Jeremías is a 7 month old happy baby. He's always smiling and is very curious. He enjoys bath time and being read to.
Aubriella is the happiest baby ever! You’ll never catch her without a smile on her face. She loves bug stretching and talking to everyone!
Kayleigh loves to swing and watch cartoons she loves walks in the parks she is a very happy baby
JJ loves Thomas the Train. He has autism. He is rotten but has the sweetest eyes a little boy can have.
Xayler is such a calm and sweet baby boy. He loves to eat and sleep all the time. He also loves to make silly faces that make everyone smile and he has the cutest ruby red lips that make his smile worth admiring! 🌸💕
Zevi loves to snuggle 💕
Brylee was born February 3 2022. She is the sweetest baby that loves cuddles, and being outside. Brylee also loves her cat charlie.
Azariah is 6 months old and such a happy and smiley baby. She can crawl and sit up on her own. She loves going shopping with mommy and spending time with daddy.
Ziya is fun, loving, happy little girl!! She loves playing with her big sister and will smile at almost anything. Loves playing with toys and blowing little bubbles with her little mouth❤️
Malaya is 7 months old and just a ray of sunshine ☀️ Can’t help but to share her contagious smile with the world 🌎 💗
Raelyn loves bath time, her mommy & daddy, and Morgan Wallen. Her favorite song is “Don’t Think Jesus”. She rolls from tummy to back already & we love her so much!!
Hi I’m Julian! I came into this world seven weeks early. My daddy is 6’4 and I hope one day I’ll get to be big and giant like he is. Growing is my specialty, I’ve already almost doubled my weight in just two and a half months, and I only have about five-ish more feet to go! My mama calls me Shrimp, and she is my best friend. I love to poop and smile! I also am a big little Illini fan just like my daddy! Vote for me! 🥰
Dacotah is one of 3 triplets and so far she seems to love snuggling with mom
Aubrey is the happiest baby you've ever met! She loves sponge bob, bubbies aka bubbles, playing with those big balls you get out of the cage bins at Walmart and playing outside. She's a very smart girl and we love watching her grow!
He’s a very happy baby!! He loves to cuddle with his mommy and daddy and overall just a happy baby !!!
Lincoln was born 4/9 at 38 weeks 3 days weighing in at a whopping 5lbs 14.9oz. He’s a very happy boy. He loves to watching tv & his mobile. He smiles ear to ear when mom sings hush little baby.
He loves watching tv, taking naps with mommy, talking to mommy and daddy. I think bath time is his favorite time, aside from eating🤣
Evelyn is a very happy little girl. The thing she enjoys most is people talking with her. She enjoys watching Cocomelon and Mickey Mouse.
Luca Baby is almost 1!! Luca is ALWAYS smiling, if he’s not smiling he’s hungry 🤣 He is all over the place and loves getting into pots and pans, and slamming doors! Luca lovesss the booby milk😆😌 he’s currently beginning to RUN… not walk, run 😂 Luca is very interested in all animals and loves daddy’s ponds 🐠!!Vote for Luca!!
Maylahni is obsessed with dogs nature and books! She loves her mommy and daddy so much. Her favorite tv show is go dog go on Netflix🫶🏻🫶🏻
Hi everyone meet lil miss river she was born on 5/3/22 she is a very happy peaceful baby
Rylee loves animals and enjoys drawing beautiful pictures. She is a big runner and runs with mom and dad @ marathons. She loves to learn and is a go getter. She is passionate and caring and the sweetest little girl you could ever meet. <3
Easton is 3 years old he's a awesome big brother! He loves dinosaurs and Spiderman. He is soon gonna start his second year of preschool! Y'all vote for my handsome young man!
Raelynn is two years old the first year of her life she was partially deaf she's come a long way in the last year her speach is excellent. She loves baby shark and cocomelon! She's very much a tom boy but from time to time you can catch her being a pretty little lady!! Y'all vote for my baby girl!!
She loves to lay on her belly. She loves to eat away. She loves her parents being together and happy. She loves tv time
Bronson Has ALOT of personality he loves to talk play watch paw patrol and laughed!! He LOVES food
She loves to lay on her belly. She loves to eat away. She loves her parents being together and happy. She loves tv time
Austin loves to talk, loves to be outside and he loves to around people. He definitely a momma boy
Ocean is a very special rainbow baby and she loves to smile and loves watching Elmo.
Jaxson loves jumping, he is such a happy baby and loves to laugh and smile all the time, it’s Never an unhappy moment with this little guy!!♥️
Philip loves Cocomelon and being talked to. He is the youngest of four. Philip is loving, sweet and always smiling. He is the happiest baby I have ever seen.
Amora May has made her way into this world though it was a struggle for her first 2 months she has made such a turn around and is a happy healthy little girl who just figuring herself out and with such crazy hair I can’t keep contained this little girl is such a joy❤️🥰
emmi is such a happy girl, she loves to smile & she loves to listen to music. she also loves her mommy & daddy of course ❤️
Nolan was born April 13th, weighing 10lb 15oz. This picture was taken right before leaving the hospital. He loves snuggles, naps, and to eat.
My little rainbow baby 🌈 he is such a happy baby!
This is my Addi-bug! She’s my spunky, firecracker of a little girl! She’s the happiest baby I have ever met and she is always smiling! She loves her mama, daddy and her milkies.
Xavier is 9 months old he walks and loves his bubby and sissy he loves playing with his big dog Blue.. vote for him
Very happy baby smiles and laughs all the time! Loves to dance with mommy and give me tons of kisses He loves monster inc and playing wit& playing with his big sissy!! ❤️
Milani Rose
Milani is such a happy baby! She’s been photogenic since birth lol! She lights up any room we walk into! Her favorite show is Doc Mcstuffin!
She’s a very sassy & silly little girl! Loves frozen & cocomelon Loves to dance and sing And ride her pony June bug Loves being a big sissy to her little brother!❤️
Theodore is a spitfire little boy with the biggest heart. He loves to spread joy in his smiles, giggles, hugs and just about anything he does.
Freya is the sweetest and happiest baby I've ever seen. There never goes a day when she isn't smiling and giggling. She is so loved by eveyone that meets her.
Our little girl mileena is always filled with smiles and laughter! She also loves her what we call “ mama love time “ in the mornings🥰
Hayden loves Ms.Rachel & Toy Story. He plays all day and loves his mommy and daddy 💘