Baby Stories - 35


Energetic , outgoing, friendly and so smart ! Her favorite right now is baby shark , she loves to dance!
My name is Carter Wayne! I love watching scooby doo and fighting my naps! I’m a big daddy’s boy! I love to smile and giggle at all the little things!
Adonis likes to smile and when you sing and dance with him! Also bath time is so much fun!
Devon Jr is loving, happy, energetic & he loves to smile & laugh giving off loving vibes always😍🥰❤️
Amy loves anything ducks and bubbles. She lights up a room with her smile and is friends with anybody. She loves cuddles with daddy and will wander around the house looking for him.
Hi ,I’m Isabella . I am 9 months old but I feel 10 , I’m very affectionate and friendly. I’m really active if you’re with me there’s never a dull moment . I’m photogenic you bring the camera I have the poses . I love to eat and make noise. Mommy says I’m going to be a star because I’m such a character . If it’s not my way it’s the highway !
Makenna is 7 month old, she loves to play with her light up drums and watching cartoons and loves going for walks. She enjoys being outside.
Peyton loves cuddling with mama and daddy!!! Her favorite thing to do is ride in daddy’s truck! Her favorite tv shows are peppa pig and Chicago Fire!!
She loves to watch Winnie the Pooh movies and loves to snuggle and is a very good sleeper and eater. she loves watching Dino Ranch and mickey mouse clubhouse.
Drake is a goofy, outgoing 4 month old who loves elephants ❤️ His favorite person is his big brother and he LOVES sweet potatoes 🥰 (will return votes)
Revna is 5 months old, and her favorite toy is a little stuffed giraffe. She’s a very happy baby and loves to laugh.
Athena is a bright, beautiful , sweet little girl. She loves to be tickled, spend lots of time with mommy and daddy, and being super spoiled by her sisters and extended family! She is the youngest of 4 girls.
Hello! My name is Brittany. I love to get into everything. I have my own personality...I am very fun and outgoing.
She is a silly smart loving girl. She lives jojo siwa and anything girly. She is particularly fond of her bows
River is an angel baby that had a very hard start to like from Nicu to Picu his first 3 months was spent in a hospital. He is sweet and loving and full of spunk and joy. And loves to annoy his siblings
Connor is definitely all boy he loves dirtbikes, gocarts, 4 wheelers and truck's basically anything to do with mud. He is a sweet loving boy.
Karyme is a 5 year old! She loves makeup 💄 loves to dance 💃 also loves to be bossy to her brothers!!! She’s a little diva!! She loves to play with dolls she loves to color!!!
Ragnar name is Ragnar!! I'm super excited and happy about every day! My curiosity and personality are in full bloom. I enjoy playing with my toy's, wrestling my feet, chewing on anything in sight and of course mealtime 😉. Overall I think I'm prity cool!!😎.. And cute😏😉
💕💕Mama Squad💕💕 Damien Matthew is officially 1 year old! He LOVES to laugh and smile, he's such a happy baby! He loves playing with his toys, he loves Mickey Mouse, and hanging out with mommy & daddy. He just learned to walk, and is loving exploring all around the house.
Sweet baby lake is 3 months old. She is the happiest baby ever. She loves to laugh and play and talk to you all the time.
Baby boy is almost 2! Where has time gone?! I love my booger so much 🥰🥰🥰
My daughter loves smiling and loves to sleep or lay with her momma and she loves to play ! She’s a cool baby I think you should vote for her !🥰
Hello my name is A'miyah. I am 4 1/2 years old . I enjoy playing with my babies , having fun / spending time w/ Mommie & Daddy . I love music & dancing .Help us by voting for A'miyah . All votes matter . This will make this girls day . Lets --- Get --- It
My name is Konner. Im a sweet mommas boy who loves to dance, giggle, eat and be center of attention 🥰
Sadie is our sweet baby girl who arrived in April and completed our family. She is the apple of her parents and her two older brother’s eyes. She loves to play with her brother and she loves snuggles from mom and dad! She’s such a happy baby!!
She’s the missing piece to my puzzle that I never knew I needed.
I am the youngest of two boys my big brother is 18 and always making me laugh. I love to smile and watch everything around me. My favorite shows are mickey mouse and lilo and stitch.i love going to the beach to watch the birds, surfers, and waves. Thank you so much for your support
Heaven is almost 10 months old. She is full of personality and is a true DIVA. Loves her walker, crawling/scooting everywhere, pulling up in her playpen, jumping, growling and letting you know when she is not happy or satisfied. She has the cutest laugh when you can finally get one out of her. Loves anything that lights up and makes noise, especially phones. She loves Bubble Guppies.
Grayson is 19 months old. He is the smartest and funniest little boy I know. He is always so happy and can put a smile on anyone’s face.
James likes to hang out with his friends hes a very caring kid that loves the outdoors. He has 3 older siblings he adores. He is a very caring boy he loves his family and friends. He loves to play soccer and has found a liking to baseball. His favorite disney character is Mickey Mouse. Beginning of his life he had a rough start he had lead poisoning which affected him a lot he seems to be doing better. Hes been picking children on here too that he wants me to vote for. He is hoping one of these contest to finish in the top 3. Hes says good luck to all. Also thank you to anyone that has voted for him at all we appreciate you. Happy holidays and good luck everyone
Reagen Gibson
Little miss Reagen is a sweet angel pie. She loves, Sophia the first, mickey mouse, little tykes and bluey shes very smart. Her laugh is contagious. We love her with all of our heart. Shes not a picky eater she will try anything once. We are so proud of her. shes got a very spunky attitude and will be a big sister come Jan 💙💜💙💜
Happy, smart, beautiful blue eyed boy. He loves his trucks, toy story, walking and climbing.
Antonio loves to eat his favorite word is good and dada HE LOVES HIS BIG SISTER DEZIAH ❤️
💕Mama Squad💕 Lilliana is an amazing little 2 in a half year old mess. She loves her siblings, daddy, momma, and her puppies. She’s obsessed with her baby dolls. Thank you for supporting my girl!
Advance closed!!!! Thank you for interesting, we’re taking a break for the holidays!!! We’ll see you next year Happy holidays and good luck to all ❤️ Tanner’s a happy baby, he likes to talk and talk😁 sometime he does fake coughing just to play with his mommy, he smiles every time he sneeze 🤧
Henry is a very sweet baby boy who loves to smile and cuddle with his family. Especially his older brother!! He was born an Atlanta Braves fan and we attribute their 2021 World Series victory to Henry being their good luck charm!! 💙
She smiles all day
Evie is a happy beautiful baby that loves watching the Muppets and loves to laugh and be talked to.
smart, loves to eat & hear me sing to him 😩🥰 spoiled & loves cheeto puffs & to move around on his on 😩 he thinks he’s grown ☺️
Opal has loved walking and getting around since she was 8 months old. She loves to meet new people and is always happy to see friends and family! And her dance moves are the best!
Jameson is inquisitive, he loves to eat, he already gets into mischief and his smile lights up the entire room.
Paisley girl is 1 mo old and she is a very alert baby. She is already turning over during tummy time - mommy and daddy are so proud of her 🎀💛💕
Little man loves Paw Patrol and laying on mommy is his favorite spot.
Addison is incredibly sweet and super smart! She loves to dance, loves her brother and LOVES unicorns!
Khloe is our happy girl. She loves being snuggled and spending time with her family😍
Ruby is the sweetest little babe you’d lay eyes on!
Hi I'm 2 weeks old. I eat alot and poop way to much, I'm a good baby over all. I like to be swaddled but hate baths. Mommy and daddy tried really hard for 4 years to get me here! Vote for me!
Ja’King is very smart ! Him loves looking and observing everyone around him 🥺 him so cuteeee & loves him like putting one of his hand across his face & him loves to curl him body up while laying on my chest he will love for you guys to vote for him ! 🐥💙