Hi I’m Luka! I’m my mom’s world and my dad’s heart. I’m the sweetest smiliest baby you’d ever meet until momma puts me down I’ve told her once before I didn’t like that but she don’t listen to well. Anways my favorite thing is tummy rubs from my dad
Everlea loves hearing how shes pretty girl and loves tummy time.
William is a lover; to everyone, food, especially his daddy
Hi I’m Weston! I have blonde hair and I was born in December, I like cuddling, staring at new faces, and eating. Vote for me!
Hi I'm paisley my mommy and daddy tell me I'm the prettiest girl in the world and I know I am. I am a year old and absolutely love listening to music and playing with my cousin
Sawyer loves to eat, sleep, and look at mommy! Sawyer can giggle , smile, and lift his head up very well , he is so smart and so handsome 🥹❤️
Hello ! My name is Kyra , I am a very happy & energetic 5 year old ! My favorite show is number blocks ! I have a lot of the number blocks toys !!
Luna is a very happy baby, she is 6 days old she loves cuddles and car rides
My baby likes to play with her dollies she's the sweetest girl. She's adorable why not vote lol..
Waylon is a very out going baby and will still your heart fast!!
Hi I’m Dakota🩵! I’m named after my daddy! I love being talked to & smiling. I’m the happiest baby ever. My mom and dad say I’m the most handsome man, & i am🙃🩵 I love being walked around & looking at lights , lights are my absolute favorite😍
Righlynn loves her family bluey and her friends at school , she always has a smile on her face!
Amelia is a beautiful genuine young lady She loves taking baths and plashing her mommy ❤️🥺 She loves her animals and her blankies
Grace-Lynn is one month old, loves attention and cuddles
Liam LOVES to 🎣, especially for Bluegill and has since he was a few months old, he was hooked after catching her first bluegill. He’ll sit and watch whatever fishing you put on for him and be throughly entertained and at peace.
Jerry is a very mobile happy 7 month old baby and loves following his older siblings around and playing with his pets.
Lily for short she loves getting in trouble and will definitely talk back for her age.
Asher is happy baby from birth.
This is Zyler he loves his family and dinosaurs.
Elijah is 10 months and loves snuggles and he’s such a happy baby. He loves playing with toys and with his big brothers.
My name is Kassius and I love being a big brother and Monster trucks. I’m so silly, Well my mommy and daddy think so.
Daxton is a very happy out going 2 year old who loves to play outside and enjoy time with his dad and siblings ❤️
Desmond is a very active and happy 10 month old who loves his siblings and learning new things everyday ❤️
Banks is our real life Moana! We all love Disney and can't wait to take her on so many trips one day! A mom can dream right? Banks is such a sweetheart and mostly happy! Vote for my sweet princess 💖
Nora Lynne loves to run around in her walker, eat lots, and talks even more!
Stephen is our bright, blue eyed wild child. He’s a complete mommas boy, who loves to play with his dog Luna and cat, Muffins. His favorite things are Bluey, Ms Rachel, long car rides, and any cartoon with a dog.
Vote for MeKhari Our favorite reason to lose sleep.
hi, my name is Amiri, but my mama calls me Miri girl and most just call me Miri or Mirs! 🙂 i love Ms Rachel, Blues Clues & my new favorite is Elmo! i could eat Cheese Puffs all day long if my mom would let me.😂 i have 4 sisters who i love so much and they treat me the best ever! 💕 i am the second to youngest, i was born on May 29th, i am as sassy as they come, i clap every time anybody says “yay” to me for accomplishing something, i can sign “more” and i love drawing on my etch-a-sketch i got for Christmas! 🎨 thank you for voting 🗳️ for me, from me and my mommy! 💕🤍
Sweet Rachel is three years old with such a kind heart she loves helping with her baby brother and watching bluey!
Charlotte is a happy, loving little girl who loves playing with Dino toys an watching Bluey! We appreciate anyone who votes for her!!! ❤
She loves rocks, music, and dancing. Shes loving, intelligent, and is highly advanced.
I’m Trevon and I love my momma! 💙
Avianna is very goofy smart and outgoing shes also very sweet she loves bluey and cocomelon
1 tooth wonder who says mom,dad and ahhhhh
Mr. Tucker is 4 weeks old today, he’s such a smiley, happy, sweet boy. He loves mommy’s cuddles and watching bluey.
Jessi Mae is 4 months old and full of personality. She loves to play with string fairy lights. She absolutely loves bath time. She also was only 2 days old in her profile picture!
Aurora is 9 months old , always happy and smiling. She enjoys being out and about and socializing with everybody she meets. She participates in beauty pageants and loves spending time with her family and friends ♥️
Asher is 2 months old he's also my fiance and i's first child. He loves naps and his family but most of all he LOOOOVES watching T.V (specifically Gillian's Island) and "playing" video games with his daddy and all of Daddy's friends 💗
Liam is 6 months old and full of energy! He loves his teething toys and making music on his little piano. He’s on the verge of crawling but in the meantime he has lots of fun rolling around!
Alex is a happy go lucky little man he loves his family and bluey! He has wonderful manners and will always say please and thank you and i love you! He makes my heart happy!
Very sweet and happy he likes bluey and miss Rachel
Rayn is so chunky and cute, born with a tounge tie and lactose intolerant so little and been through so much already
Emma is the sweetest child ahead in talking saying big words and full sentences. She’s a huge foodie and loved pretty much every and all food. She’s active and never sits down and she is always talking.
Wyatt is soon to be 3 months old. He loves looking at his hands and sucking on them. He love his black and white elephant toy.
Your little silly goofball who loves to get in anything and everything!
Michael loves to play with his big sister. He loves his doggie siblings as well. He’s a chubby boy with a great smile .
Clarissa is such a sweet and jolly little girl. She makes friends wherever we go.