ezaliah is a 10 month old happy & healthy baby. she loves bath time & loves watching baby shark & more. she also is trying to take her first steps. she is pulling up on everything. she also says mama, dada & nana. she loves playing with her toys & her cousins. she can also crawl super fast. she is well advanced for her age. & we are so blessed to have such a beautiful healthy baby girl.
My sweet handsome little baby boy, loves to laugh an play. An absolutely has the most beautiful baby blue eyes ❤️🙌
He is a beautiful lil boy with great attitude
Brennan will be 1 in March. He loves music and is very independent. He really enjoys playing with his brothers and sister. Chasing the vacuum when mommy is cleaning is one of his enjoyments. He has one tooth that just came out he rather stand than sit down and is very adventurous.
Adam is a silly billy. He is always laughing and smiling! Strangers often stop in public just to smile back.
Oakleys such a happy& calm baby, only crys when hungry or needs his diaper changed! He’s a mommy boy for sure.
This little man’s smile is so contagious😊he’s the sweetest boy
da’kari is the sweetest baby ever🫶🏼. he loves to play with toys that make noise. he loves to babble and blow bubbles🙃💛
Jasper is a happy, silly, wild child. When hes not finding things to climb on and getting dirty, his favorite things to do are cuddle mommy and play with his sisters.
Dont be fooled by the RBF, miss kaiya is the happiest baby ever. She loves to cuddle and get kisses, and is learning how to play with toys. She has the sweetest and most easy going personality ever. And just look at those big blue eyes!
Marion, is a bundle of nothing but happiness and joy! She loves people and she's very friendly and just brightens people's days with her smile!
She loves to smile n full of love with chunky cheek n also my beautiful butterfly 🦋
He loves musical toys. Learning to walk very friendly
Harley is a very sweet 1 year and 7 month old. She loves to laugh, smile a lot, and give kisses to mommy and daddy.
Frankie was named after her Uncle Frankie and grandpa Frank who meant a great deal to her mama. She loves meeting new people. She loves anyone who gives her attention and if you’re not she’ll be sure to tell you. She’s a total wiggle worm! She loves mornings most! Her favorite foods are bananas and sweet potatoes. Not a fan of peas. She’s such a happy baby and loves to smile. She loves her brothers (Thor and Doc). She is very curious and so aware of what’s around her. She has many expressions I’m sure you’ll enjoy. She is absolutely pure joy! With the money we win, we would be donating to a Charity such as St Jude’s Children’s Hospital.
Hi my name is Hazel mae! I am just a little under a year and a half. I love playing with my toys and riding my 4wheeler. I love laughing and playing and meeting new people & most importantly i love my mama and dada.
Kayden’s smile lights up the room. He is the happiest little baby ever!
I love playing with toys, and learning new things. I like my baby food. Blowing bubbles. Playing in my jumproo
Tucker is a very goofy 3 month old. He loves his milk, and his paci. He is truly a blessing. Don’t catch him staring into your eyes with a big ole smile, he might be taking a poo poo. My little stinker🥰
Se’Lah aka Se’Se! I want to be a police officer! School is my favorite place to be! I love to Dance play with my Dolls and do my TikToks @Selahrenee5
Hi im Malachi i was born December 17 ,2022 i like milk ,i sleep all day
Zeighlee has a wild imagination, loves pretend play, has a big heart for animals, loves being silly & she'll tell anyone who will listen, "I love mama the best"
He love to be outside by the water while mommy and daddy fish or playing with his dog
Scarlett-Elizabeth loves her food (mostly cookies) she love to play with her puppy’s and her toys
Antonio Nicholson
Antonio is a very happy joyful little man. He will dance & vibe to any music you play. He makes sure he gives you so many kisses & makes sure to make you feel loved !!
Rhett is a little boy who is his mama and daddy’s world he loves to be outside his favorite words are mama daddy nanny papa and last but not least Dog💙💙
Hi I’m Christopher & I like tummy time, playing with mommy and daddy & I have a older brother who 3
Arthur is the happiest baby you will ever meet! He loves to smile and giggle and loves snuggling with mommy and daddy! Will exchange votes!!!🥰
Dj is very loving,he’s big on family and he’s definitely a mama’s boy.He loves Batman and monster trucks.He loves helping others.He doesn’t meet a stranger
She loves climbing hates shoes loves cocomellon makeing loud noises
Hi, I’m Vinnie! I'm One! I love spending time with my family and playing! I love to make everyone smile! 😀
Hi my name is Julian I’m about to be the big 2 on the 11th I’m very friendly & loving & super sweet. I love playing outside and with cars and trucks & most importantly love my mommy I’m super active and always making everyone laugh and smile.
Sophia loves hanging out with her mommy and enjoys being talked to. Anyone that gives her the time of day is her best friend….but if you stop talking to her she gets very upset.
Hi, I’m Joshua. I really enjoy being in my mommy’s arms, laying on mommy’s chest and thighs, looking into mommy’s eyes. I love all things MOMMY. I’m trying to be a big guy and lift my head already & roll from back to tummy.
Graham is so kind hearted, yet at times he's all boy, like a category 5 hurricane. He loves his books, loves to eat, and is so close to his older brother. He's a ham and flirts with all the girls.
Miss Oaklynn Grace is only a month old but full of personality. She most definitely loves her sleep and is always ready for that next bottle. She's full of smiles and love for everybody 💓
Noah Martinez
Noah likes to eat play and give kisses and give lots of hugs and go for rids.
I'm Alana. I love to laugh and smile
Ellington is a blue eyes blonde hair chubby and smart little baby she loves to smile, coo, eat her hands, and watch, she never misses a beat. One of the most happiest babies and she sleeps almost all night🙂
I am a preemie baby I was born at 35 weeks I love my mommy daddy big brother and sister I'm very loving I love cuddles I have red hair blue eyes
My name is walter im named after my great grandpa and my grandpa bill i love my stuffies my daddy and my mommy also love playing with my sister I have an amazing brother go vote for him to
Hello my name is zeiana I love my dady MoMA and two big sisters I like to walk and dance , my favorite stuffed animal is a. Bunny my big sister got me, I have almost all my teeth and love sayn everything but I have to sleep with MoMA I am 17 months old with blonde hair and blue eyes
Azalya is just the sweetest girl you’ll ever see! Her favorite time is in the morning she’s all smiles ☀️😊