Baby Stories - 40


Analeah is 23 months old she loves her blankie and to laugh an play her favorite food is everything Please vote for my lovely lady🥰🥰
She loves animals and loves tik tok she loves her family and friends
Wild child who loves to smile and play
Sara is the sweetest baby girl with the biggest appetite for life! A few years ago I had an ovary removed and was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, after signing several disclaimers to receive chemotherapy I thought my dreams of having a child were over. Needless to say she is the biggest miracle and the brightest sunshine in our lives!
Tyson is a very loving high spirited boy and loves to cuddle.hes also a momma's boy.
NaZari loves talking to people in his own “MMM” “OOOUE” “LALA” language. He’s such a Happy baby, and always excited to explore and try New Things!
Angel is almost a month old. She was due August 18th, but surprised us on July 28th. She loves tummy time, milk and sitting up to look around.
I love to look at myself in the mirror and playing with great grandmas puppies. I enjoy waving at my new friends and family I recently have tried a lot of foods, but I really like yogurt.
She is so sweet, she has 2 different eye colors, she loves to coo and be held!
Onyx loves to be cuddled, laugh at jokes with his dad, & be attached to mommy.
Mylee loves everyone, there isn’t a person she doesn’t laugh or smile at. She loves her big brother and playing with him. Mylee is a happy go lucky sweet little girl ❤️
Carter loves his best friend ace the take long naps together every day! Hes a very happy baby boy!
I’m 2 weeks old! I love warm baths and the color red! I spend most of my time snuggled up with my momma and Mimi!
Gordon loves to smile & dance with his mommy. Loves watching football with daddy
Bella loves to play outside and be with her family! She’s a lovable baby for being almost two! She would love for you guys to vote for her!
Jaxon loves to talk. Watching his puppy run around. Sitting up. Cuddling with mommy and daddy.
Fray Enrique
I love to eat! See my cheeks! Enjoy going out for walks with mom. I love my grandma, she spoils me all the time!!
Viviana loves to laugh, eat and play! She’s the goofiest girl and loves making everyone laugh.
Justin loves to be outside. Loves playing with his toys. Loves to spend time with his momma and dadda
Londyn loves to sit in her chair and play with her toys she also loves to eat.
River loves to go swimming and be outside! he’s a big mommas boy and he loves playing with his kitty brothers. he loves all fruit (except mango). he loves to make silly faces and he always makes us laugh. vote for my lil bean!!
Hi, I’m Greer Elizabeth! I love Blues clues & snacks!
Apollo james adams perez, he is the most crazy and energetic puppy❤️ He lovvvvvessss to cuddle and play with his toys. AND LOVES TREATS
Paisley just turned 7 mos and loves to talk! Her favorite fruit is bananas and favorite veggie is carrots. She is crawling, but is stuck in reverse lolol! We are working on crawlinh forward but for now, going backwards cracks her up!
Vera is a very smart &’ loving little one. She loves playing outside, her family &’ is crazy about her dog zeek!
Very calm ,adorable 🥰 photogenic model ready ❤️
My name is Kensley and I absolutely love playing with my little toes ! I adore laughing and playing with my mommy and daddy too!
Phoebe is sweet girl and bubbly personality
Dalighla just turned 5 years old! She is a spunky little girl, and thinks she is a teenager sometimes, she has a heart of gold and great at making new friends! Her smile and her laugh can light up a whole room. She loves playing outside, swimming, and enjoys a good movie.
Kingston is 1 year old! He is the most happy and just the sweetest little man! He loves playing with momma and daddy, and he loves to eat and watch cocomelon! He has a smile that melts you and his sweet sweet eyes do the same, we are blessed with this perfect little boy ❤️
Sydney is on the move, crawling, standing, you name it! She loves her dog, Indy.
She is the sweetest and funniest baby! She loves to make people laugh and has the most beautiful smile in the world! She loves cocomelon and Minnie Mouse. Her favorite thing to eat is watermelon ❤️
Theah loves her mommy most, loves getting dirty outside with her brothers and little cousin Kensleigh! She has a smile that can brighten any strangers day!
Fredrik loves "God only knows" by the beach boys. He goes by Freddie or Fredrik and his laugh is contagious. Freddie loves dogs and is not a fan of naps.
My name is kaelynn. I am 5 years old. My favorite things to do are dancing, singing and playing on my phone.
Hello my name is Eliana Rayne. I am almost 10 months old. I love to laugh wave bye bye and say mama and dada none stop. I love to eat all kinds of different foods. I can crawl and sit up all by myself. Im stsrting to pull myself up on everything. Soon I'll be walking!
Fraternal boy/girl twins who absolutely adore each other 🥰
Beau is the happiest baby! He is always smiling and showing off his 2 teeth. He loves being with his family and big sister 💙
Fraternal boy/girl twins who absolutely adore each other 🥰
Our Rainbow baby is just what our hearts needed. She is sweet and spicy and everything in between!
Gray is the sweetest little boy! He loves playing with balloons & being outside. His most favorite thing to do is, swim!! This sweet boy will light up any day with his smile.
Meet Koah!!! His favorite thing to do is eat and play with his puppy 🐶
Asher is an amazing newborn that is super adorable. He has slate blue eyes and is very interested in his new world around him. He loves his milk, his mommy and daddy, and soothes himself with sucking on his hands. He also loves music and to be told stories.
Bryceton is a ball of energy and is the sweetest baby ever!! He says mama.. dada.. bye bye.. mawmaw.. and baba (for his bottle)!! He's such a good baby!! Please vote vote vote!!
Madisyn is a loving little lady bug , who loves to dance. She wants to be a firefighter when she grows up ❤️
Elijah is a rainbow baby 🌈 he is always happy you’ll always see a cute smile on his cute little face💙
Sarah-Lys was born at 39 weeks. She is a happy baby girl who loves playing with our puppy Akins. She loves to smile but her laugh is so hilarious.