Baby Stories - 31


Vivi Lou, we love you 😘
Theo is a premature baby he was born 26 weeks and stayed in nicu for 94 days. He weight 2 lbs. 13 inches loong. He developed stage 3 brain bleeding/ IvH,hydronephrodis,patent ductus arterioses, blood infection,urine i fection.l and chronic lungs disease. He is now 4 months old 11 lbs. And 21 inches long..He is a figjter, strong and a miracle baby....
Warner is a very playful, outdoors loving, blue eyed boy! His favorite things to do are ride his four wheeler and play in the pool! He is always bound to have the biggest smile on his face!
Juliahna was just born August 3rd 3 weeks early induction. She is a true blessing.
Kieran is the happiest baby boy ever he always has a smile on his face! He’s favorite things are touch and feel books, food, and dogs 🐶.
Owen is 13 months out and is a very outgoing little man!! Owen is very strong an has been a fighter since day 1. He has never backed down any challenge! Owen does have hearing issues which has caused him to have hearing aids but isn’t any different than any other baby!!
Londyn Love To Smile, & Play. Personally Is Beautiful.
Finley is 3 months old and is half of a boy/girl twin set. He was a 31 week preemie but is very strong. He loves to lift his head and look at the world.
Me. Ava Is A Diva Lol. But She Smart And Hilarious. She Loves to Dance. She Is Super Tiny With A Big Attitude.
He’s The Last Baby Out Of 4. He Is Such A Character And Super Loud Lol
She is just a happy baby girl 🤩🤩
Tate And Tucker
Tate (left) and Tucker (right) are fraternal twins. Born on different days! These strawberries blonde blue eyed boys. Love to be outside, bath time, cuddles, and laughing.
Hi my name is Waylin and i am 8 months old almost 9 months. I like to eat and play with my toys. I love going outside in the evenings which is mainly mommy and daddy taking me for walks. I love playing with my dogs. I love everyone. Please vote for me. Thank you!
Liam And Landon
Hey, guys! This is Liam and Landon. They are Gemini twins, born just two minutes apart. A couple of their favorite things are sitting in their rockers while kicking their legs out of excitement to the turtles that sway above them. They also really enjoy the bath! They have started cooing, which is the cutest thing in the world, and really love mom and dad’s kisses and nose boops. Show our spunky lil guys some love!
Gio LOVES cuddles, smiling, and playing with his favorite Mr. Frog... but he gets quite upset when Mr. Frog does not “talk” back to him😅❤️
I’m 8 months old and I have erbs palsy! I love food and singing and dancing!
Jameson is 5 months old and full of smiles and laughter! Loves to babble and scream with excitement to mommy and daddy! Loves going places and seeing new things. Loves all his toys and his two furr brothers❤️🐶 Loves watching cartoons and swinging in his swing! Just a little farm boy who loves it all! Already eating cereal and baby food and loves it all! He has 1 tooth already and loves to show everyone! He loves copying faces of mommy and daddy and loves to blow bubbles!
He is a very handsome and sweet little baby boy.
Isabella loves to look out the window and enjoys watching her big brother’s silly faces! She smiles and coos a lot!
Hi my name is Londyn reign I love to be called beautiful, I love to talk to everyone, and I promise I can always put a smile on your face♥️
Marciano has a very strong personality. Very fast learner very independent. A smile that will light up a room very different type of young man he is.
‼️We ❤️ Our voters ‼️ Your supposed to teach your children to work for what you want, and to never cheat your way through anything 🥰❤️ 🥰every baby in this contest is cute! There’s no “that’s the cutest baby”This contest is not to hate people , or put people down, it’s supposed to be supporting eachother because everyone deserves to be 1st place! We should literally all come together and whoever’s been trying the longest let them get it and the chain can keep going, that’s the only way I know each one of us can actually win without wasting money to win and everyone knows it🤷‍♀️ but That’s my opinion on it 🥰❤️ I still Wish everyone the best. Xavior has almost all his teeth,he likes to bite everything! He loves baths,Mickey Mouse and learning sign language he currently knows how to sign (please, thank you , sorry, milk ,eat, all done and potty ❤️ He also knows how to walk but always runs instead 🤣he likes to use his functional kitchen for being independent,and is almost done being potty trained ❤️He smiles for everything and everyone especially the GIRLS 🤣he also loves to go shopping with his own cart ! this handsome little man gets smarter everyday! Thank y’all for voting!!!
Amelia is a very happy baby and is all smiles! She is learning to laugh more and more and loves mama and dada!
He’s such a fun and happy baby! There’s never a day where he’s not all smiles ❤️
Lorenzo loves to eat, he loves to talk (make cute baby sounds), and he is always smiling.
Holden is a wild child, he is always happy and on the move 24/7. He now has 6 teeth and soon will be walking!! He learns something new everyday and is our world.
Topanga is the most beautiful silly little baby I’ve ever met. She loves to smile, giggle and do “duck lips”. Mommy & Daddy love you. 💜
Forrest is a preemie and he’s very strong! He is only two months old but he is already rolling over and lifting his head. He loves to cuddle- especially with his mommy!
She's Charlie. She's an infant and she's freaking cute. She loves to smile. Nuff said 😁
Parachè has always been an active baby 😅 Parachè makes sure to pick up any little thing, also get into everything. She lights up any room that she comes in. She’s very smart and catches on to the tiniest little details. She knows sign language. Says “Dada” and “Baba”. Parachè turned 9 months and started walking 👏🏽👏🏽 I’m so excited and proud of her ☺️
Little booby monster
Ayden is my 1st born at 39yrs old. He is very photo genic. He likes to watch Cocomelon and he snorts when he cries 😆. He loves to take showers and likes looking at his toes. He enjoys being entertained by his older cousins.
Arabella is a fun loving sassy girl. She loves scooby doo and Mickey. Bella is always on the go, playing her little heart out.
Zayden can always seem to light up a room and make people laugh with his many facial expressions. He loves being in his swing and having his momma hold him. He really is my ray of sunshine!!
I do not even know where to begin. Lol. Gavin is 8 months old, he is growing up way to fast. He is tremendously smart, stinkin Adorable, rambunctious. Lol. Gavin's favorite show is COCOMELON. He LOVES Baby Shark, Do Do Do Do Do Do. 😂 He loves sweet potato corn. It's one of his top favorites. He is crawling all over the place. Gavin is such a character. He is going to do great things in life.
Miss Emma is one happy girl! She loves strolls in the park, hanging with mommy and daddy and especially her four legged friend milo.
She’s a lovely energetic baby, who’s always smiling. She loves minnie mouse, cuddles and to eat 💕. She enjoys being outside and exploring everything she sees 🧸, she’s a very independent little girl and it’s always on her own little world 🌎.
She’s 4 months old, just started eating fruits and LOVES apple sauce! Oh and she loves her daddy too
Krew kellyn is the happiest baby on the planet! He loves his beauty sleep. Anytime he walks into a room it is lightened up with joy ! His big sister is his best friend :)
Ethan is a happy baby that loves to smile!
Emma Lynn
Emma is 7-month old little doll who loves to smile and engage with everyone. She makes people smile wherever she does with her bright and happy personality.
Lala loves to be cuddled and she loves her mommy and daddy the best she likes that when she sees her mother's face I think you should vote for Nyla because she is the most beautiful baby and very happy she never cries he's always happy happy spirit and always has a smile on her face