Baby Stories - 29


Oskar is a calm baby that loves his snuggles
Marcus can be a very serious baby, but also loves to smile! 😃
Happy baby who loves too smile 😊 and hang out with her nonna🥰💘
Armani is the happiest baby you’ll ever meet. He’s all smiles & playful. Armani loves to watch spongebob & cocomelon. Everywhere we go he receives compliments he’s definitely a lady’s man.
Born into this world 6 weeks early. My miracle rainbow baby. She is so smart and loving. She loves to smile and cuddle with mommy and daddy ❤️
Sergio loves anything that spins like a fan,loves lights, dogs and ducks. He is energetic and loves smiling for the camera
Justice is ten months old loves to play with her musical toys watch coconelon and play in her walker.
Omarian is Not your ordinary 6Month old!! Head full of hair & a smile that will light up the world! Smart since birth!! PANDEMIC baby & was holding his own bottle at 3Months!! Complimented literally EVERYWHERE WE GO!! Ohhhbaby
This is Davina Jaide 💗
Jayden is a 2 month old premie that survived me getting hit by a car in the stomach at 12months pregnant and then he was born early by the grace of god he is so healthy he loves the word uh oh and oh no he smiles every time he is the cutest most lovable baby boy I ever met
Maddie loves playing with dolls, reading, and taking smiling for the camera!
Zaeylah is turning 2 this month she is very smart she loves taking pictures, being outside, reading books, loves animals
Miss. Amiyah is 5 years old full of energy! She loves dressing up , she loves playing around with makeup. She’s a real life princess. She would love to win 🥇 this is her first time doing something like this❤️
Sofia is the most sweetest baby ever! She loves her big sister and jumping in her jumper.
Bryleigh is a month old and loves her mommy and daddy.
Geo'Vauni Lee
Hes a bright fun and outgoing little boy who enjoys playing with toy cars and eating he is also very fun to be around with a amazing smile
Magnolia is a little red-headed bundle of joy. She loves to babble, eat, and suck her thumb. This wild child crawls everywhere, chasing her pet dog and cat arount the house.
I was born at 37 weeks I love snuggles and I'm held spoiled ❤️🥰
Emerson is the light of my life! She is still very new to this world, but her favorite things are cuddling with mommy and daddy, looking at Christmas trees, and taking a bath 🛁.
Karsen is 3 months full of joy. Loves smiling and playing with his cousins.
Such a happy baby. She smiles all the time and is very photo genic. In this photo she was cooing and smiling at the same time. :)
Little Marnie is busy busy busy. She is learning all about this new world, and we are busy learning all about her!
Legend is 6 months old. He’s able to roll over and say dada now! He enjoys playing with his big sister and loves cocomelon🥰
Kai’zer is a very very happy boy, he loves his mommy and daddy and loves to smile! He also loves to watch tv and when people talk to him! He is overall such a loving boy
Sophia is the light of her parents life’s, she is almost 6 months old! She is rolling all over the place, she is all smiles All the time. She has 1 tooth coming in and talks whenever she can. We love are sweet girl so much 💕
Born 3 months premature & sent home on oxygen after 75 days in the NICU. Today, he is alive, happy, and thriving!!! ♥️
Sayge is a spunky 5 month old who loves listening to music and trying to sing along with it! She’s silly and she knows it cause she laughs at herself all day long. She lights up everybody’s day💜
He loves his mommy and daddy. He enjoys cuddles. Cooing. He loves taking naps with mom Loves to eat all the time
ava is 2 months old!! she’s always smiling and loves looking at ceiling fans and lights. she loves being held all the time and her favorite person is nana♥️
Karsyns is a sweet and energetic little boy who loves animals, his baby sister, and playing with balls.
Remi loves eggs, noodles, and his puffs. He enjoys things that make noise, mommys glasses, and anything he is not supposed to have.
Ainsley is a happy 2 months old who loves being talked to and being held.
Jayden was born premature he was two months early and by the grace of God he is doing amazing since day one he is definitely a miracle I was also hit by a car crossing the street street in my belly in the beginning of my pregnancy and he survived that so he is truly a fighter and such a strong little boy and this would be amazing if he could win this contest because he is definitely a cutie more on top of him being a cutie just what he went through before he was even born make him such a strong little boy
Mason is very active, loving boy. Loves to play with his sister and snuggle with his blankets and teddy bears. Loves to watch Cocomelon and sing the songs.
Noah will have u laughing in a matter of seconds after meeting him. He is so full of energy. Noah is also a huge fan of Baby Shark.
Emma is a very outspoken, happy baby! She loves her mommy and daddy. Emma is getting into everything. She loves to crawl around and explore. She is babbling and loves to yell to make sure you are listening to what she has to say!
Aadeliah Addie for short, is an energetic character of a little girl. She's so kind and generous always trying her best to be a good big sister and friend. She loves the outdoors and loves doing anything her daddy is doing. She's a country girl, but a diva at the same time.
Cameron is the happiest, loving, big hearted, caring, generous little boy I've ever met. He is only 15 months old but he knows exactly what people around him are saying or If someone is talking bout him. He always has the funniest and best timing on his facial expressions. He absolutely adores his daddy, and his brothers and sisters. He will go crazy over ANYTHING that he thinks has a motor or he can ride. If I had training wheels on my mini dirt bike right now I guarantee h would be riding it around everywhere! He loves the sounds tht motors make and tries to imitate the sounds. He's very particular when it comes to thinks he likes or cares about. He's very intricate with his hands and fingers. Always has to use his thumb and pointer finger to pickup or grab things. He's extremely smart and I believe with my entire heart that he can and WILL achieve absolutely anything he puts his mind to. Cameron is extremely ticklish and his laughs and giggles are the most contagious thing ever and so stinking adorable.
Xavier is 5 years old. He is a very hyper but energetic kid. Very smart child, has all A and B report cards that has been coming home. He has won awards at school. His favorite food is pizza. He loves baby Yoda from Star wars. He loves to play games such as Roblox on the phone. He is currently in the second highest level to reading in school. He is always happy and will give you the shirt off of his back. He just gave some kids that live down the street from us 5$ to help them with Christmas gifts. He is a very sweet hearted child.
Giovanni is three months old. He’s a very happy baby and loves to be cuddled. He smiles when you speak to him and is so alert . He is such a smart baby boy .
He likes to see how many people he can win over with his chunky cheeks and cute smirks!
I love playing with my big brother, looking at myself in the mirror and drooling on everything !!
Royale is a a very happy baby ‘ she loves watching sports with her dad she wakes up every morning with a big bright smile ‘ and she loves her stuffed teddy bear can’t sleep without it . She’s filled with love joy and laughter ❤️💕
Waylon is 4 months old he loves to eat! He is sitting up by himslef loves to smile hes a bundle of joy 😊