Baby Stories - 18


Aurora was born June 11th, 2021. She loves giraffe toys but loves mommy and daddy even more. Auroras contagious smile and laugh brightens rooms. She likes pears and sweet potatoes and barley takes naps. If Aurora won the prize money, she would spend it on more giraffe toys and more fruits to eat!
Mateo is a happy little boy full of love, despite some health issues, he always has a smile on his face!!!
Natalia loves to smiles and anything to do with mama and daddy
Jazzlynn loves trying to talk to her sisters 💗 her favorite show is king Julian and she enjoys watching daddy and sissy play the game
Kinsley is our 7 month old granddaughter we recently had come live with us.
Adaya is turning 4 years old in February. She was born pre-mature and spent time in the NICU. She was born with microcephaly but, despite all her struggles she is always smiling. She loves spending time with her mom, dad, and sister.
Aryana was born 4 weeks early and spent a month in the NICU. She is sassy and full of life. She is a food lover and definitely motivated by food! She loves to color and spend time with her older sister and family!
Eastyn’s a 4.5 year old that has a great imagination. His facial expressions are priceless. He is smart, loving, and always cares about everyone else. Started riding his snowmobile at age 2.
Brianna is 3 week old who is calm, loving, loves to smile at random times. She rarely feels fear and she's brave which I love the most about her being strong.She has rosy cheeks and always seems to have a gorgeous smile on her face. Although she is a happy person. 💜
Lincoln is 8 months and loves spaghetti! He is always smiling and on the move! He adores his older brothers!
Kyrie is the sweetest, most energetic baby boy! He loves playing with balls and trucks. He is also working on expanding his vocabulary. Please vote for him!
My hobbies include Eating, sleeping, and pooping. I love staring at my mommy and daddy.
Evelyn just turned 4 months old. She is SUPER happy all the time. She has perfected the fake cry in which she uses on her daddy to get what she wants haha. Which is usually for him to pick her up and walk around the house with her for an hour. She loves it when I read to her and ironically loves bath time too. She is able to sit up on her own already and she’s learning where different body parts are. If you ask her where your nose is, she will grab your nose. If you ask her where her tongue is, she will stick her tongue out. We are now working on feet lol. She hates car rides and loves music.
Little miss Delilah loves to look at musical toys. She loves listening to mommy talk. She’s always observing her surroundings very well. She has the cutest smile! She is my chill little baby ❤️
Legacy’s my name, growling and gumming(biting w/no teeth) people is my game
Abel loves all the food we eat ! He is always saying "Mama", "Dada" & "Nana". Abel's laugh is contagious and he loves when you copy anything he does. He is so fast and deserves the world.
Harper loves her head to be rubbed. Her favorite nap spot is to sleep on your chest.
Paislee is such a happy baby always laughing always smiling. She loves her playmat and loves ceiling fans. She loves to talk and carry on
My beautiful Sunflower such a gentle soul. Asherah-Serenity has a smile that will brighten any room! She Loves to laugh and smile at her big brothers. She enjoys talking (coo’s) as well as watching nature. Asherah-Serenity is just All in All a happy baby that captures everyone love 🙏🏾🌻💛🌻🙏🏾
Casen is a remarkable baby he's only been here for 2 weeks but he is so alert definitely knows what's going on just a ray of sunshine.
Magical. Kind and loving. Intelligent beyond her years. She is quite the character and the biggest entertainer. She LOVES to make others Laugh and smile with her own contagious laugh and smile!
Joshua is a very smart outgoing loving boy who loves his baby sister Savannah. He loves dinosaurs & Marvel!
Izabel Kathrine Rose Wilson
Izabel loves to play with her aunt Koko and her cousins, to roar, chase people around the house,say what's that,daddy or what,fake cry, dance,make people smile and laugh, saying moo,helping her daddy make things and loves being a big sister
K Lanii
K’Lanii love her big sister, she loves funny voices, being tickled and bright colors.
Hi my name is vea vea I love dancing playing with hide and seek with mommy love wearing glasses and jewelry cause I’m a diva and peek a boo gets me every time
Jessie Jlynn
Jessie (Jlynn) 2 months a lil happy babygirl an a good baby she loves to smile loves for people to talk to her an loves her big brothers an loves to eat shes my one an only babygirl out of 3 kids an my miracle baby we call her Jlynn
Annalise is 5 months old and her favorite thing to do is try to talk to everyone and laugh. She thinks the word hey is funny, and thinks everyone is talking to her and wants to see her
Kenna is such a happy girl. She's always smiling. She likes music, standing, moving, babbling and loves all tags!! She really is the sweetest most perfect little girl!! 💜💜
Myles is a rainbow baby and such a blessing! He loves to smile, play, watch Cocomelon and anything with lights. He is reaching new development plateaus daily. Everyday is an adventure and joy with him in our lives!
Alexandria is such a happy girl! She loves to wave Hi and is learning to blow kisses! Her shrieking laughter is the best!
He has a wonderful personality he loves playing outside in the dirt!
Jack is the HAPPIEST boy! He loves to give kisses, watch his big brother play, his pal Doug the dinosaur and eat all day long.
Kamiyah loves to smile, talk, and listen to music. She’s the absolute sweetest!
Jillian is seven months old and LOVES to laugh and spend time with her big sister, who is five years old. She's definitely a mommy's girl and definitely loves to be where all the action is. Her favorite thing to do is watch her big sister during dance class. ❤️
Julia loves to laugh, talk and crawl everywhere she can. She’s a very happy and playful baby always making everyone who sees her smile
Shes a very happy baby that loves her mommy and daddy very much.She holds her head up loves tummy time .Already trying to pull herself up .She sits up on her own now.
Leilani Marie is 3 months old and loves her brother, her vacuum sounds, and her baby books! 📚🎀
Dawson is 6 months old, he can sit up on his own. He can say hey, hello. He has 6 teeth. He loves his momma!
Jaxson is my 6 month old baby boy who’s always happy and smiling! He has a big personality already and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for him!!!
Charlotte is spunky lil girl. She loves attention and being around ones that love her!
Nellie is a very strong little girl. She came into this world weighing only 4 lbs 6 ozs and she stole everyone’s heart
Burgan Renee Anne Barnette
Burgan loves to talk and take baths
She Loves her toys that light up an make noise 😍😍
Hadley Reye
Hadley Reye is a little ray of sunshine. She’s starting to walk, and her favorite word is Dada. Our sweet girl is so loved!
Sweetest, sassiest little girl I’ve ever known. She’s my best friend in every sense of the term. I wish everyone could know a love like this.
Ariyah now has 6 teeth. She can crawl and has started pulling herself up. She likes chewing on everything and watching Cocomelon..
Kylah is a very lovable baby. She loves to play with everyone in her family. She’s the happiest when she is with her daddy and mommy. She loves to blow raspberry kisses to everyone. She also loves to listen to music and dance. She can be a big sassafras baby. But she’s always over all a very outgoing happy baby.🥺❤️She’s a big daddy’s girl!👨🏼‍🍼 But she’s mommy world 🥰🌏She also loves to yell, laugh, and play🥳