Athena loves to play and eat she’s just started crawling. She is the most happy outgoing little girl She is also the biggest daddy’s girl ❤️
Ya’Kris will be 1 week only tomorrow . He wasn’t due until 4/20/2022 but he was ready to see the world. He loves kisses and cuddles and is extremely alert .
Ava was born at 29 week emergency c section she was in the nicu for 2 months!
Joseph is a happy little boy. So calm always smiling his perfect little smile. He loves his dada and his dogs. He likes to sleep and LOVES FOOD
She loves blueberries and sticking her legs up in the air! Paetyn is a hirshsprungs disease fighter! She’s the sweetest girl!
Our little ray of sunshine ☀️
Im the cutest wild two year old you’ll ever see! I love playing with my sisters and older brothers. I love playing outside with my friends on sunny days! But if you ask anyone my favorite thing in the world is my mommy!
She's a sweet little baby she loves laying on your chest and arm she is a great baby to.
She is 2 months now loves watching tv and loves being held. She melts your heart with her smile
Adrian loves cuddling his bubbas and micky mouse! He is a very happy and content baby & that cute little smile can melt anyones heart❤️
London is such a strong and independent little baby. She was born missing the frontal lobe of her brain and has beat all odds that were thrown her way. She’s such a big inspiration in life! She loves to talk and dance, and enjoys watching everything that goes on!
I’m a very happy baby I love rolling around on pillows and laughing. I always get my way with mommy with my blue eyes 💙
Maliki Caudell
Loves his little brother, spending time with his family. Likes to sing and dance, going for walks, playing outside, baby shark fan, favorite color right now is green. He's a funny, sweet, wild child at times. Never a dull moment with him as his moods change.
Aiden is the happiest baby you’ll ever meet. He has the funniest facial expressions! He loves cuddles, and being talked too!
He loves the attention and very curious. Loves to be outside and loves bananas. He also loves his daddy's music
He is so funny smart loves to eat loves to be chased he is just loved my 1st grandchild
He’s got such an amazing personality. He loves everyone he meets. He’s so goofy and caring. He loves super hero’s and being a great brother
hello my names jewel i am a twin i am 21 mins younger then my twin i love to play with my sisters and cuddle my brother and mommy i love pandas i like to play with my kitty. my fav color is purple
hello my names jacklin i am a big sister of three i have a set of twin sister and i have a baby brother i love to cuddle and play with i love playing with my lizerd and i am a mommys girl i love being with my mommy my fav color is blue
my names jaylee i am a twin i amd 21 mins older and i love to play with my sister and love being with my daddy i love my dog and cats. my fav colors are pink and red
Deven loves playing outside, dancing, and Mountain Dew😂
Amelia is a very happy and outgoing baby girl for her age💖 she loves eatting, being called queen and told she’s pretty. She 10 months old and very smart and beautiful please vote guys😁💖
Jeremiah is two months old. When he’s awake he loves looking around. He loves when mommy and daddy talk to him. He loves sucking on his pacifier. He loves to sleep with mommy when daddy’s at work.
She tells you how it is and don’t care if you like it or not also she’s very smart can speak French And Jerman and wants to be a doctor like her mom
Dalton is a wonderful baby boy his only a week old now he loves his mommy and Daddy his a very happy baby
Hi my names Emersyn and I love talking to my mom and sleeping all the time
Tyson loves going outside. Loves going on walks around neighborhood. Loves smiling and laughing. Loves his family so much. Melts everyone's heart. I was born in December 18th. Loves smiling and laughing
Ty Ty
He loves baths, going on car rides, walks and loves the water so much. Loves loves smiling and laughing
He loves water so much, going on trips. Car rides. Smiling and laughing
Tyson is a 2 month old boy. Loves to smile, laugh, cooing, going on walks, car rides, loves to take baths, loves music and visiting his family. Please vote for me😊🥳❤️. I was born in December 18th. Loves smiling and laughing
Tyson H
Tyson loves watching paw patrol, loves his family, loves water. Smiling and laughing
Milo is a sweet little character! He is 100% a mommas boy but loves it when new people can make him laugh!
She loves playing with light up toys , eating banana baby food, and playing with her toes. Her favorite show is bluey and she has 2 teeth coming in.
Hazel loves to view everything, loves cuddles, loves to smile and is the most sweetest baby you can meet❤️ Vote for her plz!!!
Jasmine is sassy, loving,caring and smart. She's my blue eyed sweetheart. She enjoys riding her bike and drawing.
Vivianne likes to roll on her tummy, she likes to watch paw patrol with her big brother Clayton and she likes her rattle.
I love the outdoors, riding my bike and being a stinker! I have two fish named fire and ice and I am a big time daddies boy!!
Little Miss Everleigh is 9 months and LOVES sunflowers 🌻 She likes to tell very high pitched! 🤣 and she looks like her daddy. Lol.
Lakyn absolutely loves to talk, smile, snuggle, and watch the pbr! She could steal your heart with that smile of her. She’s the sassiest baby I’ve ever met!
She’s a little girl with a BIG personality!! Loves exploring and playing with her friends. She loves food, probably one of her favorite things!
Lauren is the sweetest, happiest 7 month old girl in the whole world. She loves smiling, laughing, meeting new people, trying new foods, and going bye-bye.