Independent, loving, sassy little girl
Maya is a sweet, sassy, and happy little girl. There is never a dull moment with her! ❤
My Amora is the sweetest baby. She absolutely loves kisses!
Heavenlee is the sweetest lil girl she loves to play an loves to cuddle she is always happy and smiling 😘🥰
He LOVES to smile. All he does is smile and laugh
Hadley is a spunky 1 month old and loves to smile and interact with everyone she sees☺️
Kei loves rice and potatoes, she eats any food literally 😂 She loves crawling and demanding people around 🥰 Definition of a diva !! 👸🏽
Charlie loves math and anything that allows her to be creative, her favorite color is green and she’s an amazing big sister
Maddie is full of joy and giggles, and she loves taking explosive poops while being held and looking adorable! 😄
Agustin Noe
He’s so funny and adorable ❤️ the most happiest the baby you’ll ever meet
Oliver has been the kindest, sweetest baby since the day he was handed to me. He’s the happiest boy and loves to play outside. His smile is so contagious and his favorite thing to do right now is crawl around with his puppies😊💗
She loves macaroni and pickles. Her favorite things to watch are Sophia the first, Shrek, and Gracie’s corner. Her favorite things to say are “No!” And “Get out”😂💕
Oakley is our miracle baby he is 3 weeks old and loved by all this will be his first photo contest and we would love for all our family and friends to vote for his precious little self
Ava loves to cuddle mommy! Enjoys kisses also Ava is the youngest sibling of 8. Most beautiful Girl in the world Ava.
My Name is Journee Rene’ Brown. I’m currently 6months weighing 14lbs. I was born on October 17th 2021. I was diagnosed with Trisomy 21 at birth along with an heart condition. I’m a very happy baby. I love minnie mouse , spongebob and tiktok ! I’m very talkative and can make your day in a heartbeat!
Maliyah is a joy to look at has amen contagious smile 😊 the most cutest little pout and the eyes just 😍
She’s a vibrant, gentle, chatty and funny little girl. Who loves to hang out with her family
Grayson has been full of smiles and happiness since the day he was born💛He is our rainbow and we’re so thankful for him🌈
Miguel is a very sweet boy 😍 Loves to hug, give kisses, and definitely loved playing! He will not stop all day. He also loves baby shark and wil dance to it 😍
Jareth is a happy little baby, his favourite toy is the Giraffe pacifier named 'Ribbons'! However, he was born with one of his kidneys not functioning correctly. Wish us luck as this little soldier gets surgery to make him fully healthy!!
He’s a lovable grey eyed handsome baby. Starting to crawl will be walking sooner than I think. He loves snuggling, smiling, and the laugh is to die for omg.
Raelynn Haynes
Raelynn Danielle Marie Haynes is 3 months,, full of laughter and smiles! She loves to be a goof ball! Loves her uncle Keigan and food! She loves to talk to everybody!! Her smile melts everybody hearts!
Addyson has such a big heart and loves people. She loves playing with her little brother, all things rainbows and unicorns and being outside.
Clayton is one of the most laid back and fun loving toddlers! He loves playing with his big sister, dinosaurs and being outside.
He is a social butterfly. Smiles that will melt your heart. He is a happy little man.
Bentley is my happy 6 month old who loves to snuggle. He also loves his lovey and fluffy blankets. He is my lil warrior and accomplished a lot within first weeks and just all around amazed us all❤️ And His smile just brightens up my day every mornin 💙
Ezekiel loves to eat, he loves to jump & play. He talks and giggles all day! 🥰
Gabby loves playing Roblox & making TikTok’s , she’s so full of energy & sas lol mommy’s mini
Hi my name is Jamir, he like watching paw patrol he very active at 2 months he loves been under his mommy he’s a very happy baby
Haileigh loves playing with big sis gabby, eating & getting into any and everything. She’s a very happy baby always ready to go!
Mommy is my best friend. I love to smile, gurgle and kick my feet around. I will always make your day❤️
Brynlee is very strong willed and independent, but she’s the sweetest, most loving girl you’ll meet! She loves everything about the outdoors!
Layla loves to give kisses and cuddles! She’s starting to laugh all the time and she’s ready to be on the move!
She loves shopping & taking pictures 🥰
Maggie is smart and funny she loves to make silly faces but most of all her smile changes anyones day she always smiles
My name is Reina Anastasia Campos! I love music, the water, playing with Layla and peanut, and food! I am 10 months old.
Hadley is a sweet, sassy and super smart 20 month old! She loves to play outside and get into anything she can. Don’t let the smile fool you she has SO much attitude!
She loves to make me and her big brother laugh every day. She loves carrots and yelling and smiling and laughing. Im so greatful for her 🥰
He is named after his uncle Charlie. He hates hats, loves animals, and cannot stop pooping in the tub! Send votes his way! •if you comment the link to your kids profile we can swap votes!
Ryland is a very happy baby that loves to explore and try new things. He loves laughing, dancing and pulling hair. His personality is the sunniest I've ever seen.
Asher is the sweetest most smiley 5 month old! He loves playing with toys and with his older brothers and sisters!
This is Adiel, he loves elmo! & he loves his family & he’s such a happy baby <3
Elizabeth is my first born her smile can light up a room she beautiful and her laught is so cute she love when you sing to her
She is a good baby and loves for someone to talk to her. She has the cutest little small. She is a Nana’s girl.
Grayson a 8 month old ball of joy, who loves his family and friends ❤️ Nothing but smiles and giggles from this sweet boy. He loves playing outside and trying new foods. he loves giving cuddles and jump.
Asher is a very out going and adventurous little boy he enjoys listening to music and dancing, going on walks, playing outside, exploring his surroundings, he is obsessed with all animals and is not afraid to be louder than everyone else in the room
She's will be 4 months on May 19th she's a very funny Baby she will do the funniest babyfaces ever I guess you can say she already has her personality she always smiling every time and talking to herself like Baby noises, she likes washing tv and food she eats a lot and likes to be carried or laying down the most dislikes is when someone bothers her sleep or change her cartoons it's funny because she will look at you all mad
Hannah is a sweet, loveable little girl who won't let anything get in her way or stop her from going forward. She is strong.