Baby Stories - 2


Atreus is 8months old cheerful baby. He loves to smile to everyone ❤️ He loves pj mask and loves to read books .He likes to explore around. This 8month old baby boy has a lot of cuteness in him. He was born premature but that does not stop him from growing healthy and strong .Let us all give this baby some love
Dyson is a little brother to a great big brother who is 7 year old, he is the reason for this smile💙
My name is laylin, I'm four months. I'm such a happy baby. I'm always smiling and laughing. I love Mickey Mouse and cuddling with mommy💕💕
Rilynn is the sweetest 2 month old ..already loves the camera as much as she loves her family
Alina is a girl with a ton of personality. I can take a photo of every emotion under the sun in a matter of seconds with this one.
Riley is a happy smart rambunctious little baby . She loves walking everywhere , her laugh is infectious and she’s certain feisty . She’s an amazing little girl every day she amazes me
Paxton Reid, the light of my life. My favorite little guy. He just wants some snacks and to play outside.
Hi I am Katarina. I love cuddles with my Daddy and with my kitties and puppy. I love to play with my stuffed animals.
My name is Richard Hebert Im 71 wife 68 Hannab is our first grandbaby vote for hannah
LJ loves to laugh and smile. Loves mommy singing the ABC’s and loves say “DADA”.
I am beautiful and bright as the ☀️ #redhead i was born one month early but Nothings going to stop this 👶🏼.I love doc McStuffins 🏩and cuddles with my mommy🤱🏽. I love to smile . I just noticed my hands and cant keep them out my mouth 😄 . I love my walker but my feet can’t touch the ground This is my third contest wish me luck Birthweight: 4.4p Currently: 11.8 23 1/2 inches 🥚 Istagram @izzy_creations
Jacob is 10 months old and very smart. He is always smiling. His favorite games is patty cake and peekaboo.
Hi, my name is A’Dante and I’m 3 months old! 😊 I love toys that make noise and light up.🥰 I have the greatest personality and the cutest smile. Vote for me!
Hi, Im Miss Lyla Mae! I love taking naps, jingle toys, and swinging in my baby swing so i can look at my mobiles and twinkle lights! I have a big personality already and an adorable smile! 😊
Jaxon is a crazy, funny, cuddly 9 month old with almost half of his teeth and long hair. He rocks a man bun and eats all the snacks! His laugh is contagious and his hugs are the sweetest 💙
Lyla loves dancing, animals, and her friends!
Addison is the cutest little red head ever! She’s a small little thing that was born at 29 weeks; but has developed a big sassy personality! She loves finding Nemo, and her blankets!
This is a very smart and pretty lil girl I wouldn’t trade her for anything
Grheyson loves watching cartoons, going outside to watch the birds and the trees. He loves bathtime, and last but not least he loves talking to mom and wayching me do whatever im doing
Avyana is a happy and fun loving little girl.. she is getting to that really fun age where she understand s and picks up everything everyone around her does she adores her little sister and she loves her family!!! Lease vote for my baby girl!!!
Hi my name is Raiden and I am 5 months old I'll be six months on the 23rd I love smiling laughing and definitely sucking on my toes/fingers. I like talking and hearing myself yell
I love to smile and laugh! I love to play with mommy and daddy! My pink turtle is my favorite toy to teeth on 😊
Gracie has 2 sisters and 6 brothers. She wears the sweetest outfits but makes the funniest faces.
To only be a month old Carlos is already full of so much personality. His facial expressions will make you laugh. He loves bath time and already has a love for music!
Ramona loves to babble, loves to eat, to cuddle and most of all loves to smile 😁
Rosemary is 4 months old and absolutely loves eating mashed bananas. Her favorite hobbies are sticking her tongue out and pulling on beards.
My life.. my blessing.. kaydason loves to be center of attention.. she always so happy shes my world
Brantley is a very happy go lucky toddler, loves spending time with his 3 older siblings. He enjoys playing outside, going for walks, reading, talking, eating an playing with toys cars an trucks. He truly is a happy toddler.
At 6 months she’s sitting at 17 pounds with a whole lot of smiles and giggles. Loves Clifford and reading books every night before bedtime.
Alfred is the youngest of three! He really enjoys snuggles from his big brother. He is a tiny little dude, but has the most adorable big blue eyes. He’s full of life and personality at just 6 weeks old!! ❤️❤️ He’s also a little fighter. He’s in OU children’s with weight gain problems.
Hi im Aspen, i have a baby brother that i love and help with alot, i have a bunny and two dogs, i love playing woth my cousins and going to school. I like watching daddy race and helping momma around the house.
Enslee loves being outside, playing with her toys, and going for walks! :)
Autumn is a little big sister. She enjoys playing dinosaurs with big brother and giving little brother kisses. Autumn enjoys “singing” and dancing. She is a happy little girl. ❤️
Weston is 7 months old! He’s very loving and always wants to cuddle - even with the dogs!
Our April Fools birthday 🥳 birthday 🎉 baby 🍼
Addy is all smiles all the time. She recently started pulling herself up on things and has so much fun with it. She also loves being read and sang to.
Kar is always happy and smiling! His favorite thing to do is go in his walker and roll around❤ he is my miracle baby and everyday with him is a blessing!
Alsea, my sea of love is the most beautiful and happy baby!
He is our first grandson
My name is Alexavier, i am slightly autistic, i love the color red, i love asking millions of questions, I love mickey mouse and i love my family. Ive had a hard lige since i was about 3-4 months old mommy was told i have breathing problems
Melanie loves to smile! And talk all day long. She loves being held. She is 6 months old! And loves her mama and dada❤️
Avery just turned ONE years old. Very loving and smart. Always smiling. I believe she’s the cutest baby, what about you?
She is a very sweet and very talkative little girl she Loves animals and her mommy
Zackary is full of life an so adventurous ❤️
Ava is my sweet rainbow baby ❤️
My name is Beau Cephus and I drink milk by the gallon!
Hi, My name is River Dale Gwyn. Im almost 2 years old! I love to run and play all over the place; I love to snack one of my favorites is cheese! and I love my mama and daddy!