Zhaira Mae
Zhaira Mae is a very sweet, happy, loving and caring sister and daughter ! She’s such a good daughter that everyone would loved to have. She loved reading books and dance. out going personality and friendly.
Caillah Marie
Caillah Marie is a very happy and sweet daughter. She's 7years Old love to sing and dance. her favorite song was “talking to the moon” by Bruno Mars. She’s always smiling and laughing. She loves to play and listen to music.
Jameson is a very happy baby he loves to smile and he loves to listen to "his" songs on YouTube his favorite is the bees go buzzing
Elliana enjoys spending time with her family, and playing with her older sister Amory. She attends pre-k and loves school. She loves animals and enjoys being outdoors. Her favorite food is chicken fingers, fries, and ice cream. She’s a mama’s girls and her daddy’s world!
Amani Is just so Adorable
Tatums smile and laugh are so incredibly infectious! He is constantly on the move and loves being outdoors!
Layla is a little precious happy baby, who enjoys going outside to enjoy nature.
Tanner is such a happy on the go little guy! Loves to eat and explore!
Richard is a bundle of joy he loves to make sure you have a bundle of laughter. He loves to be around others please vote for Richard
Richard loves to giggle, he loves to wake up with a smile on his face. He is always outgoing and never will make you go a day with a frawn on your face. He loves to talk back to the tv. He loves his tubbies. He loves to spend time with his mommy and daddy. And other people. He loves to see other babies. This boy is always gonna brighten up your day and have you wake up in the greatest mood.
Lucy is a very positive and happy baby ☺️ She enjoys going to the beach and watching little mermaid 🧜‍♀️ she loves the ones around her with warm hugs and laughter and kisses ❤️ She would be overly joyed to be voted for but just happy to spread her smile with happiness and positivity 👏🏻🙏
Brayleigh Lynn
Chris Evan
Chris liked to stare at mommy and likes when people call him handsome . He kicks and throws hands , so I guess we have a future boxer. He also has a cute skunk stripe
Hello my name is Morgan Dior Halo Jack but they call me Butters. I love Crawling around yes I’m also standing trying to walk,I love talking to mommy and daddy, I love dancing I love to watch chip&potato overall just love being the Fabulous baby that I am. Come on inn join my baby world
Anthony loves playing soccer and being goofy. he’s an adventurous little dude and will never slow down unless you offer him food
Masary Is 5 Months Now ‼️ He Loves To Play And Laugh. He Loves His Big Sister Vivian.
Im happy little boy i love trucks and my fave person is my mommy
Chloe is a lovebug that likes dancing, reading, and taking care of her baby dolls 💕
Monty is my grandson he loves to smile at everyone and his smile lights up any room please vote for my adorable grandbaby...
She’s a sweet happy baby girl who smiles so so much💖
Ciara Bree
Ciara is a happy baby. She loves to eat, play and scream . Her chunky arms is what people always see. Her precious smile makes our house full of joy.
Indianna Emryn Jo'elle (JoJo) is super smart and super sassy! She's a huge snuggle bug and loves all animals. She loves watching Bubble Guppies, Blue's Clues, Dora, Minnie Mouse, and Frozen. She also loves playing with pop its, reading books, singing, riding the 4 wheeler, and coloring/drawing. She's my most precious blessing in this world and I am the luckiest getting to be her momma! 💕
Annastasia is a beautiful young girl who loves the outdoors she loves her baby cousins and she loves animals
Lyssa loves to watch woody woodpecker and her favorite food is chicken, mac n cheese and mash potatoes!
Hi I’m Hannah and I’m new to pageants. What ever I win goes towards my actual pageants!!! Thank you for your votes.
7 weeks old. Full of life,smiles,giggles,and curosity. She is my Saving Grace.
She loves to make faces when you feed her baby jarfood She loves to play with her cat. She loves to laugh and she loves her walks . She a happy baby and she will always keep a smile on your face
HI, my name is Mark!☺️ I am 8 months old. I love to wave 👋, scream/yell, go on car rides, being outside, playing with big sister, eating!❤️ My FAVORITE thing to do is watch “BABY SHARK SPACE ADVENTURE!”/EAT!🤣🥰New things I have learned are to roll over and Wave “hello”! My family says I am Cute, funny and just a big happy SONshine! ☺️ I am the youngest of 13 total grandchildren!😱 All it takes to get a smile from me is for YOU to show some LOVE!🥰🙏🤍 (MOMMY APPROVED👩‍🍼)
This brown eyed beauty is Danielle. Danni for short. She loves watching her dancing rainbow stars, loves eating always makes sure to never miss a meal! Has some of the best conversations yet.
Zhakaia is 2 months on Monday 🫶 he loves to cuddle, he loves bath time, and he loooveesss being held 💙 he’s very active and smiles all the time 🥰 he’s a very big blessing to us we couldn’t imagine life without him ♾💙
Cody was born 6 weeks early and spent a total of 6 weeks in the hospital when he left he had VSD and he also had a heart murmur
Jahseh is a little Leo he loves being photogenic and loves boob milk he smiles in everything he does laughs in his sleep and loves cuddles loves to make many noises and loves to be held Jahseh is a charm very spoiled and loved
Royall is 25 days old! He is definitely a momma's boy and love to be held and he has the funniest grumpy faces!!
I'm Breonte Blessyn, a real life lesson from God. Doctors said mommy would never have kids. Uncle and mum mum passed 7yrs apart same exact day God knew mommy needed me. I am she because God sent me be blessed. Thanks if you vote
Adrian was a gift from God, he was born 10-4-2022 @12:44, weighting 8.8 and 20.5 in. He is truly a blessing,
Nadya loves baths hates getting her hair wet makes sure her voice is heard and loves cuddles she also loves Disney movies
Nova Rose
She’s loves to eat,dance,laugh and smile a happy kid with a lot of personality my Nova’Rose
Hi my name is jayden bland im 6 years old i like dance sing n play sports with my family this is my first time in this please vote for me thank you
Hi everyone my name is De’lianna Richardson im 18 months this is my first time trying this out hopefully it all goes well like my mommys said please show your love muahhh thanks everyone
Amelia loves to go on adventures and loves Minnie Mouse
Avery is 1 years old and loves to eat anything you got and loves to be in his mommas hip.
Mikhail loves to smile , roll over and nap . He loves to take pictures and is finding his voice
It’s Tinley’s town we’re just living in it 💕