Kali’Skye is an adorable, adventurous intelligent toddler. She loves animals and being outside. Her personality is self explanatory as she is a diva and she loves to make her own decisions. Vote Kali’Skye!!!
Wyatt is our blue eyed wild child. 💙
Adrian is the happiest 5 month old ever! He loves giggling and smiling for his family and friends❤️
Christopher is 6 years old and loves the outdoors!
Very happy boy . The cutest laugh .
she’s a very bubbly smiley baby Learning her voice in the World Abigail “My Father’s Joy”
Brantley is 5 months old, he is a very social and talkative baby. The things he likes the most are bouncing in his bouncer, listening to me sing to him and being to how adorable he is. He loves animals already and he is the best thing to ever happen to me and he is already such a ladies man with his big blue eyes and the most handsome smile that will melt your heart. He is the best thing to ever happen to me, he is a amazing baby and he is already a mammas boy.
Hudson is the sweetest, happiest baby boy. He has 3 older siblings. He loves to be held & drink his bottle.
Krishawn love Dino robots and he loves to be told how handsome he is and how loved he is
Emiliano my love bug was born January 10 2024 , he’s a premature baby 4 pounds 15 ounces he’s just the cutest little baby ever
Ivy Jade
Hello! My name is Ivy Jade I am the first little girl having 2 older brothers. I love them and my mommy. My favorite food is mashed potatoes and my favorite thing to do is eat my feet. I’m the happiest girl ever and always protected.
Kyson is full of energy and loves to play minecraft! He has the sweetest ole soul but can turn sour fast! He is his mama's biggest fan!
He’s an amazing little boy and very smiling baby 🩵
Sylvie loves hugs and cuddles. She also loves to watch shows with me.
Skye loves hugs and cuddles. She loves watching shows with me.
Bradley Jamieson
Loves to crawl really fast to our livingroom window in the morning/ evening just to look outside. Hes a loving baby boy with lots of smiles. We call him Jamieson which is is middle name. Hes an adventurous little boy that will try anyway he can to see what others are doing, always whats to be center of attention which in most cases he is. Its never hard to make him smile, hes a loving little boy.
Babyboy is so smart and always happy and full of joy. He’s just cut in his first two teeth and is getting ready to try baby foods and plenty of fruits to come.
ashton is learning how to blow raspberries and laughed for the first time this past week. he can hold his head high, and he is the sweetest little man. he laughs with his big brothers, smiles and coos. very active and alert, and his favorite thing to do his throw his binkie. :)
Mateo loves play time and wheels 🛞 he pushes just about everything around the house 😆 He is very independent and has a smile that Brightens the day 😀 but lets not forget he loves nap time just about anywhere
Lorelei is about to be five months old! She loves to roll over and chew on anything in sight! Her daddy is her favorite person💜
Kendra loves her mommy and daddy dearly. Kendra is a very active baby jumping and running all over the place and she loves watching basketball & the cod loading screen😂
Declan is the sweetest and funniest little boy! He has a personality ten times the size of him and is so beyond smart!
Theo is the sweetest little boy who loves to smile every chance he gets 💕
She is a happy girl who is always smiling and laughing.
love watching shows with momma🥰I like getting lots of cuddles
Kayden is a very bright, quick learner, beautiful little boy couldn’t ask for a better son at all ever! He picks up on things within seconds of learning them I’m so blessed to have him.
Alicia Jo-Lynn is our double rainbow baby! She is a cooing, squeaking cuddle bug! She loves her toys, her strawberry teething biscuits and her big brother and sister!
Sassy but cute
Sawyer is my miracle baby. He was born with OEIS. His inside were on the outside when he was born and parts still are. He has spina bifida and a colostomy bag.He is the HAPPIEST most out going talkative kid you will meet! He beat odds against him and his living today with no care about being different! He is the mose fun, loving 3rd yr old that continues to prove people wrong! He loves to pop wheelies in his chair and pretend to be a policeman and a fighterman on a DAILY. Vote for my miracle. Thank you
Dakotah is in on a basketball team. He is the most sweetest 9 year old. Great with kids and babies. This little boy is going a year or two higher than his current grade level. He would givebhis shirt off his back for people. My 1st born.
Summer is a sassy but fun 2 year old with manners. She is really kind but will let you know when she is upset. She is adventurous. Shes truley everything I have wished for in a little girl.
Amelia loves her hugs and cuddles. She loves watching shows with me
River likes to play with anyone,he’s very energetic,he loves watching bluey,he’s always a happy boy and makes everyone laugh
Louise loves playing with her toys n playing with our dog Miley. She laughs whenever Miley walks by or watches miley walk over to her. She also loves spending time with her mommy and daddy by playing with our faces or snuggling up in bed while watching bluey
My names Ezra, my mom calls me Ez for short. My mommy always tell me I’m funny, loving and caring just like my baby brother. I love to help mommy take care of him as well
My names Weston. My momma always tell me I’m sweet, caring and loving❤️
She has beautiful curly hair. She is in preschool and very smart. She loves unicorns.
Jonathan is such a a happy, Loving little guy that loves paw patrol
my name is Kingsleigh i’m a very happy baby.. i’m always smiling. i loveeee my bouncer!! i’m a mommy’s girl. vote for me!!
3 weeks old , loves to listen to her grandpa talk about motorcycles and go karts 🏎️
My name is Justin but everyone calls me " Turkey". I'm almost 8 months old. I love to smile and laugh. I can sit up by myself, I'm learning how to crawl. I love playing peekaboo. I brighten everyone's day that ever comes around me!!! I'm a very happy baby with a BIG personality already!!!
Loyalty is 3 months old she is 9 lb and almost 22 in Long she was born premature family weighed 5 lb 17 in Long
Joshua Lynn is 3.5 months and the happiest baby ever! His smile can light up a room and his giggle just melts your heart! He has brought our family so much joy and we are so grateful for all of your support! Please vote for Joshua 💙💙
Keegan is our sweet little fire cracker! His favorite things are Roblox, Monster Trucks & Mickey. We would love for you to vote for him!
Mateo is a happy independent lil man . He loves play time and watching ms Rachael. He is always smiling and always Brightens the day .
Evie is a 1 month happy outgoing little girl, she’s the cutest and sweetest baby you’d ever meet💕
Waylon is 7 months old he is the youngest of his three older brothers. Waylon loves Mickey Mouse and ms Rachel. He is so smart and so loving. Waylon has been battling with extreme eczema but he has kept a smile on his face he’s so strong despite being uncomfortable. He loves being outside and loves his kitty Mickey. Thank you for taking the time to read about Waylon and voting for him.
Hayden is 3 years old! He loves cars blippi and playing outdoors! He’s the kindest baby boy!