Baby Stories - 21


Austin Miles
He loves to listen to music with his daddy and work on the truck. He always has to be the boss and the center of attention. Oh yeah, almost forgot, he has that red head temper too. 🤣 #carrottop
Tay'Raun Brown
Always Smiling & Laughing. He loves to munch on anything
Pharaoh Brown
Pharaoh is soo sweet he likes to give kisses & hugs, but he will throw a mean punch. He loves to be outside & Swim. His favo thing to eat is Corn On The Cob
Jahmez was born 2 pounds 2 ounces 27 weeks gestational age premature ! He was born May 13th 2021 he is such a warrior his nickname in the Nicu was “superstar” !💫✨🌟
She’s jst so precious!
Jameson loves playing his games and showing off hes a silly boy and loves school!
I am 3 months I really love sleeping on mom's chest and in my swing I really hate Bath time, I just found out that I can yell and scream without even crying and mama just cant get enough of my cute self👶🏽
Camila Ibarra my little princess 👑 my first born 🤞🏽💜 it’s crazy father and daughter bond but my baby girl is one of the smartest and nicest 1 year old 💜 she loves to be social and be around other kids 🤞🏽
Roman loves The movie Vivo, the Hamilton Soundtrack and spending time with Mommy & Daddy. He dislikes diaper changes and being swaddled. He is a premiee, a snazzy dresser & an expert cuddler!
Emma is the smartest, most talented baby, she is 15 months old, she learned how to walk a couple months ago and she's just now learning how to speak.. not coherent sentences yet but, still it's something!
Kimberlyn is a sweet baby girl who is enjoying exploring and figuring all about everything she touches. Kimmy is enjoying trying out new foods and figuring out what she loves best. She is anticipating for her teeth to come in so she can really enjoy her Mommy good cookin. Kimmy is the baby of the family so she is very loved by everyone she encounters. Kimmy loves everyone but she is a Daddy’s girl 🌻🐘
Barrett is a year old. He loves to play with with his big sisters and get into everything. He also loves laughing and smiling!
My names Liana Daddy Is my best friend l love to watch tv with my dad I’m 4 months old and I smile and laugh whenever I’m with mommy or daddy I love music and reading with mommy and daddy
The bravest sweetest little girl in the world
Jayden is two months old and loves cuddles... He also loves to to be talked to when he’s just laying there looking around. He smiles when all the attention is on him....
Jayla is one month old. She’s the sweetest most precious baby girl anyone could ask for. We are so thankful God choose us to be her parents.
My Sweet Little Boy Loves Sleeping
Go swimming, dance, play, have fun , and she loves to enjoy her days ! She’s really smart loves to talk and spend time with her parents !!
An amazing big sister full of love and spunk
Nora Grace loves playing in her jumper, tummy time, warm baths, laughing at mommy, and watching her big brothers play.
Funny & sweet
Violet is 2 months old. Born at 10 pounds! She is a very happy little one who has stolen her mommy’s heart!!
Ozzieus is a very active happy baby he loves his daddy and playing with his big brother and Coco melon is his favorite show.
My Londyn is a energetic happy loving 🥰 baby she loves playing Londyn loves to be massage,reading and held she’s 3 months old she has a personality out of this world and she loves her parents, grandparents,uncle’s,aunts ,cousins and the rest of her family she’s a loving baby
Samuel Rainbow baby 💙
Kailani is the name. Diva is the game 😘. I am now learning a lot of new things and i just want to get on mommy's nerves to the point where i gotta go to timeout until she feels bad 🥺. I love climbing every thing. Im obsessed with swings and slides and i can even run to burn off a lot of energy 😃. Mommy sure gots her hands full with me 😁
Sequan Quaziek
#DreamTeam 🥰 Sequan (Meaning Gift From GOD)is a greenish-gray eyed, curly light brown haired 17 month old baby boy.😍 He captures people's hearts❤ with his loveable face, captivating smile, hypnotizing eyes and energetic personality. Sequan loves the cameras 📷 nature, swimming, climbing, taking strolls in his stroller. He loves singing🎤 dancing and playing the piano🎹 with his beautiful big 10 year old sister. He loves the show Boss Baby👶🏼.. Because of course he is One..😀😀 Vote for this handsome star🌟 and keep his smiles 🌝and laughs coming.🙏🏽 Thank You🙏🏽💚💙💚💙💚💙💚
Maximiliano is such a smart baby. He started smiling and cracking up the day we got home from the hospital. He started rolling at almost 2 months old. Sitting up by 4 months. He was already climbing everything by 8-9 months 🤣 he says many many words. My son is deaf from his left ear and everything the doctors said he was not able to do he has overcome every single thing. My baby is just so smart and loves everyone. He loves to play baseball and watch baseball. He loves to eat and talk a lot. He makes mama and papa so happy ❤️
Niahni loves being outdoors and taking warm baths. Nini is the most polite and loving little girl ever and so advanced for just the age of two it amazes even me!
Kaisen loves to blow bubbles with his mouth, he just discovered his feet and he’s a very happy baby.
Braxton is 3 months old and loves laughing & smiling. He also loves tummy time & spending time with his grandparents
Born in San Diego Brazilian Parents . He’s almost 3 months old, likes to laugh a lot. He’s growing so fast, like to play with his brother and sister .
Rakeem is the sweetest kid ever and loves food ! ❤️
American girl , Brazilian Parents. She is a lovely girl, very intelligent and independent. Likes to swim and play a lot. She loves to climb things, I think she'll be a flight attendant when she grows up! Feel free to become my little friend on instagran @disousabella .. ❤️
Karsyn is such a sweetheart, but a sass at the same time.. She just tugs at your heart strings.. She loves the outdoors, an most definitely a daddy's girl.. 😍. Loves dressing up and just having fun...
Lillie is 5months old and is getting so big. Her first word was dad. She loves attention. She truly is a blessing in our family!
Blaze is my 3 year old rainbow baby. He loves Paw Patrol and he loves his family. He has so much energy and has an infectious personality ❤️❤️ And his red hair and blue eyes are so adorable and love able
Mikayla Rose was born on June 20 the best Father’s Day gift to her own dada! She’s really quiet , active, and a very observant baby!
Noah is such an amazing baby. He loves to laugh a lot. He’s an early bird baby loves to wake up early to play 😂. He loves to watch Akili and me. (Kids learning show on youtube, try it out you won’t regret parents!) He also love movies 😂 he be so into it as if he knows what’s going on. He’s an eater lol when it’s time to eat please don’t play with him 😫 he love love avocados 🥑. All in all he’s just a happy & content baby and I couldn’t ask for anything more ❤️ Love you Noah 🥺
Kasen is 7 months old, he loves eating popsicles and anything else he can get his hands on. He loves to smile and say “mama” to just about anybody :)
Khlóe loves the park hugs kisses and fruit snakes she’s such a wonderful baby everyone loves her and every always tell me that she just makes their day
This little man here is a cheezer, always smiling and laughing. Hes full of dimples and has the biggest, brightest eyes ever! He definitely gets peoples attention with that grin!
Jeremy Jr
He is one year old and he says mama,Anna ,nana, dada, eryn, jj, and bubba. he is walking, he has teeth, he loves his sister, he is a mommy’s boy. He loves giving kisses and he waves hi and bye to a few people.
Everleigh is the most happiest baby! She is obsessed with her big brother and always smiling ❤️
Kamdyn Ray is literally the biggest ray of sunshine you'll ever meet. Some of the things he loves is toys that light up and playing with his older brother Logan! He's also a mommas boy!