Anaiyah is a happy baby that loves to talk and eat her fingers, she surprises me everyday with all the new things she is learning 🤎
Hallie is the sweetest little chunk with a contagious smile and the best giggle! She loves to read books with mommy, cuddle with daddy, pet her dogs, and try new things!
Please give me a vote if I when I will be donating to the children's hospital
Leah is a bundle of joy she will put a smile on your face 🩷
Iris Maeve is the sweetest little gal! She is always smiling and baby blabbing. Her favorite things are music, car rides, and obviously milk! She is also a hip dysplasia warrior! She was diagnosed at 2 days old and is now declared hip healthy after wearing a harness 24/7 for 3 months <3
This is zaiden he loves eating and playing with toys he is a the most amazing big brother to his baby sister. He enjoys playing with other kids & making a mess for mommy to clean up. He likes watching Elmo & blippi whenever he gets the chance
the happiest most precious baby girl
Little miss layken renee made quite the appearance on the world! Momma didn’t know she was even pregnant with her till she was 21 weeks! She is the sweetest things ever 🥰
My beautiful weeping Willow has came a long way. Born at 34 weeks she needed to spend some time in the nicu. She came home 2 weeks later and has just been an overall happy baby. She has her dad wrapped around her finger but she sure is a Mama’s girl. She loves animals, laughing, Mickey, bath time, dance parties, oranges, and getting tickled. She is so close to crawling, but she sure does know how to get around.
Hi my name is Kayson! I am 2 months old! I loveeee to “talk”. I love to watch Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh! But especially Mickey Mouse! I also looove bath time! I love my mommy & daddy soo much. I like mommy more but we won’t tell daddy that lol
My name is Layton I’m the big brother to my 3 week old sister layken. I love big trucks and helping my dad work on his truck. If I win all money will go to our new house please help us win!
How could you not think Miss Everleigh is the cutest baby of all ❤️
Hi I’m Maebelle but Mommy and Daddy call me Mae Mae. I was born February 1st 2024. I love to eat and watch Daddy play video games.
He’s such a ham. Always happy, loves music , loves dancing and clapping. lol cutest thing ever.
Isabella is so full of life an love for her family
Leo, is a very bright and happy baby boy, he loves his big brothers and is a Mama's boy.
Olivia Grace
Ms. Olivia Grace she is the most precious baby you'll ever meet she greets everyone with a smile doesn't meet a stranger. She loves her Mimi,Uncle,and cousins she loves for her Mimi to hold her. Olivia can sit up on her own she can roll over and she has 2 teeth and lets us know they're there lol. Go vote for my girl show her some love❤️🥰
Hi! 👋🏽 I am Wrenlee Marie! I was born on November 29th, 2023. I love spending time with my family & my pups! I am starting to smile more and more each day & I love to coo. Vote for me 🩷
Raina is my 1st baby and she’s such a silly girl! She’s always smiling and loves seeing her family ❤️
AdaLynn is our blessing. Our delivery was scary so all our moments are special. We make it a point to slow down and take these moments in. ❤️
I'm Legacy, most people just call me fatty daddy 😆 You should vote for me because I am the most handsome Scorpio you have ever seen, am I right?! 🤣🤣🤣
My name is Ana’Liya I am two years old, and I love to sing play and do arts and crafts.
her favorite color is sage green 💘
Leto is beloved his big brother and sister who play with all day long. He loves opening and closing the freezer door and screeching at top volume. He spends his days walking dogs, throwing baby food, breastfeeding and snuggling mommy. He is busy learning to crawl and pull up and thinks naps are for the weak 😆 help me send this sweet boy to the top so the whole world knows how stinkin cute he is ❤️
Addy loves outside riding her bike and playing baby dolls
Already a little sassy lol she love to bounce on your knee. Her favorite thing is to watch the ceiling fans anywhere we go lol.
Hi my name is Brooklyn, but my mommy loves to call me monkey. I am 1 month old and full of facial expressions. I love starting all around the room especially at the TV. I love when mommy puts on Mickey Mouse club house. I love when my daddy gets home from work I give him lots of smiles. I love snuggles from my mommy , but when she puts me down I love throwing fits! But all and all I’d definitely say I am a very good baby.
Hi there my name is Siyara. happy to meet with you all!!!🤗 I love to go out,exploring is my to drawing, puzzle solving,music and to communicate with others with my cute expressions and smile.😊 🫶🏻🎀💝 If you like my page click the like button 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻thank you !🙏
Liam is 4year old and he has blonde hair and blue eyes liam loves to smile and laugh and he just a sweet baby all around and loves to cuddling and playing and he loves to fish and cuddle with his baby brother!🎣🤗💙
Meet Miss Lily Mae, she loves to snuggle, loves to look at mommy & daddy and smile. And adores her brothers. 💗
Ezra is the first born grand baby on both parents side, he is very quiet and so loving, he loves to sing already and try to be bigger then what he is, ezra is currently about to turn 3 months. Vote for him he is the most adorable little man ever💙
Hi I’m Riley!!! I’m 3 years old!! I love to watch bluey! I love my puppies! My favorite food is chicken nuggets.
Samuel Minick
Loves to play with trucks and tractors
Hello everyone Ma’kiya was born 28 weeks early had to stay in the nicu for 45 days she was born 2 pounds 2 ounces then she dropped down to 1 pounds 8 ounces she’s doing very good so far gaining her weight she’s now 13 pounds 1.5 ounces she’s everything I could ask for
Lorelai is 6 weeks now and was born with a head full of hair! She loves to cuddle with mommy and daddy, and is usually smiling in her sleep. She has become very vocal while she's awake making all kinds of baby talk.
Samuel Minick
Hey is a fun out going 2 year old. Loves to play with trucks and tractors. Love hanging out with his mom and dad and brothers.
Sylvea Faith
Hello, my name is Sylvea Faith Cooper and I am 2 years old. I am fun and very active. I love to play with Baby girl, my kitty.
Baby Ayce has been such a joy! He is a very good baby; he rarely cries unless he's hungry, or hurting (from getting shots or a gassy belly) He loves to "talk" (cooing) and smile, he even laughs at 2 months old! I love it when he does something new. I look forward to every little new thing he will surely be doing, and to all the memories ahead
My name is Mason Kai I’m a handsome baby boy . I’m 3weeks old and a chill baby .
Halo is our miracle baby! After praying for many years for another child as our son was born in 2015 we had our baby girl in 2023. On this journey we were told I would not be able to have children as I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure.
Jayceon was born on November 27th 2023 at 11:39am he is such a bundle of joy a true blessing he is always happy never cries just grunts! Our little Gremlin🫶🏽 He definitely is a character and we are learning more about him everyday!
****Doing advances due back April/May date not set at this time *** POST link on page and would like your messenger for me to be able to reach out several days before contest begins thanks ****Lorenzo is my amazing one year old son that is a joy to be around. He’s quite the charmer.
Baby Octavia faith jewell came out laughing and smiling wanting to sleep right away like her mom
Princess Zelda loves to be serenaded, snuggles, and playing with her dog, Abby.