Hannah is a sweet, loveable little girl who won't let anything get in her way or stop her from going forward. She is strong.
Aniyah Kae is a picture queen. She sees the phone and boom starts posing. She loves spending time outside with her dogs, at rodeos and eating! She is silly with a splash of sass and our personal Cabbage Patch Doll 😊
Shes such a sweet natured happy girl. She loves her happy feet 🐧🐧 😅 4 months old. And her favorite toy is Yoda
Paisley LOVES everyone, she loves her music and when people make her dance! She’s obsessed with her mommy and daddy and her doggies. She loves being outside and being with her family. She’s always looking around and observing everything she’s such a smart girl already! Paisley is such a beautiful girl inside and out!😍
Elliot loves being outside, he loves playing with the grass, he also loves his puppy dog duke, they are Bestfriends. He loves everyone but when it comes to papa and grandma it’s a different story lol, he loves cuddling and taking naps oh and eating my goodness can he eat lol.
Hes a very outgoing little boy hes always smiling very energetic for his age and such a talker lol he will brighten your day up everytime you see him, cause he just gives you the biggest smile like your the best person in the whole world and it just warms your heart!!!! Hes a very silly boy too!
Isabella Lorraine
Shes loves chocolate milk and holding mommy and daddy's finger 😍
She loves to eat, speak, and play with mommy and daddy! She will set you straight🤛🏼
Anahi will be 1 in June ! She loves playing with her toys n loves food !
This is Maverick, he’s very active and just about ready to walk! Very vocal and loves saying momma and daddy and dancing!
Eliana is going to be 2 , she loves her papa! And doesn’t take now for an answer! She loves swimming, playing out side ! Most all she loves to walk and get into many things ! She’s a happy baby but sassy to!
She's 10 months old loves her snacks waving hi and laughing at everything she loves attention too for sure and she's the cutest little girl I've ever seen
She's loves cuddles with mommy has the most beautiful blue eyes and lovely smile she love to roll over from her tummy to her back. Tryin to sit up by her self and roll from her back to her side she's growing so fast
My happy lil baldy girl.
Just a happy little mama
Blake luvs his Cheetos 🤣 I just think he’s to cute and sweet to not join in on the contest
Ozias is a happy and cuddly baby who loves spending time with mommy and daddy❤️
Jayce Palmer 5months . He’s such a happy baby , he enjoys playing with his feet & putting stuff in his mouth !!
My babygirl jocelynn is just the cutest! she loves to smile & talk when you talk to her! she's learning to sit up & she loves to wear her bows! she's just so beautiful 💕✨
Leilani is a 3 month old pretty little princess. She has big bright brown eyes, and a head full of hair. She loves to look around and watch her big brother play with his toys. She definitely won’t be skipping any meals. She loves to eat and bath time is her favorite. 💗
Aaliyah is so sweet and cute. She such a happy baby she’s always laughing and smiling.
This is Adilynn she is 6months old going on 7months she is a very active baby she loves to crawl , she loves eating everything she can &’ she loves taking pictures she is one of a kind an she amazes me everyday .🤎
Noah is just 6 weeks old, he loves to float in the bath tub, he will roll his eyes at you while you talk to him an get a very cute little grin after like he knows what he’s doing
Echo is almost a month old, she was born 5 weeks early. She loves cuddles and eating all the time 😂
Ellie loves to play and talk all day. She’s only one so it’s mostly baby babble right now. She’s also very nosy and loves to explore everything around her…as long as mama doesn’t leave her sight😂
Uriel Xavier Perez
Xavier is a very outgoing baby, who loves to eat, has a very affectionate smile & loves to talk! Even though he doesnt say a single word but trys to💙
She loves her big bows and shopping for new outfits spending daddy’s money , has a big personality always happy and giggling 🤭
I am 2 years old and know half of my ABC'S can count to 10 myself, mommy and daddyl is helping me working on counting higher. I love my baby brother more than anything, he's my bestfriend! I am potty trained, and can go to the potty all by myself like a big girl. I love going to school to see my teachers and play with my friends, i really enjoy going outside to play on the playground with my friends . I love going on fishing & hiking adventures with my daddy, momma & my bubba. I am a very sweet little girl, and like to be little miss independent. I also love making new friends..
He’s very energetic…. Very advanced for his age….. he’s very lovable!!!!
Josiah is 5 months old he loves watching tv💙he loves talking ,rolling around and sleeping
Jayson Is 1 year old & he is very active, loves to run and go outside and explore, and oh he loves to eat, he sure is a one of kind little guy! He Amazes Us Everyday♥️
Mechelle is 5 months old and 16lbs💕 She is the most happiest baby in the world and such a blessing to have. Mj loves cuddles and loves to talk she will make it known she there if nobody is paying attention lol and she definitely loves her carrots and green beans
Laelah Yvonne
LaeLah Yvonne is the smartest, happiest, loving and beautiful 10 month old!! She smiles even while 4 teeth were coming through. She's a mommom's girl and my best fren!! Lol
Gael is a year & 10 months old. He loves music & outdoors
This is my BEAUTIFUL daughter Jenavieve, she loves squash, bath time, and taking naps with her mommy.
My name is Gianna , I’m always happy, I keep mommy and daddy busy all day. My favorite thing to eat is fries!! Oh and daddy sneaks my chocolate milk so that’s one of my favorites as well. I love being outside , oh and I learned if I whine I get my way !!! I’m loved and spoiled beyond measure ! Okay that’s enough (:
She is wild. Loves smiling, yelling, clapping, and the new one is walking.
Legend this a happy baby boy!! Loves to watch tv with big brother!! Mommy & Daddy love you so much! 🫶🏽💙
Hi my name is Grayson! I love cuddling with mom and dad, going on hikes with my dogs and dancing to music. I enjoy spitting my baby food at mom especially when she gives me carrots…. I HATE carrots.
Brentley is the sweetest, most going babe out there! He always has a smile on his face & even on the wrost of days can make anyone smile! We were blessed with the best baby ever!!
Ariel is such a loving baby. Who loves music and her mommy and daddy.
Masary Is 12 Days Old. He Loves To Sleep And Drink Milk All Day. He Loves His Big Sister Vivian. She Makes Him Smile All Day.
Hi I’m Audrey, named after the beautiful actress Audrey Hepburn. My favorite thing to do is stay attached to my mommy’s boob! I also look exactly like my daddy! Vote for me if you like boobies too! 💕
Elliana is a very loving and attentive girl. She loves when mommy and daddy read to her and sing lullabies. She has such a big personality and is so curious for only being a week old!
Hey My Name Is Harlem Dior Agnew , I’m 11 Months Old I love to eat , play with my siblings & watch cocomelon with my sister RORo 🥰 I’m a crybaby as my parents say lol I love getting my way from my Dad lol… I like to cuddle at night with my Mom so that I can fall asleep 😴
Braxton is 1 yrs old he loves Mickey Mouse and he loves to argue with everyone and try and beat everyone but hes the best baby I’ve ever met he’s extremely sweet and loves smoothies
Zander was born on October 25th 2021. Weighing 7lbs 10 ounces. Now he’s nearly 7 months old and full of smiles! He loves being outside, rolling over, and playing with his toys. He almost ready to sit up on his own, and flops like a fish to get around. He has bright blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. He steals your heart just by looking at you. He’s the sweetest baby!