Baby Stories - 31


Gianna is 3 weeks old. She is RARE! She has situs inversus. Which means her heart is on her right side, not the left! She’s a healthy baby girl. Her heart will always be in the “right” place. Thank you for voting for our beautiful special baby girl.
Nova Breeze Roll
Nova enjoys her morning coffee with her mother and spending time wrestling with her brother.
Carter had a rough start in life but he is thriving now! He loves to jump and give mommy and daddy slobbery kisses
He just started crawling and pulling himself up , he is the most happiest baby on earth !! He loves making this clicking noise with his mouth , he is about to be 1 next month ❤️
Bentli likes to stand in his walker, chew on his hands & watch cartoons 🧡 Him loves kisses & nap time
Case is a sweet 2 month old baby boy who loves to smile at his mommy and talk to his daddy. His favorite activities are bath time and riding in the combine.
She is a sweetheart and loves to jump on her trampoline and play outside with her dogs
I am a happy boy, love to eat, love to play, I love puppies and kitties and I love my family! Oh and I LOVE paw patrol! — Adrian is our godson and we are trying to win this contest for him in order to help his Mommy give him a good christmas this year, as well as his 3rd birthday, 2 weeks after christmas! Unfortunately we aren’t in the position to help on our own this year so we are hoping our friends on here will give us the votes needed to get Adrians mommy what she needs for him. We are so thankful for our friends on here and are forever grateful for ANY votes you can spare! Please vote for Adrian! Thank you all!! 🤗❤️
Evelyn is so sweet, she has the funniest personality and she loves her dog molly and playing outside!
Denise enjoys playing outside, sing, dance and LOVES horses! She is a very creative and smart with her ways (:
Jr, loves the attention! He loves playing with his sister. He loves crawling everywhere!>.< he loves looking at himself in the mirror too! Vote for Jr.!!
Tatum is a very happy loving baby !! She loves to play cars with her big brother Vincent. She eats all day if I let her and she is very active and interested in everything !! Definitely is a very special girl ❤️
Casen loves being outside and loves to watch Mickey Mouse and curious George . He is Always a happy little boy!
Please vote for my son Jeyden Jace he's been in the NICU for a month n half, was born with STRIDOR he will need to be on a machine to open up his air ways. PLEASE VOTE FOR MY MIRACLE BABY 💙🙏💙
Jaxson loves avocado and saying yeah and momma... He is always smiley
Jackson will be turning the big 2 in a short couple weeks! Lets help him out with these votes to get him in the top! He loves cuddles loves his cartoons and loves everyone he gets to meet!
Hes deffinately a charmer. Very easy laid back. Loves to smile!
Dakota is the happiest baby who loves food, mama, dada, babas, Mickey Mouse and dinosaurs 🦕🦖
Tala is my rainbow preemie baby. She acts older than she is, loves cuddles, to be stimulated, and do her baby exercises. She can roll from back to tummy since she was 1.5 months old.
Odin is 9 months old & the happiest baby there is! He’s always laughing, smiling & being silly. You’re guaranteed a smile if you come across this little cutie!
Meet my little old soul. A lover of tummy time and Ottis Redding. Shes always laughing and her favorite thing to do is watch her big bubba play.
Aarik is going on 4 years old & he is ALL BOY! 😊 He's my TOUGH, INDEPENDENT, CRAZY, WILD, yet SUPER SWEET little man!! Some other words to describe my baby boy... A=ADVENTUROUS 💙 A=ARTISTIC 💙 R=RESOURCEFUL 💙 I=INQUISITIVE 💙 K=KIND 💙 Aarik LOVES FOOD, GAMES, COLORING and SPIDERMAN! ❤️🍝🎮🎨🕷️❤️
Jaxxon was the best baby ever. He's so happy and loves his bothers and sisters. His family is his world and he is their world🌎 .
Isla is a fun loving, out going, baby shark loving little girl. She loves her daddy and momma!
Silly and loud little girl ❤️ Always making noise
Amya Mae Murdie was born on October 13, 2021 7lbs 15oz 21 inches long She is the most precious, calm, and beautiful baby girl!
He loves coco melon rubbing sweet smile and very loving
Sweet Etta is almost 8 months old. She loves Bluey, snacking on puffs, and playing with her big brother (a black lab named Lucas). She is full of love and personality.
Amir loves his Baby Shark & “Coco” ❤️ (Cocomelon), his mommy 🥺 & says all kinds of words from car to even snow!
AshlynnRae was born July 13 202. She is 1 years old. And a very brilliant baby. She loves dancing. She love being in the outdoors. She always have a smile on her face. Is a very curious kid. She love ice cream her favorite
I love mommy and daddy and milk! mostly milk! 🍼 I soon be a month old, I’m getting so big 🥲!!.
Alora is so sweet and funny. Her whole face lights up when she smiles. She loves her feet, she grabs them every chance she gets.
Baby Bobby enjoys playing with his toys, naps, walks in his stroller, hugs from his mom and dad, and smiling and laughing all the time.
Harper is beautiful girl with a very bubbly personality! She loves to make everyone around her laugh. Her favorite thing to do in her free time is to sing, dance, and play outside!
Tinsley is a very sassy little girl, loves eating, and her favorite word ever is dada 🤍
Noah Rodriguez
I Play Around To Much I’m The Cutest Baby At My House
Carson and his twin brother Stephen. Together they enjoy adventures, baths and cookies. It’s amazing seeing the bother love between them. 💖
Bell is a sweetheart and full of excitement! She is a very happy baby that is always smiling and laughing. She can’t help but to crack up when she sees a doggy shake their ears! 🐶 Bell is the life of the party. 🎉
Jackson is the happiest baby. Love people, loves to babble, & such a lover. He is always smiling ❤
Maverick was born June 22,2021! Maverick is very photogenic, anytime he sees a camera you can almost guarantee you will get a smile out of him! He loves listening to music and playing with his pups Sassy and Rebelle.
Anaelle is a lovely girl she likes singing
Oliva is a happy and silly baby she loves to smile and laugh.. she loves music and looking around and going on walks
Asaiah is my happy baby, that loves to move and talk momma, daddy amd himself to sleep.
Dakari Thomas Dixon-Brooks is our sweet baby boy!! Almost 6 months old weighing 28 pounds!! He loves bath time and laughs at everything!! ❤️ We love grabbing everything mommy or daddy have!! Vote for us and we will vote for you!
My name is Hendrix and i love mickey mouse and apples !! I giggle all the time and love cuddles 💙