Baby Stories - 32


He is my wonderful little man bean. I never thought I would have another child since my oldest is almost 12. But here comes Edwin, he showed me my life was missing something (him).
Baby Kaylilla didn’t have an easy start, she fought hard after being born with a collapsed lung, since then she has become a joy to her mommy and has the biggest smile when her mommy sings to her, Kaylilla can brighten any room with her little coos and smile. She loves her Mimi and poppa and smiles when Mimi calls her by snickerdoodle. She is truly an amazing baby girl and brings so much joy to those around her.
Xzyla is a miraculous conception & was born 2 months early & she continues to amaze as she over comes.
She likes to be talked to and loves to stand up and crawl around and eat, also loves giving hugs and kisses ❤️ And absolutely everyone favorite little red headed blue eyed baby 😍
Denver is very special to us. We tried to have him for 2 years and we got blessed with the biggest miracle. 🤍 He’s the happiest baby boy and really loves his momma. 🤍
Jamell (Melly) is an EXTREMELY happy baby.🥰 He loves to be scared by saying boo at random times.😅 Loves his rattles.
My son Joshua is the sweetest and the happiest baby you ever meet. His smile will light up a room. He loves playing and meeting new friends and doing new things. We love our smiling sweet baby boy.
Willow is a spunky little poop cannon, she loves going for walks and on the 30th she will be 2 months old! She is such a blessing to her dad and I
Robbie is such an amazing, smart boy. He had a rough start in life, but after spending some time in the NICU, surgery, and multiple specialists he’s living the happiest of lives among his family.
Preston is a happy guy who loves to smile. He enjoys his bouncer, listening to books, and cuddles from mommy and daddy.
AviLynn is a amazing smart loving rambunctious little girl who loves dinosaurs, milk and her Daddy! Avi is our whole world 🌎 🥰❤🙏
Ivianna is a super bright 10 month old! Always full of laughter and very rare for her to cry! She loves her coco melon and love every snack you have! It will be the biggest blessing for us to be able to win this contest!
Kai love to suck on candy canes, he also loves to eat and take naps with mommy. He is a mommys boys and always wants to be held by his mom and never wants anyone else except his daddy🥰
Endorsi is the most amazing little girl. We are so blessed to have her in our life. She made us parents 3 months ago and has been making everyone she meets smile! She loves to make many different faces. She has the sweetest giggle. She has 3 year old Pomeranian sister; they are best friends.
Emma is almost 3 months old now, and she loves cuddles, telling stories, and she especially loves to smile!
I love to dance and learn new things everyday 😌
Aria Lillie enjoys snuggling & listening to music ❤️ One of her favorite things is being sung to.
Genesis is 6 months old. She has down syndrome. Her favorite thing is to play with mom and listen to music!
Logan likes cats and loves eating. He is an only child as of right now and is spoiled rotten.
Gracelynn is the happiest baby you will ever meet. She loves life more than anything but if you show her an animal she might just love them more!
He’s the best kids he loves play with his toys 🧸 love watch cocomelon very independent kids help with anything
Elli was born November 15 2020 she is such a sweet baby 👶 💕
Aloura was born 2 months early weighing 2lb 12oz and spent a month in the NICU. We got to bring her home the Thursday before Christmas. She was diagnosed with microcephaly and cerebral palsy put that doesn't stop her one bit. She love playing with and laughing at her four big brothers and cuddling with mommy and daddy. She's loves to smile and she's a very happy toddler there's never a dol moment in are house that for sure. Any money she wins will be going towards equipment she needs for her at home therapy that her insurance does not cover
On Oct 17, 20 Jameson had to be rushed in for emergency surgery for Pyloric Stenosis. He still has tummy issues, his Dr's are keeping an eye on him bc he may have a possible hernia. He is a strong little boy to have and to be going through so much.
Noah is 8.5 months old and loves his big sister, playing and trying new foods. He loves to smile and snuggle!
Elijah loves to laugh and smile with his tongue out! Loves to snuggle and cant get enough kisses. He smiles and motions for more kisses so dont stop 😁
Milli is the happiest and sweetest baby ever! She loves nap time with Mommy and Video Games with Daddy! She is standing tall but hates tummy time. She has the biggest smile that will always melt your heart.
My name is Keir and i am now 4 months! And boy is my personality starting to show. I like to coo and babble (especially at 5 o'clock in the morning) snuggles are still my favorite, I love when daddy and mommy sing to me, I am an extremely focused baby, and most of all I am a happy baby 😋!
Luka is a silly 7 months that likes to blow raspberries and loves to bounce in his bouncer
Atlyhee (pronounced Atlee) is 16 months old, she was born on July 30th of this year! She is a wonderful addition to our family! She loves her big brother Camden so much💜
I was born a week after mommy’s birthday and a week before thanksgiving. I like to eat an sleep, I also bath time.
This little pistol loves to challenge us, but is the sweetest, smartest little girl I know!
Makayla love someone talk to her she loves her big sisters to sing to her
Dean loves to smile and make people happy! 🙂
Finnley is our little miracle. He is an ivf baby and we are so blessed to have him. Please vote for our little miracle.
Paislee is a firecracker. She knows how to use her voice! She loves watching her puppy Nugget and loves to jump all day!
Azlynn is a happy little girl who loves her brothers, loves to play, and loves to eat. She is 10 months old. She loves to stick her tongue out. She has 4 teeth can crawl all over the place. And she is trying to walk. She is very smart. And a quick learner.Azlynn loves her momma and loves getting into mischief. She is 8 months old. Her favorite thing to do is watch Looloo Kids and dance. She can take up to 4 steps. She's almost there.
Tucker is a Month old and he is a really good baby! He likes to be held and loved! He Loves to eat lol! He likes to listen to music! It calms him down!
Cannons 18 months old and one of the sweetest baby’s I know!!!
She is the most relaxed loving little girl with her big beautiful bright eyes. We are in love!
Loves to eat hear music and his mama and daddy
Silly sweet baby girl loves to play
Teddy's favorite activities are dancing and swimming. He's a happy baby with a great sense of humor. 💕
She loves to smile and laugh!! She’s very happy!
Jayce is 3 weeks old! He is a happy baby 👶🏼. He loves making all kinds of faces at Mommy and Daddy!🥰 please vote for him! 😊
Mckylia is 6 month's old ♡ she loves her jumperoo! Shes such a mommy and daddys girl and is just the apple of our eye
Hello I’m Liam! I was born at 34 weeks and spent some time in the NICU with my nurse friends, they made me strong so I could go home to mommy and daddy. I love cuddling, smiling and playing with my dogs. I have a big personality despite my smaller size!
Alec is a happy newborn who likes to eat and sleep. He coos and lights up the room with his contagious smiles