Baby Stories - 40


Mason is a bubbly 13th month old who is always smiling, and laughing, he loves Nacho Libre, playing with his cars and giving hugs!
Wyatt is just a little premie baby that loves to smile 😊
Lane is a little brother who adores his older sister and he's a very calm baby. He loves to watch the chickens and anything outdoors.
Jesiah is 3 months he loves having conversations, is super interested in colors, he loves he dallas stars bear, his smile gives you such a bubbly feeling. ❤️ And his eyes are unforgettable. This beautiful loved baby boy is something special. Give him some of your love too!
Elliana is a 16 month old who loves the outdoors and adores animals!
She enjoys smiling at everyone, Everyone loves her colored eyes, very Happy baby
Born a preemie but you would never know it today.
Dj Bowers
Dj was born 2 months early. He had 40% of his small intestine removed and spent the first two months of his life. No matter his ups and downs dj is the happiest baby. He loves to smile and nap with his daddy Vote dj😍😍🤟
Vote for little precious Kendrick ! He loves trucks and watching YouTube ! ❤️
Louey's favorite thing to say is mamamamamama all the time and now since our bottom 2 teeth have popped through, he is saying all kind of things. The drooling is insane 🤣 but the little bubble noises are so cute. Louey my sweet boy is just so funny and always smiling!!! I love those baby giggles so much!
Sylo is a very out going baby he loves to play outdoors . He is very smart and wise he loves balls 🏀 and loves to learn new things . Vote for Sylo we appreciate it .I would like to say thank you all and have wonderful and blessed day .
He’s 4 months! He was born on July 5th 2020! He loves his fingers and toes! Also loves to play with any and all toys! And it’s our first time doing this!🥰
Melody is my Rainbow Baby, my 1st & Only daughter. She has a great personality. Smiles about everything & has the cutest giggles. She loves her sleep too.
Aiden is a loving and happy baby. He loves “jumping” and “talking” to his mommy and daddy.
John loves to smile and jam along to music and loves bringing smiles to others who meet him
Hunter is a very courageous 2 yr. He was born with clubbed feet and had surgery to have his tendons cut. He doesn't let it stop him. He keeps fighting and enjoying life. He loves to help do everything, he is one incredible little boy.
Ernie a.k.a the cutest dude! Loves sweet potatoes n his mama!
Octavia is most definitely a water baby 💦 She loves to zoooom as you grab her hand to walk with her💕 Absolutely loves her cheese, but than again she’ll eat anything you give her 🥱 Loved by all and loves most 😉
The Sass Master Miss Riley Rose. She’ll steal your heart. 💜
Emerson is our beautiful rainbow baby who happened to be delivered via emergency c-section on the death anniversary of my God brother. She is so amazingly special to us! There truly is a rainbow after EVERY storm 🌈💚
Romano is an energetic toddler who loves to play all day!
Nethaniel is the sweetest boy he always smiles no matter what he loves being on the move now that he is crawling .
I am convinced that this child will change the world 🌏! There is a magic in his eyes and a fire in his soul 🔥 He has my whole heart ❤
Jaxtin is a very happy baby boy. He loves music and dancing to it! He thinks animals are funny to look at. He also loves to chase his doggy and kitty when he is in his walker. He is always so happy and loves everyone! He loves to talk, and loves mickey mouse. Especially the hot dog song!
Mary loves to smile at mommy, watch our kitties play, and get cuddles from her granny ❤️
He LOVES paw patrol themes a lot. Good helper in the family
She love beinv outside and explore. Spending time with families
Xander Kain
Xander Kain is happy, handsome, funny little boy who loves to play outside with his best friend Liam! & color with mommy & daddy! ❤️
Brock is a total sweet heart! He loves to laugh and smile, play monster trucks, and adores his baby sister!
Bridget is a sweet and sassy little girl! She loves to smile, laugh and loves her big brother!
Noah is 2 months old he’s always a happy baby! & he loves reading books, playing with his toys , and laughing with mommy ❤️
He loves being in carried allllllll the time and that’s about it!
Lilah also know as Lilah Bean or baby doll loves her mommy and daddy, the boob, her swing, music her siblings and being talked too. She has a smile that will light up the whole room , she is starting to coo and loves looking at herself. She is such a sweet baby girl💕
Neil loves Winnie the Pooh and friends , he can’t stand to have his big brother out of his site, he is a bundle of fun and pure joy!
Heartley’s favorite things are her momma, her brothers, her sisters, and food. She has very strong opinions already and knows what she wants. She is rarely seen without a smile on her face.
Everlli is the cutest she makes anyones day just amazing and lights up the whole room with her smile she love to meet new people loves puppies she is 5 months old and already so smart. Love to eat and loves to play.
James is the giggliest and most loving little guy! He loves being outside and feeling the grass, listening to music and taking naps 💙
I'm so happy to share this colorful bundle of human with the world. Hedwiggunther was a difficult birth, but one I only regret every second or third day. Please vote for me - Momma wants to get rich.
Kylah is our youngest energetic, happy and oh so smart youngest daughter, she loves playing with her siblings yelling mommy every min of the day. She loves to be outside every chance that she gets, she absolutely loves to dance whenever music comes on.
A little sunshine of joy , always happy every day , every where , his nickname is Jay jay
She loves to cuddle with momma and daddy 🥰 and her brothers love her alot 🥰