Ermias is a happy smiling baby he loves attention and his bottle
Jack love to eat strawberries and Jack like to play with his cat ( names hella).
Hey! I’m Franklin. I love smiling, laughing, and snuggling my mommy and daddy.
Lexie is a fun loving girl! We have our first two teeth ready to pop ☺️ can't wait to see where this life brings us as a family
Tinsley is 7 months old! She's always happy and oh so sassy! She loves to smile and make funny faces! She also LOVES attention 😂❤️
Angel is just a happy baby and likes to laugh watch his favorite show harry and Larry and plays with his toy cars and loves to eat 😍😆 and say mama and his ada and he even saids his name aj 🥺
Sweetest baby boy 2 months old, my miracle baby. Loved by so many so quickly. I never knew true love till i held this bundle of joy in my arms. He loves watching tv with momma and watching daddy play video games. His favorite show is bluey
She is so much fun! She loves to dance, sing, and paint and color! Shes really silly sometimes. We love her so much
Jacob is 7 months old and is just the happiest baby, he loves to play with his poppet toys, laugh at mommy and daddy and brings so much joy to the whole family.
Grayson has taught me so much in life! He is my pride and joy, I wouldn’t trade him for the world❤️ He saved my life. God knew just what I needed 🙏 Vote for Grayson! 🥺❤️
Rudy is a new little guy to this big world. Not even a month old and he's already lifting his head and looking around -curious as can be!!
Rowen is a very happy baby he like music and playing and loves to smile all the time he loves cuddles
Waylen was born august 18th 2022 he’s my reason of being here and I wouldn’t trade him for the world he’s always happy and he’s never upset
Hello, My name is Ali’i, I love to read books with mommy & I love to watch daddy play video games! I also enjoy watching some tv. I am only 4 months old but I love to try and stand and I love to laugh!
Myla is a beautiful little girl with a huge personality. She can put a smile on anyones face .
Tyson is a fun loving, silly 2yr old. He loves Toy Story. His favorite snacks are fruits and veggies. Most importantly, he is our little hero. He recently had to spend some time in the burn unit at our local Childrens Hospital. He has been through a lot but has been such a trooper, and has healed tremendously well. We are very thankful and blessed to have this precious boy in our life. 💙
Vote for brandon he is a miracle baby and he is a fighter spent 3 weeks in the nicu
A beautiful girl that loves her friends and family and gets along with anyone she meets
Jaidyn is a very loving boy who loves to make you happy on your lowest days. He is full of so many personalities. Jaidyn loves dancing and singing whenever he hears music. He is a kid that will light up your life. Hes a very smart kid
She is the happiest baby! Makes everyone smile and is so funny with her millions of faces
Ronan was born a little cute preemie baby and now is very chunky and healthy he's so full of smiles and discovering his voice with sounds hope y'all vote for my little handsome boy!
Devon loves to crawl ,play party cake he is very happy baby and loves to smile
Hello! My name is Zion aka Fatman I am 6 months! I love to play peekaboo, I love to watch tv, & I love to spend time with my daddy! I love to be close to mommy 🥰
the most sassiest & happiest little girl ever!
Alainah Grace was the baby I was told I’d never have. She’s been bringing joy to our lives since the day I found out I was pregnant with her. She’s 3 months old and her laugh is just infectious. She may never know but she was the missing piece in my life.
Miss JaLivia is such a happy baby girl…She’ll brighten up anybody day 💕💕🌈
Nathan was 4 months premature and he spent 4 months in the NICU. He weighted 1lb 10oz when I had him and now he’s a 9lb even as of the 3rd. He loves to smile and he’s is my little fighter.
Ares love comfort from his mother and likes to explore the house by crawling. He goes on walks every evening.
Kobe loves food, cars and himself He his very funny and curious He also like to get into eveything🤣💙
She loves to play and ride her bike
Jesse is a very active, loving and kind boy and a mommies boy ❤️❤️❤️
Daniel is a very smart, loving and kind little man. He loves his brother and sisters and will do anything for them! He loves playing and he’s a little swimmer! ❤️
He loves to box, and can throw so really big punches when his bottle isn’t ready when he wants! He enjoys naps by the window and sings from his big sister!
Aerabella is very smart for her age. She loves to go outside and play with chalk, she loves food, and she adores her little sister. She’s an amazing big sister and always ready to help. Her favorite thing right now is Minnie Mouse!
Averi is a very calm, quiet, and happy girl. She loves to play with toys like bouncy balls. She loves curious George!
Alanis is 9 months old and loves everyone! Always has a smile on her face.
Nasir Amiri is my libra baby bright observant and knows what he wants walking angel just as much as I enjoy him you will 2 thankful for this opportunity & blessing to share his life with you all 🥰
Lydia is my 1 year old blue eyed baby. She is the sweetest. She lights up my world.. she is full of smiles...
Morgan is 14 months old and is the sweetest little man. Morgan loves to play with his trucks and play with his favorite cat 🐈
She loves to blow bubbles with her mouth, she loves drooling everywhere, but she HATES her pictures taken. Yet she still manages to look so cute in everyone 🤍🥺
Oakleigh just started preschool! She loves everything especially playing outside in the dirt! The girl loves to get dirty but she also likes to chill inside and play with her Barbies!
Aria is my 1st born she is such an absolute joy and is such a happy baby. She loves to eat, and loves to play!
This is Elizabeth ❤️ Best thing that could’ve ever happened to me! She’s sweet outgoing funny and very sassy she’s a mini me!
She likes to eat smile jump and play
Avonna is the most sweetest baby in the world loves giving kisses and hug but also very sassy but very funny. And people just love being around her she is so much fun.
Noland is a very smart little guy who loves trucks, trains, cars and music. Such a bubbling personality. Your typical 2 year old. He is very affectionate and gives lots of love to those that he holds near and dear. 🥰🥰🥰