Born the day after Christmas! Loves his mommy, daddy and big sissy! Always hungry! His silly personality melts everyone’s heart!
Analysia is our sweet little butterball, she was born the day before thanksgiving weighing only 6lbs 9oz, she is now a month old and almost 10lbs. She has brought so much joy to our life and is such a happy little baby who loves to eat and sleep
Mae Mae
This is Mae Mae! Sassy, Observant & Always Happy! She Stays So Busy Throughout The Day Learning About Everyday Life! Loves Her Feet, and Loves to Talk ❤️
Mr Perfect will melt your heart! Our Rainbow baby is nothing but smiles, happy screeches and raspberries. He thinks his kitties and pupper are the funniest things on the planet! Nathaniel has brought nothing but joy to the lives of his family and the occasional old lady in the store.
Wrenleigh is 26 days old. She loves the sound of mom’s voice and cuddling with her daddy. She likes sitting in her mamaroo swing. She also enjoys her pacifier if she not drinking mom’s milk. She’s the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me.
I’m Zakai , I love Ms Rachel & Love Spending Time With Mommy & Daddy . My Favorite Toy Is My Mickey Mouse Car i Got For Christmas! Please Vote 4 Me Every Vote Is Appreciated
Our big boy Rhett came out at 10lb 7oz, making those chubby cheeks too irresistible
Brynlee is such a tiny little 3 year old with such a huge personality. She is beyond smart, loves to dance (she’s a swiftie) and has the sweetest soul. Enjoy her cute little face. She’s always a winner in mommas eyes!
Oakleigh is the most happy ,smiling baby you could ever meet and she never meets a stranger!!
Luna loves to Cuddles and is the happiest baby.
Journi is 4 years old. Her favorite person in the whole world is her baby brother, Oakely.
Savannah is sweet beautiful soul who wants nothing more than to make people smile. She loves dancing and a avid painter. Savannah wants to attend dance class, so voting for her could help her dream come true.
Harper is a 34 weekier who strives and loves talking! she is 3 months old and on the tiny side. she definitely is a happy girl!
This little man loves to eat,play with his sister, and get into everything he can touch❤️❤️
Shes a sweet, sassy, full of energy little girl she loves to play and watch bluey❤️
Navii is the most outgoing baby I know, she loves food, she loves her kittys and she sure loves her momma
My sweet rainbow baby💕🌈
Kenzo is the happiest baby you will ever meet. He loves his mommy daddy and anyone with food ❤️
Roman Keen
He is the light to my life🥹 my sweet boy
Violets 3 years old she loves music and barbie. Violet is a walking miracle after 6 mo of bed rest (blood clot behind placenta) she was born at 37 week's bc mommys liver was having issues she came home at 4lbs (iugr) baby healthy but small. She has horner syndrome (one pupil dilates and the other one doesn't) and also has Harley Quinn syndrome where half of her face only gets flushed. Recently diagnosed with autism... nothing stops this girl!!! Mommy loves you violet
Gracie girl is a sassy smart funny lil girl who can make anyone smile
Karsyon Smith
Karsyon loves being cuddled and loves his bottles. He loves to talk and smile let you know he’s here 🥰
A sassy, energetic girl who loves to play with her Barbie dolls and likes to think she rules the world
Dean was born preemie at 36 weeks ! At 3 weeks old he also ended up in the P.I.C.U for a week due to a pneumothorax and an unknown illness. All the obstacles he faced as a newborn didn’t stop him from thriving and growing into the 5 month old we love so much. He loves to be tickled and laugh for us. He enjoys watching his favorite show “hey bear”. Dean is the sweest baby ever. He continues to show us how strong and lovable he is each day!
Amaiyah loves the color pink, mermaids, and popsicles
Cheyana is a mama’s girl who loves snuggles and can smile anytime she is in front of the camera.
Charlottes favorite thing to do is dance to any music that plays. She’s always got a tune in her head.
Avery is a crazy and silly little girl who loves to talk and giggle. She truly lights up any room she enters and her gummy smile melts our hearts. Just a happy little baby.💛
Olivia is such a happy baby, always smiling and so curious about the world! Loves to babble and trying her best to learn to sit up!
Braylin loves to smile, coo, and roll over now!
Sa'Myra Would Be A 1 Month Old On January 10th" She Like Giving Out Kisses
She is a happy go lucky baby.She loves hearing her mommy and daddy’s voice she is always smiling.Over all she is one big bundle of joy.
Hi my name is Piper Ryan I’m a sister to three I have an older sister name defrays she is 11 and Miah that is 4 and a brother Remington that is 6 I’m a happy go lucky baby most of the time I love watching fly fishing videos with my dad and watching my brother and dad play Fortnite
Ja’Mir is a sweet baby, that loves to laugh and play. He will melt your heart as soon as you see him.
ledger is a wild little man, he loves crawling all over the place and bouncing! he loves to play with his big sister and his mommas hair!
Pauly is always happy ! Always smiling and loving to everyone
Khilayah is 8 months old, shes the biggest sweet little girl. She loves ms.rachel and baths. She learning to crawl but as of right now she scoots everywhere.
Hes a happy baby always smiling, loves people and his mommy
Cassidy love to play outside and play in her pool. She loves to play with her puppy’s and kitty’s. Her favorite color is pink and purple.
Amazing fun borning 29 weeks and doing amazing ruby and thomas are twins
Amazing funny born 29 week Thomas and Ruby twins
Kiyomi is the youngest of 3 girls she's our rainbow 🌈 baby and she's such a happy baby always smiling, laughing and bringing so much joy to our household 💖 💕
Jayanna is a amazing 6 yr old some would call her a old soul... Seeing how she loves a Janis Joplin and Ozzy Osbourne 😎 if JJ wins this contest, she's going to use the money so she can put herself in sewing classes and dance classes this year and also seeing how she has grown out of everything. She would like to buy herself some new clothes. Any money that is left is going to go in her All-Star savings account..
Cody Ezra Wegf
Cody is only 15 days old. He loves his mom and being cuddled. He dreams of about everything constantly smiling in his sleep . He’s a huge blessing and saved me ❤️
Phoenix is a very adventurous boy who loves to eat and watch Cocomelon and play with his brother.