Baby Stories - 35


LOVES her some yum yums! Loves her Mama, Dada and Sissa and of course her meow meow kitty! Vote for Em if you think she's got the most pinchable cheekies😍
Noel is a chunky monkey who loves to eat! Whenever there’s a given opportunity to nap, he will take it. He enjoys car rides, music and the colorful movement across the tv screen.
Hi! I’m Edmond! And I love Snuggles, bath time and sleeping on mommy! You wont catch me crying as I have a smile that stretches wide! ❤️
Sawyer loves his sisters. He loves to swing
she’s just a happy 7mth old baby that loves to eat and keeps a smile. crawling, standing and loving the attention.a little talking back lol we are new to picture contest
Brantley is one month old he loves gooing, smiling, and laying with mammy and daddy. He was so excited to enter the world he decided to come 3 weeks early, He is a very strong little man already rolling on his belly and lifting his head so high!
Our sweet Adalyn, you should vote for her because she is an amazing baby already at 6 months she’s so smart loves to talk and crawl and loves music! (Her paps fault) She is our little blessing for sure when everything was falling apart in life she showed up at the perfect time and put us all back together ❤️ Mommy and daddy loves you !
She a happy baby
Hello everyone my name is Da’fiyah Jazmine I’ll be 2 months on the 28th. I like sleeping & eating all day long. I also enjoy bath time! I can’t really do a lot because of how small I am but I love when my mommy cuddles me & sings. Please vote for me♥️
Saphira love to dance and sing. She love horses. playing like a horse is her absolute favorite thing to do besides playing with her little brother. She's loves video chatting grandma and papa and of course using filters to make her a unicorn. Also as much as she loves her mama she is such a daddy's girl!
Malakai is my sweet crazy toddlers ,he loves baby shark,toys ,Garfield
Zachary has the cutest little personality and is always on the go! He loves his trucks and tractors- he’s mommy and daddy’s whole world 💙
He’s a very happy baby he’s always moving around and walking he loves dancing listening to music and playing with his older brother and he’s a big mamas boy 🥰🥰😍💙
Such a happy baby! Loves to watch veggie tales🥰🥰 She absolutely loves her grandma, enjoys sticking her tongue out😂😜
Whitney is fun out going smart beautiful strong and not afraid of anything!!!!!
Brayden is a very sweet boy. Brayden loves attention and watching tv with his papaw. Hes learning how to smile, make noise and get what he wants. He will melt your heart with one look. Hes the most precious little boy in the world. He is his mimis heart and whole world. He loves when his mommy kisses him and he loves her so much.
He is a very happy baby and loves pretty much anything.
Lydia is very independent. She loves her mommy and daddy very much. She loves the little mermaid and shrek. She is a very sassy little girl. Lydia is a little princess who loves to run around and is learning lots of new things everyday.
Waylon is the sweetest. He loves playing with his family and toys, watching Cocomelon and trying yummy new foods! He now has 7 teeth!
I'm a very smart guy. I'm growing up so fast. Mommy wishes she could pause time. I can hold my own bottle. I have take 12 assisted steps. I roll over all of the time. I love my bouncer. Bath time is so much fun I can't wait to be able to swim. I try all of the time in the bath.
She is loving 🥰 and can put a smile on anyone’s face❤️ She also loves to watch cocomelon👶🏻
Anthony Armani
Armani is very loving and caring. He can brighten up your gloomy days.
Harlee loves to look at lights and loves to talk to both her mamas Harlee loves her cat sisters n brother
Zaidi Reign Evitts💜 The sassiest but sweetest little girl you would ever meet, who also has a smile that brightens everyone’s day!!🥰
💕Three weeks old 💕 Master of the farts and smiles 😂👀
Haizley is the sweetest baby, she is a mommy and daddy girl.
My name is Jonathan and all I like to do right now is eat and sleep. I’m loving my life and soaking every minute of it up!
Rose loves to give kisses and hugs. She will talk to you for hours about anything. If you’re not giving her attention she will give you an attitude until all your attention is on her.
Aurora favorite things are mommy snuggles and feeding time. She loves music and when her dad talks to her.
Holden has a ton of energy! He loves music and dancing...and running and jumping and climbing and playing!!
Hi im Elijah, i love snuggles with mom, dad and all my aunts, uncles and grandparents.
Ryker is almost 2 months old. He was born early at 34 weeks do to my blood pressure being to high. He's a little fighter and spent 2 weeks in the Nicu.
He loves when its his bottle feeding time he smiles in sleep ita so adorable and he loves being bundled up so he can sleep well also loves to watch tv its fascinating in many ways to him lol and he gives me a look when he knows he left a poopy diaper for me and his loves his favorite blankey love him so much 😊🥰
Sawyer loves to watch The Wiggles and jump in his exersaucer!!
Tilden is always smiling. He loves to be talked to and he's such a good sweet baby!
Aurora is my sweet and sassy little girl. She has a personality that is too big for her body and loves showing it
The happiest baby around town
Evanee is learning more and more everyday. She has the biggest smile and the brightest eyes. She's learning to laugh and trying to crawl. She's now cutting teeth so wish us luck and please give us your vote☺️❤️
Daisy is the happiest baby, always smiling & laughing!
She my everything i I would be lost with out my baby girl god blessed me with a angle and im so blessed she only has me in her life as a parent
Dixie is very out going and always has a smile on her face, she loves to talk, and give kisses, and her smile is very contagious
She is such a happy baby. She loves to watch Cocomelon her favorite movie is Disney Princess and the Frog. She loves her Mama but she is a Daddy’s Girl.
Sarah is a talker. She loves to tell you stories about her great adventures and she is only 2 months old! She loves to smile for the camera and giggle here and there. Her favorite thing to do is stick her tongue out at you constantly.
She’s the best has the prettiest smile she’s always happy and loves her brother and sister she’s a sweet girl
I could not have been blessed with a baby as good as my boy hes all smiles loves music alrwady for his age makes me a better person everyday
Brecken is such a happy baby. His laugh and smile is contagious. His favorite food is anything momma is eating. He love laughing at his dogs. He will bounce all day if you let him. And he is definitely a mommas boy.
Wyatt David
Meet Wyatt David Curtis... He's 2months old and is the best baby ever he's such a happy little monster that smile never fails to lift me up when I need it the most...