Allora is a happy baby and full of character she has the most fun personality even as a baby and loves to eat her bottle and take her naps. She talks a lot and likes to get her point across just like me 🤣
Aleeah is an inspiring 7yr old who brings so much love and joy to her family, friends, strangers, and everyone around her. She has a huge heart and is such a caring young girl. Her heart was broken in Aug 2020 when her daddy unexpectedly passed away; she was 5 at the time and that was the most devastating time of our lives. We honor him every single day and she has been a huge comfort to two of her best friends who also have endured with their daddy's passings. She loves school and is currently in 2nd grade. Her favorite subjects are math and reading. She is a thriving straight "A" student. She loves her friends, family, pets, cheerleading, and going to church. She loves helping others and she has been nothing but a godsend to me and everyone who knows her and loves her.
Nolan is 10 months old and is such a happy, silly baby! He enjoys playing with his toys and hanging out with his momma and dada.
Melody is a sassy lovey little babygirl! She loves her mommy’s and her puppy❤️
Born 5 weeks early very healthy at birth 5 pounds 7 oz growing fast at 16 pounds has two teeth loves the minions movie very hyper active loves his daddy a big daddy’s boy
Giovanni has a big heart ❤️ loves hard and just a sweet little boy loves video games loves Spider-Man and absolutely loves his little brother he’s such a big help love family time bored games and family night movie time vote for gio his dream is to go to Disney land
Denver loves spending time with his older brother & loves any type of food.
Ellyanna is 8 months and she likes dinosaurs and growls when she gets flustered so I call her Ellysaurasrex 💕 She loves to play peekaboo and be talked too.
just a happy boy who loves his baby shark & sweet potatoes💗
Angelina is my little sassy princess. Lifting her head and kicking her feet after one week of being in the world. Ready to slay everything she faces in life. #proudteenmom #girlmom
Hendrix is a sweet lil man who loves cuddles and having his photo taken.
Sutton is a sassy little 7 month old, that loves to make everyone around her laugh, by making noises and faces. She is the happiest little one around. And is advancing every day!
Meet Brenleigh our sweet,loving, and very observant babygirl. She loves to eat and get cuddled! She poses for the camera and loves attention. She tries to be Miss independent but definitely not there yet. Enjoys watching Cartoons, playing with her toys and spending time with her Big Sissy. She is truly a joy to be around and when we go out she loves to watch other people and watch other children. Overall she’s a very good baby and is Mommy and Daddy’s world❤️👶
Baby Roman enjoys naps, tummy time, and playing with his friend the Fox. Loves cuddling with mommy and daddy. Cherishes his time spent with grandma and his dog Miles Davis.
Leeland is a brother of five girls. He’s currently 7weeks old. He’s enjoys eating, sleeping and cuddles.
Hi, my name is Dixon. I like to eat, sleep, poop, and mommy daddy snuggles! My puppy pacifier is my favorite toy!
This is mr.handsome face Santana! He’s currently 5 months old and so advanced! He likes to play with his toys , eat & sleep. He’s a great baby!
Jordyn loves playing with her toys, most favorite toy is bluey. She loves eating tomatoes like an apple just like her momma. She loves her momma, stepdad (dada) mamaw, papaw, meme, papa and uncle James. 💖🌍🤞🏻
Joslynn has had a rough start but always has a smile on her face. She is a fighter and loves cuddles.
Hank is a lover. His favorite things include looking out the window, reading books, and dancing. He recently discovered he has hands and a tongue.
Jayden was born Sept 25, 2016. He is 6 yrs old and is in his first year of Kindergarten. He loves dancing, playing the drums 🥁, and watching CocoMelon. He has the most loving personality and his determination is outta this world. He is a Absolute Joy to anyone he meets. He has taught our family so much and we love him to pieces.
Lexi Noel is 2 years old, loves to watch frozen, and would love for you to vote for her
Shes got a lot of spunk and a smile thats contagious!
Honor is an amazing well rounded kid! She is funny, smart, kind and excels at everything!
She is very playful and happy. She loves to watch tv, and she loves lots of kisses.
Khaleesi is a tiny human being who loves her mama and grandpa. She loves her doggie Oso, she loves to explore new places and she loves to eat 😅
Amairus is the youngest of 3. He Loves his family, playing outside and playing in water. -If I owe advanced votes please send a reminder before your contest. Thank you 😊 - ****Will exchange votes and accepting advanced votes. PLEASE ASK BEFORE VOTING. ALL VOTES BEFORE AGREEMENT WILL BE CONSIDERED A GIFT.
This is Sienna, she loves to smile and she is such a happy baby, she loves being sang too & held up so she can stand on her two feet♥️
My name is Nayla I’m funny, goofy and silly! I love to crawl and play with my toys, I love smiling and laughing with mommy! Let me show everyone how my smile can brighten your day! 🥰
Chloe`mae is one of the happist babys. She is always smiling. She sure is gonna be a leader. She enjoys playing with her sisters and her snacks.
Kingston is funny, sweet & so curious. He loves snuggling with mama & watching Disney movies, his current favorite is Tangled. He loves dancing and laughing and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face 🤍
Teddy is such a happy baby. He loves smiling at you and his smiles just melt your heart!
Cohan is a vary happy giggly baby loves to be close an the center of attention he can hold his head up already an is starting to roll over on his own his favorite person is his momma
Eli is artistic and love being to his self and throwing balls
Lorenzo is the most playing, lovable and outgoing toddler you’ll meet! He has a smile that’ll light up the room.
Andre is the most playful baby i have ever met ! He is so funny and makes everyone in the room laugh and smile . He loves playing with everything and loves music so much !
Abigail is almost 2 years old. She loves to be messy and wild and cooking in her kitchen is one of her favorite things
Madelyn is 6 months old. She loves to crawl, smile, and give mama a heart attack when she pulls up on things to stand. She loves her brother and sister and loves to cuddle
Ivy is 10 months old, she loves eating anything and everything. She loves Barney and Ms.Rachel. Loves to play and get into the cabinets. Honestly our pride and joy❤️
Meet Brylea! She is an inspiring actress! She just landed her first role in a school play! Brylea loves the art of makeup, she loves dancing, animals, pageants and baton! Bry is very outgoing and is trying out for the volleyball team soon! My butterflies are pure miracle babies conceived on fertility! Please show them some love ❤️
Baylea is 10 years old and a tomboy! She loves dancing, working out, art, sports and gaming! Baylea is a mommy’s girl a hundred percent! Please help my very outgoing, big hearted and my beautiful butterfly out by voting for her or her sister Brylea!
Zoey Denio
Zoey loves to learn and make friends
April Denio
April loves to learn and play
Jayden is such a happy baby. He is so joyful. He loves cocomellon
Jayden is the cutest baby around town! Hes always so happy & he lights up every room he enters! Vote for him because, just like the day he was born, i know this little boy is going to change the world! We appreciate all your love & support!