Baby Stories - 4


Most adorable smallest but largest bundle of joy you have ever met. He is the baby out the bunch with a mighty big roar. VOTE VOTE VOTE FOR KEVON
Absolutely the beat lil guy! Always happy and loves snuggle time!!!!! Mommys lil miracle!
3 months, love to suck on the back of her fingers love to laugh and smile, always eating ❤️🥰🥰
Amara is such a ray of sunshine. Her favorite thing to do is giggle and make lots of silly faces.
My little Hailey is 5 years old She knows how to sing her abc’s She’ also loves getting her nails and feet done , let’s not forget her hair , she’s also loves the camera , dressing ❤️ Vote for her , she’s such a sweet girl with an amazing heart ♥️
This sweet girl loves naps and smiling. She loves to kick her blanket and watch her light bright bear at night for HOURS
Journey is 2 months old. She’s a spicy photogenic girl who loves to go to the park or the beach and watch the birds 🥰
💕💕Mama Squad💕💕 Damien Matthew is officially 1 year old! He LOVES to laugh and smile, he's such a happy baby! He loves playing with his toys, he loves Mickey Mouse, and hanging out with his mommy & daddy. He just learned to crawl, and is loving exploring all around the house.
Paisley is 2 months old an mommy and daddy’s everything💖she loves to be held, talked too and giggle, she enjoys her naps and mommy’s milk, she is a firecracker with a sweet side that will melt your heart ❤️
Chloe is a beautiful baby girl who loves to smile and she loves her nana
Asaad is the best baby in the world. My pooky bear is always in a good mood. His favorite show is cocomelon. He loves tummy time and enjoys listening to music.
A'zyian is so full of life at such a young age with such a growing & amazing personality. My son is biracial & loves to laugh, and get into it anything you that he feels he can put together lol I call him my little handy man 🥰😍 he has two mommy's & is very well loved adored and admired by many. He was planned and conceived through a donor which was a very long and hard battle but very well worth it all . & after 13 months of crying and trying we were blessed with our first child. ❤️ My Doodas. 🤞🏾
Loves food & all the snuggles 🥰 He loves trying to stand and has strong little legs. he loves the water💓
Kingston was a blessing 💖Hes the little handsome thing that keeps my head above water👣
Ryland is the happiest baby boy and he lovesss waffles!🥰❤️
Davis loves to smile & giggle! He adores his big sisters more than anything! He has learned his voice & loves to yell! He loves attention & sure loves to flirt! Mommy & Daddy’s first boy ❤️
Kenzli is a smiley, bubbly, loving, smart, sweet princess ♥️ She is eager to learn every day! Loves watching cartoons, her fav is spookiz!
Zoey loves to snuggle, eat her hands and talks all day long. She's walking and movin' all over the place now. She's got the most adorable smile and the most pinchable cheeks too.
MaKinsley can say hey, hi and mama she loves to meet new people. She is full of energy, always smiling ans laughing. She started to crawl and trying to stand. She has beautiful blue eyes and fiery red hair that will make anyones heart melt.
Caden LOVES to laugh, smile, and talk! He LOVES Cocomelon, doggies and things with a lot of colors!
Kallen is a very sweet boy who is active and always happy
NICU Graduate!! Skyla is thriving and growing to be a healthy little girl. She loves lots of cuddle time, loves her paci, eating and sleeping!
Braylen is one of the happiest baby's you will ever meet! A very sweet boy the barely crys. He is the youngest! He has 5 siblings one sister and 4 brothers. If anyone is interested in exchanging votes comment on my wall!
I'm Nella, and I love fashion and gymnastics. Also my hobby is dancing. I'm a first grader and i love my school. I love everything that's beautiful 😍
Hi we will be giving out advanced votes for the middle of sept until October…IF YOU ARE HONEST RETUNING votes we will gladly do what we can do… thank you for all your support for Chase 💚💚💚💚
Hi I’m willow I love cuddles with mom, love hearing dadas voice and to go on long walks with mom and dad🥰
Areno is happy and strong, lovable, adorable, he likes to sit on his swing and watch everyone!!
Avianna is 1 year old. she is always smiling, blowing kisses, and waving bye bye. She loves her older sister and brother. She is her mommys bestfriend! Avianna loves watching cocomelon, and playing with her sister and brother. Shes always running around, loves going outside, and taking bath.
Loves to laugh , watch my little pony , & play with her friends 💖
Ahmiree is 6 months! She is learning and growing everyday! She is very active , smart and super silly!
😊😊😊 names I vote from are Kyra C. And Kaykay M. Ny'lasia is such a sweet little girl. She has the best cuddles. She is the youngest of 4. She loves to talk and giggle with her older brothers. If you would like to exchange votes leave a comment on my wall.
Her mommy💗💗 Kia is a super happy baby🤞🏻 loves rolling all over❤️
Meilani is a very happy baby and she is always smiling.🙂
Bralynn is the funniest and most lovable child you could ever meet. She has a personality like no other, much bigger than her years. She will infuriate you and make you laugh all at once. Bralynn has been fighting since the womb. After chemotherapy during pregnancy, she came to this world just 2 weeks early and healthy as can be. She truly is God's gift.
Karson is an outgoing little boy who loves cocomelon and big trucks ! He is only 22 months old and knows sign language ! He will light the room up the minute he walks in ! He is such a high spirited little boy !
THANK YOU ♥️ TO ALL WHO HELPED MY BABY FINALLY GET FIRST IN STATE!! We TRULY appreciate each and every one of you! 🥰🙏 We will be taking a break but offering ADVANCED votes to be returned February! Have a BLESSED day! ♥️♥️♥️♥️ MERCI♥️ À TOUS CEUX QUI AIDENT MON BÉBÉ ENFIN À ÊTRE PREMIER EN ÉTAT !! Nous apprécions VRAIMENT chacun d'entre vous! 🙏 Nous ferons une pause mais offrirons des votes AVANCÉS ! Passez une journée BÉNIE! ♥️♥️♥️♥️ THANK YOU to ALL of PAISLEY’S SUPPORTERS ♥️🥰♥️🥰♥️🥰 Paisley Ava was born January 5, 2021 at 5lbs 15oz, 18inches of perfection! She is our incredibly sweet, goofy, and always-smiling love of our life!
Scarlett is the happiest baby, always smiling and babbling about all the wonderful things she learned about each day.
Calista Reign
Calista Reign is a smiley little love bug! She loves to stare at you and giggle and listen to all the daily gossip!
Gabby loves to smile and laugh!!! She loves her doggy and she sucks on her fingers!!
Happy happy sweet baby boy!
Scarlett is a verry loving little girl with a big personality! She has such a big heart and loves her sisters. Loves to dance 💃 and sing verry full of sass and spunk ☺ thank you for voting for us !!!!
She is a joyful baby, she laughs at basically everything you do and she loves to play and put everything in her mouth. When it’s time for her to eat she smile really big and gets excited 💗😍
I have a little miracle that I would like to share. David my cute little baby boy who loves Gospel songs and like bible stories at bedtime.
Chace is 2 years old outstanding child he loves Spider-Man And paw portal he love to be around his family and chace bday is October 21.playing with his toys he is a loving child please vote for my baby . Chace bday is October 21 he love to sing his ABC”s and day his 123 Chace is very smart for his age .
Amira is a lil Princess and is my granddaughter whom loves to be cuddled and sung to..She loves her mama the most🥰
He’s a gift from God, and a bundle of joy! Mommy and Daddy first child 🥰.