Oaklyn loves to crawl, play with her toys, bounce, and loves her family very much. She’s a very smart and curious baby.
He loves to smile in most of his pictures! He is a mommas boy. He is very outgoing and is very funny!
Loves to laugh and smiles all the time
Archie is such a goofball and is constantly laughing and running around where ever he is. He is the sweetest little boy and loves his mommy and daddy. He does everything he sees his daddy do and knows he’s a big boy. He is very smart and loves to learn new things everyday. I’m a very proud momma. He’s the bestest friend I could’ve ever Imagined to have forever.
Hi I’m Asher, I was born premature. At 31 weeks. I was born on July 12,2021. I am the sweetest little boy💕I have a beautiful smile and bright blue eyes 😇. I love giving hugs and kisses and I love my dadda 🥰 that my favorite word😊 I love to try to walk and talk ☺️
This Is my baby Jay’Kyus he is 4 months he has the most biggest handsome smile ever he loves kisses, he loves to laugh he such a good smart baby,, he like when you play with him he’s the happiest baby you could meet 😘
Just a wild child, who loves Sonic the Hedgehog & video games !
I can’t tell you how much happiness this little girl has brought to us! She is full of smiles and keeps mamma busy! Maz has her own little personality that makes people fall in love! All votes are appreciated!!
Kingston, my handsome little love bug. He favorite thing is to eat snacks & dance around. He loves to snuggle & be silly.
Tilomai is just like what her name means, Samoan princess, she loves to give love & smiles. She hates naps, naturally lol. Her favorite person is probably her dad, since all she does is stare at him & smile & laugh, the audacity after 9 months. She loves to watch all my dramatic shows with me & screaming.
Always happy and full of smiles!
Shes a blessing from the most high .she was a 95% high risk baby coming into this world but god heard my cry to just have my own thank you lordfor this bundle of joy
I love have time with my mommy so much she sings to me specifically my favorite songs from the lion king movie I just turn one today
Hi, my name is Odysseus. (O-dih-see-yis) I love to sleep and smile alot! Sometimes I do cry but only when I get super tired and hungry:( mommy knows me best only cause we’re together 24/7 which I don’t mind :) I also love to drool so that’s fun for momma and papa:) I love my papa, mommy and sissy Nata! She’s a doggy but still my sissy <3 thank you for the love and support!
She loves her cow blanket can’t take naps without it. Zoey loves to be in her swing and watch her cartoons every morning. Loves riding on the tractor with daddy. Has her daddy wrapped around her little finger since day one.❤️ Zoey is a little fighter. She fought hard while in the hospital bc she had an infection in her blood, she fought to get healthy again she’s a strong little girl
Bentley is an outgoing little boy!! He loves being outside, playing with his puppy tucker, cuddles with mommy and daddy, and absolutely loves his applesauce and milk!! Y’all should vote for bentley because he is the most happiest and precious baby I know!! He’s also pretty adorable too!🤍
Kiara is 4 months she is very loving and very clever baby vote for her because she is such a sweet and enthusiastic little girl she is my angel and she loves to smile
5 Years old, loves to color/draw. Loves swimming and playing with her little sister’s
My favorite fruit are strawberries 🍓 I love dancing and singing. Mommy and I are two peas in a pod 💞 Daddy always plays with me & makes me laugh a lot!🥰
Judith loves Unicorns, shopping with mommy and family time. Especially outdoors with brother.
Elesia is are guardian Angel now but she loved to laugh and interact with her big sister Aaliyah
Wrens smile can light up an entire room. She is giggly and loves her mama. She also loves to be sitting up.
Eat ✨Sleep ✨ Poop ✨Repeat
Kaelani loves crawling and getting into anything she can get her hands on! She likes to splash in the pool and bathtub, and LOVES going shopping!
Harleigh is my saving grace, she's 10 months old. She loves to laugh, she's very social loves everyone she meets. She's crawling everywhere and standing up every chance she gets. I'm one blessed momma of such a smart, beautiful baby girl.
Sophia Reagan Persell
Sophia is my first born. She is my mini me. Lol she is very sassy lol! She is smart beautiful loving caring! She has a big heart! She is definitely a mommy’s girl! She loves singing writing swimming playing sports! She is very outgoing little girl!
Lily loves cuddles and smiling at Mama!
She is a very sweet baby girl! She has pretty big blue eyes! She is just starting to baby talk so adorable! She loves when mommy holds her and sing to her! She smiles so big! But this little sweet angle has seizures and we don’t know why! She has testing done and everything! I hope they find out soon! But other then that she is a very sweet little baby girl! She will take your heart away!
Ariya is 2 months old she loves finding her smile and snuggles with mommy
My name is walter im named after my great grandpa and my grandpa bill i love my stuffies my daddy and my mommy also love playing with my sister
Happy, smiley girl loves to yell for her “da-da,” splash around in the tub and wants to move around all over the place!
Savannah Addison
Savannah is a very happy, content baby! She loves to talk and smile with her family! She also loves her puppies!
He’s crazy but I love him🤣❤️ My lil chunky is 15 months old he’s so curious about everything, loves to watch and learn new things. He’s super adventurous and is always down for a road trip!🤣
Paisley is the sweetest little girl. She loves when her brother plays with her and she’s always smiling 😊 she’s also very very talkative and loves to yell at you when she’s mad!
Legend is your average boy, not scared of anything! A ball of energy but a very big sweetheart 💕
He is my miracle baby.. he is very smart and loving an independent.. he definitely has his own personality and wants to do stuff on his own. He talks really good already says about seven words. He likes to play with cars he's not really into TV but he does love to play outside and in the pool. He's a happy boy and he brings so much joy to our family we have his oldest sister as well who is nine he loves her so much thank you for voting for Reddington
Hunter enjoys the outdoors. He loves dirt bikes, four wheelers, and any fast vehicle with wheels. Hunter loves to fish, bear hunt, and go swimming with his family and friends. No matter the age group of the crowd, he’s always the life of the party. 🤍
Jesse Denver
Denver loves to be very active and to “talk” all the time lol. He is 4 almost 5 months old! His favorite toy is his Mickey Mouse teether and he loves to snuggle with mom and Grandma!!
Winnifred is full of sass and spunk.. she keeps this momma on her toes and makes me laugh daily. She is very sweet and her smile is contagious. Please Vote 😊💜
Kalani is a spunky little babygirl! She doesn't like to be laid down if she is wife awake (very nosey)! She blows bubbles with her milk. She raised her head and scoots all over the bed when she wakes up... Kalani is a fast learner and is willing to learn more daily! 💗
Hey 👋🏾 I’m august and I’m 7 months old I like to eat and smile 😃
Michael is a ladies young man. He is super affectionate. He gives the best bear hugs and the sweetest kisses. Lil’ Mikey loves to dance and carry on with just about anyone. He isn’t afraid of anything. He loves riding dirt bikes and RZR’s with his daddy and mommy. He looks up to his big bubby too, always wanting to do everything he is.🥺🤍
This is my little girl! She’s a tough one for sure! Lol but she loves doing pageants and taking pictures!
Shes a loving happy baby always crawling everywhere and laughing with joy
Natalie is a sweet, happy and active 4 year old. She is in dance and cheer. She loves being on stage and showing off what she learns!
Paisley is a very sweet girl! She loves to give hugs and kisses and play with her big sister!