Bryson loves when Mommy and Daddy play with him. He also loves to talk and is Mickey’s biggest fan!💙🥰 HAPPY TO EXCHANGE VOTES🫶
She’s such a people person. Loves giving kisses, saying hi and bye and recently learned “love you” and been saying it to almost everyone. Best sidekick to have she loves to eat and even looks like Shirley Temple!
i’m a NICU baby, i was born at 36 weeks. i’m a really happy baby when i’m awake, i rarely cry. i like to sleep a lot. i’m currently 9lbs 6oz😊🩵
Mezziah is 8 months old and has optic nerve hypoplasia but the glasses make him look professional😎He’s always smiling and happy and loves to climb everything! He has the strongest legs and would bounce to the moon if he could! He loves breastmilk and Texas Roadhouse rolls but who doesn’t love those rolls he’s got good taste!
William is already charming with his bright smile and strong personality! He has your attention at one glance!
Nhe’Lani will be 2 months on the 6th && is soo sweet🥹💖 She loves cuddles🥰🥰 Shes so wondeful and precious🧸☺️ The most amazing baby ever shes my world and more🫶🏾🥹💞 Vote Lani For Cutest Baby😘🗳️
Evalyn is a happy baby 24/7 . She loves to eat her bottles she’s a chunky girl . Also she’s growing so fast .
Elijah loves to play with his family , he just learned how to walk and started eating big boy foods .
Ellie is her nickname , she loves to be a little tornado and wrestle with her uncles .
Elijah Paul Morris is a very happy & loved sweet little boy, an incredibly daring one at that! He’s always talking, playing, and especially eating! Elijah loves food, he isn’t usually picky about what he eats, his favorite foods are blueberries, animal crackers, nuggets, pop tarts, macaroni, etc.
Lucy is 3years old and has osteogenesis imperfecta(brittle bones). She in total broken 11 bones thus far but it doesn’t break her spirit. She loves animals of all sorts, especially Rollie pollies. She is very outgoing and loving child.
Dreka Is Almost 2 Months Old She Is A Sister Of 3 Brothers And 1 Sister Dreka Was Born In January She Is A Very Happy Baby She Is Very Alert And Loves Looking Around And Seeing New Things She Smiles And Laughs Everytime She Sees Something She Loves And Likes 💖
Little Ry enjoys blowing bubbles 🫧🫧🫧
Ryry is my fun loving little boy. 🫶He loves to play outside and curl up to watch his favorite movies. He has also been the best big brother to his new sister Millie!
Millie Fate has recently started smiling and cooing.🥹 She loves to sit up and look around so she really enjoys time in her swing!
Evelyn loves watching baby sensory videos and the fish in the fish tank and cuddling with the dogs!🫶 shes almost 4 months old!
Hi my name is Matthew and I’m 18 months old and I love to dance a lot of my family think I’m funny and I am a really cute boy and a sassy boy I love to be out side and I love to be around I like to move and you should vote for me bc I’m a really cute boy please vote for me 🫶🏼
He’s full of energy this little ham…
My name is maggie but my mommy and daddy call me bug or sissy bug i love to watch tv and try to crawl and sit up even tho im only 2 months old almost 3 i love my bubby and my mommy and daddy please vote for me
Adina was a failure to thrive baby from early on. She has since overcome so many obstacles and has learned so many things. She’s so talkative and never fails to smile.
Oakley loves her paci and anything with bright colors! Her favorite person is probably mommy or her GiGi at this moment! Such a happy baby.
Olivia loves taking baths! Loves trying to talk and look at her mama & dada! She love to eat all the time! She loves sleeping next to her mama!
Very Outgoing. In Girl Scouts
hi my name is jakauri but my mommy calls me kauri I love to eat and talk and try to sit up on my own even though I’m 2 months old🥰🫶🏾
She’s the sweetest little princess
Gianna was born for the Camera, she loves to smile at the young age of 3 Months
Nova is a happy baby, who loves to smile, jump in her jumper and make everyone around her oh so happy!🤍 comment to vote for my girl and i’ll vote for yours 🤍
James is a sweet baby boy, he is such a amazing boy, had a little bit of a rough start due to mommys gestation diabetes but hes strong and managed and did amazing coming at 37 weeks. He is just amazing!
Sweet baby Emma loves cuddles and Ms Rachel. She has the sweetest smile and giggles
Maddy is such a sweet and happy baby!
Saieed is my happy little boy who loves his fingers,feet and playing “peek a boo” with his sisters!!
Ava Solorzano
Ava is a new beautiful princess who loves to sleep eat and poop all day 🫶🏼
Amiyah Niki
Beautiful smart intelligent such an amazing smile an amazing lil girl ❤️
My Alanna is so sweet and she is shy around new people she loves her little cat
Ezra was born at 36 weeks via csection due to his breathing i had to get 2 blood transfusions due to so much blood loss.He is a strong little man as he only needed oxygen for 1 hour! My recovery was really hard my csection was very traumatizing and i wouldnt wish it on anyone! Luckily he is a healthy 2 year old handsome little man. He lights up the room when he enters with his unique personality. He loves to dance to hispanic music and bang his head and feet. Loves toy story and cars! He can count to 5 and loves to read books! We would love to win so we can get him some books and stuff he really needs to continue to learn and strive in life. We dont have alot of support , but all he needs is his mommy and daddy for happiness and love! He will soon be a big brother to a little girl! We are greatful for every vote!!
This is Georgia, we call her our Peach or Georgie! She is a happy girl full of personality! She is almost 8 months now! She loves to be nosey, see new things, and explore with her hands right now. She loves her big sister!
Joell F
Joell is 7 years old. He loves to give hugs. Helps his mother with his baby sister Makayla. Loves school. Enjoys reading. He has an A+ in reading and won 1st place🥇as first reader in all of the first grade at his school. Overall he’s an amazing kid. Vote for Joell! Thank you! 😊
She is such a good baby she loves to be told to she loves smiling holding her hands. Likes when you do peekaboo.
Ace Delles
Ace is a funny 11 month old who likes to sing, play and wrestle with anyone willing to take him on! He loves cantaloupe and blue berries and when mama and dads sing him his favorite lullabies.
Azlynn has spread so much love. She is the best baby sister. She’s already showed us her precious smile🩷
Elianna loves to watch cocomelon and make her weird screaming noises 🤣 such a funny beautiful loving princess 🩷🩷
Raider Avila
i like raider and he likes me
Sally is the happiest baby. Always smiling, especially when dancing and singing to Baby Shark or Lady in Red. She is Filipino and Italian.
5th grader, love to read and dance. Love to make a video herself. Why should vote her, she have a tender heart, love help out. Always have love for everyone.
Ellamaries 6 months and loves her big brother 💕
Ryker is the sweetest boy, with the biggest heart. He's so smart and creative and loves playing with Legos