He loves paw patrol and he is a very generous baby boy who loves to say hi to literally everyone.
His smiling eyes matches his beautiful smile 🥰
Zane is a very happy baby. He loves to eat and sleep. And he loves watching SpongeBob.
Mercy Grace is so smart to be only 11 months old. She loves to climb on everything. She loves playing with her toys especially her elephant that play peekaboo. She loves getting a bath especially splashing. But most of all she loves to eat.
Jorge Henry
He loves dancing and playing with his daddy the most
She is 15 months. She is very active and very happy. She doesn't like sitting still for long. She loves going outside and gets very excited watching the wildlife. She also loves to happy dance.
Anubis is the most chill little boy, he loves everyone he meets. His favorite thing is to look around him at whatever he can see.
Josie loves to take pictures and is always smiling! She has two teeth and is all over the place! 💕
Nathaniel is a very happy and bubbly baby! He loves going for walks in his stroller and watching Mickey Mouse. He enjoys spending time with his mommy and daddy. And loves to learn new ways to make people laugh!
Greyson is one of the most kind babies I’ve ever met, he loves meeting new kids, giving people hugs, and always has a smile on his face. His favorite show is Bluey but is currently in love with Despicable me! He loves all his toys but doesn’t mind sharing!
She was born 4 weeks early. We spent 17 days in the NICU. She is a fighter!
He’s funny , loving , sweet & just love to make people laugh!
charlie is a very special baby he is my grandson and he came when I needed someone the most he saved my life he is my world
Dillon is amazing little boy , he loves smiling and giggling when We talk to him . Dillon enjoys watching T.V
Axel is 15 months. He’s sweet, full of personality and very outgoing. He loves go karts, tires and dirt!
Adaleigh is 7yrs old. She loves cheerleading and she does gymnastics. She’s always wanted to be a model, she’s photogenic. Her favorite hobbies she loves doing tic tok and playing with her big sister,putting on makeup, she loves fashion, she’s a Country Girl, she loves to sing and dance.
John Carter
He's very sweet and loving boy. He likes watching western with his pawpaw Calvin and murder shows with his mawmaw mary
Please vote for this HAMsome little man💕
This little lady has a big personality! She enjoys warm bubble baths, looking in the mirror, and cuddles.
Zara Machado
She loves to enjoy outside and spend time with her brothers and sisters also her favorite shows are paw patrol and SpongeBob she is such a sweet happy baby ! Everybody just loves her and her eyes are so beautiful they remind me of the earth 🌍
4 months old always smiling, strong, independent. Loves watching football and Winnie the Pooh.
NEED ADVANCE VOTES FOR THIS COMPETITION, AND EXCHANGES POST ON MY WALL🧡🖤🧡🖤Vanessa aka (Nena) is my fiesty and adorable baby girl. She is full of life, and she has the best sense of humor!! She also has a gorgeous smile😊 Vanessa is very affectionate and she loves music❤ She will use the prize money to save up for a trip to Disneyland! 😊 Thank you to all that voted for her, we appreciate your support! I will return all advances and exchanges🧡🖤🧡🖤Before you go PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE my profile🧡🖤🧡🖤
Alexander “Zander” loves to roll around everywhere all while Smiling and babbling all day long!
Such a sweetie ❤️
Ours little angels love to go out for a walk afterwards sitting underneath the tree it makes her so happy, followed her instagram @luna Mu Jackson
Jaxxon is an awesome baby! He doesn't cry much and is super loving! He loves being outside and cuddling with mommy!💚
Leon loves to play all day long! He's a very caring boy! He loves his mommy's cuddles but will forever be a daddy's boy!💙
Kinsley is an amazing little girl! She's very smart for her age and so very caring! She loves playing with her kitty and helping take care of her brothers!💜
Ka’Liyah is a bubbly, light hearted baby doll who’s smile is contagious. She loves to be talked and loves cuddles.
Samari is a quick witted recently turned 10 month old! She loves climbing, singing and dancing, and is quick to learn new things.
Waylon 16 months old loves play with ball fire trucks he loves playing with his daddy and mommy he sweetheart he has the cutest smile ever
This girl climbs on everything and loves waving and saying hi when you walk in the room! Gives the best kisses and also gives a little nibble on the nose. She will eat anything and wants to do everything her big brother is doing!
My name is Jalayah and I love to eat and dream and I love to cuddle I’m such a happy baby I love to laugh and smile I love my gigi and mommy and my big sister
Eleanor is full energy and warms many hearts! Her smile and contagious laugh bring joy to everyone.
Hi! I’m River. I’m 7 months old. I love mommy, daddy, and my dogs. I get told I’m the happiest baby people have every seen. I smile ALL the time. Please vote for me.
Hi my name is RJ and I am full of energy and personality, I love to play around and love making messes with my toys!
Kylar is a sweet little boy who loves stroller rides, butternut squash, cuddles with mommy and daddy, and his Mr. Elephant plush, he is overall a happy go lucky boy.. unless he's hungry then he turns into the spawn a Satan lol but he is our little miracle baby that took 13 years to make and we wouldn't trade him for the world💙
Hi, my name is Ísabella and my favorite color is yellow. I love going for walks with my mom and dad. I love meeting people! My laugh is very contagious 😂😁
He loves cocomelon, people, walking around. He loves to talk and play with his friends.
Marion is such a happy baby! He enjoys playing with his big sister, dancing to music and pulling himself up on things to stand up. His favorite tv show is Mickey Mouse and he loves to cuddle with mommy.
Hi guys my names Alaiah and I love watching my little pony, I’m a very silly girl who loves laughing and sticking my tongue out
Gianna is so funny. Her beautiful smile and laugh will have you in tears. She has a warm heart that will melt you. Most importantly she is the greatest gift that myself and her mother have received. Her favorite movie is Coco. Her favorite song is anything with Bad Bunny and…Of course Cocomelon. She’s an Angel that will always protect you and keep you happy with a big smile on your face
Lilyah (Lila) is a 6 month old sweet little girl who is full of fun!! born at home, Lilyah loves to smile and she does not meet any strangers!! she’s a jumping bull of energy!! Her favorite show is Gracie’s Corner and she loves her family!
she’s a wonderful kid who loves to be outside she loves playing with baby dolls and loves her family very much
cecilia-Ray loves her momma and sissy.. she can Count to 10 she’s learning her alphabet she loves playing outside she loves Zombies and dinosaurs and putting on her mommas makeup