Baby Stories - 4


Maci is a joyful 6 month old how loves to be on her tummy playing loves any toy that makes noises her favorite time of the day is bath time she loves to kick and loves to say dada and her favorite show is chip and panda on Netflix ❤️❤️
Baby Nina came bursting into this world March 31, 2020. Her favorite thing to do is read and dance. She have 3 big brothers. Her favorite snack is a cheeto.
Her nick name is scooter!!! Loves to here her self talk and is really trying to craw with her big sissy’s help 💜
Kehlani is 1 years old she loves pasta and music her favorite activities is watching blues clues and playing outside blowing bubbles ! Vote for Kehlani
Cash is the happiest little ray of sunshine. The 3rd of three boys and tougher than both of his brothers!! He's a Mama's boy who loves to laugh at Daddy. This little man is ready to take the world by storm.
Lil Harrison loves music ❤️ & giving off baby cuddles
Hello! My name is Alaric, I love chewing on everything I can get my hands on. I also love giving my family the biggest smiles, sometimes I get so happy I have to hide my face because I get shy. ❤️
Callan is a handsome little dude who loves to say bob bob bob bob all the time and leave us wondering who is bob?
Breeze is an adventurous little boy. He’s obsessed with Doja Cat, loves to eat, and is his daddy’s number one fan.
Leona is 18 months. She loves her family bunches! Leona loves to play outside and drive her car! Her favorite tv show is bubble guppies and her favorite food is bread.
Beautiful blue eyed girl! Definitely has a unique character, loves her momma and daddy, hard to get to smile, hates cuddles, loves being outside.
Cairo is a mamas boy.. he smiles when he is trying to get into something he isn’t suppose to. He loves to watch his big sister play fornite, and loves when she fake coughs it seems to make him laugh every time. He loves dogs, kisses, hug, and compliments from everyone. He gets shy so he smiles and rest his on his mamas shoulder. In his sleep he dreams of milk. He loves getting told “Good Morning” when he wakes up. Spider-Man is his favorite, dancing he jumps or shakes his head to the 🥁 rhythm. He loves to crawl and make noises when he can.
7 months loves to roll over and roars at mommy and daddy😍
Liam loves eating anything and everything! He was my tube fed baby which is my excuse for how much he eats now🤣 his favorites are his big bubby and his little sister (only a year and 12 days younger) but mostly his daddy. You can find him always either watching Coco or Frozen
He very smart loves playing and walking and runs
Hey guys! This is little Addison Laney who just loves when her big bubbys talk to her. You should see her face light up when she sees them walk in the room. It would just melt your heart like she has done for everyone in our family.
Adam was born one month premature weighing a little over 4 pounds. Now he’s weighing in at 6 lbs. 9 oz. and is a strong handsome little man.
Cristofer is two months old! My little man is our rainbow baby! He loves to make noises and little grunts. He will stare and look at everything possible with so much fascination. He has beautiful blue eyes! And will steal your heart instantly 💙
Gabriella is 9 months old and is a daddys girl. She is always smiling and laughing.she is so silly and loves to be out side. She loves yogurt melts and Bologna.
Baby Chris is a Rainbow baby 💙💙 he loves pears , smiles all the time , loves standing , & is verrrryyy high maintenance. He loves cuddles , & drooling all day everyday . Watches HeMan , Bonanza , and Looney Toons . Such a sweet happy baby !
I love eating, Laughing, being loved on & watching cocomelon
Raelynn Rose
Former full term NICU baby!Current Docband baby! Fixing my crown👑accessories are a girls bestfriend 💁🏻‍♀️🥰 Super happy, smiley, Rae of sunshine! Every vote is appreciated and all winnings go to her savings/medical emergencies account. ✨
K’renn is a happy , energetic little boy who loves playing outside !! ☺️
7 going on 17, fun-loving cool kid. Well-mannered & handsome my little man is. Loves to play outside, his PS5 & have sparring sessions with his dad.
She is the most beautiful amazing little girl ever she loves peppa pig and her dolls of course and alway here to make you laugh
Hudson Lee is full of smiles and he loves to kick and play 💕
Leland is defiantly a character and one of a kind! He loves learning, playing with his hot wheels, coloring, playing with his best friend out puppy Chowder. He is a very independent little boy and expresses how he feels for sure. We have always called him a sour patch kid one minute he is sour and the next he is sweet and wants to cuddle!
Harmony Grace
She is as spunky as it comes loves to laugh and has the most amazing personality will do anything to make anybody laugh
Zyzik is 7 months old, loves snuggling, dressing dapper, smiling constantly and is everyone’s favorite Polish Sicilian around! His favorite songs are “The Sound Of Silence” by Disturbed, as well as Hall and Oats “you make my dreams come true”
Harmony Marie
I was born February 12th 2021 I love to sleep and eat !
It’s juju bean here, I love playing outside with chasing and loving up on my puppies, Jamming out on my kitchen pot drums, and giving the biggest sloppiest kisses.
Oakleigh loves to be outdoors, she’s very photogenic, and she loves her momma and dadda!
Jaxson loves to watch Bluey ,Paw Patrol, and anything with Dogs! He loves his huskies ! He has three of them !! He is our pride and joy
Hello Everyone! My name is Mi’Amor Cardwell! I was born March 23, 2021 on my late great grandmothers birthday! I love kisses, my daddy, sleeping, car rides & listening to music. I’m only a few weeks old but I have lots of personality already. Please be sure to vote for me!
Annalynne is a blue-eyed bundle of joy! A smart, independent, goofy baby girl who loves laughing, cuddling and talking with her Daddy and Mommy. Laughing, rolling over and teething all before 4 months and growing up too fast!
Brittany Blake
I’m a sweet, energetic, little girl with the world to look forward to. I love my daddy, and my puppies and kitty. We go on walks and I fall asleep every time! 🥰
He likes to talk and laugh. He is a very happy baby.He is very loved by his family.He also likes to play with bubbles.
Leonidas is amazing in every way possible he’s my miracle baby. He’s such a happy little boy always smiling. He’s also extremely advanced at only a month old.
Eric (also known as EJ) has been a fighter from the start. Born at 37 weeks, he was 5 pounds, 1 ounce. He loves rolling around and chewing on his hands. He is the sweetest boy and that smile gets his mommy and daddy every day.
Alexander is a fun loving little boy, who loves tractors and dinosaurs
Kaden is a bright eyed happy little man who enjoys playing outside and giving his Mommy the best hugs ever! He loves yogurt melts and pancakes!
He is a very talkative and active boy. He loves to kick his little legs and swing his arms for fun. He also loves to watch bubble guppies on his free time. He’s picking when it comes to how he lays and how he’s being held. Also he’s a momma’s boy❤️
Lucy Ann made her arrival in March 23,2021. She loves talking to her daddy and holding daddy’s hand. She also loves car rides and talks with her big brothers and sisters. All 6 of them.
Logan loves to giggle and play with all toys esp. Mickey Mouse. He enjoys long walks around the block and endless bottles of milk. He is very curious about his surroundings and lives to play with big brother and sister. He loves snuggles.
Dylan James loves naps, snuggling with his bunny, watching the ceiling fan go around, and sitting with mommy in the rocking chair outside on a beautiful day. :) He is the sweetest little punkin bear. 🥰
Cooper is our rainbow baby!! He is such a blessing!! Cooper loves to be outside, loves his rocking moose (not horse), loves golfcart rides, and is great little brother!!
Everleigh is a sweet and sassy lil girl who loves to EAT!
Nayella just turned 2 and loves to play outside. Her favorite movie is frozen. She is very active and loves to eat food. She is shy around new people but once she is comfortable she is a chatter box.