She LOVES cuddles with mommy and when sissy gives her kisses! We just learned to coo and we're trying to laugh!
Jovi Delilah is the sweetest little girl with big beautiful bright eyes. At almost 4 months old she has never stopped Wowing us. She can currently scoot herself around in a 360 on both her tummy and back. She doesn’t like to lay still very long.. she much rather prefers to sit up and even practice standing. Her favorite things to do right now are watch her furry siblings, lots of floor time and loves playing with her hands.
This is Nicholas. He’s 9 months and loves playing outside, traveling through his BLW journey and following mommy and daddy through out the house😂. He has started to pull himself up and has the sweetest smile I’ve ever seen🥹. He loves cats 🐈 and all animals!
Gabriella Rose
Hello, My name is Gabriella Rose. I’m my parents miracle rainbow warrior princess. I love to dance , and sing (i try to in my baby language), I crawl really fast, I love to stand and try my best to do my steps but I still struggle but I won’t give up I will be walking soon. I love to eat, not a picky eater. I’m very loved by my family. I’m just a happy loving baby who just continues to blossom and learn and explore. I just give such adorable faces. Hope you will vote for me.
He loves his mommy and daddy. He chews on his binkeys. His nickname I gave him is buga boo and his nickname his dad gave him is z man. He has blue eyes and brown hair. When he was born he was 7 pounds and 20.5 inches long. He’s my moon and I’m his stars
Bentley is an outgoing an happy little boy! He loves being around family & friends, loves playing with his puppy tucker, and loves being outside! Y’all should vote for our sweet boy!!
Roman loves baby shark and loves to dance! He loves saying mama and dada!
John Wayne
John Wayne Thomas is named after his papa, daddy and his uncle! He’s growing like a weed, rolling over constantly and sitting up! He’s mommy and daddy’s whole world ❤️
She loves playing with sisters, she also likes drinking milk a lot and she’s funny and intelligent
She likes to laugh all the time
Niset May
Loves to be around her aunties and uncles 💕
Jaylynn is the only girl out of 4 kids,she very sassy and has a personality out if this world she enjoys modeling and her pageants but she also gas a tomboy side and gets dirty and plays video games with her brothers
Fawna is 2 months and 2 weeks!! She’s a funny and happy baby that is loved very much!!
Odessa is an awesome baby she loves to dance never cries always big smiles ❤️
Ala'mara has brought me so much joy in the world, she's 2 months and full of love happiness, very talkative when spoken to, and she's very smart for her age, she loves flowers and hearts and will brighten up your day when you walk in. ❤️😊
She loves to smile, laugh, and visit with her family.
She is so smart and a-little on the small size, she loves the colors yellow and pink. and loves being held
Adam loves being outside, running everywhere and exploring new things.
Fun loving little princess who loves to play with her family and doggies! ♥️
Miley Jo
A sweet bright 🌞 amazing girl who loves nature and being kind ❣️
Charli loves to crawl and climb on things. She loves playing with her older sister, they are always doing everything together. She loves her mommy and daddy and of course her sister! She enjoys being outside and playing in the bath.
Rhaelynn is a smart, beautiful and sassy 7th month old baby! She loves photo shoots and being told she’s pretty, she loves to be outside and at the beach also! 🥰
Izack And Zay
This is Izack and Zay my 3 month old fraternal twins who came 1 month early 😊 they love to smile and talk baby language 😍 they are the joy of the family 💙
Happiest smile boy ever ❤️
Xander is an amazing very happy little boy and he loves his walker
I love to smile, play, cuddle and eat:)
Kamaiyah is 6 months old!! Loves to play with her brothers and gots 2 teeth coming in. She is such a happy baby and so loving!!!
Logan came into this world like a recking ball premature emergency c section. He was 7lbs 5oz so very big for being so early. He loves attention and loves the sound of dirtbikes and loud trucks he get so excited and he’s a HUGE daddy’s boy! Due to the formula shortage he’s also a goat milk strong baby.
Maelani loves to smile and interact with her mommy 😊don’t get me started with her milk she admires her milk she has such a sweet personality already I love seeing her grow
She loves to dance
Briar Cordova
Briar is almost 7 months old. He loves to eat everything in site, being nosy and watching everyone and making funny faces! Briar is such a sweet and loving baby. He definitely loves his bottle and the show ms. Rachel. But out of everything and everyone he definitely loves him mom the most!!
Grayson is the happiest little boy. Watching him grow is absolutely the biggest blessing. I’m so happy to be his Mama!
Elliott is a very bright and happy 15 month old! Elliott was born a month early and spent a week in the nicu since then hes returned to the picu three times! We are just now finally feeling better! He loves playing outside and watching pj masks and Mickey Mouse!
A'saun loves to talk and go outside to listen to the pretty birds and watch the trees in the wind
I love to smile 😊 and learning and exploring!
Chloe is a firecracker 6 months old a very determined young lady 🥰
Violet Blair is almost 5 months and fearless. She’s super sweet and loves to laugh when mom and dad are laughing. She just recently learned to roll her tongue and flip over.
outgoing love to be silly 🤪 love his big brother Braxton love msje noises happy baby love attention he came a long way from were he was now thank God for saving him 🙏 🙌
Haisley loves making silly faces! She loves smiling! She loves looking at her daddy! And she loves watching movies with him too! Vote for Haisley ♥️
happy boy love attention mama boy loves watching happy, etc outgoing talk a lot love car's and Dinosaurs and working on stuff once you met him ur fall in love 🥰
he love play outside his a mama's boy love Dinosaurs and and cars all boy right here loves his baby brother Mason 💙 ❤️ and his baby sister Paisley and his cousin J3 his a happy outgoing boy Love's attention once you seeing him ur fall in love with him 😍💯
Destiny is 5 months old,not 4 months and I dont know why the website has it as 4 months! Destiny was born January 16th,2022!
He is 7 months old he is the happyest baby he will take ur heart and melt it with just a smile he always has a smile on his face
Paisley loves to be held she's a happy baby loves to eat, sleep, smile