Baby Stories - 18


Nihilus (Nigh-uh-lus) is the coolest baby you'll meet. He greets everyone with a smile and loves to make faces and giggle. He has 2 teeth coming in !
Alana such an amazing baby. Just want to be feed and change and she set to go…. Enjoy sleeping. 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Xavier Ray is a two old ! he is such a happy baby! He loves music & mommy! He likes to be outside & car rides! He is already very smart & very alert! Most definitely the sweetest face you’ll ever see❤️
Very quite and joyful baby. Always smiling
Baby Daniel, words can describe his beauty, but his pure love in his eyes... Confirmation We are doing a job well done!
Enzo is such a mommy’s boy! He loves to cuddle & bath time is his favorite part of the day😍 All you have to do is look his way & he will smile🥰😍 Please vote for him☺️
Henry is my main squeeze! He is an awesome eater and a very happy baby!
Baby Zion is full of love & smiles. He’s a milk monster and loves his mama! Zion is almost 1 month old and loves to watch tv or watch his fur sister Coco, play with her toys.
Evynn’s hobbies include sleeping, eating, and snuggling. She’s an angel baby and our world is so much brighter with her in it!
She can count 1-12. She loves to play with other kids. Loves To Say Let’s Go. You will never see her not smiling. She loves being a big sister.
She Loves To Smile When You’re Not Looking & She Loves To Roll Over &She Is Trying To Crawl & Loves Her Big Sister
Jones is the sweetest little boy! He loves to cuddle just as much as he loves to play. He loves to make people laugh and he even smiles at strangers as they walk by. He loves everyone and everything around him! We can take him anywhere because he just hangs out with us. He is so fun to be around and is such a joy in this world. He lights up every room he is in and will make your heart smile.
Baby luke is already rolling over he loves to stick his tongue out! He is just the most precious baby ever!
Zoe is a super happy lovable little girl. She has such a huge,hilarious personality. Loves to laugh and smile. And come on…look at that face 😍
This is my amazing shy handsome son Kameron he is a character he loves cereal playing outside and watching tv show my boy some love please
Liam loves watching Charlie colorform city and being a rolley polley !
Hello everyone my name is Messiah and im only 2 1/2 weeks old. Its not much I can do at the moment but eat and sleep, and while im asleep I love to laugh n play with the angels. I have to go for now but please take a moment and vote for me💙
Katie is 12 months old. She loves animals stuffed or not. Katie was born with two teeth.
Mia has the best personality and she absolutely loves her family
Hi Arabella loves to stick her tongue out, smile and kick her feet to music 🥰
Amara loves to ride in her stroller and enjoy the scenery… she is absolutely amazed with Sesame Street!!! She also loves cuddle time and bath time.
Hi my name is Améira! I am 11 months old. I love fruit and I love to watch Cocomelon! I’m such a happy baby, everyone says I look like a doll💕.
Kinsley is 6 months old and an extremely happy baby. She loves talking and giggling. She’s very ticklish and loves animals.
Loves music, singing, puppies, smiling, bananas and being spoiled
Wenzdae Starr Diana
WenZ’dae Starr Diana is the baby sister of 2 older siblings whose spoiled rotten. She’s so advanced she loves to stand , crawl , EAT the most , & she loves her playtime. She has such a beautiful personality already for being so young. ♥️
Malachi was born 3 months early. At 26 weeks 5 days. He made it from and to the hospital he needed to go to. He had troubles in the beginning but now he has over came and has been stronger than ever. He makes the funniest faces and noises. He loves his grandma and grandpa. When he goes down for a nap or to go to sleep he loves to have a soft blanket by him if he doesn’t then theirs no nap or sleeping for him. He’s a big character. He loves to eat about anything especially spaghetti.
My name is Aylah, I was born on June 25 I love spending time with my mom and dad and going to church on Sundays! I’ve just learned my hands are attached to my body and enjoy staring at them, they taste pretty good too. I love watching tv, and FaceTiming my family!
Jazzlyn is smart and crazy, she loves to eat and learn new things. She loves playing with her big sisters and long spins with her brother. It wont be long before shes running from them when she starts walking.
My little girl loves her mama. She likes to have play time in the morning and late at night. She likes her naps (sometimes) and eating is probably her favorite hobby lol.
Rozzie Mae is 2 months old going on 3 months! She loves to smile and have talks with mommy and daddy! She’s trying to roll on to her tummy but hasn’t mastered it yet!
Adalynn is 14 months and she loves outside, food (watermelon is a favorite) & cats! Her favorite word has to be “meow”
She loves when her siblings play with her... sleeping, bathtime and her favorite toy is the batman teething toy i got dillen and her elephant 🐘 toy..
Lennox loves bath time, his mama, and his swing. Lennox hates diaper changes, getting dressed, and not being cuddled.
Braelynn is the happiest baby you will ever meet! Full of smiles and giggles!
Johanan is a sweet boy loves to share food and his toys. He loves his cat and loves his grandma. He knows what he wants and if he said NO... Its NO..
Blakely is 1 month old and is growing so fast she is mommas world and daddy’s girls she likes to sit in her bouncer and watch tv she is almost 2 months
A very sassy outgoing little girl. Was bprn with minor breathing issues and a heart murmur. Azaliah- people normally associate with her the dried flower.. but the meaning of her name means close to the Lord. she’s trying to walk at eight months old she enjoys going to school being with mommy and daddy and her brothers watching Cocomelon and going for walks. 💓
Mason was born on July 3 of this year, after a very rough pregnancy with him!! He is such a happy baby! His big sister loves him so very much!
Rylan Kay
Rylan is turning 1 October 29th!! She loves to dance and she’s starting to walk!! she’s so smart and so beautiful
Scarlett Huitron
She is a very loving baby love to be held and loves for you to talk to her
Chloe Leeann Scott
She the happiest baby She loves to smile she loves to look at things
Mirabelle is a sweet, smart, adorable and intelligent toddler. She's caring, and likes to share her toys with others. She's definitely the mini me, and she has a golden voice as a toddler.
Michael Keegan is the cutest little man ! He’s had a heart of gold and so caring and loving . He loves his animals and his toys ! He was born on February 3 . 2021 he was 6lb 12oz he loves it when you play with him or just hang out and go do something !
Brayden was born on September 11th, he was 5 lbs 7 oz at birth. He had a hectic entrance into this world but he’s doing phenomenal since being born.
Ileanna is a one month baby that although looks pretty big is still a newborn. She loves drinking milk and sleeping with her mami and dada. She might only be one month but spends most of her day cooing and making everyone’s day better.❤️