Baby Stories - 37


Jaymie is a little sister to 3 brothers, she was born 6.5 weeks early. Jaymie is named after her beloved uncle James in heaven, and is a mommas girl threw and threw but acts like a daddys girl when hes around, she absolutly loves being outside and loves her 2 kittens and puppy!!
This little guy is so smart and sweet. He loves to eat and play with his toys. He really loves his daddy and mommy. His eyes and smile says it all!!!
King Dupree
My handsome King DuPree
Kolby Thomas Mays came into the world, August 12th 2021. He came in weighing 4lbs 14oz 19 1/2 inches long. He is a very healthy baby to be born at 39 weeks and 2 days. Kolby loves to open his eyes and look around. He also loves skin to skin and his daddy.
Even tho maverick is still pretty little he has such a great personality. He loves to play and stay awake for long periods of times. He loves going to watch his uncle race and doesn’t mind loud noises. He makes so many funny and cute faces. He loves mommy snuggles and eats like a champ. Vote for maverick!
Kamden is a very playful baby boy who loves playing, swimming, meeting people (especially ladies), and good food!
This is my beautiful little fighter!
There’s so much to say about my angel that won’t fit in this little box, but Grayson is the happiest, most intelligent baby. He’s always been advanced, holding his head up a few hours after birth, 2 teeth by 3 mo. He is the light of my world. Being a young mom has definitely been a struggle, but i know it was meant to be. I don’t know how i got through the things i did before my little blessing. 🥰
He's an amazing little boy. He's curious about everything. Loves being outside. The cutest thing is if you give him a cup or food he will say thank you. ❤ A few words he can say are dinasour along with rawr lol. And elephant which also sometimes says rawr. He can count to 13. He knows a few colors. His most used word for a while was apple 🍎.
Jasper loves his bath time, just not sure about getting out of the bath. He loves talking with his Daddy. He's a pro snuggler when he gets to mommy.
Kannon is a charming little man who already loves making mommy and daddy smile! He loves playing with his pet ducks and chickens.
Weylin clay has Discovered how to blow bubbles. Loves watching his daddy play video games. Absolutely Loves kisses. He is such a good baby always smiling, always happy and his favorite thing is his formula! And he is such a cuddle bug💙💙💙
Liam is wide open all the time! He loves big trucks, dinosaurs & bugs. His smile is the sweetest thing & he’s so loving🥰
Ryan is such a happy baby. He loves looking and being outside. He also loves sitting in his sit me up and playing with toys that make noise. He loves his momma and his Winnie the most!😆💙 he hates shopping I think that’s the only time he cries😅
Catherine is a fun and wild almost 1 year old! Her birthday is September 4th! She definitely loves her “Mumma” and “dada”❤️
Emilio is a smart funny loving free spirited baby boy with down syndrome who came into this world with a rough start but faught for his life and he’s here making my life the best possible 💙 I’m so happy you chose me to be your momma 🐻 ♥️
Aliyah is shy, but when shes has her mind set on doing something, she gets the job done.
Savannah loves to have fun, she lives on the wild side.
Jordan has an amazing personality. He loves to make people laugh. By his facial expressions.
I am 3 years old, I like to play with my friends at daycare. My favorite colors are from the rainbow 🌈
Elena is our little firecracker! She loves singing, dancing, dolls, animals, and asking questions
Sanaii is such a joyful baby! She will be 3 months and she is very advanced! She loves to play and smile from the moment she wakes up!
Adah loves to dance and wrestle just like her siblings it’s always a playtime with her once she’s up in the morning it’s a bing bing let’s go til it’s her nappy time she even fights that lol she’s just full of smiles I love her she’s just a joy to have as well a blessing and my handful❤️
“Whose the cutest of them all? Me! Of course 😁”
Each morning he wakes up smiling and he wants us to take him to the crib. He makes everything that we makes or we teach him. He always is smiling. He's starting to say some short words and also he makes sounds when he heard it.
Jocelyn is a smart, wonderful and happy baby! She loves eating and being up under her daddy & mommy!
Hello, my name is Kileel I am 9 months old. I enjoy watching cocomelon and listening to my daddy sing me songs. I am a very happy baby and love to brighten up everyone's world
Hi I’m Brody.. I’m a big mommy’s boy, and I’m definitely my mommy and daddys twin! I love climbing, running and being a typicalboy with an infectious laugh. I love playing with mommy and daddy i also love to cuddle with them so much! When I hear my mommy’s voice I smile from ear to ear. Im extremely strong for my age, even doctors are shocked. But most of all im a little boy who enjoys life.
Nathalie is smart funny and bit feisty when she want to be but sweatheart
She is an amazing sweet loving little girl that will melt your heart🥰 shes full of joy and has a big personality that everyone loves🥰 she loves to make you laugh and she also loves her 4 legged best puppers🥰
Omaris is 1 year old sweet smart beautiful little girl with such a great sense of humor she's full of joy please vote for our little girl
Nova is 6 months ! She is a very happy baby, She is rolling over. Sitting up saying dada. Nova loves cocomelon ❤️ Loves to cuddle and play with everything but her Toys! Very photogenic and loves to eat!
Miracle Lewis
She loves her sisters she loves to make everyone laugh an smile 😊.. when someone is upset she is can make anyone smile .. she loves her nanna .. she is a very happy little 2 year old. I love her very much
Andrey made his unexpected entrance into our world 3 weeks before his due date. He is the first born pride and joy of his mom and dad. Labor was not and is never easy, however, mom handled it with poise and grace. The only set back little man had was a slight case of jaundice, which has now been healed. He is a gorgeous little boy. As his Mimi, I am a very proud parent to his mom, mother in law to his dad and grandparent to Andrey.
Funny , smart lovable
Evelyn is an energetic girl! She doesn’t say much yet but her mind is always going. She is very independent and will climb almost anything! Every morning she wakes up with a smile and goes for her strawberries and bananas. She loves to watch people cook and loves to eat their food even more. Evelyn has a fearless personality and plenty of sass to go around ❤️‍🔥
Im a very talkative boy. I love playing in the water and listening to my brother's talk to me. Watching fish is also a favorite.
She A Beautiful Happy Baby , Love Playing With Her Brother Dominique Love To Dance Also Love Playing With Toys She Love Smiling And Talking 😂❤️
Ava loves to be outdoors, loves me and her daddy. She loves animals and other babies. She’s a very happy baby. She loves to talk
Gracee is the happiest baby always a smile on her face.
Kaynan is my grandson and my absolute world. He loves to play with his toys and he is very independent. He is a firecracker.
She is the most silliest babie ever she so play full she loves to laugh n play ❤️Love being tickled n love singing happy n you know it
Jackson likes to take silly photos and absolutely adores his baby brother. Like all boys, he loves anything outside.
Jacob is a Mamas boy. He loves to smile at his big brother and daddy. He also loves being outdoors.
Loves outside, playing with his cars and watching mickey mouse. Love his momma, pap, pap pap, step dad, and family. He is a very bright loving caring little boy.