My little warrior born at 27weeks 2lbs 9oz and now 5months old 10lbs 14oz!!!
Irving is very friendly and joyful ! Loves to laugh and take baths 🐤💙
One month old and the happiest baby ever. Loves her tubby time! ❤️
Elias is one minute younger than his twin sister Elani. He loves to listen to Vicente Fernandez. He loves books and his Black n White toys.
Elani is one minute older then her twin brother Elias. She loves to listen Vicente Fernandez, she loves Books and her Black n White toys!
loves to slick her tongue out and act silly and screaming is just fun for sure 😂❤️
Ro’siah loves to play crawl eat and laugh ! She is every joyful to have around . She likes to play with her brother !
Raiden is a smart little baby , he loves his toys & bath Time well water period . He’s a happy , funny baby .
Kamari is always a happy baby. He loves to listen to mommy and daddy talk to him. He also loves going outside and watching all things around him.
Cassidy loves her food and she loves to be cuddled
This is miss Reina, she loves to jump in her Johnny jumper, hold her bottle and sits up on her own... She loves walkes and playing with her toys.
Rohan is the sweetest, loving, and happiest baby to be around! And definitely born with a full head of hair!
She is a happy baby! She loves dancing baby shark, and she’s always laughing. She’s one you can’t take eyes off!
Ivy loves to laugh and smile and loves playing with her big brothers and mommy
Khy'rell is 3 almost 4 years old he is an smart outgoing little boy he likes taking pictures having fun dancing and he loves being on the phones and loves spiderman paw patrol and cars
Corbin is a happy little 3 1/2 month old and he is a true blessing!!
This is Zaniyah, she’s Mexican/Asian ❤️ She’s a mommy’s girl! She loves watching coco melon and is such a happy baby 😁
Thomas is the happiest baby you’ll ever meet. He loves to cuddle and never meets a stranger
Loves to laugh!
Anderson (Andy) is 5 months old and loves trying new foods, smiling, and playing with his toys!
Here just for exchange.
Oliver James
This is Oliver. He absolutely loves bathtime, naps, snuggles, pulling mama’s hair and smiling! He’ll be 2 months on May 10th🤍
Sophia is 4 months old, she was born 5 weeks 2 days early, but so far nothing's stopped her 🥰 she loves to smile and be held
This is miss Audrey ,she loves screaming and pulling mommies hair.
Ainslee loves her family, and watching Max and ruby. Sweet sweet girl 💕
Hi, I’m Lyric. I Like To Eat, Play and Watch Cocomelon. Oh, And I Love Bathtime🙂.
All about them smiles❤️
Charlotte is a sweet loving baby girl. She loves to cuddle and loves to hold peoples fingers. She loves when her big brother sings to her. She gets the biggest smile when u tell her shes a pretty little girl. And loves kisses on the head.
Annastyn River
Our River girl loves Mickey Mouse and Hey Bear. She spends her days laughing, smiling, playing with her siblings, and drinking mommy’s milk which is her FAV! We have recently introduced some baby food and sweet potatoes are her fav. She also loves bath time and being outside!🎀
Elliot is the sweetest baby with the biggest smile and the most fiery personality.
Kyler loves to eat about anything and he loves any animals more cows then anything
Hi I’m Aiden. I was born with one kidney but I don’t let that stop me. I’m really growing into my personality and find almost everything funny even when my mommy and daddy tell me no.
Hes always on the go very intelligent 6 year old loves to play with other kids and also loves the outdoors
Sophia is a bright 5 year old she is austic but very intelligent she loves to dance and loves the out doors give my baby some votes
Remi Lynn
My name is Remi Lynn Judd. I am 6 months old and full of joy and happiness! I have a mommy and daddy and 3 older four legged siblings.I love to laugh, talk and play all day.My favorite foods right now are sherbert ice cream, fruits and my baby food. I can sit up almost on my own but I love to stand up and bounce in my bouncer! Vote for me❤️
Hudson is our rainbow baby his big sister lived a short 7 weeks and he is everything we could’ve asked for he's just learning how to have a social smile and he smiles A LOT!🥰 and he loves to eat! 4-5oz every 2-3 hours! We love watching him grow and achieve his milestones
She’s 9 months old, She’s so calm, so loveable, she’s a cuddler, loves Cocomelon, and she’s a daddy’s girl
Oakley is funny and bossy at the same time. She loves food and her family !
zaylen is 3 months old and she absolutely loves mickey mouse, loves to cuddle, and loves kisses she’s always so happy and giggly 😁
Andrew is such a sweet little man!!! He loves tummy time and he LOVES mornings! Every morning he wakes up with a big smile :) andrew junior is so sweet❤️❤️
My second son 2 weeks and 2 days old healthy and cute
Baby Manny is 2 months old❤️ He loves tummy time, and loves to smile. My little rainbow baby is always so happy
Only 2 weeks and a day my first born, and a wonderful happy healthy baby!