Baby Stories - 3


M'kaylah is such a happy little girl! Shes always smiling, laughing and talking. She loves her mommy but ADORES her daddy.
Aidan loves bath time and recording Tik tocs with daddy
My name is Zayden I’m 21months old. I almost didn’t make it and was born early. I fought hard for my life and my mommy calls me a miracle.
Markie loves playing with other kids and playing with his toys ! His favorite movie is cars and he loves to swim! Vote for him he’s a cutie!
Zaelynn loves to be sassy. Loves her fruit, to crawl, and loves Frozen 2
He’s a happy man, smiles at everyone he loves to slap things and drool everywhere but loves his best friend(dad) very vocal
Jeremy Jr
He is 6 months and he says mama, he is starting to crawl, he is starting to get his teeth, he loves his sister, he is a mommy’s boy.
Beverly Anne-Pauline is all named after family, she’s very social and loves socializing and waving and saying hi to strangers. She makes anyone who sees her fall in love and she makes their day.
She looks just her big sister in heaven! Big blue eyes loves to laugh and love animals and she loves loves food!!
Skyla Marie
Skyla is 11 and a half months and she loves to be on the go. She loves her family, she will talk your head off. She loves to ride her 4 wheeler and be outside. She is a daddies girl, but loves her mama. She is the sweetest little girl i know!
Kyngston is two years old he will be 3 in July! Hes a very energetic little boy with a lot of personality 🥰
MIRACLE! Helena loves The Croods, her puppy Nala, being in water, and her bubba.
Alanas our beautiful little rainbow baby. She’s full of love, cuddles and smiles. ❤️
Cami is a happy baby and loves to smile ❤️
She’s smart and funny and full of engery loves her eggs n toast n the most beautiful granddaughter ever
Little Miss Gwynn is currently working on her neck strength as well as her arms and core. Got to make them strong so she can roll over and work on the crawling to come. She just actually laughed for the first time this last week. And we are hoping to hear it again real soon as it was contagious and instantly brings a smile to your face. We absolutely adore this little peanut more than world can say.
Hi I am Katarina. I love cuddles with my Daddy and with my kitties and puppy. I love to play with my stuffed animals.
Raelynn loves reading, helping take care of her baby brother. She loves being super mouthy and is so full of sass and spunk
He loves to yell louder then his sister. Love his blankie and eating!
Hey guys! Im Tatum, Tate for short. I love to get dirty, and then splash away in the tub! My favorite toy and movie, is cars. 💙
Kinslee Morgan is our families pride and joy. Her red hair truly matches her spitfire personality.
He loves being around people, he’s a very happy baby and he loves watching his cartoons !
Parker is 3 Months. He loves to soak up all of the love surrounding him. He is charming, sweet, and loves to cuddle! Dreading the day he starts getting embarrassed when I call him sweetypie in public LOL! Vote Vote Vote, much appreciated❤️
She likes being a big sister to Gabriella and Neytiri
River is the happiest little premie I’ve ever met she is a scoliosis warrior and also has fused ribs but that doesn’t stop her
She is the most energetic 1 year old i have ever seen and she loves to smile and play she is a big sister and little sister.
Lorelai is my little ray of sunshine and my little spitfire
Well Neytiri is a month and halfso all she like to do is eat and sleep amd she makes the cutest smile some times.
My Benny boo is 8 months old. He loves to roll around, eat and watch his sisters play!
Loves Playinn PeekaBOO ! 💗😉She Is Soo Adorable Already Alert And Ready To Look At Her Surroundings Time To Bring Out The Rattles 💃🏽
Xavier is 3 months old born on December 13th! He was born 5 and a half weeks early only weighing at 5 pounds 7 ounces. Today he weighs at almost 13! He loves laying on his back freely, being rubbed on his belly, being naked and being talked to! He has brown hair and big blue eyes. Vote for my happy baby🥰
Iris is the sweetest little girl who loves to crawl, jump, dance, and babble your ear off!
Kyler is the sweetest most loving boy. He brings pure joy into our lives and we hope you will vote for him. ❤
My little peanut, Julia is such a little fighter and a true blessing, her umbilical cord developed abnormally which caused her to be growth restricted she was unable to get all of the nutrients she needed, which put her at risk for stillbirth. My daughter was born early on January 29th instead of her original due date February 19th. She was in the Nicu until the 13th of February when I was finally able to bring my sweet girl home. Julia was 3lbs 13 ounces at birth, 17 inches long.
Violet is my granddaughter. She is 6 months old. My son, violets daddy was murdered 12/16/20 and left his fiancé and my granddaughter in a hard place since he was the one who provided for them. Please vote for her so we are able to help financially provide for her. She is my ray of sunshine and the reason I’m able to get up everyday.
Ariana is very smart, she love to draw, running, and going to the park. Love to communicate with people and well educated. Love to dance 💃
Easton is the sweetest, funniest, spunkiest little gamer! He rolls ♿️ through life daily not skipping a beat. He makes us so proud everyday!!
Hello I’m Makye!💙I am 2 & a half months old, a New Years Eve baby! 🎊 I love kisses from mommy & daddy, and eating. I’ve had a head full of hair since I was in mommy’s belly. I’m an only child but mommy would love to have just one more🥺. Vote for me, please🥰
Kylani a.k.a. Cheeks is 4 months old she likes to sing (coo) to songs . She loves bath time, chewing on her hands ,her bottle and pacifier.She wakes up with a smile every time, she’s a happy little girl but a little bit bossy. She loves to scream and babble, she loves her own voice 🙃Kylani uses her eyebrows to let you know how she feels 🤨 lol it’s super cute.She wants to be held 24 hours a day! Lately she likes to grab your face and try to to bite (gum) your nose! That’s normal right? 🤔🤣 Please consider voting for Kylani ☺️Thanks 🙏🏼 If you’re interested in exchanging votes I will do 10 a day - just leave me a message! Looking to join a team 👀Good luck to all 🍀 all babies are beautiful 🥰
Hope is 5 months old. She is her Mama and Daddy's miracle! She loves to talk to Mom, Dad, and her Abuelo (Grandpa). She loves strawberry banana yogurt, chicken, tuna, pickles and peas. She is such a happy little girl. Always smiling! She has the most contagious laugh you'll ever hear! She likes to watch Kung Fu Movies with Daddy and go on walks with Mama. She has a big brother who is in High School, 3 dogs named Whiskey, Luna, and Axel (they totally spoil her), and 2 cats named Cali and Fred, and fish!
Ryland is just the sweetest little baby, who just loves to talk and laugh.
Fun loving spunky sassy baby girl, highlight of my life
Kaitlyn R Hernandez
Hi my name is kaitlyn. Im a rainbow baby !!! I love to give hugs and kisses to mommy and daddy and my brother of course ! I like to share my food and toys. Im a very bright toddler i can speak in two languages. I use words and full fraces to comunícate. I love Elsa and Anna. I like to kick the ball with my brother. On top of all that doct says i have a murmur in my ❤
Will is one of the happiest babies! He literally is always smiling!!! He loves our cat Bo, we say that they are best friends and he loves his mama and daddy! He never makes a fuss about anything really!! 😍