Baby Stories - 25


Born on Valentine’s Day my little love bug🥰🐞
Mason was born on October 4th, he enjoys playing with his big sister and eating his toes :)
Karalyna is always smiling. She brightens up any room she goes into. She is very curious and loves to see new things.
Hi I’m Jaylen Renee and I’m a Rainbow baby named after my angel big brother Jay. Jaylen means thankful and Renee means reborn i was born on 1/20 via emergency c-section at exactly 40 weeks. I have been so alert and hitting all my milestone early! 6 weeks old today 3/3 and I found out my thumb is yummy 😋. I’m definitely a mommas girl no matter what seeing momma makes me happy though daddy is awesome as well! I’m loving music any kind that has a good beat coco melon is my favorite and I’ll move my body. Now with being able to see better and father I love sitting up looking around and watching momma and daddy walk around when I’m not snuggling with them or sleeping.
Christian is our beautiful baby boy! He has been our families blessing from the start. He has a sister 8 years old who just adores him everyday. He brings light and happiness to our family especially everyday during the pandemic. He laughs and smiles all the time and loves to be funny and make everyone laugh.
She is smart; loves story time, watching cartoons, and playing. She has the cuties laugh, and the biggest smile. She is the cutiest baby. The winnings will go towards her college fund.
Oliver is 4.5 months old! He loves his mama, Daniel Tiger, and his puppy dog Kenai!
Kynlee is the definition of a miracle. She beat a subchorionic hematoma, a threatend miscarriage, 2 months of strict bed rest, a placental abruption at 33 weeks, being born 6 weeks too early, and a 3 week stay in the NICU.
Jordan Tapia
Jordan likes to play soccer or just kick any ball. He loves jello, soups, and apple sauce. He enjoys messing with his older brother and 3 older sisters ( he takes their stuff like homework or toys and runs away with them laughing). He loves petting his puppies we have 3 chihuahuas (2girls and one boy), loves feeding them, and playing with them like throwing the ball for the puppies to chase as they also bring it back to him and keep the game going. He enjoys jumping in the trampoline. He's learning how to talk, just learned to drink out of a straw, is simply very curious and adventurous to try as much as he can!
Little Albert loves playtime with mommy and daddy! He loves cuddles and his dinos!
Carter is an adventurous boy who loves to climb on everything and get into trouble. He loves to go outside and explore the world while mommy runs after him! If anyone says boys are easier. Don’t fall for it because this mommy is exhausted!
Jordan Tapia
He likes to play soccer kick the soccer ball or any ball or throw it. He likes apple sauce, jello, and soups. He’s learning how to talk, likes taking pictures, and knows if he doesn’t like or want something to say no.
Scarlett is a 4month beauty! She is such a smart baby who can already roll over completely and also has 2 teeth! She loves her daddy and is a big mamas girl!
She’s a very fun loving 3 month old who is very talkative and loves to laugh and smile
Sophia is 3 weeks old, she’s absolutely beautiful and the world deserves to see her❤️😍
Alias is a silly little boy. He loves to steal mommy’s phone and look out the window for his daddy to come home from work. This handsome boy’s smile can melt anyone’s heart 🥰
after a rough life and stupid mistakes , and a thought i’d never have the chance to get pregnant , 27 years old i was blessed with a complete godsend 🤍
Gabriella is a fun loving 9 year old girl wiser beyond her years she loves baby dolls and absolutely adores her niece and nephew 💙
Happy smiley baby girl! 💜
I’m Matias , “happy face” like my mommy says. I like to take a lot of pictures, I like to eat, I like the bath time and I’m very happy! The tambourine is my favorite toy!
Isaiah is one of the happiest baby he’s been smiling since he’s got here. If you’re having a bad day don’t worry he got you. At 7 months he is the most curious little thing each week he discovers a new body part first it was his hand and now his tongue he won’t stop sticking it out. He loves food and kisses.
Paisley is the most spunky bright independent little girl ever. She loves playing with her little sister. Loves the outdoors and playing with her toys. She loves to help and be very hands on. She’s an amazing little girl with a soul that no one can forget she has been through so much and doesn’t let any of it get in her way.
Penelope Rose is such an amazing little peanut. Loves playing with her big sister and her doggies. She’s obsessed with stuffed animals and has a smile that can make anyone’s day!
Hi im Silas I am 6 months and oh so cute! I love to roll around to catch my brother and chee on anything i can grab. I love love snuggles and i smile about everything. Come vote for me and have a blessed day!
Hi! Im Killian. I am 2 years old with lots of energy, i love to be outside playing in the dirt. Daddy and my little brother are my best friends. Vote for me thank you and have a blessed day!
Melonie has been a blessing to all of us.she so sweet smart and loves everyone.she has a heart of gold and she is my sunshine ☀️ thanks everyone
Chandler Lee
My name is chandler. I love dinosaurs and being outside. I have a huge heart for my family and animals. I love laughing and making people smile. Mommy says I am a very uplifting and smart boy for my age. Oh..and I LOVE chicken nuggets & cuddles!!!
Kristopher loves watching cartoons and drinking chocolate milk. He’s a mommas boy for sure and he loves messing with all his animals ❤️
Remi is a sweet, happy, goofy little boy who loves to watch his dad game and tell momma stories. Remi loves sucking on his fingers, and laughing. He also loves snuggling with mom, dad, and his favorite kitty.
Ariellis is a happy 1 year old baby girl. She loves bath and watching cocomelon. She loves dancing and singing along to any song. Always full of energy and laughter.
December baby! She loves to smile and cuddle with mommy and daddy. Her big blue eyes are the first thing you see when you look at her. Dressing up and taking pictures is a favorite activity!
She loves kicking her feet and legs! She loves milk! She loves giggling too! If she wins the money will go towards college fund and savings account.
Jackson was born 10 weeks premature. Hes now a happy and healthy baby!
Storm is very curious always checking things out. She loves playing with her siblings and dancing with them and She loves listening to music with her daddy.
Willow loves to be chased around and chase others. She is super loveable but knows what she wants and will likely yell at you for it lol.
Sofia is 5 years old, She is smart and witty as a kid, She loves to sing and dance, a sweet daughter. Please bring her on top.. VOTE FOR HER
Raelynn Rose
Former full term NICU baby!Current Docband baby! Fixing my crown👑accessories are a girls bestfriend 💁🏻‍♀️🥰 Super happy, smiley, Rae of sunshine! Every vote is appreciated and all winnings go to her savings/medical emergencies account. ✨
He has the most beautifully animated face .His expressions say it all!
She loves my little pony and playing with dolls and spending time with her mommy because she is a major mommy's girl.
She loves moanna and shimmer and shine and she's a very outgoing and energetic little girl
I am a very HAPPY almost seven month old. I love to watch Mickey Mouse and play with my feet. I love to say hi and yell randomly, and i love my big bows!
Carson is a very happy baby & is my miracle. 💗 He loves warm bottles & snuggling with mommy !!
Jaxon is such a happy boy! He is a ball of energy and so entertaining. Jaxon loves to be outdoors, play with anything car related, and loves to climb. He adores his older siblings and is very sweet.
Marilyn is 16 months old loves to play with her big bubba and talk to her little bubba. Shes the middle child. She loves cocomelon and baby shark.
Leon is a little snuggle bug. He loves kicking, playing with his toys and of course cuddling. That little toothless grin can light up any room. He may be little but he's big on personality already.
I’m beautiful daughter who is smart funny creative and the most happy healthy baby ever
he is 5 months old hes loves to play and talk and laugh and smile.