Baby Stories - 34


My baby became a heart surgery survivor at 2 months😇 she’s so strong & she loves music & dancing❤️
Hello everyone! This is my beautiful baby boy Abraham Benjamin! He is 5 months old and he loves to make everyone he meets smile and laugh! He’s the biggest goofball and always so happy. He loves to play all day, it’s like he has no off button. 😄 He loves music, swimming, being outside enjoying nature (especially the rain), playtime with his daddy also known as his very best friend, and long morning walks with mommy. Everywhere he goes he leaves an impression on the people he meets and it warms my heart to see how much they enjoy their interactions with him. 💕
Brekan Scott was born 3 weeks early due to moms blood pressure being high! He was 5lbs 1oz & 163/4 inches long. He is the healthiest little peanut! We love him so much.
Maddy loves her cocomelon and her doggy chester who she calls baba. Shes a very silly girl who loves to laugh and act goofy. She loves to go swimming and riding on her trike 🥰
Jaylee is about to be six months old she is a happy baby. She loves to smile all the time.
Millie is a just a happy going baby. She loves it when you talk to her, she could just listen to you all day. She loves baths and going for rides in the car. She loves her big brother Chevy. She’s a mommy’s girl and her daddy’s world❤️
Hi my names Mason I love looking at bright colors/lights, I love going on walks and car rides with mommy, bath time is my favorite time, im always smiling and I absolutely love being called handsome!!
Mateo is a very happy baby, he enjoys chewing on his fingers and yelling to hear himself. He’s a big boy with a big family that loves him so very much!!
Hello my name is Artemis I'm 10 months old and I love to be cuddled, tickled, and held. I like adventure and figuring out how to climb on top of everything and learning how to slide down the bed with my feet first. I love to laugh and watch movies with my mommies. I also like monkeys and cars and anything I can put in my mouth.
My name is Rosalie I’m 3 months old, I’m a very happy baby, who loves to smile an play
Hi everyone! Ace is a wild boy! He really loves everything and everyone around him! He loves Paw Patrol and Spongebob! He’s such a good kid, and of course loves food 🤍 he’s such an outgoing and smart boy!
Ulicia Catriona McCartney is my first baby girl of my 6 kids, the rest are boys. She is my last born. My husband and I picked out her name 20 years ago when we had our first child, gender reveal at birth for him, her gender was also revealed at birth. We had been trying for a girl for 20 years and had 5 amazing sons she was our final try and now she is here.
how can’t y’all fall for those baby blues and vote ? 🥺🖤
Jacob Deshaun Aleanzo Duran
Jacob Deshaun Aleanzo Duran 🥺💕 (2 Months Young/9 Weeks Wise) "Bebe" is now babbling, taking nature strolls, and loves too star gaze! His favorites are Mom, Dad, bottles, binkies and sleeping. JDs newest adorations are looking in the mirror, playing peekaboo, watching colorful toons, and cuddling his blanky. Baby boys demands 5oz meals, Mommy's singing, snuggles with Daddys shirts, and everyones brazos! #TeamJacob! 💙
Alana is the happiest baby you'll ever meet. She's hilarious and never meets a stranger. She is a Popsicle queen and will steal one right out of your hand ☺
Ehlani is 9 months old, loves to watch coco melon. Always smiling and loves to be cuddled ! 🥰
Coraline is the sweetest little chunk. She smiles and coos at everything… until she’s hungry. This girl is the definition of HANGRY. She’s still pretty young so we’re figuring out her interests as we go! She’s the happiest baby and laughs at everything!
Kammylle is a happy and active baby, she loves to dance, eat and discover new things. Vote for Kammylle
Terra is a happy girl, always full of smiles.
Liam is a sweet easy going baby. He loves cuddles and interacting with anyone who looks at him. With his goos and gawws, he sure to win over your heart ♥️
Penelope is the sweetest most gentle baby girl. She is always happy and smiling. She just adores her big brother.
Baby girl loves to eat and sleep! She’s the best cuddle buddy and is just so happy❣️
Novah is actually not sassy at all. Shes a little comedian. Everything is sooo funny to her.
Bristol is 2 months old & 15lbs. She is a chunky happy baby ❤ She loves being outside & listening to mama talk & watching her big brother play 🥰
Hello, my name is Elijah. I’m the oldest of three. I’m the only boy. I love soccer. I love love food. I could eat all day, if you let me. My eyes always get peoples attention. Hopefully they can get your vote?! ☺️
He is my nephew he happy baby on each he had 2 big brother 9 and 10 he love dad and mom he love talk us FaceTime please vote for me
Waylon Jaxon loves to laugh and touch his toes. Named after the Highwaymen, he's the chillest lil dude. Just look at those eyes. Do it, vote for this cutie so we can go on vaca.
Hello, my name is Emberly. I’m the middle child of three. I love to dance, learn, draw, and animals! I’m a mommy’s girl but I want to be just like my dad, when I grow up. Please vote for me! 💜
Emma Sophia
She is a very calm and very smiling baby, and if you want to kiss her a lot on her sweet cheeks 💕
Hi everyone! I am Gwendolyn! Everyone loves to call me Gwenie or little G!
Leila is 6 months old. She is amazing. She can already sit up by hersrlf and crawling all over the house. Leila loves bathtime and taking all her toys out to play with.
Nova Lynn
Hello, my name is Nova Lynn. I’m the youngest out of three. I look exactly like my daddy but have my mommy’s crazy face experience and attitude. I could eat rice & chicken all day. I love to go swimming with papa. Other than that, I’m dancing & singing 75% of my days. Please vote for me! ☺️
Julia is a beautiful 6 month old baby girl Julia was born February 10,2021 .She was a twin who passed at 7weeks in first trimester.Julia is a rainbow baby.Julia is strong,happy and loves to grunt when she needs something.Julia is a blessing from God💕🙏!
Erissie couldn't wait to meet ma and pa. Instead of waiting till Feb 2021 she came out with lungs of steel Nov 2020 and has been a fighter ever since. Although she started off at 2 lbs 3.2 ozs she loved trying to wiggle her way home out of the NICU and ever since has been growing everyday and enjoying new food as she goes. Erissie holds a sparkle from within even on a rainy day it is always sunny when she is around. She does not like to get dressed in anything, but when she does need an outfit, it has to have a dash of awe and a flare of cute. All outfits must have her approval after a visit to the mirror. As soon as she is ready to go, a nap is her first go to activity on her journey in the car.
I love cuddles with mommy and listening to daddy sing to me! I love trying to crawl even though I’m too little for it right now! I love bath time and going on walks with mommy
Welcoming our first newborn baby girl kyleigh !!💞💞
Novalynn is 3 months old & always smiling. She is definitely a mommy’s girl & her favorite thing is being at the lake.
She loves to be outside she dont like to come in lol. She loves to play with her brothers and her sister! She loves to play and laugh.
Mason is one special boy. Born with a rare disease called Hirschsprung's disease, at just 2 days old had his first surgery of 3 ...which included getting a colostomy bag and then a reversal removing 22% of his colon. He is so strong and so happy all the time youd never know he has health complications. Hes such a sweet funny boy that deserves the world.
I love being outside, my dogs, and my mom and dad!
Caleb Lednum
He is a very smart. Knows how to count to three. Knows the name and sounds that farm animals make.
When Noel was born she was 4.12 pounds and had to go to the nicu. But she has blue eyes blonde hair she loves her brother and her daddy she smiles all the time
She is a butterball of JOY & PRINCESS rolled all in 1!! She was expected to weight 7lbs. at birth, but SUPRISE she came out weighing 9lbs. She loves to snuggle & hates getting hot.
Hi I am Blakely Grae! I am the 1st and only child of my mommy, Mya! I love to smile and wiggle around. Food is my favorite and I am not a fan of diaper changes. I love to cuddle and pull hair!
Julian is a happy, sweet, and amazing baby! His best friend is his fur brother, Sully. He loves to watch cocomelon and play with his musical panda. He laughs at his Gramps daily. And he loves his parents and they love him more than life itself!
Ava loves to play with Mommy & Daddy whenever she’s not eating or watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! 🥰❤️