Arya Rose
Arya loves her family and playing out doors. She's such a kind hearted little girl💖
Ivee is a sweet little princess! She’s loves to eat, snuggle, and eat some more 💜
She a very happy baby she love to smile she loves to cuddle and she loves lots of hugs she a lovable baby
Grayson is all boy! He loves to be outside and he loves to swing! He’s the sweetest little boy ever 💙
Kendra is the sweetest little girl. She’s so energetic and is such a fast little learner! She will brighten anybodys day! ❤️
She’s a smart intelligent girl who has a great imagination 🙂 she is the best big sister
Oakleigh loves her momma an dad and playing outside! She babbles an smiles all day long!
Oakleigh loves her momma and dad and playing outside! She babbles all day and always has the cutest smile.
Aydin loves being outside, loves cars, firetrucks and Mickey Mouse! He absolutely loves books and is so smart!!! He's 17 months old and is the sweetest little boy!!
Colton is a 1 month old baby boy who loves to swing and be talked to, and most of all his milk. He can hold his head up, and he is able to climb himself up to snuggle into mommy neck.
Luzenso loves to play and Watch movies or shows about cars Loves going to the parks and playing around nd running around
Nova is the giggliest little girl. She is so sweet and loves giving kisses. Anytime she falls she gets right back up to try again.
Just here for achievements
Jonah loves school, trucks/cars, and superheroes!
Gabriel Rijo
Hi my name is Gabriel am 1 year old and I love animals. I like the imitation I do of them and how I basically act like them. I like pizza it’s my favorite food. I like dinosaurs even though their extinct. Please vote for me please and thank you.
Our sweet Kaiah is a true blessing, we’ve prayed for her for a long time and we were finally blessed to have her. We love her so much. I hope to obtain your vote! 💕
Olivia is 3 months old! she loves to make noises and kick her little legs and feet! She loves to talk, if you don’t talk to her like she’s your best friend, she will tell you. She is such a joyful mommy’s little girl. Everybody loves her!☺️ We are in this for fun! I give luck to all the babies and kids❤️
He was two weeks early,he had jaundice for a week,got treated for two days. Didn't leave those lights unless he ate, he lost weight, now he's a healthy happy four month old. He laughs , talks,giggles, loves to stand,dance, scoot ,pull hair, he loves fruity solid food. He doesn't like green beans. He likes the water, baths are his favorite. He loves jumping too and kicking lol.
Mr Jaxon is a huge mommas boy! He loves to snuggle and eat! He loves his sisters, Leia and Remi, German Shorthaired Pointers! He also loves to just watch our fish swimming around in our tank! He is a big family guy! Only ever cries when he has a dirty diaper or is hungry! He is the most perfect baby!
Finnlee has been the happiest baby from day 1. His giggles and smile light up the whole room. God truly blessed us with the best.
Owen is an always changing, quick learning, strong, and happy boy! He has quite the personality and is full of different facial expressions! There’s never a dull moment with this kiddo!
William is an all around happy boy and makes everyone around him smile.
Emberlee Jade could not wait to meet her mommy and daddy so she decided to come early. She has already overcome so much being an IUGR baby plus being born prematurely. Our time in the NICU makes us feel feel even more blessed to get to look at this precious smile all of the time. She can light up the world with one look🤍
Keizer is a fun lovable special little two year old. He loves his older brothers! Keizer is all about noise and light toys
Kase is a wild 1 year old! Loves playing, thinks he has to eat 24/7, and love walking and talking. His favorite toys are cars and building blocks.
Landon is a little teething boy that loves watching racing and sports
Little Haizel is one month old! Loves to smile, and coo. Loves her some boobie milk! Is trying to hold her head up! Sleeps all the time! She’s definitely mommy’s girl!
Smart, strong and always smiling!
JoJo loves his family, loves his security blanket & his stuffed animal named (charcoal)… enjoy’s to play outside at parks ext. he would really appreciate your vote
Mal’akhi loves the water,he loves runing around outside getting dirty, lunch dates with mommy & play dates with daddy! He loves weekend family days🫶🏼 & running around with his pup💞
Tommy is all around a happy boy very loving and all smiles 😁 he loves playing with Daddy and cuddles with Mama. He likes to crawl all over mom and dad he also likes to go on walks and he likes to eat mashed potatoes ❤️
Troy turns 2 years old in August and is already so big and smart He is loving, shy, but not afraid and is very brave (Daredevil)
She’s a very sweet, energetic baby who loves her momma and dada!
Kamiya Phillips
Kamiya is a 2 Y/O loving girl. Loves her cocomelon! Shes very energetic. Kamiya loves exploring new things, learning new stuff, playing with her cousins and most of all loves her mimi! Shes such a mommys girl! She loves being goofy and is such a sarcastic little girl lol! Shes such a sweet, loving, and caring little girl💙!
Lenin Emiliano
Emiliano is a 3 month old baby who loves to cuddle and always wants to interact with new people, he also likes watching tv it entertains him so much… he is a really smart baby🫶🏼
This is Lailah, she’s 2 months old. She smiles all the time, she’s talking, standing and trying to sit up! She loves snuggles, loves being with mama, watching tv with daddy, being sang to & LOVES her food.
Lilly is the sweetest little baby. She loves to smile, talk with mama, dancing with daddy and now rocks the tummy time. She is growing so fast an im sure she is going to do great things.
Noah his sweet handsome baby boy he love to smile and watch lil of tv his a great baby to take care his just Noah my first grandson.
MyLani Is loving , loves cuddles , and most of all she’s a diva !
Little.miss kylie is in beauty pageants she has been crown little miss tiny queen of tampa florida , She loves playing in her pool, and eating mash potatoes as her favorite food. Vote for my babygirl and help her win 🥰
Noah is an active Two year old ! ❤️, he loves to sing, dance, and Eat !!!
Serena loves to watch her Disney movies and she also loves to get her snacks while the movie is playing . She loves going out and spending the day with her titis and cousin . Every time she hears music, she starts to dance . She loves to run back and forth .
Racelynn is a little ray of sunshine. She is always smiling and loves people, food and the outdoors. People will always ask does she ever not smile and is she always this happy. She loves to pat-a-cake, cheer for her daddy when he races and give her mommy love.
Dallas is 9 months old and loves to laugh! He loves to roll over and is the sweetest baby ever💙
Elijah is 10 months old, he loves to play in the pool! He loves to eat and loves everyone around him!! He always has a smile on his face!! The happiest of babies ❤️❤️