Xavier is a loving happy baby!! He loves talking, playing and most of all he loves sensory time!!!
Hi I’m lily! I just turned 2 years old! I’m the happiest girl ever! I love lilo and stitch, puppies, and dancing! I love to play outside and take my 5 puppies for walks outside. I also love swings and painting!
Odysii is the sweetest little girl you'll ever meet! She's your typical tiny princess who loves to dress up, play in makeup, and get her nails done.
Here’s Ivee, a sweet little fiesty baby! She loves to laugh, giggle & loves to be around everyone. ❤️
He has the most amazing personality for a 3 week and 2 day old he loves his nana and grandpa
Brayleigh is a sassy stubborn but oh so beautiful loving baby girl and melts anyones heart that is around her and can make you laugh like crazy....please vote for this ornery little girl
Aiden Luke
Aiden is a miracle baby, he was born at 27 weeks as a twin, his little brother passed away 13 days later. He loves his mommy and can’t be still.
Hudson is my happy go lucky baby. No matter what kind of mood he is in he has a smile on his face. He is a very curious boy and watches everything you do.
Asher loves the outdoors and is learning to fish with his daddy. He enjoys playing with his bestfriend Jane (dog). He is learning new things everyday and is a very smart little boy.
Armani loves to cuddle.
Little Dakota is a smart baby ❤️ He wears 0-3 months in clothes, Size one diapers and can now smile and roll over ♥️😩
A’Loriah is a cuddly beautiful babygirl, with big brown eyes along side a smile that can brighten up any day. She’s obsessed with her grandma and loves watching American idol with mommy♥️
Gracie Ann
Gracies loves to go on walks, swing, and watch cartoons.
Her name is Bianca!! She loves to play with make up, swim, walk the dogs, and color. She can count to 20 and knows all of her abc’s. She loves Moana, Encanto, and Turning Red.
Hi I’m Baylee 😀 I love to play outdoors and with my 3 big sisters ❤️ I love to try all kinds of new foods and will eat just about anything good for me. Also, I’m sassy but love to give kisses and tell you thank you for everything. However don’t let my cuteness full you I like to get into everything and make big messes for my parents to clean up. If you come across my story please vote for me. Thank you
Jazlyn is 6 months old and full of sass! She loves to roll around everywhere and you will never see her without a smile on her face! She is literally the happiest baby ever! She brings so much joy to our lives and we are so blessed to call her ours!!🥺❤️💖
Miss Nova Lynn is the sassiest little girl✨ She loves playing with animals & brushing her and mommy’s hair🎀 she loves pancakes and watching Cocomelon 💕
Crazy, smart and funny
Fredrick loves to chase his siblings around in his walker! His favorites are snuggles and of course his mama!
Trae is always happy and cooing he loves his milk time!
Scarlett Madilyn Mae is a sassy newborn who loves being held and loves her older brother ❤️ She loves drinking milk from the “tap” my little booby monster 🍼
He is goofy, loving, and down right adorable!!
Harmni Sage is a Beautiful Sassy 20 year Anniversary Baby😍😍 She is a Boobie Monster 🤣 She loves her swing and watching Judge Judy💪😁🤣❤️
Hi there, my name's Zayden. I am a very calm, happy, energetic little guy. I love observing/learning new things and I am a very fast learner. My favorite thing to do is watching the ceiling fan go round and spending time with my family.
She loves dancing, her attitude, and her bubba!!
Hi I’m Nova Lynn!! I’m pretty new to this world and so far so good! I’m told I’m a sweet girl who loves to laugh and cuddle. I have the biggest brightest smile that I love to share with both of my mommies. I think I’m pretty cute, hopefully you do to!
High'dy my name is Maddie I'm fixing to turn 3 years old I love hunting with my daddy taking a nap with mommy an playing with my baby brother..
Miss Ava Love loves her momma, baths, & her ba-ba!!
My name is Jessie I'm two years old.. I might look like a normal toddler ...but I'm far from it I was born autistic.. from the time I wake up till time to snuggle up for the night I'm constantly moving always on the go... I love to jump an bounce.. TV time with a bowl of Cheetos makes me happier then Mickey mouse at times.. other times I sit an cry non stop till my mommy comes to my rescue.. I am number 13 out of my brothers an sisters.. I enjoy playing with bouncy balls an flash lights.. an my mommy says she's so lucky God thought so much of her he gave her something so special as me.. god is GOOD .... ALL THE TIME good luck to all god bless everyone
Hi! I’m Tammy! I love having fun and learning new things.y biggest joy is being a big sister I’m just inlove with my little brother. I’m goofy and corky.
Ace is 6 months old and the youngest of 5 💙 He has mastered calling Dada, has two teeth and is almost completely sitting up on his own. His double dimple cheeks and dimple chin are always on display as he is an extremely happy baby 💙 Thank you for your votes!
Gemma is 10 months old. She is a very happy and loving baby. She definitely has a stubborn streak and knows what she wants and when she wants it. She is going to be a force to be reckoned with, and will probably turn the world on it's ear. We've named her the one socked bandit because she hates to wear socks and is always taking one off. She is very happy baby with a great appetite. All in all a fun baby to be blessed with....
He loves to watch Cocomelon and he loves his mommy and daddy and loves to be outside
His Precious Smiles are Everything
Athena is a loveable girl! She loves everybody ❤️
Maverick is the most sweetest boy! And strongest too! He came out with a broken coller bone and had to have his circumcision when he was 2 weeks old! My boy did amazing! His smile will brighten anyone's day! My boy is just the best!🥺❤️
Axel, is a bright and happy boy, love's monster trucks, and anything with wheels. Favorite songs he sings to are wheels on the bus, no more monkeys jumping on the bed, loves to dance.
Nova loves watching Ms Rachel on Youtube, crinkle toys, and playing with mommy and daddy! She is such a happy baby!
Just a little girl who loves her ducks and chickens! Playing with her sisters and making everyone laugh.
He is a spunky full of energy little boy who steals the hearts of everybody he comes in contact with.
Hi, my names Malakai! I’m 5 months old. I love talking, I’m very playful and just so happy all the time.. My favorite thing to watch is Mickey Mouse!! I know how to sit up almost all by myself and am trying to crawl already!!
He loves to hear you are my sunshine and he enjoys his swing and being rocked.
Jocelyn is so lovable and she smiles all the time and loves to play with her toys she is everyone's pride and joy
Mateo loves to be with mommy and daddy and mateo also loves basketball , vote for mateo!
Deacon loves to sing and is very happy and goofy!
This is Arabella, she is the most spunky, outgoing, highly intelligent, & adorable 2 year old you will ever meet 🥰 She loves Peppa Pig and “jumping in muddy puddles,” she knows her ABC’s, can count to 20, and loves to sing and dance. She is also the best big sissy ever!! 💓💓
He loves playing with balls, spending time with his papaw, and barking with his doggies!
Bailey is a wild crazy loving kind hearted little girl who loves to dress up an model an pretend to be a runway beauty walker she loves Barbies basketball swimming an her mommies she is the light of our lives she is very shy at first then watch out she will have you wrapped