Baby Stories - 37


Nova is full of smiles and laughs! A tiny little princess who loves to clap and dance. She is such a fun baby and her family loves to watch her learn every day.
Brynlee is always laughing and smiling. She loves school and playing with her teachers and friends. At 9 months she has 4 teeth and 4 coming in. She walks and talks (babbles) all over the place, even eats with utensils! With 3 older brothers to keep up with this lil lady's always on the go. Vote Brynlee!
Our giggle monster loves bath time, leche, and cuddles! Find me on ig: @bennybourbeau
Riley is still new to the world. Born 3 weeks early. She loves car rides, lights, and music. Definitely already has a big personality for being so little.
Loves to snuggle, his bottle, and to go out on adventures
Rhett Evan Bartholomew
Rhett is so sweet!! He loves his momma and daddy! Loves to hangout with his grandparents and love books read to him! He loves to eat his hands and his bottles!! He is so happy and smile it’s hard not to squeeze him because he is so cute!!
This little guy here has won the heart of many
Andres Mateo
Handsome silly Andres is one year! He LOVES to smile and giggle every single day, LOVES chick fil a fries like mama and little metal head by heart. 🥰
Our sweet girl loves to swing, smile and cuddles with mama and papa ❤️
Niko has such a sweet, beautiful soul. He is always smiling and giggling. He loves to play with bouncy balls and love cars already like his dad! He is the greatest blessing and has given me (mom) my purpose in life. 💙 he also love music and has started dancing! Such a sweetheart he is and will fill your heart with warmth and joy.
Malachi personality and smile will help you through any situation. His smile is contagious!
My precious happy little woman 💜 she is so picture perfect it's almost unbelievable. I can't believe she's only 3 months old 🥰
Always smiling! Such a cuddle bug! Loves to hold ur finger
Super energetic and sweet. Loves my little pony and frozen
Roman enjoys dancing to HeyBear fruits (especially the avocado) and falling asleep while eating. He likes talking to himself (don’t we all?) and spitting up specifically on mama (which makes him giggle) and head butting anyone who is close enough (which he also finds hilarious). Oh and he’s a pro at peeing once the diaper is off and pooping while you’re wiping him. Gold star, buddy!
She is such a loving baby ❣️ She loves to make silly faces . And most importantly she lovveeee to cuddle🥰
This little man was a gift to us from God. I just want to show the world what he gave us and precious he really is.
Bryson is such an amazing kid! He loves dinosaurs, paw patrol and everything else that makes him the adventurous little boy he is today! Bryson adores animals and anything to do with the outdoors! He’s just an all round all star! Not to mention a smile that melts your troubles away!
Aubree Renee is very Smart jolly and she love to read her baby books.
He loves to be cuddled he such a sweet little baby
Kayveon is the bright eyed little boy with a great heart and smile. Kayveon is a great artist!!! He loves to sing and dance. He gets even better with time.
2 month old little goofball who is slowly finding her voice! Her smiles are contagious. She lovee when mommy sings to her and dance parties
He loves pictures, naps, his daddy, and his grandma. He wants you to vote for him so he can redecorate his room and maybe get some new toys. ;)
Kayce loves to be outside, especially to help feed his pony in the mornings! This happy little cowboy’s smile will brighten anyone’s day!
Here’s some reason you should vote! Our babygirl loves country music! Is very sassy for only being 7 months! She is growing into her own beautiful little lady! ❤️ She makes everyone’s heart melt! She came into our lives at the perfect time! Mommy&daddy love you babygirl!❤️❤️
Sweet squeeky little boy 💕
Jesús is such a loving baby loves baby sensory and he would steal your heart ❤️
Phoebe is constantly on the move. She makes the silliest noises. She also loves food, like loves loves food. Lol. She is a very good baby. Her personality is very determined and silly at the same time.
Hi my name is Darion, My mommy and daddy gave me that name because they wanted something unique. I am the sweetest baby, and he’s starting doing this cute squill thing, i loves people, smiles often and is camera friendly
Tessa is a beautiful little girl whose smile lights up a room. She loves tummy time, cuddles with her mommy, and her toy sloth 💕
Howdy everyone, my name is Sophia Lynn. I'm from Johnson City, Tennessee. My favorite pass time is to sleep like a normal newborn and eat so I can get big and strong. I can already hold my head up and look around some.
Babbling like a pro and posing like a cutie.
Amiyah Meredith
Her name is Amiyah Meredith, she was born November 24,2020 she was a preemie and but she put up a good fight. She have been strong and a fighter ever since she came early. She been home for two month's now and still been strong as ever. Vote for my pretty grandchild she's a very strong girl and loves her mother, family, and friends.
Julian is a very smart and happy baby and he loves the outdoors and he loves watching Mickey Mouse
Hudson Lee is the light of our lives! He is always such a happy boy, full of smiles, and giggles. He loves to eat and hates wet diapers.
Miss Lenny is our rainbow baby. She came into this world a month early, but is doing great. She is a little sister, to a very special Sister, Miss Bentley, (born at 26wks-now 9years old). Lenny is a blessing everyday, we enjoy every squeak and smile.
Hi, I'm Easton! I'm 2 months old, i love my mommy & daddy, Bathtime, bottletime, and sleeping with mommy!
Coraline is a preemie, she's been a fighter ever since I had to go for an emergency C- Section. She has discovered her hands and feet, but likes teething on her hands most of all. She has a stuffed pink dog and who she can't sleep without.She loves her green beans.
Eli is my first child. He looks just like his daddy. He loves his big "brother's" benji the border collie and pip the chihuahua. He smiles all the time. He makes me laugh a lot. He is only 6 weeks old but he has so much personality already
Ezra is goofy little guy, he's always laughing at our dog and cat, he's starting to say his first words, and is always down for a nap!
He such a very independent handsome baby boy who loves to laugh, play, and especially EAT🤣‼️ Just turned 8 months a few days ago my baby sure know how to put a smile on your face ☺️💯
Marianna Hazel-Rene sweet but sassy, Loves to be cuddled and loves to hear all the different sounds around her.
Cheyanne & Chloe are identical twins who absolutely love fooling people on who's who! Cheyanne is athletic, energetic, outgoing and wants to take over the world! While Chloe is sweet and kind and has an enormous amount of love for animals! They are your everyday tic tok dance craze girls. They love dressing up and enjoying the outdoors! They make dances together and routines. They can mimic any dance they see! They are heavy on anime and can draw anything like you wouldn't believe! They are the most caring and daring little girls you'll ever meet! Vote for the twins today!!! Cheybae & CoCo
An Lake Please help me to share and vote for my daughter if we win I love to use this money to donate to kids with cleft palates.!
I’m learning how to stand on my own and laugh all the time! I love my pet dog and eat everything my mama will give me!
Had my baby girl Samantha on Dec 7th 2020 she is my beautiful princess.