Baby Stories - 41


Hawke is the happiest baby I’ve ever met! He loves his siblings (two pitbull pups), Nana&Papa, and Mimi&Pops. He already smiles and holds his head up at 2 months old! He’s a strong kid and is such a blessing to our lives! He makes everyone smile 😊
Tobalicious has an amazing personality! He loves egg rolls, dinosaurs, pirates and cars. Tobias' goal in life is to become a ninja who only has to eat candy because "that will make my muscles bigger"
This handsome boy is a feisty one. My little red head! He also has a twin brother who’s 4 min older than him.
Malcolm is a big, strong, smart six month old! He loves to laugh and practice rolling over. He is a quick learner and the apple of his mom and dad's eye!
This handsome boy loves to eat! He’s a whole two lbs heavier than his twin brother!
🙋‍♀️ Hi y’all
He’s such a snuggle buddy
Daxton is a 4 year old spunky red headed child.. he loves all things truck and tractors. And paw patrol.
Maze is still new but is enjoying all the new things around her. She can be seen smiling, and if your lucky you can catch her giggle.
Ellie is 2 months old and has such a bright personality! She’s mostly all smiles. She loves tummy time and her doggies ❤️
Aaron Creed
Aaron Creed is an alert spunky 5 month old! He will listen to you with so much intent and if he really want something he will demand until he gets it. He love being independent and any tool that lets him be independent. But when it’s nap or bed time he is all about his snuggles and only wants to be held and cuddled! This little boy will hopefully be something big one day if he keeps it up!
Luka is a cuddle baby. He has big smiles almost all the time and a very serious thinker expression when you talk to him. He loves his tummy time mat and just being around his mom and dad
Hiii my name is Emma. 👋🏼 I have learned some new tricks the past couple of weeks! I can sit up on my own and I roll all over the place. I just started trying this new thing called food and I’m not sure how I feel about. So far I’m only an apple kinda of person. I’m not really into anything else. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I love bath time especially now that I can splash around and make a mess! But there is nothing I love more in the world then spending time with mommy and daddy. I hope you guys enjoy my pictures! ♥️♥️
Camden Rhett
The happiest, most entertaining kid ever. He kills you with his grin, and is the ultimate heart throb! He loves laughing, smiling, and TOY STORY! He cant get enough of his family and can make any outfit look good!
Hello my name is Kumani! I love to laugh, play, and hang with my mama! I am very observant and love to talk in my baby language to my family
Say hello to our little princess Ilah!
Hi!! My name is Rosie I’m 3 years old and I love playing princess! My Hobbs are singing and dancing with my big brother. I love my daddy and mommy but let’s be honest I’m completely a daddy’s girl. Vote for me please and thank you 😊
Ella was in the NICU for 7 weeks with fluid on the brain and 2 brain bleeds. She has beat the odds and is doing fantastic! She is the happiest baby I have ever seen! She is mommies beautiful fighter!
Rowan is a gift from his grandpa in heaven. He loves to smile, talk, cuddle with his gma and mommy, enjoys bath time as any happy water baby. Big Fur sister Remi and Fur brother Roscoe are his best friends! Vote for little man Rowan 🥰
Seeley is a happy baby and such a blessing to his whole family! He loves to smile and hug in his big sisters, but mama is his favorite person. He’s ready to get up and moving, him and dad got some hunting and fishing to do!
James Chesar
Hi I’m James I love my mommy and daddy very much I love to talk I’m just a loving baby and I love all the animals that my mom and my great grandparents have please vote for me I would love to see on how many people vote for me thank u
Serenity is exactly as she sounds! She is a very calm and serene baby, she loves to eat, sleep and poop!
Devon, is a beautiful and outgoing little girl. She always happy, and smiling all hours of the night. She also is very intelligent, and adventurous.
Abby is a fabulous 5-month old that has a bright personality and always keeps a smile on her face
Namiyah is a very happy and smart baby! She has a big personality of her own and is so loveable! She loves to dance, she loves pretend to be animals, she loves pretending to cook, and she loves to give out hugs!!
Melvin Damoni Carter Jr💙
Amyna is a happy little girl no matter what the occasion is she’s sure to bring a smile or a giggle or two to brighten up anyone’s day she loves building her blocks but when it’s time to sing and dance those blocks just have to wait who knows what this little toddler of many talents will be her acting skills are on point honey she is little but she is fierce and serves nothing but LOOKS
Janessa was born at 28 weeks weighing 1.11oz. She’s a happy baby, always smiling and laughing. She loves her older brothers and adores everyone’s presence.
Alexander is a blessing. He loves music and dancing. He is always smiling and laughing. Alexander loves to be around people and to talk to you. He is an alert little man who is super strong, always trying to crawl and roll over at not even 2 months Old.
Monae is love to know her is to love her. She loves to watch sofia the first, she loves her little brother and is always protecting him, She is out going, very smart and will talk your ears off 😄
She loves playing with her hair and loves dancing she loves her daddy and she loves to play with her toys
Giuseppe loves to crawl all over the place and loves all his toys and puts everything in his mouth. He loves to eat!!!
Carson is a very lovable little boy he loves everyone including strangers, he's a big flirt with the ladies and he's a very caring big brother to Rusty he loves his little brother and he loves his animals. He loves his blankie he's basically linus from Charlie Brown (you know the comics and movies and show) he also loves his dinosaurs. He's a daredevil and is very tough. When he's tired all he wants to do is snuggle up with you and his blankie. Carson sadly was a premie baby and he has a hearing problem but he still tries and he's such a sweet happy little boy and cherishes everything.
Aveeana has amazing personality she loves to sing and color she’s loves playing dress up her favorite is frozen she’s always happy and loves food ❤️
Adriel is a 3yr old smart playful baby, he loves going out and playing with kids . He’s crazy , wild , loving and sweet ❤️
Bentley is a loving, caring, bright 2 year old, awesome big brother to his little sister. Loves his hot wheels and loves to be outside . Always knows how to but a smile on your face with his goofy self
Gracie is a great helper and wonderful big sister to her twin brother and sister! She is such a happy child who brightens everyone’s day!
Layla loves snuggles & being curious,she likes to make little noises all the time she’s about to turn a month old. Layla had a rocky start in life being In the nicu for a week now she’s a healthy and happy little lady.
Benji is the sweetest baby. He loves to cuddle with his brother, mommy and daddy he is 1 month old
Kaison is 13 months! He’s loves deer and dogs! His 4-wheeler and baby shark! He loves to dance. He says bite bite, Ma, Da, Nanny, Roo Roo, Hi, bye bye and a few others! He skipped walking and went straight to running. He’s is my world!
Brielle is a happy, smiley girl who loves to snuggle with her mama and puppy. She likes to be read stories and likes making silly faces!
She so adorable .she is a sweet baby .she love for you to talk to lovely A'myrical
She was born premature. She like to stand and suck her fingers. She always happy and smiling.
Baby Caeden loves dancing to lady Gaga, being bashful around pretty girls and going for boat rides with Grandpa! He loves his corgi pup, Barlee and long stroller rides. He is almost walking and loves waving Hi and Byebye!
This is Jordan. He's one of a kind ! The coolest little dude I've ever met. He is a ball of energy, and his imagination runs wild, his best friend is Woody from Toy Story and his favorite movie is Nightmare Before Christmas and he loves to sing and dance and is a character ! He's such a generous, kind-hearted little man, he's very independent, smart, nurturing and all around amazing !
Sky’s smile is a ray of light that no doubt will cheer you up day or night!!!
This is Matthew.. aka "Shuggy" He's cuddly, a ball of squish, full of joy and excitement. He's a "blanky boy" you can find him walking around with a blanket in his hand like Linus from the Charlie Brown movie. He loves food, all kinds of food. He loves playing hide-and-go seek and is a pro at it !