A happy blue eyed baby that is curious about everything. She loves her toys and and being outside the most!
This is Emmett. He loves anyone who holds and cuddles him. His favorite toy is his little Elephant. He loves to smile and he loves to make mean faces. He was born March 2nd, he’s gonna be 3 months soon. He’s holding his head up high and he’s so strong. He’s such a happy boy and he knows he’s too cute to handle. Show him some love & give him a vote, thank you 💖
This is Weston. He’s such a happy, outgoing little boy.. he loves being outside and playing with his toys and chasing his puppy dogs around!
Carter An Freeman
Carter was born on oct 7,2021 he was 5lbs 13 oz and 18 1/2 Inches long he my first born son I cherish every moment with him he love his mommy boy he loves and his car ride and walk with his mommy he favorite food is banana and apple strawberry banana he is 7 month old he will be 8 month on the 7th of next month
Paislee is a very spunky 2 month old, who loves the outdoors and loves giving everyone attitude! She will definitely have you falling in love with her the second you meet her. Her dimple filled smile is surely contagious!
He loves to say momma and he is a medical child with a lot of medical stuff he is a fighter and he is a hyper child he loves to push things he loves to walk and he loves to be held and cuddle
Zaya love to color and write little letters for her mama who is currently in BMT for the Air Force. She also loves to snuggle and loves to pick flowers and smell them❤️ She is the sweetest little mamas girl❤️
Kanan is One month old. He loves watching his daddy play his video games. He loves his two older brothers and loves to cuddle his momma!! He loves to smile and laugh in his sleep all the time. He loves tummy time and he loves taking baths!!!
This is Callie . She is a super happy baby . She loves water and loves being outdoors
Is is cazy wild. Loves to draw and color. Loves his sister.
This little girl absolutely loves to smile and watch her older sister play
My name is Stella Grace & I'm 3 weeks old. I love my mommy, daddy, and my GMA Shorty!!
Elise is a very happy baby girl who loves her family dearly . She enjoys making funny faces , wearing her little cute sun dresses, she loves playing with her mommy , and not to mention she loves to take snuggle bug naps on her mommy. She loves to say hi !!! She currently enjoys her Cheetos and apple juice . She loves nature and being outside . Something about the tree and flowers jus makes her day . Please vote for ELISE 💕
Babygirl is a little over a month old and loves music, baths, and looking out the window during car rides!! Oh and she also lovessss getting her picture taken!
Her favorite thang is Netflix & Swimming she is a little fish🐠always Happy and She gives the best hugs, Sweet like🍯
Camila loves the sound of us clicking our tongues, and she’s just the absolute best sleeper! She’s already showing us how strong her little body is and she loves watching anything that omits light! ✨
Gracie is the happiest and sweetest little girl and just loves people, her baba and chewies, and her babies ( her stuffed animals) ❤️
Zay'Vions favorite passtime is cuddling with mom and his dog Luna at only 5 days old hes developing a cute personality send lots of love to my little man 💚💚
This is Lilith Lynn she loves being outside soaking up the sun she loves cuddles with her mom and spending time with her dad. She is a free spirit and not afraid to use her voice lol 💕VOTE FOR LILITH 💕
Baby rojo enjoys naps and spending time with his grandpa. He the sweetest darn baby you'll ever see
Ronnie Sage is 7 months old. He loves to roll around and and play with his toys. He loves his mama and his dada. Boy oh boy does he love food! Loves riding the tractor and loves his greatpaw. Loves the sand and grass mainly just to eat it lol
Joyful, funny loving baby who likes to eat and play.
She is a very happy baby. She loves to watch me and her dad play video games. She is very talkative. Vote for Ava
Karter enjoys cuddles, playing with toys, and laughing. His favorite foods are green beans, and banana. He is my love bug.
She has a very friendly outgoing personality, she’s really smart, lives to learn, and anything outside. Her favorite things are swimming, park, and just being able to do anything kid like. She really loves her brother, she helps every chance she gets!
He’s a very happy bubbly baby, love to crawl everywhere, he loves noise making and anything with lights, he us laugh that you just make you smile and laugh along with him, he love the outdoors and anything new to explore.
She loves dinosaurs ❤️Has a very warming smile 💕with some pretty eyes 😍she loves the outdoors and to go shopping of course 😂
She brightens everyone's day with her smile ! She says "I good" and she is not lieing best baby a momma could ask for!
This little gal is a little over a month now and she holds her little head up laughs daily and she even rolls over already. She may be ahead of her time but mommy needs her to stop growing so fast 🥰
Haydin is a very energetic, radiant ball of sunshine.. He lights up any room he's in and is just an absolutely happy little dude.
Keeland is almost a year old and 23 lbs already. Who doesn’t love an actual real live gerber baby. He loves to eat and laugh and is such a joy to be around. He Loves playing peek a boo with the covers. I hope you all love him just as much we do!!!
Caleb is such a happy baby! He loves animal onesies, tummy time and of course, food time!
Illiana is a month old and is already so far ahead of her time
Isabella Jana is a 14 month old baby girl . She loves to makes silly sounds and laugh out loud , my sweet little baby .
Im one of the most happiest babys youll ever met im always full of smiles an im very talkative
Caitlyn was born at 29 weeks +6 days She likes to play with her toys and puppies..
Braelynn Elizabeth is the sweetest baby I’ve ever seen she is full of love and sweetness along with a good grip! She love playing video games with her papaw and weekends with mimi and she has a smile you can’t forget!🥰
She loves to play at the park and loves her family!
She’s a beautiful blessing
Rhyder was born at 32 weeks. He just got out of the nicu & is thriving!
She was born 6 weeks early, she was in the hospital for 3 weeks cause of her oxygen she had to come home on oxygen, she likes to be hold on our armsto smile when me or daddy say something to her, she loves her mama and daddy , she is a good baby please vote for her
Joshua was born 8/7/2021 he loves his family and friends. He loves to eat and is already standing up on his own. He is a very happy baby and loves everyone.
Celestino is a 1 month old very chill and happy mamas boy!
Ransom is 5 months old and loves to play and laugh with his daddy.
Lilianna is 6 months old. She loves to play wit her older brother and sisters.
He’s a little dinosaur right now he loves to growl and rawr at mommy and daddy ❤️