Brynnleigh Faye
Brynnleigh Faye is almost 3 months old! She loves to hold her head up and take naps with mama! She tries to sit up and loves talking!
Zaverie is a loving caring little boy. A boy just being a boy. Loves to be outdoors and playing with his toys.
Akeelah is 2 years old. She loves to be outside, fishing and playing with her baby dolls.
Da'Jona is a super happy and bubbly baby, she's always smiling and laughing, she enjoys doggies, walks and family time. Dinner time is another one of her favorites along with her DaDa. She is Determined to accomplish anything she puts her mind to. ❤️ I just wanna share my Love with the rest of the world
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This little stud just turned 1! So sweet and sassy- gets his attitude from his sister! But we love them both!
Arthur is our little miracle. We did not expect his birth to go the way it did. He had a bilateral pneumothorax and was in the NICU. He is now home to be loved on :) he LOVES car rides and being rocked to sleep on mommy. He is 2 months old as I write this and is smiling so well and it melts everyone’s hearts. We would love to put any winnings in savings for him. Thank you.
Italia is such a happy baby! She brings so much joy to everyone around her. Italia loves her jolly jumper & taking walks in her stroller. Italia is a blessing & such a beautiful baby!
Meet Wrigglee! Our spunky 5 month old loves Chewbacca, being outside, and trying to grasp your food or cup before you can. She makes friends everywhere she goes, and squeaks away like a little bird 24/7. She’s got an old soul and a heart of gold. We love our sweet little babe and hope her smile can brighten your day too.
the sassiest girl ! she enjoys snuggles, apples, and her cars. she will smile if you play peek a boo, or give her a kiss!
Evey likes long naps, and going outside, he gets sad because the flowers make him sneeze❤
Taylor loves to laugh. Is always a happy baby. He loves the color red. And is always smiling for pictures.
Willa is a happy girl! She is funny and wild! She loves eating, her dad and her dog! She’s a very social baby and loves talking to everyone.
Da'Von is a smart happy baby boy that loves to smile and loves to be talked to! 🥰
She’s my Angle baby !!! Her daddy is in heaven an her step up daddy is her world. She says mama and dada and lines to play in her belly!
Nevaeh is full of laughs and smiles ❤️ She’s all around a happy baby❤️She loves her momma and dada❤️ Please vote for Nevaeh ❤️
Violet is the sweetest and most loving 2 month old! She loves long walks outside, chewing on her newly found hands and loves her mama and dada! She also has a smile that will just melt you heart! Please vote for violet! 💜
Khamari is only 6 days old , loves to sleep and smile 💋
My name is Lorenzo but everyone calls me Enzo!! I’m a happy toddler that loves nothing more than coloring, bubbles, my cat Chase and cuddling with my Mama.
Jameson is the life of the party.... he brings smiles wherever he goes♡
Ryker is a baby that is always happy and never crying he’s always gunna light up a room
Weston is the youngest of 3 boys. He is a happy healthy baby boy. He loves to listen to mommy and daddy talk to him and show him toys. He is just starting to smile !
My name is opal michele but they call me opie:) or potatoe was 14 days early an only 5 pounds i was my mommy an daddys rainbow baby an they couldnt love me more its been a long road an time waiting for me to come but my little smiles just light up my parents world 🥰🥰🥰 to our very first🥰
Isabella loves giving hugs and kisses. She also likes jumping and playing with her brother and sister ❤️ She especially loves her dog toby 🐶
I love long car rides and smiling for Mommy and Daddy! I love Mommies milk as well! I'm the rainbow baby!! 🌈
Mazikeen loves and adores her chickens and ducks. She is the sweetest and will wave to anybody that smiles at her. Her personality is bigger than she is and she is constantly learning new things everday!!!
He loves to crawl and stand up on things he has the most brightest smile I ever seen and he loves to take pictures and bite people lol especially me
Gianna is the sweetest little girl full of love and laughter. She will brighten up anyones day! She says Dada with pride and loves the sound of her own laugh.
Wyatt loves anything with wheels, and loves to be outside!
Damian Kash
Kash loves to 😊 smile he is silly and very photogenic!! His favorite toy is his teddy and his bumper car! He knows 3 signs in sign language and loves to give hugs and kisses ! 🥰😍 yay! Bubba has started using the potty! He loves to hold on to the furniture and walk around. Growing up so fast and so smart😍
She’s a beautiful little girl. She loves her daddy and mommy. The things she loves most is spending time with her family and singing her ABC’s.
He’s a sweet and happy baby 💙
She is beautiful n smart
Lorelei was born 3 weeks early by emergency c section. She was 5 lbs 6 oz. She was born March 16; though due date was April 5th.
Sophia always has a smile on her face! She loves posing for the camera. Sophias favorite thing is cars she loves tv shows with cars and toy cars.
Dawson absolutely loves being outdoors; running, chasing the dog, coloring on the sidewalk with chalk… but his favorite thing is the swing set!
Our little Ollie loves puppy kisses, smiling, using his voice, and kicking his feet’s as fast as he can! He’s growing bigger by the day, is learning that he’s has hands/feet, and despite having two teeth coming in, he loves life to the fullest everyday!
Jagger is now 5 months old and is a very happy, vocal baby! He loves to play and laugh and talk to family and friends!! He recently discovered bananas, apples, his feet, and tongue ☺️
She is a very strong baby 💕 she has OI...but it doesn't get her down much she brakes ez but her spirit is full of love happiness
Owen loves strolls around the farm checking out all the farm animals love to smile at everyone 😀
Au’Myah is the most happiest baby, Au’Myah loves eating she loves playing with her toys, Au’Myah favorite thing is to be picked up 😂. Myah is a mommas girl 💖
Au’Myah is the most happiest baby, Au’Myah loves eating she loves playing with her toys, Au’Myah favorite thing is to be picked up 😂. Myah is a mommas girl 💖
Wyatt is 2 months old! He enjoys baths, and being around others!
Kyler loves to smile, talk, and cuddle. He can light up any room. He’s a mommy’s boy right now but he sure does love his daddy too. He has a sister named Dixie that loves to give him kisses🐶
Selina loves to stand and walk along the couch. She is very happy most of the time loves playing with her toys and eats everything that doesn't eat her first.
Haisley is the most loving baby girl. She loves cuddles and hugs. She’s now eating baby food and she devours it! She’s rolling from to her belly and loves it until she gets tired of it. She is super spoiled by her whole family.
Ellie is a loving giggling baby. She loves everyone and brings smiles all the time. ❤️
She loves her big brother and she likes to read, sing, and loves to tell stories