Ziya Kay is the happiest baby! She loooves elmo and her daddy! Her favorite toy is her stuffed elephant! She is rolling over and sitting up all by herself! Outside is her favorite place to be!
Hello my name is Alijah Zachariah I am currently 4months going on 5months, I love to go shopping n be with my family, my sister, my nana, my popo n other family members. I am a very happy n friendly baby, always with a smile on my face....Hope you can vote for me❤️
Amora is such a friendly and loving baby! She loves to wiggle, giggle, and look at people and animals!
Xavier Leon was named after X-Men and resident evil... He's a brilliantly smart, silly, handsome young man who loves playing with his puppies at home, loves helping his mawmaw or mama cook, and loves and is completely obsessed with anything buzz light-year... Xavier also loves to go on walks or to the park to play, coloring with his mama, and also playing with his remote controlled car or hot wheels cars with his pawpaw..
Jacob is 11 months old.. such a happy baby.. has such a awesome personality..
Raelynn is 4 months old with the sass already, she loves to coo & giggle! She’s such a happy baby
Sweet loving . She loves her family. She enjoys the outdoors. She loves Jojo swine. She enjoys music and drawing. She likes pink. She enjoys playing at the park. She likes school.
Remi is the sweetest and goofiest little girl! She loves to make people laugh and give kisses and hugs! Ms. Rachel is her favorite show and she likes any kind of food!
Hi, my name is London Dior! I’m 3 months! I love my mommy and daddy and I’m the only child!
Chase Owen
🌟 Page only active for achievements 🌟Will exchange votes, no advances. We can do up to +30 a day. Votes given prior to exchange agreement will be considered a gift. Votes come from Christina Z , Timthy Z or Deni P. 💙❤️ 💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙 Chase is a heart warrior. He was born with a heart condition called Truncus Arteriosus, he has underwent four open heart surgeries, and also has an ICD defibrillator. He has had a lot of experiences in his short life. I'm so grateful he's still with us today because I nearly lost him ten times. His sister is his guardian angel and has altered me 2 times to help save his life. One of those times he was turning purple, and I had to perform CPR to save his life. His tenacity and way of living never cease to astound me. Even when things are at their worst, he always smiles. Any space he enters is immediately illuminated. Vote for Chase, please. I also have some videos of Chase on my TikTok @ sincerely_urs_christina ♥️💙♥️💙♥️💙 YouTube search Chase CHD ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Oakleigh is the sweetest but craziest baby you will ever meet. Her bright blue eyes will always draw you in!
Emma is a year old and spoiled and happy she’s loves being around people she’s loves talking to others and likes to wave bye to you when you leave and she’s loves taking pictures with you or of her self she’s loves her mommy and daddy she’s loves mustang cars like her daddy
Sofia is my wild child she is always talking and learning new things!
Sabella is a little ball of energy. Who always keeps of laughing. She loves all animals and loves playing with her family and friends. She also had a big heart and is always thinking about others.
Josiah is the sweetest little boy you’ll ever meet. He loves food and playing outside and anywhere his sister is.
Miss Olivia is the happiest baby I have ever met! She loves to snuggle her mommy and daddy and get all of the attention! She has EVERYONE in the family wrapped around her pretty little finger ❤️
Malia Jade is our spunky girl there is never a full moment with her around! She talks to everyone and doesn’t know a stranger her favorite food is pizza or chicken nuggets! She started daycare this year and she has fallen in love with her teachers and friends 🧡
Miss Nola Reece is about to turn ONE! She may be small but her attitude is mighty! She loves to play with her big sissy and eat all the snacks she can🧡
River Sage has the sweetest heart and the biggest eyes ❤️
Gracelynn is a smart 5 year old who loves the outdoors and dinosaurs.
Hello everybody I’m Nalayah Marie ☺️💕I am 1 years old and I love to dance, laugh, eat papa & go out to eat, watch Disney movies, go shopping, play at the park, and a lot more! I love to spend time with my mommy, daddy, my grandmas, uncles, and my two dogs Bruce & Max.🥰 I am silly, crazy, funny, playful, and sweet when I want to be! Haha ☺️ VOTE FOR ME! 💘 Thank you!! ☺️
Davina is a 4 year old diva in the making. Shes funny smart and keeps you on your toes at all times but shes a very loving sweet girl to be around
Rayden loves to laugh..loves to play outside and with his brother.he grabs and chews everything he can get his hands on.He has started to walk and is now able to go everywhere and loves to have u chase after him lol.
Trevor is a happy go lucky adventures 2 yr old with a very active imagination. He loves to crawl around with his best dog Hazel and pretend to be a cute little puppy!!! He loves the outdoors and being a messy little boy digging in the dirt!!!
Noland is probably one of the chillest babes you’ll meet! He always has a smile on his face and he’s a big flirt.
Avanni is my miracle baby ❤️, she was born at 23 weeks. She loves to laugh and talk to mommy & daddy. She loves to try to crawl all over the place. She’s such a free spirit ❤️. My gorgeous baby girl ❤️🥺
A'Mari has a twin brother and they both have ginger hair. She is always full of joy, loves to make funny faces, loves to smile, loves the camera & loves to hold hands with her brother.
Dimitrus Jr.
Dimitrus Jr. has a twin sister and they both have ginger hair. He loves to laugh, smile, watch Elmo, holding hands with his sister spending time with her.
Zara Rae
My name is Zara I was born at 35 weeks I was in the nicu a little over 2 weeks I’m getting so strong I’m starting to left my head up and I love sleeping and making funny faces I’m 2 month old and I’m my mommy’s best friend
Isabella is a Sassy child that loves dancing,family,singing and Jesus
At almost 2 months Atlas is one active fireball and loves smiling! Will return votes !
Daisy is my beautiful newborn. She loves watching things around her and loves cuddling with mommy and daddy. Shes already achieved lifting her head up for a few seconds.
Raelyn is a happy sassy and quirky little girl who loves dresses,mommy and Jesus.
Miss Ellie is only 2 Months old but already has sooo much personality!! She loves tummy time, watching Garfield, and mommy and daddy reading to her !!
Just Look at that Face🥺🥰🤭
Mila, lights up the room when she smiles. Be careful…she will steal your heart. Vote for me!
Anayeli is the most loving little princess. She loves to play and clap when you sing a song. Her smile warm my heart ❤️
Serenity is a very smart little girl. She loves to dance, sing, & cheer. She has the biggest personality of a little 8 year old that we have ever seen. She definitely has some sass & she is very opinionated at times but also has a heart of gold & very sensitive at times. She strives for everyone to like her & for everyone to get along. She has an imagination out of this world. She really looks upto her big sisters Kayla, Harmony, & Jordan besides her dad her sisters are her favorite people they are her go to person if she can & needs them. She is mommy's special little princess.
I am the happiest baby ever. I love kisses and cuddles. It makes me happy when people sing to me--my favorite songs are "fast car" by Tracy Chapman and "if I were a boy" by Beyonce
Happiest little girl ever. I love to sing and talk back. I love to cuddle daddy and mommy. 💜💓My first tooth came in not long ago.💜💜💜💜💜💜
Charlotte is 1 month old. She’s our little princess. She likes to cuddle, take naps, watch hey bear & SMILE. She already has so much personality. She’s the sweetest baby ever. Definitely a Daddy’s girl.
My first born my pride and joy!
Harper is 6 months she’s such a happy baby she loves to be outside all the time. She also loves food and likes to try new things.
She is a very smart. She loves learning and reading. She likes the color blue. She enjoys the outdoors. She loves her family. She enjoys art.