Baby Stories - 29


Winter is a lil wiggle worm that makes piggy noises when she’s hungry. She hates to sleep in her crib and will fuss till she get her way and put in the bed with us. Definitely looks more like her mama then her dad haha. And she likes to sleep with the bottle in her mouth and even if she’s in a dead sleep and we pull it away she will wake up and demand it back.
Lilly is 5 months old and loves to be held and look the world around her. Walks are her favorite part of the day, aside from playing with daddy after work.
He loves his meemaw and loves outside and loves to play with his puppy
She very loveable loves school loves her dad and mom and meemaw and loves her her
He loves play run watch tv
She loves outside loves her mom and daddy loves to pose loves to dance
Aka grayson patrick just turned two! Nanas lil sidekick! Loves to draw and play with his big brother and loves his hotwheels and blues clues!
Most sweet,smart,mamas lil miracle , nanas babygirl
Kingston is 4 months old, he loves to smile, is really ALWAYS in a good and very smiley mood! Loves his family members but also loves meeting new people, & wrist rattles have become the new favorite thing!!
Sophie Rey
It’s Sophie’s world everyone just lives in it. She is a strong willed baby ready to explore the world
Rykker loves to smile and move his arms and legs! He is our little robot ninja!
Meet Ridgeleigh. Ridgeleigh is a spitfire who is extremely independent. Her favorite word to say is "done."
Ethan Luis
My first born , a 5 months old baby boy that loves watching peppa pig 😅, a adorable baby . Born in USA , and Pure Filipino ❤.
Aka Nuggy, is the happiest baby EVER & loves to get chased by Daddy!
I’m a beautiful, happy & healthy preemie .
I love being outside and enjoying the outdoors when it's nice out. Love watching mom and dad's every move. Love to yell mom and smile big when daddy calls me his hero or angel boy. I've got a huge personality and know how to use it.
Kyaire will be 6 months in the next week! He is a heaven sent gift from God He’s such a joy to be around he’s very playful and loves to smile 😊 he knows how to brighten your day, he also loves to cuddle and give lots of love he is the most happiest baby ever🥰
Jerimiah (Jae) is mommy’s rainbow baby. And was born 3 weeks early at 8lbs. His first year of life was sickness after sickness. But man is he a little spitfire
Lilis mommy was on her deathbed 3 times during pregnancy. Lili is her miracle baby. Born 6 weeks early at 6lbs
Daniel is the sweetest big baby in the world! He loves being a big brother and making his baby brother laugh by dancing and singing for him 🥰
Jason Loves dinosaurs and Cars , He lives to go to work with his Dad at the Auto shop...Jason Loves to Meet new People!!!!
Zoey is such a happy baby! She loves to play and laugh
Aiden Tyler
Aiden is my first grand baby. Aiden is 5 months old and he loves to suck his thumb. He is a very happy and loving baby boy. He loves his mommy and daddy. Aiden loves to kick, gooe and smile. Aiden can sit up, roll over and he loves watching cartoons. He likes being the center of the attention and loves being vocal. Aiden was sent from god to give us all joy I so needed him in my life.
Onyx likes being told he's handsome and loves photos taken of him💕
I love to talk, already trying to walk and of course im a army brat. I love my big brother and try to keep up with him
Sadiee Jo
Hi! I’m Sadiee Jo, I love to make people laugh, and blow kisses!
Kyson is 10 months old and a heartbreaker already. He has recently learned to walk and loves his older siblings!💜
A sassy foodie that loves long naps and getting her daddy to do whatever she wants!
He was born smiling and happy. He gives off that good vibe and he’s always cheerful!
Absolutely loves cuddles and giving kisses to the puppy
Jaycee is a beautiful, always happy, smart little girl! She loves playing outside, playing with her babies, and her blocks. She is beautiful inside and out ❤️
Nicholas is almost 3 years old! He has vocabulary of a 4-5 year old! He loves the snow, loves animals, love to play with his trucks.
Hi I’m Amelia, I am 15 months old! And I am so smart! I love to throw away my own diapers, I love to laugh I’m always laughing. And singing is my favorite as well as apple sauce! Please vote for me!
Miss Maislee came into this world earlier than expected but we are so happy to have that extra time with her. She is a brilliant little angel and is already so strong. She has been the light of our lives!
Raygan is almost 8 months old and the happiest little babe there is! She loves to roll, talk, and eat. Help us get vote to win the cutest baby contest ... I mean look at that smile ❤️
Jadiel just turned 8 moths he loves to play love taking a shower everything he see you eating something he what’s some to
Jaiden is a 2 week old little angel. She has a very relaxed demeanor. She really is a great baby. She was born at 36 weeks and is already wanting to hold her head up and loves to make faces. She has 2 sisters and 1 brother from her dad's side and a brother and 2 sisters on mom's side.
Hi everyone my name is alaina, I love hugs and kisses. I’m always fun to play with. I was 5 pounds 15 ounces when I was born and now I’m 16 POUNDS!! I love to play with my little puppy. My favorite food is bananas 🍌 thank you for the votes !
Brayden just turned 6 months!!! He is now eating baby food and loves green beans and carrots!! He can sit up all by himself and loves to jump in his jumparoo. He is all smiles and giggles. He loves his daddy so much and has him wrapped around his tiny fingers.. Brayden has a little doggy named Franklin. Franklin is Brayden 1st best friend.. 💙Brayden Christoph Amari Barrett 💙
She loves being a goofy little baby and makes super funny faces. She loves her feet and bath time.
Kamelia is a 6 month old energetic angel! She loves to talk and watch tv. She loves to laugh, blow spit bubbles and give kisses. Her favorite food is food lol. She’s a very observant little girl and her soul shines through her smile. Everyone she meets instantly loves her. She’s a true gift.
Arianna loves her rattles and her doggies ❤️
Kash is a crazy funny little dude, who loves his mom dad and big brother!!
My little rainbow baby
Everybody come show my baby some love and vote for my love so she can win my one and only princess 👸🏼