Miss Avery is 10 months and on the verge of walking! She’s so smart so loving and so curious. She’s an absolute gem 🫶🏽
Almost three weeks old! Ava came about just three weeks early. She really likes to be held and loved on. She is starting to learn how to smile!
Nevaeh is now 2 years old and the absolute happiest girl in world 😊❤️ She loves to talk to mom and dad and stare at her self for hours. She smiles no matter what you tell her unless she’s tired then she has a mean stink eye lol. She’s so smart and super sassy I wouldn’t trade her for the world.
Amon is the perfect lil man we have been missing in our lives. So blessed to have him
Gabriella is a bundle of joy no matter the obstacles that come her way, she always gets better, she has learned so much in 2 years. I am very proud of my Peanut. Her eyes are not perfect but she learned how to see in other ways, for me she is a blunder of perfection in every way. When you meet her it’s Love at first sight
🌟 💙 Looking for exchanges. Please like Lincolns page. Any votes or bonuses will be considered a gift unless we have an agreement. Thank You!! Lincoln is the sweetest, most caring little boy. He recently(October 9th 2023) lost his Daddy to a tragic motorcycle wreck so Ive been doing anything and everything that I can to help him with his grieving, Its been a very rough last couple weeks. Thank you to everyone for understanding and caring during the last couple weeks, especially the day of his Daddys memorial (October 21st). Lincoln has such a big and caring heart!! He Adores his big brother Christopher and really likes helping him and making sure he has anything he needs, likes helping with his wheelchair (Christopher was born disabled) and likes to make him laugh, Doesnt like when hes in the hospital away from him. Lincoln loves Legos, Dinosaurs and Remote Control Cars. He enjoys playing on his tablet and is always eager to learn new things. Lincolns 7th birthday was October 5th so we didnt get to celebrate properly, So if he wins any money, He really wants to go to Legoland.. id love to be able to surprise him with an amazing legoland getaway.. hopefully take his mind off things for just a little while even. Thank You to everyone for voting for my handsome little Lincoln. 💙
Grant is 11 months old! He is the happiest little boy! His smile lights up the room! He loves crawling all around and playing with toys! 💙
Mason is a bundle of energy.he can make anyone smile with his mischievous charm.hes walmart checkout ladys approved lol we can never make it out without his cuteness stopping us
Hayleigh is a very bright light girl full of joy and enjoys going to school and playing with her siblings and cousins.
Terrance is a very happy energetic child. He loves family and remote control cars and learning.
We are always happy and smiling! We are trying to roll over on our own, we are so close!
Rayn is 14 not 12. He’s my son and he’s the best kid
Georgia is almost 6 months old. Loves her daddy, babbling, eating and spending time with family. She is our miracle baby who is smart, loving and adorable!
Sawyer is almost 3 months old. He loves to play on his tummy time mat and talk! Hes got attitude like his momma. Hes the sweetest and happiest little baby in the world. Truely a blessing to this earth
Skylar is a caring and compassionate babygirl who enjoys being around her big sister!
D Mani
Very smart very funny you just love to see him and just love to play with him he loves playing. He loves laughing wit his big brothers he will melt your heart
Brooklyn is an amazing little girl. Very high functioning, smart and sassy rambunctious little girl. She loves building things from her magna tiles and when we pass buildings that are being built she says that's what she's gonna do when she grows up. ❤️
Olivia is our Angel among this earth. Her sweet smile is contagious and thinks everything is funny. Especially her boxer Gunner. She lights up everyone heart by just looking at her.
She loves to smile and play. She loves being around her family
She the happiest, loves to play, loving and the cutest ever!
Levi is 13 months old, loves Blues Clues and his mommy and daddy very much. Levi is a NICU warrior, he faught hard! He loves colorful lights and music. He loves George Strait. Levi is such a special little guy he loves everyone, he is always so happy and full of life. He brightens up a room for a mile!
I’m a month old. And love to snuggle🥰 would love nothin more
A very smart and happy baby full of laughs. Makes the world smile when she is in it
This is Anastasia she’s 2 months old almost 3 an she is such a big character ❤️
George is a very happy baby who is easy going.
Ashton is the sweetest chunka butt! His hobbys include laughing, walking in his walker, being cute, and pulling his daddys beard. You should vote for him because, well, why wouldn’t you? Look at that smile!
My name is Harper I am in pre k and love going to school and playing with my friends my hobbies are playing with makeup and playing outside being around my family doing fun stuff
Ellie mea is my name I like to play with my older sister and cause as much trouble as I can I love being outside and going for rides to see new places
Evan loves to explore everything. He's always on the move and lives to flert with all the ladies.
Miss piper is such a happy baby always smiling & laughing! She’s working on learning to walk in her jumper at the moment she jumps around in it when she does walk she goes backwards. She loves to play with her older sister Harper. Piper loves to talk she is always trying to talk. She blows blowing kisses & making a bunch of noise. She’s will put a smile on your face & make you laugh when you see her!
I love to play roblox and be outside. I love to build things and take them apart to see how it works.
I love the colors pink and purple. I like to play in make up and curl my hair. Im a girlie girl who has a big heart.
Genesis is my Rainbow bouncing big boy!!!. After losing our first child me and my husband was devastated little did we know 18months later we would be given a intelligent handsome son. Genesis is Autistic but verbal. Loves FIRETRUCKS AND CARS. HIS FAVORITE COLOR IS GREEN AND HE LOVES PAW PATROL AND BLIPPY. All votes are welcomed. Thank u all.
She is a lovely little girl with a smile that lights up the room. She always is willing to help in kitchen or clean up time. She loves adventure 💕. Her favorite things currently are dinosaurs , dancing, singing and going out to the jumpy place. Vote for her and we can do what we need to pay off mommys debt and get my future going.
Adalynn is the most sweetest baby ever!! Her smile could light up any room and her laugh fills you with joy, she loves to wiggle and dance and her favorite things are eating eggs and Moana.
She's very active happy and she loves to play she hate laying down she's 5 months and this is my first girl.
Ruby Witko
Ruby loves all animals and is a great Lil Momma to her babies. Her heart is as BIG as her SMILE.
She is beutifull and full of personality she brings so much life to all around her
Isaiah is such a happy funny little bot he is 16 months now and very smart getting potty trained he is very observant he is alwaus smilimg and happy
Noah was born a month early and had a very rough first month in the new world and spent more then half the month in the NICU on three separate occasions. After he was born he spent nine days in the hospital before being released. A few days later he developed pneumonia and was hospitalized for five days and came home, only to go back again the following week and get diagnosed with Covid. This little man has proved to everyone he is a fighter and nothing will stop him.
Dr Seuss called it with thang 1 and Thang 2
Kind hearted loves to play and be a little Gypsy type girl loves gymnastics and cheer.
My beautiful baby girl with her red hair and blue eyes she will take over the world if given the chance she's kind hearted and sweet as can be
Kori is an active 2 year old! Loves mama and daddy! She loves pageantry! Loves people
Melody loves playing with her toys and like smiling at people as well. Such a sweet baby girl.
This girl right here can be the sweetest you have ever meet but can also be the meanest. Lol. Love my girl so much