Emery is such a smart 5 month old. She loves talking, laughing and smiling at everyone. She is a pro at rolling from back to belly! She is always such a happy baby🥹
Gabriella is her daddy’s twin but a mommys girl she loves watching her favorite show loco nuts and she LOVES being outside, she will be 8 months this month on the 16th
Hi, my names finan wayne! I love playing with my piano, and all of my learning toys. I love my German Shepard brother Kaizer and my kitty brother spooky. I like being outside when it’s warm and taken baths with mommy. I’m a super happy little man, who loves meeting new people, and drooling all over everything!
Ayva is a super happy baby! She loves to laugh and give huge smiles! She is always so alert and loves to see and hear new things everyday .
Zaidyn loves chewing on his hands, he loves watching his 2 year old brother, & holding someones hand while cuddling!
Everleigh is something else she is a night owl and man oh man does she love her bananas
Wrenleigh was a 27 week old preemie and continues to make great strides towards coming home!❤️
Amisti Smart
Amisti is a smart, loving, happy, and most definitely spoiled 5 1/2 month baby. When she wakes up first thing she does is smile. She is her daddy’s twin but mommy’s her favorite 😊 She loves to play, eat, sleep and tell us stories. PLEASE VOTE!
Edwin is a super happy baby boy! He loves playing with mommy and daddy, has the best giggle in the world, and loves Sesame Street!!
Lyra is almost 4yrs old, she loves to smile, play with friends and be outside.
Walker is a happy baby! He loves his mommy and daddy! Loves being outside.
Milani is a VERY happy baby. She loves to laugh, smile, play, sit up and roll over. She’s very smart. She lovesss being tickled and she is a cuddler!!
Anyliah was born at 3lb2oz she loves food and to play And laugh❤️
She loves her family & baby yoda & such a sassy princess
Phelan loves to go on walks. He loves looking at the different light contrasts. He also loves being read to. He loves his Star Wars books 📚 Phelan has a wide range of facial expressions that are just beyond adorable 🥰
Maverick loves to play baseball and fish! He lobe music and to dance to any beat he hears! Maverick is always trying to make people laugh and has to let everyone know when he’s around!
Waylon was born 6 weeks early but is growing great!! He loves baths and eating!
Lilliann is a happy, giggly baby girl who loves snuggling, being in the water, talking and listening to her musical toys. She is working on crawling (and seems to want to just go straight to walking) and seems to be growing like a weed before our eyes!
Oaklee LOVES to sleep ! Oaklee also loves her food 🤣
Kinsley Grace
Hello, This is Kinsley Grace she is soon to be a big sister and big cousin. She likes any foods, music, dancing, and outside time especially anything to do with water😂 she loves her momma and daddy. Kinsley Grace says please vote for me 👍
Carolina Rae Blackmon
Carolina Rae is the cutie pie and she will warm your heart quickly with her little cute chubby cheeks too
Bella loves smiling, dinosaurs and the grinch. She can’t resist petting every puppy she sees and wants to hold all the babies. She dances like it’s her job and loves to laugh ♥️
Waylon loves laughing, smiling, and kicking when he’s excited! He has just found his voice and is talking up a storm.
Nicole Holley
Nicole is a sweetheart and loves to be outside she has too older brothers she loves the water and can climb really fast 🤣 she'll eat almost anything and has a sassy little attitude carried with a smile that will catch your heart
Jayce is the sweetest little baby you’ll meet! Loves mashed potatoes, a water bug, and the laugh with make you fall in love instantly ❤️
My sweet boy loves to laugh, smile and talk (more like babble) 💛
Kayden loves to stand on mommy r daddy and jump ,loves the outside , love for someone to talk to him , loves puppies, loves his brother's
Such a sweet amazing beautiful little baby ❣️
Loves to play and roll around, and definitely a mama’s girl❤️
Hi, I'm Caleb. I'm 2 years old. A rainbow baby after 13 years of miscarriages. I was diagnosed with epilepsy a seizure disorder last fall. Loves smiling and laughing. Everytime I hear music I have to stop what I'm doing and dance like crazy. Loves his 4 older siblings. Loves doggies and dinosaurs.
My mighty Alonzo is such a sweetheart of a baby very strong 💪 little guy and has the most beautiful smile with his dimples he’s my heart 💙
He’s learning to walk loves being outside loves eating lol and he loves his mommy and day and big brother my grandson is such a cutie
she's a very funny Baby she will do the funniest faces ever she already has her personality she always smiling every time and talking to herself she likes washing tv and likes to be carried or laying down the most dislikes is when someone bothers her sleep or change her cartoons it's funny because she will look at you all mad
Carter has been teaching himself flips since he was about 1 year old. He definitely has a love for gymnastics and works out at home and his local gym . He loves the swimming and gymnastics above all other sports .
Olivia is a sweet little princess and the only babygirl in her family! She loves to smile and eat. Her mommy is her person and her brothers are the best playmates ever for her!
Harvey is the sweetest little boy. He is always so giggly and loves people. He needs all the love!
Oliver is 6 months old and absolutely loves his big brother. He can roll over almost crawl and giggle like no tomorrow. He is also obsessed with food.
Maverick is 4 months old. He loves his swing and his mamaw. He loves to play with toys and he’s always laughing.
He is now 8 months old such a happy boy and absolutely loves food
Zion is the calmest baby. He loves naptime and will listen to music with you all day💕
Rylan is Greek, Vietnamese, and Chinese. Anytime he sees a phone, he smiles whether you are taking a photo of him or simply sending a text. He LOVES the camera. He is very strong with the personality to match. His Daddy was a model and he's ready to follow in his footsteps!
Leland is almost 4 months old. He loves Mickey Mouse, standing on mommy, bath time, and smiling at everybody!!
Zuko loves to ride in his cars, eat, and most definitely a pet person❤️
She likes to sleep and eat
Clayton is the sweetest red headed baby boy! Clayton loves everyone and no one is a stranger. His favorite things to do are eat, bounce in his bouncer and go on adventures. Clayton loves mama and dada!
Leeanna Kate is as smart as a cookie ! She talks more than the average 2 year old , she loves Mickey Mouse , and she loves animals ! She has beautiful red hair and hazel eyes !
Evelyn And Adalyn
They are such sweet happy girls. Always smiling, laughing, and babbling. They love snuggling! They have so much fun kicking their legs during bath time.