Uriah loves cuddles on mum and dad and tummy time! "Mister bright eyes" ✨️
Melody is a goofy little newborn who keeps her mommy and daddy on their toes every single day.
Thiago is a chunky little healthy baby, he loves eating and sleeping all day. 🩵
Guadalupe is a big sister and Loves her family
Gideon Reed Apollo Mcmillian
He is just a little clown loves having fun smart little boy.
Augustine loves a good photo shoot 😉
Lennon loves her dada, momma big bubby and sissys so much! She also loves smiling and talking!
My first lil girl after 4 boys. She’s such a character,loves to be silly and make you laugh and definitely a diva. Her big brown eyes capture your heart ❤️
Maverick is a precious and perfect babyboy, he is a mommas boy and loves to sleep as well as scream and talk up a storm he currently is only 3weeks old and was born on 12/17/23 at 6:04pm he loves to smile but also mean mug everyone but don’t let that mean mug fool you!🩵👣
Hes my 3rd unexpected baby after 11yrs. He has been what we needed and its been such a joy having him in our lives. Hes the center of the world for his sister and brother. Qnd absolutely theblove of our life for mom and dad.
Lilith is a strong sweet girl- she came into the world a month early! She loves smiling, sleeping and snuggling with mommy❤️
Our beautiful little girl she is in motts children hospital in Michigan she was born with a hole in her heart and all we would love to do is have lotsof prayers for her and love she loves to have alot of attention she loves when you sing or talk to her shes such a sweet living angel
Ray loves his family and playing with his friends. Football is his favorite sport.
Xavier loves to go fishing , hiking , loves to read and play in nerf wars! He’s an outside , outgoing , kiddo!
Sam is the happiest baby. He really enjoys learning the world around him. His favorite part of the day is experimenting with new foods, there is not a single one he has turned down
Cole is a sweet fun loving baby! He loves trying new foods, bluey, doc mcstuffins, laughing and being around mommy and daddy 🩵
Phoenyx was born premature at 29 weeks. She loves anything to do with music, art and using her imagination. She loves her family and loves animals. Shes got a passion for making people feel better.
Allow me to introduce Tejiri, a lively and affectionate 15 months old who has a great passion for cars. He also enjoys playing with water.
Marlee loves to laugh at any and everything! She loves baby food and all the snacks. She is usually bouncing or rolling when she gets a chance
Zachariah William was born 11.7.23 at 39 weeks to the day, he is such a happy baby. He loves to cuddle with anyone and everyone! He’s not picky. He loves to swing in his swing, tummy time with his crinkle mat, cuddle his Dino buddy, and most of all this boy loves to EAT!! <3 Zakari is so very loved by his daddy and I, and his big brother Duke, the pitbull.
Our Navy girl is 6 months old and is the happiest baby! Sis has such a big and sassy personality. She loves everyone and could laugh at a stranger. She also loves playing with her brother and cousins and could laugh at them all day. We are so lucky to have the sweetest most beautiful girl!
Joshua is very smart, brave, literally a comedian, he makes us all laugh and puts a smile on everyone’s face! His favorite thing to eat is apples and carrots (not mixed together😂) he loves to stand up and will give you a hug💙
Na’Kei is my Halloween baby (: He enjoys watching curious George and swinging in his little swing with his stuffed lavender lion named “Leo” he loves tummy time he is just the cutest honey skinned baby ever ♥️
Le gusta Mickey Mause es un niño muy inteligente y carismatico
Kamryn Brielle is 6 months old and was born about 3 1/2 weeks early. She loves all people, smiling and laughing when anyone looks or talks to her. She is starting to feed herself and rolls all over our house. She loves going to daycare, play dates with cousins or friends, but most of all she loves her mama + daddy. She is the sweetest, happiest babygirl. 💖
Mikayla loves sticking her tongue out, naps, and loves being in her bouncer to see what’s going on in the room. Any winnings will go towards Mikayla’s laser surgery for her lip/tongue tie and her echocardiogram scan of her heart!
Annabeth is the youngest in her family. She loves all of her sisters and brothers and is very kind and loving to all animals. She’s so sweet but also takes charge when she wants.
Hazelynn is full of personality and love. She loves fishies and always has a smile on her face!! ❤️ The most precious ever!! 😊🥰 please vote for her ❤️❤️
Liliana loves to babble about what is on her mind! If she could spend all day in the bath, she would. Lily also loves to watch her dancing vegetables (the corn is her favorite!).
Max is such a strong boy, with autism and epilepsy has had 2 brain surgeries and is so resilient and so happy he loves Life ❤️
Briella is a very smart and beautiful little girl! she loves when people talk to her and she tries talking back! She has a very heartwarming smile, and loves watching SWAT with her mimi and el padre! vote briella❤️
this is daxon!! he is a very talkative boy who loves his animals especially elephants!! his favorite show is dr. pol he always try’s to stay on the go and he’s a very sweet loving little boy and very smart for his age he’s holding his head up trying to sit up but once he’s sitting up he can do it on his own he can roll for his stomach to his back and already learning to roll from his back to his stomach. vote for dax!!
Miles is a very happy baby. He loves pureed carrots and love his pureed bananas. His favorite toy is foxy foxy the stuffed toy fox.
Trenaliena Smith
This princess trenaliena is always on the go she waves her hand like a queen already she loves to dance and eat snacks🤩
This is Oakley! Oakley is the smartest 2 year old i’ve ever met! oakley knows his colors, numbers, & ABC’s. oakley loves listening to music & watching his favorite show, baby shark! vote for Oakley now :)
Karson is the brightest 1 year old i know! Karson almost lost his life at birth due to having his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. my boy is a fighter and wasn’t going down without a fight whatsoever! karson has been through a lot, and has came out strong ! vote for karson!❤️
Just a happy girl who loves her momma and daddy!
Happy girl beautiful smile calm eyes
Emberlee has a smile that will change your entire day. She loves to laugh and put any she can get her hands on in her mouth. She is trying new foods and really like bananas ❤️
Josiah knows both English and Russian alphabets. He also love arranging his toys in rainbow order.
Wesley is 3 months old, and the most curious boy! He never fails to give us this best smile and perfect poses for all his photo-ops 😉 Show our boy some love! ✨
She's My Rainbow Baby. 🌈
Karsonn is 2, he loves animals likes to be outside and loves riding 4wheelers