Baby Stories - 22


Aleigha Nicole Green
Aleigha is a very sweet baby she loves to play and her favorite show is peppa pig she’s the sweetest baby you’ll ever meet and she will fill your heart with lots of joy so please vote for aleigha today
Aniyah means god was gracious. Aniyah is a happy baby girl who loves music, movies, lights, laying on her tummy, sitting up, going outside, and recieving lots of cuddles. Each and every vote counts and is appreciated!!
Ryleigh May is the best little blessing daddy and mommy could have received. Ry loves to cuddle but loves to spend time outside. She loves to coo and giggle. Shes a real flirt with the men at the firehouse that mommy and daddy volunteer at and is just a all around happy, silly little girl!
Loves to sing and pretend play
My name is Remington but my mommy calls me remy I love smiling and talking to my mommy and big brother I’m 3 months old
Paxton is a big brother too twin boys who are 3 months old he loves his little brothers and being out doors
Vincent has such a personality. He loves the Titanic ships, trains and the Hindenburg. He is so passionate about what he loves. He is also the best big brother to Odin.
Lucky loves looking at fans, copying your face he loves to laugh and smile he loves his baths and sucking on his fingers.
So Junior is walking being a hot rod.. Already thinking he is grown but I still tell him he's my baby still
Makaylah is a very bright, brilliant, strong beautiful little girl. She know how to lighten your day at any moment. She can always make you laugh with her big smile. Makaylah likes watching you make her bottle and of course she love to eat. She is a big fan of Mickey & Minnie.
Zylah is only 2 months, will be 3 months on Christmas! She’s a very happy & smiley baby, even when she doesn’t feel well! Always makes bad days the best days when you see her smile or stick her tongue out at you!
Gracie loves to smile she loves to be tickled.shes mostly a happy baby she is 2 months old and loves her big brother and Mom she's such a lovable baby and is was very energetic in full of energy
My smart girl is 6 months old. She likes to read, listen to music, meditate with mommy and brightens up everyone’s day with her smile.
Oakley loves to sit up, cuddle, and sure does love his food!
Hello, I am Olivia! I’m 5 months old and I love to smile. I love playing with my toys and cuddling with my mommy. I enjoy spending time with all of my grandparents. I’m learning and growing everyday.
He loves to be smiled at! He's the sweetest baby I have ever seen.
Oliver was born 3 months early! He is our biggest blessing and we are the most proud!
Colton is our miracle baby after a miscarriage and losing his twin. He loves to eat we just started purees and cereal. He babbles and coos and he loves to laugh..He's such a happy baby. He loves when mommy sings Elvis
Hello,My name is Kingston‼️I am 9 months. I love playing with my favorite cousin TJ, eating, and spending time with family.
I'm Daniel, I'll be 1 month I like to cuddle with mommy and talk to my big brother. Please vote me because my chunyness is to cute to pass on
Adella Marie
Adella is a 6 month old baby who currently has an unknown condition where her brain isn’t growing and is on seizures medication as well but besides all of that she’s a joyful baby who loves to smile and laugh! .If my daughter wins the contest it will be used towards her medical bills & future treatments. Please vote for her! ❤️
Sawyer is the happiest boy! He loves his dog T-Bone and cat Allie.
Atlas is a giggle monster with eyes as crystal blue as the ocean. He’s a smart cookie that loves his jolly jumper and rolling all over the place.
Peyton is a very energetic, free spirited child. She is a snuggle bug! Can make anyone days with a simple smile 💕
She loves watching Dora. She's my first and rarely ever cries. Loves smiling and waving at people when we take walks or run errands. She loves being adventurous.
He loves his family and loves caring for them and being there for them during hard times. He is a singer and dancer, one day he will grow up to be an inspiration to the world and inspire people. He also likes to make jokes and make people laugh
Brantlee Roy💙 He is definitely all smiles and will light up your world! He’s our rainbow baby and he was born on national rainbow baby day! He was born missing his fibula but that’s doesn’t stop him from anything! He’s always trying to be on the go. He’s such a smart boy! We love him very much. He loves to be outside and around family!
My beautiful miracle granddaughter is two weeks old and she is so adorable. Vote for her today!!!!!!
Miss Ellie is brand new and so full of personality already. She loves to be held in a sitting position—Mama thinks it’s because it helps with the gas (she farts like an old man!).
She a very happy and smart baby grl
My Liam loves to smile and laugh 😆 he is the sweetest baby boy ever 🥰
Kevin is a happy go lucky 2 month old! He loves to smile and laugh!! Still young so sleeping and eating are his favorite past time!
My little dude is full of personality. If he ain't eating or sleeping, he either has his serious face on, or his happy face! He loves to make noise and wigle, wiggle, wiggle! But bath time is his FAVORITE time. Nothing beats that water fun.
Brayden is 3 1/2 months and loves to smile! He enjoys snuggling with mama, laughing and talking to dad and spending time with his puppies. He is starting to like bananas and apples but his favorite is pears! And he loves tubby time! ❣️
Ali loves to color play with her brothers and is a pet lover. She is the most friendliest amazing little girl ever
Dancing, goofy. Playing outside. Making messes
Gus is a very outdoorsy boy. He loves horses, cows, dogs, and all things farm. He loves to eat Cheetos, beef jerky and juice. He has a baby brother that he just adores. He loves his mama, but he’s definitely a daddy’s boy. He has a puppy named Cinch that he likes to chase around.
Little bubba loves music and smiles. Cuddles and loves to eat !
My baby Miracle is very smart n curious. She is what i like to call a Tech baby. She loves phones already know how 2 download her own apps and games. She knows her shapes very well, she only talks when she wants too. She's outgoing loves to play and smile etc. She is just Amazing!!!😍😍😍
Nicolas loves too eat and stay up and watch truck and car shows with his daddy
Smiley Baby Girl 🥰 Who loves to cuddle and to eat ☺️
He is seriously the sweetest baby ever! He looks exactly like his daddy but he has moms dimples 😊 He loves to swing and play and has the the cutest laugh!
A little bit about Maverick he loves CocoMelon!! He is super smart and loves to laugh and giggle and just all around a happy baby
I Loves cuddles! Espesially from Daddy. I also love bath time.
Elijah William is not only the most “Cheesiest” baby boy you’ve ever met, he also has a touching story that deserves to be heard. While in the hospital when I was in labor, I had to have a emergency C-section because Elijahs oxygen levels dropped to almost zero and my contractions were sky rocketing on the monitor screen. When the doctors got him out, he wasn’t breathing. They had to hook this new little baby up to a ventilator and be flown to St. Louis, MO. He was on that ventilator for the first week and a half of his life, and in the hospital for the first month. He has now been home for two months and is thriving! He’s been cleared for any brain injuries! No more seizures! He is a fighter at heart and hopes to win over yours!