Baby Stories - 42


She is a very independent and loves being outside. She is fascinated with trees.
Alex is a lovable boy who love dinosaurs and blippy ♥️ He loves to dance and his favorite food is “spaghetti noodies”
Kori is my little ham! Young in age but such a big personality already! His big brother is his world, his eyes light up every time he sees him! 💗
Andy likes to eat,bath time and playing with his sissy💙
Kingston my wild child! Curious, goofy, and fun-loving! He is my big helper and such an awesome big brother! 💗💗
Andy is 3 months old and loves to be talk too and coo and smile at you he has a twin sister .
Bray the most happiest baby I know!
shubey likes to eat. and you should vote for him cause idk
She loves to smile! Waking up smiling is the sweetest way she can start my day.
Loves to talk HUGE personality LOVES her cuddles
William is 4months old and a huge bundle of smiles. He loves cuddling with Mom and Dad and watching his silly dogs run around the house.
Hi, my name is Saylor! I am 4 almost 5 months old. I am a very happy loving baby, I love holding my head up and sitting up, I’m also teething already which is crazy! I’m a very active baby and love to talk to mom, kick my legs and roll over. I get mad when I’m laying flat or on my tummy! Mickey Mouse clubhouse is my favorite show! I have so many nicknames already, but my main one is say or say baby. My nana calls me her little love bug because I’m just the most loving baby ❤️
Payten has a personality that lights up any room especially when she shows those gums with that deep dimple. Payten loves funny faces and good ol R&B music.
Harmonee Loves To Play , Laugh She Loves Food And She Wants All The Attention
Graysen loves the outdoors & to eat!! 💙
Elena is a kind hearted little girl. She not like most. She’s very smart and very talkative. She loves her cat “ Snoop” and she loves to eat. Her favorite thing to do is watch “ Word World” and run around the house. If you ever met her in person her eyes will just melt your heart ❤️
Leona is all smiles and giggles lighting up the room. She likes her kitten, feet tickles and music.
She is such a happy baby all she really does is smile and try to talk she just loves people and Love's everyone all you have to do is say hi and she will smile I promise
She's just the happiest baby girl ever. she's all smiles and loves when people call her beautiful 😍
Layla was born at 35 weeks shes the happiest baby who loves her some elmo
Haven is my everything. Like most parents i love my daughter till the end of time an no not just cause she is my child but cause at such a young age she already is so smart,loving,caring,crazy,out going, an never gives up now matter how hard the situation that is placed in front of her is. As soon as she enters in the room its all eyes on her. She maybe a little shy but after a few minutes she will have everyone smiling weather it be parents or kids she is loved by everyone. I truly am blessed to have had such another amazing child an i cant wait to see where life takes hers the world would be more beautiful if more people were like my sweet little baby Haven. Mommy loves you princess.
Isaiah is SUCH a sweet baby. He's always smiling :)
Mateo loves to smile all the time. He enjoys making noises and talking with everyone. He’s not shy at all, and if you’re having a tough day; a smile from baby Mateo will change your mood.
He is the sweetest little boy 😇 He loves to dance and "wiggle"!! He is such a angel!!
Our chunky man loves to eat, sleep and cuddle up with his proud big sister!
McKenna is Five. She’s very Sassy and loves hanging out with her bestfriends and spending time with her family
Zion is lovable hyper little boy Loves his momma and dad Loves food
Braleigh is full of personality, loves the outdoors & full of joy!💜
She's a rainbow after the storm❤
Cars , bikes, pop its
Reagan loves her mommy and daddy and loves watching all of her dogs and chickens!
Hello im a smart an bubbly lil girl with brown eyes an hair with two bottom teeth already i love bath time an getting to go back to sleep in daddy's spot in bed every morning when he goes to work an the dance he does with me when he comes home❤
Skylee is a strong spirited little girl who loves her Mawmaw and Pawpaw (we are raising her) she loves baby shark, cocomelon, bubbles and stickers! I couldn't imagine my life without her 😍
Justin is your typical 3 year old. Wild, outgoing, but also a sweet loving boy who melts your heart when you hug him. He loves riding dirt bikes with his daddy. You should vote for Justin to show him that other people loves his dirt bike outfit also.
Samantha loves Tiktok and being the center of attention. She is the most kind hearted 9 year old I’ve EVER met. She does ANYTNING to make someone feel loved and special. She deserves the vote because all she does for everyone… she finally needs to win something. Every VOTE counts for my sweet girl.
Jeremy is a VERY smart blue eyed blonde hair boy. He loves to run around and act like he’s riding a dirt bike making the “vroom” sound while moving his hand. I think you should vote for him because he deserves the vote just being his handsome self.
Harper is the sweetest little babe! She’s a little sister and soo stinkin cute!!
Hudson is the sweetest boy!
May LOVES to get her hair done with pretty beads and she loves to smile and play with her dollies and watch Disney channel. She loves to go to the park.
This premature born babygirl LOVES to watch little baby bums on her tv. She loves to be held while she just looks around and smiles ☺️
Zaryna is a sweet, funny, and beautiful baby girl with an amazing spirit!
Bryson is a happy, sweet hearted, energetic, mamas boy! He is protective over his sister and has no jealousy in his heart either.. he is playful, and sees the best in every situation, he puts his sister before himself in a lot of situations and doesn’t hesitate doing so in the process.. he embodies the definition of love, and happiness, when it comes to his family. His favorite thing to do is put on skits for his sister and I and make us laugh, & when he isn’t doing that he likes to play tennis with me or lounge around with us and watch his favorite shows. To me? He is a perfect boy, & great brother, I couldn’t have imagined Bryson to be as amazing as he is.
Everyone who meets her, ends up leaving with a smile on their face, she has mastered laughing and smiling, and makes me and everyone around feel happy even on rough days, she just smiles.. I don’t think I have met a baby who is as happy as Eves. Her love and bond she has with her brother is beautiful, they love one another strongly, and she not only adores him but looks up to him, to see that in an infant is a beautiful thing..
My name is Ali Amór Aldama, I am the happiest little man on the face of the earth. I love to smile & laugh! I am currently learning to sit up on my own & hold my bottle like a big boy!!
Jestin love out doors, bikes he loves dogs and mommy and daddy! He is very smart. He is very outgoing!
Enjoys to laugh with his big brother, enjoys to eat & sleep ! Overall a very super happy baby with so much energy 🤍
Artemus is a happy boy! He loves talking and being talked to. So alert and bright eyed, definitely loves watching his cartoons and chewing on his hands and his teething toys. And the best cuddle bug ❤️ He can now roll and scoot backwards. Loves to watch people eat and sit up 💙
Nicolas is 2 years old. He loves Spider-Man , dance, loves being outside playing! He loves the Dallas Cowboys, music, dancing and trucks!!!