Baby Stories - 3


Kellen is such a sweet and happy little boy he loves his family and most of all his little kitty. Kellen is always in a happy and good mood with a contagious smile on his face. He can turn anyones frown upside down.
Denny is 6 months old ! He loves to jump , walk backwards , & eat ! His favorite words are “dada” & “baba” . Favorite foods are mashed potatoes, oranges , & bananas.
Dane is a super happy and playful young man. He's walking, waving, saying Mama and hi 🙂
Willie loves to sleep! He loves his hand being held! And he definetely loves his bath time❤
ThaiAmerican girl who loves her family, farm life and peppa pig. She's a hero to all with a contagious spark of joy.
Hi my name is Salvatore and I am almost 4 months old. I love mommy’s milk and cuddles. Pulling daddy’s beard is funny to me.
Shes an angel that is not shy in front of a camera she adventurous and bossy .
Vote for baby Sophia 💕 She's a sassy and loving baby girl 😘❤️
Hi! My name is Paislee. I'm 3 months old I love mommy's milk, attention, and I'm ticklish.
Joel Edward
Joel Edward is my grandson and he loves Pokémon, planes, his super wings, puppy phone and Clifford and sitting in his JohnDeere tractor Walker.He loves eating his scrambled eggs too.
Everleigh Rose is my spunky little girl! She loves to squeal, bounce, & she absolutely loves bathtime. She has the sweetest soul & smiles all the time🤍
Hello my name is Oaklynn, I love my mommy. I like to play with toys and watch tv. I can walk. I can say mama, nana, dada, bub, Layla, daisy, cookie, doggy etc…
Hi I am Lorraine and I love to cuddle with anyone that would let me. I love being bounced in my daddy's arms but the best thing is when mommy feeds me.
He’s the happiest baby and anyone who walks into a room with him can tell! He loves smiling at strangers and crawling as fast as he can to any animal he sees. He’s a joy to all who meet him, no matter where.
This is my precious 2 month old girl, Saylor Kate! She adores being talked to and LOVES cuddles.
This is Colton he is 10 days old! Absolutely loves to be talked to, loves bath time, and ofc feeding time:)and ofc his a mommas boy🤫💙
Ny’lah is 7 weeks, very cute and loves her leche and snuggles 🥰 .
Axel Lee
Axel is my strong premie boy born 11:18am on 11/18. He loves bath time, tummy time, food & his 3 big siblings. 💕 he has the biggest personality and uses it to wrap everyone around his tiny finger. His most loved featured are his big eyes and long hair.
She is the sweetest baby. She is my youngest son's daughter. She loves for you to talk to her. She is starting to coo. Please vote for the cutest baby in Tn.
Arlo loves to watch the lion king and swing in his seat, he’s an early bird and learning something new everyday:)
Jasmine Kettor
She love to dance, she love watching her little cocomelon and singing onto it. She talks a lot for her age.
Everly is everything beautiful. She’s the happiest baby with so much love beaming from her personality. She’s sassy and loves screaming happily every day. Vote for Everly!
izabell is 9 years old loves to dance and be in pageants we have 2 dog 2 cats she loves being with her friends
Wilder Blake
wilder is 3 months old, she is loving and so smart. she rolls over, laughs all the time, is in love with bath time and is such an amazing little girl 💘
Hadley is 3 months old, she loves bath time and tummy time she’s happy know matter what!
His favorite things to do as a 2 year old is runnn!!! He loves to play ball and cars! But he also loves to play with his younger brother. His favorite people are his pawpaw and mawmaw!! He’s such a big goof!
He was premie born 12:18pm on 10/20. He loves take bath, talk to momma, and snuggle. He’s very smile and loves his momma! He loves to coo at people, and kick his feet💙.
Liam like to play with his sister and brother and likes mickey mouse and Elmo and blues clues
Emery is 3 months old and the most noticeable feature about this handsome boy is his long hair!! He’s very smiley and loves his momma! He’s starting to learn how to coo, kick his feet, and play with his bubba!!
Kaiya is 2 months old, she loves her mommy & daddy. She loves being talked to, she loves bath time, she loves to have “conversations” with you, she loves to eat and stand up.
My name is Ayriana i am almost 8 months i love to smile and laugh at everyone especially my daddy!
My baby boy Emmett is the absolute sweetest and most amazing little guy I could have ever asked for. Of course I’m bias, but he truly is amazing. He always has a smile on his face, even with a stranger. He is so friendly and lovable. I truly am the luckiest person in the world to be his mommy🥺❤️
Parker Dajui
Parker loves cuddles and standing up and loves his grandma and mommy alot hes 6 months old about to be 7 months old this month he can say two words momma and hey hes loves his fruits and hes got three teeth
Miss Oaklynn is 2 months old! She loves her momma but is definitely a daddy’s girl! She has 3 older brothers so she’s the boss!! And she knows it!! At just 2 months this girl is full of sass and attitude!! She definitely keeps us all in line!! 👸🏼💜
3 weeks old, loves to cuddle and hates baths.
Loves smiling and loves to be held she’s very clingy and loves playing with toys that make list of noise.
Bryson Grey
bryson is 2 months old, he loves to stand up, loves to eat, and he’s a big mama’s boy
Taten loves his mommy and he love his Bubba he like yo eat and talk he holds his on bottle he love taking baths
He absolutely loves it when me and my dad sings to him.He also really loves to look at lights doesn’t really matter what kinda light but his most favorite light is Christmas lights.
Nova Rose
Nova is 7 months old. She can crawl, loves playing with her toys and smiling at her family, she loves being a big sister and loves her family so much!
Hi my name is Kylie and I am a pandemic baby! If that doesn't sum it up, I enjoy listening to music, playing with my big brother and sister & enjoy church services on sunday!
Brooklyn is a sassy little girl with an attitude out of this world. She loves to push her mommy and daddy buttons and can destroy anything within two seconds. She loves to eat, play with things that are not her toys, & not listen but most importantly loves to hit and pinch and then laugh about it. She sure does give people a run for their money.
Khyson is 3 months old! He loves to giggle and smile so much and try to talk 24/7! He’s the most happiest little boy ever! He also loves to suck his little thumb🥰
Amethyst is a beautiful baby girl who loves to play and giggle! She loves to click her tongue like a clock and blow raspberries for fun! Her favorite toys right now are Bobby banana and her unicorn that rattles. While my baby girl is definitely an angel she has her days like everybody else but with some cuddles and music she calms right back down and is ready to play!
Carlos is a busy little boy, he loves play with his drums! He loves to make people laugh and he is such a little character, especially when he fake laugh!