Baby Stories - 38


Charleigh's all girl! Sassy and silly! Loves dresses and bows and stuffed animals. Vote for her. She's a doll!
Everly Isabelle
She laughs when you say her name then call her baby girl.
Obviously, he's a very happy baby! He loves blinking lights, starting baby food, and is always a pleasure!
This sassy gal has mastered her angry face from day one. Still shes a super sweet, loving and smiley girl.
Charlie is a rambunctious, energetic toddler who’s always on the move. He is the light of his family’s life, and has his daddy’s sense of humor.
My names Ethan, and I love mommy, daddy, my binky, and cuddles ☺️
Miss Dahlia Ann is the sister to six amazing siblings! She is very alert and loves to spend time with mommy and daddy!
The happiest baby , brother of four big sisters and loves mommy and daddy oh so much ..
Kathryn Joann
Our precious Katy Jo is so sweet and dear. Her most favorite thing in this world is her big brother. She loves to smile (show us her 7 tiny teeth), blow kisses, play peek-a-boo, and loves to learn new things.
Chloe is a very happy baby girl who is very alert she loves to blow bubbles and is very vocal when she gets excited.
Beautiful little girl that loves her mommy and daddy 🖤
Angel love his toys and his Mommy he loves playing outside and to eat 🤣 he is a happy kid
Theo loves laughing with his daddy
Outgoing, loving, caring, bubbly Lexi doesn’t let anything in her way of putting a smile on everyone’s face!
She is my 2nd child n she is a blessing in our family n she adores her big brother, very sweet girl
Klaytyn was born emergency c-section along with his twin, Korbyn. He had a rough first week after being born. He is 3 months old now and so far everything has been going great. 🥰 He rolls over, loves to talk. and smile
He is a very happy boy fanatic Mario Bros. He loves going to school and his favorite hobby is playing on his bike
Aria loves to play with her two corgis and constantly rolling to get where she wants 💓
Alma Kate
Alma Kate is loving, sweet and is a daddy’s girl. She loves her family. She loves her snacks and grits and apple juice
My name is Kacper and I am five years old. My eyes and hair are brown. I have younger cousins, whose name is Emily, Jakub & Konrad. I love them very much. I speak English and Polish. I like listening to music, playing soccer, dancing, riding a bike/motorcycle, swimming, fishing and watching Tv. Family is very important to me, I love to spend free time with my mom and dad ❤️❤️
Braxton Kane
Braxton is a happy go lucky 2 yr old who loves everyone. loves cars. Happiest playing making sounds cars & people make lol. his smile can change your whole day
I am my mommy's world! I love bath time, puppets and baby bum. But I hate commercials!
Logan is an outgoing boy he loves his cars and his tow trucks he's very smart got beautiful blonde curly hair and is very generous and loves everyone
Jameson Mathew is 6 months old and full of giggles and smiles. He loves seeing new people and loves when anyone calls his name. He is a ball of energy and loves to play and snuggle with his big brother Kaileb.
I am my mommy’s little magnet, love to snuggle with mommy and dog like to kiss me a lot and I like to rubba dub in the tub.🥰🥰
Rylah is a little cuddle bug and very alert for her age! She is her mommy and Daddy's pride and Joy! We are so Blessed with this beautiful baby girl!! Rylah's growing and starting to stay awake more often and coo and make noise. She smiles alot very happy baby girl.💜 Rylah loves to cuddle with her mommy and her Daddy she likes music and bright colors. Also her puppy Charlie 🐶
Isabella Shea is my 1st child. She’s 5 months old she’s a complete mess she has such a personality she’s such a happy baby she loves to laugh she loves to watch tv especially Spongebob she’s just the whole package cute, funny, sassy everything
Anthony is strong, loves to eat and his face expression usually explains how he feels! While pregnant, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and thankfully Anthony tested negative for diabetes a couple days after birth. The kid was 1 once shy of 9 pounds! Not having a C-section wasn’t an option. In which, I tried having vaginal birth for three days! He was too big and would not come out.. Anthony’s my first child and he is everything to me. Deciding to have him was the best decision of my life. My mother instincts really kicked in, the moment I heard him cry. That’s when I knew Anthony had stolen my heart and that I was going to do everything within my power to be the best mother I could be. So, here we are.. Anthony is participating in his first competition and I get to show him off to the world with such pride. His father is deeply in love with him! We are truly blessed! Vote for Anthony Jr.
Taylor is my 2nd child and she brings so much love a joy to our family. Taylor since she was born had so much hair and even now she looks like a baby doll She loves her dolls,Our pets,her mama and she loves her brother so much.
I love to smile big and make everyone happy ❤️
Serenity is my 2nd child. She brings joy, laughter and love into our loving home. She loves to laugh and tries to talk. She has a big brother that adores her to death. She is the sweetest lil baby girl you'll ever meet!
Remi loves to smile for mommy but cries for daddy 🤣 still pretty sure he'll be a daddys boy like his older brother. Loves to be swaddled to sleep and is finally sleeping in his own bed
This is a amazing lil angel .. She lost her mother my daughter on jan 1 2021 her dad to so she has to grow up without her parents but she and her lil bro r very loved ... Grandmas Lay Lay love u beauitful
She love pictures.. She love smiling and watching tv .. Shes growing she even trying to crawl ❤
Our sweet little man loves blowing bubbles. He’s all about his momma and loves his daddies snuggles. He definitely knows how to keep a conversation going! His smile lights up the room and melts your heart to mush! Give this sweet boy a vote!
Just a very happy baby! She loves cuddles and kisses, especially from daddy. She almost never stops smiling! Another awesome thing about her, she was born Halloween!!
Hi my name is Apollo I'm 2 years old I like climbing on things and I love to eat cupcakes I do love to play with your dog and play with my sisters and to read books
Hi I’m Starlynn Marie, I’m 4 months old and I love cuddles from my mommy! I enjoy baths from Grammy, oh and can’t forget I loveee to eat, eat and eat more! ❤️
Easton is the sweetest little boy. 6 months old and super chunky and who doesn’t love chunky babies? 😍 give my sweet handsome boy a vote😌
He loves watching cocomelon and he's always so happy.❤️
Ocean loves cuddles, she's such a happy baby, very alert. Knows how to get your attention shes my rainbow baby my everything.
Keilani was born at just 26 weeks weighing only 2 pounds 7 ounces! Today Keilani is 11 months old & weighing 23 pounds! She loves bath time, snuggles with mommy & getting around!
Scarlett Ann is my wild child!! As the second born, and only girl, she isn't afraid to be a little sassy...after all being the middle child is hard, haha! She loves flowers, music, and looooves to sing. Some of her favorites are; the itsy bitsy spider, hickory dickory dock, and twinkle twinkle little star. She loves books too!
Julius is the oldest of 3 children, and boy is he good at it!!! He loves being a big brother. Julius loves to draw, he is quite the artist! He also loves to take pictures with his kid camera! He is our little artist. Julius is a jokester at heart.
Ezra is a happy baby, always with a smile on his face. Who couldn't resist voting for this lil handsome fella 💙👶🏻