She is my rainbow baby and only 2 months old but is a very happy and affectionate baby girl
Julian is the happiest and smiliest little boy ever 🥰 he loves to laugh and run around with his toy cars. You’ll never see him without his “Mr Giraffe” Lovey.
Super sweet and goofy Krissy deserves your vote!
He loves talking, watching cocomelon, peek a boo I see you, rolls over, holding his own bottles, likes to hold his blankets and burp cloths, people talking to him and interacting with him, loves bath time, scoots, loves smiling and laughing at any and everything. He's my miracle baby when he was born the cord was wrapped around his neck faced and and used it inside of me. They had to do a unplanned emergency c section.
David loves the outdoors , his brother, Mac-n-cheese and of course , just like his Paps , the ladies !! Show him some love and vote for this cutie! 🥰
He’s the sweetest baby he’s my saving angel
Karolina is the youngest of her siblings. She loves her bubba and sissy. She has a smile that is contagious. Please enjoy her smile as much as we do!!
Sweetest boy you will ever meet
Sweetest little girl who doesn’t let missing one ear stop her💕 giggles & daddy are her favorites!
Rylee is a very smart atentive lil girl who has Down Syndrome. That dosent hold her back from being same as her siblings she's had heart surgery at 5 months at 2 days old she had surgery on her intestine she's been through that she's strong she's my little superhero
She just came home from hospital for the first time after having heart surgery and a feed tube put in prayers are amazing
Ky’Leeonna was born 10/29/2021 at 9:01pm she was 7lbs 1oz 20 1/2in long. Ky’Leeonna just turned 6 months. She so big,smart,beautiful, photogenic & advanced already. She loves animals to scream,yell,growl and make all the noises. She has been crawling,sitting up and pulling herself up and standing on stuff and she also says a few words like mom,daddy,yeah,ouchy,aye,ect. Ky’Leeonna absolutely loves to eat just about anything especially if its mommy and daddy’s. She loves playing with her toys especially the ones that light up and sing and stuff. Shes the best baby ever always so happy, silly and playful. We’re so lucky to be blessed with her !!!! Please vote for our big girl Ky’Leeonna butt mommy’s punkin we would greatly appreciate it so much thank you !!!!
He is a very happy baby. He likes to eat a lot and he likes to bounce up and down.
Dylan is such a sweet loving and happy baby💕 he loves to laugh and take naps 💙
Vivi was born @ 33 weeks and was 4 lb 2 oz . It took her a little while to get her personality but when she did everyone fell in love. Shes a ray of sunshine
Ezzy is the most energetic and sweet girl! She is the sunshine to my life, and every day with her is a day in heaven. (But an absolute daddy’s girl) She loves to be silly, and watch Bluey! Her favorite snacks are Fresh strawberries, Caramel Apple Greek yogurt, and rice krispy treats. Ezzy is our social butterfly and anyone Who meets her just adores her 💜
Hudson is a goofy and loving little dude! He loves to give kisses and hugs! He loves all food but his favorite right now are ravioli!
Maricelis is a smart loving girl who loves to be sassy and do her gymnastics
He’s the sweetest baby he’s my saving angel
Brayden James
Brayden love to play on his tablet and love his brother
Casen Treaver
Casen love to play with buddy he a mommy boy and love his daddy he loves outside
Alexander is 5 months old! He is the sweetest baby ever he flirts with all the lady’s! He loves to charm everyone! He has the sweetest little laugh he hardly cries and when he does he doesn’t cry very long! Alexander has brought light into the lives of everyone around him
Winston D Langston
He loves his family, he loves anyone and everyone not shy at all he has one contagious smile, he loves puppy dog pals and Mickey Mouse, and farm animals ❤️
Victoria was born April 9,2022. She spent her first 8 days in nicu. She is now healthy and strong as ever! Thank you for taking the time to vote!
She likes to smile sleep eat she is beautiful she loves cuddling she loves when mommy sings to her
The ladies love him and other babies want to be him. Jackson will pull on your heartstrings and your hair 😂. This little guy love his brothers and sisters, he loves to talk, and roll all over the place. Your eye contact will be met with an infectious smile.
Nevaeh Coleman
Nevaeh is 3 years old. She’s loves to talk and watch Disney princesses. She likes to play with her baby sister and talk to her. She’s very energetic and there is never a dull moment. Her favorite person is her GiGi. 🥰
Taniya is 5 months old she loves everyone and love to smile she has came a long way from when she was born
Azaria Elliott
Azaria is 3 months old. She loves to cuddle and get kisses. She likes when you tickle her little thighs and neck. Her favorite thing is talking to her big sissy. She’s such a sweet , happy little baby . 💗
6 month old , goofy & loves to play & trying to walk
Yani is a total diva! She Wears lots of dresses and hugs everyone she meets!
My names Rock. I love to laugh and crawl around! I love to play with my toys and my doggie sister! I’m also very outgoing and love making new friends and everyone around me smile!
Luna Christina Lee
She's always smiling 😃
Oliver is 5 months old and absolutely loves his big brother. He can roll over almost crawl and giggle like no tomorrow
Hi, I'm Alexus! I love to play with my mommy and daddy! I have a very big vocabulary for a baby my age! I love to learn! I'm almost walking all by myself! And my most favorite food is Boody milk!!!
Mani loves the outdoors, he’s funny, loving, and has such a happy spirit.
Hiii My names Laniyah R Gomez I’m Puertorican. I love to smile and laugh and love bath time 🛁❤️. Everyone tells me I’m cute 🥰 Im always a happy baby☺️ my momma always dresses me cute especially with bows 🎀 Thank you to everyone voting and supporting we will exchange votes just leave a comment ❤️🥰
Haizley is 3 weeks old, she loves mommy and daddy. She is a very happy easy baby. She was born on April 12th at 7 pounds 4 oz and 20.5 inches long. She is the biggest blessing. Haizley is our rainbow baby.
My Little lady loves climbing and being in water. She is always smiling and happy. Just being a playful baby.
Ty’Kiana is Avery happy baby and loves having conversations lol she can go on for quite some time
Luca is the happiest most calm baby you could meet he is always trying to be on the move and loves moana and Mickey Mouse
He loves his family. He loves to dance. Hes a happy baby. Always smiling to make your day.
Giselle is the sassiest little princess around. She’s happy and knows how to make you smile. 💚
Lindsey was born on March 15, 2022 at 6:40p.m weighing at 8lbs 9oz.! She is the light of my world, she LOVES telling you stories😉, she is always hungry, she loves visitors and bath time. She is everything I could’ve asked for in life. She loves to smile also:)) she’s definitely a character 💗
Jacob is a very vocal little guy. He loves to eat and sleep. What baby doesn’t! Car rides are what brings him the most joy. But don’t worry he still loves being a homebody
Cassius loves to sleep and eat misses his grandmother he just lost