Baby Stories - 23


Lucas deserves your vote because he is not only adorable to look at, but he is also such a sweet baby. Lucas loves being the center of attention, and always tries to help others smile and giggle with him!
Liam is two months old and loves all things snuggle time. Tummy time is a close second though, especially when his furry sisters (a husky and a corgi) play with him!
Isabella is a Beautiful 1 month old, loves to smile at her Mommy and Daddy.. Little Izzy Maze is an absolutely Joy is is so loved my her Family and Friends 🥰
Amalee is an adventurous, unique, talkative baby! A miracle baby! After 3 years of trying to conceive we finally got our angel ♥️
Issac Rhodes
Im a 3 year old wild child that keeps my mom on her toes
He is the sweetest little snuggle bug and loves to give kisses
She is absolutely obsessed with Cocomelon! She also love stealing food off plates!
Madeline is our rainbow baby! I went into labor on August 22nd, which is National Rainbow Baby Day in the US, and she was born in the wee hours on the 23rd! She has the sweetest personality but can also be a spitfire when she wants to be 🤪 We are so blessed to have our sweet girl!
On 10-13 we found out we were 26 weeks pregnant and we didnt even know until then. Luke was born 5 days later on 10-18 at 26.5 weeks. He weighed only 1lb 14oz and has now been in the NICU for 81 days as of today. He has been a fighter since day one and still has a long road ahead of him.
Silas LOVES to eat and crawl all over the place! He is very active, loves babbling all the time and says MAMA and DADA. He loves his dogs and when they bark he will clear his throat like his is barking!
Vote for my sweet Bonnie Raelyn! She is full of smiles, giggles, and cuddles, loves to eat, play, and sleep!
Xander is the most happiest baby loves his doggy and kitty and walking around in his walker.
Paizlee is a smart little girl growing fast! She likes animals and absolutely loves her sisters she has a little attitude that is super cute. She like to help grandma clean and doesnt like things where they dont belong.
Hi I’m Keyara, I love reading and I LOVE being in the bath. I also love going on walks with mommy and daddy on warm sunny days. I have the sweetest, cutest little giggle.
Kainen is just shy of a year old, and SO smart! he's all boy loves wrestling around with everyone and cuddles with his momma..he is a snack monster and loves to eat ... he can be a little sneaky at times and tries to get away with whatever he can😅 but always makes you melt whenever hes being sweet💕
Kayson loves bathtime,sing, play, and watch paw patrol. Morning talks are his favorite
Brentleys a happy, sweet little man! He LOVES motorcycles and puppies and playing outside ❤️
He's the absolute sweetest baby there is. Everyone that meets him adores him. Hes always smiling and playing.
Maddax made 2020 bright for us! He is the perfect addition to our family! He loves the milk🙃, snuggles and to look around! He for warms all of our hearts ♥️
Braedyn came into this world on march 2,2020 he was a month an a week early he spent 21 days in phoebe hospital but came home that 23 of the month and we are so thankful for that. Braedyn is doing great 10months old now an he is a sweet baby. When he first wakes up in the mornings he gets so happy and excited and smiles real big when he sees me or his daddy.He loves his mama and daddy and being outside with his and riding four wheelers already .he has grown so much . He loves crawling getting into everything pulling hisself up trying to walk.. he is a winner in his momas eyes. He loves his best friends that has fur. He loves smiling at everyone that talks to him mostly/sometimes💙time sure isnt on our side.
Heston is one happy baby! He’s super chill & loves anything he can chew on!
Raiden has been a blessing from the beginning. He is always smiling, loves running around and playing outside, he loves to play with others. He is such a smart, happy and loving boy.
Kylie is a very fun loving soical kid she loves everybody very smart and out going
Leo loves to laugh, kick, and snuggle. He hates pants, but loves the attention of trying on new sleepers.
Brynlee loves to smile and talk, she’s such a happy baby! She’s starting to learn how to sit up by herself!
Aiden is loved by so many. He loves his fire trucks, Lightning McQueen, Dinoco, and going to watch hockey games.
Emma is 7 months old .. Right now emma lives with grandma , and brings smiles to all whom meet her .. Emma is very vocal and loves to laugh .. Loves cats and her 13 yr old aunt.. Emma is a true blessing... ❤💚💜
She is the funniest little almost 2 year old! She smiles and is always happy ! She's going to be famous some day!!
Scarlett Ann is a wild, hard headed, goofy, loving, soon to be two year old. She loves animals, playing outside, and most of all watching Cocomelon.
Harper Faye loves bath time, her big sister, cuddles from whoever will hold her, and most of all her milk.
Chloe is 1 month Old. She loves cats and warm baths. Has the cutest smile ive ever seen
Rylee just turned a month old. She loves taking long naps and cuddling with mommy and daddy. She loves to eat all the time and absolutely loves car rides. Please show her your support by voting!
Bryson was born with a cleft lip and clef palate! He lots to eat tho and hates diaper changer and hates being put down and he loves mommas snuggles
Harley loves cocomelon and blues clues and a nice little dance session😊
Bradley is a remarkable boy, by the age of 2 he knew his shapes, colors, numbers to 10, and alphabet. He has at best weathered storms many of us often don’t until we have aged at least into young adult life. He loves superheroes and thinks anyone in a military uniform is a superhero.
She love for someone to talk to her and she love her some sponge bob and paw patrol
Bailie Rae
Bailie is the sweetest, most loving girl. She enjoys hunting with her papaw and uncle and she loves to play with her dogs Cash and Beefy. Bailie is very outgoing and has such a genuine personality.
Hello my name is Mydriana Horne im 4months old i like watching Cocomelon
Zander is a hyper active 2 year old that loves climbing on everything he shouldn't, playing with his dog, and playing with his figurines.
Amonte' is a very happy baby who loves to laugh and play.
Brielle is a happy baby she loves her Daddy kitty cats and food ❤️
Addy is a back talking, smart mouth 3 year old who thinks she’s the boss of everything and everyone. Aside from that she can be the sweetest little girl ever. Her favorite people are her big brother Easton, her daddy, and her aunt Jenna. Moms like last on the list 😂 She’s so beautiful though, so I can never be mad at her for even a minute!
Donovan Jr
Currently starting to teeth but nothing gets me going like chewing my hand! Give me a vote and I’ll give you a big smile.
Hi my name is Sa’Miyah Jae I am a month old, I am a daddy’s girl & mommy’s best friend. I am very smart and strong already trying to hold my head up, I’m always trying to punch someone lol. I have 3 brothers Peanut, Lucky and my bestie Vito who never leaves me alone!!
Parker is a very happy baby! He loves to look at himself in the mirror, bath time, getting his sticky hands on anything he can get (moms hair, dads beard). He loves go give that toothless smile😄