I am a very happy child I like to play a lot and watch cartoons on TV and I am somewhat curious with small animes and most importantly I like to share with the family
Weston loves to be cuddled and he loves to smile and laugh❤️
He’s very smart and loves dinosaurs.
Most sweet little girl she have 3 big brother help her out on her votes
Eduardo is a happy go lucky kinda boy, loves with his whole heart, he is a adventurous 2nd grader that can draw just about anything he sets his eyes on, always offering to help everyone, and believes every person is unique in their own way, he loves to go out of his way to help his classmates that may struggle or be a little bit different..
Urie loves being out door he loves dinosaurs and monster trucks / cars
Hi my names Isaiah i like cuddles with momma and playing with my toys! Please vote for me!
Loyalty is a absolute ham. We had a rough birth but he’s amazing and doing amazing! 🥰🤞🏼. He has such a bright personality. Super loving, and super funny. 🥺😩.
Shes such a caring and compassionate little lady, she forfits many of her gifts each year to buy for children less fortunate in our community
Loves Horseback Riding and Barrel Racing
Ryder is a 3 year old boy who is so smart and loves his family and his 🦕 he is full of fun and likes to learn everything!
Isabella loves her food, to crawl and most she loves her mama, dada and brother and sister.
She loves everthing. Especially christmas shes 1 year old n has the purest kindest soul
Wyatt is turning 4mths on Christmas day , he Loves to bounce and laugh and loves Tigger , he is a snuggler and gives kisses all the time . He loves to laugh and take lots of pictures with mommy and play Madden with dad and uncle .Vote for Wyatt ☺️
Ben is 7 years old. Hes a very smart, outgoing, happy, amazing, boy. He loves to game online, spend time with family, & friends, and play with his toys.
My name is rexx and i love to roar like a t-rex. My smile can make anyone happy. I love my siblings and my mom and dad. Please vote for me ❤️
She loves to smile and laugh! Enjoys walking and keeping up with her big brother!
Makoa is 10 months old. Sweet cute can be a but head sometimes but still love him . He loves his toys 🧸 eats anything and everything🍝vote for him please and thank you.!!
Theodore likes food, animals, he likes to play and have fun, and loves people
He loves being held, when you rub his head when he sleeps and he loves looking at the Christmas tree lights! This will be his very first Christmas!
Paisleigh is 6 months old and loves to play! She loves bath time, car rides, and bananas are her favorite food.
Parker loves to coo a lot and loves to smile and stick out his tongue. He weighed 9lb 6oz and was 22 1/4 inches at birth
Eliana loves talking and watching tv and loves sleeping. She always look the color blue. Yall vote for Eliana Rose
I’m a playful little boy I love baths and I love my mommy and my doggies I just love to play and snuggle 🥰
John Jacobs
Loves to play all the time
Jacob is a very happy boy that loves to play and enjoy time with his family. Jacob loves school and is a very smart boy.
Very outgoing and caring. Loves his mommy and mamaw,papaw,auntie and his cousin he calls bebe
She’s my Halloween baby! She loves her light up bear and loves to laugh and smile!
1 year old on New Years Eve, loves Cheetos and Payaso Plim Plim
Jasper is my little miracle baby! Born at 28weeks4days and 62 days in the NICU he has overcame a lot!💙
This boy is so funny and make everyone around hom laugh
Hello everybody, my name is Bathcheba I’m an happy baby, I love smiling
She is a very happy baby! Smile all the time when you talk to her
Jason is very active. He loves run around , play at the park an smile … he’s very bright ,
He is 8yrs old in 2nd grade smart and sweet at times so please come vote for him
Paisley is very outgoing and her favorite things to do are drawing, dancing and school.
My baby Katarina is very beautiful and is a very smart baby at her please people vote for this cute little girl.
Genaro is a math wiz that enjoys people and great will animals he puts his whole heart in all he does, when he grows up he would like to be a Architect
Please vote for this bright, beautiful little girl who is full of life! She loves to dance, sing, and do crafts. She is so much fun and keeps us on our toes.
Hi my name is deegan I love to walk and talk I love to make everyone smile I just turned one!
Harper is very kind and loving and loves to play with her baby dolls and is mommy's bestfriend
Nico is a happy baby, constantly wants to smile and watch Mickey Mouse. He loves his family so much❤️❤️
Koa is a happy smiley boy. He loves to jump, bable, and he just learned how to stand on his own & stick out his tongue.
My sweet Acey. The happiest boy you’ll ever meet. He loves everything and everyone. I’m so proud to be your mom!
Anthony is a like a sour patch kid, he’s a little rough around the edges, but he’s so sweet. He loves to wrestle and play trucks, cars, and Dino’s.