Ramaya Burks
Ramaya is a very understanding she is always so full of joy she likes to walk around a lot now that she walks
I’m 2 months old my names Waylon but you can call me butterbean. I enjoy my lab Sierra, being talked to, listening to music, car rides and sleeping on my mom’s chest. I hate being cold and tickled.
Gwen is 1 1/2 months old and loves her daddy the most. She loves shaking her head and pulling on mommy’s necklace. She loves her pink bear paci and hates when she’s not being held and when she’s cold
Braxton is a very enthusiastic little boy he loves giving people high fives and bouncing up and down to jumping fruit. His best friend is mommy and daddy. He a very independent little fella he loves being outside in the nature
Hi, I will be 1 month old on Thursday! Kathleen Jean “KJ” loves to eat, sleep and smile! She definitely loves to keep her parents on their toes at all times. She is spoiled by her parents, grandparents and other family members! Please vote for this beautiful baby girl.
hi i’m 3 months old! i love my mommy and daddy very much, im also a very happy baby! i love carrots and bananas!!
Xaydah(Zada) is a very happy baby who is just now learning to crawl. When she’s not hungry, sleeping, or pooping she’s enjoying her toys and her mommy and daddy. She doesn’t like being put down though. She loves car rides and just about any show on tv but Bluey is her favorite. Favorite song is Satellite by Nickelback due to it being played on repeat while mommy was pregnant. Thanks for atleast checking out our little Zadie Lady!
Very goofy and alert baby boy. Loves to eat,play,and sleep. His eyes are hazel very beautiful.
Brayden is a beautiful sweet little boy! He's nonverbal so he can't communicate but even without that he is still so funny and can light up the room in a second ❤️
Johnny’s favorite show is Mickey Mouse clubhouse , he loves toys , and his fuzzy blankets , Johnnys a daddy’s boy & daddy’s mini me . He loves to be held and most of all you won’t see Johnny without his fuzzy blankets , his nickname is mr baby and mr stinky . Everyone vote for my baby !
Theo LOVES giraffe's! He loves to blow bubbles!
Jamesons favorite place is where the snuggles are. He loves doing his “workouts” with his Grammy after dinner.
Levi’s the gentles big brother ever and the biggest food critic (in a good way) you’ll ever meet. He likes his Dino’s and destruction.
Ezra’s as sassy as they come but the best big sister to her younger brothers. She like drawing or coloring and building with her legos.
Paisley is a strong willed loving baby. She had a rough start to life but now she brings me life. She loves furry stuffed animals or anything super soft. She is a very happy outgoing baby.
Amari loves anything Spidey man and he is a kind loving little boy. He is learning his ABCS and he can count to 10 on his own.
Alastair is a happy baby boy! He loves his mommy, daddy, nursing, smiling, and hands! He has started teething, rolling over, and laughing!
Thea was born 6 weeks premature, so she’s just a little bean! She loves bath time, jumping, scooting, puppies, and her family. She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to us (and pretty cute too!).
Ivy loves mom and dad, chewing her feet, bouncing in her jumper, and playing with her stuffed toys. She loves Minnie and Mickie mouse, also Winnie the poo. She is learning to roll and likes doing anything by herself. She is so loveable and a happy little girl❤️
She makes me happy when she smiles
Francis is an amazing kid, his daddy died last year. He likes paw patrol. His best friend is his papa.
Irelynn loves her swing, her brother, her mommy, and her daddy
Shaidon loves his pets, his sister, Spider-Man and Super Kitties!
He didn’t have an easy start to life, was in and out of the hospital for the first month of his life. But that didn’t discourage him, he’s super vocal and loves to smile. Just a happy little guy.
Karlee is our precious little baby. She loves her binky. She loves to move her legs up and down, and kicking her legs every morning specially when it's time for a diaper change. She got a strong grip and likes to hold mommy and daddy's hand.
kaleesia loves our dog ana , loves ms rachel and mickey mouse . she shakes her head no to every question .
She was a miracle baby me and my wife suffered a miscarriage and 6 months later we conceived miracle hence her name and then all throughout the pregnancy we kept the faith for a healthy baby and that's how she got her middle name she was born weighing 7lb 7oz in the 7th month brought to our room at 7pm she truly is a miracle and a gift from God.
Everlynn loves to play and loves her kitty She is obsessed with Mrs.Rachel
Elizabeth is so happy, and such a genuinely good baby! We are blessed to have a girl like her.
Alyla was born on December 8th 2023 weighing 5 pounds 11 ounces , she loves moms milk 🍼 and she loves naps , things she hates include : diaper changes , being naked , her car seat and baths 🛁 😂
Iris loves car rides and chasing our dogs in her walker , she’s loves fresh fruits and being outside 🙂
He is a very smart and sweet child. Loves to meet new people loves the outdoors and loves to have fun. He loves the country and would love to be back in the country again but one day we will be. He loves to make new friends. He loves older adults he looks up to older people. He loves spiderman and his favorite football team is Green Bay Packers and he like uofl basketball also.
she loves to eat and smile alot, loves to kick ! and she loves daddy putting her to sleep. she loves mommy holding her and loves the sound of the shower. you should vote for her to make her the happiest little baby dove !!.
My name is Lyra. And I love to blow bubbles and kisses.
Madison absolutely loves watching Miss Rachel, saying DA DA, her favorite foods are carrots and strawberries. She loves to roll around. Little ones bring Big Light to any day .
Averie is my chunky already sassy little girl🎀 She loves to play with her holey ball and tell her little stories to mommy and daddy❤️
Naviya is 2 months old! She was born 7 weeks earlier then her due date, she spent 1 month in the nicu. She loves to make noise and she’s always smiling❤️
Kadyn is full of life she loves to giggle and yell at us she likes mommy and daddy to play with her toys with her shes just so opinionated at 6 mounths old she sure lets us no what she thinks of things lol
Born the day after Christmas! Loves his mommy, daddy and big sissy! Always hungry! His silly personality melts everyone’s heart!
Analysia is our sweet little butterball, she was born the day before thanksgiving weighing only 6lbs 9oz, she is now a month old and almost 10lbs. She has brought so much joy to our life and is such a happy little baby who loves to eat and sleep
Mae Mae
This is Mae Mae! Sassy, Observant & Always Happy! She Stays So Busy Throughout The Day Learning About Everyday Life! Loves Her Feet, and Loves to Talk ❤️
Mr Perfect will melt your heart! Our Rainbow baby is nothing but smiles, happy screeches and raspberries. He thinks his kitties and pupper are the funniest things on the planet! Nathaniel has brought nothing but joy to the lives of his family and the occasional old lady in the store.
Wrenleigh is 26 days old. She loves the sound of mom’s voice and cuddling with her daddy. She likes sitting in her mamaroo swing. She also enjoys her pacifier if she not drinking mom’s milk. She’s the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me.
I’m Zakai , I love Ms Rachel & Love Spending Time With Mommy & Daddy . My Favorite Toy Is My Mickey Mouse Car i Got For Christmas! Please Vote 4 Me Every Vote Is Appreciated
Our big boy Rhett came out at 10lb 7oz, making those chubby cheeks too irresistible