Baby Stories - 23


She loves taking photos and shes a twin!
Loves her family, especially her baby brother! She likes riding her bike & going camping upnorth! Just a small town girl ❤️
Tripp is the sweetest boy. He loves hugs, anything to do with animals, and is always on the move.
Bryce loves laughing and smiling and just anyone in general ! He is gonna be crawling soon and he is just absolutely the cutest boy ever and the biggest blessing ❤️
Ryver is 7 weeks old. She enjoys being held and talked to. She loves to pose.
Always ready to explore her community rain sleet or snow.
Lyndsey loves cocomelon and to play with her toys. Lyndsey is super smart and was a preemie baby weighing only 1 pound 11 ounces.
Jameson Scott
He is a happy baby loves baby cocomelon and enjoys playing peek-a-boo with mommy and other family he also loves music especially his pap-pap playing guitar he is always 😊 and fully of giggles he really knows how to Brighton up are days🐥
She so adorable baby like a angel!she love watching children songs and she love’s always talking to her and laughing like a big girl now she is 3months old baby😍🥰
She loves to play and eat and sleep and talk and be silly and she stays with a smile
She is the happiest baby out there! Always has a smile on her face and constantly brings joy to everyone around her!
I love to go outside and play, I love to spend time with my family, I love to go to school and make new friends.
This little cutie is a happy one! She Loves to color and watch Minnie Mouse! She sings and dances out of the blue! And she Loves Mommy and Daddy!!!
Mesias I's a one year old boy getting ready to be 2 && he loves his sissy 💜 he's just a really good kid he is a blessing for sure and he is so loveable when he wants to 🙏🤞 He loves outside and he loves his little 4 wheeler 💙 he is an amazing kiddo 💙 vote for mesias
Are Jenelle loves silky blankets and cuddles from her family and she loves to look into her mommy eyes
Everly is the light of our lives and the life of the party. She smiles and bring joy to everyone she sees. She is our little teacher of kindness, acceptance and love.
Half Swedish half Colombian little charmer. Loves music and can’t lay still when mommy drop the beats.
Nova is a very happy and strong girl. She loves going on car rides and on walks around the neighborhood. Her favorite song is Teach Me How To Dougie.
Paulie is an incredibly happy, giggly on the go baby! Help him out by voting so I can add to his college funds and maybe a couple awesome toys!! Fun facts about him, he giggles while he cries, wears sizes 18 months, weighs 25lbs, and coos along to the piano when it’s being played!
My Z is getting big and smart 😍 no exactly crawling yet but definitely getting around trying to 😅 he loves to stick his tongue out and smile at everyone 🥰 blows bubbles with his mouth and blows kisses 😘 as well 💙 Vote for Baby Z
He’s the happiest baby, loves to laugh and babble to his older siblings. Loves giving his mama and daddy little grins.
Mckenzie is 5 months old loves playing with her big brother and is always smiling!
Happiest baby alive
Braelynn was born with (HLHS) is a rare congenital heart defect in which the left side of the heart is severely underdeveloped. It may affect the left ventricle, aorta, aortic valve, or mitral valve. She has had 4 surgeries already and she keeps on fighting! She will have another surgery when she is 6-8months old, she definitely has been a warrior through this all Vote for Braelynn #Braelynnstrong
Penelope loves learning about the world around her, is the happiest babe and especially loves to nibble on her feet!
Hi I’m Tj. I’m a very happy, silly baby that loves to laugh and play. I love watching boss baby and cuddling❤️
My sweet Ophelia, she’s a sensitive soul that loves any being that meets her, She will greet you with a smile. Ophelia loves to sing with her daddy while he plays the guitar. She watches the trees move in the wind, it brings her peace. No matter how fussy she can get, the outdoors and fresh air always cures her blues. But Nothing can make her more happy and excited than seeing a dog, specially her big brother Leo (pit mix)❤️
Violette is the sweetest baby. Always smiling, loves to talk, loves to eat, loves the outside and loves bath time. She is just a happy baby
I like warm hugs :)
Caleb is a very happy silly 1 year old !! He absolutely loves his big sister and his papaw ❤️ he just started walking and he moves fast to get to where he is going . He loves to point and giggle and he dose this cute little thing with his nose he snarls it up and smiles big and it's so funny and cute . He can't stand for anyone to leave his sight he loves all people and really enjoys flirting with waitresses when we go out to eat and he loves being out side ! He loves toys that light up and play music !
He’s just growing so much he’s so loveable and starting to know his voice
Kandyn loves to watch YouTube on mommy phone he loves car and superhero’s
She loves books, music, and animals! She loves to swim and constantly moving around. She's so happy all of the time, she's my ray of sunshine ☀️
Greyson is an amazing 3 week old! Who holds his head up and is beginning to start rolling over! He loves music such as Britney speaks and Garth Brooks. He loves to swing and do tummy time!
Nalayah loves to smile. She’s such a happy baby
My little and adorable tornado!!!🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Jolee is 17 days old and she is amazing! She’s the sweetest little girl with the perfect name! Full set of hair. ❤️
I love to laugh and smile all day. My favorite thing to do is watch YouTube sensory shows. I’m a happy baby 90% of the time.
Likes chewing on her hands saying mamma
Misty 15 weeks and 5 days almost 4 months.❤She loves colors and standing🥰She's so sweet😍
The happiest..Sweetest Baby Ever..
Most beautiful, outgoing, happy, funny, friendly 10 month old you’ll ever meet!!! Thank you to everyone who has voted❤️ God bless.
Hi, I’m Maia. I’m 1 years old and playing outside is my favorite thing 💕
Smart, funny, she loves having all the attention 💞
Khaza is an amazing kid! He’s smart always happy and can be a handful! He has the biggest heart and can brighten up your day with just his sparkling eyes !
Hi, I’m Layla😊 I’m almost 7 months old! I love to be outside and go swimming! Everyone says Im the happiest & most content baby they’ve seen❤️