Baby Stories - 33


a very active baby and is very smiling. is our Angel at home is our happiness 😍🥰
Carter is such a smiley happy babyboy. He was born with hydronephrosis so poor little dude has been through some tests. But he is still mister happy. He loves the nurses and they call him tank. 💙
Hello, I’m Hadleigh. I just turned 4 months old on the 15th, we are starting to practice eating some cereal. My favorite things to do are tell stories and get baths!
Liam was a premie at birth with some trouble breathing at first he spent some time in the nicu but no matter what he kept fighting he is our little miracle and now he is almost 2 months old and is perfectly healthy he loves lots of cuddles and is amazed by all his surroundings as well as the show the little baby bum he loves the nursery rhymes
Ella loves to smile and stare at her little fist. She is the sweetest little girl!
Aurora is our special delivery that arrived on Santa’s sleigh early Christmas morning!
Alexxander is one years old, he was born February 3rd 2020. He loves snuggling with mom, playing with his older brothers, watching lilo and stitch, loves Mac and cheese and chewing on anything he can get ahold of
A beautiful bright eyed happy little girl.
Amyiah is a mommys girl, shes a sassy little baby girl. She loves cookies and veggies. She is such a happy baby as soon as she opens her eyes and sees her mommy or daddy she is smiling.
Isabella is a very smart and happy baby rarely ever seen her crying loves laughing
Olivia loves to blow raspberries, give kisses and roll over, always with a smile on her face!
As you can see Nazlyn is a very happy baby! She loves her bottle and loves to sleep
Adessa is finally starting to smile for us! She's also a veey good listener. Here she is just listening about my day
Hi, I’m Paisley! I’m super alert and am always smiling or sleeping! Nap time, is my favorite time besides time with mommy and daddy. One of the things I love more than eating and napping, is baths. They are for sure my go to especially when bedtime rolls around. Vote for me and you’ll receive all smiles ❤️
Benton Connor is a such a sweet man! He’s a smooth talking baby, although you might need mommy to translate for you. His favorite thing to do after a long day of being a cute baby is to sit back, relax with a bottle in hand and have a good episode of Sesame Street going. A classics kind of man. 😉 He may not be rich, but he can give the best giggles, smiles and coos any baby can offer. He’s just overall a charming little boy, and every vote is a kiss blown your way! 💙
Ellie is a sweet and sassy little baby girl! She loves to cuddle with her mommy and big fur brother, Boomer. She is a big fan of eating and don't let that cute little face fool you, she also loves to listen to rock music with her daddy! Ellie is such a huge blessing to our little family and we love learning new things about her every day! Thank you for voting for Ellie❤️
Zymir is a very energetic 2 year old. He isalways into something he will keep you on your toes. He is so fun to be around and always make you laugh with his expressions. He loves cars climbing everything i mean everything. His favorite shows are blippy, superwings, and paw patrol .
Lol bubs is a rainbow baby and premee, mommy beat cervical cancer and had me 💕💕💕
Nevaeh is 19 months old love boss baby and Elmo
Nevaeh is 19 months loves boss baby and Elmo
Baby boy is 2 months old and loves looking around and smiling and of course eating his little fingers ❤️
My name is Jackson! I love rolling over constantly and my favorite show is Paw Patrol❤️ I’m such a happy little boy. Momma calls me a ladies man😉😘
Rory loves to dance ! And Eat Cheetos! Wakes up happy everyday such a blessing!
Brielle is 1 month old and the sweetest baby ever! Thanks for your vote 😙
Hi, my name is Wesley! My favorite show is Wheel of Fortune and I love my pet kitties. I love to eat, cuddle, and coo. People say I got a killer cute smile, so let’s prove ‘em right!
She is a silly happy baby. She likes to yell as loud as she can while holding both her fist up in the air like she is the boss and you better listen.
Hi, I’m Axel! My favorite thing to do is tummy time. I love to sit up and watch my surroundings. My best friend is my big fur sister Nala, she lets me lay on her and cuddle, and she loves to watch me learn new things.
Rocco is wild, and so funny. He loves to dance, and snack all day long. He’s the coolest little boy and so much fun to have!
She’s very smart for her age and charming . When you’re down you can just look at her and she would just make you smile and keep going with life . Loves to dance and try’s to sing . Please go vote for her ☺️
Sophia has been very wanted in the modeling agencies for babies and acting comercials she is a very smart baby at 3days old she cold hold a similac bottle and put her paci in her mouth.At 4months she said Dada.She was a high risk pregnancy I had placenta previa
Johann loves to watch our do tricks. He loves to laugh and giggle with mom and dad.
Hi, I’m Brynley. My favorite thing to do is tell stories and take naps! I just started eating baby foods and my favorite so far is the sweet potatoes. Every time I eat them I do a little happy dance with my feet!!
She loves to laugh and smile, she loves holding her feet and she loves her big brother!
Marlo has the best personality! She’s always happy and giggling and really never cries. She is just so much fun!
Sicily loves eating!!! Her favorite thing to do is splash around in the bath tub!!! She is so lovable 🥰
William is a happy baby that loves life... and also loves his family! We love to be moving of we are not asleep!
Elliana is super energetic baby. She’s fearless, sweet, fun, funny, curious and full of constant wonder. Her Favorite show is “Bounce Patrol” she loves to dance “baby shark” Please help vote for my little sunshine 🌻
Hi! My name is Allen, I really like to play in the water 💦 while taking a bath! I like running on my walker and I really like playing with my big cousins, chasing them on my walker.
Ezekiel is such a happy content baby!!
Hi, my name is Isaiah. I was born 26 January 2021! I love cuddling, smiling, eating, and sleeping. Please vote for me!
Rilynn is such a fun loving sweetheart. She always has a smile for everyone. She brightens the day of anyone she meets.
Hayden radiates sweetness! She’s determined and driven. Curious about everything! Nothing is a bore to this little nugget!
Malachi was definitely a suprise baby,didn't think I could have anymore kids yet here he is a little precious gift.He is very vocal,loves his big bubbas and sister and loves to snuggle with mommy! He is just all and all a bundle of joy and very loved!
Mattie is such a happy baby,she's always smiling and is so smart. She loves to blow raspberries and sing along in loud squeals to music. Her specialty is melting hearts tho.💕 💕🥰 She loves to be cuddled and sang to.
Eric loves playing with his big sisters! He always meets them at the door when they get home from school! He loves his mama and dada! He is a huge fan of scout the dog, and mickey mouse!
Lennon is our preemie, Covid-surviving, rainbow baby. Making strides since being evicted from the NICU, she likes music, baths, and ripping off her bows. She’s our entire world.
I like peeing on mommy and daddy and partying all night long.