Milán is a very active baby. He loves to roll over. He would rather sit up and only likes to lay down when its nap time or to get a diaper change. He loves to talk and laugh all day. He is very happy all the time and hardly cries. He loves to listen to music. Hes a mamas boy but still loves his daddy and grandparents along with his tios and tia. He also loves bath time.
Kohen loves to roll a ball back and forth and his favorite food is cheese!
Xzerci is very lovable and smiles a lot he’s a happy baby he loves taking baths and being walked around he’s my little curious man
Dakota loves to eat she is very silly and lovable she loves taking baths and playing with her grandmas dogs she loves going outside going to the park and playing in water
Remington Reef
Remi is the oldest twin to Zipp! He loves to surf, dance and collect shells. Remi is a really amazing brother 🌈
Glorianna is 10 years old. The daughter of Brooke Grantham & Blake Alward. She loves spending time with family & friends. She loves signing,dancing & making TikToks videos & cheering. She loves getting her hair,nails & makeup done. She has a heart of Gold. She has a smile & laugh that will brighten anyones day. She loves making seeing others happy. Glorianna Fayth Alward!💜👑
My name is Zayn Arrow, I love watching Bluey, Mrs. Rachel, and Mickey Mouse Club House. I’m learning to walk and using my voice more.
Ariella is a kind hearted baby, she’s very beautiful. Baby arii touches hearts of the people she meets, she kind, smart, talented, an has a very bright smile.
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Xzavion And Zamiah
Xzavion And Zamiah are twin boys, who are not only brothers but best friends! They share the same likes of paw patrol, cars, trucks and always eager to learn everyday! There kind and loving, very smart boys! 😊😊💙💙
Draven loves dinosaurs & anything animal related. He knows some sign language, almost the whole alphabet, all his colors & can count to ten on his own!
She loves to smile and laugh. She always sassy and she is a little diva !
Christian is a big mommas boy, he is so cuddly and will coo at you when you talk to him.
Charlotte is very outgoing and loves to go to the park and play outside. She just got a little brother and is so helpful, she tries to burp him and console him when he cries. She loves dancing to music and is always singing her own little song.
Kyler loves to lay in the snow, play in his ball pit& absolutely loves to snuggle!❤️ He enjoys yelling Dada & Momma @3am, and he really enjoys going for car rides!🥰
Riley is a very bright, funny, sassy, and a very smart lil girl who loves to cuddle. She loves to draw , and play learning games on the phone. Riley is my granddaughter. ❤️
Jase is my 5 year old grandson. Jase likes dinosaurs, which he can name pretty much everyone of them. He likes his dart guns, watching YouTube videos.. Jase started kindergarten this year and he loves it.
Stella loves to talk and smile and CUDDLE! She is a huge MOMMAS girl ❤️ She likes music and bath time and she’s gonna grow up to have lots of curls 😙
Ryker is a happy baby most of the time. He loves his mama an dada🤍 loves watching bluey an ms. Rachel an walks all day long. EVERYWHERE 😂
Asher loves watching Word Party with his daddy! He is so active and loves his toys!
Marian Jr
My baby is such good baby he loves just chill and do what baby’s do !!lol 🤣😊😊
She loves to walk all around the couch! She loves to smile and giggle and mean mug people💕. She is full of laughs and giggles
This little man is always happy to see you! Full of life and just happy to be here! With a giggle or a smile he can brighten anyone’s day!
My name is Lavondale. I love sweet potatoes and football. I sing myself to sleep sometimes. I give really tight hugs and I chew on everything.
This is Wixstin, he absolutely loves talking and babbling. He’s very active loves crawling around. Favorite word is baba and mama. He’s mommy’s mr chunky monkey
Kh'Ree is 11 days old. He likes to sleep and take bottles. He doesnt cry very much, and is already so aware of his surroundings. He has the cutest, deepest dimples and is such a joy!
Annalia Sophia
Annalia is just pure beauty through and through. Annalia is the best sister ever and is always trying to help anyway she can, She’s brilliant for her age and she’s so kind, she always try’s to include everyone. She’s a true princess, and I’m so proud to be her mother, and she knows how to use chopsticks lol 🥰
My girl is so sweet. She loves carrots. And she absolutely loves to laugh.
Super smart and very respectful little boy. Far from shy, very outgoing! Vote for Alexander!
Matthew loves to run around and play.
Zander Dean
Our Zander Dean, is the most happy & smiley baby, loves to play & try to roll over. He is 4 months old and him a chunks🫶🏽 he loves to eat & holler around🥰
He is the cutest chubbiest baby ever he really loves to eat!!❤️ he is almost 2 months old and is already growing so much
August is my sweet happy baby. Always smiling and he just found his laugh as well. His favorite things are his mama & daddy and his milk of course 😂❤️ Please vote for our chunky boy.
Kenzo loves to laugh and smile with his whole body . The morning is his favorite time of the day
Shaelyn is a very active little girl, who loves to play, read, learn, loves school, likes being a helper, dances, sings, and very independent.
Lexie loves to crawl around and laughs whenever you put a soda in front of her
She’s a bright little girl she’s so beautiful inside and out 😍💗she’s so nice says hi to anybody or blows kisses she’s just the sweetest little girl ever 🥰
Marko loves food and taking pictures! Always a smiley happy baby! He loves her fur baby sister!!
He loves playing with hot wheels and being the best big brother ever💙
Kinsley is the youngest of mine. She loves to smile, lay on mommy or daddy’s chest, she loves music, going for stroller walks, and loves to watch her older sister play with her toys ✨💕❤️
Kaylee has a contagious smile and laugh, she loves frozen and singing/dancing. She has a new baby sister that she loves to help out with 💕💕💕
Maleni Layla
Maleni Layla is a ball of love joy and happiness she loves her toes but not as much as she loves her brothers she growls when she wants your attention and wiggles herself to sleep
Nova is just a little hunny! 💕 she loves her mama and daddy and of course her crazy brother. But her favorite thing to do is always smile or giggle
Kai’Lani is my miracle baby Kai’Lani is premature she came two months early and spent a month in the nicu . She a very happy and excited baby and loves everyone . KaiLani gives the best hugs and kisses and holds a very good conversation.
Trevor is a bright blue eyed boy that loves to smile and laugh. He loves to play with his big brother and doggy.
Aziel is the happiest 5 month old. He loves Ms. Rachel, he is learning to roll, he loves talking to Dad and playing on his tummy time mat 🥰