Baby Stories - 42


Hi! My name is mateo! I love sleeping, eating and pooping lol i love chillin on mommy and daddy! I like lifting my head to see all the new things around me! I also love smiling! I love cooing and making babh noises!
Jeremiah is a premature baby boy who was born 30 weeks due to heart problems.He loves to sleep and eat
Astrid is a beautiful girl who has such a unique personality. She’ll blow you kisses and loves to be chased.
Maverick is one of the happiest babies you’ll ever come across! He is always smiling and having a great time. ❤️ He enjoys getting all the attention he can get from others.( if you don’t give him attention (or food) he will grunt at you😂😂) He loves playing in the water, playing peak-a-boo. He loves being called “big cheese” 😅 he’s very smart when it comes to learning/doing things! Vote for my sweet boy 🥰
Alexi Hannon
Alexi loves to roll and play peekaboo and loves to drink her milk
Mylah is a sweet, sassy, and feisty 2 year old. She was born with a extra copy of her 21st chromosome, and that makes her our “extra” special and amazing baby girl ❤️🥰
Koda is such a happy little dude! He loves smiling, splashing during bath time, and his books before bed!
Little handsome brightens every room that he enters and leaves every heart warmer!
He loves to play he's always smiling he's a great baby loves his mom n dad n his brother and his sister's
Octavia has such a vivid personality already and is always so happy. Her nickname is Bubbles because she is so bubbly.
Oaklynn Illen Marie Reuss is the happiest baby around, she is so smart and very happy most of the time. Like everyone she has her days. She loves her mommy and daddy. Definitely her tt. They are best friends.
She’s the best cuddler, the worst morning person and the little girl that stole my heart.
Jayla is sweet 2 year old , loves to dance and play
He loves to smile, baby talk and watch tv and being around his family and hes an amazing baby!! He doesnt really cry only time is to be feed time or change his diaper and burp then other times hes a great baby boy
Kai is the calmest baby around! He loves to smile and spend time with his dog Riley
Oliver is such a happy, easy going baby! He loves to play, he loves the water, and is an amzing joy to be around! Hearing him laugh will melt your heart ❤
Jason is a very special baby. He loves listening to punk/rock, he's very curious about everything, he loves his little buddy jack the donkey, and he loves spending time with his daddy whether its him playing MLB/2K or watching Baseball or Basketball he enjoys every bit of it.
Claire is the 3rd little girl in our family and she just adores her big sisters. She’s so quiet and observant, she beautiful inside and out.
Sutton love to be outside. She loves all her animals and love to watch her daddy derby!
Leland was born premature having to get a g-tube but that never stopped him! He’s a happy, strong, cuddly baby who lovessss to sleep!!! He’s started to coo, laugh and smile a whole ton!
I’m one, I love my dog Minnie, and love giving hugs! 💜
The sweetest little girl 💗 Millie is 2 months old! She loves to snuggle, be talked to, watch movies, and loves loves to eat!
He loves to watch everyone and act out what theyre doing! He's cuddley and cute. Funny and loving. He Loves To dance and laugh! He loves giving kisses and hugs!
Ghiselle is such a calm & happy baby. She loves taking bathes. She enjoys when her siblings play with her & she likes to play with her stuffed animals. ☺
Zayne is 5 years old and starting his first year of kindergarten he loves Spider-Man Avengers and goo ju toys. He loves the outdoors and he can out talk anyone lol he is fun loving kind and such a great friend to others he always makes new friends because of his outgoing personality ❤️
Dior can talk at 1 years old wall use pot pot she like do dance like like a lil movie start already born she so cute in fun she like to dance she like music I mean good music
Addison is a beautiful, smart, and outgoing little mamas. She'll be 5 in just a month. She is interested in playing pretend, anything pretty, and singing/dancing. One day she wants to be famous people agents,maybe an artist, or a singer. I love her bright eyed self to the moon and back.
She is a sweet an happy baby . Loves her daddy an mommy an mammaw an her TT Abby an TT Destiny
Carter is a 10 month old who loves his food (especially pizza), biting feet, pulling hair, talking, and being cuddled. He just started crawling and has a total of 6 teeth. He is the chillest, sweetest guy. Not sure how anyone couldn't like him ❤
I’ve had the best pregnancy and 7 months of being a momma. I have one of the happiest babies ever. Rayden loves interacting with people, and rolling on his bedroom floor. He loves bath time, so that he can kick his feet, and play with his bubbles. Late at night when he’s tired, he will start rubbing his feet together or on you🥰
Gianni wakes up with a smile on his face. He loves the outdoors and loves to tal, be talked too and be kissed. He spreads joy to all who know him. He was born May 10th, 6 pds 9 oz <3
Hello everyone I’m Kenneth and I’m almost 2mons old … I enjoy tummy time, mommy’s milk, giving dad high fives and baths and back rubs… if you select me to be cutest baby this money will go towards my college fund in the future. Thanks Way In advance 😊
My snuggle bug is almost a year old and he loves crawling around and making messes, loves to be the center of attention but you’ll know when he’s had enough he definitely has a mind of his own and you can always catch him playing with our pup, his bestfriend 💙
He is a miracle baby !!! He was born early & beat all the odds against him. He loves to eat and loves his dog brother Bestie. He is an amazing baby !!!!!
He is such a happy baby he loves music and he loves to laugh and play
Ivy is the youngest of 8 siblings. She was born with a strong and amazing personality that you can’t help but love:
She's a happy joyful baby an loves the outdoors loves spending time with mammaw an mommy an TT Abby an uncle Brandon
She’s 4 months born 04/05/21 loves her brother and sisters has a cute laugh is a mommas girl
Ariyah loves cocomelon and she’s such a happy baby and she’s too cute that’s why I think u should vote for Ariyah .A. Lovely 😍😍😍
Austin Jr
Aj loves to smile when you talk to him and he loves cuddles and he loves to sseing his big cousins and grandma and grandpa and his mommy meaning me and he is an amazing baby!
Bryan loves to laugh smile dance and be the star of the room if you are around him u cant help but smile. He loves to stand and dance. His favorite ice cream is orange cream! He is the light of our life! We didnt know if him or i was going to make the birthing process so hes my angel
Savannah is 8 weeks old and she is loved by her family and friends. She is very intelligent and she is a good baby. Savannah is a great baby and she was born June1,2021 @ 10lbs 9.5 oz
Shy around people, outgoing around mommy. Beautiful, smart, funny, caring, sweet and loves helping mama. Beyond blessed with such an amazing soul I get to cherish forever!!❤️
He loves everything red. A huge snuggle bug. He loves to get into everything and play with his big sister.