Baby Stories - 28


Ka'Miya is the most happiest baby 💜
Super Mattie is 5 months old. Mattie has been through so much in her short life. So far she has had 8 surgeries, she will have to have 1 more as she gets older. She is a heart baby. Mattie spent the first 10 weeks in the hospital. She is a Sweetheart, a little warrior, mommy’s little miracle. Mattie loves her bottle and making mommy smile. She amazes me everyday.
Juniper Irene is a sassy 6 month old baby. She loves being scared, she loves loves bathtime, and loves to play more than anything. She has more hair than I do, and so much character already.
Xander was our early Christmas gift. He already has a smile that melts hearts
Robert is a fun outgoing young man with a lot of personality.
Aspen loves to sing and dance. And her favorite “toys” are her uncles and grandparents. She is super bubble and full of so much love.
Hello! My name is Parker. I am always an extremely happy baby who laughs at everything. My favorite thing to do is watch my big sister play.
Hello my name is Milan Jay Brogan. I am happy all the time. One thing about me is that I sure do love my mommy and daddy. I love spending time with my momma and pappa because they spoil me. I am full of adventure, I love to take strolls in my walkers, eat new foods, and laugh at everything. If you vote for me I sure would love it.
Hi my name is skyla Aima Lawhorn I love my mom and brother and sister the most I like to watch cartoons in at 5:30 in. The morning with my mom I love to eat
Shes such a happy outgoing baby. She always smiling her big from the soul smiles!
Mar’kierlyn goes by Markie! Very energetic and loving baby! Loves music and snacks❤️
Devin is a sweetheart with an outgoing personality. He loves being a big brother and a little brother, being the middle child. He enjoys playing on the trampoline, learning new things, and being outdoors.
Breanna will be 2 months old on March 1st. She smiles at every little thing and is growing fast. She loves sitting in her swing and being rocked to sleep. She also loves when you read to her.
Ellie is the sweetest little girl ever.She loves watching her big brother Luke.Ellie is 2months old.Please vote for her!!
6 months old, loves her two brothers. She a big mommas baby! She isn’t a big daddy’s baby
Kedielyz is 16 months old, who loves to dance. Kedielyz Says mom & papa, titi & other easy things to say. She loves to sleep & loves shower time
My name is Kenzie, I love watching tv and spending time with mommy and daddy.
Arington was born at 29 weeks and is now 5months old she wasn’t due till December! She loves to smile make noises and smack those lips. She love to be cuddled and she just discovered her tongue,she is just a super happy baby!she is holding her head up and talking away!
➡️➡️ALL DAILY EXCHANGES⭐⭐WE NEED TO PAUSE DAILY EXCHANGES DUE TO ARAS PALATOPLASTY OPERATION, WE HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO KEEP UP WITH VOTES AND WONT FOR THE NEXT WEEK OR SO UNTIL HE FEELS BETTER AND STARTS TO RECOVER ❤️ Ara (pronounced Air-uh) Has hazel eyes, that one day, will melt ladies hearts and has lashes that most would kill for!! Loves chewing on anything he can get his little hands on, and is constantly drooling! (8mos old and still doesn't have a single tooth!!) He sleeps through the night with his little tush in the air. HE LOVES TO TALK! He said his 1st word 02.19- which was "Mama". He's the most observant baby I've ever seen!! He loves to play peekaboo with the shower curtain, give high-fives, and run as fast as he can in his walker! (Lots of times it's into walls, but he thinks it's hysterical) .. This boy LOVES FOOD. Hes refused to eat jarred baby food ever since the first time I made him real food purees with the Magic Bullet.❤️ Daddy is his Best Buddy. Loves his Sissy's and brother. If Mama's out of sight for too long, prepare for a meltdown. This little guy is perfect-The Whole Package-in every way!
Hi I’m Mayson I’m 5 months old I love laughing giving my mom hugs and playing with my feet oh and I also cry from time to time but my mom loves it haha
Maelyn loves stuffed monkeys and anything she can chew on. She's a daddy's girl all the way unless mommy has todo something then she wants mommy😂
He loves his stuffed giraffe. He loves to scream at lights and loves looking at them. He has an amazing personality! He can wave bye bye and blow back when blown on. He also loves cuddles from mommy and daddy!! Our little rainbow baby ❤
Aryanna is a happy little princess 👸🏽 she loves to smile and play
Scarlette is my beautiful rainbow baby.
Alex is a very sweet sweet boy and will like your vote
Carter loves to jump, has the greatest FOMO, has to be up and looking around, and gives the best hugs.
I'm a happy baby with big blue eyes like my daddy. I have my mom and dads smile. I definitely smile more than I Cry . I'm already trying to walk if I could I would walk a mile. I love it when my mom wakes me up with a smile and says good morning. She also sings with me all the time and I get to watch her dance to songs and it makes me laugh and smile . my name is Daisy Michele Mackain. my middle name is after my grandma who passed away before I was born of cancer. My grandpa and my nanny also passed away before I was born. I am grateful though I did get to meet my great-grandmother. I'm one little girl with a lot of guardian angels. I'm a very sweet girl, my mommy tells me she's going to teach me really good manners and how to be a lady when I grow up and I'm excited about that.My daddy says hes going to teach me how to be an independent girl I had to work hard for the things that I want when I grow up and he'll love me more than anyone ever just like my mommy! However I am looking for a new contest this one is fixed..I want real judges and to where ppl cant cheat n buy votes...ehhh, this'll do for now. I wrote this so new ppl could know thats how you win is pay for your own votes, or family n friends pay..ect.. this is not a real comp.
Boston loves to smile and laugh but most importantly, he absolutely loves his family!
Christian was born at 23 weeks and he is the surviving twin
My name is Raiden. I LOVE the ceiling fan and my light up whale. I'm always smiling!
Hi, im maverick. I love talking and telling everyone whats on my mind. I say hi. Huh, momma, dadda, dogdogdog, gamma and blow raspberries. Im such a happy happy baby. My favorite shows are Mickey Mouse and little Einsteins they make me dance and hum. I also enjoy following my favorite dog around laughing . Im a very happy active baby.
Jewel is a twin and she enjoys riding in her walker and interacting with her twin brother
Jaylen is a twin and he enjoys interacting with his twin sister and riding in his walker
Luca is 6 weeks old. He has a twin brother that he loves to attempt to eat named Kai. He was born at 34 weeks and spent the 1st 3 1/2 weeks in the nicu with his brother. He is doing great and is the sweetest little guy!
Eliza Elaine
Baby Eliza Elaine.. loves cuddles and her milk. She is momma's peace and dada's alarm clock. Well, they don't agree with dada sleeping. Guess she loves dada's attention so much. :)
Paisleigh is a special baby I had so many miscarriages before God blessed me with the most beautiful baby girl her grandma my mom suddenly passed away 3 months before she was born and paisliegh was all me and my mama ever wanted a beautiful heathly baby❤️ She’s super chunky and full of laughter spoiled with love and hugs 🤗❤️
She’s our sweet baby doll, a little miracle rainbow baby. Just the best most sweetest baby you’ll ever meet🥰
Always smiling, always happy. Never a dull moment
Bella is our tiny bundle of love! She loves her mommy and daddy!
Colt is a very happy baby boy! He loves his grams, pappy, granny, grandpa, mommy and daddy!! He loves sweet potatoes and carrots!! He loves talking up a storm and playing with his toys!!
He loves disney songs and snuggles!!! His favorite show is T.O.T.S. and his favorite person is his mommy.
Limerick is our miracle blessing. There are 17 years between Lim and our oldest. He was our 10th pregnancy but only our 3rd live birth. He came into this world not wanting to miss a thing, he was bright eyed and alert, watching every thing around him. He loves to smile and laugh so much he does it in his sleep.
Hi! My name is Charlie and I’m almost 7 months old. I enjoy bath time, cuddles with mommy and daddy, and I’m getting ready to crawl!
Lennon is such a sweet and very happy girl protected by her 2 big brothers!
Grayson and loves dinosaur, werewolfs and the hulk
He is a very happy active little baby.