Ivy loves cuddling, playing with her brothers and sisters, and eating all the food she can!
Rollin Strain is 4 months old ! He loves to eat play with toys and talk to his mommy and daddy ❤️ He’s also very smart and advanced for his age
Emma is 4 years old. She loves dancing and playing.
She’s very sweet, talkative, with a splash of attitude 🥰
Loves to smile, talk, eat, sleep and of course poop 😂❤️
Hi! I’m Brixton and I’ve come a long was from being born at one pound. I just couldn’t wait to come out and see the world with all of its beautiful people.
Azari loves to be outside. She’s a curious little girl. She loves to make people laugh and smile. She will soon be 5 months.
She loves to tumble, play barbies and play with her friends. She is excited to start Kindergarten!
He loves to play video games, baseball and basketball. Hes made the All Star Baseball team and is so smart.
Tyson is his name he loves playing with his toys and his brother and cousins he loves water he loves being outside and to swing he trys to be independent he stands on his own
Messenger: Felicia Ford 🌹🌹🌹 Annistyn is the happiest baby ever! She loves to have her picture taken and she’s always smiling!
Leeland is a funny amazing lil boy who loves outdoors and loves playing with his siblings
Our surprise child! From day one you kept us guessing. Even had the drs thinking you were a girl. Then you decided to enter the world early. Our NICU superhero. Tummy time is his favorite. He loves his swing and his sisters❤️❤️
I am a TRUE Gemini baby. ☺️ I love to babble and watch people walk around.
Ida is a sweet, silly girl! She really likes the outdoors and all the love she gets💕
🤍 Adeline Kaye
tylor has a beautiful smile he lights up a room he loves attention and loves to play with his aunt
Ava is the sweetest girl. She loves bath time and taking walks. She thinks kisses are funny and smiles all the time!
Olili Mae
Adventurous, loves to eat, very friendly!
I’m one happy big girl, I enjoy tummy time! Vote for me ❤️
Sierra has a friendly, energetic spirit, she loves school, going to the park /, playing dress up, as well as dancing, doing her makeup and being a princess 👸... She is quite independent with an active imagination.
Shes straight up chilling enjoying her bath time.
Josiah loves to play with his puppy🐶❤️ He is excited to finally have his little sister around so he can finally give her all the hugs and kisses first thing in the morning. Loves to take baths and play with cars🚗 likes being organized and enjoys counting his toys
She loves Elmo fighting sleep and Elmo lol
Amara Rain Roberts
She is a smart and sassy little girl who is definitely a daddy's girl she is a fast learner and eager to learn she is a great kid to be around she is very sweet n loving loves going to church having sleep overs and hanging with her mommy she likes going to the park to play too
Duane is a outgoing, full of energy little boy! With the most beautiful blue eyes ever! He loves all his aunts and uncles that have made him feel special and loved. His favorite thing to do is snack all day and cuddle on the couch with his mom.
Kaesen was born at only 2 pounds. Hes been through alot his first few months of life. Hes now a thriving 3yr old. You'd never know he was a preemie. He's definitely a momma's boy! He loves tools, and toy cars and being outside with daddy. Oh and lets not forget he loves to go to Nonalds (McDonald's)
Eleanor was born with and underdeveloped colon. She has been a Survivor since day one. She’s had her Father’s side of the family in support, love & care since day one. Her father had a big heart, however, she lost her father at the age of 2 months & 12 days. Her mother has tons of support from her Daddy’s family. She had a successful reverse surgery at three months old. Now at 9 months plus she is still strong & loving life. She’s a very happy baby & very strong through her teething parts of life. Roughing it through she stands strong 💪. Happy-go-lucky… go Eleanor.
(my-Ellie) Ellie Girl is a happy smiling bundle of joy! She has discovered rolling recently and finds it hilarious once she makes it from her tummy to her back! Anything soft she can get her hands on , helps put her right to sleep! And if she’s in her daddy’s arms, she will sleep for hourssss!
Kingston loves to laugh and smile he’s a very happy baby
Renzley loves her binky, looking at her big brother, boat rides, mean mugging and of course her mommy! She’s such a smiley happy girl. Vote and get votes in return!
Abigayle is helpful, smart and strong willed beautiful little girl. She luvs pups, singing, dancing, guitar, animals and people. Has her own personality that's one in a million. A true blessing!
She loves unicorns
Copelyn is 11 months old and loves her animals and her brother. She’s always happy and enjoys being outdoors.
Brian is a sweet baby, always smiling, and learning to laugh!
Sophie is sweet, sassy, and has a wild personality!
Taylor is my little tough man, he loves playing with cars, and his dad is his best friend!
Kenzlie loves to draw and give notes to people, super smart, and sweet!
Raelynn is the sweetest and happiest little baby girl , she is learning so quickly and continues to impress us everyday. Did I mention how stinking cute she is 🥹💕
Noah is very affectionate. He's loves his kisses
Martin is a strong minded smart boy. He has been thro a lot in his life but he is a very well behaved kid.
I am a silly, fun loving and crazy boy who loves his one month old baby sister. I love to snuggle with my momma and play peekaboo with my family . The water is my favorite thing to play with.
Happy loving. Baby boy he loves to share with others he loves going outside and playing he loves. Dog and cats. He loves foods he always happy. Loves to talk and have fun. He loves toy cars. And cake. Handsome baby boy ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Callie is 3 months old and loves wearing cute outfits, big bows and her bubba!
Aurora is turning 2 on the 17th and becoming such a big girl!!!