Baby Stories - 2


My name is Brenden. My mom and dad prayed so hard for me for 4 years. They had 3 losses before they had me... I’m a rainbow baby and they’re so obsessed with me! I have been smiling from the day I was born and am so happy. I was born on September 30th weighing 8lbs 7oz! I am currently 3 months old. I’m loved and so special. I enjoy patty cake with mom and jumping with my dad. Please vote for me! Thank you to whoever even voted once. We really appreciate you! We are thankful for this contest and if we shall win, it will be spent ALL on our baby boy. 🖤
Evianna is the happiest and the most hairy 8 month old you'll ever meet! She loves music and will dance to everything 🥰
its safe to say that, im gonna get my payback.. if shes anything like me ♡
Hi I am Katarina and I am 12 wks old. I love cuddles with my Daddy and my kitties and puppy. I am very alert for my age and love sitting up and looking around.
She likes to talk with people. Seems very social and funny
Lucas is the happiest little man around even with teeth coming he’s always a bundle of joy he will always keeps a smile on your face!
Oliver loves to eat, sleep and smile 💙
Leanne has been the easiest baby so far. She loves listening to music, she smiles constantly in her sleep and she brightens my world each and every day. ❤
Giannah taking on the world 🌎 with her cuteness!! Vote 4 GIA!!!
Have yourself a cozy little Christmas! 🥰🎄
Cora loves talking, her mama, daddy, and her animals Motley and Spurrs. She is always so happy and full of smiles brightens everyones day no matter where we are at she shares her smiles and makes everyone forget whats going on with everything in the world.
Easton Scott
Easton love chewing on his hand and his mommy and daddy the most ❤️
Miss Hazel Grace was born October 30th of 2020, she is such an easy baby. Her favorite time of day is when she gets her bath and she HATES being kissed😂 Hazel is already spoiled rotten by Nana and Papaw💕 She is the best thing that has happened to our family❤️❤️
Full of smiles & laughs loves music & dancing. NOTE WE WILL NOT BE CONTINUE THE CONTEST FOR WHILE, WILL BE WORKING ON ALL VOTES OWED & UPCOMING ADVANCE VOTES OWED PLEASE REMIND ON LB DAWNS WALL THANK YOU ALL FOR SUPPORT. On all exchanges for all the contest look at end for each link we will be doing set votes. 150 votes for each = 450 votes if you are voting for all 3 or split how you like. On all advance votes we will do up to 400 votes each = 1200 votes total can also be split on any link for total. We are doing this to make it easier for us and everyone, we know its very hard sometimes. Thank you all very much for the love & Support. &
Edwin Jr
He is an adventure. Everyday with ej it’s something new. He brightens up everybody’s day with just one smile and laugh
Elora loves being talked to or sung to. She is currently obsessed with grabbing her toes and trying to be a big kid. She prefers to sit upright instead of relaxing and tries to stand up. She has lots of smiles for her mama, daddy, and her papa but otherwise can be tough to get a big smile from.
Michael is the happiest boy you will ever meet. There isn’t a time he isn’t smiling. He will brighten the darkest of days.
Dawson loves watching Cupcake wars and he loves football.
Ky’Leign is a happy baby! Since birth he has smiled no matter the type of day he has. He could be running a fever and crying but regardless of that he will still give you a smile 😊 He knows how to crawl, but really trying to walk and skip the crawling stage. He just loves to be GROWN 😂
Rowan is a fan of old country artists, but his favorite is Merle Haggard ☺️ He loves to smile and being hugged tightly, and his Nana calls him her baby squeezy ❤️
Michael is my second son and my second light of my life(: I’d love to use the money to open him his own saving account! All of your votes are so appreciated.
She always says “I want to do it all by myself !”
My handsome little boy is 4 years old. He is a very happy and active child, he loves to play with his friends as well as watch movies. His favorite Christmas movie is Home Alone, he has watched it at least 10 times. He's my first true love and the first one to call me mommy.
Hello this is Alijah. He is a happy baby he loves to smile and laugh everyday. Alijah loves to dance to upbeat music. Please vote for my baby boy Alijah and feel free to share!
Hi, I'm Ryno - Ryker Nolan. I love anything to do with being outside and getting dirty! I love to sing and dance to the Itsy Bitsy Spider and other nursey rhymes! - My mommy and daddy think I'm the cutest! 💖
Colton is such a sweet, cuddly, and laidback 2 month old. He absolutely loves peekaboo and looking at Christmas lights.
Our beautiful baby girl Rayven Denise was born October 15th, 2020. She is truly the light of our lives. With that contagious smile and those chubby cheeks, what's not to love. A true blessing she is. Rayven loves to play with big brother Rj, she loves to hear mommy sing and she loves going to sleep to thunderstorms on Spotify.
My Name Is Dior, I’m A Smart 7 Month Old & I Love My Mama&Dada. Typically on my free time I’ll nap, Play with my toys or jump in my jumper & I’m growing my two bottom teeth so I love eat frozen strawberries.
Not your average baby, she's an independent baby, and will let you know it! She loves to be tickled, loves peek-a-boo, and playing with her sister.
Noah is the happiest baby! He loves to sit and watch games with his dad and tummy time is his favorite! He’s our little chunky monkey ☺️
Tristan loves laughing and playing with his lion Leo. He loves being outside and exploring new things.
Olivia is an active little bean who loves to do things that she isn’t real ready for yet. Loves to giggle at her dogs and running around. And loves to live on the dangerous side.
Hello my name is Kayden and I love mashed potatoes and my banana teether 💙
Micah is always a happy camper! He loves car rides and music. He loves to sit, roll over, and scoot around... almost crawling! He enjoys spending time with his Nini and aunties. Every vote is appreciated 🥰
De’Aaron is such a fun and loving baby and he’s loves to eat
Alivia is a sweet and sassy 1 year old who has a smile that will melt your heart. She loves to eat and play with her brother. She’s a princess and she has her daddy wrapped around her finger. 🥰
Baby Indigo may not talk yet, but he wears his thoughts on his face like his mama!
My goofy baby!!!💜💜💜
Jaxon was the easiest baby and turning into a fun-filled mischievous toddler. This was his first taste of cookies. We wanted to do a milk bath but then looking at his chubby cheeks my sister got the idea for a milk and cookie bath. On his birthday there was too much excitement for naps, so he was super tired and would lazily sink a little lower for a drink and then try to get the cookies in his mouth without even using his hands. I feel like this is the 2020 we all need.
Adilynn Rose
Ms. Adilynn Rose is 4 month old. She loves to laugh and make others laugh.
Brinley is our miracle baby that we waited TEN years for! She’s a super happy baby who loves her mommy cuddles, daddy’s silly noises & playing with her big sister! She loves her sleep, but takes her milkies very serious. She is also crazy about music & “dances” to it already!! 💖
Harmony is 6 months old. She is full of smiles and talks all the time... she can now roll over.
Caroline loves being outside! She loves spongebob and boss baby. Caroline has took off crawling and pulling herself up to stand. She talks up a storm these days 😂💖
Nami loves eating food. She can hear the pantry, refrigerator and/or stove open and you better believe she’ll come running. Nami enjoys family time, playing with her older cousins. She loves going outside to play or even just sit to enjoy nature. She knows sign language, her alphabets & numbers 1-20. Nami is definitely a mama’s girl & the sweetest baby!