Baby Stories - 27


She is my only daughter. She is very beautiful and sweet. She has three big brothers. We love her and she loves us😘😘😘😘
This is Sunny Rain. She really brings that name to life. A rainbow baby that’s always filled to the brim with energy. She’s the sweetest and smartest almost 3 year old I’ve ever known. She can count and knows her abc’s. She hopes to one day be a doctor.
Malanie is 9 months old. She’s fun, energetic, sassy, and definitely a mommy girl. Malanie favorite food to eat is cheese puffs.
Winston Mattix
Mr. Steal Ya Heart ❤️ he loves to smile,sleep , eat , & his cuddles. He is four months old . He has two brothers and two dogs 🐶
Violet is 1 month old, she loves sleeping on her mommy’s chest. She is her mother’s pride and joy.
Israel is 6 months going to be 7 months on the 23rd. He is one of the most amazing baby boys ever, he absolutely adores his 12 month puppy best friend Bruno who he can’t help but laugh at every time he sees him. Laughing is something he will do just so you can laugh with him, and he will not let anyone ignore him. He loves to watch tv and play with his toes including his cuddles… Now he has his 2nd lil tooth coming in but still puts that adorable smile on his face through his teething pains🥰🥺💙
Lovelynn is 7 months old she is so sweet and loving always happy and laughing and has the biggest smile ever💜
He is a very happy boy even through the heart surgeries and blood transfusions the boy has had and having, my little man will be going in for a bone marrow transplant in January due to his diamond black fan anemia ❤️
Mason is 22 months old he loves cocomelon and ducks,tractors cars and monster trucks. He’s a goofy boy that loves to make any moments something to always remember. Hes down to earth and sweet and caring who’s loved by mommy and daddy and his sister and others who’s met him
Avery was born on December 3rd 2021🥰 she’s a very easy sweet baby girl loved by mommy and daddy and her brother and many others
Serena Nichole
Serena Nichole is 2 months old has the most beautiful little personality already she’s full smiles 💗💗 her little laughs are slowly coming in, she’s just so precious just as beautiful like her big sisters.
Markus is a fun loving energetic boy. He loves to play and run around in his Walker. Born premature but gaining in all categories!!! Love my Lil man
Cylus is 2 months , loves his momma and daddy, loves being on his tummy, loves looking around and talking to everyone. If your not paying attention to him he will definitely let you know😂 hes already scooting trying to crawl and definitely loves cuddles
Serenity Marie
Serenity Marie is a very smart little girl. She loves to do everything daddy’s doing loves her horses her doggy brothers 🥰😊 she loves her baby sisters she loves to rock her baby baby sister when she is crying. Serenity is a very caring big heart little girl everything makes her happy 😍💞 I’ll say her daddy makes her happier she truly a daddy’s little girl 💗
Selena Rosa
Selena Rosa is a very happy little girl 💗 she loves to give kisses to her sisters and daddy 🥰 she’s just a joyful happy child 💞🥺 Selena loves to dance to her coco melon our little dance loves loves music 🤍⭐️
Ky’Aire loves tummy time , loves attention & loves to coo. Ky’Aire likes to watch tv and listen to music. He’s a very active happy baby that will give you tons of smiles!
Hi I’m Silvia! I am 6 weeks old I love my mommy, daddy and listening to country music especially Luke Combs.
Davina was born on July 5th, 2021. Ever since she was born shes always had a smile on her beautiful face. She is a champ and smiled and laughed her way through the flu AND pneumonia for a whole month. My sweet little girl is definitely worth your vote!
Willadean is always so happy! She has such a sassy energetic baby. She loves meal time and trying new foods!
AvaLeyah is a sweet 8 month old little girl! Shes always smiling, laughing and talking! Even when shes feeling a little under the weather shes still smiling and running around! Shes full of adventure, attitude, and personality!
Kyce is 6 months old , he’s so sweet . He’s the baby of 3 and he loves anything that lights up 🥰
Hi I’m Ivory! Ivy for short 🙂 I love my mommy & daddy, my favorite show is my little pony’s 💜 I also love cuddles & warm bottles!
Harlee just Turned 3 months. & is so full of life. Lee Is Very Goofy and consider all things and people to be funny. She is very calm & loves to watch Cocomelon and Boss Baby! She absolutely loves playing with her Big sister. Lee Also Like the outdoors, she sit in the window watching the rainfall.
Amarie is an very active child who just lives yo crawl around and play. She loves to play with her older brother and follow him around. She is the most bubble happy baby i have ever seen. She has a smile that will just melt your heart, and a laugh that will tickle your sole.
Paislee is a bright beautiful 3 year old she’s very smart an loves her family very much she loves to play outside an with her baby dolls as well as her dogs
Hey y’all vote for this energetic, fun, loving, outspoken baby of mine he loves the outdoors, any sport, music and his cow boy boots!! oh and he has a way with the ladies 😉 😂 he’s 21 stuck inside a 1 year olds body I swear 😫
Ja’Miya Loves Too Eat, Sleep and smile😊 She is A very Sweet Baby
He is a happy healthy toddler loves to play with his siblings hugs, kisses, and loves his dad more then anything
She loves playing with her little brother! She is so smart and loves learning new things ☺
Karsin loves to play with his siblings and the puppy! He is always so happy and playful!
Jaliah is a smart playful diva, she loves music!
Giovanni loves to cuddle, laugh and read books with his family.
Raquel J'Vona
Her always looking mean like her daddy 🥰😂
Raquel loves watching TV & loves playing with her beautiful baby is so smart god bless her lil soul🥰
Devin Lee Bernard
Welcome to my page 📄 my name is Devin lee Bernard I am 6 months Mommy says every time I make connection with a person I light up their day I also put a smile on their face by smiling or giggling at them 💙. I am here for a purpose to enlighten everyone’s day and to bless everyone in the world with the purest smile on earth.
Izmael is a super active boy who gets grumpy easily yet is very silly and sweet.
Blair is a beautiful, playful , sweet baby girl with lotsss of love to share. Voting for Blair will be for the good , and why would you not vote for this beauty ?☺️
He’s a happy little man! He loves to eat! He has such a great personality!
Adaline is the cutest little girl you’ll ever meet. Her smile is super contagious and will just melt your heart
Bellamy is the sweetest little girl! She loves to cuddle and smile!
Rueda is such a good natured and sweet happy baby! Everybody just loves him😍
Statler since day one has been the happiest boy ever! He is never not smiling, unless you’re not giving him food fast enough 😉 he is 7m old and in 12-18m clothes, we love this chunky babe soo much! He can put a smile on anyones face!
Our sweet Davian is truly our miracle baby! We prayed and waited 8 years for him. He brings us so much joy and his smile brightens everyones day!
Alyraa is a beautiful young lady who is very shy. I am hoping she can get votes to prove how beautiful she is and boost her confidence.
AJ is 4 months old, born on July 27th of this year! He is such a smiley baby and loves attention!
Akirii is a very happy, caring 6 year old. She loves to smile and to make other people smile.