Baby Stories - 39


Charlotte loves to swim, bake with her mama, go to the park, play with her friends, and enjoys her dance class. Charlotte knows how to count to 10, all of her colors, and can chat up a storm!!! Thank you for all the votes❤️❤️
“I’m daddy’s girl and mommy’s world”
Baby Easton just turned 1 month old! He loves watching his big brothers be wild and crazy. He enjoys TV in his boppy seat and lots & lots of lovin'
Jazmine was born at 23 weeks! She has beat all the odds and is happy and healthy after a 135 day nicu stay! She enjoys books and music and exploring.
Zoey is 15 month's. She is so full of personality and character. She LOVES to dance, talk, she is very smart at her age. She loves being outside with her brother, she loves to go on adventures, she only likes the car seat for so long.
She loves to sing and dance loves animals and her baby sister and big brother she is the light of her grandma eyes
Amelia loves smiling and playing with her 2 older sisters.❤ She loves sunshine and looking at flowers.🌻We just started splashing in the bath so we can't wait to find out what a pool is!😍
Skylar loves to eat anything she can, she loves to take pictures and is always so cheesy when getting her picture taken, she loves smiling and laughing, and she loves to stand by her self and chase the cats around the house
She is a fighter she has come along ways since birth she struggles everyday with learning how to drink from a bottle and learning how to sit up and to rollover but she is a very happy baby she loves to play peek a boo and she adores her big brother and sister but she is the light of her daddy's eyes she is a miracle
Lucky loves looking at fans, tv sitting up smiling laughing and snuggles from mommy and daddy
Alice is my miracle baby after the Drs pretty much told me I probably wouldn't be able to have kids. She is the first, and currently only, Grand baby of the family and loved by all. She's so smart and is doing something new every day. She loves all animals and food. lol. She even gets mad when I try to feed her. She wants to feed herself.
Keniel loves too play with his toy trucks. He loves too watch Mickey Mouse. He likes to eat a lot of strawberries.
Ismari Aurora
She’s a happy beautiful and loves her dad voice. She likes to giggle. She loves to sleep in her crib.
Brooklynn is my beautiful 4 month old, she loves to koo and smile and play with her brother
Audrey is a little over a year old and she has such a personality! She loves to play pretend tea party with her daddy and watch disney tinkerbell movies! Shes a sweetheart and such a cutie! 💖
Caleb Jordan
Caleb will be two months old on February 27th, he loves to be cuddled by either mommy or daddy! He loves to be in his swing, and eating is his favorite thing to do !
Sunshine ☀️
Gypsy Viviana is 4 months old. She's the first and only right now. She's so full of life and is so lovable. Gypsy lights up the room and has such a personality. She's her mama's mini and she wants to win so vote for my baby!!❤
She will get you addicted to her giggles. She has beautiful blue eyes and cute dimples. Her smile is contagious.
Hello world I’m Remmi. I love green beans. I love watching cartoons. Please vote for me❤️
My little princess! Born feb 3rd. She loves snuggles and dady <3
Hey hey! Phaedrus here, Momma's little Queen. Some of my favorite things to do are splash in the bath tub, listen to Momma sing and read to me and sleeping. She says I'm a Grade A sleeper, but so are both of my parents. They say the apple doesn't fall far..
He’s a funny spunky almost 2 year old Lil man loves his coco melon & gaming with daddy
I am Xzavier, I'm 6 months old, I love trying to talk, I can hold my head up, I love cuddles from mommy & Daddy. I light up their whole world💞
Akira loves Elvis, Bach, classical, and New Edition is her Favorite. She loves to eat and likes The Magic School Bus.
Elli loves to sing. Her favorite songs are Baby Shark and Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. Her personality lights up the room.
Ayrabella is the sweetest baby! She loves being held and smiles all the time! She loves rocking in her new bassinet swing and is always ready to eat, born 3 weeks early and has gained 1.1lbs in 1 week!!
Jaxon just turned 11 this week. He loves to play outside with his friends and loves video games like most other boys his age. He loves his newborn twin brothers, his guinea pig and his dog. He is the sweetest 11 year old boy I know!
Hi everyone my name is xavier and I love to eat, talk, and listen to everyone that is near me. I love to be held by my dad when ever he comes home and sleep on my momma when Im tired
chunky monkey 🐵💛
Always Smiling, Beautiful & Happy. I love cuddling with my mom & dad and taking naps!
Little spitfire
She loves to play with her toys. She laughs and talks to Daddy and I. She is 8 months
Paisley Smith
Paisley is so full of life. She loves crawling. She is so bubbly and the happiest baby i know. She loves her toys and she’s a jumping jelly bean in her jumper. Everyone who has met her falls in love. Please vote for my girl !!!
Cohen is the happiest baby! He spends his days making loud noises, jumping, hanging with mama, and playing with all kinds of toys! He loves rolling around everywhere, and chewing on anything he can get his little hands on! VOTE FOR COHEN❤️
Melodee is a very happy and smiley baby. She loves tummy tickles, raspberries, kisses, her toys and doggies. Melodee has such a big personality and she brightens the room no matter the place or time.
Maximus LOVES his food && mommy 🤍🤍 he is the sweetest and always smiling❣️ Vote for my baby boy
Athena is a BIG jojo siwa fan, she LOVES her make-up and playing with her cousin 💕 please Vote for my girl
This is our little miss Emma! She loves daddy, her swing, and being talked to. She's 7weeks old.
Winter is a lil wiggle worm that makes piggy noises when she’s hungry. She hates to sleep in her crib and will fuss till she get her way and put in the bed with us. Definitely looks more like her mama then her dad haha. And she likes to sleep with the bottle in her mouth and even if she’s in a dead sleep and we pull it away she will wake up and demand it back.
Lilly is 5 months old and loves to be held and look the world around her. Walks are her favorite part of the day, aside from playing with daddy after work.
He loves his meemaw and loves outside and loves to play with his puppy
She very loveable loves school loves her dad and mom and meemaw and loves her her
He loves play run watch tv
She loves outside loves her mom and daddy loves to pose loves to dance