Baby Stories - 26


Gianna loves to laugh, adventurer, and loves all her furbabies, happy baby
Iyla is determined and will do whatever it takes to beat the odds!
She is 4 monthes old and is so cute. She is very vocal already. She loves her mommy very much
Sweetest most carin little girl
Paisley is a very happy baby. She loves to cuddle, and she loves knawing on her fist while make crazy faces. She is sincerely a blessing❤️
Our sweetheart is almost 2 he loves to help with his baby brother.
Stella is a chunky bundle of sunshine. She loves peeing pooping and eating. She hates sleeping and being sat down anywhere other than someones loving arms. Vote for Stella!
She is a busy boss one year lol 😆 she loves playing with her sisters and watching coco melon🥰 she is a daddy’s girl for sure 🥰
Aubrey loves to smile, babble, and play with her bunny brother, Tucker!
Kimora is 5 months she is little & fierce Such a big miracle in such a little girl. Her little hands stole my heart, her little feet ran away with it & she know it .
Colby Lee is 8 months old and the sweetest baby boy there is! 💙 He loves bluey, cocomelon, his mommy and food.🤣
💕 Giving advances to be returned February 1st 2022💕💕 NO EXCHANGES AT THE MOMENT!
Xavier is such a happy baby💙 he’s a chunky boy and loves eating😂💙
Dakota has been a strong baby from day one she was born at almost 33 weeks so being born premature she has had to fight harder than most! She is full of personality and really loves her food lol seems like she is never full lol for her food is life♥️ This little cowgirl in the making going to be one tough cookie ! she has beat all the odds Even being here we were never supposed to be able to have children she is a definite miracle!
She likes to play talk she also has different personalities her eyes are everything💕💕she's 3 months old very alert also very goofy she will be 4 months august 16th 💕
Lil miss Jenesis is 3 years old . She loves school and playing outside. She loves saying her ABC’s /123’s. Very silly and happy.
Lil miss Aubree was born November 9, 2021 . Such a sweet little girl . She loves napping all day and eating . She loves smiling in her sleep. We really appreciate all the love.
Davina is full of love and laughter! Her chunky cheeks and beautiful blue eyes lights up the world of everyone that comes around her. She loves her comfort toy Ellie (small blanket with elephant head) with all her heart! She loves to watch Cocomelon and dance her little booty off. She's loves babies, filling her tummy with all kinds of goodies, and showing off her crazy personality! 💖 She's a true blessing! 🙏😍
Devon is an outstanding baby he doesn’t cry much and sleeps alotttt but for most he’s a happy baby
Hi, my name is Jorrian (Jorr-E-an) Davis! I am a very happy baby who loves the camera. I enjoy mommy's boobie milk and play time with daddy!
Wyatt is our little Miracle who loves to smile, loves to laugh and brings joy to everyone he meets!
Messiah is A Leo ♌️ & she’s name after my great grandmother . She loves listening to music & A BIGGG DADDYS GIRL 💖
Oaklynn is always giggling! She always has a smile on her face. She loves her dogs and her family.
Our rainbow baby! My handsome Lorenzen loves to laugh and jump!
Hello my name is A’Raiyah Skye Ny’Elle. I’m a very active baby that loves tummy time, bath time and to coo.(Everything is funny to me) I enjoy playing with my daddy and mommy. My favorite shows to watch are Cocomelon, Baby Boss, And Karma’s World. My favorite place to be is outside.
My name is Javion but my family call me stanka doodle . I’m very spoiled I always get what I want. I love fruits and outside . I’m a very smart happy baby
My name is Datarius but everybody call me Dj for short. I’m 3yo I love Spider-Man and paw patrol. I’m cute and very smart for my age . I can count to 20 and say my abc’s. I love my mommy and baby brother. I like to pretend I’m a super hero
Colson is the most loveable boy. He is 4 months young, loves to cuddle and laugh. He has brought so much happiness to everyone he is around!
This crazy little ball of fun is spunky, loveable, and mommies litte helper. You would also never know that this little fire ball went through 2 surgies and is loving life like nothing ever happened. She has a personality for days and makes you laugh just with her little giggle
Waylon, like Waylon Jennings. Waylon is an absolute sweetheart, he loves to be cuddled and to give kisses, but he’s also a fire cracker and a dare devil. Waylon Loves Music, all music. When it comes on he stops and just starts dancing and gives you that simple dimple smile 😊, next to music his next favorite thing is baked beans , and chicken and dumplings, what can I say the kids got good taste, well for my cooking atleast hahaha. Waylon is an absolute blessing, give us a vote please ❤️
Wyatt is almost 2 months old, he loves to spend time with his mommy. and he loves to smile!
Mikaela is the sweetest 6 year old you will ever meet! She is an avid Cheerleader, she has placed 1st with her squad in nearly all of their competitions this year. She works so hard as a flyer and would rather cartwheel everywhere than walk 😜
My name is Amari, I love sleeping & eating. I am my mama and daddy world.
I’m Kayleigh D’ior, I Just Turned 3 Months Old On The 11th, I Know How To Hold My Own Head Up, I Try To Hold My Own Bottle, I Also Love Watching Cocomelon💓 My favorite person to be under is mommy and I’m A Goofball🥰
Hi My Name Is Derrick I’m A Sweet Baby Boy That Likes Too Kick 💙
Janylisse was is a special babygirl💗 She brings so much joy to our family, she has gone through so much at only 5 months . She’s one of a kind. My Angel Baby 💗
Hi my name is Promyse & I am a very happy baby & love to smile 🥰
She is cute , she is funny , she act like she been here before 🥰
Hey My Name Is Sa'Norria But I Go By "Norri" 💞 Im Very Spoiled By Mama And Love To Sleep.
Colson is a sweet 5 month old little boy. He loves laughing and making silly faces! He loves reading books with mommy and nap time with Daddy.God has been extremely kind in fulfilling our wishes, and we invite you to come and bless our little bundle of joy. Our family just got complete! Yay! My little miracle rainbow baby 🌈 👶
Likes To eat knows how to count to 10 very smart Vote for my beautiful bbygirl 💕
Nevaeh is 4 months old, she’s a very smart little girl, raspberries are her favorite thing to do now, she loves to stand, loves to talk.
Kingston Golden
Kingston is a rainbow baby! He was born 4pounds4ounces. He loves paw patrol and his older brother! He just turned 2 the beginning of this month. He loves to run and play ball!
Ava’Lee just turned 1 and is very outgoing, loves to talk, eat and play! She’ll tell everyone hi that she sees. Loves to give kisses and hugs. Her favorite food is brisket and rice and occasionally a cookie! She loves going outside and spending time breathing in the fresh air. Her favorite activity is swimming!
my handsome boy like to sleep &’ he loves cuddles with daddy 🤍🥰 .