Harper is a loving baby girl who loves snuggles & loves her family!
Meet my spunky two month old! Zayleigh is the light of her Mom & Dads world. She’s such a precious, giggly, loveable baby & we adore everything about her. She stole our hearts the day she came into this world 💜
Exten Ryan
Exten loves to play outside with his cars and Dino’s. He loves his new role as big brother. He loves suckers and sour candy. He is always on the go no stopping his little feet. He is the sweetest little boy you will meet.
Ah'leeyah loves to smile & also loves her tummy time. She's learning to use her voice & hands.
Kayden Loves Playing with Toys, Saying Dada, & Eating. He enjoys being outside & Being such a happy Baby
He is a social butterfly but as independent as a child can get 💖
Tayrin loves to be on her phone. Loves to read. Very active
Maverick is 3 months! He sometimes get mistaken for being 6 months because he’s so big. He love bath time and napping with mommy.
Westyn is always so happy and always smiling. He is very observant and likes to study things and how they work. Hes currently figuring out how to walk at 9 months!
Rosina is a beautiful blessing who steals the hearts of anyone that lays their eyes on her. Shes also very sassy but loves cuddles and snuggles❤️
adonis will be the BIG ONE on 9/8/22 ! he loves to smile & has the best personality already. please vote for my cutie !
The cutest and most happiest little girl you will ever meet
The greatest big sister to Nevaeh and our unborn unknown gender baby.
Braxton Clark
Loves to play basketball and always has tons of energy
River is in the hospital he’s was born 3 months early. He is very smart he loves to hold your hand tight he loves to eat he likes to take all his stuff off lol he loves to stare at mommy and daddy 💙🥰
Kylie is a brave, amazing baby with a goofy personality. She is trying to walk already and is about to be a big sister.
The miracle baby
Luna is my miracle baby. I never thought I'd become a mom, especially at 40. She was a surprise to say the least, since I didn't find out about her until I was already 30 weeks along. She is a lover and an amazing gift to all who meet her.
Kami’yah is a happy babygirl she likes to play with her toys and watch her tv show
Our “Lanni” baby as we like to call her is our very special rainbow 🌈 baby & as the baby of our bunch she brings nothing but joy to our life with her beautiful eyes & smile
Arianna is a very sweet happy little girl who loves to play with baby dolls and loves baths plz vote for her she is amazing
Kolten is my “ham” ❤️ He knows he’s handsome and so full of love!
Ruger is my wild child ❤️ With a personality of all his own!
Violet is a fearless rebel with unmatched charm and a sense of humor I am amazed by and excited to watch this flower blossom
She's sweet caring has empathy for all loves her dogs and cherishes all her siblings. She is the 2nd youngest of 10 children .She's a jokester and drama queen lol
Noah's smile is contagious! In this photo, he's waiting for a ball game to start!
Hello, I am Kinsley! I am 12 months old. I enjoy spending time with my big sister, playing with toys, and walking ! I am a very happy little girl. I love to smile and show all of my new teeth
Hello, I am Olivia Marie! I am 24 months old and i love to play with my toys. I love to eat! But most of all i love helping take care of my little sister!
This is Atticus! He is a very smiley little guy who loves trying to do kissy faces and looking at books when we read to him. He came into this world exactly 11 years after we lost his grandpa, and everyday he reminds me more of him.
She loves swings and being outside She loves peppa pig so of course if she were to win I’d make her a peppa pig room and make all her dreams come true
Lily Jo
Lily Jo is the happiest baby😊She loves to smile and play
Hello everybody my name is ARA‼️ I LOVE playing with my mommy and daddy💕💕She’s so smart, & funny! I love Chloe and Cuqin and taking walking in my stroller. Can’t forget being outside, the out doors is truly her happy place💕I am a ivf / Nicu Graduate 💕 if you meet her, you’ll just fall in love 💕💕 It’s impossible not to! 💕💕.
Hello my name is is khristian Wyatt, I have austism, along with impulsive personality disorder, and ADHD and behavioral issues as well, I like my little ponies, my favorite is rainbow dash, I also like chase from paw patrol, and I love to color and write my name , and nana name. I love my sister, and I am very timid, and funny too, I like to play outside, play in water and swimming, I also like my fingers painted, I love cats, dogs and birds and rabbits, one day I will have my own pet, I also enjoy playing with Play-Doh, and I like Halloween movies, and Halloween and Christmas is my favorite year.. I like princess movies and I love singing. Please vote for me!
Jazzlynn is 5 months old. She loves tummy time, napping on mommy and daddy. She says “mama” she loves sweat potatoes , blueberry banana. She has a unique personality which everyone loves. She’s just a loving goof ball
Nina Baros
My name is Nina Baros and I love to look around👀 I love to eat! Bath time is my favorite 🤩 I hate getting put down I love to be in mommy’s or daddy’s arms😊 I’m a month old and I’m in 0-3 3-6 month old clothes😩 I’m getting big on mommy and she don’t like it🥹
Hi I am macaihla and I like baby dolls and stuff animals, I love being a silly girl, and laughing, I am a socialable girl and very friendly and loves everyone with my whole heart! I have a older brother as well, who I copycat a lot. Vote for me
Emma Dixie
Emma lives with her mom ,Dad and two older sisters and her uncle. Emma is a rare gem .only 0.17% of the human population has red hair blue eyes .She gets her middle name from her great grandma Dixie who also had red hair blue eyes. Emma is 8 months old . Stands on her feet and has two bottom teeth. Very active and vocal .
Zoriel loves to play outside and explore. He is learning something new each day. His giggles can make your day. He is a ball of energy that will keep you on your toes. He learned to walk and doesn't stop for a second. His favorite word to say now is bye bye
She loves to smile,play, and eat her favorite food is mashed potatoes and French fries
Heather is an adorable blessing who steals the hearts of anyone who sees her and brings a smile to their face. Both sassy and sweet and we wouldn't have it any other way.
Luna was a covid baby, she’s saved me she changed me and she made me a better person, Luna is very smart her favorite show is cocomelon, she started walking at 11 months and always has stories to tell!! ❤️
Justin is really cute and he’s funny he has a great laugh and he loves ducks he’s a sweet boy
She Is A Very Happy Baby ,She Loves To Eat & Will Turn Any Gloomy Day Bright 😊
Delilah is beautiful baby girl inside and out, she has a twin brother and seven other siblings she lights up the room with her smile whenever she sees anybody hurting or crying you can see the compassion on her face.