This is Angelica And she is such a character she has a good heart and personality she loves to talk and play and she loves babies Mostly her baby sister .
He loves to try and talk he has said mama and Hi, He loves to kick hard, He enjoys looking and smiling at everyone!🥰
Vaeh is such a happy baby she loves to smile and talk And if you call her name she looks at you and smile 😍
Jennessy is my 5th baby "the grande finale!!" 3rd girl! very vocal Love ❤️ her!!
This is Ilynd “island” she’s such a Camera girl ,tends to grab anyones attention & her favorite movie is Sing 2 thus far❤️
Denver is a watcher, planner, and full of sass. Very meticulous with every move he makes. He's got a wicked sense of humor, but will be the first to love and comfort you when you need it.
Loki is A Active baby. He is Funny , loves cocomelon ‘ Baby shark & mommy
Ariana loves Frozen, Minnie Mouse and Moana!
Khloe has a loving heart, loves her pets. Loves Minnie Mouse and cocomelon!
Savannah is a smiley baby, loves Ms Rachel and loves sweet potatoes!
Marcel is very talkative and has a huge personality already! He loves playing with his toys, eating, and he loves watching Mickey mouse.
hi everyone! Alissa loves to play with her toys, walk with help and crawl!
Amarianna has been through sooo much ever since she was born. Yet, here she is still here stronger than ever! Amarianna is so smart, in preschool and loves to play and count! Never give up on your warriors!
Steffon is a very loving happy boy who loves to play with his sister aunt and uncle! Steffon is very outgoing and super sweet and talkative!
make a funny face and watch me smile 🫶🏽
Hayden Lowery
Hayden Is a Well Outspoken He Loves Football,Loves School and Loves Math Which is His Favorite Subject
I’m Keagan! 4 months old I love to smile , giggle and watch cartoons I have a huge personality and not afraid to hide it!🤩🤍
Haysley is a very outgoing loves to color and hang out with her best friend shlaya
Sophie is super goofy and loves so eat! She is also super talkative🥺❤️
Shayla Bullard
She loves to take pictures and to dress up she is very energetic little girl and she loves her sister's and brother
Ivy is a sweet baby doll, who loves walking around while carrying her blankey in her mouth 😂, climbing all over her sister, taking her toys and hiding them! She loves anything pumpkin, "talking" on the phone...but only after she hangs up on you 20 times 😂😂😂 we sure do appreciate all the love and votes everyone has given and continues to give TYSM!! ❤💜❤💜
My sweet boy was born at 34 weeks. He was 5lbs 9oz he’s now 20lbs. He loves food and his puppy. He love daycare and all his friends and most of all he loves his bed room. He would stay in there all day if he could
Hello! My name is Riley 😍 I love to smile and laugh and bath time 🛁❤️. Everyone tells me I’m so adorable 🥰 Im always a happy baby☺️ But sometimes I can be fussy 😩 because I want cuddles 😑my momma always dresses me cute especially with bows 🎀 Thank you to everyone voting and supporting we will exchange votes just leave a comment ❤️
Love smile 5 pounds 9 0z baby ready take off such a joyful baby 💙.He laughs at everything and will put a smile on your face once you see him 💙.
I’m Very loving and curious! I’m the first and only child and I’d love if you gave me us a vote.❤️
Brynleigh is our bright blue eyed baby girl who smiles at everyone , she loves attention and is a Daddy’s girl .
Silly girl loves her brothers very sweet loves playing with her hotwheels
Seline is a beautiful bright baby girl 😍 she loves to play and talk and steal your heart.
Loves watching cartoons and playing with his sister
He is the most sweetest baby ever an loves his dada loves being outside
Huge mamas girl! LOVES to eat and just learned to crawl! 💗
Na’Kylie is a fun and out going lil one year old she loves to play and laughs and fight with her siblings lol she loves her mom but is a big daddy’s girl
Sweet little peanut he loves laying on my chest
he loves all the attention. his mama and daddy. he loves to be held. an he LOVES his food. he likes swinging on the swing set. playing with his uncle peanut.
Theos is a month old he loves to eat and sleep and loves his mommy very much he’s a cutie pie with red brown hair and blue eyes
Quintuis is a nice loving little boy who Bright up your day he love to go outside and play and he definitely love basketball
Lennon is almost 2 months old and the happiest girl I know. She has bright blue eyes and long curly brown hair
Lyrica is my precious daughter she’s intelligent bright funny smart lovable daughter she enjoy dancing singing and playing with her nephews and nieces she loves helping others
SHAI IS ONE OF A KIND! Such an amazing personality loves to dance and always laughing!!!!
DaMeir is a handsome & loving baby .He likes to play & sing along to songs . DaMeir loves to smile & loves playing during bath time.He’s smart & has the cutest dimples🫶🏾🤍
Kaylani is one month old.She loves dressing up, watching people dance and sing until she falls asleep, and bath time. She is a loving happy baby and loves to smile all the time. She always makes her mama heart feel so full🥰!
My big blue eyed boy ! Full of life and adventure ! He loves all farm things ! And we just think he’s the cutest sweetest little guy and would love to get votes!
Easton loves his saucer, reading books with mommy, being held, loves to be talked to, and trying new veggies and fruits!
Hi my names Levi, yes like the jeans, I’m very attracted to lights and the big spiny things on the ceiling😁 daddy is my best friend I love taking walks with him. And I may or may not have a milk obsession!!
Aavya Gail …Aavya is our little dream baby her daddy first biological daughter,Aavya Got her middle name “Gail” from her grandma whom passed away,Aavya is definitely a blessing the family and we love her dearly..y’all vote Baby Aavya
Mr. Smiley! Loves looking at himself in the mirror & who could blame him 🥰 Loves playing with mom & misses dad while he’s gone working!
Jaxson RyLee Lowrimore aka Jax Jax is a complete HEART BREAKER! He’s got his momma, his Daddy, and his Ganna wrapped around his little finger. He loves Mickey Mouse Club House. He absolutely loves any and everything that his dad and I eat!! Jax has EIGHT teeth. He loves naptime and bedtime. He is the most sleeping baby I have ever seen! He loves dancing to music and he loves clapping and doing patty cake, patty cake. He has three older siblings that he lovesss so much! He has the most beautiful hair/hair line, that everyone is obsessed with! And big beautiful brown eyes! He truly is a blessing to be around, and we are so lucky to have him in our life! ❤️
He love to sing an dance , loves sonic, the hedgehog ,dinosaurs ,race cars and trucks