Baby Stories - 19


Neveah is full of smiles loves music she enjoys her mommy and me time
Ryan loves to sleep and eat a lot! He’s 1 month old and getting better at sleeping through the night! This photo is from our newborn session he had at about 2 weeks, the outfit is so cute!
Helllo my name is Makayla I love dancing and singing. My birthday is June 7th
Daniel is a happy sleepy baby he was born a preemie, and loves to eat and listen to mommy and daddy talk and make him smile. He is loved by his two brothers and sister.
Bentlee is 2 years old! He is a very happy smiley kid! He enjoys playing with his big sisters and loves his toy lawnmower 😍 please vote for him!
Right now we love to giggle and kick our feet 💚
Such a happy baby! I can’t wait to watch him grow ❤️
Hi I’m Reighlee Rae❤️ I was born January 21st 2021. I love to smile and give cuddle 💞
Mav loves to dance, doesn't matter whats playing if any music. Always has a smile on his face. Coming from the 4lb baby he entered the world as, he has done amazing things so far.
Lydia is such a happy baby. She loves tummy time, grabbing her feet, and playing with mom and dad!
David James(DJ) was born in April and required surgery. He was flown in a T-storm to ACH(3hours away). He recovered amazingly & come home earlier then anyone thought. He has had a smile since day one and loves his family, cuddles & being outside all daylong💙📷🌈🌞
Lincoln Scott is our adorable little daredevil, he loves playing with his big sister , his favorite song is wheels on the bus , he is up for anything anytime , he is so smart and very funny
So adorable and loveable, she has the best laugh. Her smile brightens up any room she enters. Ariella loves animals, especially Layla. Her Great Pyrenees pup. She love music, food an water but hates bathtime and loves to be outside doing her own thing. Watch out world, here she comes!!
Cheyanne is a very talented, fun spunky little girl. She loves doing arts and crafts, she is a little chef and a rising star. Loves to make her own youtube videos. Chey is in the first grade, loves to read and write. She is a great big sister... She loves animals as well and rides horses.
Karter is the sweetest little boy and is always happy ❤️
Meredith was named after Meredith Grey from Greys anatomy. Mommy had a little addiction. And this little munchkin also has Turner Syndrome. Turner Syndrome is where she was born with 1 chromosome instead of 2!
Charlotte is a very energetic 7 year old that is the best helper that she tries to be. She is loving and loves to do pranks on everyone!
Elle is a very sweet outgoing little girl she has started to get her own personality. She love playing outside with her brothers, and shoes she loves shoes (it's a girl thing) she wakes up wanting her shoes. One of the happiest little girls I know an so beautiful!! Watching her play with her baby's is the sweetest she love love loves her baby's!
Adalind is a sweet baby girl. She is a mircle baby as my boyfriend and i were told by two doctors I would most likely never have kids due to having a hormonal disorder. She was unexpected for sure, but truely a blessing and im trying my best as a momma to make surebshe has everything she needs and wants. To me she is perfect, she is a beautiful sweet baby girl.
Kaysyn is the sweetest baby. He loves his momma and daddy, he loves to smile and he loves his milk. Always smiling. ❤️
She loves her elephant that her papa gave her, watching moana, and learning how to stand and crawl. She’s just a happy baby
Hey I’m Halcyon! I might be small but my personality is bigger than planet earth!
Zola loves to cuddle! She is 2 months and 2 weeks. She loves to lift her head up she’s strong like her daddy. She loves looking around and watching the tv. She loves swing time. She has started sleeping through the night! But, of course her favorite time is feeding time. She’s a beautiful babygirl and we want nothing but all you to show some love and vote! Mommy could use this money towards all baby needs and help get momma a car!
Braxton is such a goofy , smart , loving little boy. He loves cars , bubbles , music & his momma ❤️ He loves to be out doors and being at the park & he loves people ❤️
Brayden is a happy , smiley baby ❤️ He loves his cuddles and loves his nose kisses . Vote for my sweet boy.
Noah is a shy little boy who loves to cuddle and gets vary excited when gets to play with his older siblings, he also he love to play with his rattle.💙
Lisa is full of adventure. You never know what your day will consist off. She is so sweet to her sister and her dolls thank you for your votes :)
Luella loves to sleep smile and babble back to you. Thank you for your votes ☺️
Ocean was born at 34 weeks and weighed 4 pounds exactly. She is our little preemie miracle baby 💖 She has been smiling since she came into this world as you can see, and we love to share her positivity with others! 💖
Emma Marie is the most outgoing little girl I have ever seen she never meets a stranger , everyone is her best friend . She is kind , loving , smart and soo funny . Her favorite things are Dinosaurs 🦖, L.O.L’s , any kind of craft or art , and cookie ice cream
Grayson Is 14 Days old ‘ He Was Born January 20th 2021 ! He Already Is Such A Happy Baby ‘ God Couldn’t Of Blessed Me And My Family Anymore Then He Already Has With Grayson . ♥️
Rainbow baby🌈 Loves eating, sleeping and her family. She lights up the face of everyone who meets her. Her family loves her more than anything.
Hello, I am Olivia! I’m 8 months old and I love to smile. I love playing with my toys and cuddling with my mommy. I enjoy spending time with all of my grandparents. I’m learning and growing everyday.
Fun fact: Zaylin is a Super Bowl baby, born 2/2/20. She loves to go to the park (she likes the swings the most). she loves to walk and climb on everything she can find but at the end of the day she loves everyone and she just puts a smile on everyone’s face :)
My baby is beautiful 😍
Sweet Sophie girl is full of smiles and cuddles! We love to take so many naps, go on adventures with mama and dada and also sneak a bite from their food. 💋😂🥰
Tongan Samoan hawaiian Fijian Russian German baby ❤️
She loves music, she loves to dance, she loves to sing she’s very outgoing and she’s a big sweet heart☺️❤️ And her smile just brights up the room
Scarlett is our rainbow baby, she's as spunky as can be. She loves food, music, and her pet husky. Please vote for our sweet and sassy girl.
Our little Uriajah Peace James Bean was born 12/21/2021 and life has been full of so many more smiles and loves! We love him so much!
2 1/2 months already growing a tooth in! Happiest baby when she wakes up and loves people❤️
Haisley loves to sing high pitched songs, suck on her hand, and watch everything mommy does. She’s a morning person who will smile all morning, no matter the time.
Lily Rose is a the sweetest most amazing gift ever! She has know clue what wonderful life she has ahead. For this child we have prayed!!! Mommy & Daddy love you baby!!!
Hi my name is Rosemary but Mommy and Daddy and my sisters call me Rosie. I am 8 months old and my birthday is 7/7/2020 I have 5 sisters my 2 younger sisters are twins. Our family is blessed with the best. ❤
Hi my name is Kaysenn Alexandria I am a twin I was born 2 minutes before my twin sister but I am the smaller twin but only by a few oz. Our birthday is December 3rd 2020 and including my twin I have 5 sisters.
Hi my name is Keagan Alexis I am a twin I was born 2 minutes after my twin but I am the bigger twin but only by a few oz. Our birthday is December 3rd 2020 and including my twin (even just by 2 min) I have 5 older sisters.
Alice is my rainbow baby she was born the day before thanksgiving she loves to smile, and laugh she also enjoys watching t.v ( mostly for the colors) She has the biggest attitude and personality and loves anyone she meets.