Cora loves smiling and trying to laugh, she LOVES giggle bellies and Mickey Mouse!❤️
Hi everyone👋🏼I’m Dominick S. I am 6 months old and I enjoy learning new things, spending time with my parents and switching outfits🔥 In my free time, I do activities to build my fine motor skills and I love to play with my Yorkies. It was nice talking to you all.
Avion is a smart, observant,happy baby! Avion enjoys going to the beach
She loves the outdoors,an she is funny.loves to play with other kids,and love her family...
Owen loves to be on the move and loves all things food! He’s such a sweet heart and his smile melts our hearts. 💙
Nylah is the happiest baby you'll meet. She was born on October 15,2021 and has had her family wrapped around her finger since. Nylah loves to eat and will try to snatch your food from you if you let your guard down. She loves to be pushed on the swings and is fascinated by dogs. Although, nothing makes her happier than getting love from her big brother and cousins.
Hadlee Suzanne
She’s our sweet little two’s girl, her smile warms our hearts and her laugh is contagious💜
Hi my name is Bentley. I am 2 1/2 years old. I love to cuddle and be around my family. I love anything that lights up or makes noise. I am the middle child of 2 of my siblings. I have developmental delay growth so I can’t speak much but I’m learning sign language. I love to run and hop and I have a big heart. ❤️
Dani Li
Dani is a 6 month old sweet baby girl who loves her food, this girl does not play!! Loves her puffs and baby foods like raspberry avocado, apple pear, and sweet potato’s. She loves playing on her own in her stand up toys, walker or just sitting and playing on her own on the carpet. Dani also loves to just roll around and is beginning to crawl..
This is Lailah, she’s 1 month old. She’s starting to smile, loves snuggles, car rides, being sang to & LOVES her food.
Jaxen is soon to be 1 and is the happiest little guy ever. He loves bath time, chasing his kitty cats around the house and going on trips to the grocery store.
Majesty is the youngest of 3 girls. She loves to smile, eat, and kick her little legs.
Taliah is so full of life! She is now 4 months old. She spreads smiles and happiness everywhere she goes. She even wakes up full of smiles. Anyone who has met her always comments on how she is the happiest baby they have ever laid eyes on. She has recently found her giggle. She gets everyone in the room going when she gets to laughing. Shes been going on and on ever since she found that new giggle of hers. She is obsessed with holding her little toes!! She is now rolling in both directions!! I am beyond blessed to have such a happy and lovable baby girl. Taliah is going to change the world with her happy spirit and that big bright smile of hers!
Izabel has a fiery spirit and loves to smile she’s such a happy baby! She loves her baths and her favorite pastime is jumping in her jumper
Brantley is a bubbly baby boy, who absolutely loves Mickey Mouse. Bath time is his favorite time of the day, along with snack time of course.
Joshua is almost 9 months. He was born 8/7/2021 he loves his family and friends. He loves to eat and is already standing up on his own. He is a very happy baby and loves everyone.
Rosanna Faye is 8 weeks old today , first girl of four children. She loves her Daddy and brothers and is always smiling 🥰
Haisley Rose
Haisley Rose is 3months old born February 1 2022 she’s a chucky smilingly loving baby she loves the sound of cars, loves to eat, vote chunky
Mariah is 11 months old , she is so funny & most definitely a diva 💕😂 her favorite food is everything literally , so hide your food cause she’s coming fast speed
Vera is almost 8 months old! She is such a happy baby! She loves to swing, play in the floor with her toys and pet the dogs!
Ace is super active and loves to smile all the time! His favorite person is probably his pop pop. He loves to blow spit bubbles and stick his tongue out. Ace is very energetic and loves to play with his (dog) best friend bender!
Archie Cameron loves banana, and animals!
Dorothea has the sweetest softest baby girl voice when she starts talking, she has these big eyes that will make you do a double take,
Baby Reu has such a big personality for such a tiny little boy. He loves baths, sunshine, going for walks, plants and signing/dancing with his mama. He is mama and papas rainbow baby and we couldn’t imagine life without him ❤️
Bailey is very alert and active ! Big personality in a little baby! She loves to laugh! Her favorite thing to do besides eat is chewing on her fingers! Definitely keeps me busy! I want to share how of a joy it is to be her mother ! You can see it too! Incredibly smart ! #TeamBailey❤️
Oliver Quinn
Oliver loves playing at the park, swinging, swimming, anything that involves a ball. He’s a sweetie with an attitude
Kayden goes by FatFat he’s the most energetic smart 1 year old🥰 he loves his big sissy Kaycen, his Maw and MawMaw💛 he loved saying new words and eating his fruits and veggies. VOTE FATFAT🥳🥳🥰💛
Delilah is the happiest little baby I’ve ever seen the only time she ever cries is when she has a stomach ache. I played “hey there Delilah” for her all the time when I was pregnant and now everytime I play it she keeps the biggest smile on her face.
Benji is 6 months! He’s a very happy boy. For the most part. He’s popping his 5th tooth, so he’s a little sassy! He loves his food. He’s not a picky eater! He loves music. With that being said, if we are driving and mom is listening to a podcast, he will definitely let me know that he wants music! He loves his dog and cat so much… he would most likely want them to sleep in his crib with him!
Willow is 8 months old, loves her big brother and being outdoors! She isbalways smiling and such a happy baby! Winning would be fantastic, we could start saving for her 1st birthday this year!
Kye Legend
Kye legend loves paw patrol. Very funny loves everyone he's a ladies man😍
Elizabeth is my first born her smile can light up a room she beautiful and her laught is so cute she love when you sing to her
Elijah Jai
Hello I’m EJ , I like watching little people and love eating Cheetos puffs , when my momma not looking I like eating everything else too
Braxton Andriel Southall lovesss: - his fingers - sitting up (still learning) - rolling over (still learning) - talking his head off - cuddling with daddy - putting everything he can grab in his mouth - WARM milk - warm bubbly bath’s - paw patrol - ATTENTION He hatesssss: - laying down - waiting for a bottle to warm up - clothes on - blankets - tummy time - his booger sucker - cough syrup & nasal spray (allergies are kicking his butt) - someone taking his fingers out of his mouth - mommy getting on his nerves😂
This is Amari, he’s a wild little boy loves playing outside, and watching SpongeBob, he’s so loving and loves his siblings, always gives them hugs and kisses before bed❤️
This is Raheem, he’s the newest addition, he loves snuggles and being spoiled he gives the best cuddles🥰
This is Aniyah, she loves going to school and learning, she’s a bright blue eyed little girl the sweetest girl ever!!
Finn is exploring his surroundings and listening to everything, when he isn’t sleeping. He’s cute without even trying to be.
ReAnnin is full of giggles and fun. Shes always goofing around making people laugh. She loves music and dancing.
Hi my name is Luca my parents call me Gordo :) Im half mexican and as with tradition I was given a nickname from birth. Im a very happy baby with big dimples that makes momma melt.
Maelyn is such a happy baby she loves to talk and definitely party through the night lol her bigs smiles just light up the room she’s my world ❤️
Gabriel is 3 months old and love all the cuddles so does mommy. He love to watch tv and find all the pretty colors. He loves to smile at all the face daddy and mommy make. Loves to lay on his tummy and keep us on or toes!
I’m the first boy born into the family in the last 40 years with my family’s last name. Always smiling and talking to mommy, always want to be held and cuddled. Just learning to roll over!
She is a very smart 7 month old. She is learning to crawl and trys to talk , she loves to play with her toys and hanging out with her daddy. Her favorite person is her mama.
Raelynn is my beautiful rainbow baby she is three months old she is just perfect she loves to eat sleep And have her daddy walk around holding her
Loves to sing & dance, loves grapes & likes to color