My son loves to eat chicken nuggets and watch Gracie corner . He’s super sweet
Arley loves waving, bath time, daddy’s beard, and playing pattycake!
Wren came into the world with a full head of hair. He’s a very well mannered and easygoing boy with a precious smile.
Rylan loves trucks and cars. He currently says a few words, on of which being dada. Its his favorite word. He likes to give hugs and blow kisses.
Remington loves to smile and laugh and loves being the light to everyone’s day
Tylee is my rainbow baby, she is so smart and active and curious!
Salem loves to smile, laugh occasionally, loves her sister and all her cousins and talks all the time
Natalie Rayne
My 1 month old love and only Girl 😭🥰 Was originally due on Christmas and decided to come a whole month early. She really is the sweetest little girl ever💜🤍💜🤍
Alexis is the most beautiful soul. When Alexis was born she was born without hearing. After surgery she was finally able to hear. She still struggles from time to time but she goes on with a dime on her face everyday she is the first person to make sure everyone feels included. She makes sure everyone feels welcome around her.
Kashton love to eat, play with his brothers and cousins, bounce, and be outside.
Liam is the sweetest mamas boy ever… he loves his 🦕 and his Spider-Man.
Kingston loves to laugh and talk to everyone .
Jeriha lovesss to be talked to. She was looking around to noises she heard as soon as she was born! She holds herself up with her arms aand she’s only 4 weeks! She’s super cuddly and a very calm baby as well💞
Moses Ray, the most loving little one year old around. This boy has so much personality, he loves giving kisses and hugs to all the pets & stuffed animals he sees. He also is a big cleaning baby, loves to mop and vaccume. Vote for my sweet boy!
Gianna Mangum
This is Gianna, Gianna is the happiest baby I’ve ever seen! She is super smart and learns fast, she loves to eat EVERYTHING, play with her toys, and loves to watch Moana! The prettiest girl I know! 🩷
Mila is a true blessing, an all around wonderful baby and the perfect piece to our family that we didn’t know was missing. At 40 years old, as someone who suffers with autoimmune diseases and has had to recieve chemotherapy treatments, I was not sure I would be able to conceive again. Getting pregnant with her shows that her and I both are strong and will fight to make our mark on this world. She has a bubbly yet sassy personality and we can already tell she is going to accomplish great things.
He is such a happy boy and loves his Mimi and his dog
Matthias is two months old and has recently learned to smile and loves kisses from mom and dad! He has started to learn how to make sounds and says “aguu”! He loves being carried and falls asleep in your arms!
He’s the cutest baby around. He’s a very good baby too!
Jesiah is a loveing carrying smart 2 year old he loves reading books and his colors he can't wait to start pre school.
Xander is a happy go lucky baby. He had a hard start to life but that doesn’t stop him. He loves to be held kissed and talked to. His favorite thing is his elephant lovey!!
she loves listening to mommy and daddy’s voice, and she loves her doggies.
The happiest baby ever help get the votes up🫶🏼 and let’s WINNNN🥰
He loves his older siblings. Sitting up on his own and thinks he is funny already.
Hes such a funny baby he laughs & smiles at just about anything & everything he’s such a joyful & happy baby!
aria is a month old baby girl born at 3lbs 7oz premature . she is a sweetest little baby ever . aria also loves to snuggle with mom & dad ! please vote aria ❤️
I'm kamarie. I'm going to be a foot ball player when I grow up....
Mackinley had a big personality and is very curious. She enjoys pulling my hair and making lots of facial expressions
Im Avery. I'm the worlds happiest 1 year old. I love to play out side. Eating is my hobby.
She like to do acting dancing.
Hey my name is Javon. Winning this contest will help me get new hearing aids. I'm almost 3 months old. I love to smile and I enjoy bath time
Mateo’s nicknames are tater, mashed taters, tater tot, and tater tot casserole. Coincidently, his favorite foods consist of anything with potatoes in it. His favorite things to watch are boss baby, bluey, and miss rachel.
Cullen loves to smile, he is a very happy baby. He loves his stuffed puppy and Mom, Dad, and big brother.
Waylon loves playing outside and with his cars loves cuddles with his mom and dad❤️
This little boy right here has them heartbreaking eyes and a smile that’ll turn your whole day around
New to the world but already such a sweet girl.
Sweetest boy who loves the outdoors. He is an amazing big brother and is so gentle with his new little sister.
Lilea is my beautiful baby girl🩷She smiles when she sleeps and dreams and it’s the cutest thing in the world!
Alway Happy , Always Wild
Just the happiest baby ever.
Sage Layne will soon be 4 months, she was born weighing almost 8 lbs! Sage loves reading time, tummy time & bath time! Sage can say “I love you!” And “dada” even though she is a mommas girl! She can roll over & she’s trying to crawl as well. We think Sage is absolutely precious, and we hope everyone thinks the same! ❤️❤️❤️
My princess shes loving and caring. My want to be doctor when she gets older. My social butterfly. She brightens any room she goes into
This is the sweetest kindest and the most intelligent boy you will ever me. He has a heart of gold. He works so hard. He will one day change the world
Caroline Kate Sims
she is 9 months old has 4 teeth and is crawling everywhere she loves her Mamaajd big brother
Despite all the medical interventions we have had the last three years he is so smart and has a smile that will melt a heart.
Adriel is a Cancer sign. Adriel is the most talkative baby i know. Agriel started holding his own bottle at 2months and said daddy really early (we have the videos lol) Adriel is the most loveable baby ever
He loves to look at the ceiling fan even when it’s not on,he loves cuddling with mommy and daddy,and loves bath time!🥹
Nwlaon loves being outside and is full of energy.