Baby Stories - 22


Samuel loves his daddy, puppy lolly, and watching his favorite cartoons occasionally. He adores going outside and bath time. He is all giggles, sass, and fun. He will surely brighten anyone’s day💙
The sweetest little guy :) he loves to coo and smile and sleep :)
Ella loves to snuggle, smile and be up early with her daddy while he gets ready for work, she also loves to try and laugh along with talking
She loves to hold her head up, coo and laugh! She loves letting mom dress herup and take her pictures 💛
Kyndall is 6 months old and has so much personality already! She enjoys playing peek-a-boo, rolling on the floor, smiling, giving kisses, and blowing raspberries on your arm! She’s has such a sweet soul and loves making friends everywhere she goes!
Johnny brings a smile to the face of everyone who meets him. He loves the chicken dance, his stuffed monkey and bananas.
Nevaeh loves to smile and make cooing sounds to mom and dad! She knows how to roll over and already tries to hold her own bottle!
Freedom is such a happy baby, she is also our rainbow baby. She’ll be 6 months on the 10th, she’s loves bath time, she loves when her daddy makes her laugh, she loves spending time with her big brother & her puppy Cyrus & she is definitely a mama’s girl!!!! Please vote for my precious little angel!
Jaylin loves his both his moms he loves all kinds of foods and music loves to explore and go on trips and all animals
Xeniyah is heaven sent from above!!! Words can't express the love she has taught us!!! Xeniyah has brought lots of love and joy to our family after the loss of her big brother on December 26,2018... Xeniyah never got to meet him but he still lives inside her heart forever.. Xeniyah loves her doggy Koko!!! Xeniyah is developmentally delayed, but is learning to roll over, crawl, and sit up with help!!!! XENIYAH loves to listen to🎶 music 🎵!!! Xeniyah is a very happy happy one of a kind blessed loveable heaven sent baby girl!!!
This is Our baby girl Serenity Rose she is the biggest blessing in our lives ❤ she is our reason for living every day 🌹 show her some support She is so advanced for her age and loves music and lights❤
Ma’lasia is an energetic, beautiful and funny one month old with a lot of spunk and personality. She loves to sleep and eating is her favorite activity 🤩
This dog his name is Henry and they are best friend
Reilley is 3 months old. His favorite vegetable is sweet potatoes. He loves to use his voice ever since he found it and his bright blue eyes can light up an entire room. He loves to laugh and sound like Chewbacca and absolutely loves to stand up and sit up
she's a very happy loving baby about to turn 1! she's our little snuggler!🥰❣️and she absolutely adores and looks up to her big sissy!🥰
Rosalee is my name , a lot know me by Rosie. My brother though, has nicknamed me Princess Sparkles. Which is so fitting because I am the youngest of 4 children and the ONLY girl. So naturally, I am a princess. Also , I sparkle ! I light up every room I enter. I love smiling and making my silly new noises. I’m developing my own little personality, and it’s so much fun. I’m an Ohio State Buckeye and a Cleveland Brownie Baby ! 🧡
Claire was born with a full head of hair! She loves to smile and talking about taxes makes her giddy. She is only 2 months but has so much personality already. She was birthed to the tv show Impractical Jokers playing in the background.
He loves to watch Mickey mouse clubhouse with his mommy <3.. He also loves nibbling on his fingers and has the most beautiful smile and big blue eyes <3
Jonathan is three months old, but he thinks he is so much bigger. He loves to talk and tries to roll around on the floor during play time. He loves his fur sister bailey and will give some of the craziest looks to anyone he sees.
Hanie is a sweet, loving and curious little girl. She loves when we carry her around the house and let her look at and touch things. She also loves books! She would stop everything she is doing just to listen to her dad read to her. She always try to help her dad turn the page. It’s the cutest thing in the world. Please Vote! Thank You!
She like to go in the pool
She love her mom and dad so much and her dogs
Roman is such a special boy. He was born early so had to stay in the NICU for 2 months due to underdeveloped lungs. Roman made a full turnaround and proved to be the definition of strength from birth till this day. Roman loves to sing and insists on doing things for himself with no help from anyone. I can’t believe how determined of a child he is but, still has a soft spot for cuddling with mommy :)
Benjamin loves bathtime and spending time with his grandpa! He loves cuddles and will talk your ear off 😍
Noah is such an amazing child. He is artistic, hilarious, and super cool. He is fiesty if he has to be but in a good way... He never takes no crap from anyone. He is awesome and just so fun to be around!!!
Lucian is a sweet affectionate and playful 1 year old. He loves cocomelon and Mickey Mouse. He loves to cuddle mommy’s big pregnant belly and follows his big brother around. Vote for him because he loves to put smiles on people’s faces....
Aurora just turned 2 recently! She counts to 8 along with us and on her fingers! She loves to sing and dance. Shes alwats trying to do summersalts and handstands. LOVES disney. Fruits and veggies are always her first option. She loves books and learnung her letters. Shes always pushing a chair up next to us un the kitchen and trying to watch and help cook. Aurora says please and thank you and LOVES giving hugs and blowing kisses !
Miles favorite things to do are sleep eat and start at lights. He's growing so fast and has the best facial expressions!
She's the happiest baby I know always a smile on that beautiful face
Football & Cars are what I love most. Please take a moment and give me vote!
Cutest smile ya ever did see
Scarlett Rose is 9 months old and is growing like crazy already starting to walk and try to talk. She loves her puppy, being outside, and food! ❣️👑🥀
Little munchkin who knows she’s cute and uses to her advantage.
Isabella Violet Dentis is cute like her momma and cranky like daddy! She’s an amazing cuddler and loves to be held by daddy🤣
I love to smile and play on my playmat, the colors are so interesting and pretty. My puppies and big sister make me so happy, Im also growing so fast and cant wait to learn more. I was recently told i cant start using a sippy cup like the growing big girl my mommy says i am!
Prettiest eyes you’ll see ✨
Dominic loves to talk and play with everyone he meets. He loves to eat and play with his feet. Dominic is such a smiley and friendly baby. His 1st tooth is coming out!
Jahzelle is outgoing, likes to be sassy with her little friends. Being outdoors is her favorite, shopping 🛍️
Alessandro likes to be outdoors exploring everything, interact with other's.
She’s a very out going little lady, she loves outdoors, she’s our country girl. Feeding cows and riding four wheelers is what she loves!
Addy Kay
Addison is a cheerful little girl who love playing outside and all animals! She is extremely smart and caring. All around an amazing little girl!
Avery is a super sweet little girl she enjoys saying hi to everyone and loves her baby brother. She is always smiling and laughing and is all around a happy little girl!
Skyler Jack Spritzer
Skyler, is our precious baby boy, a photogenic, energetic, happy, funny, and loving kid. He enjoys doing photo shoots at home. Skyler loves changing into different outfits for his photo shoots and is excited to do them. Skyler loves spending time with his siblings and playing with our five dogs. We love our baby boy to the moon and back! Vote for our baby boy. Thank you.
Skylar loves to have you chase after her, she loves playing catch and rolling the ball back and forth . She loves swinging in her swing outside, she loves the pool. Her favorite thing is to say hi. She’s very photogenic! Always puts a smile on your face !
Hey, My name is Xayla💕 I am a 3 weeks old spunky, smart and gorgeous little girl 🥰 I enjoy the company of my mommy and best dog friend Diesel ! I love to eat and sleep 😴 soon I will be turning 1 month old and I think my mommy might cry like every other week lol😭 I hope you vote for me my mommy and I would very much appreciate it thank you 😘🧡
Braden is an amazing Big brother! He loves to help out and learn things. Braden enjoys the park and being around animals.