Ezekiel is 3 years old and loves to dance. He also has a very contagious laugh!
This is my jalyn girl!! i decided to share her start to her story!! she is 2 months old She has the biggest personality a baby girl could have! she loves to "talk" to her mommy she loves to smile and laugh along with holding her whole self up with a little support !! shes a very happy girl she also enjoys the sunshine and trees ! she absolutely adores winnie the pooh!! jalyn was 37 weeks gestation whenever she was born and was supposed to be just pushing 2-3 pounds but needless to say she beat all odds and is the happiest babygirl youve ever seen!!
My name is Matilda and I’m 4 months old
She's my spunky punky
Melani is 2 months old. Shes very spunky, loves to watch herself some Rick and Morty, and American dad with her mommy. Her favorite toy is a mini plush sloth. Please vote for Melani!!
Ryry is a bubbly little one year old! She loves to smile and make your day! She loves to be held and when you see her smile you can’t help but to melt!
Weston’s the happiest baby ever ! He was only 5 pounds when he was born and by the time he was 2 months old he had doubled 😂❤️
Brooklyn is creative, clever, focused, gentle, outspoken yet polite, and very vibrant. She is the most kind hearted, generous, and spunky girl you'll ever meet. She's our world!
My Beautiful baby girl! She is energetic and playful with the perfect balance of sassy and sweet!
William is an incredibly adorable, courageous, generous, kind hearted soul. He is also creative, clever, focused, gentle, outspoken yet polite, and very vibrant. I absolutely love seeing his smile!
Little miss Lexi, is our handful child. She’s loves to play with big sister or watch her play since big sister isn’t having little sis play yet. She looovvveees her food. She’ll eat her own food and yours if you’re not careful.
Little miss Eneyah is so smart & sweet! she loves soft kisses on her nose & cheeks💛
Ayla is a triple rainbow baby with big blue eyes and an even bigger heart. She is so smiley and loves to be around other babies. She turns one today!! She has recently learned to wave, clap, say mama and is SO close to walking it’s crazy. We appreciate your vote ♥️
This is our sweet Adaline! She is a loving cuddly little girl and loves smiling. ♥️
Maia loves to play and she enjoys the beauty of sunflowers she loves everyone so she’s a people baby🥰
Rosealee is a very sweetheart her loves her 🛁 and loves to play
Braxton loves dancing and listening too music🥹
Hey im azariah im 8 months and i want to be the next gerber baby and i love my mommy
Tyler (TJ) my world .. my baby boy , first born he’s adventurous, affectionate and active ! Tj loves to eat , help clean and run around ! He’s the sweetest little man you’ll meet and loves to play with other kids . He’s friendly and caring and sometimes a handful but I wouldn’t trade it for the world . Tyler Richard
She is our world.. she loves tummy time, loves her binky, and loves to be rapped up in a blanket and cuddled! 💗💗
Waylon, your average two year old toddler with a little spice. Waylon is smart as a whip, he throws a ball like he was born to play football, he absolutely adores his three dogs, and wouldn’t think about leaving the house without one of his little hot wheels cars. His favorite food is corn dogs and biscuits and gravy trust me I know odd for a two year old. But this little man is truly one of a kind. He was born on mommas birthday and conceived on his father’s. Waylon is truly a total sweetheart who loves his mommy, dada and meemaw.
Isaac is a fun, loving, enthusiast and enjoyable little man to be around. He loves to play board games and uno a lot lol.😂 his favorite food is sushi and definitely chooses water over pop any day. he loves the 8 pets in the house and helps me to take car of them. He’s very caring with others are hurt even if not upset at all grabs the bandages first. He very sweet to adult respectful and with younger kids know to take it easy on them. I know I was a young mother at 21 but I’m happy to have him in my life, he’s definitely made it more exciting for the better.
Rivhur is 2 months old she loves watching tv with mommy and dad and loves to snuggle. She loves smiling and still trying to learn to laugh. She loves tummy time and shes awesome at holding her head up
Harlyn loves to play, smile, and laugh. She’s always eating just like her mommy. My baby is just the sweetest little girl ever!
Winter was born 12-12-2023 she loves being held by her momma and getting lots of loves & kisses from her 8 pitbulls
I love giving kisses and hugs ❤️ and snggling with my papa!
Malakai is the happiest boy, he loves Elmo + bluey almost as much as ms Rachel and snacks.
Levi Hedrick
I'm Levi. I love to play. dance. and talk. I also love climbing all the furniture in mommy's house. I'm really adventurous.
I'm Levi. I love to play. dance. and talk. I also love climbing all the furniture in mommy's house. I'm really adventurous.
Willow loves being held and getting, she loves to bounce, bath time, and her mommy.
Ja’Mir loves to smile, and watch paw patrol, he also is a very quick learner.
Cylas loves to cuddle and take long naps.
Alice is a happy, smart, loving little girl. She loves music, dancing, and animals
Asani LOVES to smile, laugh & LOVES music.
Nevada loves Snuggles, skin to skin contact, and smiling.
Like to play, sleep, eat, and have fun! ❤️ 💙 💜 💖
Smartest little 3 year old around! Loves putting puzzles together, reading books and family. She lives helping people and making as many friends as possible!
Scarlett is a sweet loving baby she loves to play , her new thing has been blowing spit bubbles and yelling mama
Krei loves all sports and camping.
She's a happy baby who loves to smile, laugh and talk to everyone. Her favorite thing to do is munch on her hands ❤️
Archer is a sweet kind boy who likes to share with his sister. He loves to walk everywhere and get into stuff. His favorite person is his momma
It's Olivia's birthday month!! She will be turning 9!! I'm looking for Exchanges and advances of 200 are welcome!! Thank you 🥰 Happy 9th, Birthday, today, Olivia!
Jt Duke Duncan
Baby Jt is loved by many and enjoys his snuggles
Hello my name is Kanyon l am almost 3 months old and l love to smile when being talked to and l love to laugh when being smiled at and talked to. I am learning to sit up on my own.
Hi I’m Luka! I’m my mom’s world and my dad’s heart. I’m the sweetest smiliest baby you’d ever meet until momma puts me down I’ve told her once before I didn’t like that but she don’t listen to well. Anways my favorite thing is tummy rubs from my dad
Everlea loves hearing how shes pretty girl and loves tummy time.
William is a lover; to everyone, food, especially his daddy