Baby Stories - 19


I Loves cuddles! Espesially from Daddy. I also love bath time.
Elijah William is not only the most “Cheesiest” baby boy you’ve ever met, he also has a touching story that deserves to be heard. While in the hospital when I was in labor, I had to have a emergency C-section because Elijahs oxygen levels dropped to almost zero and my contractions were sky rocketing on the monitor screen. When the doctors got him out, he wasn’t breathing. They had to hook this new little baby up to a ventilator and be flown to St. Louis, MO. He was on that ventilator for the first week and a half of his life, and in the hospital for the first month. He has now been home for two months and is thriving! He’s been cleared for any brain injuries! No more seizures! He is a fighter at heart and hopes to win over yours!
Very happy loving little girl, enjoys basketball & playing with her sister. Her favorite is chicken nuggets & Chocolate milk
I love to play with my hands and feet!
Karter Mae
Karter loves being outside at the beach, swimming, talking, smiling at mommy and daddy, FaceTiming her family at home ❤️
Phoenyx is the rainbow on a rainy day. She is smart and the happiest little girl. She smiles all the time and she has a very infectious smile and laugh . She loves to play and she loves music
Belle is a sassy little preemie who loves her 2 furry brothers and getting what she wants at all times.
Hi my name is Sofia. I'm a week old. Right now I love spending time with Mom and dad! Im starting to reconize faces this week. Its been a long first week but im getting the hang of things!
Ley lani all way up busy body love watch tv and love hearing songs talk to you and she is a smart talk back one who put up a fight to show her love she is a love bug
Hello, I'm Eckoe! I'm 8 months. I love lights and country music, I like to laugh at the weridest noises, and I'm daddys girl and make mommys world complete. (:
loving , caring , smart , funny , loves to make new friends .
She loves to eat! And her mommy of course
Emilee loves Peppa Pig, princesses, and boats. Johnny (my other baby) and Emilee are twins, however they are born a month apart.
Likes to eat face's and smiles about it
Addison rose is 4 months old and shes thriving! She knows how to roll from her belly to back and can sit up by herself! She is always giggling and smiling and absolutely loves taking pictures!
Éowyn is a pretty happy baby. She loves the bright colors on TV and when mommy and daddy sing to her. She loves to smile and coo and loves tummy time.
She got her name from her great grandma. She is sweet as pie! Always happy!
Alayna is a very happy, smiley lil girl. She loves her mommy, daddy, and siblings
Vote for Liam! This little bundle of joy will melt your heart. Liam is the sweetest handsome boy. He loves his momma. Loves playing with his 2 big sisters and all his little trucks and toys.
Fallon Sivan Jane
My Fallon (Fally) is my rainbow baby despite doctors telling me id never have another baby and being high risk my entire pregnancy and also having to have an unplanned c section 3 weeks early we made it and she is perfect shes everything her guardian angel big brother knew i needed. She is so sweet and silly. Has every facial expression down plus created a few of her own. Has gas that could knock out an elephant but one little smile steals your ❤
Kye Alexander Dean J
Kye lived 3 months and was the strongest warrior i have ever seen his strength inspired everyone who met him and some who just followed his journey. He was the kid no doctor had hipe for before he was even born they had no hope but each time they said he couldnt do something he showed them. He is and will forever be my brave little prince.
She’s very aware and wide awake so adorable 🥰
Miley loves eating her feet and hands, she loves talking and finding her voice, she gives warm hugs and loves blue clues.
This is Kyri, she’s 3 weeks old and already has so much personality! She’s a perfect angel, she smiles and laughs all the time 💗
I had a little rough start to life, but I am growing and thriving. I am the smileiest baby you will ever meet. I love my baby doll and all of my dog dogs.
Kacey is 4 months old and he loves for mommy to hold him. He likes taking walks in his stroller with his 4 pawed big sister . His smile will melt your heart and his laugh is contagious.
Diesel loves to play , talk and eat he's a very happy baby
Hi I’m Salvatore, you can call me Sav. I love my mommy and daddy! And my puppy brother miles. I’m a happy baby, unless I pooped, then I scream!
Noa was born a month premature. Through everything she has proven to be a fighter and the perfect addition to our family
Asher loves to lay on his belly and roll over ,he loves his jumper he is a happy baby loves his sister and brother just such a good baby his mommy says if she knew all baby's would be this good she would have 10more lol
Jaina is the most beautiful little girl that will brighten up anyone days with her smile vote for the beautiful angel
Thiago Axel
Thiago is a really happy baby, he loves attention 🤩 & lovessssss baths 😅 He enjoys being cuddled 🤱🏽 And likes being in front of the tv! 🤪 his swing is his favorite 💖
The girls love to dance, sing, and color
Emiliano Jacobo
If I’m not eating or sleeping I’m admiring this big world we live in. My favorite thing to do is talk to my my parents and tell them about my day. I may be small but I’m living my best baby life.🐵💙
She loves to talk she'll talk for hours. Loves to smile her favorite thing to do right now is take baths and go for walks
Hello, I’m Maya but sometimes I go by MJ😊 I just recently got my first 2 teeth so I love chewing on anything and everything. I love to smile and laugh. I also love animals and making new friends! I’m a sucker for sweet potatoes but I really love all food!
Chance Hughes
My name is Chance Hughes I look just like my daddy, but i love my mommy i am 7 months old i love to smile and laugh at everything. Everyine loves me .♡
Paisley is full of smiles all the time, she loves cocomelon, baby shark and her big brother. Her favorite thing to do is eat snacks.
Hello, I’m Rayden. I love to play, and I love giving animals hugs. I’m a loving little boy. I eat all the time, that’s why I’m chunky.
Our wild, sassy, and loving baby girl who let’s be honest, is pretty dang cute 💗
She very shy very smart and I think she is the cutest little thing
Shrekowski is a quite cute young man looking to date some ladies! In their natural habitat, Shrekowskis leave their home quite early.
Peter Mathew Jr
Peter Mathew Jr loves to smile even though he can’t really see yet he loves to be talked to and held , his nickname is Pj and he is a very loveable baby ❤️
Loving,Extremely Happy,joyful,very energetic with a smile that can brighten up any dark day. My Beautiful baby brightens up the world where we go and she loves to eat !!!
My name's Brent'Lee Luke 💙 I'm one year old! Me an my bigg sister are 3years an one day apart she's my BEST FRIEND. Im really sweet an definitely a hugger. Go vote for me 😁👣
Callum has been smiling a lot lately. He loves his tummy time and bath time.