Baby Stories - 19


Evelyn is a animal lover with a huge adventurous size she is our diva the one to make anyone smile and laugh she the sweetest little girl you could ever meet
James has the biggest heart that you will ever fine in a little boy he so ambitious and full of life loves any and everything to do with the outdoors playing hunting fishing to working a full ray of sunshine for anyone to know him
Ava is 3months of age. She like to be talked to as well as watching cocomelon. She loves to eat. She love to look around to see things and people.
Hi! My name is Eli and I love to cuddle with my mommy & daddy, i love my binky, and my favorite time is bath time!
Aila is definitely the happiest baby. She loves music, mashed potatoes, and swinging. She also LOVES taking pictures.♥️
Kenzlee loves to smile and have all the attention on her at all times. She’s always laughing and so happy and loves to get her pictures taken. How could you not vote for this little bean
The prettiest smile you’ll ever see! Zaieda wakes up smiling and goes to bed smiling! She’s one happy baby who loves her fur babies! Vote for Zaieda!
Matthew loves sticking his tongue out lol he veey happy baby...
Anthony is a very loving caring eight-month-old he loves to play with his big sister
The smartest, brightest, most caring child ever. He loves hanging out with his baby brother & playing with his toys. He’s so caring & makes sure he shows it.
The happiest baby ever. So loving, & always talking away! Loves spending time with his family. ❤️
Madalynn Guest
Madalynn Is My Tubie Baby She is a Strong NICU Fighter 💖 She love's taking naps And Enjoys Making Priceless Facial Expressions 💕
Houston is 6 months old and the happiest baby! He loves to talk and play!
She’s the most fun, smart, loving little human on earth🥰🦋
Birdie Elizabeth loves to be cuddled and rocked. She loves to stare at her big brother and is starting to give us little smiles.
Jayce is a love bug. The sweetest baby ever, he’s always happy and loves to talk! We appreciate your vote!
Azlynn is one of the sweetest little girls you’ll ever meet. She will melt your heart the first time you meet her. She is very smart. Speaks very well for her age and minds better then her 4 and 7 year old brothers. Azlynn loves nature and all animals.
Mariah is so strong and smart. Her favorite color is pink. She loves YouTube and being part of the camera.
Strong, beautiful & independent 2 year old. Full of spunk & sass. She has had a rough year with loosing her great grandpa and great uncle. This year has been horrible. Vote for my baby girl ❤️
Little Ollie is the sweetest little boy, he is loving the sound of his voice and his feet at the moment! Baby boy is growing up fast, in the 99th percentile for height + weight.. he’s growing out of clothes left and right!
Dominik is a very smart and energetic kid! He loves his sisters and his favorite color is orange! Dominik loves trucks and trains. Dominik is a huge fan of tattoos and always has mommy cover him in temporary tats💕 He also loves superheroes! His two favorite people in the whole world are his memaw and his mawmaw he constantly talks about them and always wants to be with them. He’s very sweet and helpful to everyone who needs it❤️
Hi I’m Naviah Rylan! I love my big brother and my mommy most. Everyone tells me they love my big blue eyes and pretty smile. I just turned 1 nov 18th!
She loves cuddles and saying dada! Shes always smiling and loves rolling over! Her favorite foods are carrots and sweet potatoes and she loves Minnie Mouse 💞
Baby boy was a preemie born with gastroschisis.. he loves his stuffies and cuddles. I thank God for my miracle everyday ❣️ show your support. Vote for my baby ❣️
Brysens a 10 month old happy baby boy he loves chasing the doggies with his walker and he’s a very active baby who’s ready to be on the go all the time
Silas is our little fire cracker NICU baby! Born 2 months early at 4lbs even at 4:44pm on July 4th! (His nanas birthday😉) He is the happiest baby, Cooing, laughing and giggling away! He loves soothes and kick kick kicking his chubby little legs! Silas is teething and eating sweet potatoes like a champ and would love to giggle at everyone he sees! Vote for this sweet boy!
She’s a very happy baby, always smiling and she definitely loves cuddles with her mommy.🥰❤️
Layla Mae Romero loves to clap 👏🏽 & her Beautiful 😍 smile is so contagious, especially when she giggles. Enjoys playing Peek a Boo🙈Her favorite baby food is carrots 🥕 and pumpkin 🎃
Charleslynn is a very sweet happy baby and she loves attention.She has a special name cause she is named after her late papaw and mamaw.She loves pageants and playing...
Alice likes to crawl stand and yell for her brother. She also likes to dance.. she most definitely has her own personality, and she also loves her big brother to pieces
About to be 9 months old and i aurvived a brain injury while pregnant first name means life middle one means warrior peincess
Liam is 10 mos old & hes a rainbow baby!He smiles all the time even when he dont feel good hes such a happy baby!Hes a lil dare devil, hes adorable, hes got a funny & super cute personality, hes very smart, his 1st word is DaDa & his favorite food is currently French fries ! he is currently learning to walk but rolls like a pro haha & hes a very happy baby who is in love with his Mommy!His Daddy is in heaven so grandma plays that role but hes got his special angel watching over him but he makes silly faces like Daddy always did & has Daddys attitude forsure lol! 💖 Liam is so full of life & Absolutely loves being outside!!VOTE for Liam hes the cutest everrr!!!!
Ryker Miles is 3 months old. He loves to eat, sleep, and keep mommy up all hours of the night. He also loves his mommy, daddy, and big sister, Raven Sophia. He was 2 weeks early and spent 3 days in the NICU cause labor was stressful for both of us. Now we are happy and healthy and growing strong 💪
Milo is 15 months old he loves to dance and to make people laugh!! He is the happiest boy you will ever meet!!
Kinsley Grayce
Kinsley Grayce Covarrubias our little sunshine is our world! Her smile is contagious and we just want to show the world how proud we are to call her ours we are beyond blessed! Kinsley loves to smile, her favorite is her sissy, she loves to go bye bye anywhere, she loves everyone, she’s just perfect!
Loves to laugh
Javi Dominic
Javi is a very energetic 3 year old who loves tractors 🚜 escavators anything to do with construction 🚧 also loves waist management lol
Dkyra loves cooking and playing basketball, she also sings in her school choir.
Willie is always happy and smiling! He loves to explore and learn new things!
William is 5 months old and is the happiest baby bear. So much so, he wakes up giggling. His favorite things are being outside looking at the trees and the blue sky and reading time.
Sophie loves being held, rocked to sleep, and her momma, daddy, and big sisters!💕
Cole is our IVF miracle! We have tried for several years to get pregnant with him and after many failed attempts we did multiple rounds of IVF and here he is and as perfect as can be!
Amelia loves books and smiles all the time. She is the happiest baby.
Pieper is a blessing!
Shes always happy and content
Greyson is my little miracle rainbow baby. He loves anything to do with outside, especially playing basketball with his uncle jimmy. He knows all his letters, can say his abc’s and can count to 20. He’s a blessing to me in so many ways.