Baby Stories - 39


Ryleigha is 1 month old with a huge personality already! She is loving to smile to mom and dad’s voices! She is 9 lbs 6oz and loves to be in mommy’s arms ❤️
Mallorie loves breastmilk, tummy time, naps, cooing and being the little sister. She has mommy and daddy wrapped around her little fingers 🥰
I love crafts and the video game mindcraft
Clayvon Laidley
Hello my name is Clayvon, I’m a very funny and goofy baby come help me meet my goal
My Jasanni loves to laugh, talk, & smile ! She loves being around people and talking on the phone 😂. My boo is also a diva and the most dramatic girl ever
He is the happiest baby! He gives everyone smiles and snuggles. Brings joy wherever he goes!
Hi I’m Addison Rae! I am currently two weeks old and I love to cuddle and sleep! I was born 4 days early, I just couldn’t wait to meet my mom and dad! Vote for me so mom and dad can start my savings!
Ja’Nyla is 8months and very smart. At 2months she was holding her own bottle. She like some cocomelon and to dance
My beauty miss Ava Rose lights up every room. She is the Belle of the ball. She likes to coo and chit chat. She is loving. She has the most gorgeous reddish hair. And the biggest smile. Eyelashes for days, and the strongest grip. She's the most beautiful, intelligent and creative lil person you will ever come across in this world. She's treasured and loved.
Theodore is the most unique little boy I have ever met. He loves his trains, he loves to color, and to play. He’s outgoing, and always caring, he’s a sweet boy that you can’t forget once you meet. You should vote for him because he will already of had your heart if you got to meet him in person. He also loves his sissy, and his family, he is a unique blue eyed, happy little man that will go so far in life!
Oakley is a very outgoing, and loving little three month old baby. She’s got an attitude, and a little sassy. She already loves to stand, jump, and play! She loves lights especially the LED ones that change colors, and ceiling fans can keep her occupied any day of the week!
This is Addison she loves paw patrol and her daddy she has a brother on the she kisses mommy’s belly every night to tell home gn she is loving. And will bring a smile to you any day
Baby K loves to play coo and be talked to!!!! He loves to watch TV and LOVES music!!
Hello, my name is Aradia! I’m 8 months old. I love my mama and daddy and my kitties. I like raspberries and when mama gives me snuggles. I love to listen to music and dance with daddy.
Legend loves being called handsome . He’s five years old but will hold a conversation with you Hi I’m legend Im five years old what I likes most I like playing with my little sister I like going to the park I like watching movies with my mommy I like playing with my toys with my cousin
Loves to smile and laugh
Bryson is 4 months old . He is the happiest, sweetest little boy who loves to eat , watch paw patrol and cuddle with his parents ❤️
Rosa Rubio
Lovely baby's
people call me chunk! 23 pounds of pure lovin and snuggles❤️just the happiest smiley babyboy loves watching baby sensory videos and listening to mommy sing to him
I love….. playing peekaboo, food, play time with my toys, watching paw patrol,and my mommy and daddy. Im always happy, and love long walks outside in my stroller.
This cuteness has taken over lives in the most beautiful way. Change and growth happen so fast these days, it can be hard to keep up. Sleep suit or sleevless swaddle? Back or tummy? Sleep training? Foods? Teething? Gassy? It's all part of the wonderful job called parenthood. We are learning as we go, and enjoying every minute. Sophie makes it easy, her energy is light and pure, and we can't get enough of it. ❤
Harper loves her Disney music during car rides and staring at the ceiling fan! She loves when Mama and Dada talk to her and play with her! She also loves her babas (bottles) and her bini (paci)!
Hi I'm Jacilynn, I'm a year and 6 months! I say a lot not very good tho😭 I act just like my daddy, my attitude comes from my mommy..
She’s such a sweet baby girl ! Just looking at her melts your heart!
This is Kehlani! My sweet, beautiful, and goofy babygirl. She loves to play and eat haha! She will eat about anything. She is standing and walking holding onto things, she could be walking anytime now! She is so smart and growing so fast. 🤍
Zoie has a sassy side like no other. Smarter than the average parent, she will look at you with a smirk before getting into mischief.
Hello I’m Khyson 🥰 . I like to sleep , eat and poop and hit mommy and daddy but vote for me 😍
River is my beautiful little 3 year old, she is feisty, sassy and sweet all at once. She LOVES to dance and sing about everything!
Olivia Grace
Olivia likes to sleep all day and keep mommy and daddy up all night 😂 she loves sitting outside, and car rides. She’s a happy little girl who I just wanted to share with y’all ❤️
Lenora smiles all the time she is a very happy baby. Her eyes says it all.
I love my mommy my Mimi and my bottle
Kalani Kayleen
Hello everyone! I am Kalani! I have been a great deal of joy in my family’s life since the day I was born, I am my mommy’s miracle rainbow 🌈 baby! My Aunt Titi passed just a few short months before I came into this world and I have been doing my best to keep those smiles on my loved ones faces!! I am full of spunk, attitude and sass (Titis personality) I would love ❤️ your votes just to see how many people I actually do put smiles on their faces when they see me 💕
Korey is going to be 2months, he’s been in the hospital since he’s born because he was born early and a gestational baby. He loves to cuddle and listen to ocean music. Such a sweet and calm baby
Kaisleigh loves when mommy sings “Beautiful Crazy”. She loves to smile and laugh. She has such an amazing personality already.
Kristen is the sweetest “girly-girl” and is so pure with her emotions. She loves to smile..
Jessica is a living miracle. She beat all the odds & went to term & if a happy truly amazing little baby girl
Meet Journee, my sweet but sassy girl! Journee likes to play with her brothers, loves animals, and is obsessed with Blippi and Cocomelon.
This little boy has the biggest smile! Hes starting to recognize faces and voices 😁. Hes such a very sweet boy!
She loves too sing a honor roll student helpful loves to play with others and love babies and cook's poetry and sports
She is a very happy baby loves people and play time and food she is brings light too everyone and makes everyone happy she very smart and loves too play
He is a very happy baby, he smiles at just about everything! ☺️He loves his bath time and cuddling with mommy and daddy. We would love to receive this prize money for Rykers first Christmas!🎄🎄
He’s a handsome baby,whose always smiling,and playing with his husky who is 5 months older than him .he loves to eat everything
She’s a real life Baby doll who loves to Eat
She is my little minnow.. Born 5 weeks early at 5 lbs but now is 9lbs. She was in NICU for 3 weeks.. She is a trooper 💋 and Soo cute!
Lennox James
Lennox was born with a rare genetic disorder. It has no name and they dont know, what it means for him. He has already endured a lot. It wad both nerve-wracking, scary, as well as the good moments. He may not hit those milestones..... but he will or won't. He id loved so so much, either way. I cannot make this a short paragraph; there's so much i can say. Who doesn't think the world, of their "punkin" or "squish"?!? Yes... mine sounds a bit hickish 🤣.. and very raw. My son is my light and my world. How long do i get to gush, about my son? Lol.. Time frame? No? ... Hes endured 5 surgeries, by 10mos of age. He maybe a little behind, in some things (such as crawling and babbling), but he is very intelligent, sweet, and full of life. My little man... saved me. He saved ny life and we will conquer life, together. He is the sweetest and strongest baby around. He always has a smile on his face. He loves dinosaurs and music. He also loves kitty tails.... He lives numbers, books, singing the Haopy Birthday, song. He has the most handsome smile.... even when it was "bigger ". ***i had to use my fake name (on my profile) his father is not apart of our lives. It's just us. ***
Meadow loves her yummy baby food cuddles playing peek-a-boo giggling saying dada and screaming randomly at the top of her lungs !
Jeyson is the happiest boy you can ever meet 💙