Baby Stories - 32


Elexé loves to dance and snuggle with mommy and daddy. She loves to listen to Veggie Tales and Disney music. She likes to do baby yoga, read books, and look at her infant flash cards.
Merak is full of love and laughter!
This blue eyed gem is named Meelo and he loves to dance 💙
Rhett is almost 2 months old. He loves mommy’s milk, loves to smile, and coo! He’s quite the funny little guy! ❤️
River was born at 31 weeks and 3days gestation. He was in the NICU for A little over a month. He is so strong and such a little fighter! He's truly a little blessing ♥️
I’m full of snuggles and smiles. Mommy is my favorite person and I have daddy wrapped around my finger. My brother and sister are silly and I’ll never turn down a warm bottle!
She loves to play and giggle!
Paisley is a very sweet outgoing baby. she loves everyone especially other babies. ❤️ she is such a happy baby. She loves all her family and gets excited to see them every time ❤️
Maverick is our July 4th baby and the best big brother in the world
Marshall is recovering from two open heart surgeries and is the strongest, happiest boy around. He loves his big brother and snuggles most of all
18 months old I love trucks , the park , my doggie and my mama 🛻🤍
Aaron 6 Months Old. Says Dada. Almost sits up on his own. Loves loud toys . Also loves pumpkin pie.
She loves to talk, she loves sweet carrots. She loves rolling over. Her favorite things are giraffes and the backyardigans
Makenna is a heart warrior! She was born with hypo plastic right heart syndrome and lived her first 4 months in the hospital. At 3 months old she had her first open heart surgery! She’s my hero!
Wrenley loves to be outside playing, has a smile that will light up any room and her favorite hobby is eating.
Olive is a sweet and caring little girl , she loves exploring and climbing , and is truly a star to be around 🖤✨
Millie just turned 2 and loves anything that involves water like pools, beaches and even bath time. Enjoys watching cocomelon, trolls, and toy story!
He loves to play with his toy elephants and loves his big brother
Marilynn is the 2nd half of identical twins. Born at 29 weeks and only 2 pounds, shes come along way. Shes such a sweetie and is a daddys girl. Shes always smiling.
Gracelynn is one half of identical twins. She was born at 29 weeks and has come a long way since 2 pounds! She was born with one kidney and some other medical problems. She has defied many odds. Shes super sweet and loves to be cuddled.
Hope is my 2 year old fashionista, she’s the sweetest little girl you’ll ever meet. She’s full of energy and keeps me on my toes, there’s never a dull moment with her.
Isah loves Mickey Mouse, basketball, and his older brother.
Hi! Im Aubrey. I am 7 months old. I like to crawl, stand, drink bubbas, take naps and explore. I am a princess so that means when I want something I get it.
Isaac is a sweet and happy boy. He loves being around people and loves to laugh. He has the most heartwarming smile.
Kali is a brave, smart, and very protective little sister. She loves being outside. She also thinks she is the boss of her siblings. She’s got the whole world in her hands. She's my beautiful little fire cracker.
Hi, my name is Amelia. I like sweet potatoes, cuddling with mom and dad, and playing with my cousins.
Kendra LOVES to cook!!! She is a very smart and energetic girl. She’s a small girl with a big attitude. From Houston tx. She is the baby if of 4 brothers and 3 sisters. And she loves all of them!!!!! She likes cooking cupcakes and want to be tik tok famous
Tavion loves to laugh and smile, he loves playing with his toys and he loves to sleep lol. He also loves to play with his big brother Xavier.
This smiley little baby was born 3 months early and has kept us on our toes ever since
Hey everyone! This is our sweet angel Avery Lynn. She is super smiley and very ticklish! She is starting to learn how to sit-up and hold her bottle with some help.
Cash loves listening to Johnny Cash with his family and pretending to play the guitar as he demands everyone to watch him! He is bright , sweet, and outgoing and at the same time can be all boy and an onery one at that! His smile lights up every room since he could form a smile people have been drawn to his smile and outgoing personality. He loves to do everything his daddy does and has to have his boots on just like Dad! In his daily life he loves to "Roar" (like a dinosaur) at people he meets never knows a stranger , he is privileged to get to stay at home with his mommy and sister and soon a little brother. Golf is something he shares with his dad, Grandpa's and uncles. He is a bright light to the universe!💙💙
Hi my name is Jillian! My family calls me J bean or Jilly bean! My favorite thing to do is smile at mom and dad! I’m such a happy baby!💗
Gavin Peters
Such a happy baby. Always smiling and baby talking.
Zayleigh La'Shae is back❤️ She about to be 4 December 5th she full of life such a sweet caring girl and I’m so thankful god chosen me to be her mother
Our beautiful rainbow baby! 🌈
Orion is 7 months! Hes all smiles and giggles and he is quite a handful for mommy and daddy already! He loves hanging out in his jumper and being a chatty Kathy. Orion currently can sit up on his own and is hard at work on crawling. He is a little chunky monkey and enjoys trying all of the foods! However, he dislikes when hes done eating since there is no more left for him to eat lol Orion also loves to splash all of the water out of the bathtub and peek-a-boo! He likes watching old cartoons on Boomerang, TeenNick and Disney+ with mommy and daddy. We are big fans of Bluey, Rollie Pollie Olie, the original Teen Titans and original Looney Tunes!
My baby doll ❤️ Our little miracle who was created with lots of love, science and doctors. She loves to smile and play with tickle monster or peekaboo with mommy and daddy.
Loving caring and most of all miss attitude
Ryland loves to smile and bounce! He has an older brother who he loves! And he’s full of personality!!
Sweetest Babyboy ! Always Happy & Laughing. Lovesss Attention. He Was Born With A Tooth😭🤣. Very Attentive, Smart & Fast Learner 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣 Lastly But Most Importantly He Loves His Food !
Elizabeth is very smart, loves being outside. She is 2 and is into babyshark, paw patrol, mickey mouse clubhouse, peppa pig, curious george, and cocomelon. Her favorite food is broccoli and cheese, tacos, ranch doritos, ranch dressing.
We call him “Big Z” and he came to live with us on his two month birthday. He has filled our home with love and laughter.
Jaxon is such a happy baby. His beautiful little smiles lights up any room. He absolutely loves to be cuddled. He enjoys looking at lights, and watching the TV. For only being one month old he's super smart. He also loves to eat and sleep. To me, baby Jaxon is simply perfect. He deserves to win. Not to mention he's beautiful