My name is Ka’Niah, I like to look at my big brother and laugh. My mom takes many pictures of me and she tells me I’m beautiful a lot 💜my dad sings to me all the time, it makes me smile when I hear his voice 💗
She’s a beautiful little girl! She was 3 weeks early, born on 1/15/24 6lbs 1oz 20in long. Eight pushes and she was here! In less than 45 minutes she made her entrance into this world!
Between bottles and cuddles this little man is sure to steal your heart! Just barely pushing a month old, but still one of the sweetest boys you will ever meet! ❣️
Sophia is my youngest. She is 3 mos old and still trying to figure herself out. She has 3 siblings that she adores. Shes a very happy baby
Hi! My name is Lukah and I am 1 month old and I’ll tell you a little bit about myself I love to cry so mommy will hold me for a long time I don’t give mommy or daddy time to make my bottle I scream but I do hold my own bottle I have since birth I like making mean faces at people and peeing on mommy oh yeah last but least I love my sleep.
Hey I’m Cheyenne Gracie I was born on November 9th at 3:43am I love my daddy I don’t like doing tummy time and I don’t like to wait for my milk but I do love to be rocked I can hold my head up completely by myself
Logan is very, very happy, energetic, super intelligent funny 2 1/2 year old. He LOVES Michael Jackson and taught himself the dance moves to Thriller. He loves Halloween, Cooking and dancing. He makes friends with everyone everywhere he goes, obsessed with McDonalds and think he is a 12 year old kid and not a toddler lmao Logan just brings sheer joy to any and everyone he is around and I am so proud to be his mama I couldn’t have asked God for a better sonshine then him ♥️♥️♥️
The most sweetest smiley boy you will ever meet! 🫶🏼
Hi my name is Abel and I am a very smiley baby and love when I get tickled I love playing with toys and love when people hold me ❤️
He loves jumping in his jumper he also loves cuddles from mommy and daddy but he just loves saying mama and he loves watching his shows🥰
he so happy alway smiles and happy l9ve his mimi love everything in life
Ava anne is a sweet soul, she's always happy with big smiles that will brighten your day.
Zella is 2 weeks old and very cuddly. She loves to take naps and enjoys car rides.
Hi, my name is Kellan and I’m 10.5 weeks old. I’m so smart already, I love to jabber, laugh, walk around and look at everything, roll over, and try to be a big boy.
He loves being talked to and always shows a big smile in the morning !
Rythym is such a happy girl. She loves cuddling with mommy and watching Cocomelon. She's got such a bright smile and beautiful laugh!
This is Bowen! He is 18 months old! He loves: Mickey Mouse, Bluey, Spiderman, bathes, dinosaurs and his baby brother! He is the most fun loving boy you’d ever meet!
Malachi, also know as small babe and the laughs ™ is an incredibly loving little man and I am so proud to be his mommy.
My name is Ava Grace, I am a very calm, content, & easily soothed Baby.
Happy hungry baby
This little ladybug is a ready for a photo, no matter where or when, she loves having pictures taken.
He loves to be held and sang to and gives the sweetest smiles to his favorite tunes!! He also loves bath time to take a nice relaxing nap🩵
Just look at her cute face
Kenyan American,a Velcro baby,loves smiling
We do EXCHANGES…Kayce is full of energy, he loves making faces and smiling at everyone he meets. He definitely loves to be outdoors, he’s the sweetest little boy and such a blessing
Beautiful little bean ♥️
This is Henry!! He is 3 months old! He loves listening to him brother (18 months) laugh and play and loves snuggles from mom and daddy. Though he is little, his personality is BIG!!
Please vote for our beautiful Parker!💗 you rarely catch her not smiling!
Dominic loves Spider-Man, playing at the park, and dancing. He loves to say hi to strangers and make them smile!
He loves pulling hair and laughs at almost everything!
She loves to be tossed up high and crawl after our cats☺️
My little smiley boy☺️🥰
my sweet girl was born 8lbs 13oz! she loves to be called “gorgeous/pretty”. she likes sitting up and she loves tv.
She is our fun rainbow baby. She loves books, car rides and music! We appreciate all your votes.
He is a wonderful boy and loves tracters and the guitar
Elijah’s a little brother to our wild boy, Dax. He loves eating and trying to sit up, he thinks he’s grown or something😂🙄. his smile lights up my day, along with his brother🩵
Daxton is a wild one! He loves climbing on things, eating everything he can, watching anything from mickey mouse to paw patrol. He’s a big brother and loves helping with his bunny whenever he can❤️
He loves looking at his mommy’s face and his big sister talking to him, he loves to take contact naps, and is a very very happy baby❤️
Novaleigh is three months old with a huge, giggly, cute personality!
Lucas was 7 pounds even born at 8:29am. He loves sitting with us and playing, he is a morning baby! He’s always smiling and giggling since he turned 2 months old. He is just a huge love bug 🫶🏻
My smiley little baby boy loves hugs, cuddles and watching Bluey! 💙