Tyler was born May 11th. Tyler loves more than anything to eat!
My little Chaseee the middle child the drama one lol .He's the sensitive one, that's what has all the girls lovin' him He loves him some girls all about his friends
Jaxon is mini and mighty! He was born six weeks early and needed three weeks of NICU support, but he amazes us every day with his growth and development despite all his obstacles. It helps that he’s ADORABLE, too!
Imogen loves to dance & sing. She loves her baby doll & babyshark.
Lanee is a very outgoing girl. She wants to become a doctor when she grows up.. if she wins this contest it will start her a college fund .
Max And Lexie
Boy, Girl #twins from Boise Idaho! Born on May 9th, they love to coo, smile and love one another. #twinning
This is Elias Anthony barton my perfect rainbow baby❤️🥺he is four months going on five months in a week or so🥳 he’s very active and social, usually he just yells but sometimes he be trying to form sounds to🤣🥰 vote my bubby!❤️
Colton lights up a room with his smile 😃 such a happy baby , never a dull moment when he’s around. Loves to eat and dance to bad bunny ♥️
We call her laynabug. She loves snuggles, she loves to splash in the bath. She loves to squeal and laugh. ❤️❤️
Dave is a mamas boy! He loves trucks, and cars. He loves playing outside. He LOVES fruits and veggies!
Xavier is my farmer boy! He loves to do his morning chores which is feed and water the cows. He loves going on the tractor and side side rides. And loves driving his little jeep around. He loves any type of boot, whether it be rain boots or cowboy boots. And his favorite food would be pizza!
Waylon’s 4 months old! he’s my little chunky butt! he’s 14 pounds and 9 ounces! he’s the best baby 💙 he loves for anyone to talk to him, he’s always smiling and loves anyone he meets! 🥰 he loves to look at his self in mirrors and he loves to look at lights! and LOVES to take a bath! he’s really the sweetest 🥰
Malik is a very happy toddler that loves to dance and eat.
He loves his mama the most, he loves watching movies ( cars) the most. LOVES food. Smiley handsome little man. Always so happy. Super super smart. Loves to give mama kisses.
A very spunky 2 month old , she’s definitely got her own personality already.❤️
Micah loves Winnie the Pooh. He is a sweet, and curious little boy.
nolan lee is 2 months old! he weighs 12lbs 11.5oz! he loves being talked to and when he has everyone’s attention. he is the best baby!
She is so happy and loving
Tino is eighth months old, loves splashing in pools and eating lots of mashed potatoes !❤️
Benjamin can make your heart melt with his big smile and his coo’s! He loves snuggles all day everyday.
Wyatt is a smart young man who loves to help around the house.He enjoys Gardening, helping wash dishes and most of all being able to just be a kid. He has a tool for every job there is. He's been riding Power wheels since he was 10 months old, and it's become a fun family matter for all of us. He's now on 24v battery, and rocking it. Wyatt has always been special he has a memory like an elephant and a very kind sole. He saves any animal that's allowed, even if it's to bring it back to health to be rehomed. Though he's only 2 Wyatt knows the rules to a work environment and how to be polite. He brings a smile to everyone meets and doesn't know a stranger. His favorite foods are Veggies, Fruits and Ice cream. He has found his love for water but never forgets the dangers.
He loves his mommy and his daddy also his Aunt Heather❤️, He can roll over, loves grabbing his feet, has the cutest biggest smile, learning how to scoot/crawl, learning how to sit up, loves kicking his legs ALOT already has a big personality for such a little person and he loves jumping
Joyner Royce was born June 1st, he's bi racial with beautiful red hair and blue eyes. He's my first child, he's a really good baby and the cuteness of him makes it so easy to snap a pic whenever with no filter and always turns out perfect. Vote for baby j he deserves it!
Ziah is the sweetest baby. Always smiling, she brings joy to everyone who meets her.
Liam is outgoing. He loves playing with his puppy and eating bananas for breakfast
Ava loves yelling for dada all day long and being the cutest baby in the block
She’s such a sweet baby, she love cuddling up underneath your chin and always has the cutest little half smile
Joseph just turned 6 months on the 19th, he loves to eat, he’s not a fan of tummy time but he likes to rollover, he loves to chuckle & overall he is a super happy baby.
Fiona is a talkative, lively 5 month old
She’s such a happy baby. Loves to giggle
Amiyah loves to play & laugh with her big brother💖
Vada is our silly, sweet girl! 💕 Her big personality, bright blue eyes, and contagious smile can make anyone’s day. She loves her cats and being around family the most! ❤️
my sweet little baby enjoys his colors and numbers and is just the sweetest happiest little love bug you will ever meet!
Hello, my name is Zae. I was named after my Uncle who I did not get a chance to meet. I am as special as my name, I am only a month old and can almost crawl, sit up, and I love laughing with my mom and dad. I am out in Floridia and hate being inside. Music is my favorite thing in the world besides eating. My doggie siblings are trying to get me to play ball already but all I can throw is my binkie and my Geri. Geri is my stuffie that I always have, I can not sleep without him. Please vote for me!! I am the sweetest and cutest Baby you will meet
My beautiful baby loves to laugh 🥰
Hii my name is Hazel! I am 4 months old and I am just so happy everyday. I love my family the most, they make me giggle so much. The outdoors is life🥰 vote for me and you’ll never forget it❤️
London Is a happy baby she loves to laugh and smile loves cuddling . She is a kicker for sure lol I love being her mommy
Rylee lights up any room she is in. She loves being around family and water. Rylee is always a happy girl!
He is a very smart autistic 2 year old. He knows all his letters, shapes and numbers. Colors and animals. Also all the animal sounds. He knows some dinosaur names. Names I can’t even say. He loves to play outside and loves to play with his dinosaurs.
Besides Mickey Mouse, Julian loves playing outdoors. Music and basketball is Julians favorite past time. He loves helping clean up and cuddling up for toy story
Hi everyone this is Zayn he’s is such a happy baby and loves to smile all the time.
Gustavo was born 2/15/22, he was a nicu baby born 30w1d. He loves to smile, go on walks, going to target with mom, doing photoshoots, watching lion king with dad and going on car rides 😊
Brooklyn is 4 weeks old! She has been a strong and loving baby since birth. She had heart surgery to get two stents in her heart.
He's only a month old and he's already showing us how much sass he has.
Freyja is a super happy and calm baby. She loves to laugh and smile, she also loves when her brother tries to play with her. Shes super sweet and smiles at almost everyone.
She is a very happy baby She loves her big sister She Ioves her noisey toys Loves to just sit with you and relax and cuddle 🥰
here’s kai he loves cars and climbing and dancing too Encanto💙