Baby Stories - 34


Hunter loves Moana, smiling, and playing with her brother
He is a very joyful person, loves to laugh, smile and such a flirt when it comes to the ladies.
Waylon loves to eat and play peek a boo!
Dior is 3 months old. She is just now learning how to laugh and is so adorable. ❤️
Taylee was due December 9th but made her arrival 3 weeks early in November 19th. She completes our family and she is so loved!
Amari Wall
Amari loves to eat, dance, talk, and make funny faces/noises. She acts lol she loves cocomelon 💜 she’s the first grand baby and the second great grandbaby! She is a very lovable baby.
Cherish Dream Boyd is only one month old she loves tummy time, holding her head up , sitting straight up, loves to talk,and eat.
This was her 1st trip to CA, to meet her Great Grandmother. She loved the beach❤️
Absolutely a cuddler!! He is a wonderfully imaginative boy, with a love of all things Halloween especially skeletons which he calls his Wubbiez. Adores his sisters and his family.
Liam is the happiest baby- he loves laughing, talking, crawling and bouncing 😊
Sophia is a bright smart and outgoing little girl loves music and lights her favorite thing to do is watch Little Baby Bum she is such a amazing girl
He is a happy baby! Loves saying dada when dad is working and when you look back over your shoulder has the biggest smile on his face.
Let’s see how much love Parker Jon can get , he’s been through so much and keeps his head up through it all, and has come so far.
She’s our first happy baby 🥰🥰🥰 all winnings go into a savings account for her.
Happiest baby you’ll ever meet! Loves sweet potatoes and peaches! Always has a smile on 🥰
Sawyer is a handsome boy who came out a toddler at 9lbs 3 oz. He Loves to talk and splash in his bath. Loves his milk!!!
Lexi just a couple months shy of 2! She loves to play; her babies are her favorite toy! She loves walks being pushed on her bike or in her stroller. Very bright spirited and sweet! Definitely a mama's girl! Vote for Lexi and comment letting me know so we can come vote for your sweet baby!❤️
The final piece of our heart, who bring so much love and happiness, our KoKo bear❤
Hello I’m Joshua but you can call me Sonny (Sunny) I’m 17 pounds I was born before my time I came out of mommy’s Tummy 2 months early can you tell lol I love the Happy song I love watching anything colorful Finding Nemo is my favorite I love to smile laugh eat fart and drool all over myself. Oh and I loveeee storytime
Amiyah love playing outside she love making people laugh she love to make up story and out going
She loves to read books and watch Cocomelon. She is about to be a big sister so show her so love!!
Layklyn is 2 months old and loves to be talked to. She loves to smile and looks just like her daddy 💗
⚡️ PEACE LOVE & SMILE ⚡️ -Cycy 😘 Alright y’all, we have the lil blondie Queen . Goes by Cycy. Loves her dog Blue, in fact they are bffs! Has the purest soul & offers anyone a hug. Funny fact, cycy scrunches her nose when she smiles lol
My beautiful baby girl change my life I honestly wouldn't know what to do with either one of them they both keep me on my feet they truly are amazing and smart loving kids
Carter is a very spunky little boy who loves country music and Morgan wallen! He keeps me on my toes but I wouldn’t know life without him. God knew what he was doing when he put him in my life. 💙
Dallas is our rainbow baby/ miracle baby. He is so smiley and happy all the time.
He likes to EAT. bathe. EAT. EAT. snuggle. EAT.
Azra is an angel. She loves to be loved on and loves to give kisses. She enjoys playing with her older brother!
O’dell is a sweetheart, he loves to cuddle and play with his younger sister.
Journee is our miricle baby. We have a 21 yr, a 14, and now a 3 month old. She was a suprise!
Cason has such a personality at only 4 months old. He loves laughing and smiling with mommy and daddy. Loves his cuddles. He’s definitely a ladies man.
Elizabeth is 2 years old she loves to dance she loves frozen she has great personality she has blonde hair blue eyes
2 month old Virgo baby ♍️ I’m very sweet and love to smile , 11pds and 6 oz 💕
A tall smarty pants preteen but a sweet brother
Cameron And Carson
Cameron and Carson are twin boys! They are the pride and joy of mine and their daddy’s life! Their smile is so infectious and their little giggles bring so much joy!
My name is Primrose Jade and I am 5 months old. I love food, sesame street, playing, talking, rolling to my belly and laughing at mommy and daddy.
Kingston is a very sociable little guy. He loves to make people smile and laugh with his personality. He will also talk your ear off too if you let him with his baby words.
Carson Debord
Carson DeBord is one of the most amazing kids I have ever met in my life and I am glad to say that he is my child when he was born my son was born blind and with quite a bit of medical issues so don't mind the way his eyes look in the pictures he is funny and out of this world smart and you cannot put anything past him he is beyond talented and full of joy
Alaina is the happiest, most giggly little girl I know. She loves playing with her brother, loves all the cuddles and loves to cruise around on the floor.
She's a good child I love you so much what's the world to me
Hey everyone. My name is chasity. Im 4 months old. I love to play with my micky mouse on my walker and playing with momma and daddy
Lucas loves all the animals he meets. He stands and is trying to walk, but isn’t quite there yet. His favorite foods are anything we’re eating and tropical fruits. He is so curious about the world and everything in it that he’d much rather avoid daytime naps if it means he can keep learning. Absolutely everyone is his friend and he’s the happiest baby and we’re so lucky to have him ❤️
Adelita is the perfect rainbow 🌈 baby She is so calm and loving, she could put a smile on anyones face
Kinsley is 7 mos old and is a very happy baby.
Quinn is the newest member of our family and she’s an absolute angel. She loves to cuddle and is very smart. Her thumb is her favorite thing to have in her mouth! Quinn is such a happy joyful baby! She is exactly what I needed during these difficult times. I lost my parents, and I see them in her!