Baby Stories - 3


This is Kaylani she’s a great baby and just recently found her voice and now ouu’s all the time 💕 she loves being with her mommy and daddy 🥰 and is just now starting to be more awake and notice everything 🤩
He loves his mommy and daddy and Nana and Papa and his baby sister that's on the way.
This is Baby Dae he is a happy spirited baby boy that his grandma loves tremendously ❤️
I am 7 months old! I love my mommy and daddy sooo much! I love to walk in my walker and attempt to crawl but i only go backwards! I love to eat especially my bananas and mashed potatoes! I also love my kitty siblings!💕
Hello I’m Josephia I was 5 weeks early So my-mommy has had it hard I was her very first premature baby.. but I know she loves me so much.. I love to smile at my mommy and my daddy and also my grandparents I’m 3 months old I make sounds and laugh in my sleep I keep mommy on her toes with being up I love to be cuddled and held all the time.. I like to be talked to and shown my toys.. I like sleeping in my mommy or daddy’s arms or in my bed..
He loves to smile and laugh ... always wants to be with mommy :)
Brooklyn is a good baby she is 2 years old she sings her ABC'S she tells you when she has to go potty and she likes playing with baby's and she loves watching cocomelon
Izayah is our little dare devil! Soon he will be 11 months old and by the looks of it will be walking very soon. He loves anything that involves climbing while giving his parents heart attacks. He’s always on the move and full of laughter! Our happy baby boy enjoys play time just as much as he enjoys meal time! Watching him grow and explore new things brings so much joy!
Nicholas is 9 months and full of life! He loves to jump and smiles all the time. His nickname is Bean and that’s what everyone calls him.
Scarlett is such a sweet but shy little girl. She loves playing with her cat and snuggling on the couch with the dogs. She loves painting and helping her daddy work on his truck or bike.
Kaylee is a very smart, outgoing and caring girl. She loves animals, collecting rocks and learning anything and everything. Kaylee can speak some Spanish. She also competes in pageants!
Avana is such a happy and loving baby. She loves music and cuddles.
Harper is a fun and outgoing little girl. She loves animals (especially moomoo) and her big sister! No matter what time of day she always has a smile on her face. She loves to dance to any music she hears.
Owen Hill
He is a loveing baby and he lives when we talk to me. Family loves a lot and sister and brother loves him to he makes noises at things he reachs for things.
My name is Brenden. My mom and dad prayed so hard for me for 4 years. They had 3 losses before they had me... I’m a rainbow baby and they’re so obsessed with me! I have been smiling from the day I was born and am so happy. I was born on September 30th weighing 8lbs 7oz! I am currently 3 months old. I’m loved and so special. I enjoy patty cake with mom and jumping with my dad. Please vote for me! Thank you to whoever even voted once. We really appreciate you! We are thankful for this contest and if we shall win, it will be spent ALL on our baby boy. 🖤
Zelma is is only 1 month old. She loves her daddy and momma. She loves to eat and sleep. She a very bless baby girl!
Kolten is a audacious 1 1/2 year old, he loves everything to do with the outdoors, such as riding four wheelers, playing in the dirt, helping daddy work on something in the shop. It doesn’t matter what it is he has a strong interest in it. He is such a happy boy, he will put a smile on anyone’s face he meets. He says “hey” and smiles at everyone he gets a chance to. Kolten would love to win and add some more to his savings account for his future. 😊
Vikki Rae'Lynn
My princess is almost 2 months she is getting big fast she loves tummy time likes taking baths and is constantly eating lol she was born early so she was tiny but shes getting there 😉💞
Jason is a very happy boy! He loves to smile a lot and loves his carrots!
This little nugget has the sweetest demeanor, loves to laugh..and loves to snuggle.
Luna loves to spend time with her grandma and daddy. She loves to sit and watch everything going on around her. We love her so much and how she likes being all into everyone’s conversations 💕
Danikah has a huge personality! Shes funny and so smart! She loves taking care of her little sister. She incredibly independent!
Paislee is my Tom girl , she is fearless and loves, heights, and speed. She is my superhero. She was born with D-TGA the two main great arteries were switched , her first surgery they put a balloon in her heart and then her open heart surgery was six days after she was born. She spent almost two months at Children’s mercy. She is 2 almost three and is looking at one more open heart surgery in her future. She is strong, wild, and so much fun. She loves her animals and following her brother around. She likes getting dirty and playing in mud with tractor toys. Her favorite animal is a cow. Her smile and laugh will make your heart melt. She is smart she picks up everything anyone says. She is a Daddy’s girl and wants to be with him 24/7. She is determined and will manage to do things on her own. Very independent.
This is Ryett, he is an outstanding little boy. His dream is to be a cowboy, he wants to be a bull rider and ride in rodeos. Ryett loves animals. He has two horses, one pony, 6 goats, a turtle and his bestfriend lily our lab ( bird dog ) he is caring and loves everyone. He loves Tractors and trucks. You can’t help but love him. He makes friends easily. He loves to learn new things. He does great in school and loves teaching is younger sister things. He is a mommas boy. He protects his momma, but loves to go outside with his daddy and do work.
Hello, im Alena. I just recently learned how to walk, and im all about talking even though i dont know what words to say. Im a little sister to my sister Alice, and im obessed with following her around and playing with all of our toys.
Emagen has been a blessing from the beginning. She loves singing, smiling, the color pink, peanut butter sandwiches, and her family! She has truly been the best baby and sister. Any money goes straight to her savings account for anything that she may need in the future. With such a smart, sassy, loving girl on the rise, the world definitely has something to watch out for!
Joseph loves conversation, his Gigi, and his friend the fan! He's playful, lovable, and oh so smart!
Autumns favorite place to be is outside! Shes full of attitude and gives the best cuddles!
Joseph brings smiles and love to everyone.
Kenneth is our newborn son and he loves his cuddles with his mommy and daddy!! He has 5 siblings and he loves them all!! It would be greatly appreciated if you voted.for him.
My names dom, I love to laugh at my puppy and watch Elmo 🥰
Layla. S
Layla is very observant and she adores her family. When her dad enters the room she lights up with so much joy and it is just the cutest thing I’ve ever witnessed! She enjoys watching Cocomelon, singing and dancing with mommy, and enjoying her teething toys. During the last few minutes of labor with Layla she shows signs of distress so they really had to get her out. During the process she fractured her humerus bone and inhaled Meconium(babies first bowel movement) Layla was hospitalized and had to be put on a ventilator she needed 100% oxygen she could not breathe on her own her lungs was filled with fluid and thick tar like bowel movement. She had wet lungs they even told me she might suffer from brain damage. Layla was diagnosed with Meconium aspiration syndrome. Layla’s dad and I was with her every step of the way he used some of his vacation time. It seems like the more she heard our voices she started to get better and by the grace of God she made a full recovery she was able to come home after 12 days. Layla is a survivor she has lots of personality you would never know she experienced that in the first few days of her life. We are blessed to have her.
She is also known as Princess P and she knows it LOL! Our sweet funny sassy little girl. She loves watching Cocomelon ( on repeat ) Also that smiles of hers lights up any room she’s in 🥰♥️
Juliana is the older twin sister to her brother Joseph by one minute! She loves swim time, being read and sung to. She has the brighter smile that shines through her eyes! Her daddy is her favorite person but she loves her mother equally.
He loves to ride his for wheeler his bonus dad Justin got for him he loves to play with his brothers an help take care of his sister he loves to go riding and enjoys the water lol my sweet baby boy
My beautiful baby girl my first daughter she loves to swing and listen to her daddy sing to her she loves to lay across mommy chest and takes naps
Cuddly Little Daddy's Girl who loves Curious George and loves her stuffed unicorn
Ayden is such a funny boy, he makes everyone around him happy and laugh. He loves waving hi to everyone and loves blowing kisses. He loves his cars, and the baby shark song.
He’s charismatic & whiny. Loves every food but baby food. & even though he just turned 1, he’s so considerate.
Hello, my name is Khaleesi I’m 7 months old! I have a wonderful big sister and I have the best parents ever💛 I just learned how to blow and give kisses💋 I’m a little difficult when I have to do tummy time but I learned if I roll I can get to where I need❣️ I hope I win your votes!
Robert is an active little guy. He's 11 months and loves to be with his momma. He loves dinosaurs and playing with his tonka truck!
Bentley is 7 weeks old. He loves to poop a lot and loves his mommy and daddy so much! Also loves mommy’s milk. HATES the hiccups ♥️
Eliseo is a sweet boy that loves to have fun with his big sister and cousins.
Brynlee loves to smile and talk! She’s learning how to sit up
She loves to giggle and make silly faces for the camera. Her birthday is actually coming up on the 15th . She’s the sweetest little girl
She’s full of laughter and smiles . Loves to cuddle 🤍 she’s the sweetest!
Chance loves to watch tv, stand up, and bouncing.
Hi, I’m three and love the outdoors. I also love helping mom with my baby sister 💖 thank you guys