loves to play & be outside
The most free spirited little girl ever
Dominic is our 🌈 baby💚🦖💚. He loves bath time with mommy and laying on daddy’s chest. He may only be a month old but in such a short time he has really brightened up our lives 🧸😍
Brynnleigh Faye
Brynnleigh Faye is almost 3 months old! She loves to hold her head up and take naps with mama! She tries to sit up and loves talking!
Jaiden is 2 years old and has a little sister! He is the sweetest best big brother, he loves playing with his sister and laughing with her. They are always together! He loves food, cars, motorcycles, trains and curious George. He has the biggest cutest smile and his laugh is the best. He is CRAZY and not like crazy but like INSANE, he’s very active and is always on the move. He has a lot of energy and loves being up mamas butt. Jaiden is absolutely perfect 🥺
The cutest most loudest babygirl you could ever meet! She loves trying new foods and exploring everything too get into.
Malia loves smiling and giving kisses to her family
Elena is 10 months old! She loves🤍 -playing with her brother -her belly tickled -kisses -food -playing outside -car rides (sometimes) -BATHS She hates 😡 -literally nothing!!! Elena is the sweetest little girl, will laugh at anything even simply saying her name. She is absolutely perfect, she is walking around like crazy, she follows her brother everywhere. She will make you smile on your worst day 🥺🤍
Brantley Looney
17 days old & one of the happiest little guys you'll meet, with a huge personality already💙
Draeven is the sweetest baby, he will laugh when you smile at him and he loves being tickled !! He loves his puppy named Bubby! He LOVES the taste of apple juice & loves to watch Mickey Mouse
Imojean is a month old. She was born 4lbs 12oz and is a tiny little potato! So far Imojeans hobbys are sleeping, taking baths, eating, and biting daddys nose!
Everlyn Rose just turned 4 months old, she loves listening to mommy and daddy talk to her, she loves her tummy time and just overall love attention. She’s doing great with all her new milestones in life and is for sure a movement baby. 🥺❤️ Please vote for my beautiful girl 🥰
The sweetest, chunkiest, smiliest little man you will EVER meet. He LOVES his big sister. Food is his biggest motivator! All he does is babble, army crawl, and smile🥰
Walker loves to eat spaghetti and pizza he loves to roll all over the place 😊