Baby Stories - 21


He loves to play with his cars and snuggle. He also loves eat vanilla wafers.
Our beautiful 5 month old girl who loves to smile and lights up the room 😍
Owens loves snuggles, milk, and his paci.
Aiden was about a month early. However you would never know based on looking at his size and how much he knows. Aiden loves doing his puzzles, playing educational games on mommys tablet and annoying his older sister.
Conner is a super active, super awesome kid... He loves to drive around in his mickey car, amd watch mickey mouse... And antagonize hos big brother!
LaVonna is a very happy baby girl that is always smiling. Her smile is the most contagious thing about her! She’s the best ❤️
She was born on her due date. 10/20/20.
Just my silly lil boy who fills everyone’s day with smiles 🥰❤️✨
Eliana is an energetic ball of sass. She likes being read to and showing how independent she is. She loves her family so much!!!
David or as I like to call him, D.J. loves snuggles💕, eating food🥣, car rides🚘, and trying to pet animals🐶🐱🐾. His favorite TV program is Baby first and his favorite show to watch is peekaboo. He is one of the happiest most well mannered babies anyone will ever meet 🥰 please vote for D.J. (David)❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️
Wesley is a sweet, silly and fun boy. He loves his 4 puppies and his big brother. He loves to smile a lot and play in the clean laundry that mommy just finished. He loves to be outside watching the puppies play but only if momma is protecting him from the crazy amount of kisses the dogs attempt to give him.
Alyss just turned 1 years old. She loves going on adventures with her Oma & Opa! She loves animals 🐵🦁🐮🐅🐴🐩 💥 Will exchange votes on other contests 💥
Sleeping with giraffe 🦒 peaceful
Braxton is 8 months old. He’s a super happy baby, loves to talk and loves music! He’s lovable and fearless! His smile lights up a room.
Enxo is a very happy baby he loves his sleep and food so don’t be late with his bottle lol
Carmyn is the sweetest 6 month old to ever encounter. If she is crying just feed her 🙃 she is just a pretty happy loveable baby.
Noah Gray
Noah Gray is the Sweetest little man ever. He Loves to Smile, Laugh and Baby talk all day! He is really enjoying eating his vegetables and fruits now and sweet potatoes are his favorite! He sleeps through the night and enjoys being with family and friends! It has been such a JOY to see him grow in the past 4 months (plus the 9 months in Mommy), My heart as his Grandma just overflows!
Vanellope loves music and being sang to she never judges just listens with love . she a great eater and a plesent sleeper .i think you should vote for vanellope be cause she let mommy take such a beautiful picture lol aint she just adorable
Miss Madeline James is a spunky 3 month old who loves smiling, practicing her words and shaking her rattle! She will make you laugh with her outgoing personality and we couldn’t love her more!
Neji is a playful and loving 4 month old. He loves cuddles and boss baby!
Giulio loves giving kisses and is obsessed with bath time! He is a very loving little 7 month old. A beautiful NICU baby that had blown us away with how much progress he has made in only a few short month!
Kobayne is a very happy boy he loves music and his mommy the most. He brings so much joy and light to our family
Hi! My name is LunaFreya! I’m learning to walk and I have two teeth(I’m working on my upper two). I love animals, my toys, and my mom and dad. I can’t wait to walk (mom can 😂) thank you for voting for me! 💕🥰
The second born twin, little Noah.
Shes the first born of the twins
Finn is our rainbow baby, he loves splashing in the bath, riding his fourwheeler and giving sugars 💛
Ashton is the happiest baby. He’s such a snuggle bug and loves to laugh. We were so blessed with such a happy baby boy. Our little stinker is crawling all over the place and has took a few assisted steps already but his biggest accomplishment is waving to everyone 🥰
Kolton is 2 months old! He is a very happy and very sweet boy💙 loves to cuddle!
Holden was my miracle for many years not thinking I was going to beable to have kids, surprise there he was he is 2 months old, birthday October 22nd at 4:44 am,he is the most happiest and energetic baby I have ever seen even going through what he has went through. May have loss of hearing in his one ear have to do more test and see ,He was premature and had some complications but never stopped him from smiling, so advanced for being premature already tries to hold his own bottle and holds his head up to look around and so fascinate with colored lights. He loves his snuggle times with mama but also enjoys his swing and looking at his monster inc lamp.still so new to this world but seems so normal for him.
My name is Kaspen Jaycee Nickels. I am a twin to my brother Kayson. I was born a micropreemie and was born 26 wks 6 days GA, So I spent the first two and a half months of my life as a NICU baby. I am finally home with my parents and am absolutely spoiled. I love to smile at my mommy and make weird faces at my daddy. I am a very active and a very advanced baby for my size and age. I love to be swaddled, have my paci 24/7, and I love to have constant attention from my parents. Please vote for me❤️
Vance is an all around happy baby! He loves to smile and talk to mommy and daddy💕
I love cuddling and cooing at my parents.
Little Miss Eryn carries smiles everywhere she goes. Born at 5lbs 6oz miss Eryn is my sweet girl, she smiles and squeals every chance she gets, and is curious about everything around her! She has had many challenges she had overcame, with many more we are overcoming now ❤️ She loves apples, and sweet potatoes. Especially when the apples are in her little food binky for her to use on her hurting gums! She loves patty cake a peekaboo, and smiles at every hello. Although she is a tad bit camera shy!
Zander is a cute crazy little boy
We will not be enter in this contest!! We taking a break. See you in next contest! Thank you everyone for the support for my sweet girl 🥰😘
Ali is a very kind hearted little girl with so much love to give. She struggled with so much when she was in the womb and thankfully she pulled through and is the most healthiest little girl! Thank you and we appreciate your votes!
Bella is 6 years old! Fun Loving, Heart of gold, loves anything out side, being with family and friends, and riding the 4wheeler with her NICK
Oakley is 9 months old and has a personality like no other! She likes to eat and go outside to see her farm animals.
Ethan is a handsome little boy. He loves to laugh and giggle. He smiles and coos at his sisters when they play with him.
Mr. Steal your Girl 😏😘
Victoria is a vibrant 7 year old that is full of quirkiness, laughter, tons of energy and one smart cookie. Her nicknames are Toria, & Ria. Her light & smile can light up any room and is very contagious!
Kayden's a very outgoing, happy baby. He loves to spend time with his mom and grandparents on his free time.🤗 Every vote is appreciated 😉
Hi my names Harper and I’m a little over a year old. I love to dance, play my music instruments and dogs. I love watching Mickey Mouse and I just love being with my family the most 💜
Bryson is beautiful inside and out he was born with the scariest of unknown health complications ..Thank God he was so strong to fight back and win over all issues to Grow,Thrive he's a Survivor 🙏👼To Proudly take On his role as a Leader! There's nothing holding him back Today..Bryson loves the tractor the country cooking and playing with his sister Savannah they're only just about a year and a half apart inseparable as they've had a rough start from get go..But Angel's guidance whispered!! Just keep pushing onward. saying Jesus loves the little children all the children of the world"
Laine is such a happy baby all the time. His smile is contagious 💙 He loves to eat, sleep, play with his doggy and play with his toys.
Deagen Douglas Coggins was Born Decemeber 21st, 2020. He weighted 8lbs 13oz and was 21 1/2 in long. He was born on the day of the Christmas Star. First time in over 800 years that it has been seen from Earth, maling his Birthday extra special. He loves to smile and snuggle with his daddy. He sleeps and eats great and is the best baby ever.