Baby Stories - 2


Stella loves her grandma
Beautiful adorable and very smart and alert
She has three teeth coming in and loves to climb all over mommy and daddy.
Paisley Ray was born on 9-14-2021💝 6 lbs 13 oz & my little angel baby she’s already such a sweet baby!💕
O’nijujuah loves music her toys her dog and her brothers and she most definitely loves to eat
Hello, Brooklyn B. Smith is 2 months old and was born via cesarean like her big brother—10 years apart. Yes, a decade. She’s also considered as my rainbow baby. Brooklyn loves to smile, giggle, and tummy time.
Emmie is a happy, smiley baby girl! She loves bouncing, bananas, being tickled, and cuddling with mommy. She is the sweetest human being alive and I love her like she loves me 🥺💕
Mckenzie Marie
Little miss Marie is 2 years of age very smart loves mInnie mouse has 3 siblings that she loves dearly she loves to draw sings dance and play with others her personality is so amazing such a great baby
Hello my name is Rylee, I am a valentines baby. I love cookies and my Similac. Oh yes I love my mommy and daddy as well 🥰💛
Hey there, I’m Daxton Oakley!! I’m almost three months old. I’m a full blown mama’s boy. I’m very active, I eat more than I sleep and I’m ticklish! I love to watch the rain and I’m a silly boy!! I have so many different nicknames, but you can call me Baby D😘
‼️We ❤️ All our voters, thank you for supporting Xavior through these contests, help him stay in the top 25 ‼️Also if I don’t click the like on your post that doesn’t mean I don’t see it, I’m just really busy with voting and Xavior because he’s in everything! Your supposed to teach your children to work for what you want, and to never cheat your way through anything, also every baby in this contest is cute ! There’s no “that’s the cutest baby”This contest is not to hate people , or put people down, it’s supposed to be supporting eachother because everyone deserves to be 1st place! We should literally all come together and whoever’s been trying the longest let them get it and the chain can keep going, that’s the only way I know each one of us can actually win without wasting money to win and everyone knows it🤷‍♀️ but That’s my opinion on it 🥰❤️ I still Wish everyone the best. Xavior has almost all his teeth,he likes to bite everything! He loves baths,Mickey Mouse and learning sign language he currently knows how to sign (please, thank you , sorry, milk ,eat, all done and potty ❤️ He also knows how to walk but always runs instead 🤣he likes to use his functional kitchen for being independent, and is almost done being potty trained ❤️He smiles for everything and everyone especially the GIRLS 🤣 this handsome little man gets smarter everyday! Thank y’all for voting!!!
Caydi loves to cuddle and loves to be outside. She was 6lbs 3.4oz at birth. Plz vote for my beautiful baby girl
Jayla love tummy time and late night talks with mommy and daddy
Azariah is just starting to smile while awake & love to show it off! She made a big step on learning how to sleep alone in her bassinet & not on mommies chest🥰
My name is Wesley, aka Wubby Woo! I love my mom and dad, my bat mobile, my kitty brother and sister, and smile at everyone I meet! ❤️ Mama, Dada, Baba, and Wow are my favorite words (so far)! When I'm not rodeo-ing, jumping, crawling, or talking I am cruising in my stroller onto my next adventure! Vote for me because I am the most handsomest poot in all of the land! Thank you soo Soo Soo much 🥰
Dominic is almost 2 months old , he was a NICU baby & was born at 9lbs 7oz. He loves bouncing and smiling.
I love to eat and sleep. Im a happy baby and love to smile. My favorite song that calms me down is piano man by billy joel.
Carsyn is a wonderful little boy. He likes to play and laugh with his brothers . He's a very happy little guy , learning new things and beginning to respond to new sights, sounds and textures. His favorite food is apple banana purée . I'd like to believe his mommy is his favorite person .
Reagan is just so very adorable. Going on two months. She is almost six weeks old.
Elias's nickname is mister smiley. Very happy little 8 month old with the biggest blue eyes! He is a very adventurous little babe who He loves his mommy, daddy brother and uncle the most!
Kadin loves to nap with his mama 💕 and car rides with the radio on and even though he was 8 weeks early he really strong and Amazes us everyday with his smiles and Strength 💪 ❤ 💙
Elias is one of the best babies you could ask for, he is an angel and rarely ever fusses. He loves snuggles, kisses, and to nap.. a lot. I wouldn’t ever ask for anything else in the world ❤️
Because he's cute haha
Myles loves to go on walks with his three dogs. He loves to splash around in his bathtub. He also loves to snuggle with his mom and dad! He also loves to go on horse back rides with mommy! He’s our biggest blessing and we thank for everyday for our little boy!
Karsen Kyrie • Born : July 24, 2022 • 10lb 8oz 21.5 in • 2 month old sweet baby
Khelani is a 15 month old girl who loves CocoMelon and Minnie Mouse. Her favorite foods are Hotdogs & Mac&cheese. She loves music and being around her family. Big daddy’s girl.
Austyn is a sweet but fiesty little girl! She is all smiles, but she lets you know when she wants to be included in the conversation. Crawling around and pestering her older siblings are her favorite things to do!
George-Robert loves his green binkie, his mama, and sleeping on his side! He also LOVES music and to be read to, or sung to! He's also a cuddler, and man does he love to be cuddled!
Renesmae is FULL of love & laughter, she’s the happiest baby you’ll meet 🥺 & she loves to play & be silly. Her favorite things to do are put EVERYTHING in her mouth that she can find 😂, long walks, car rides & watching Mickey Mouse. She also absolutely adores our very friendly pitter! As you’ll see in her photos
Jaycob is 3 months old! He loves to talk and laugh! And is just a happy sweet baby he has 2 teeth coming in! He can roll over! He is just the sweetest❤️
Brantlee has a twin brother Bentlee and an older brother Sammy. Brantlee was supposed to be baby B but he was born first. He is our calm baby
Bentlee has a twin brother named Brantlee. He also has a big big brother named Sammy. Bentlee is the youngest. Bentlee was supposed to be baby A but he was born second
Sammy loves animals and his twin brothers 💙
Elijah loves car rides, his dragon toy and snuggles!
Kasen is the funniest most outgoing kid I know, and he’s got piercing blue eyes that will camptivate you
Rowan is happy everyday and loves flirting with the ladies! He also loves nature and songs 🌱 🎶
The happiest boy in the world💛
She loves to babble and smiles at everyone.
Holly is such a sweet special baby. Anyone who meets her just falls in love with her! She loves cuddling with mama!
Carter is full of energy, loves to smile laugh and listen to music. His favorite things to do are go for car rides, walks and play with his elephant rattle 💙
Adalyn loves to eat!!! She’s a chunky butt but I wouldn’t trade her for the world. I adore her!!! Please vote for my precious girl
Avery was 5 weeks early, but you can’t tell because she loves to eat. She is 3 months and sleeping through the night!!
Our little Rae Rae is a bundle of personality! She is so smart and sweet and loves to be outside
Hudson loves smiling at everyone he meets, cuddling and bath time!
Charlotte loves to play with her siblings and loves to be tickled!
Mason love the camera and to play with his big sister. His favorite is apple sauce and puppy dog pals show
She is our three granddaughter. She is so precious.