Hi everyone! I'm three months old and I love watching Bear Sensory and hockey with my dad! I prefer to spend my time in the bathtub or playing with my toys. Babbling is my new thing. Don't forget to vote for me!
Bennett is the youngest of three and is a very happy and active little girl! She is a daddy’s girl but sure does love her mama. Bennett lives on a small farm with her two ponies and horse, two piggies and 4 dogs. She is our little lump of sugar that has the sweetest heart and most contagious laugh!
Celia loves her car, Binx and big sister Adelaide. She loves being outside and eating.
Grayson is happy, fun loving little guy who absolutely loves Christmas and Santa Clause. When he grows up he wants to be a firefighter just like his Daddy. He loves to make people laugh and can always seem to put a smile on anyone's face. He will definitely capture your heart! ❤️
Hi! My name is Rhett but my parents call me Rhett man because I’m the little man of the house! I love smiling and I’m just a little giggle box. If I’m not eating my favorite snacks I’m either climbing on EVERYTHING or watching my favorite shows! I love being outdoors driving my blue jeep. My mommy and daddy are my world!
Arya loves food, dancing, climbing, and the outdoors! Her personality is something fierce and sassy. She’s very independent and will try to do things herself before asking for help. She loves to learn new words and see new things. Whatever adventure we are on she always wants to be apart of it.
She is sweet, kind hearted and lovable. She loves to swim and to play with her Barbie’s she also likes to play in puddles out side when it rains the best part is that she loves her big brother.
Ellie Mae is a spunky four month old who loves to roll over and eat her hands.
Bentlee Greer his 1 years old born on April 12.He loves the outdoors um love some peanut better sandwiches.he knows how to say bunch of words and trying to speak sentences but can’t quiet get them out lol.
Aniyah is full of personality and very loving. She can make any day better! She enjoys cocomelon and baby shark:)
7 month old girl very happy baby She loves food
she like smile and listening music,
Malaysia is a fun outgoing two year old who loves to have fun and play with her babies she’s an awesome two year oldAnd a pleasure to be around always have your laughing
Matthew smile lights up the room. Matthew loves hugs & kisses.
Amelia is a twin her little brother and her arrest just 7 months and full of love and adventure
Scottie is a twin him and his sister are 7 month old and full of energy
Paislee is about to turn two on the 4th she is a happy loving little girl who loves to take care of her little brother and sister
Merci jayde 💓😍
Grayson is the second child but acts like a first . He is so happy that you don’t even know when he’s tired or hungry(unless your his mamma). He’s so pleasant that when he had surgery he still had a smile on his face and was still laughing.
Tymber is his mama's blessing.. he will melt your heart with his sweet smile.
Small and mighty. She loves to smile and giggle.
Arriella is 4 months old. She loves being talked to, loves baths, and loves her mommy and daddy. Shes finding her voice and will talk back to you.
Sweetest little baby ever!
She is such a loving precious little girl!
My sweet little angel is now three months and he is the light of my life. He is my everything and is a wonderful baby boy.Hes all i could have imagined and more
Emma is such sweet baby. She is so huggable she loves showing off her 4 teeth😅
Ruby is very sweet, active, and talkative. We might not know what she’s saying, but she tells us a lot. Her favorite things are black beans, blueberries, Disney songs, playing with friends, swimming and stealing the remote.
Raider Loves stuffed animals, he loves his basketball and loves his puffs! Loves to be tickled and cuddle time with momma
Hello, my name is Mikey but mom and dad call me Bean! I love to play patty cake and give smooches!
She’s a shy sweet girl. She loves Disney princesses
She’s always smiling! Happiest baby ever!
Baby Leo has been an amazing baby since before birth. Very calm but at the same time very happy. Who illuminates every morning with his beautiful eyes and his beautiful smile. He has definitely been a little warrior.
WE ARE NOT PARTICIPATING IN JANUARY CONTEST. WE ARE ONLY IN IT FOR ACHIEVEMENTS. DO NOT VOTE!!! Kane is the epitome of a dancing machine! He’s always ready to bust a move at any given time! He’s super friendly and happy as can be. He’s such a sweetheart and all around amazing! Kane loves playing with his dogs and being a brand new big brother. He’s really into Baby Shark, The Grinch, dinosaurs, and reading books. His favorite is being outside though! He loves Mac and cheese, oatmeal, broccoli, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, green beans, and ice cream cones! We adopted Kane at birth and he’s the best thing that ever happened to us, along with his brother. Kane is the ultimate fun kid! We appreciate all bonuses and advances. We will always repay when you choose. We accept exchanges, but please make sure I know about it or it will be considered a gift. Kane is also on Bidiboo if you could vote there too! Thank you all!!
I like eatting and sleeping but when im awake ill talk to u and i love everyone
My son is extremely handsome, charming and loving. He’s my cuddle bug. He loves Minecraft, Roblox and drawing. You should vote for him because he is a great kid. Thank you
Xavier is a very smart baby, he loves cuddles and his big brother ❤️ he loves to spend time with both mommy and daddy 💕
R.J loves meeting people and loves learning sign language his first two words in sign language was yes and milk
Jaxin is funny and when he wants something he will make it known but overall he is just sweet and adorable
Akemahs is special vote for her because she is such a beautiful with a beautiful smile an she make her mommy so happy to be a mom she help her mom threw all her battles in life she is very silly an lovesssss to eat 🍼🤗💕
Akemahs is 1Month old she loves to eat eat eat lol she more than anything 🍼😂 she is very sassy & the only child Akemahs love to make faces an smile she is SPOILED like crazy & A very good baby Akemahs love when mommy pick her up she love to be talked to an love music 🤗😻
Creed loves his dog Chucky, his big brothers, and food! He’s a daddy’s boy and loves to tell you no in a sassy way. He is the most adventurous boy.
She was born 12/18/22 4lb 10oz
Killua Scott
What killua loves the most is he’s daddy and too watch he’s daddy cook or simply sit on the couch he loves climbing all over he is so lovable and has a goofy personality
she a spunky ,bossy,sassy smart beautiful little lady that will always brighten your day
Kinsley love’s to smile & stick out her tongue. She’s a quick learner & has the best personality!! 💛🤍 Happy New Year ☺️