Henzley is a special girl whose momma and daddy waited a long time to meet! She’s a double rainbow baby. She is such a sweet and always happy baby! She loves her big brothers and all her puppies.
Wesley Gray Hunt
Hi im wesley gray im 1 years old and i love to dance, eat and be happy
Joe is so sweet, he loves to snuggle but will also beat you up if he gets the chance. He loves to play with his brother, eat, and crawl about. My little big boy is a tank in the making!!
Gio is a very smart, outgoing little outdoorsman that is full of energy. He loves anything to do with hunting/fishing and is always willing to eat a peanut butter and jelly😂
Hi my name is Zealand but some call me “Z”! I’m always super happy & I hardly ever cry unless my tooth hurts or I’m demanding food, I love food!! There’s not a food I’ve tried that I don’t like. Some of my favorite things to do are sit in my jumperoo & watch Cocomelon or play in my ball pit!
My name is Blaze. Im such a calm baby, i love to see everything! If im not watching everything around me im trying to pull my thumbs off.
Hello my names juniper mila-rose i maybe small but im so mighty! I was born with a rare Genetic disorder called spinal muscular atrophy type one and im here to prove the world wrong one wheelchair roll at a time
2 weeks old has to be on o2 for some lung issues but sure cute little brother :'
Sky is 6 years old loves dinos and is an overall super happy speical little girl who just became a big sister.
Kaylani loves to eat growl and get her feet kissed. She has a spunky little personality with a side of sass. she is a very happy and curious baby.
Hunter is such a sweetheart and she amazes me every day with how smart and advanced she is. She is also vary funny and laughs at everything on the world! She is a girl with a boyish name but she is named after her daddy’s family member and best friend who passed away before she was born!
Mia is a 14 month that is happy all the time. She loves to be outside. Mia has a love for puppies.
Payten is 7years old likes to play outside swim play with her cousins. And hang with her family
Finley Shay
Finny loves late night snuggles, dancing fruit videos, and making mommy + daddy laugh. You will always find him smiling and giggling 🥹 We hope his smile makes your day like it does ours
He's a fun loving little man and he loves an adventure indoors and outdoors
Baby Jonah is a sweet and lovable boy! He’s such a happy baby who loves to smile and play!
Everyone calls him our "Gerber Baby"!! :)
Well in this picture are 2 of my boys my oldest is 5 and his name is Raquan Jr he also has autism, my youngest is 2 years old name Jaiden. Both of my boys are very active love to play and love to get on my nerves most of the time 😂😫🤷🏻‍♀️ but these are my handsome boys💙🥰
He is a funny son
Auna is a fun loving 5 month old with her own spunky personality ❤️
Dorthea was born with a club foot and three toes but has handled it like a champ! She is a bubbly, happy girl!
Jason was born early weighing exactly 4 lbs. He had a colostomy and ileostomy at just 2 days old, proving to us what a strong and mighty warrior he is. Eat, sleep, poop, repeat is his motto.
Grayson is the happiest baby. He loves to laugh and makes everyone smile! He newest word of the week is “Ahh Choo”!
Aliyah is the happiest 5 month old you could meet. She loves spending her days at home with mom and dad and her fur sister Athena !
She loves meeting new friends to play with. She’s so bright and amazing I couldn’t be prouder !
He had open heart surgery this past year and he is so strong !! He is doing amazing now! He says “Spider-Man is my super hero and if Spider-Man is strong I can be strong to!” He is my strong little man ❤️
Aria is absolutely the sweetest baby ever! She is always happy and puts a smile on everyone’s face!
He is a very happy lovable caring baby with 3 older sisters he is the only boy and very spoiled and energetic
He a really cool kids and very out going and lovable
She smart and she funny…
Landon loves his mommy, grandma and uncle. ❤️ He is into cars, play-doh, lights, animals, colors, letters and shapes. He loves watching Miss Rachel and dancing 🕺
Azriel loves to be the center of attention
Bestest big sis! Her name means LOVE, and she truly lives up to it! “Man of many laughs” >_< changing the world one hug at a time! <3
The best baby brother! Quite the lady killer (; biggest smile with the bluest eyes, makes great for soothing the soul <3
Arriella is 3 months old. She loves being talked to, loves baths, and loves her mommy and daddy. Shes finding her voice and will talk back to you.
Zaelynn is a sweet 4 month old little baby girl she loves to laugh smile and loves her family the sweetest little girl ever
Amir loves to hear me sing to him
Shes a happy baby. She is a little trooper. She had surgery before she was 5 months old. She has done and is doing beautifully
My tiny Ryatt was lifting his head from the day we brought him home, born 10/31/22 at 7lbs 4oz!
Xavier loves to smile and loves drinking his Milky’s lol
Jeston is a super happy baby that enjoys cardboard boxes and anything he can fit in his mouth. Lol
Hello! I'm Brett I love playing with toys and laughing and smiling. I was born a preemie 6 weeks early, but that doesn't stop me from thriving!
Love to dance and love tiktok ❤️
Hiiii my name is Maeve, I love my mama and dada and 2 fur brothers❤️ I’m almost 6 months old and out of all my toys I would prefer to chew on my hands and feet😂
He is smart very observent likes his cars and trys putting stuff together hes a very happy child and also loves me reading books to him and singing he also trys to sing occasionally
Hi my name is Selena i love to grab at my feet and anything i see in font of me! I'm also teething so slobbering is my new thing! :)