Baby Stories - 26


Zachary is 1 month old and he likes tummy time and taking photos. He likes to play with his siblings. He smiles snd laughs. You should vote for him be cause he has the mpst Loveable face and he brings a smile to anyone who looks at his pictures.
Babygirl loves to be outside! She loves to talk mommas ear off and loves to smile! She loves coco melon and loves to dance!
Gabriela is 24 days old, she is a smiley girl.
Blake is a really cool baby with her natural rocker mohawk. Her sweet and smiley demeanor make everyone’s day better. She’ll stare into your eyes for minutes unblinking, studying and attempting to get to know you better. Blake loves to chew on anything and everything she can get her hands on. She’s a master scootcher and aspiring walker. Vote for Blake and you get cool points 😎
Aurora loves to be out doors, is full of life she is an amazing baby, loves smiling at you talks up a storm..
My little redhead beauty absolutely loves to explore and is a huge extrovert. Her smile brings joy to anybody she sees 🤍✨I’m such a blessed mama
Hi! I’m Reza! I enjoy sleeping, eating and pooping!
Alarick loves being silly and making people laugh. He's a dino expert and loves his big and little sisters. He helps feed and burp his baby sister and can't wait for his big sissy to get home from school every day!
Atta is such a sweet happy baby! She loves to listen to her big sis and bubby talk to her. Her favorite thing to do is eat!
Siren Rae, She is a Newborn, She loves to be snuggled!😍 Loves bottles of milk and mommy of course💞 💟 Click Vote ✝️☮️☪️☑️ &&;Like 🎶🌻 Be Sure To Vote for Siren Though🤞🏽💛
Ayla is 3 weeks old born August 09. She loves to swing in her swing. She also enjoys snuggle time with mommy and daddy and makes sure she never misses a meal!
Kiersten was born at 34 weeks and 3 days and was 5 lbs 10 oz, she spent 11 days in the NICU and now is home with her two big brothers and mom and dad!
Avallon Fae
Ava loves bluey and anything with doggies. She just loves playing in the water and helping grandma with her kitties
Chasen loves watching Ricky Zoom, his momma and Life.Church worship! He hates bath time and vacuum cleaners.
Laila loves to laugh and smile! She is a cuddle baby!
Aurora is getting into the stage of giggles, toe touching and lots of movement. She loves to pet her two GSD and giggle at them. She rolls everywhere and anywhere.
My sweet boy is so laid back and calm, he enjoys listening to people talk to him and sing , he loves watching coco melon and taking long naps during the day , He also loves cuddles
Chance loves his milk🤍 he loves to talk now😂 and may of all he loves his mommy🥰
Nymeria is one unique baby. On July 18,2021 she was born into this world with a special condition, Down syndrome. But this is no ordinary Down syndrome it’s a rare type of Down syndrome were she learns faster than any other Down syndrome kid. Nymeria means warrior queen because she fought through the storm and made it out stronger as ever. She is very loving ,loves attention, and loves to crawl.
Darrell Joseph (DJ) is our happy little boy. He loves talking and smiling to everyone he meets. Head over heals for his twin sister's. For a 2 month old he's not a fan of laying down unless he's being fed or sleeping, otherwise he wants to be sitting up and observing the world. And for that he really is living up to the name we gave him. Named after his great grandfather Darrell, i remember as i was growing up my grandpa would sit and observe his surroundings too. In fact the christening gown Darrell has on pictured, was our grandpa's christening gown.
Journey is 2 months old. She’s a spicy photogenic girl who loves to go to the park or the beach and watch the birds 🥰
Jaxon is the sweetest little baby. I mean look at that face!
Jayden is my 3rd baby and the last one, he like to smile a lot, he is so special because he coming so early. He is my boy 👦 💙
Milk, mom, and mischief 🖤
Maverick loves his packs of dogs, and getting puppy kisses.
Has a twin brother Billy in this contest too.
He has a twin brother Joey in this contest too.
I am a year and a half I'm very silly and crazy all in one! I love to do anything outside! My smile is as bright as the sun! I love to run and explore new things and stuff to do! I love food!❤️❤️
Currently enjoys eating, sleeping, and practicing his smiles ❤️
Isabelle is our little ray of sunshine! She loves to cuddle, make silly faces, and stick her tounge out.
He’s a very happy baby and loves cuddles
Miss Za’Nova loves her bows and anything girly and bright💞 Her favorite thing is telling her how pretty she is and when mommy holds and talks to her
Just a happy boy ❤️
Keith is a very happy smily baby. He loves his momma and dadda and big brothers ❤️ He loves being talked to
Hello, my name is Kahrson Washington and I love to smile, giggle, play with toys and blow spit bubbles.
my name is chunk.
She's that happiest bubbly baby. She loves her Daddy!
She’s a little comedian who loves to make goofy faces.
He loves to laugh and have fun
Aurelia is always smiling. I think that the longest she's ever cried for was less than 10 minutes. She is almost too friendly and just wants to be everyone's bestie.
Keh’Lani was born June 15. She was a blessing to my husband and I. Please vote for my baby
Elyrica is such a sweet girl, loves attention and very happy.
Veyda was 10 weeks early but is thriving now. She love sweet potato’s and finds it hysterical when I tell her that she has stinky feet
Will exchange votes. This is my daughter Kalila, she is 4 months old and is such a vibrant little girl. She loves to smile and tries to talk or make sounds all the time. She loves bright colors and watching the baby shark show. She loves to taking baths, does not like being dirty. Please vote
Legacy is just Legacy lol. He has own cute lil voice and coos and smiles outta control. Its truly a joy to be his father
Kaylee is a vibrant happy little girl. She is my Granddaughter. She is on the Autism spectrum and meeting her goals with a force to be reckoned with. She has a beautiful heart and soul. She absolutely loves being outside and animals. Football in the fall is one of her favorites.