Baby Stories - 18


Parker is a very happy baby! He loves to look at himself in the mirror, bath time, getting his sticky hands on anything he can get (moms hair, dads beard). He loves go give that toothless smile😄
Kalon Von
Kalon Von is a happy baby boy with bright eyes and a contagious smile. He lights up the room wherever we take him! He loves school and making new friends! He is a corn fed size baby that really enjoys his bottle and snacks!💙💪 🕯
Dante was born 2 months premature on 8/11/2020. He has undergone surgery to remove a posterior urethral valve and due to it has chronic kidney disease. We spent 98 days in two different NICUs and when we came home we had to keep a feeding tube. Happy to say we have gone half a month without it and he’s eating full feeds on his own! Even all medications by mouth! Despite continuous doctor appointment to monitor his kidneys, Dante is a very happy baby ❤️ He loves tummy time, his puppy Koda, talking to Dad, Baths, Eating his hands, and taking walks! Everyday this boy surprises me, my little miracle ❤️
Hi my name is Jy’Quarious and I am 5 years old I like to play with my shark toys and my cars and I like to dance sometimes I’m a lil bit shy....,
She’s a very lovable baby she loves to play with her toys and give out bunches of kisses these bundle of joy has brought lots of love to the family and is just to adorable y’all please go vote for my baby girl
Hello my name is Ishani and im 4 years old i like dressing up and playing with my frozen toys im well respecting and love being with mommy and daddy im shy and love to smile and give hugs
The sweetest little boy that is always happy no matter what❤️❤️
Braylin is a smart, beautiful, strong minded, and very sassy little girl. She can also be really sweet too! She's all about the movies Frozen and Spirit, make-up, and playing games on her tablet!
Madalyne loves playing with her blocks and drawing, she is an active little daddy’s girl and is her momma’s world!
Adrian Noel
Hi My name is Adrian Noel! I just turned 1 in November! I love the movies Coco, Tangled, and Moana! My favorite snacks are Cheetos puffs! I just got my 8th tooth and I love to run, jump, climb, and be right up my mommy’s butt!
Kolton is a spunky little fella. He is learning to crawl, laughs a lot and is overall a very happy baby. He loves his Mama, Dada, and fur siblings.
Nikolai is a very happy baby with a attitude for days.❤️ He loves to be outside, loves cars, balls, and doggies. He’s a people baby, he’ll say “hey” to everyone. He’s happy almost all the time unless he’s sleepy or hungry😂
Lennox you are simply amazing 💛
This little girl is full of personality! She is sweet as can be but you know when you made her mad too lol.
Hi I’m DaShawn I’m 2 years old. I love too be outside, I love monster trucks, and just making everybody’s day wit my smile. My favorite person in the whole wide world is my pawpaw 🥺❤️
Hii everyone 👋🏼My name is Dion and I love my milk😍...but not more than I love my Mommy and Daddy.I also love playing Xbox and watching Tv with my auntie and uncles .🤍
Miss maya is the funniest/ loving little girl everyone desires to have! She loves playing with her cooking toys the most and adores Garfield, with a fiesty/ wild side maya will have your heart in awhhh
Jaxen Wayne is a heart full of pure joy ❤️ With the biggest smile and the cutest voice jaxen loves getting all the attention especially if it’s the chicks 😉
Hazel Grace
Hazel Grace is a 3lb NICU baby- She enjoys car rides, looking at lights and has been working on milestones everyday :)
Hello, my name is Leyla and now im 1 year ol with 2 month, I love my family alote they always make me smile, I love mostly my momy because she always is eatching me every step i make and she is proud of me when i make something new.
Leo is one happy baby, and is 7 months. He loves to put anything in his mouth. He also loves to be near his 4-paw friends, Chico, Lala, Maya and Flaca. He loves all the attention that he gets from anyone. His favorite tv show is Cocomelon.
My name is ivan...i love to play and watch dinosaurs on YouTube...i also love to go to school...i love to go to the park on the weekends...My favorite place to eat is a gattis to eat favorite team is 49ers like my is my favorite color...i also love dogs and cats...and love my mommy alot...
He's very active sweet and loving baby boy ❤❤
Hello! My name is Ja’Mir even though I was born 4lb, I am a very healthy and active little baby boy. I love my mommy and my milk❤️
Laina loves playing peek-a-boo and jumping, jump, jump, jump as she says. She enjoys going outside to play and visiting with the farm animals. She's a smart little girl that counts to 10 and recites her ABCs. Excited to see what her future holds !
Daniel Thomas
Hello! My name is Daniel & I'm 6 years old. My favorite things are helping mommy, going on walks, riding my new big boy bike, playing video games, watch movies and racing my RC car.. Daniel was born almost 2 months early and spent 7 days in the NICU do to his blood sugar levels staying really low since I'm a type 1 diabetic his body got used to my blood sugar levels and when he was born I had to have emergency cesarian and it told them awhile to wake me after the anesthesia and he wouldn't eat after all that his blood sugar finally leveled out. Before I found out I was pregnant I had a disc fusion in my neck and was unaware I was pregnant. So since I had anesthesia, pain pills, ex-rays and the he was premature he was born with cerebral palsy tether cord and learning disability. We have gone through years of speech therapy, physical therapy and counseling to get where we are today. Dispute all that Daniel is the happiest most LOVING kid. He has a beautiful ❤️ & soul.
Aribella is a calm quiet baby. Who at such a young age can laugh and fill a room with joy when you talk to her. She’s literally such a heart warmer and adorable.
Vote for my baby boy Ayden! He loves animals, outdoors and everyone he meets. He never fails to put a smile on someone's face.
My name is Ozias, but everybody calls me Ozzy! I love to crawl, and pull myself up on tables and chairs. And my favorite food is blueberries! My daddy is a mechanic and my mommy stays home with me. My favorite time of the day is when daddy comes home!
Ava is a strong baby! She almost didn't get to see the world but now she is loving life. She is always smiling and just started laughing!! Her favorite things are tummy time and napping! She is mommy's and daddy's little miracle 💜 Thank you so much for the votes!!
She loves her daddy and Christmas tree lights. Of all the babies I’ve ever known, she’s most relaxed and happy!
Vote for Alexander . He likes Mickey Mouse clubhouse, Cookie Monster , and he loves to make people smile
Jaxon was the easiest baby and turning into a fun-filled mischievous toddler. This was his first taste of cookies. We wanted to do a milk bath but then looking at his chubby cheeks my sister got the idea for a milk and cookie bath. On his birthday there was too much excitement for naps, so he was super tired and would lazily sink a little lower for a drink and then try to get the cookies in his mouth without even using his hands. I feel like this is the 2020 we all need.
Edward is 2yrs old! He is very outgoing and loves buzz lightyear
Elmo is a silly boy who loves his sister and loves all the love & attention he can get. 💞 He loves to play peekaboo and likes baby shark ❤🦈
Beautiful new baby
jayce is a year old , he’s very smart and his smile can brighten anyone’s day up❤️
Elijah is just two months old. He enjoys eating, loves cuddles with mommy and daddy but most of all loves looking at ceiling fans.
Miss Emma LOVES to read books. She will pick anything up to read and babble on telling you the story of course. She knows how to sign “please, thank you, more, all done” says “grandpa” “puppy” and dadda ❤️
Smart , brilliant funny smiling gal !! Loves life, enjoys her time with her three brothers, watching Little House on the Prairie!!!
She Has An AttitudeOf Her Own Already. She Loves Minnie & Mickey. Love Her Daddy Soo Much. She Just Discovered Her Feet A Few Days Ago. She Has The Best Personality, Growing More & More Every Day! She Loves Cocomelon. Daddy’s Girl & Her Mommas World.
Gianna is three months old. She was born at 30 weeks. she loves to smile eat sleep and grow.
She is a sassy, funny, and outgoing little lady
Xander is the happiest baby I know! He laughs and smiles all the time. He loves his family, especially his big sister and his puppies. He recently discovered "real" food and can't get enough!