her name is Railyn she is going on 2 months old her fav show is paw patrol she loves being with her mawmaw & pawpaw. she is growing to be a very smart girl i love her so much
Elisa is a beautiful, caring, sweet and loving little girl/young lady. With such a great loving and sweet also caring big heart. With lots of love and joy. She is such a beautiful miracle/blessing. Elisa loves absolutely everything and everyone. Also all of her pets/animals. She especially loves dinosaurs and of course her mommy and all of her loves ones/family. Very much. Who are in her life. My beautiful miracle daughter Elisa is just absolutely beautiful always to me. Both inside and out. And all around. No matter what. She is beautiful each and every day 24 hrs. My beautiful baby girl. Elisa.💋 ✨♥️💗♥️💗♥️✨
Logan just turned a year old in Oct 💙 He loves being outside and going anywhere as long as you put him down and he can walk there himself:) he’s always a happy baby who just loves playtime!:)
John-Luke is 4 months old! He is the happiest baby and loves the camera! We would love your vote ❤️
Hi i’m Delilah! I love my toy phone, and i absolutely love bath time! .I like to play in my jumper a lot! and most of all i love spaghetti it’s my favorite food! i absolutely love love love bananas but i really hate peas 😖
Lanell is such a special child he’s so smart he deserves everything that’s coming his way he’s already a gentleman
Autumn Rayne is a bubbly 4 month old. She loves her stuffed animals and laughs all day. Her smile never fades and she is perfect in every way imaginable.
Peyton is a 4 year old little girl, who will melt your heart. She was diagnosed with epilepsy and a genesis of the corpus collosum at the age of 3 months. She is a loving caring non verbal sweet little girl. Her smile will melt your heart and more.
He’s our sweet rainbow baby and the final piece to our family of four! He loves cuddles, mommy’s milk and car rides.
Kota Bear loves to play, eat all the baby food and try to walk
Emmi has 4 older brothers that she loves. She enjoys cooking on her new stove and sharing her goodies! She has the sweetest temperament, loves shoes and has the most beautiful blue eyes. We would love for you to vote for her🥰💕
This 6 year old loves caring for her 2 younger brothers and has a WILD imagination
Cayden and his twin brother were born dec 7th and he definitely is his own person. He loves snuggles with his brother but also stealing his pacifier
Emmett loves playing with his fire truck.
🫧Kayden Babbyy🫧 Falling sleep in his bouncer, every now and then bouncing on his toes in his sleep.😍😍💨 What a very photogenic handsome baby who loves to spread his smile on everyone else!😁😁😁
Aspen Leigh is one bright and funny little girl!❤️ she loves making others smile or laugh, and her smile alone can light up any room. She loves watching Mickey Mouse and cuddling with momma! She’s sitting up on her own and already has her first tooth! Eating food may just be one of her favorite hobbies! She is now working on crawling 🤩
Sawyer was born early at 35 weeks emergency c section. He actually died on us three times an they brought him back. He was on life support for over a week then was on oxygen he is doing better but has medical issues with his lungs an his heart but this little fighter has hit every milestone he is supposed to for a newborn. He is our lil fighter!!! #Sawyerstrong
Grace is a wonderful baby to be around she loves the attention. She loves to eat Cheetos💕 and she also loves being with her papa and nonnie💕
Javien loves all animals definitely loves beating up mommy & trying to bite mommy you will never catch this handsome man without a smile on his face 🥹❤️ & all in he’s just a joyful playful baby boy 💕
Scarlett is a whirlwind of love, laughter, energy! She loves dogs, teddy bears, baby dolls, and of course her brother. She’ll steal your heart with a smile and a warm hug❤️
Baby Freya loves to say mama n dada she sits up all by herself and she is the happiest little chunckybutt ever she always smiling thru her teething even not one day has she ever been grumpy vote for my little beautiful babygirl Freya Marie rose Everhart😍 she becomes friend with anyone she meets makes her smile🥰🥰
Legacy owns up to her name alright! She loves to dance, play with her babies, and loves to hug on her 2 dogs Dojo & Daisy. Legacy is super friendly and loves playing with other kids. My little girl has a personality out of this world, she’s the funniest toddler i know❤️
I am 2 years old. I love eating Mexican food!! I love to be around my family and my puppies. I enjoy walks outside but I would rather walk around myself and watching cars.I am a daddy’s girl!! I know how to count to 10 and I’m starting to read books!
Richie Jr
He loves to smile giggle and play with da da. Such a wonderful little boy. Tough times right now but we will pull through. God bless you all. ❤️
Adrian loves to giggle while watching the looney toons and he loves and to listen and smile while mommy sings to him ❤️
Evelia Rose
She is the funniest little girl, she loves to play with her toys and be outside, and also love to praise god ♥️🙏🏽
Nathan Rhines
He like’s cocomelon and eating anything that mom will let him have and he poops like his dad… too much
Daisy loves to take care of everyone.loves to donate when little girls in need.she loves to sing and dance and gymnastics,then she loves the Lord, loves church and to worship.and then to be goofy and in charge..big heart..
Hi my name is Gianna Hamilton i am almost 2 months old, I love sleeping and cuddling in my mommy’s arms. I love when my mommy talks to me I think she’s pretty funny
Malakai is the sweetest, happiest baby. He LOVES to smile all the time, grab things, and enjoys talking
Hello this is Mr. Silas! He loves to smile, sleep, eat, and fart alot!🤣 Silas was born with an extra finger and it’s literally the cutest!!
Elliott is a very happy little dude! He is always smiling and loves learning new things every day. Currently he is obsessed with green things and loves going to the library! Elliott really loves sour patch kids so much that if you dont open them fast enough he will shake the bag at you!
He loves fingers and likes watching TV
Marissa loves to stand up!❤️ loves her daddy and uncle she can say mama and papa she loves to bite everyones nose with her two little teeth.🤣she loves to smile play and make people laugh even if they are sad💖 she is very emotional if she thinks her dad or mom is crying she starts crying
Seth is 9 months old. He loves music, his family, & playing Peek-A-Boo. He recently discovered ham during the holidays and loved it! 😅 Our baby boy is the sweetest little angel and loves everyone he meets! 💙
Ava will be 4 months in 11 days mommy baby has found her hands sure loves talking to you and is full of smiles
Luna is a happy little girl who loves kids an we can't forget her cartoons (Cocomelon). Loves to go outside. An if you would meet her, you'd love her. Good luck Lulu
Hi I'm Isaiah, im 6 months old, I love too eat! And i love to cuddle and play!
Payton-Grace is a funny, loving, sassy, smart little girl who loves her family unconditionally. She loves coloring, hanging out with her mommy and daddy, playing with her dogs and cats, and playing outside on her swing set.
hi my name is Gracelyn i an 4 months old. i love to play with my toes as they are my favorite thing right now, but i love to giggle at mommy and daddy because their just so funny.
My name is Ky’Amir. I love to laugh and some days I think I can talk! My favorite things to do are eat and watch TV.
My name is Avangeline Grace and I’m 2 months old. I love to eat, sleep, and poop! I love long drives and my parents come second to my pacifier. I am the only thing my grandparents post on social media. Please vote for me! Thank you love Avangeline.
Call me Ari for a nickname I love spending time with everyone I like to eat and aslo I don't like naps ❣️
He loves to be outside, loves to dance, and loves to play with his brother and sister