Alena And Layla
Alena and Layla as you can see are complete opposites.Both girls are smiley, talkative,love rolling around and love being talked to at all times.
Rosalie is a twin and is a very happy, sassy baby. She loves to play with her baby dolls and rock on her rocking horse.
Willow is a twin and a very happy baby, she loves all things food and is learning how to walk by herself.
Keziah is my miracle 40 years old i didn't think having children was in the cards for me but God had other plans..He's so sweet i call him my baby stalker he follows me with his eyes every move i make lol..He loves to laugh and at but he really loves eating time He's perfect for a Gerber baby if you ask me..I'm positive if you meet him you'll love him instantly especially when he gives you that smile
Elias is a very happy baby that loves to play with his toys and loves baths. 🫶🏻
My BEAUTIFUL powerful independent Xena Bee 🐝 👑
Ronald Lee
Loves his play time cuddles & of course mommy & daddy! ☺️☺️
George is the happiest baby! He loves playing with his toys in his room all by himself. He loves food, all types! And is obsessed with watching ms Rachel
I am a happy baby!! I love bathtime!🛁 I also love my mommy and daddy!! 🥰But all I can do right now is eat and sleep!❤️ I am a very peaceful baby girl🥺
Hello! My name is Declan Ray Ellis 🧸 I love watching my 3 crazy pups, chewing on my hands, and yelling at the top of my lungs because I’m just finding my voice! At 3 months, I am already 25 inches long and weigh 15 pounds! My parents love me so much and I hope I can get your vote!
Hello I love coco melon and Gracie’s corner I have a big since of humor I’m cute and I love kisses
I love my mommy & daddy! 🤩 I’m starting to roll over! I’m a very happy baby all the time! I’m all smiles 🥰 I love my 2 cats! I love playing with my toys! I love my mama milk! 💙
Evan Michael Wayne is my first child💙 Born January 20th 2022, he's an Aquarius just like his mommy and daddy but a January Aquarius! He is so strong, smart, funny and a determined lil guy! He has accomplished sitting up and pulling his self up everywhere and any time he can get a chance!
Delton Alonzo Williams
AJ has the sweetest personality and loves basketball, and Spider-man. AJ is his nickname and he is 4 years old. He leaves a smile on anyone that has the pleasure of being around him.
Kiyomi Brielle our first daughter after having 3 boys . She’s such sweet little girl . She’s a calm baby so far and very protected being the youngest child of three older brothers .! I prayed for my princess and god sent me my beautiful angel. I’m forever grateful and blessed.!
Jamariana is 1 month old, she’s sweet and loving and likes to be cuddled 💖 Vote for her 🫶🏻
Trinity Loves Playing In Her Activity Chair. She Loves Playing & Singing With Mommy. Trinity Has A Smile That Will Light Up A Room & A Happy & Loving Personality. Vote For Trinity
Maia is The epitome of a sour patch kid. She is full of sass and spunk and keeps us on our toes. She fears nothing and knows no boundaries. She loves being around people and is an extremely social butterfly. She loves to skateboard, swim, practice gymnastics, and bug her brother. I tell her almost everyday how pretty and beautiful she is and I really just want to show her how many people agree me :) Please vote for my little girl
Exchange votes and advanced votes welcome. Since you’re here please drop a like and share Katori’s page to Facebook. Katori is the sweetest happiest baby on earth! She smiles and says hi to everyone she sees! She lights up any room she enters. Everywhere we shop she’s all the employees favorite customer because she brightens their day every time they see her. She’s also very smart for her age. She can stack 12 blocks and count to 10 and knows some of her abc’s at 20 months old. She’s the love of my life and I’m so blessed to have her. Please vote for my little piece of heaven. <3
Blakelee is such a fun, loving, goofy little girl. She absolutely loves dogs & giving them hugs. She enjoys playing outside & cuddling.
Skyler loves playing with his hot wheels and hanging out with his daddy!
Sydney loves dancing to her favorite songs:)
Jasmine is a sweet, energetic 2 year old with a big personality. She loves to play in the water and her very best friend is her husky, Apollo. She came from foster care and has been a huge blessing to her family.
Aiden loves being a big brother, hes also q big helper. Hes autistic so he loves his alone time but he loves comforting others.
Makayla loves animals and writing. Her favorite show is Miraculous
He likes listening to worship music and watching mickey mouse. Enjoys tummy time, perfers being on his stomach. Loves watching his siblings play and makes noises to get their attention.
RiverLynn is a sweet, happy and loving baby! she is only 8 months and already on the move, everywhere!
Mariana Ann
Little miss mariana ann is a little fireball with lots of energy!!! She is sassy but loveable when she wants to be. She has the most gorgeous smile and prettiest longest hair!!! She loves her baby sister and to horse play with her aunties!
Camilla Jade
My mila is only month old and she shows so much personality already!!! She's her daddy's twin. My girl was born premie but not so small! She loves her big sister and lots of attention.
Damien is going to be a Big Brother! His baby sister Mia Marie will be here in November 🥰💕😍 💕💕 Mama Squad 💕💕 Damien Matthew is a year & a half old! He LOVES to laugh and smile, he's such a happy boy! He loves playing with his toys, he loves Mickey Mouse, and climbing & exploring everything
William is just a ball of energy. Never wants to be sitting still or laying. Loves to hold your hands to walk and tries to run. Going for walks and being in water. Will watch and mimic sounds and facial expressions for hours . Favorite things to watch are Babybum and Rugrats. Nickname is "Chomper" cuz when you try to give him a kiss he will gum your face🤣
Ameyaa is very loving and wears her heart on her sleeve. She loves ridding her scooter, dancing, singing, hosting tea parties, dressing up by pretending to go to Paris and playing with her sibling. She has a great imagination while playing with her favorite toys. She likes to watch Scooby-Doo and wild Kratts. She enjoyed camping being outside, playing soccer, watching airplanes taking off, enjoyed being at the zoo, going to nanna's, and being with her family. Her favorit animal is cheetah.
Jordyn is such a happy baby all she do is laugh she think everything is funny she is a great baby she loves Mickey Mouse clubhouse and she sometimes goes to sleep to lullabies.
Alahna is young but has the most personality I’ve ever seen in a baby. She loves to laugh at funny noises or faces, and she adores everyone who interacts with her 🥰
Rynlees the happiest baby! She loves when you call her pretty!🥰
Patrick is an out going little guy already. He loves being outside and helping his daddy work on cars.
Olivia has been watching her favorite movie since six months old. It is called Sing 2 she absolutely loves the music. Olivia will sit through the entire movie and not make a sound it blows my mind.
She is a blessing. She smart strong and beautiful. Just gorgeous 🥰. Very photogenic
Meah is a fun loving baby! She loves being outside and feeding chickens. Bananas and Mac and cheese is her favorite foods. Cocomelon and blue clues is her favorite shows
Makayla loves to dance and being a pretty princess👸
Kannon is a really good baby he needs 2000 dollars because it is very cool and
Weston loves playing outside, playing with his dogs, and dancing!!
Emaria is 6 months old. And she loves Banana blueberry Gerber baby food!🥰 Loves to play with toys, and laughs a lot