Baby Stories - 33


Sweetest Babyboy ! Always Happy & Laughing. Lovesss Attention. He Was Born With A Tooth😭🤣. Very Attentive, Smart & Fast Learner 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣 Lastly But Most Importantly He Loves His Food !
Elizabeth is very smart, loves being outside. She is 2 and is into babyshark, paw patrol, mickey mouse clubhouse, peppa pig, curious george, and cocomelon. Her favorite food is broccoli and cheese, tacos, ranch doritos, ranch dressing.
We call him “Big Z” and he came to live with us on his two month birthday. He has filled our home with love and laughter.
Jaxon is such a happy baby. His beautiful little smiles lights up any room. He absolutely loves to be cuddled. He enjoys looking at lights, and watching the TV. For only being one month old he's super smart. He also loves to eat and sleep. To me, baby Jaxon is simply perfect. He deserves to win. Not to mention he's beautiful
Kaycie Ann is a daddy’s girl she out going and loves dogs and baby dolls
He is super chill. Loves to sleep on his side. Only cries when hes hungry or needs a diaper change.
He almost 2 months he can hold his head up real good he smile at you when you talk to him and already trying to talk back he so smart
A true sweetheart with a pretty smile.
Gianna was born 2 months early & spent 2 months in the nicu. But you would never be able to tell. She has grown so much!! She is very outgoing! Her favorite words are hi & dada lol. She loves music, dancing, & climbing on everything. Her favorite foods are strawberries, bread, & mac n cheese.
Jhene is 14months old. She has such a outgoing personality. She love baby shark 🦈 and her family.
2 Feet Tall With The Attitute Of 5’6. Full Of Life & Loves Spaghetti 🌻💛
She is one years old. Loves food loves playing with her toys. She is full of sass. She is my little wild Child. She is very photogenic and always smiling never really in bad mood or crying and is very smart.
Ethan Blackard
Our sweet little ethan,such a good baby and adorable. he loves to play and laughing. everybody loves him so much!!
Casen loves to watch and dance with Mickey Mouse! He smiles big all of the time and loves his mommy and daddy!
Born August 2, Always smiling & loves talking & playing with her big brother ❤️
Hi i’m Jakahi im a super a super smiley 3 mo old virgo. I loves cuddles, sleeping, eating and loves to take pictures! My ultimate favorite hobby is to watch my dad play video games.
Donovan is a very smart, loving,stubborn, funny autistic little boy! His smile will melt your heart ❤️
Born April 12th He's Always Happy And Love His Blue Blanket And Family He's Active And Goofy
Amelia loves dogs, big girl food, and playing with her toys! She is the sweetest happiest baby!
Dean is such a sweet boy. He really enjoys music, especially when mom sings, lights, and chilling with mom and dad. Mr Dean has Down syndrome and has been such a great joy to his family and friends. He has started smiling and almost giggling but hasn’t done that quit yet. His smile brightens up the room it’s so big!
Hi I’m Remington! I can roll over all by myself! My favorite thing to do is smile at everyone and use my new found laugh. I just discovered my feet and have started to learn to scoot.
Hi im Jeremiah im 1years old and i love to cuddle.i am a happy baby with a big heart. I love to give kisses and hugs and blow bubbles . I love people and smiling . I am a very active baby and i love to explore and move around vote for me for a big smile ❤🥰😁😁😁😘
Stevie Lynn
Miss Stevie Lynn loves smiling, laughing at funny faces, and snuggling with her blanket!
Jaxson is 11 months old he loves his big brother and loves to smile alot and play patty cake
Keira was born March 24, 2020 (she shares a birthday with her momma.) Keira loves to color, dance, and play outside! She loves baby shark and her favorite movies are Moana and Zootopia. Keira is also Chiefs fan, which she gets from her papa! She is full of laughter, smiles, and has her very own personality!
Nadia Was Born July 9th 2019 , She’s Always Been A Happy & Energetic Baby / Toddler . She Loves To Color , Dance And Watch Peppa Pig / Baby Shark ! Not To Forget She Loves Getting On Her Big Sisters Nerves Lol .
MyAngel is very energetic and loves watching Elmo and dancing.
Mila Rose
Mila is 7 months old and she loves to be very vocal. She brightens up the day with one giggle. She loves every new person she meets and greets them with the biggest smile.
Happy and lovable baby. She enjoys playing with her older brothers, crawling, being sang to and tickled.
My baby my one and only girl! my princess is so cute i love her she is just the sweetest she can put a smile on anyone's face when they are feeling down she is so lovable she loves to cuddle with my mommy nana & daddy, she loves her binky, and her favorite time is play time! please vote for my princess thank you
Levi loves cuddles and enjoys sleeping and being absolutely adorable!!
Payton is obsessed with anything with animals especially her moos. She favorite is outside with anyone she can get out there. Her levi, Uncle B and her Aunt Duh and her A are currently her favorites. Just a outgoing sassy diva country girl in the making.
Le gusta muchos las fotos 🥰
Hi Guys! 👋🏽 My name is Jayveon. I’m 2yrs young and I love outdoors! My mommy, daddy and I love going for walks and watching the cars drive by. I enjoy watching Gigantosaurus and Daniel Tigers Neighborhood & cocomelon because i love singing and counting. Every Vote counts. Thank You!💚
She loves with her whole heart, everything is family whether it's inanimate like a rock or living thing. She says Batman is her whole world
Hi! I am River!
Danny is the most sweetest boy , lovable with who he loves. Best big brother , also very fun.💙
Eliana loves to cuddle with her parents all the time. She brings happiness to our little family ❤️
Elora is sweet, smart, and full of personality! She loves to sing and learn new words. Her favorite food is cheese 😆💓
Cassius is the most lovable, precious, and happiest little boy you will ever meet. He is two years old and on the autism spectrum. 💙🧩 I call him my little happy feet, because he does the most adorable tip-toe dance when he is excited! He loves books, is fascinated by numbers and letters and he absolutely adores Panera’s mac and cheese 😋 Cash loves when mommy tickles him and sings him songs. What I love most about him is his laugh. 😍 He has the most adorable belly laugh that melts hearts and guaranteed to make you smile and catch baby fever. ☺️ He is so genuine, so pure, so innocent that I often tell people he doesn’t know how to cry because he absolutely never cries. 😇 He wakes up smiling, and goes to bed smiling every single day. 🥰 you should vote for Cassius because he is a champion! Any prizes won will be used to purchase him a communication device to use in therapy to help with his speech. 🙏💙
Kynlee is full of personaliy ✨
Keira is sugar, spice and tween energy. 8, going on 13, she loves art, gaming, debate and music! She has spunk to spare with charisma lighting up every ounce of her being. Thanks for reading!
I love sleeping
He is so sweet and loves the family. So adorable and loves to get his cheeks rubbed and loves kisses.
I love drinking my baby milk, sleeping, playing with my big brother & my baby toys.
Avery loves to roll over, Laugh and smile, he loves Mickey Mouse