Jamison loves to smile. His fav part of the day is dinner time. I’ve only came across one food he dislikes; eggs. Jamison is my miracle baby! First pregnancy after ten years/7 doctors told me I couldnt Conceive. During playtime he loves peek a boo. He recently started putting his blanket over his face and walks around saying it… it’s caused him to run into quite a few things lol!
Elyas is the sweetest & most loving baby you’ll ever meet. He loves tummy time & laughing & smiling. His absolute favorite thing is snuggles. He loves showing off his pretty blue eyes to the world as well🥰.
Arye was born 3 months early with multiple medical needs. Currently loves chewing on everything & sleeping. He’s a warrior after the battles he’s fought through and continues to fight everyday.
Jackson loves eating, laughing with his g-paw, and watching movies. He’s usually always a happy little guy.
Talula is a busy bodied babe she’s non verbal and has so many facial expressions for a toddler! She’s also so smart! Loves to climb and dance to pocoyo and Elmo <3
Rowan is 6 months old and LOVES being outside and around animals. His favorite show is Mickey Mouse Funhouse. He loves everyone and has the biggest smile 💕He’s his mama’s favorite little cowboy!
Colton Is a very small very active baby he already tries to stand and sit up on his own
She is her Daddy and I's and Big Bros pride and Joy. She loves her fingers and to be talked to , and she loves to be walked around
Charlie is one of the sweetest & happiest babies you will ever come across. He loves to eat & loves to cuddle even more! His smile will brighten up anybody’s gloomy day! Vote for my sweetie pie baby Charlie!
AJ is a picture perfect smiley baby. He loves learning new things and exploring his surroundings.
Alivia LOVES to talk, laugh and smile! Her smile lights up the whole room and is just all around an amazing little human.
Hes very loveable and loves playing with his cars and loves motorcycles and loves to help anyone with doing cleaning and loves helping his grandmaw with the laundry.
she is a amazing babygirl she is so strong she loves to smile and laugh and talk away she is a little sister to 3 brothers and 3 other sisters she is my last little blessing!
Hi I’m Kenzo! Small, but mighty. I gave my mom a pretty difficult time during birth which led to me being born via C-section. Since then, I also decided to scare my parents with RSV, influenza, bronchiolitis and pneumonia all at the same time! Lol just want to keep them on their toes. Kenzo is such a loving strong little boy. His laugh is so contagious and I am so beyond blessed to be his mama.
Mateo is such an easy baby and is always calm! He loves to watch tv, play with toys, & loves being carried!
Maya loves mommy, daddy and her fur friend Pepper! She loves to sleep, smile, giggle and travel
Bodi is 2 months old and he loves smiling and he loves to eat all the time! He also loves his elephant binky!
Kimberly And Sofia
Kimberly and Sofia are crazy baby they love to play and chew on everything and pull hair and watch Minnie Mouse :)
7 month old babygirl , always in a good mood & loves spending time with family 💜
Kylie is a happy active baby that like to learning new thing 🫶🏾🧸🤞🏽
Hi I’m Michael! Michael is a rainbow baby! He loves to smile, watch dragon tales & bluey! He loves snuggles,sleep and listening to music with his daddy! And here are a ton of our favorite pictures
Axel is a country little boy who likes dinosaurs and hot wheels!
She’s a spunky, sassy, little girl who loves to play outside and act like she runs the show!
Hello my name is Mariana and I’m a 1 month old fraternal twin with my brother Messiah (also registered). I like classical music and cuddling up to my mommy and daddy I have 2 older sisters and 1 older brother… I have three nicknames Mari, Bunny and Hedgehog, but my sister and mom also call me the mini to mommy’s mini!! I also love being sang or read to and love when our puppy or kittys come cuddle too!
Alejandro loves to talk & smile. He also loves to dance and kick!!
Hello my name is Messiah and I’m a 1 month old fraternal twin with my sister Mariana (also registered). I like to eat and snuggle up to my mommy and daddy I have 2 older sisters and 1 older brother… I have two nicknames Siah Bear or Kung fu Panda!! I also love books and classical music and our puppy Sammy who always finds a way to lay with my sister and I…
Aliyah is a complete joy and miracle for her family. She is loved beyond belief and we pray that one day her 5 alienated half-siblings will be a part of her life.
K’alyiah is the sweetest and the most precious little girl there is! She’s just starting to say short sentences and big words! She’s very much a lover and gives the best kisses!
Athena love’s laughing and toys that play music❤️
Eloise is the light of our lives. She is the happiest, busiest most adorable baby girl. She brings joy and smiles to everyone. Please vote for our precious Eloise ♥
Andrew loves boobies bottles and staring at Christmas trees 💕 nothing relaxes him like a nice car ride
Penelope is a little ball of joy and energy, the only time she’s not crawling around playing with her big brother or shooting you the biggest smile is when she’s sleeping, she’s learning ASL with mommy and her big brother, her favorite things she loves to do is play with her brother, laugh, and snack.
Josh is the worlds best big brother, he’s a sweetheart down to his core, he loves school and learning new things, he’s probably the biggest Spider-Man fan in existence, his favorite thing to do is play “superhero’s” with mom, dad, and sissy and protect us from “bad guys”.
Levi’s a very happy and wiggle baby boy. He loves dinosaurs and bath time. He loves the song movie and will sing and dance along with it
Hi my name is Liam I love Barney and bluey. I would love if you gave me a vote show your support hit that like bottom.
He is a sweetheart who never cries. He loves everybody he meets. His smile just eats up his whole face and melts you like ice cream. He saved my life. In turn, I’d like to give him the world
Miss Kinley is a 5 month, very smart and beautiful little girl that cannot ever fail to put a smile on anyone that she meets faces. She is the most smiley and sweet little girl. 💗
DreShawn Is Two Months, Love to baby talk to mommy and daddy❤️, loveees his bottle,tummy Time and bonding time ❤️. He loves when his sister tries to play with him!
I am a very happy baby and I love my mommy very much I also love my banana baby food she feeds me all the time I think you should vote for me because I'm so adorable and I will love you forever 😀🤗
Shayaan is the youngest of 3 siblings and he is a teddy bear ready to snuggle whenever he can loves to show affection to everyone overall just a very happy boy and I couldn’t be more blessed to have him in my life 😍
Hi, My name is Damiri. I am 5 months old and I am the most happiest baby ever ! My smile so bright it bring the world tight. I like to eat real food , I can chew and have two bottom teeth. I also love taking pictures with mommy .
She’s the sweetest girl! She loves to give kisses and hugs to everyone! She loves her puppies and can’t spend enough time playing in the dirt outside!
Gracelyn Marie ❤️ was born weighing 7lb 8.4oz 19inches long on May 23rd She loves attention, loves her big sister and learning new things everyday. She is shy little girl but when shes around one she absolutely a love bug. She loves watching cartoons with big sister shes a doll baby 👶
Aurora doesn't know how to sit still. She is always up for an adventure! She has visited 9 states and walking around like it's her job.
Mason Is A Very Active Little Man Who Loves Binge Watching The Cat In The Hat ! He Has Learned How To Clap His Hands And Has Two Bottom Teeth. Vote For My Sweet Baby 🫶🏽💕