She loves her big sisters mommy and daddy. She loves to laugh and watch her favorite cartoon spongebob she is a joy to be around everyone she is around falls in love with her
Cute and sweet. Sleeps hard with a ton of attitude and personality :) <3
Little miss maci loves to run around and play and pick on her older brother and she’s starting to warm up to her little sister she’s our little stubborn child lol
Little miss Oakley June is about to turn 5 months old and loves tummy time and just found out what her feet are so she loves playing with them and all around one of the happiest babies you’ll ever meet she always has a smile on her face unless she’s hungry
Asher’s absolute favorite show is Mickey Mouse. ❤️
Little miss Princess Leia loves to laugh and smile with whoever is giving her attention! Leia currently is interested in her toes and doing lots of things on her own.
Mazlee loves to cuddle mommy and daddy she also likes to love on her 3 big brothers.
Maddex love to play his xbox. Loves to help his twin brother and argue with his older brother. He loves to read and sing to his baby sister
Grayson is almost one years old now🥺 he’s grown so much he’s starting to try and walk now he loves going swimming and taking pictures he loves animals he’s so sweet to everyone
Leylani is such a smart , easy , happy, energetic , and funny outgoing 3 and 1/2 year old baby girl who loves everyone she meets! Her birthday is June 11th! so she will be 4 in 1 week! she would be so happy and excited to see she won a little contest for her beauty and fashion! lol she mmmm we will make a little video and share with everyone who votes! thank you so much in advance🥺
Azias is 5 months old and LOVES to play, swim, talk, take pictures, and eat!!!
Tina love to rock out.
Daylen is 3 mos old he’s one of the happiest baby’s I know. He loves his mommy and loves to watch tv.. He’s at that stage where he laughs at you when you talk to him..
Her smile lights up the room! Cecelia loves smiling, talking, petting animals, being outside and singing. Her favorite character is Elmo and she is most happy when she's eating broccoli or fruit ❤️
Hi, my name is Kimber. I am almost 5 months old. I love being outside and my crinkly toy. I can roll over all the way and can almost sit up. I love watching my doggie run around the house. My mommy is my best friend and my daddy is my hero.
Easton loves being out side and loves his paw patrol and reading his books and riding on the tractor with his dad.
She loves nature and animals. She is such a social butterfly and loves everyone she meets. She has the biggest heart that I've ever seen.
Mommy is my best friend. I love to smile, talk be crazy and kick my feet all around. I always put smiles on everyone face. I’m a happy healthy baby. 💙
He is a happy baby Smiles all the time he only cry’s when he needs a dipper change or hungry othor then that he is a really good baby
Hi guys! I’m Kamden, I’m 8 months old & I love my fruits, toys, & splashing during tubby time! My favorite things to do is bounce in my bouncer, learning new things to say, & watch my dancing fruit videos on youtube! I’m rolling around everywhere & slowly learning how to crawl & now sitting up! I love my family more than anything. Vote for me to be the cutest baby 😁❤️
Xander Loves swimming and playing with his cousins. His favorite place to be is grandmas bed cuddling with her or getting into the candy bowl in her closet😂❤️ X’s favorite questions to ask is “what’s that” and loves fake sneezing. He’s the happiest & most curious boy I love watching him learn and grow everyday.
Oaklee is a wild child that absolutley loves being outside. She loves bathtime. Oaklee also loves to chase her 3 dogs around the house.
Jason is a very energetic little boy, he goes through a lot of stuff for his age but still pushes through it anyways. He’s a lover, not a fighter
Lynaeah is a happy-go-lucky baby she loves to smile and laugh she lights up every room that she enters she is a bundle of joy and she loves a good conversation
Sophia is a one special character with a wonderful personality. My rainbowbaby is definitely one of a kind. Her unique smile takes you're breath away!
Oliver is a crazy, fun, loving little man. He enjoys playing with his big sister and eating strawberries
Kamari is a very happy baby who loves to laugh, play peak a boo, and loves to watch Mickey mouse.
Hello my name is Remmie Kay ! I am 2 years old soon to be 3 😁 I have such a big personality for such a little girl.. Full of life , love , happiness and laughter .. I love to help my daddy work on his cars/old schools i play with my toy cars more than my baby dolls 😆 I love to swim be in the water , play with my big brother and cousins ❤️ I love being outside and being adventurous playing with worms and rollie pollies. I get compliments every day and my sassyness shows.. OHH yeah and I will be starting big girl school soon 😊 Thats just a little bit about my princess (mommy)
I’m super energetic , sweet and loves and I love strawberries and my mommy 🥰💗
Makai is a super happy baby. He loves bath time and talking up a storm🥰
She loves tp play and have fun she loves to say bye bye and loves to turn pages in books
Emmerie is such a happy baby!❤️ She absolutely loves to smile at everyone
Colter is a super happy guy and LOVES anything water related, monkeys, and seeing Daddy in his military uniform💗
Waylon is a very energetic happy baby. He loves to smile and laugh.
Olivia is a very happy child, full of life nd love. ❤
Please vote
❤️Ariella is a sweet beautiful little girl I’m so happy to get to see her grow❤️
Hi My Name is Kaleb Kenneth, I am 5 Months Old. I’m a goofy/happy baby I smile and laugh a lot. I also love playing with my sisters.
Nyomi loves to smile at her mommy She’s loves Sleep an Eat She’s just a beautiful baby Girl. Oh She will let know if she’s happy or mad lol I love how she trying to hold her head up already.
Apollo is my gentle giant. He loves being tickled and playing with his sister and cousins. He is scared of the MGM lions roar movie intro and cats!
I have never met such a happy and chill baby. She hardly ever cries and she spends many hours giggling at the ceiling fan. 💛
Zayn is a happy baby. Has the cutest chucky cheeks. He started sleeping through the night within the first month he was born. He only wakes once a night. He loves being cuddled up to mommy. Originally was to be born on St. Patricks day was 3 days late.
Ty Ty
I love water, I am rolling over, I can hold myself up. I love being outside, going on walks. I smile, laugh a lot. I am ticklish. I love my mommy
Cody Ross
My nephew is very smart and brilliant for his age! He loves making dinosaur noises… he is such a hoot!❤️
Ellayne is a very happy and bubbly girl! She loves spending time with her family, talking, and being in the spot light!
Shes a happy chunky little girl who loves to play laugh and pull her sister's hair
Hi, I’m Waylon. I love motorcycles, anything that has to do with my mom, being outside…. And you guessed it Waylon Jennings. My laugh is absolutely contagious and I’m pretty silly.