Naava is very outspoken 2 year old. She loves to sing and dance. Naava is very friendly and likes to play with other kids.
Luna's a happy fun loving little girl. She loves Vampirina and Paw Patrol. She enjoys playing outside and learning new things in sghool!
Seth Hunt
Hi my name is Seth, I love watching mickey mouse and I love to playing with my toys and I am a handsome handful
Beautiful, Ray Of Sunshine ☀️, Joyful, Playful and Thank you For Voting❤️
Hi there, Mason is eight months old he’s just an amazing little boy already walking and loves hanging out with animals especially chickens)
Alianna loves to cuddle with her mommy & play with her daddy after work . She likes to sit up all by herself & try to stand as long as she can .
My baby boy is very energetic, he loves running around everywhere and wants to keep up with his sisters. He is full of life, giggles and smiles. He is a very happy boy.
Hello! This is Arlo. He seems to grunt and growl more than coo. He loves taking warm baths and seems to eat non-stop. Love my little growler!
Teagan Langley will be 1 years old on October 21st! She is very goofy and outgoing and full of personality. Please vote for her!
Evelynn is a 5 month old baby who loves to eat! She loves snuggles and also being her mommy’s super model! She has curly thick hair with the pretty blue eyes and weighs about 16 pounds. Above all she is a little princess!
Zayden is a very outgoing little boy who loves playing with his sister and absolutely loves the outdoors... loves to eat and beat mommy and daddy up...
Deziriah Nicole
My baby girl is always so happy and full of smiles she loves dancing and using her voice she my little princess
Sweet Tucker is 7 months old with the biggest personality and pretty blue eyes😍 He loves walking, jumping, and eating all the yummy foods!🤍
Aizen loves being outside, playing with paw patrol toys, and exploring! He’s all together just a happy boy who deserves the world!❤️
Brae'Ellyn is a spunky 3 year old! She loves helping feed the babies at day care, she loves playing with her brother! Brae'Ellyn loves playing outside, she's such an amazing outgoing little girl!
Please vote for this special lady, she’s full of personality and very intelligent vote for her because she deserves to know what a happy and loving community is like, open your arms to sweet Athena 🙏❤️
Sasha is only 5 months old but he likes to act like he’s a toddler already! He loves purée baby food and all of his puppies!
Jakobe is my first baby boy he is African American born and raised in Saint louis,he just turned 1 years old on October 5th he loves to dance ,makes lots of noise and is always a happy baby and loves singing !
Easton loves eating bananas and being outside 🍌
Wyn likes cuddles, sunshine, and laughing. He’s the sweetest and happiest baby I’ve ever seen in my life!
Gianna is very outgoing, always has a smile on her face, she is a little sassy pants when she wants to be. Miss independent for sure. She has her own little attitude and personality
Zayden is our bright blue eyed baby boy who has such a silly personality. His eyes just light up any room. He loves to look at a phone so he’s very photogenic and most definitely is a mamas boy 🥰
Da' Miri
Da'Miri is a very happy and energetic little human, he loves to talk and be talked to, tummy time and cartoons. Warning: if you wear glasses don't lean in for kisses or you will not come back up with them. They're his favorite toy
Carter is almost 1 ! He is a very Energetic, Happy loving baby. His smile will light the whole room up and if your having a bad day turn your frown upside down. Carter loves playing with everyone and loves being outside. Oh and I forgot to mention my big baby loves eating. Carter has a very big personality already and everyone loves it.
Sabrina loves to eat and sleep
She loves her Daddy and loves to go on walks
Mielah is almost 1! She loves to play, talk, crawl and is learning how to walk. Mielah loves to be outdoors and go for walks. Mielah is very inquisitive and loves to watch and learn new things! She loves to watch, giggle and sing along to Cat and The Hat, Dog Gone Trouble and Gracie’s Corner. Vote for our pretty girl💕
Ari is a very charismatic baby and can shift any atmosphere for the better. She’s very talkative, loves to laugh and her smile shines so bright it’s super contagious.
Hunter loves to play with his twin brother he is a big time Nannys baby he loves his toys watching little baby bum and dancing to music he also loves being outside
Ryder loves playing with his twin brother hunter he’s a big time mommy’s boy he also loves watching little baby bum and being outside and dancing to music
Cooper has the cutest smile and the biggest laugh! Along with those beautiful eyes he will capture your heart immediately!
Hayden Loves watching Paw Patrol 🐾 & his favorite food is 🍕 he is very smart intelligent handsome boy who I’m proud to call my son 💙🫶🏻
Kian is a very active, happy baby. He loves to play all day, roll/crawl around, and EAT! He just might be a future athlete with all his energy!
This is Angelica And she is such a character she has a good heart and personality she loves to talk and play and she loves babies Mostly her baby sister .
He loves to try and talk he has said mama and Hi, He loves to kick hard, He enjoys looking and smiling at everyone!🥰
Vaeh is such a happy baby she loves to smile and talk And if you call her name she looks at you and smile 😍
Jennessy is my 5th baby "the grande finale!!" 3rd girl! very vocal Love ❤️ her!!
This is Ilynd “island” she’s such a Camera girl ,tends to grab anyones attention & her favorite movie is Sing 2 thus far❤️
Denver is a watcher, planner, and full of sass. Very meticulous with every move he makes. He's got a wicked sense of humor, but will be the first to love and comfort you when you need it.
Loki is A Active baby. He is Funny , loves cocomelon ‘ Baby shark & mommy
Ariana loves Frozen, Minnie Mouse and Moana!
Khloe has a loving heart, loves her pets. Loves Minnie Mouse and cocomelon!
Savannah is a smiley baby, loves Ms Rachel and loves sweet potatoes!
Marcel is very talkative and has a huge personality already! He loves playing with his toys, eating, and he loves watching Mickey mouse.
hi everyone! Alissa loves to play with her toys, walk with help and crawl!
Amarianna has been through sooo much ever since she was born. Yet, here she is still here stronger than ever! Amarianna is so smart, in preschool and loves to play and count! Never give up on your warriors!
Steffon is a very loving happy boy who loves to play with his sister aunt and uncle! Steffon is very outgoing and super sweet and talkative!