Baby Stories - 31


Fiery, hilarious, wild, and goofy! This girl is as charismatic as her daily hairdos
Liam Levi
The best preemie twin identical boys just 3 months old. Love smiling and swinging. 💙💙
Jianna Karen
Jianna Karen is a friendly, loving baby with a personality bigger than Texas!
He is a very happy boy, loves to smile and loves to talk. He is working on rolling over and sitting up on his own.
Andrew just started to find his smile. ☺️ He loves to cuddle with mom and stare at dad. We are obsessed with looking at lights. Please vote for me 💙
He loves being a big brother. Playing outside and watching tv
He is adventurous, a dare devil, very micheavious.
Rayna Lee Ann
Ray Ray as we call her..always has a smile on her precious face...and shes a grandmas girl for sure..typical 3 year old..and very much my little princess..Ray loves to have her picture taken...a star for sure❤
Paisley is such a sweethearted baby, shes always SO happy, she has cute little dimples and she loves scooby doo.
Lucy is a ray of sunshine. She will brighten your day with her contagious laugh or simply make you smile while she babbles you a story. She is ready to rock this world!
Nevaeh Grace, 7 months old. She loves playing with her big brother, being outside and spending time with mommy and daddy!
Little Miss Amara 🥰 just barley a month yet she’s very curious, talkative and loving ❤️ And she loves cuddles and kisses🥰❤️
Jayla is a morning person already. From sun up to sun down she loves to babble, smile, laugh and practice her “dance” moves. Who doesn’t love a heart warming baby giggle?!
I am such a perfect little gentleman
skarlett is a very Happy baby, she loves to talk and eat her hands
Aiden just turned 2 months old and his personality is really starting to show.
Adam is my miracle baby! Having him at 45 with daddy at 55, 3% chance of us conceiving and this Angel was born! Adam goo goo’s and ga ga’s, smiles and boy when he laughs he lights the room!! My first baby and only one! God has blessed us with all his laughs, smiles and even cries!!! 💙 Love I’ve never known and now I do... Adam is truly my biggest blessing!
Loves to giggle, laugh, smile, and talk all day long. Super playful and silly. 😊
Savannah is a sweet baby who loves her daddy and likes to sleep and eat
Ivy Love
Ivy Love is a our miracle, rainbow, IVF baby! She is so happy! Loves to smile, laugh and kick her legs! ❤️🌈
Our beautiful 6 week old baby girl ❤️ Loves eating and snuggling with mom and dad.
Oliver was born 10/28/2020 he’s just now starting to smile 😊
Hi im Ethan Creech im 10 month old I love playing with my chickens and dogs and love riding my 🐎 and I love to sins and laugh
This is my baby she sweet and loves kisses and hugs loves the dogs and her baby dalls and she likes to take showers and baths she loves water
My name is Abel am 8 months old I can stand well holding things I like to jump in my jumper I love to be with my big and I love to say Dada.
Sanford is 2 months old and loves when his older sisters ready stories to him. Here he is getting ready for his 7 year old sisters zoom meeting
Paisley is the happiest baby, she smiles all the time and loves anyone she meets. She likes playing with toys and she talks all the time. My first word was momma!
He has an infectious smile and loves people! He loves to run and play with his toys! He loves stars!
She's a fiery little one, with the biggest personality.
Alivia is a sweet and sassy 1 year old who has a smile that will melt your heart. She loves to eat and play with her brother. She’s a princess and she has her daddy wrapped around her finger. 🥰
John Giorgio
JoGio had some weight gain issues at the beginning, but he fought like a champ and is now chubby and happy. He made this 2020 a positive year to remember❤️❤️
A'mariyana is a bundle of joy. She is such a happy baby. Her favorite show is cocomelon❤ she loves coloring and dancing. The animal song is her favorite song.
He is definitely a happy baby as he turned 3 months on the 21st. He's wanting to crawl already. Still having some little bumps in the road with holding our head up but almost there. Please vote for me! We would definitely appreciate it
What a character. Lovess anything that goes vroom especially motorcycles!
Hi my name is Armani , I am a big mama’s boy and I love to play ! 💙🤗
Paislee is a happy, funny and outgoing 5 month old! She loves watching her big brother play toys and watch Sophia the first every morning 💜
Cassidi is a spunky, fierce little girl who is outgoing and loves cuddles. She also loves playing outside
Hello! I am a 2 year old boy who loves cocomelon. I like to dance, sing and jumó around. I also like to eat & cuddle with my momma 💙
Wášöni' is one in a million! Hes such a happy little baby that loves to cuddles and even though he doesn't know his words yet he loves to talk and sing!
Joseph aka JJ is a very lovable funny little boy who has a smile for everyone. Social butterfly who loves animals and loves to dance.
Hi! Im a huge snuggler. I feel so blessed to be in the arms of my loving family members
Remmy is a very happy smiley baby. He loves to listen to the foo fighters, look at colorful lights and cuddle.
Corbyn is one happy baby most of the time! He can roll from tummy to back, hold his bottle, and hold head up. He makes me smile every time I look at him.
Elliott loves to laugh and he is ready to conquer life.
Grayson is a very loving little guy. He loves bath time and Cocomelon