She loves to smile, spend time with her brother. She has just started to roll over. Her favorite thing to do is suck on her 2 fingers and it looks like she is saying i love u
Stihl was born three weeks early on a farm in the back of a Ford Escape. He's such a good baby. Always happy.
She loves cuddles and being swaddled
Jayce has an old soul! He loves his family and of course Spideman!
Teddy is the most loving dog who loves to play and loves watching out the window. He’s such a spoiled and loved boy with more toys and clothes than any other!
She is beautiful and she is smart and adorable girl 😍 she likes play games
Hi! I’m Araya. My mommy calls me boo boo! I’m a very happy baby. I love to smile and laugh. I also love Mickey Mouse! He’s my favorite besides my mommy and daddy. I’m smart and intenitive for my age.
Harmony is 5 yrs old & loves dogs, playing with her cousins & bestfriend (her PawPaw), making YouTube & tik tok videos, & being the center of everyone's attention.
Bridgette loves to play with her brothers and sister loves taking pictures and doing her make up
Henry is a sweet one month old, he loves to drink milk and look at the Christmas lights!
Nova loves to smile! We call her Goosy pants because of the adorable coo's and sounds she makes.
Belle is the 1st girl after 3 big brothers. She loves to snuggle and be held constantly.
Raeleigh loves competitive cheerleading. Loves modeling for the camera. Is beautiful inside and out!!
Avonah is a fire cracker! There is never a dull moment when she is around. She calls it like she sees it and she is not shy to tell you what she’s thinking and how she feels. She is funny and sweet and just loves hard.
Isabelle is the sweetest most loving girl. She is an amazing big sister to her two younger siblings she loves hard with all she’s got
Matthew brings joy to anyone and everyone that crosses his path. He is such a happy baby and a joy to be around. He is a big boy for his age, at birth weighing 10 pounds! But he’s full of love. He’s hot gorgeous blue eyes and dark brown hair that’s just to die for. And don’t get me start on those cheeks!
Ms Personality! Aliyah is full of life and loves playing in makeup and with her manican heads to do their hair! Vote for her please ❤️
He has a sweet bubbly personality
@time of photos she was 2yrs old, Sophia is outgoing ,spunky , Fun , energetic, loving & caring toddler
AMELIA LOOKING FOR ADVANCE/BONUS ADVANCE VOTE WITH AGREEMENT DURING THIS WE ARE SO SHORT OF THE TIME TO VOTE SORRY AND APPRECIATE ALL VOTES FOR HER HER 😍WITHOUT AGREEMENT WILL CONSIDER AS A GIFT 🎁 TO CELEBRATE AMELIA BIRTHDAY 🎂☃️🎄🎁IN JAN 06 WE ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED EVERY SINGLE VOTE AND SUPPORTS. Back to little sweet Amelia is a smart, sassy and strong little girl she is an adventurous, active and like to do things by her own reject help, independence and challenge. She loves her momma and dadda that much 😘
Brandi is just 2 weeks old and is as sweet as pie! I could not have asked for a better baby!
T. Octavius
He loves being outside, playing with his dinosaur’s and talking about his baby sister. He’s a great big brother and loves to give hugs to the people he loves most!
Mi’yora is a BRIGHT and OUTGOING 1 year old! She is VERY smart, she started walking at 10 months old and now springs through out home! She knows yes & no, tells us she’s one and will definitely show if she doesn’t agree with something 😂🩷 She loves her some NumberBlocks and all the little learning songs they create for the children. We hype her up to dance and she shows us a new move by the day! There’s no replacing this beautiful princess and her beautiful personality!
Malia is growing so fast! She loves watching Yo Gabba Gabba and she loves hanging out with her daddy ❤️
Very Beautiful smart fun girl
She is the sweetest baby!! Her one love is life!! And she can brighten any day with her smile!! A little blessing!!
Evelyn loves to smile and listen to music! She’s super energetic and crazy ❤️
Ruby was born prematurely, and had a 30% chance of living at all, and now here she is, beating ALL odds, my tiny miracle. She loves to laugh and play, she can even stand up! She’s the happiest, silliest little girl and I just wanted to let the world see her ❤️
THANK YOU GUYS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT🤞🏽😘✨. Kingston & Kaidence are 2 Year Old Identical twins💙.Their favorite things to do are watching cocomelon, counting to 20, saying their abc’s, learning new things, sleeping with mommy and daddy and of course eating all day long😂, They definitely cannot go without eachother. It’s a TWIN THING , my babies are so smart and most definitely the SWEETEST🥰.
This sweet little man is a preemie baby. He came to us 9 weeks early and spent the first 5 weeks of his life in the NICU. He is our little fighter and has completed our family. Currently homeless, this money would help our family greatly.
Myla is the sweetest girl. So far her favorites are beards and animals!💗
Navy is the most loving sweet baby a person can have. She is 4 weeks old and loves making funny faces at you….and laughing!
Hi! My name is OAKLEE Wade. I am 2 years old. I love playing with my toys and love my mommy and MAMAW the most 😁. Monster trucks is my favorite thing to watch. I love throwing balls with my family. Come vote for me.
She said recently found her feet and loves to playing with them. She also loves to smile a lot.
Savannah loves cuddling with mom and dad. She also loves looking at her kitty brothers
King loves his mama and is always excited to see his dad.. he is a smart kid tall kid..who else had a 4yr old 3ft 8in tall..haha im only 5'1...and of course he want to say hi..
Baby Frank is 1 month old❤️ he loves his food, sleeping and his big brother and sister and is a very happy baby💙
Savior is the most loving baby there is. He is very smart for being two months old and just loves to snuggle up with mommy all day long !
My name is Elliana Lynne, I am 7 months old, 16 lbs and I have soooo much hair😋 my favorite things to do are: •play with mommy •eat •tummy time •sitting up •rolling over •take baths •play with my toys •chew on and grab everything I see🤫 •watch Mrs. Rachel, bluey and looooots of other cartoons •bounce in my bouncer •smile, babble and laugh 😁 I’m a very bubbly little girl! I’ve got 2 teeth, a head full of hair and an attitude just like my mommy😮‍💨. I’m learning how to move around more, and I’m already starting to try to get in the crawling position 😁 you all have beautiful babies! Love and good blessings to each and every one of you!❤️ Don’t forget to leave me a vote! 🫶🏼
Kelsey likes to play with her doggies, Barbie’s and baby dolls. She’s a tractor girl, if she’s not playing inside she’s outside with her daddy on the tractor.
Haisley-Jade is such a sweet little girl with such a big personality, she’s loves momma and dada, she loves watching minnie mouse! she has discovered how to roll over and does it all the time now.
Although My Santi was born early he doesn’t let that get in his way he’s hitting milestones sooner then expected! He is so sweet and lovable. I tend to hold him a lot because he makes me feel so happy everytime I talk to him or smile at him he either will babble, laugh or smile at me. He lights up any room he goes into. A vote for Santi is a vote for Greatness! Thank you everyone!
Emmett was born 3 pounds 15 ounces him and his twin were born two months early but are home now and healthy
Kaden is 4 months old and he loves to watch Mickey Mouse he is always a happy baby who smiles all the time. He loves getting pictures taken he looks right at the camera everytime.
Dante the slayer of bad dreams, laughs in the face of his enemies.