Baby Stories - 24


The happiest baby their could be with the perfect amount of sass to make every second with her amazing. She loves her sweet potatoes greatly and can’t go without her binki at times, and loves cuddles.
Ira is very different from each of his siblings, he is always a very happy baby, he will have grunting “conversations” with anyone just to join a conversation. He loves everyone and anyone!
Hi my name is Odin. I'm almost a year old and I am close to walking and chasing all the dogs. I love to eat and cause mischief ☺️
Victoria loves het stuff elephants and her smile brightens the whole room
She adores her mama and dada so very much. She loves to watch cocomelon to the point you put it on she’s dancing😂🥰 she’s got the most biggest blue eyes I’ve ever seen. She’s got 4 teeth❤️ She’s 10 months old☺️
Oni is a happy little boy who loves to smile, laugh, and eat his toes!
Ace is a very smart, talkative, and energetic 2 year old. He loves to ride his 4wheeler and play ball. Hes always being sweet and loves spending his time with his gigi and nanny !!
Tommy loves to eat and LOVES playing with his big sisters. He’s literally the happiest baby I know. He’s always smiling and laughing and can light up the room!💙
Im a rainbow baby sent here by my sibling in heaven. I can roll onto my sides already and Im just a month old! I love rock n roll lullabies and eating all the time
Ember is the happiest baby ever and loves being talked too!
Jaisley is the most energetic, loving kid. She loves bacon and strawberries, watching Spirit and Pinkilicious. She also loves spending time with her family ❣
Isolde is the second granddaughter in our family. She is 5 months old and we are sooo blessed to have her. She's celebrating her 1st Christmas.
Hannah has an amazing beautiful smile and personality.
Emberlynn is 7 weeks old and she's daddy's little princess. She's our little bundle of joy with such sass. She loves to eat and loves the attention from mommy, daddy, uncles, grandmas, and grandpas ♡ precious girl ♡
Harlie is a spunky 8 year old who loves to dance, sing, do gymnastics, etc. She is very compassionate and empathetic. She is always happy and her energy is contagious. She is a very talkative girl and a total social butterfly.
she is such a sweet heart! she loves dancing and singing and playing with her little sister ❣️
Grace Sawyer
Grace Sawyer Cuozzo is our little rainbow baby. My fiancé and I lost our first baby at 12 weeks. We were so heartbroken. We waited to try for awhile, and 6 months later found out we were pregnant with this little cutie. She is definitely a bright light in a dark year that is for sure, and we absolutely love her with all our hearts. She brings a smile to everyone’s face, and I hope she does to yours!
Funny. Loves animals. Will blow any and everyone kisses in stores.
Calm happy baby and knows how to make everybody smile
Emberly is 2 months old and loves to babble away and have a conversation with mommy, daddy and grandparents💗
Kashton is 1 month old. He has recently learned to smile and has discovered his tongue, which he enjoys showing everyone. He loves to cuddle and loves his big brother! He is a very sweet boy who loves his mommy.
Happiest baby in this world!!!!
Owynn loves to smile, laugh, and play! He loves kisses and cuddles. He has beautiful red hair and blue eyes. He is finding his voice and loves to talk. He loves music, food, and his family. Nomatter the outcome of the contest, he will always be the most handsome baby boy in my eyes ❤❤
Genesis Aurora Essence is just as unique as her name ♡ My sweet bundle of joy is ALWAYS happy and laughing, she just brightens everyones day!♡ She LOVES Mommy, Daddy, & Cartoons are her fav ♡
Harper is 2 months old, she loves attention and being swaddled and listening to lullaby’s ❣️
Kennedi is so fun and sweet! Her smile can light up a room and she has the biggest beautiful blue eyes! ♥️ She loves to play and roll over!
Amarah Li Caraway
She love reading books, she love dancing and singing. She's a sweet girl and adorable baby ♥️🥰
Zaliah is the light of our lifes. She's our rainbow and the end of the storm. A total gift from God! The day her brother died I prayed to God to bring me the closest thing to him and exactly a year later on his mermorial day I found out I was pregnant with her😊 Since that day she's been a miracle, a blessing. Her smiles melts the hearts of so many! She is the sweetest sassiest little girl that I know. My bestfriend and my world 💕 It would bring much joy to her if you would ever so kindly vote for her, Thank you all in advance 🥰
Hello im TJ im 4 months old and I love my fursisters athena and harley, chewing my hands , and staring at the ceiling fan!
Although she was born during the blizzard of 2015, Emerita Whipple, 6, is the warmest, kindest junior veterinarian you'll ever meet. When not modeling the pretty clothes made by her grammy, Emerita likes to swim and help her mom bake.
This super sassy fun loving little one has the kindest heart and wildest imagination
This girl is always smiling and laughing! Her smile is truly contagious. ❤️
My oldest baby girl and my twin!! 👯‍♀️💕
My beautiful Reignbow 🌈
Darling Demeanor with a knockout smile and a gaze so sweet
This is Sebastian , he is 9 months old❤️, he sits up on his Own ,He loves to cuddle and roll around, loves to watch cocomelon, he has the cutest laugh and smile that will just make your heart melt 😩🥰💙💙
Our Eleanore Rose was sassy in mom’s tummy and she hasn’t changed one bit. We tried to take the pacifier out of her mouth for the picture, but she was not having it.
Vander Link
Vander is a very smart little boy. He is potty trained and an expert Elimination communication baby. He is a beautiful mix of both mom and dad.
Keaton is a big hearted, loving,caring young boy. He always makes you smile even on your roughest day.he loves his baby sister and is very overprotective of her.he loves playing with his cars and his xbox.
I love to watch Mickey Mouse and spend time with mommy and daddy. I love my special weekend visits with my MeMe and love to be tickled. I’m mommy’s special miracle from God and my sissy(twin) watches over me from heaven.
Willow has made our family complete. She is a adorably funny baby. She has her own cute personality and loves cuddles.
My name is Charlie Finn and I am a miracle rainbow baby! I love to sing, and flirt with my long lashes and big smile! I just learned how to say mama 🥰
She is my greedy, full of life, little girl! Always has a smile and lights up the room!! ❤️
little man loves playing on the floor and laughing with mama and dada! also larson loves his bath time! Splashing like crazy!
Maverick was born 3 months early 2lbs 10ozs ! He is by far the best thing to happen to me ! Mav has a big fan club , be #TeamMav