Baby Stories - 38


Maximo Aurelio
Maximo is the youngest of 6 sibling and 15 grandchildren. Maximo has personality for days and he is funny, smart and intuitive. He enjoys being out doors and currently races at BMX parks on a strider balance bike. He’s tough as nails, has a charming smile and wild spirit.
Booker is 2 months old , he loves to eat laugh and he loves his older brother bentley .
She is smart, she loves to be outside, dance, give kisses
Thea Bean
Thea is her birth given name, but anyone who knows her, knows she’s a BEAN GIRL! January 10th, she came into the world fast and hasn't slowed down since. After 2 boys, I finally got my perfect, soooo smart, sassy, happy& funny girl. You can hold a full blown conversation with her. She’s too smart. Not to mention, beautiful! Just look at her!
Kaycen is my first born. 5 years old. He loves the outdoors, playing fortnite & loves making new friends everyday! Hes my handful child, but a beautiful chaos! 😍 you should vote now! 🗳
Easton is the happiest baby I no. He loves everyone and is so lovable!
Laila is such a joy to be around. She loves to smile, loves trying new foods, and loves exploring the world. She is 8 months old and standing tall trying to take her first steps!
Malakhi King is such a sweet baby boy already. He loves cuddles an just wants to be swaddled. 💜
Ka'Leah loves watching cartoons. At 5 months she is already trying to talk. She holds her own bottle.
Everleigh Renee
I’m Everleigh, I’m a silly girl who lights up the room with my contagious smile! I’m learning all about toys and love my mini mouse bouncer! Naps and bath time are my favorite and I’m starting to talk a whole lot! Mommy, my big brother & Daddy tell me I’m the most beautiful girl 💞!
Mathew loves paw patrol and anything to do with wheels. He’s very smart and loves to help out. Mathew is a very sweet boy plus loves to give kisses and hugs!!🤍
Phin is a very happy baby. He thinks everything is funny. His favorite toy is his jumper and anything that he can shake to make noise. His favorite word is dada and he loves his animals.
Cute , messy , and jeez would you look at those pretty eyes . 🥺💙
The red hair says it all🔥✨
Jacoby is 15 months old, he loves anything on wheel and says “vroom” when playing with them. He’s starting to grow such a personality and become so fun and independent. He loves running around all day long and watching baby bum. He’s becoming so smart and I’m so proud of him❤️
Miss Lakelynn grace was born in august 2021. She’s the happiest little peanut. She loves her mama and her big sissy💕
Hi, my name is Mi’Kell! I’m a very happy, outgoing little boy. I’m so full of life. I love Pj Mask, Power Rangers, Dinosaurs, Coloring, anything you can honestly think of. I’m a very picky eater since my car accident, so I really don’t have a favorite right now. You may wonder where my battle scars came from, it came from a car accident. I’m doing great & healthy as ever. I’m the same little boy I always have been. Ive been through a lot but I’m VERY STRONG. #MiKellStrong
Stella Rose
A very outgoing, smart, crazy, funny and beautiful little girl. She loves to dance, play outside and eat fruit all day long 🍎🍉🍇🍓🍑.
Brynleigh is 6 months old loves her stuffed animals, mama & dada! She’s all about her giggles & loves watching word party! She’s the happiest, most photo genic baby.
She loves her duck,blanket and tablet and her favorite food is cookies
Jahcari is 2 years old and our only boy 👦🏽💙He loves other kids, smiling, and playing ball ⚽️ 🏀🏈 He is the happiest/smartest baby, ever! We will exchange votes- currently trying to catch up, but I promise we will. During the October contest we placed 2nd so this is our last try 💯🙏❤️ Thank you ALL so much 🥰❤️
My name is Nevaeh I am almost 3 years old on December 20. I am busy little girl I love singing with mommy. Daddy is my hero and mommy has my back. I love playing outside and playing in the water.
Vote for my baby girl , she love attention she’s got a beautiful smile
David es un niño super tranquilo y amoroso 😍🥰🥰
Henley loves bath time and talking to whoever listens! She's starting to enjoy sitting up and playing with her toys.
Tayler is a 2 year old, old man in a babies body. He is very active with a sweet spirit. His lovely face just makes your heart melt and want to click the vote button 100 times in one click. VOTE FOR TAYLER. THANK YOU 😊
Wayland LOVES his life in SWGA! Despite being born prematurely, he’s one tough little guy who’s reaching all his milestones.
Blake is my 1 year old little princess! She is such a happy baby, always smiling and laughing, and ALWAYS wanting attention 🥰 She loves her big sister more than anything. But mommy and daddy come in a close 2nd. She has such a sweet soul, it makes your heart absolutely melt!
I’m the silliest baby! I love to crawl everywhere and stand up on everything!! I enjoy being outside, playing with the leaves and going on walks with mommy and caleigh!☺️ I also love doing photo shoots with mommy!
Miss Willow Rayne is a MIRACLE BABY! Diagnosed at 20 weeks gestation with Congenital diaphragmatic Hernia. Surgery at 2 days old & thriving and beating all odds put against her ever since! ❤️
Kaden loves watching the fish at the zoo, playing with his friends and toys. He also loves eating and talking to his daddy on the phone. He’s a happy guy that brings joy to everyone around him!
In a world of uncertainty savannah is my sanity.
Avonna is very smart and energetic. She loves cocomelon and baby shark. She loves going outside and playing with animals!
Sweet and happy little boy! He’s giving you a big smile every day !:)
Everleigh loves dogs and eating chicken nuggets and fries! Her favorite words are mama and dada
maleah loves chicken nuggets & she loves playing with her kitten and she’s a very happy baby
Nicole Rose Davis
She loves Elmo she's best baby in world loves to eat yogurt melts and baby Cheetos anything she can get her hands on she is the love of my life 💗
27 week warrior from the NICU. She fought to be here for 81 days and is still thriving!! If there is anyone that can help me as to how you exchange votes it would greatly appreciated!!
Hello my name is Nevaeh I love to play outside go for walks I love my animals and I love my parents and grandparents so much I love all my aunts and uncles and cousin’s
Brady loves to take baths, giggle, and can't get enough of rolling over! His favorite food is pumpkin purée, and he loves hanging out with his dog sister, Stella.
hey my name is oliver dale duncan and i love to smile
My beautiful oldest. All grown up and exploring the world on her own. She is an amazing artist. Is very humorous. Loves horror culture and Tim Burton. She wanted to participate with her sister. Let’s show her some love and get her some votes.
Daniel is 3 months old! He loves to roll from his back to his tummy, and play with his feet! Daniel loves listening to music too. He’s our little beanie boy!😍 Go Seahawks!
Dominic is a very energetic, dare devil little boy, who loves to play with his brother, loves being outdoors & loves dinosaurs!
Derek jr is 22 months old loves playing outside. He’s a little daredevil with a kind heart ! Loves his brother and sister && enjoys eating 🤣
Corey loves to play outside & enjoys being around other kids, always wanting to play & have a good time!
Lacey Jo
This girl loves all things music and animals. She love snuggles and is 100% a daddy’s girl