Baby Stories - 27


Daario is such a happy baby! He likes the movie Tarzan, and he loves to sit up and is already teething!
Hello! This is Dominic! Hes 5 months old & boy is he a sweetie. Has the best smile ive ever seen. Hes absolutely amazing. Such a ham too, he loves to eat!
Emily is the Rainbow after the storm. She was Due 11/08/20 and was born on 11/02/20. Weighing in at 6 lbs 10 oz. She is learning her personality and more awake every day.
Oliver is our rainbow baby and the bright spot of 2020! He is such a happy baby who loves reading and playing. This mischief loving 8 month old brings happiness to the whole family.
The rainbow after a storm; Lochlan is a loving, ambitious, and outgoing nine month old who loves his kitties, giggling, and pulling himself up onto everything!
He is a very happy boy. His favorite cartoon is baby shark!!!
Mr. Liam is mommy and daddy's little potato! He loves music, tummy time, swimming, kisses, and watching the penguins at the zoo.
Jameson is such a happy, wild baby! He is such a joy to be around. Although our house is a mess, our hearts is full with Jameson around!
Casen is 2 months old and loves to smile. He's the sweetest little man that's always happy and looking to brighten up anyone's day. His best friend is Cade our dutch shepherd who loves to give him kisses.
This little man is a silly, moody, expressive grouch. He loves his taco, sitting up like a big boy and playing with his fur brother bubba
Yennifer was just born on November 2nd. She is a very strong baby for her age. She can already hold her head up by herself. She is also loved very much by her family.
Micah is 8 years old and in the 3rd grade. He is interested in building and Minecraft. He loves to be creative with his legos and K’nex. He wants to help people when he gets older.
R’ymire just turned 1 months and he is Mommy’s favorite comedian . He loves long strolls In the mornings , fruits and Cheeto puffs his favorite show is coco melon . We plan to start adding to Rymires savings account and starting him in modeling . Vote for the life of the party ry ry 💙.
Im 2 years old I have a 6 year old sister and a 8 year old brother im energetic love to run around i love my mommy daddy brother nd sister
Malakai Joseph
Malakai is 10 months old, and was diagnosed with Cytomegalovirus at 3 months old. He has hearing loss, but wears hearing aids and LOVES sound. He’s the sweetest.
Bryson is 4 months old. He loves to giggle and play with his toys. He enjoys being talked to,playing,going outside,and just sitting back and chilling. He loves his baby foods, he is also trying to sit up on his own as well.
I’m a mama’s boy. I love Elmo, puzzles, fire trucks, school (mommy is my teacher) and playing outside!
My dada, mama, and pug are my best friends. I am learning sign language and love food!
Xavier is a 2week old baby boy who loves his sleep right now and already turns over on his right side. We appreciate your vote😊
Connor is a fraternal twin! He is a very sweet and snuggly baby with a lot of personality! He enjoys FaceTime with his remote family and enjoys playing with his twin sister, his fur-siblings and toys.
Johnny loves blocks and spaghetti
Rosalie is a sweet little baby that loves her big brother!
Rocklin is on the move! He crawls everywhere now and is such a ham. He tries to call u by whistling, which is just him pursing his lips and “hoo”ing until he gets ur attention. Loves classic rock over lullabies.
Jordan is a smart and active 1 year old boy who loves listening to wheels on the bus. He is a happy and sweet lil man who just captures your heart.
🦄Majesty🎀 11-11-20. Angel😇# 1111 is a highly optimistic # it encourages u to start ur journey into a spiritual awakening & means angels😇are guiding u to new beginnings. If you’ve recently made a major life decision(👶🏽🍼)seeing this # is a sign that you’ve made the right decision. Angels😇 also want to communicate a message of love♥️to u. It is a signal that they will always look after u & ur happiness.🥰
She is the most precious thing ever my first granddaughter and I could not love anything more! She is the sweetest most happiest baby I’ve seen.. I love her to pieces:)💜
River is 5 months old, he loves hanging out with mommy, daddy.
My name is Jaxon. I love to watch race car videos with my daddy. I also love to smile and take baths
Hi im Jayden. I love to watch football and play with my dog. Im quiet because im taking in all the knowledge i can get.
Miss sassy pants loves staying up late, eating and laughing or smiling even winking at the most appropriate times. Bath time is Her favorite way to decompress from her long days of eating and sleeping.
Evangeline is full of love and a very happy baby. She is a constant joy and loves to listen to her daddy play guitar.
Jazlynn Rayne
Miss Jazlynn Rayne is so full of life. She loves her teething toys and little stuffed animals. She also loves rolling away from mommy and being a diva!👌🥰 She is my blue eyed beauty ❤✨
After coming into this crazy world a week early, Karsyn sure brightened up 2020 for us! He puts a smile on our faces ever waking moment, and was the best addition to this family. His quirky facial expressions and his sweet cuddly personality makes him my simple kid of pure perfection!
Alessa is a very smart and outgoing 2 year old girl. Her favorite song is "beautiful crazy" . She loves watching cocomelon , Peppa pig , and Christmas movies. She loves going around telling everyone she's mommy's beautiful princess 🥰💜. Show her some love and keep the votes coming !
Paisley is 23 days old She weighs a whopping 10 1/2 pounds She really loves to eat eat eat and then sleep. Paisley really is a miracle baby. I was told I wouldn’t be able to have babies but here we are with a beautiful healthy baby girl ❤️
Ava is 5 months old and she loves to talk and smile. She’s just starting to stand and give hugs. She loves watching Elmo, Blue’s Clues, and Dora.
Alana is the youngest of 5 children (ages 12, 11, 8, 4, 3 months) between her Mom and Dad. She is the only child her parents have together. Alana enjoys playing with her big siblings and using her new skills like shaking rattles and rolling over. She loves to laugh and is a total joy!
I’m sexy and I know it 😎
She's a sweet baby who loves to babble and loves to eat! She is so loved by her family
She’s very happy, outgoing, playful!!
Oshun is full of personality at only 2 months ! She loves to talk and laugh ALREADY ! She’s a unforgettable soul for sure 🥰 she can brighten anyone’s day 💕
Jax is a super happy baby! He enjoys eating and pulling hair:)
Siobhan was born on her dad's birthday! She was an EXPENSIVE birthday gift.
This little beauty is all smiles, she is extremely happy and full of love. More times than not you will see a smile on her cute little face. She has such a bright personality already! She loves being outside and staring at our family dog! She is extremely alert and wants to be a part of everything already.
Elouise was born 6 weeks early at 4.7 oz. That does not hold back this little premi. Elouise's new favorite things to do are blow spit bubbles roll around and hear her own baby chatter. She is a big time thumb/fist sucker. Elouise is a happy, sweet and bashful baby. Anytime a new person talks to her her little cheeks get flush and she tucks her chin down.
John Wayne
John Wayne is an adventuress cowboy who loves running, chasing, climbing and his little brother.