I was told at 13 years old I wouldn’t be able to conceive. At the our 28 after losing 87lbs, I found out I was pregnant. Logan Joel is our miracle boy. He’s the sweetest, easiest, lovable baby ever. He loves to smiles & punch daddy in the face lol.
She lovesss to eat, watch bear in the big blue house/bluey and smile alll the timeee💗
Emberlynn is a very happy girl always smiles, she is my beautiful girl!❤️💕
Greyson is one month old. He likes laughing at people and farting all over mommy. He my chunky little man and loves eating.
My twin girls, Brinlee and Brylee.
Rhylen is a sweet curly haired blue eyed baby boy! He loves to talk and wrestle! He will make you laugh with the funny things he does! Rhylen is so smart and kind! He loves his big sister!
Cutter was born April 10th 2023. He has been one busy baby and hasn’t slowed down yet! He loves the outdoors and is almost walking. Sure is a handsome little guy and we love him to death❤️
She like make a picture she’s a beautiful she like when she so pretty girl I need your vote for her please
Azael is mom's most beautiful baby. The youngest is very smiling and sleeps a lot during the day and at night he is awake. He is a miracle from my God after several doctors told me that I couldn't be a mom again but thank God. I had the great miracle of being a mother for the last time 🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️
I am full of smiles and joy! I love pasta, baby songs and cuddles :-)
Rya is 10 weeks old. She loves her momma and dada, her tummy time, the Beatles, and all her furry friends! She is the sweetest little girl and loves to giggle with her family❤️
Kaylene loves her daddy, going outside and watching miss Rachel
X'Zaniyla is a Very Unique outgoing little girl, she's talented in many ways, X'Zaniyla likes to dance sing play and dress up 😊💋
Such a happy baby most days,loves to eat sleep and loves her older siblings!
Delilah is 3 weeks old. She loves to eat and sleep. Loves to look out the window and already so strong.
Everley Murphy
She love snacks and Coco melon
Ava is so sweet and adorable. She loves her family and tummy time.
Boone is a wild child with a heart of gold. He loves running around outside and also loves cuddling up with mommy and daddy for a movie.
Taytum has the most beautiful personality and smile you will ever see. Please vote for her
Laudie loves to smile, talk (babble) and giggle. We call him scoots because he is already scooting himself around on the floor by pushing himself with his feet!
Hi I'm Kayden! I have the cutest baby double-chin face you'd ever see! I know I'm young, but I love saying "hi!" In my language of course.
Our sweet girl is full of energy, sass, and has a very outgoing personality
Our little Christmas Eve Baby 🎄
Will exchange votes. Viviana is 3 months old and loves spending time with family laughing and smiling. She has been learning all kinds of new skills like playing with her toys and sucking her thumb.
Loves Mickey Mouse loves pasta and going to the park and is a big sister to her brother
Love animals he is 2 months old loves smiles
Lydia Grace Dettmer
We prayed for a long time and tried for 6 years for her. We wanted a girl so bad. We already have a 14 year old son so a lil girl made everything perfect 😍 God sent us her for a reason. She is loved so much. Smart funny beautiful brave just perfect.
Ryder is in second grade and has adhd which doesn’t stop him any. He is fun, loving, caring, and wants to be a scientist.
Jazzlyn is a sassy, sweet, caring, and full of attitude.
Kash is a mommy's boy!! He is sweet, onrey, caring, and mouthy. Lol.
Kaselyn B
She loves sitting up, and she loves her Momma 🩷
Kys 5months old. He’s such a happy baby! Sleeping through the night when I brought him home. He smiles so big when he hears the word mama. He’s amazing!
Hi, I am Aarab. I love to laugh, make new friends. I am always happy, like painting, singing and dancing. I love to eat spaghetti, pizza and lots of green vegetables that makes my smile more fresh :) Please vote for my broad smile :)
Anaiyah is a happy baby that loves to talk and eat her fingers, she surprises me everyday with all the new things she is learning 🤎
Hallie is the sweetest little chunk with a contagious smile and the best giggle! She loves to read books with mommy, cuddle with daddy, pet her dogs, and try new things!
Please give me a vote if I when I will be donating to the children's hospital
Leah is a bundle of joy she will put a smile on your face 🩷
Iris Maeve is the sweetest little gal! She is always smiling and baby blabbing. Her favorite things are music, car rides, and obviously milk! She is also a hip dysplasia warrior! She was diagnosed at 2 days old and is now declared hip healthy after wearing a harness 24/7 for 3 months <3
This is zaiden he loves eating and playing with toys he is a the most amazing big brother to his baby sister. He enjoys playing with other kids & making a mess for mommy to clean up. He likes watching Elmo & blippi whenever he gets the chance
the happiest most precious baby girl
Little miss layken renee made quite the appearance on the world! Momma didn’t know she was even pregnant with her till she was 21 weeks! She is the sweetest things ever 🥰
My beautiful weeping Willow has came a long way. Born at 34 weeks she needed to spend some time in the nicu. She came home 2 weeks later and has just been an overall happy baby. She has her dad wrapped around her finger but she sure is a Mama’s girl. She loves animals, laughing, Mickey, bath time, dance parties, oranges, and getting tickled. She is so close to crawling, but she sure does know how to get around.
Hi my name is Kayson! I am 2 months old! I loveeee to “talk”. I love to watch Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh! But especially Mickey Mouse! I also looove bath time! I love my mommy & daddy soo much. I like mommy more but we won’t tell daddy that lol
My name is Layton I’m the big brother to my 3 week old sister layken. I love big trucks and helping my dad work on his truck. If I win all money will go to our new house please help us win!
How could you not think Miss Everleigh is the cutest baby of all ❤️
Hi I’m Maebelle but Mommy and Daddy call me Mae Mae. I was born February 1st 2024. I love to eat and watch Daddy play video games.
He’s such a ham. Always happy, loves music , loves dancing and clapping. lol cutest thing ever.