Emiliano is our handsome little dude. He was a month early, although he's little he has exceeded all milestones. Some how he is our blonde hair and blue eyed baby. (mom and dad both have dark hair and brown eyes).
My sweet Oaklee loves her dad and she loves to watch shows together❤️ she loves taking baths and loves car rides❤️
Lilianna is absolutely beautiful and brilliant she can play off of anyone's emotions. Everyone who meets her is instantly attached to her. She's the kid you can't say no to.
Amaya is a Bright little Firecracker, she loves to cause trouble and laughs about it 😂.
Axle Wayne is 3 years old. He loves his 2 dogs and his kitten ever most. He like to play outside, go fishing, and ride four wheelers. He is very outgoing, funny, and can have a mood. But most of all is his mommy and daddy baby boy.
✨Since we are new,willing to exchange votes✨Kain,aka “dimples” is my little miracle boy. A micro premie, he was born at only 25 weeks !( I went in to preterm labor at home and delivered him my self!) He spent 100s of days in the hospital,had eye surgery,and heart surgery! He sure is a fighter! Also, that makes him and his sister, Kennedy, only 6 months apart! Kain is a sweet, smart,loving little guy!
Since we’re new to this competition, I’m willing to exchange votes.I’m trying to build up my littles and show them how everyone is beautiful!🫶🏻Madison is my bright ocean blue eyed, ringlet curled, my very own little Shirley Temple. She is the SWEETEST individual I have ever encountered. Although, a very shy 6 year old, once gets in front of a camera, the poses come out.📸 I think she maybe a natural little model! She also goes out her way to tell everyone “How beautiful they are , just the way the are.” She looks up to her sister, Kennedy. Madison has the kindest soul and has biggest heart I’ve ever seen.
Robert is quite an active boy who loves cars, dinosaurs, puzzles and building blocks. He loves different foods but really loves hot dogs to eat. I have been told by many that he's going to be a ladies man becuase every female caregiver has been very fond of him. A bote for Robert is a vote for cutenesss, i mean look at him
Aiden loves playing with his new toys.
Annie is the most smiling and calm newborn baby girl. She loves when mommy sings to her and rocks her to sleep. She is my beautiful strawberry blonde and blue-eyed girl! 🩷
My name is Amira, I am 12 weeks old and I am my mamas whole world. I love talking to my mama. She says I am the most beautiful, smart, strong baby she has ever met!! I love to wiggle around and hold my head up to look around at mama and dada. I am such a happy baby girl🩷 if you vote for me you’d be as smart as me!!!
Hi I’m Sadie! A smiley happy baby girl! I have the attitude of both my parents but my adorable smile makes up for it 💕
Hi my name is Saylor Jones. I love my momma ,daddy, and big brother. My favorite food right now is Fruit Loops.
Fatima Abidi
She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen…Proud to be her mother please vote for her….
Inara is a very bubbly, silly 8 month old! She loves crawling around and playing with her toys that make noise! She especially loves her puppy and cuddles with him often!
Adrian is the sweetest little boy, already filled with so much love and affection for his loved ones, and just is the most spunky little thing making everyone smile ear to ear. He deserves the world 🌎💙
Zoey is smart sweet and always ready to take on a challenge she is the youngest of 8 she is in Kindergarten and loves school she plays hard but works harder...
She's a beautiful baby girl always so smiley and happy . Very loveable . As soon as she wakes up has the biggest smile on her face
Essa is a good baby girl she has a lot of facial expressions she loves to stare at your hair and she also likes looking at colorful lights and she smiles alot
Ayla Mae
Ayla Mae is almost 3 weeks old she loves being held by momma she’s full of life already and just brings joy to any room she comes into 🫶🏼
Leilani loves her mom a dad, she smiles from ear to ear as soon as we start talking, a cuddles are her favorite! She is such a calm and content baby..only cries when she gets hungry. She is the light of our lives!
Carlyle was born 7 weeks early at 5lbs 11oz, he is my rainbow baby. He is now almost 3 months old and 13lbs. He loves to smile, he loves to cuddle and he loves listening to music. He also love his stuffed moose he got for Christmas
Eshaal is so joyful and Friendly girl. She likes to make new friends. She is very independent girl.
Happiest Baby Ever🫶🏼
Daylon Marselis , Eight months old!! He loves go dog go , eating steak and his love for bath time knows no bounds!! 🤍
Aria Elizabeth is only 2 months old. She loves to smile at every little thing, and is learning new things every day! She has the biggest beautiful eyes. And overall is just the happiest baby🩷
She is very outgoing and loves cooking in her kitchen…Never goes without a snack…
Maximus Sean
Named after a war world II veteran. A very happy, giggly baby!
Claire Sue
Claire Sue is a very smart 3yr old. She loves dance class 💃 and pre school 🏫 . Loves to take pictures and have her picture taken. She's a happy go lucky little girl till you make her mad😠 ...She loves her Mommy and Daddy and her older siblings 💕 she is the youngest of 6, with 2 older sisters and 3 older brothers and the biggest dare devil of them all.
Onna is a very spunky willing to do it herself type of little girl. She is very interested in beauty an fashion so if she won this contest it would really benefit her into wanting to do more contests and going further with the beauty lifestyle. It will indeed boost her self-confidence and make her feel great about opening up an doing this contest. Also the prize money will help her further her ambitions into the beauty pagent life. This is something she is very interested in for the future.
Our sweet sassy sour patch girl ❤️ she loves her baby brother, dinosaurs and ponies! She is incredibly smart, funny , sweet and sometimes bossy lol
Aubrey is 6vuears old an love to play dress up no matter what season. Very lovable kid always asking questions to learn about any topic.
Cayden is an outgoing 7 year old, who is the star of any group he is around. Very brite kid who loves to help an learn.
Our sweet sleepy little boy who stole Christmas 🎄he was suppose to be born the day after Christmas and decided to come a week early! He is so peaceful and calm 😍
So how Mavrick came into this world was quiet funny. Wednesday the 29 of November I went to go pick his dad up from work and I turned around in the passenger seat in the car to talk to our 4 year old and I felt a gush of water and wouldn't you know my water had broken in the car lol, so everything started to progress right after that, at 2:15 am Thursday early morning he was here. It sucked that his dad missed his birth because we had no one to watch our 4 year old and our 2 year old that night so I was alone. We don't have any support from anyone. He had to take our 2 older. Boys to school at 9 am on Thursday then he came to the hospital. His dad felt really bad about missing his birth. His dad has 3 other children with another woman and was their for their birth even for a child that isn't even his. But I'm not going to get into that. Mavrick is my youngest.and was my biggest baby. 5lb an 8.5 oz and 17in long. He has a permanent Mohawk and it's just adorable.
j-bugg is the cuddliest and sweetest baby everrr. If you hold him you’re sure to get a hug! You should vote for him because why not! Look at that cutie baby smile!
Sweet girl is the most loving, kind and caring soul. She is absolutely beautiful inside and out. She saved both her parents through a time of no hope.
This is Bralynn she is two months old. She likes bright colors and loud music!! She has a beautiful smile and a wonderful laugh!
Lainey loves cuddles, her older sister, smiling, car rides! Please vote for my baby!
He love to eat and he a happy baby
Lilliann is a happy, giggly, silly little girl who loves reading, playing with her dolls, dancing and art. Sesame Street and Mickey Mouse are her absolute favorites and she can’t get enough of being outside!
Matteo is a good baby who loves to be swaddled up and enjoys laying on his mommy’s lap. He loves to roll over and lift his head all by himself.
She 3 very sassy and playful and full of energy
Born At 26 Weeks But That Doesnt Stops Her From Rising! Very Smart Energetic Loves To Eat Play And Smile Laugh And enjoy Life!