Baby Stories - 19


She loves cocomelon and baby shark. Trying to help out with her little sister
He's the most loving and funny little guy on the planet. Loves bath time and his puppy dogs.
Sweet baby girl who loves to smile, to babble and dance. She's always moving to music. Her favorite is Cocomelon.
Kar'Lynn is a very smart outgoing 2 year old who loves to go with her grandma to check on the cows.
My beautiful baby Ka’Maiyah( Ka-Miyah)! 9 wks old, She loves laughing and smiling, and making funny faces. She is an on the go baby, doesn’t like being still cause she’s always traveling and loves it has already been to 4 states at the age of 2 months! Favorite thing about her is her smile and those blue eyes!
Arianna Damron
She loves hanging out wirh her brothers and likes watching cocomelon and pippi pig
People call me squish I like naps and snuggling mommy and my blankies and mommy says I’ve got her attitude for days
Hi my name is Donte Eli but mommy calls me Dino! I love tummy time and big ol bottles of milk 🥛. Thank you for your vote 🥰.
Brody was born a month early, he is currently 2 months old and loves … *Listening to Alan Jackson * Drinking his bottles to fast * Screaming at dinner time * Making angry faces * Clawing his eyeballs out when mittens aren’t in use.
Journie is a ray of sunshine who weighs 10lbs and is 23in tall. Loves the camera, smiles at anyone who talks to her. Says “agoo”loves bath time, cuddles and mommas bottle service
Hi my name is Novak and I pretty new to the world. I’m a very active little man that loves to eat and talk with everyone. When I nap I take my pal sully the sloth with me so we can snuggle n keep my head up. I love when I get to see my Baba because she loves to spoil me all the time and even gave me a cool bracelet. On hot days I like to go swimming with my cousins and some friends, but not for to long because I get tired and hungry fast. We’ll that all for now, nap times has come.
Sadie is a smart and full of energy. She loves minnie mouse and baby shark. She is a ray of sunshine. She loves hanging out with her grandma and papa. She is the most compassionate 2 year old i have ever seen.
Ryan is the coolest 8 month old there is. He wants to walk but has settled for race crawling!!!! You better catch up!!
This is Maliyah. She’s 1 yr. old. She likes Cheese Puffs and Dora the Explorer. Also, she gives the best hugs
Madilynn is 5months she likes too be outside, she loves the water, she says muma,dada,baba She adores country music an loves too be around people.. you should Vote For MadiLynn because shes a sweet blue eyed babygirl with red hair who loves to take pictures
Hi I’m Oliver I’ll be 4 months on September 28th. I just figured how to roll over I love being held by my momma. I love to play peekaboo and just smile all day long.
Hi , I’m Khysen ! I am 2 months old . I love someone talking to me and showing me attention. I uses my strength trying to hold my body gestures on my own. Even though , it’s really early but I tries to hold onto my bottle. I’m very active & I also rolls over. When I’m laying on my back , I kicks and waddle around. Also , I laughs & watches television.
He loves to cuddle🫂and very conceited he loves getting his picture taken all the time❤️❤️
He's a Ray of Sunshine 🌞,just one look can bring out the best outta someone.
Riley loves to be outside. He smiles when he farts. He also love to eat
Renesmae is a first baby she is also a rainbow baby.she just turned 2 months old she is a very happy baby always smiling she loves everybody. Always learning new things. Fun fact about Renesmae she was born in the car her mommy delivered her while her daddy was driving them to the hospital.
Addisyn is my beautiful freckled daughter! Her long dark hair and those gorgeous freckles make her a sure stand out ❤️ She loves all things girly and spooky ❤️ Bow are a must have in her daily wardrobe 🎀🎀 She loves the camera and she is an artist for sure! Happy voting!
Carter loves to play outside and go for walks down the road. He also loves to watch Thomas and friends and Moana. Carter loves to eat just about anything you put in front of him especially cinnamon sugar apples and some any kind of rice. Loves bath time and brushing his teeth.
Joslynn is a month old and has an obsession with bows 😂💯 Ok, it might be just mom but Hey! She doesn’t mind 😂 I have a large family, and they all love me very much ❤️❤️ I mostly sleep but I do love to listen to people talk when I am awake 👀👂 Happy Voting 🗳
About Kaiser : I am 7 months old i love to stand up on my own and eat my veggies😋I love to smile and play with my toys , i’m an very happy babyboy i also love to make noises and communicate with people that ask me questions . Everyone should vote for me because i am the most handsome baby in the world ❤️
People think that we named him Elon because of RiElon, which in Spanish means that he laughs a lot, and maybe is true. Elon is a baby who, since he was born, has shown his smile infinite times a day, he is a healthy, happy baby and much loved by God and his family. Vote for Elon if you want to see more pictures of him smiling. This photo is the first time that he accompanies his smile with a flirtatious fear and is wearing a typical polo shirt from the Peruvian jungle.
Xander is a very happy baby, & he loves to be with other people. He’s very smiley & talkative, loves bouncing & crawling.
Vote for my babygirl ny'lah. she loves to watch coca melon on the tablet. She is a character she will try to copy anything u do
Kairo is happy energetic baby, he loves tummy time and singing nursery rhymes, and eating his hands. Kairo is always smiling and loves babbling and gets even more happier when you talk back too him
Alahni is one of the happiest baby’s , she loves to kick her feet and wave her hands around . One thing she loves is her food and she does not play about it . She likes to watch little baby bums and cocomelon . She also loves to smile and interact with everyone around her . She is in the process of trying to learn how to laugh . She is also very strong and smart for her age . She and I appreciate all those who decide to vote . 🤍
Mulani spends most of her time nursing, laughing and having the hiccups. Mulani loves to play peek a boo with her big sister Madisyn.
he loves mommy & me time!! he loves walks!! He loves his grandma!! he loves cuddle time!!
A very active lovable child ! She plays all day n night lol she loves her milk too!
My favorite toys are cars and my favorite people are my mommy, daddy, and grammas and grandpas, and my fur sister Abby! I love Mickey and the Roadster Racers and PJ Masks! I love to go, go, go and am always moving somewhere!
Hey guys! My name is Q’mahnii, & I am 11 months old. I love to make funny faces, giggle, & play! 🤪 I hope you vote for me! I mean, how could you resist my awesome smile? 🥰
Evelyn is 3 weeks old with trisomy 21. She came out fighting and getting stronger everyday. She has a big brother who can’t wait to meet her along with so many other family member.
Braelynn loves to sit and talk and rant all day. She loves playing pick up and crawling all over and getting herself into messes!! She would love if you voted for her💗
Kash Lane Davila I have a identical twin brother name Michael Louis Davila we also have 2 sister! I like bananas, yogurt, apple sauce
Michael Louis Davila! I have a identical twin brother name Kash Lane Davila we also have 2 sister! I love yogurt, apple sauce,
Emmie deff fits her name, shes the sweetiest most sassy little girly girl ever
Faith is our rainbow 🌈 baby girl !! She brightens our day with her beautiful face and smile . She loves being talked to and sleeping on her mommy’s chest. Daddy bring laughter out of her everyday when he comes home from work just holding and talking to her. She is our sunshine ☀️ after the storm ⛈!! We love her with all of our being !!
My name is CHANCE and I have the best toothless grin you would ever want to see. If you don't mind, take a 'chance' and vote for me!
Shes a bubbly happy-go-lucky girl whos smile can make your worst day feel like its your birthday!
"I like to eat and watch Mama's ceiling fan!"
Mason is a very smart and he loves to make other laugh ,he loves cars 🚗