Baby Stories - 27


She’s my great niece and she love watching TV`, music and eating mangoes. Very happy baby
He has Autism so he doesn’t really speak but he loves to play on his trampoline and spending time with his great grandma
She is very smart baby for her age , full of energy , loves to play with her other 6 siblings , loves to be love. She just a beautiful character all the way around !
Lyra has a great personality. She is adventurous and sweet, with a little bit of sass. She enjoys swimming and playing with her toys. Her name is a constellation in the sky and has a Greek mythology story behind it.
ValentinaMia is Mexican/American. She’s a very happy baby. Loves to smile and play with her uncle and cousin. Her name defines her because it means Healthy/Strong/Mine. ValentinaMia brings so much joy to her whole family. ValentinaMia is a huge blessing to her parents. But most of all ValentinaMia is a warrior after spending 2 whole months in the NICU due to complications while being in mommy’s belly.
Aria is a fiery little girl she is a very sweet girl and laughs at anything and everything and she loves elephants and loves to make music with spoons and cuddles
Hi! Im Prince, a goofy 6 month old boy who loves to explore and not to mention i moved to a beach town in costa rica at 4 months old! What a life🌴☀️
Zakir is his first name He loves to play, watch Mickey Mouse, he love to smile and very smart before he turned 4 months he started holding is own bottle his first word was dada he sits up on his own and likes to hold the phone on his own he is a active baby He loves to talk and laugh.
Jace was born 2 lbs 14 oz on 5/27/21 Hes 3 months old He weighs 11 lbs as of today He has a twin brother!!!
Morgan is very energetic & talkative.She loves meeting new people everywhere she goes and everyone is her friend in her eyes .To know Morgan is to love Morgan ❤️❤️
Hi my name is Aaliyah. My nickname is Lili. I was born 8lbs 13ounces and I’m even chunkier now. I love to jump and plunder in things. I learned how to walk at 11 months. My favorite show is Minnie’s Boutique and I love to watch it on my tablet.
Mackie Twins
Hi 👋🏽 These precious boys are Cameron & Liam Mackie. They're a month old. They're the sweetest ever. So much personality already 🥰
Mia is a very attentive and adventurous baby girl. She enjoys dancing and playing with her big brother and cousins. Mia loves puppies. Her favorite hobbies are listening to all kinds of music and dancing.
Noah George
Noah is a happy funny little boy, who loves playing with his toys doing riding his trike anything involving WATER ☀️, walking with his doggie, running laughing and growing. He also loves his mommy so much!
Kehlani Livingston
She’s a beautiful curly head ,she loves to smile,dance …she’s just a cheerful lil girl ❤️
Daniel is an almost 9 month old happy, loving and funny baby boy! He loves to give hugs, laugh, adores cuddles, likes to listen to books, and he loves his family and his dogs. His smile brightens up everyone’s day!
This is Kamoni he was born 6lbs & 4oz & loves to move around already😍
Vincent is black, white, Puerto Rican, and Cuban! He is a sweet and happy little boy.
Hi My Name Is Arryas Storm! I’m a cancer. I love my mama and dada💗 I like to eat my babas , making funny faces, watching cartoons with mom , FaceTime with grandma and sometimes bath time.
Avayah grace is her first and middle name. She is definitely one of her own kind. She just turned 7 months old. She loves the outdoors. She is not scared of nothin when it comes to water or outside activities she is already ready to go go go. She loves to make you laugh if she likes you. Lol . She is always smiling. She is such an amazing babygirl. She wakes up smiling she is always playing and she is so smart. I am a single mother and winning this would help me and especially her tremendously. She is just. All around good baby and she is loving and so sweet. But if she don't like you youl know quick. She's growing so fast. She is truly a blessing to me 💕
This is my Grand daughter Addie mae she loves to go for walks and loves to talk she is my little angel
Emerson Cove is a bright-eyed little firecracker who loves singing, bouncing and splashing in the water. She loves to play Patty Cake, loves to cuddle and always eats her vegetables.
Riggins Richard
Riggins is a twin to Remington and he is also a super happy baby and loves smiling and laughing!😁
Remington Kaye
Remington is the happiest baby ever she is always smiling and laughing!😁
He’s such a happy boy! Loves being outside, the beach, being sang too, going on walks, his milk, sleeps great! Our nickname for him is chunk. He’s just such a happy baby boy!!
Kai Isaiah
At the age of 1 month Kai enjoys milk, sleeping and the movie Home. He is a happy baby 👶🏾 😊 and Loves to snuggle💕
Gwenivere Ellen greenrose was born looking like a porcelain doll. At 2 weeks she holds her head up strong, has a powerful grip and tries to stand tall. #covidbaby
After 8 years of trying we are truly blessed!!!
Leo is the son of Brandon and Shanae. He is the light of their lives and a blessing to our entire family.
This is Hunter who is 5 months old! He loves to smile, is rolling like a champ, and just got his first tooth!
He loves to cuddle smile and play dress up with mommy
Roman loves snuggles. His favorite animal is elephants. His favorite place to be is in his swing
Freya Anne-marie
Hi, my name is Freya Anne-Marie. I was born July 13th, 2021 at 1:34pm weighing 6lbs 15oz. I absolutely love to snuggle with mommy all day and when she puts me down I like to throw a fit. I love dancing with daddy and when he kisses my tummy it makes me smile. When I dream I like to make noises and talk in my sleep, sometimes I even snore. I absolutely hate tummy time and cry every time but is really good at picking my head up!
Jaxson is the sweetest baby. He loves his mommy and daddy and his bubba!
Carter is 3 weeks old he was born 7 pounds 14oz in loris hospital he is such an alert baby he pays close attention to everything like he knows exactly what we saying and what’s going on he holds his own pacifier and try to hold his own bottle carter also holds his head up on his own carter was a blessing to me and the family he is very much loved and spoiled
Meet paisley allyn 💖 she’s an angel sent, she loves being in mommy’s arms, and loves her nap times, her smile and silly faces will melt your heart. If we won any money, we would spend it on toys, clothes, and bows 💖😍
Everybody meet Joseph Kaiden. He is Dominican, Filipino, French, and German. He was born three weeks early due to being such a big boy; coming in at 7lbs 11oz. To follow the Filipino culture Kaiden's first name is Joseph a saints name. Kaiden enjoys snuggles with Mommy and Daddy, listening to rain storm sounds when he sleeps, and he always up to watch a Yankee game with Mommy and Daddy on tv. Lets go Yankees!
Everyone meet Joseph Kaiden. But, we love to call him Kaiden. Kaiden is Dominican, Filipino, German, and French. To follow his Filipino culture he was given a saints name as his first name. Then his second name was able to be whatever Mommy & Daddy wanted. Kaiden loves to be cuddled, the sound of rainstorms when he sleeps, and he is always up to watch a Yankee game with Mommy & Daddy on the tv!
Job was conceived from a sexual assault but I believed in my spirit that he was gonna bring so much joy into my life if I gave him the chance to thrive and loved him unconditionally. And I’m so happy I did. He’s the happiest most loving baby I’ve ever came across
He loves his big sister and is obsessed with his milk! His smile lights up the whole world. I’m so glad I chose life for this little man.
Hi there my name is delano jr i am a handsome fella who was born on the day my city won the finals milwaukee bucks vote for me and it will be the bigest win of all im a lucky 1
She's smart, beautiful, and funny. Shes a wonderful big sister and has the biggest heart of anyone I know.
Davi is his nickname. He loves to play, watch cocomelon, run and enjoy nature outside and learn songs. Very smart before he turned 1, he started clapping his hands and waving at 7 months and walking on his own at 9 months. He loves to talk and laugh.
Malachi And Micah
My Twin Boys Were Premmie Babies. They Came at 32 Weeks, Now they so big && Chunky When Born Malachi Was 2lb 7oz & Micah Was 3lb1oz They Were Strong Lil Premature Babies💙💙
All smiles, sass and spooky vibes 🖤