This silly little princess loves kicking at her dangling toys. She might be a soccer player one day!
Ana Paula
Ana Paula likes to eat a lot! She drinks 7oz of milk every 3 hours, sometimes I think it would be less expensive to buy a cow for her. Lol
He loves dancing and watching Mrs Rachel💖
Jocelyn is a very happy little girl she is 10 Months old and loves all kinds of food she loves ice water and loves taking a bath she loves music and is trying to walk.
Skylar is now 7 months old and is constantly smiling!! She can brighten even the darkest day! She loves being outside, the pool and being on the boat. We’ve been absolutely blessed with the happiest and best baby ever!!
Carlee is so full of laughter and love. She loves school and church. She has a heart of gold. She plays soccer and basketball. Carlee loves being a big sister.
Ensley loves to read, camping and is currently a wolf in cub scouts!!
Caelynn loves to coo, smile and watch Mickey.
My name is Kaicen Blake. I just turned 4 years old in May. I love my tablet and video games but I also love being outside, drawing wit my chalk, playing with my bubbles, playing horse shoes or just running around.
She love having yelling competitions and deep baby talk. She really enjoys her milk and hanging with here daddy
My sweet baby was born a. Week and 1 day early. He decided he was ready to be held. He coos when I sing to him, or stick my tongue out. He’s very ticklish on his feet and neck and under his arms.
I’m Blakeleigh Elaine !! I’m just about a month old now🥰 I LOVE having my pictures taken & sticking my tounge out😉 You should vote for me so that I can have a savings account built up❤️
is a happy baby who loves to laugh & always smiling 🙂
Jack Elvis
Jack Elvis is my surfer dude! He loves the ocean and loves skateboarding with his friends. My soon to be 2 year old is already so bright for his age! I can't wait to see what's in store for his future 🌈
This is my happy chunky boy Elias. He is one of the happiest sweetest babies I’ve ever met lol. He’s just loving life and if u think he is as cute as I do vote for him.🥰
Jillian is silly and funny. She loves to play with her brother and sister and enjoys Moana, playing with her babies and cuddles
Kashtyn is 22 months old! He loves playing outside, dancing ,and his momma! He was born 3months early an has Stage 2 Chronic Kidney Disease but he's a fighter 💙💙
Elias will be 1 on June 14, 2022. He is such a social butterfly and a sweetheart. He brings so much joy and light into our lives ❣️ He loves the outdoors and the random adventures we choose to go on day by day. There’s never a dull moment with him. His most favorite thing in the world is his dog Blackbeard.
Hes such a happy baby loves to play, laughs at just about anything and loves animals
Luke Ashelie
Luke Ashelie loves Paw Patrol & Blues Clues. He also enjoys playing with his sister (mainly being mean to her🤦🏼‍♀️😂) He is a bit of a handful but what little boy isn’t?!
Dawson loves his daddy, he loves playing with his sissy’s, he loves it when you are very goofy to him when you are just being yourself, he loves bath time, he can roll over, he says mama & dada 💓 that smile is to die for 😍
Jayson love twinkies, bottles, and Mickey Mouse! He’s come along way from a cleft palate to tubes being put in. He’s such a sweet boy and smiles when he meets everyone. He even gives kisses to❤️
Liam is 6 months old! He made is grand arrival exactly 1 weeks before my birthday so we get to celebrate our birthdays together. He is my very handsome blue eyed Filipino!! He is the happiest baby!
This is Hudson Hugh Holt! Him and his big sister are the highlight of our lives! We love him so very much and your votes are appreciated!
Rosalie Noelle is 5 months old, she just discovered her feet. She loves to smile and go ahhhh, she’s such a love bug💜
Charlotte is a very happy girl who loves listening to music and being outside. Her favorite TV show's are Bluey and Mickey Mouse Club House, her favorite snacks are puffs and goldfish
She likes long walks, animals and is always happy.
Meliodas loves dean Martin, he loves basketball highlights, he loves going outside, loves playing with his brother and sisters, he loves to smile at anyone and everyone, Meliodas is a sweetheart he has the most adorable laugh for a 5 almost 6 month old , Meliodas loves to grab your face and give you a big sloppy kiss or he’ll chew on your Nose
He just turned 5mo on the 9th of this month. He’s so smart, and extremely happy. He lies to roll all over the place, -!: grab things in front of him. He’s working on tryna to sit up by himself!
Love to do gymnastics and dance. Full Of personality. Loves whatching YouTube. A big sister.
🚨I’m not competing at this time. All votes will be considered gifts without my permission 🚨 Hello, I’m xavior, I love when mommy takes pictures of me! I love to give kisses and hugs, watch movies with my family while eating popcorn 🥰and I think I’m really cute! I get all the ladies to give me attention but shhh don’t tell my mom! I would love to be in top 75. Please vote for me ❤️😘
Isabella is the sweetest babe! At 2 months old she’s full of smiles, she enjoys movement, watching fans, staring at lights, tracking her toys and loves to eat! Bella is very active and loves exploring with her arms, hands and legs.
She’s a little chunkamunk who loves to eat and snuggle. Her smile could cure cancer🤍
It took 8 years and 5 losses before we were blessed with Amara! She was born 36 weeks and brought home at 4 lbs. 8 ozs. with no NICU time and has beaten every curveball thrown at her! She’s our miracle baby ❤️
Annalise was born premature and she was only 3 pounds 13 oz, so far she loves outside, music, car rides, and she is always smiling, she also loves cuddles, kicking her feet, sucking on her fingers, and she’s in love with baths
Nalani is a preemie warrior NICU STRONG
Phoenix loves playing with his sister, eating, and his daddy!
Nathan is the sweetest, happiest baby ever! Never fails to brighten your day. He loves his mama most, he loves being outdoors and he definitely loves being in water and wearing his little head floaty! ❤️ Vote for him!
Jasper loves to eat, play outside, and give lots of cuddles!!
Sophie was just born this month. But is full of personality alredy.
My name is maya I love playing with my mommy and my daddy I love peaches and I’m such a happy baby ❤️ I’m my mommy’s favorite person and my daddy’s princess I’m the youngest I’m my family and My mommy is gonna start me in modeling soon 💗
Beautiful Amelia 🤩 Loves to observe her surrounds, loves kicking her feet, loves sucking on her hands, she loves to smile and coo and enjoys cuddling with mama and dada! 💕
Lilly loves to play with her toys. She lights up with a big smile when u talk to her.. she thinks its sooo funny if she has a poopy diaper and u call her a stinker, she will smile from ear to ear
Evelynn is only 2 months old and is already such a lovely little person to be around. She is the daughter of Jazzmyn B and Davin S and the baby sister of her 2 kitty brothers. Born on April 9th 2022 #Ariesgang ♈️ Evelynn is African American, Japanese, German, White, and Taiwanese. She loves to sit up, stand, and have some tummy time of course with the help from mommy 🥰. Her favorite shows to watch are The Walking Dead, Criminal Minds, and baby sensory videos on youtube. Yes, she is already very well advanced 😂. At just 3 days old she was able to hold her head up and roll over! Everyone just ADORES her and her little smiles! She loves kisses, tickles, naps, and netflix and mommy can’t help but to let the whole world see her beauty and silly faces 😋🦋💜
Hudson likes to cue back at you when you talk to him, and he loves to kick his feet.