A’niyah is an 6 year old small business owner. Who also loves to read, dance & cook.
She’s got one heck of a personality and she loves getting into everything! She is on the go 24/7 and she is ALWAYS happy!
Seth loves chewing on his hands he smiles and loves to talk
Sage is a feisty and funny 9 month old! She loves to snack and loves to watch people. Her favorite thing however is to steal mommy’s phone and accidentally take videos!
Noah is the happiest baby. His smile will melt your heart. He loves animals but favors puppies. Paw Patrol is his favorite show 🐾 Noah is mommies miracle baby and brings lots of joy to our family.
Bentley is 2 years old he love to go for rides , go fishing , and spend time with his family but watch out hes a ladies man ❤
Makenna is 10 months old loves music and lights shes such a happy baby all the time i love her so much best baby ever🥰
Weston is 5 months old! He has 2 teeth coming in! He’s a very happy baby with an attitude! Loves to play with his toys! He has the cutest smile and laugh! He’s trying to learn to sit up! He loves to hangout with mommy and daddy! Overall he’s a great and happy baby!!💙
Josephina is the most happiest baby you’ve ever met, she loves her cookies, and nap time, she loves to cuddle.
Bentley Grey was born March 26th making him mommys birthday twin. He is an extremely happy baby and loves to hangout with his furry siblings.He loves to cuddle and loves when mommy wears him on walks!
Rylee won her fight against CDH(congenital diaphragmatic hernia) she had less then 20% chance of living and we found a dr in Florida to help and she’s strong as can be now🥰 Rylee saved us she’s learning more and more how to eat by mouth she LOVES her bath times she loves her walks!
Emma loves doing girls scout and Pageants
Camila likes bananas also likes to say hiii lol and dada she is very smart and getting big fast lol she also likes playing with baby dolls
Annalee’s warm hugs can warm your heart!
Our little Beans is a dream come true. Our little rainbow baby makes every day a dream❣️
Damon is 11 months old and loves to eat 😂
Almost 11 months old loves exploring and playing. He's loves being around people and is the center of attention 🙂 has such a big amazing, goofy personality already. He likes to be outside and swim!
He’s the most exciting little baby boy you’ll ever meet. He loves sleep and eating more than anything lol and has the most contagious smile and laugh known to man he has his own little personality and can make Anyone laugh
Jeremiah is a sweet boy who likes to drinks mommy milks 24/7
Destiny is a kind hearted girl who loves her little brother and loves playing and having family time
Michael jr is 4 months old and loves cuddles and smiling all day he loves to laugh and loves his big sister and mommy and daddy
Wyatt is a month old and was a month early. He loves to make kissy faces and sleeping!
Lillian is the sweetest baby who has loved to make lots of faces since day 1. She loves to smile, play, watch ceiling fans, cuddle, go for walks, and take baths. So much personality in such a tiny body!
Our Delaney is literally the sweetest! She is so happy and only cries when she wants to eat! Right now she loves cuddles with Mama. She loves staring at her brothers, trying to figure them out. She loves when her Daddy tells her she is a pretty girl! Her obsession is the ceiling fan and trying to get hand in her mouth! Our little girl was born with a Hemangioma on her right cheek! Basically it’s a strawberry patch. We are trying to raise awareness for Hemgiomas! Not enough people know about it! She is our Angel from Heaven 💕
Gnoah is 22 months, he loves to dance, watch cocomelon and Mickey mouse, Gnoah loves to explore and learn new things and is also a fast learner, he loves to give kisses and hugs and very much loves to be outside
My sweet safiya fanta was born may 12. She’s our second baby and just the sweetest baby. She loves her big sister and loves when you sing to her.
Colson Boone
Colson loves to be outside, playing with his sister and animals!! He is a happy boy that loves to give out kisses!! ❤️
Makenna loves music and lights shes very active and always has a smile on her face🥰
Jakari is 4 months! Let’s got vote vote for his pics please !!!!! Share and vote our 1 of 1 is full of life take a sec to view the journey with us ! Everyday is new and exciting
Baby Rafael will light up your day with his cute smile 😊
Phoenix is my ball of energy she loves to eat and play and loves her baby sissy Kailor 💕
Kasen will be a month old on the 23rd He loves to eat Cuddle with his mommy & sleep & his paci He’s my first child
kailor loves to eat,sleep,and play and she loves her big sister phoenix!
James loves his two dogs, cars, and his books!
Kehlanie is 1 month old she is biracial. She loves to chill with her Mama and Daddy, absolutely loves baths and her bathrobes. She is very happy baby Who makes a lot of silly faces.
Colin is almost 1 month old, he loves cuddles and his fur sister Riley!
AzRael nickname Azzy is a 9 months old baby girl. Youngest of four brothers. AzRael is a happy cheerful baby who loves spending time with her brothers. AzRael won queen strawberry 🍓 in her home town strawberry pageant
Avah was born on her 4yr old big brothers birthday, she is 3 months old and loves to be told how much you love her❤️
Addison has a twin sister Harper. Addison smile is so contagious and she is very happy baby!
Harper is a very outgoing happy girl! Her smile lights up a room!
Knox is 12 months!! he absolutely loves to be outside. he loves to swim & is such a happy boy 💙☀️
Kaliyah Monique was born 6-11-22 weighing 8lbs and 5oz she is biracial ✨💛she loves sleeping eating and smiling!! a very happy baby🥰 my beautiful blessing don’t forget to hit the vote button✨🫶🏼
Braylon is 21 months and loves to play outdoors, his favorite hobby is playing basketball.💙
Sam is a sweet and quirky boy. He enjoys music and nursery rhymes.
Adrian is a sweet baby boy who loves big o dogs and loves to play outside and get dirty
carter loves to play with his baby sister and loves sonic!
Hi, I’m RaeLeigh-Grace I was named after my 2 grandmas I am 4 months old. I love docMcStuffins and Boss baby because, I think I’m the boss. I like tummy time and being outside but, I don’t like swimming yet. I love fish and my dog gypsy, my mom and both of my dads. Uncle Aussie is my favorite person ever. Mommy said if I win we get to open a savings account, please vote for me. And thank you if you do <3
Charleigh is a little firecracker!! She's the baby with 2 older brothers that she bosses around ..She loves to sing the song 'This girl is on fire' to the top of her lungs lol