Paisley loves to be held she's a happy baby loves to eat, sleep, smile
He has such a big personality at only 2 1/2 months! He feels calm when he sees outside & he loves anything that looks like a dinosaur
Sybil loves to be outside and go for walks with her dogs. Bath time is her favorite!
Hi my name is elianna, I am 4 month old and I love sticking my tongue out for pictures and making goofy faces! I love to cuddle with mom and watch Elmo ❤️
Ava loves to stick her tongue out! She is a happy girl who loves to sit and play with her big sister.
I’m a very happy, crazy baby.
Just a chunky girl who loves to giggle and play
Hello my name is Zaiden and I like to play with my mommy and daddy, I love to do tummy time and watch cartoons.
Hello im Wyatt im 8 months old i love to play laugh and smile i just learned how to crawl so im getting in to everything and touching everything i love to play with my mom dad and my three older brothers love pulling hair and bitting
Garnet is our first child and she is the most precious baby❤️ Right now her favorite things to do is eat and sleep😂 but she is the perfect baby
Bre’Ann Is Such A Happy Baby ! She Loves To Play, Dance, Sing And watch Gracie’s Corner as well as BINO and FINO. She Loves Pillows and Her Favorite Snack Is Organic Smoothie Melts and Body Armor ! She Can Say “Hi”, “Dada”, “Mama” and “Baba” followed by lots of babbling (:
Hey I’m Izabella Marie. I’m 8 months old now. I love playing with my family. I like to yell to get my brothers attention while I’m in the car.
This is Valerie! She’s 8 days old and my first child 🥹💜🖤💜🖤 she’s got big blue eyes and is the sweetest creature on this planet I love this little bean so much 🥹💛💛
Isaiah is 2 months old . He love his mommy and daddy . He loves smiling and talking. And seeing new people !!!
Clay’s such a sweetheart. He loves to cuddle and play with his toys, he loves to smile all the time and then yell at you for no reason.
My name is Silas I am 10 months old I love to eat, and I love to make funny faces my mom can’t ever get a picture of my funny faces because I stop when I see her phone, I also love to smile I am smiling all the time unless I am tired
My name is Ryker James and I'm 5 months now. I scoot all over the floor and love to play with my sister and my brother. I'm getting my 2 bottom teeth and i LOVE to eat!! Carrots are my favorite!! Vote for me!!
Abby is a sweet little girl who smiles and laughs a lot. She’s a talker and perfecting rolling from back to belly. Abby was born missing part of her 17th chromosome.
Riley is a sweetheart ! She is only a few days old ! She is a premie, with that being said she is tiny but mighty ! Riley loves relaxing and staying warm !
Our beautiful sweet Angel Giana was born extra special because she has an extra chromosome! And we couldn’t be happier and more in love with this chunky monkey, with a head full of hair and a smile that can brighten any room! She is truly our blessing. Giana loves to sleep and eat!! And loves to be kissed by mommy and daddy.
He is the sweetest little boy with a personality that will brighten Anyones day. He likes anything with cheese and Minions 😁♥️ He was the missing piece to our family. He has healed all of our hearts. ♥️❤️
Arianna is a happy 9 month old beautiful baby girl she absolutely loves to talk loves to laugh an smile especially wen I try an take her pic or have the camera where she can c herself she also loves her grandpa mama (me) an her aunties loves food an rele loves to stick jus bout everything in her mouth i think you should vote for her because shes a beautiful lil girl! An has alot to offer the world I honestly think shes gona b super smart wen she gets older!
Sawyer is a very outgoing little red head!! She loves being outside, feeding the horses, riding horses, riding four wheelers, swimming and loves bath time! She loves meeting new people. She has never met a stranger! She loves waving at everyone and blowing kisses and playing dress up. She keeps her momma busy! She is so smart she can count to three! She can tell you how old she is! She says hey, how are you?I I love you! Bye bye! Loves giving momma kisses and loving on mommy. Y’all should vote for Miss Sawyer Jayde because she is the one of happiest babies. And she is so smart and funny and kind. She loves sharing and feeding you her food😊. So sweet and adorable!🤍
Graesyn is the happiest baby! He has the best facial expression’s 💙
Julian aka Junebug loves playing with his cousin and uncle. He is outgoing and adventurous. He loves cars, going to the park, riding powerwheels, and eating everything!
He loves to smile 😃 he loves his bath time and his family! He enjoys talking to mommy and his swing!
David likes to dance he’s a happy baby
Kain is 5 weeks old. He loves to bounce, and he loves the water.
K’Mylen loves to dance and brush his teeth(gums). He is the happiest baby you’ll ever meet! When you see him just know that he will be smiling!
I like to smile and play and eat
Hey my name is j’lani 💖I’m 2 yrs I love to play fight with my cousins😊. And yes I’m the only child, sassy is my middle name 🥰🙄 I also love to drive my parents crazy 😂
Xavier Is almost 11 months old and always smiling and full of laughter💙
this is my grand daughter she was born way early and spent her first 6 month of life in the hospital and came home to west concord,mn to meet her to older sister and 1 brother and she has become a little angle
I’m about a week old. I love swinging outside with mommy, and cuddling with daddy.
Amari is 2 months old & ready to make the world his! He loves watching basketball with his daddy & spending time around new people. He’s such an outgoing & smart boy ready for whatever!
Jase doesn’t jiggle jiggle, he folds
She is beautiful and sweet. She has a good additude about life already. She loves to eat. The only time she cry's and gets really upset is if she is hungry!!
Oakley James
I may be biased, but my baby boy is so handsome! He’s a big eater lol
Da'siah is a very smart strong happy baby ! He is such a joy to be around . His smile an giggles are contagious. He loves cocomelon he enjoys playin ball and running around in his walker !
Omari is almost 3 months old. he’s the baby brother of 3, one brother and two sisters. He’s a happy, alert, bubbly baby! He loves watching his siblings play and cuddling with mom.(:
She’s such a happy baby with a big personality ❤️
Baby Anthony is a happy baby he loves to smile eat and play with his siblings
Our beautiful baby girl Paislee-Jo is one of a kind! She smart, funny, outgoing, energetic, and her blue eye will stare right through you. Her favorite thing to do is play with her sister. Her sister Harper is her bestfriend. Paislee-Jo loves hot dogs, pringles, strawberries, blueberries and watermelon. There’s never a day that she won’t put and smile on your face❤️😍
Charlie Layne is 1 month old! She HATES tummy time and bath time (until she gets used to the water)! She loves momma and daddy’s cuddles. 🥰 Vote for Charlie! 💕
Ensley is an energetic, ornery 10 month old who loves to do everything she isn't supposed to.
She is a very bright and outgoing girl. She loves animals and she looks up to her big brothers. She is my only girl and I am very thankful to have her in my life
Orion loves to explore and check out new things , go swimming with mommy and hang out in the hammock he also loves to eat and try new foods.
he only sleeps for mom and absolutely loves when it’s time to eat.