My name is Haven. I love playing and dancing. My fav food is bananas or avacado. I hardly ever cry even if I am tired or hungry. I love Cocomelon. I say momma, dada, dog, yum, duck, and love. I wave to you and I blow kisses!!! Vote for me please!!!
She is small but mighty.
My name is ELLA I am 2 weeks old all I do is , sleep, wine, pee an poop❤️
He’s such a good sleeper! He loves his milk and he loves looking around he’s such a curious boy ❤️
Rose loves to smile and laugh. She loves to stand,roll and jump❤️. She loves when we read her books and she loves her toys .
Dakota loves his sleep and smiles when you go wake him up in the morning when you talk to him. He will mean mug you and has a attitude lol. He laughs at his feet and laughs at the weirdest things and is the cutest little dude.
She’s Beautiful, Smart, & Very Photogenic ! She Loves Food & Kids ! She’s Very Silly, Different & Very Outstanding ❤️
Kaedon is very smart for a 1yr old he has a funny personality and loves to laugh.
River Nicole is the most smiley baby.She loves bath time especially when mommy washes her hair.
Luke's full name is Luke Michael Skywalker Everhart he is named after Star Wars. He likes to blow spit bubbles while eating baby food. He tries to grab your phone if it's in site. Also, will scrunch his nose and laugh.
Everett loves to suck bottles downs but has the cutest little hiccups after . He’s learning to roll over already ! ❤️
Greyson is a very happy and and vocal baby he is 5 months old and loves baby shark and loves his baby food..
Tae Jr
Jr’s 2 months old, he loves bath time, not a big fan of tummy time, and already trying to talk! He also gives big smiles now! He’s becoming more interactive everyday..!
Daylen is so outgoing. He loves to ride four wheelers and buggies, if it has four wheels, he’s either playing with it or he’s on it. He has the biggest personality, he loves to giggle at you! And loves to eat, his favorite food is strawberry’s and bananas. Daylen is definitely a catch! Don’t be surprised if you hear him say “I wub you” 💙
This is my lil blue eyed baby Sylas. He’s such a happy lil man. who knew someone so small could have such a BIG personality already. He loves to talk all day and smiles at everyone he meets.🖤
She’s funny, Silly, smart and loves to play🥰
Laiklinn is 2 months old and she is such a doll! Always smiling and cooing. Loves bath time and rolling over. Will fall asleep on your chest in 5 seconds. She is the cutest little girl ♥️
Levi loves just about everything. He is very interested in dogs🐶. His smile brightens my world.
Dallen has come so far since his NICU stay and loves baby shark and cars! He doesn't let his asthma hold him back!
Kinzlee struggles to make the phrase small but mighty come true daily as an IUGR baby. She loves being outside and eating!
Malani Grace
Malani Grace is such a beautiful Soul and so many people admire her beauty She loves her family, her favorite cartoon is Minnie Mouse
Tin loves to be outside & also is a water baby ! She’s always happy and plays well with other kids ! ❤️ Her favorite thing to do is hang out with mom ✨
Grayson came into this world a happy boy. He loves playing with his cousin and he loves his walker and bouncer. Thank you to anyone who votes for him😁
Weston loves everyone and is always so happy!!
He loves his mommy and he loves to smile! He’s the sweetest baby ever!💛
Hadley June
Our little warrior! She had a tough start and amazes us more every day ♥️🤍 She loves people, she’s the happiest little girl! She is so very smart, crawling and pulling herself up.. sitting and cuddles with mommy and daddy are her favorite!
She’s Goofy , Outgoing , & A Beauty🥺🫶🏽💗
Jaxon is 5months old! He takes his bottles VERY serious! He LOVES watching his big brother play. He loves watching the movie home with his brother. Jaxon also LOVES licking any food that he’s allowed to!
Nola loves to smile and stick her tongue out at Mom and Dad. She’s always ready for some snuggles and food! Please vote for our bug 🐛🥰
My name is Kai Levi Rivas I am 1 years old my birthday is May 2nd 2021! I love movies and eating food! My favorite movies are Coco , Moana and Encanto I am always a happy loving baby and love to play !! I love hanging out with my family and watching games with my Dada ! ❤️ Thank you for voting and all the support I’ve been given !💖
Brayden loves adventures an exploring. He loves to be outdoors. Brayden was a miracle baby he was born at 24 weeks had a 10% chance of living but my little hero fought it an became the young boy he is today🥰
Emma just turned 5 months old. She is a happy baby and loves to hang out with her uncle.
McKenna Born by emergency section after wrapping her cord around her neck. She is 2 months old and has so much attitude and personality already
Steven was born at 26 weeks 5 days he spent 98 days in the NICU, he’s one of the strongest little boy I know, always so happy and alert, only cries when he’s hungry or needs to be changed.
Joshua is a 3 month old who was born on his daddy’s Deployment. His favorite thing he loves to do is hangout with his older brother Bentley and his dog Bailey. Please share the love and vote for me ❤️
Little Lizzie is not even two months old, yet has already hit all of the 3 month milestones! She was born so long and skinny that no normal clothes will fit her correctly, and you can forget about socks with her giant feet! She’s such a happy baby and the light of my life! Thank you for visiting our profile!
She is a fun outgoing little girl who always has a smile on her face brings joy to everyone❤️
Zaydrian Davis
He is a very happy loving baby that love to talk he only to months ❤️🥰
Layke is 3 months old. His favorite thing is to blow bubbles from his mouth🫧
Alex LOVES sesame street, but only the episodes from the 60s, loves to chew on anything he can grab, is obsessed with a random stuffed monkey my friend gave me, and is nuts for looking at the babies on his wipes and diaper boxes. He talks the entire time he's awake, and will kick you until he has no more energy, which is never. He loves grandma and grandpa's dogs and birds, anywhere he is, his furry friends aren't far making sure to protect him. Every doctor said he was the happiest COVID baby they ever saw when he had it, and he's an all around amazing baby that I couldn't have been more blessed to be chosen to be his mama!
Little Miss West Virginia... Zoey is a little red hair blue eyed girl. Loves spending time with her daddy. Breast milk fed. Loves her brothers and sisters. Shell be a big a sister 2023
Tyler is 2 months old & he loves mommies singing & watching cartoons! Hes got the cutest smile & loves cooing at you 💙
Oliver is the most curious, smart & wild boy! obsessed with anything music related & loves to play the piano! it’s rare to catch him without a smile on his face or giggling ❤️🧸
Paisley loves everyone that comes around her! She is very outgoing and loving! Of course Sassy too!
She’s everything a mom could ever wish for!! Madalynn is a very happy energetic baby girl who will have you laughing so much… Her favorite cartoon is Cocomelon
Our little princess Meilani is such a happy baby! She is 2 months old, she can roll over & loves to sit up and observe. We are so blessed to have such a happy baby!! 🌹🎀💗
Bellamy is my beautiful rainbow baby. She is so loves by all of her family. Her favorite thing to do is put everything in her mouth, and she hates tummy time. Loves her mama and knows exactly when she is in the same room.
Chanel Bella
Chanel (Nelly) is such a ray of sunshine in everyone’s life she meets. She is currently 1 year / 12 months old & she has officially mastered her crawl & is starting to stand and cruise around! Her favorite things to do are see the animals at the zoo, go swimming, read books, play with daddy & mommy and try new foods! She learns new words everyday. Her smile brightens this world! Vote for my baby girl Chanel Bella! 💖