Baby Stories - 30


Tucker is the smiliest baby you will ever meet. He just mastered crawling, waving, and clapping, and he just started learning animal noises!
Adelynn is 4, and loves animals and dinosaurs!
Hi I’m kinslee 15 months old I love food I can say dada ,papa, uh oh, baba ,koko, yeah And I run everywhere and I love to eat
This Little miss busy bee is always on the go and is already crawling at 6 months! Adri is also cheerful, sweet, cuddly, inquisitive, and snickers and snorts when she giggles! Her favorite thing has to be the Jolly Jumper! it’s hilarious to watch her bounce around in that thing like Humpty Dumpty! Her second favorite thing is probably our grumpy pup Benni, she tries her best to play with him but she can’t quite catch him yet. Her daddy takes her around the neighborhood on the golf cart at sunset to see the pretty evening skies here in Arizona.
Donovan Jr
Donovan loves to stuff his face all day long. His favorite things to do is play with his toys and cuddle (:
Nash is the youngest by 11 years! He has 2 big brothers and a big sister! He always has a smile and loves to talk to everyone!
Razane is very happy a little girl , Always having a big smile 💞💞💞
Freya is a sweet baby who has a funny and goofy personality. She is mostly in a good mood and has found her voice and uses it all the time! 🤣 She is a treasure and we can’t imagine her not being in our life💗
Nolan is our little miracle, after 5 years of my husband and I trying and now we blessed to have our little boy!!
She loves her big brothers, they always make her smile. She will stare at lights for hours like they are mesmerizing. She loves her sleep and food.
Fun loving, energetic, monster truck loving little boy! He is an older brother & is absolutely loving it! He loves anything out doors especially camping, Halloween & Christmas are his favorite holidays & is an huge momma's boy! 💛
Sweet and goofy little cuddle bug — she loves bath time and walks at the park. Her best buddies are mommy, daddy, big brother, and our beagle Banjo! Mira’s favorite foods are chicken, green beans, and all fruits.
My name is Aaliyah and I am 6 months! I love sitting up, trying to take mommy and daddy’s food, and spending time with my family❤️
Iyaan is a all around happy baby … he loves his puppy and his family
Kyng Is a Goofy baby who loves to make everyone Laugh😂 His smile lights up the room along with his bubbly personality his favorite things to do is Eat and Say “RAAAWWWRRRRR”. He is one of the sweetest & loving babies you could ever meet 💙💙💙
Ivy , is the sweetest most happy baby girl on the planet . We believe she is a blessing from her Grandpa that died before we could tell him the happy news . His gift to us was her :) our angel 😇
Waylon loves to smile & giggle, his laugh could light up any room! He's happiest laying on his daddy's chest or playing patty cake. ✨ He's got an older brother that absolutely adores him and is always trying to make him smile. 💛 Waylon is number 4 of 6 grand babies, out of witch he is the second boy with his brother being the first boy grand baby! Vote for him so we can get him a certificate like his older brother did 3 years ago! 🤞🏼
Lilee is our beautiful and full of personality little girl!
Cammille loves to smile and laugh at her big brothers and sister. Never a dull day with her.
Xavier is about a month old he likes snuggles and loves his daddy and mommy so much
Gabriel is a happy lil baby loves to play with his sister he’s learning to pull himself up on stuff and trying to walk so he can chase his sister.
My name is Emiliana I’m 2.5 yrs old. I love watching paw patrol and Peppa pig. I love playing with other kids. I’m very sassy and very intelligent 😘
Ana Michelle is a bundle of joy to be around she will keep you on your toes always smile on her face real sweetheart 🥰 she loves to play with everyone and eat everything 😝
Kruz is a year and a half old and loves to run around. He stops the second he hears music and starts dancing. Him and his brother love watching Blues Clues, Mickey Mouse, and Bubble Guppies. Full of joy and love. Loves to give hugs and cuddles.
Strong boy born 3 months early at 1lb. 5ozs. and he has always been a fighter! He is now 4 years old. Very active and loving. Him and his brother love watching Blues Clues, Bubble Guppies, and Mickey Mouse. His smile lights up an entire room ❤
Rosie loves to be sung to, and is always smiling and happy and full of energy!
Riata Izabelle is a miracle baby. Took a lot of intervention to get her here and was born with some health issues that are being monitored closely. Even with all the pokes and prods at hospitals and doctor offices she is still a happy baby. This pic was at one of her check ups. She LOVES snuggles and cuddles and her big brother. She hates diaper changes. But no matter what she’s perfect!
Miss Ava is the sweetest baby. She enjoys cuddles and staring at her mama ❤️ Don’t forget her obsession with big bows!
Bram is a sweet 4 yr old boy with intellectual disability and fragile x syndrome. He has been through a lot in his little life, but doesn’t let that slow him down!
Sydney is truly the biggest and best miracle in life. I once was told i could not concieve and have such a blessing but fought through all the obstacles and here I have one of the most precious and happiest babies I could of ever asked for. She just turned one and definitely is advanced! She will light up anyone in her sight with the most beautiful baby blue eyes and red hair and bright smiles. Vote for our girl and lets get her to the top! Sydney says thank you 💕
Adelina was born on Halloween weighing 5lbs 13oz. She is now two years of age and loves music, going on hikes in the Colorado mountains , loves coloring, enjoys watching anime with her dada and of course playing with her fur brother Asta. Adelina is a intelligent, caring, goofy, sassy and determined little girl! 💜
My name is Cataleya Lou Kruger. I am currently growing my first two teeth. So I am putting everything in my mouth. I love to take car rides, baths and also hear myself make different noises.
Cassie Bautista
Cassie is such a fun, loving and energetic little baby. She loves watching Minnie Mouse and reading books with sound. She enjoys eating Mac and cheese and mash potatoes.
Nathaniel is a sweet, happy, chubby baby of 2 months! He loves to play, talk all day, cuddle with his mom & laugh!
Braxton is such a fun, loving, and energetic boy! He enjoys playing outside, reading books, and singing and dancing with mommy and daddy❤️
My princess she’s so happy all the time loves to smile and laugh loves to be hold the best girl baby ever ❤️
Romello is so funny and shy but loves to play with other he’s a real boss baby and real life coco mellow is his favorite ❤️The best big brother
Zander is an amazing little boy , he spent a month in NICU, then had to have cast on his legs for 9 week, then had surgery and is currently in braces to correct his club feet. This didn’t slow him down at all , Zander loves to smile and is a pro at making bubbles and raspberries!
Iyla Mae
Iyla loves to talk, play with her baby dolls, and wrestle with her French bulldogs! Iyla is always on the go and always ready to go on an adventure. 💛
Lyla loves to color and talk and she smiles all the time and she loves purple dresses and meeting people!! ❤️
Gianna is 3 weeks old. She is RARE! She has situs inversus. Which means her heart is on her right side, not the left! She’s a healthy baby girl. Her heart will always be in the “right” place. Thank you for voting for our beautiful special baby girl.
Nova Breeze Roll
Nova enjoys her morning coffee with her mother and spending time wrestling with her brother.
Carter had a rough start in life but he is thriving now! He loves to jump and give mommy and daddy slobbery kisses
He just started crawling and pulling himself up , he is the most happiest baby on earth !! He loves making this clicking noise with his mouth , he is about to be 1 next month ❤️