Rayden is a very energetic baby boy, he loves his toys, his food, and his momma! He loves to get into everything he’s not supposed to and he’s obsessed with aw patrol, blaze, and Spider-Man. He’s also about to be a big brother to twins!!
Corbyn is five months old, a baby brother to a big sister. He loves his momma, his big sister and going to the local dirt track.
Laci is a very smart 9 1/2 year old she is in the gifted program at her school!
Ethan has such a great attitude about life! He would really love your vote!
Lexi has such a out going personality she can make anyone 😃 please vote for my baby girl!
She is blast to be around , she is very smart and sweet....loves to laugh but also loves to make others laugh as well .
Scarlett Rose
She is a goofy very bright smart little girl
Hello my name is Elliot. I’m 8 months old. I love to sit up, I also love to give people high fives. He has such an amazing personality. He loves to smile and laugh. He loves to eat bananas and green beans. He’s so joyful and happy he lights up everyone’s day. ❤️
Mylik Jr
Mylik Jr loves to talk and blow bubbles. He wakes up smiling, enjoys bubble baths and is such a happy baby. His favorite color to wear is green.
Name: Kai Leo Peagler Nickname: Leo the lion 🦁 • He loves being around his parents, he’s trying to talk up a storm now 🚨Let’s get him on top🚨
The sweetest little soul. She absolutely adores singing, bad or good - she will smile to heaven and back. I love my girl.
Alvaro G Jurado
Alvaro is a very smart and active child. He enjoys family time, music/dancing .. loves being outdoors, and ofcourse LOVES THE ATTENTION . He’s 90% of the time smiling or laughing. He loves dogs, and enjoys watching soccer.
Emory is only 2 and a major football fan! He loves trucks and dinosaurs. His favorite movie right now is Zootopia, but that changes every week.
This Is My Beautiful Niece She Happy Advance & So Full Of Life She My So Chill & Laidback Already That’s TT Baby😌🤞🏽✨🧸🎀❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Braxten is all about making funny faces and sleeping for hours on end. Loves cuddles and to listen to music. He’s the sweetest and calmest little boy <3
She is the most loving outgoing little girl who loves swimming and being outdoors
Hi! My name is Jazlyn I’m one years old & love going to parks with mommy and daddy I like strawberries and grapes 🍇 and I can make anyone day better with my happy spirt💕🫶🏻
Kamari is the total definition of “happy”. He is our rainbow baby born at 29 weeks, weighing just over 2lbs. Despite the obstacles he’s faced so far, this little dude is all smiles! He loves to take pictures, spend time with Dad, and explore outdoors.
Aloma is the happiest baby you will ever meet with a contagious sweet spirit!
Jade💚 has already been through alot in her short life, but she already has such a big personality in such a tiny body! She was born premature and in the NICU for a little while, but she handled it like the little boss baby she is! Please vote! 🥰
Ava is a sweet genuine baby. She looks like a gerber baby and a Michelin tire baby. She loves her family, she loves to eat, play laugh and sleep. Ava is like a big teddy bear and amazes us everyday with her brilliance!
She’s so sassy and cute … didn’t mean to make a brat but hey ❤️
Always finds a way to make your day🤞🏼
Kai is a bright eyed, smart and joyous baby. He loves to smile and “talk” with everyone. Each day is filled with more love and laughter!
Hi my name is Kenai😊, i am one sweethearted and tender-loving boy. I love to smile and play with my mommy!❤️
Hey my name is Elianna Hamel , I’ll be one next month , I just took my first steps the other day and my mama was so happy 🥺💓 I love Cocomelon (as soon as she hears it she jumps and dances🤣) my hair won’t grow fast so everybody thinks im a boy lol … (she is the happiest baby I’ve ever seen) heaven sent 🤞🏽💜
Lacey is a strong special girl she has 2 rear diseases and a brain tumor but through all of this shes a fighter and always happy and smiling and loves her disney movies and her music and has so much love inside to give and when she smiles it will melt your heart
Montana is the sweetest and easiest baby ever . I’ve been so blessed to have such a happy baby. Montana loves to sit outside in the mornings and she loves fans .
Paisleigh Skye
Paisleigh is 12 months old and she is full of joy/ laughter . She’s very independent and loves to play she’s a sassy smart little bundle . That will tell you when she likes something and when she doesn’t . She has a little brother on the way that she’s so excited for ! She likes her breakfast 🥞 She loves her daddy most🥱 She likes to ride ☺️ Her favorite place is outside 🧚🏽‍♂️ Loves to sit in her own little seat 🫠 Makes sure she is apart of all the drama/talk if you know what I mean 😌she is the most lovable happiest little girl ever !! And she will tell you too !!
Mayven is the happiest little girl, she has been smiling since she was born. She loves Watching Pepa Pig in the car, eating all the sand at the beach, and loves being in the water.
“She’s just so smiley!” “She just lights up the place, doesn’t she?” “I can’t believe how well she does away from home!” … Her smile melts every friend, family member, and stranger that meets her. She is not shy and loves to share her joy and laughter with everyone. People have walked in the door who have never met her and she crawls to them while having a giggling fit. She loves the outdoors, the store, picnics, cookouts; she loves learning from new places and making new friends. She is the light of my life and teaches me so much about joy, love, and happiness every single day.
Skyler S. Miss Sawyer is such an advanced baby! Loves to try and sit up and is always smiling. Truly the happiest baby ever.
Keiko is our blessing. She has a very contagious laugh and giggle. She loves to play with her elephant and read/ chew on her crinkle books specifically her princess and alphabet books. She enjoys cuddle time with mommy, daddy, nana, and mema. Her favorite meal is her homemade num nums (breastmilk). Keiko has learned so far how to say "Dada", pull herself up to a sitting and standing position too. In her free time, she loves to pull on her feet, sit in her swing and play with her owl toy, and growl like a baby dinosaur.
Landyn enjoys bath time, playing, and eating. He meets no strangers, to know him is to love him. His favorite things to say are ‘Ma Ma’ and ‘eat eat’ loll, he’s smart and learns super fast (he gets that from his Mama).
This is my rose she’s ahead of the game crawling and trying to walk she absolutely loves animals
Brantley is 16 months old! He loves EVERYTHING! He loves to eat, playing in water, go to daycare, and see all his friends and family. We’ve had a very rough road. When he was born he had a stroke and seizures. But we are all better now! And have the whole world ahead of us!
Alaya is the sweetest, the most loving , and always happy little girl! ❤️
This is my Lincoln! He’s 7 months old and is getting so big! He loves to eat, jump in his jumper, and throw toys at his parents! 💓 his little smile is my favorite ☺️
Hi, my name is mavrik I love to smile. I am learning myself trying to grab things talking baby gibberish etc I love being tickled i have the cutest smile and laugh
My name is Kalvin Tate, I love to smile and laugh at mom and dad. I will be a future football player when I grow up😍
Eli’s a smiley baby 😁💙
My little one is full of joy. No one can brighter your day better than he can. Little man loves watching cocomelon and bikes 😂. He loves pretending to work on his toy bikes and he loves trying to put stuff back together. Hes so smart already and he hates sleeping lol. he would rather stay up and play. If you want someone to brighten your day, he can always🥰
Keenan is about to be 11 months old & will be celebrating his first birthday, come September. He loves watching F1 & football with his Daddy. He is always the happiest little babe.
She is the most happy baby girl, loves being outside enjoying the colors and people talking to her.
Ashton is 1 years old. He loves swimming and playing outside especially in the dirt!! He has such a sweet soul and is always smiling!