Baby Stories - 36


Samuel was born on Labor Day! He loves his toys and his momma and his lolli(grandma) he loves to laugh and play and he loves to watch people and tv!
He loves to eat, play patty cake, watch tv and cuddle with mommy! He also loves to rock in his rocker! He’s the cutest boy around! Has some big beautiful eyes!!
He so sweet & handsome 🥰🥰
Ryleigh likes to smile big, hangout at the barn, and spend time with mommy and daddy❤️.
Carter Novack
My name is Carter and I love eating food and watching Cocomelon, I also love being cuddled and getting messy
Greyson is 3 weeks old he loves to sleep and be around his family that makes him smile
Jy’King is 7 months old he loves saying the word Man when he don’t get what he wants he loves Cheeto puffs and mashed potatoes he’s a awesome baby and the photo up ahead is when he was saying man
She's so lovable energetic smile' Outstanding love singing and dancing ❤️ Best helper/big Sister🥰 favorite color is pink and she love princesses ❤️
Leilani is only 7 weeks old but is already so full of personality. She loves cartoons and disney movies and bubble baths. She is best friends with our kitten, Coal. He will come running from the next room to check on her if she starts crying. Leilani was born 3 weeks early at 4 pounds 8 ounces.
Say hello to the third munchkin in the party! This is Marie’t she is super adorable and is very loved by her big brother and sister. So far she very much enjoys sleeping and eating and some tummy time.
Iris is 96 days old and my only Grandchild. Though she hasn't met her Grandmama yet, she likes her the best!!!
Tobias is 5 months old , loves laughing and rolling around & will melt your heart with his smile 🥰
I love to eat, sleep, get lot's of love from family especially mama & daddy.
James is 5 years old whom loves playing with his little cousins and his baby sister and his uncle friend which what he calls his uncle. He always full of himself.
Arabella loves dressing up but she also loves dirt! She is perfect to me!
Brixxton is a lil country boy, loves the outside, Paw Patrol, his mama & his Kit Kat .(kitten)
Deiz Is Just 3 Months Old His Personality Is To Die For 💙 He Love Smiling And Laughing He So Happy And He Is Very Advanced. Deiz Love Him So Pj Mask❤️💙💚
Kassidy Lori'Elle
Kassidy is a very happy and bubbly baby. She loves to chew on her fingers and play with her 2 older brothers. Vote for Kassidy!
I love bananas and my buba
Jordyn loves when anyone talks to her and is almost always smiling. Vote for Jordyn!
Maximus Stewart
He is the BOSS BABY!! He’s so smart, funny & acts like a little grown man! Definitely a Momma’s Boy 💙
Addi loves Jesus, animals, family and friends. She has one of the most nurturing souls and always wants to take care of others.
Lillian loves any animal she comes across. Something about her draws them to her, and she loves them with all her heart. She is so kind and so funny, but also has some sass in her. She knows how to keep us on our toes and always keeps us laughing! She loves to dance, color, paint, blow bubbles, and watch PAW Patrol.
Zelda Jane
Zelda is 1 years old she loves her toys and her dogs! Shes a big tomboy and her daddy is her fav person ever
Zyair is Almost 2 Years Old ❤️ He Loves To Eat! he is a very happy child he is always smiles 😊 he is a big brother to his sister Audeya who is 5 months 💙
Will exchange votes. This is my daughter Kalila, she is 7 months old and is such a vibrant little girl. She loves to smile and tries to talk or make sounds all the time. She loves bright colors and watching the baby shark show. She loves to taking baths, does not like being dirty. Please vote
Audeya is 5 months ❤️ Loves to smile and laugh 😊
Keenan is a 2 1/2 year old who always keeps everyone laughing. He’s so funny and sweet at the same time. He loves trucks, cars & Blippi!
Insipiring,smart ,beautiful ,motiativing ,caring,loving,a,huge ❤ 💙
Kingston is 11 months . His birthday is December 1st . His favorite food is definitely chicken and rice . And he always love to play and just has a smile that brightens up my day 🤍🥰 . Vote for kingston 😍
Interesting. Brilliantly beautiful. Talented. Loving ❤ a heart of gold!
Hey my name is Jaidan I’m one years old! I like to play with sensory toys and i like to watch blues clues and hip hop harry. I love to smile and laugh
Kalani is an amazing little babygirl she has much personality & an attitude to match. She’s beautiful & exotic & has a shining spirit through her eyes. She is Gods Blessing to my family ❤️
Miss KenLeigh is 3 months and she loves talking and reading books with her father. She loves to eat and sleep. KenLeigh enjoys watching whatever catches her attention on TV. She is a very happy baby and loves to smile/laugh.
Kamilla is a NICU baby who made it through. She loves cuddles and hates for her sleep to be disturbed. She went from not wanting to eat to asking for her bottle all the time. She is a smart little diva!
Veer is a very happy baby! Loves his favorite toy, pets our YorkiePoo sweetly, eats and sleeps well and rarely complains. He just learnt to roll over (only 1 side) and is trying to understand how to crawl.
Tre is a ball of energy right now! He loves to climb, he loves music, as soon as he hears Wheels on the Bus he starts dancing! He’s full of personality!
Rosalina Lynn Brewer
Rosalina is a very smart young lady she loves everything an she really loves her stuffy rosalina like going out side playing with her toys making everyone smile being as kind as she is
Mr. Steal Ya Heart ❤️ he loves to sleep , eat , & his cuddles.
Da'Royal is a very happy baby who will talk to you all day if you let him. He loves going to church and his family.
Baby Jo is our sunshine. She loves to laugh and stand up. She loves to be outside and at the beach.