Baby Stories - 26


I like peeing on mommy and daddy and partying all night long.
Skylar loves Peppa Pig and Cocomelon 💕. Skylar is very outgoing , she’s loves to dance 💕 .
Hi I’m Veda, I enjoy long walks in my stroller, I also like car rides and bath time. I love my two puppies, Honey and Bandit. Everyone always tell me I’m sooo beautiful that my mommy should sign me up for modeling. 😍do you agree?
My name is Winter! I’m two months old and love to talk to my Mama and chew on my fingers!
Leihum likes chocolate,playing outside,blippy,and being a big brother ❤️He’s the sweetest little boy, thanks for voting 🙂
Brantley likes Being held,rolling over,and people talking to him 🙂
Breanna Barry is a year and 1 month old! She has such a firecracker of a personality. Her presence lights up anyone we come into contact with in public. She loves to wrestle with her cousins and her mommy and dadddy. Breanna is always happy but very sneaky at the same time!
Phoenix is a ball of joy especially since he was born early he is rarely ever fussy
Remy James
Remy loves bath time, watching tv, & being talked to. ❤️ He’s such a happy baby
Colson is 4 months old and loves to eat his greens as you can see. He says a vote for me will sure make my mommy happy. He is the best addition to our family of four.
Hi everyone! My name is Nathan!! I’m 4 1/2 months old who loves to have fun and listen to music! I’m a chatty little man who has a way with words,and when it comes to the ladies I take their breath away. I love car rides so I’m up for any adventure just as long as I have my Dino.
I’m Za’Riah and I’m 2 years old! My favorite thing to do is watch tik tok, singing and dancing, I have a awesome personality and I love everyone so much!
Hi world! My name is Avalee. In was born at 36 weeks November 8th 2020. I gave mommy a real hard time the first 6 weeks with colic but I am now a happy, thriving little babygirl. Im talking so much these days and my sassy personality is definitely my best attribute. Thank you all for my votes!
Adrián Yael
Adrián cabo de cumplir sus 6 meses en febrero 17 voten mi hermoso bebe
My name is Za’leah! I’m 2 months old, I love my binky and I love holding my head up already 🥺🥰
Jaxon is a very happy 5 month old baby. ❤️
I'm a good girl all day and extra naughty at night. My parents dont seem to like that.
Lukas is our first child, he loves apples, sweet potatoes, squash, and carrots! he loves to eat his toes any possible chance he gets! he smiles, laughs, and talks to our two dogs all day long! he loves to run around the house in his walker chasing our rumba!
Urijah is a super energetic and happy boy!! He loves to “talk” to people and mimic noises that we make! He loves cuddle time but also likes to play with his toys by himself too! His favorite show is Boss Baby! He loves to meet new people and likes to go outside!
Dahlia loves to laugh, coo, and watch cartoons! 🌸💕
Jasper Schmuck
Hi my name is Jasper and I am almost 3 months old. I love to smile and listen to baby shark. I also love to watch all the colors on the tv and take naps.
She was our best gift last Christmas!
She is a very grateful big sister she loves being A big sister she loves helping with everything and she my world for sure
Parker loves ceiling fans, mirrors, sparkly lights and her puppy Maverick.
Daniel loves staring at the ceiling fan, sleeping, and observing everything.
Benjamin Jr
He loves trucks and cars! Loves to dance !
Calvin is a happy baby, he loves traveling and seeing new faces. He is Irish, and French Canadian. His eye color is still a mystery but we think it’s Blue, like his mother.
Maverick is my little climber. He’s always very active. He loves his little sister, his puppies and his favorite food are strawberries. Vote for my little boy!!
Hi everyone my name is Colton! I am 3 weeks old❤️ I’m a nicu baby who has recovered from having a heart murmur. I already love looking around at everything, and love car rides. I’m a little brother to a 2 year old and a doggy! Naps are my most favorite thing along with eating of course.
Braxton is 18 months old. He loves cars, music and taking care of his baby brother. He also loves sweets and playing outside.
Hunter loves hands! Give him a hand and he'll explore your fingers and play with them for hours. He loves attention and exploring faces.
Hi My name is Luciano. I love the song love me tender by Elvis and sing along to Barbra Ann by The Beach Boys. I love to play peekaboo and love to giggle and smile.
Gunner is our rainbow baby and our biggest blessing! He brings so much joy to us 💙🌈
Rylan loves to smile and laugh! His favorite person is his grandpa and he loves singing and dancing with mama.
The adventurous toddler
He's the sweetest, happiest baby boy you will ever know
He’s 9 months he’s very happy and he loves to crawl
he loves his food and just started watching baby shows. smiles so much in his sleep!!
Hello, My Name is Nathan im 3 years old. I’m a surviver of the memorial day tornado in 2019. I’m very sweet and have a goofy personality. I love my mommy with all my ❤️ If you could please vote for me I would greatly appreciate it 🥺💙 Thank you 🙏🤗
Because look at him! He's such a happy baby.
Justin enjoys his baby first show where he can watch goo-goo. He loves his family and will sit and talk with them all day and he love naptime.
Daniel is a very special boy he was a miracle baby! He loves to play with mommy and daddy. We love him so very much he’s the biggest blessing we could ever ask for.
Christopher is a strong 6 week old. He spent the first 2 weeks of his life in the NICU. He’s such a happy little miracle and we love him unconditionally.
Braxton Grey
Braxton Grey is a happy 2 month old who loves brightening up any room with his smile! He loves his big brother and 2 big sisters. He has a smile thats just contagious!
My baby boy is such a joy and loves smiling and laughing.
The cutest baby with the cutest smile❤
Flynn Buster is the smiliest chubby guy in the world! But don’t make him mad or say bye bye to his smile and hello to his angry eyebrows 😂
Hayden is the sweetest, most loving little boy in the whole wide world, just LOOK at those curls!