Baby Stories - 32


Miss Khleo is a fierce fearless toddler, who enjoys all outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, adventuring and playing on play grounds. She loves being a big helper with her baby sister. For someone so small she has determination to no end.
First birthday! Loved her cake!
Emma Ruth
Huge blessing and a miracle to us brighten your day adorable loves to sleep on ur chest very alert starts to do things that a normal baby don’t do at her age
Camila has learned to smile and baby talk. She loves to stare at lights and the fan. She loves lots of hugs and kisses from her 3 big brothers!!
Delanie was born on Mother’s Day 2021, blessing us with a perfect healthy baby girl. Delanie loves to smile and be on the move. Her little gummy smile can brighten any room.
Hi my name is Imani I was born premature , Doctors told my mommy and daddy I have a very small chance of surviving. But I proved them all wrong .I am a fighter, a strong warrior. I smile all the time because Im miracle baby and im here to stay.
Sebastian is 6 weeks old and has been smiling so big! He eats constantly and is just the sweetest baby!
This is Braelyn Monroe Born April 26,2021 she is 3 months old & she loves for her GiGi to talk to her & she loves watching Cartoons especially Peppa Pig
Xander, started sitting on his own. And loves Elmo. He also a very happy guy loves to talk especially when he’s hungry or poopy.
Theo was a preemie. It is now thriving! He loves long car rides and being held! Such a sweet little guy and an excellent cuddler!
Saoirse is an only child, she’s 3 months old and loves to play with her mimi mushroom and bath time❤️
Christiana just turned 2 she is such a happy spirited little girl she is the baby of the family she has 3 older brothers so you know she is spoiled
She’s an angel baby who sleeps well and eats a lot and likes to entertain herself in her play chair
Summer girl loves the sunshine and warm weather just like her momma 😊❤️ She loves to adventure on walks and in nature she also loves to go swimming! She has so much personality, happiness & love❤️ This little angel saved her momma ❤️ Me and you summer girl 💕💕
Bentley is two months. He loves to laugh and smile.
Atlas is such a happy little dude! He’s always smiling and ready to laugh with (and at) his 4 big siblings! We couldn’t be any luckier. 💕
My sweet little boy loves his mommy and daddy! He loves his morning tummy time and his talks with mommy! This little angel is growing so fast and hes super smart, hes already rolling over and scooting!! Sleeping through the whole night🌙 now and on his belly!!
Avery is almost 4 months old! We are so lucky to have her. She is a little girl with a BIG personality! Her giggles are so contagious & she will definitely make you smile. Help choose our favorite lady!!! Thanks from Momma, Daddy & Avery Michele 🥰
Alexander is a very happy little man. He loves all his big sisters. He sits by himself and can almost sit all the way up by himself. He has one tooth so far and working on another one. He just started saying Dada and says Momma when he's mad.
Heidi is a lil shy but onces u get to know her she will melt ur heart. She is a very sweet girl. She loves to do flips and dance and loves being a princess.
I am 2 months old and they call me Handsome. I love to be around my family. I like to eat and sleep and cuddle under my mommy❤️
6 1/2 months old, loves to eat, talk, play with toys & sit up. He loves his mommy & daddy and thinks his dogs are so funny ❤️
his first few months of life were a hard time for all of us, with getting diagnosed with food allergies and jaundice, and at 6 months old needing surgery on his kidney for it to function properly to now, 10 months old with a good bill of health. We couldn’t be happier and now he’s always laughing🥺! ♥️💕
Tyler is a strong boy. He was born a premie. 9 weeks and 2 days early. He was in the hospital for a couple months. He is now 3 months old. Loves to watch daddy play his video games and tv. Love being read too. And is learning that he has a voice.
Mavericklee has a Congenital Heart Defect known as a VSD or Ventricular Septal Defect. His heart defect is RARE and only affects about 200,000 people. He is very happy and LOVES his Daddy. He loves Morgan Wallen, Megan Thee Stallion, Lizzo & Upchurch. His nickname "Smiley" sure matches his personality. We would love to get your vote.💙
Mr. Weston loves nursery rhymes and playing with his big sissy!
He is a jabber box who loves the word "mine". He loves to dance and maoe people laugh!
He like to smile an coo.. he loves kick on his little play mat and play the baby piano with his feet... He loves to eat..
Avayah is almost 7 months old. She loves to read books. She loves her tummy time as she's learning to crawl as well . She just loves to be active, she loves learning new things. she likes trying to walk around the House . She thinks she grown. Got her own language too. Avayah was truly a blessing to me. God gave me her he gave me another chance. I'm so thankful . Meet my saving grace, my little sweet girl. Her Name is Avayah grace. She is going on 7 months old. She smiles all the time . She is such a happy baby. If we happen to win it would help us and our situation in a big way. Please vote for my babygirl . Really this could be life changing for us . Thank you
She loves food and her brothers!
Jaylin is Beautiful,Happy and loving. She loves to follow her big sister everywhere she goes. She enjoys smiling and getting into stuff. She is an Goofy but lovable little baby.
Nile is a sweet, peaceful baby 😌
Xander loves to play and also loves blues clues and Winnie the Pooh
Mick is 5 months old. He loves the pool, beach, watching his daddy surf and smiling at all the beautiful strangers.
Jace is 2 months old he’s always smiling and laughing, he loves Mickey Mouse and his bath time💙
Hudson loves his cuddles! Hudson enjoys sitting down and just talking, giggling, playing peekaboo and watching Disney! His favorite activity is to go swimming with his Mommy, Mimi and Papa! He has such a huge personality at 3 months its insane! We can lay down for cuddles and he gets so excited seeing his galaxy projector! His face when he looks at the stars and nebula clouds takes my breath away.
This is Draven Tomlinson's first baby contest. Hes been the biggest blessing to our family. He loves to lay on mommy to go to sleep. He likes to coo and ahh. He has been going back and fourth between mom and dad. He loves baths.
Hayden was a miracle baby, as we didn’t think we could have children. He is always happy, smiling and giggling.
Halina is a sweet girl with lots of personality. Your vote today can help her get a good jump start on her college fund. Believe me, this strong girl is going places.
Zizi came to us through blessings and prayer. She's been a joy to everyone who has met her and she lights up everyone's heart! She loves to talk to daddy when he gets home from work and smiles and giggles with you to show off those gorgeous eyes. We love you Ziya!
Emmy loves dressing up and admiring herself in the mirror lol yes my 1 year old adores her little self! She is the epitome of beauty. Loves to dance & is a word party Superfan!!!
Colin loves Mommy, Daddy, and brother. He also loves Food. He can sit up and he’s starting to learn to crawl.
Novah is 8 months old. Just learned to sit up on her own! 14 pounds & getting chunkier by the day! Happiest & smiliest baby ever!
Khalil Walkins
Hi. his name is Khalil his is 9 Years old his funny outgoing love games .