Baby Stories - 42


Hadley Mae Rose Jackson
Hadley is a 4 year old who loves to sing and dance and very helpful and loves talking and being girly
Haiden Joseph Wayne Jackson
Haiden is a very sweet 7 year old boy. who has a passion for the outdoor world with a very wild imagination. Always adventurous with a big smile
Lilley is 7 months old she has two bottom teeth she love to try and chew on everything she can but I want let her lol and love to say mama dada and nana she loves baby food and she is trying so hard to crawl she love her dogs in her life she has a great family support and is loved by everyone she meets
Charlee is amazing, she likes bananas and apples, loves following her brothers everywhere.
Abdulmasih is a very good baby. He never cries. Unless he’s hungry or needs a change 😂 but what he likes most is to be held close to his mom. It’s comforting to him.
Remington is a 2 year old girl she loves to feed her puppy and scream at her dada! She’s energetic And full of energy
Avary is my first Grandbaby and she is so full of personality! On the day of this photo, she was feeling a little sassy! I'm sure you can see that! Avary is expecting a brother soon! I hope on that day she is as full of smiles as Grammy will be!
Sienna Jane
My name's Sienna and I love to smile!
She loves to read books and watch Cocomelon. Pizza and apple sauce are her favorite foods.
Riley is a very happy 5 month old girl, that loves laughing and smiling all day long!
Cristian is such a wonderful and curious baby. He loves to play with his hands, he’s very ticklish and loves his furry friends!
Kamiyla is a bubbly little girl who loves to smile and have fun!! She's so friendly and has the prettiest smile 🥰
Goes by baby tj
Wyatt is full of smiles and giggles; he also loves to flirt with the ladies! We love him soo much!
Ryder loves to smile & he loves to love on you! he is the sweetest baby ever! Ryder also loves to try to sit up and loves to try to step and bounce!
This is Rowan. He loves to eat and be held all the time!
Zeppelin is such a wonderful baby, always full of smiles, and truely brings happiness to your heart without even trying.
Harpyr is a very energetic and wild little beauty. She loves to run, play, jump and flip all over the place! She LOVES Baby Shark & Cocomelon! 💗
Aryzona is an adorable, very long, and very smiley little baby! She smiles all day! She’s also ticklish EVERYWHERE! 💗
She an outgoing baby she loves to play, give hugs and kisses and she’s the sweetest little girl❤️
Hi! My name is Kimberleigh Marie Durham! And im always a happy baby! I love to eat, make everyone happy, i love to laugh, giggle, smile, amd spend time with my mommy and daddy, that i love dearly. And that i know that they love me too, very much!! Thanks to my mommy and daddy! Im one very happy baby!!!!
She is just a happy child always got a smile on her face she love to play outside and have fun
Evan Lee
Evan Lee was born september 3,2020 and loves to play with his kitten Lilly who was born a day after he was. (they are best friends) He also loves to eat and be outside. Evan Lee was named after his grandpa Jason Lee who died on September 2, 2017.
Hello, my name is Aiden Tyler. I love to watch cartoons, car rides, jumping in my jumper, eating baby food and going to spend time with family. I just got my first tooth in. I love to smile and play. I’m a silly boy that is full of joy. I’m a a daddy and mommy’s baby.
Kamdyn has 2 moms and one older brother. His name is Keagon. He loves his family and loves to smile and laugh. His smile is contagious and can make anyone happy.
Audrianna is a very sweet little girl! She loves eating more than she should lol and laying on the floor and exploring!! She is already so strong and beautiful!
Emersyn is a 4 month old NICU warrior. She was 5lbs & 4oz at birth. She spent 9 days in NICU. But that never stopped her. She is very active, she loves to eat, and she loves her mama and daddy. She is always smiling🥰
Draco is our little blessing😇He loves spending days with his momma! Loves bath time, he’s my little water baby❤️ Big cuddle bug and loves to smile and make goofy faces, he’s one very happy baby 🙂 please show my boy some love🥰
McKenzie is my Rainbow baby. She LOVES blowing bubbles from her mouth and is ALWAYS smiling!!!
Jaxon is the sweetest happiest boy loves to smile and talk
MaCario Is Very Active & Happy Baby . He’s Chunky 💙💙, He Loves To Smile 😊, He Loves To Eat & Cuddle 🤗
Kaeson is the sweetest boy you’ll ever meet! He’s been a very happy and smiley baby since the day he was born! He definitely loves his momma and likes watching toy story. Kaeson is also a rainbow baby which makes him extra special 💙 please vote for our sweet boy !
Our little timothy is a fighter. He has struggled with his health from the moment he was born, but now he is back from failure to thrive and still has a long way to go till he is a healthy baby.
This girl was a big surprise but a blessing. She showed me I was still worthy of being a mommy. She is so verbal it hurts lol and she is always so happpy. She wakes up with a smile, which is not an exaggeration. I am told countless time how she is such a happy baby. She always makes others smile with her beautiful eyes and smile.
Ohana is always smiling and enjoys taking baths and loves her puppy Leo and her favorite thing to do is play with her feet.
Raiya lynn is 1 years old she loves her big brother Ryan
She loves to smile & laugh. She makes very silly noises . She loves Minnie Mouse and she really loves to dance
**** If you do not hold up your end with vote exchange I will no longer continue my votes **** Addie loves cuddles 🤍 She is one happy baby! I definitely have a little diva on my hands.
Sylas is super sweet and playful. He loves food and talking up a storm!
Annie Mae loves food and her grandmas. She loves Scooby-Doo and dragons her fave food is bananas and blueberries
I love changing my outfit multiple times a day. I’m the definition of girly girl. I’m very smart and outspoken and loves when mommy puts make up on me.
My little sassy pants, who isn’t afraid of anything little dare devil who rather be jumping off the bed than playing with dolls 🤣
This is Eliza, she is 5 months old. Happiest baby i have ever met!