Baby Stories - 18


Denise is a 1 month old and she likes sweet talks, love, and attention! Her favorite thing is cooing! ❤️❤️❤️
Kenadee is loving and caring! She loves playing babies, and hanging with mommy! Her favorite drink is chocolate milk! And she loves playing outside!
she such a happy baby. shes 2 months and loves talking , chewing on her fingers, kicking. she my little dress up doll i love playing dress up with her. shes the greatest blessing and im so greatful for her.. thank you to everyone who voted for my sweet little princess p
Summer'Lee Rose is the youngest of 3 kids and the only girl! She's the sweetest baby barley cries and is always looking to give cuddles. Her smile brightens up a room and always makes my day better and she hopes to brighten your day as well!
Karter is the youngest of all his siblings. He was born nearly 4 weeks early at 5lbs 1oz due to the fact that I (his mother) have cancer in my liver and lungs... we were not supposed to survive but we are both here to share our story! Karter is healthy and happy. I’m overjoyed to have him in my life. Plus he’s absolutely adorable 🥰 vote for karter
Jayden is a smart and happy little boy, he loves when you talk/baby talk to him. He loves when you give him all the hugs and kisses and loves play time. He is a very handsome baby plz give him as many votes as y'all can. ❤
His so smart always happy leavers fast, his very loveing,careing,and likes to share, his already walking Very curious And he loves being around people
What a happy baby who just enjoys... well... everything. She sweet, chunky and smiles all day long.
I'm bryson and I love baths and cuddling with mom vote for me...I'm simply adorable 🥰🥰
Amelia loves to smile, jump around, and loves playing with other kids. She loves animals, and anything red.
Freia is our sweet warrior princess, spent two weeks fighting an infection in her blood stream. She is beautiful and strong. We love her and she is the light of our life 💕
Khloe is my beautiful baby girl she is 3 weeks old and her favorite things to do is eat sleep and be held she sleeps through the night she only cries when mommy dont make her bottle fast enough
Nicholas is such a happy little guy. He loves when people talk to him and responds with coos and giggles.
I love to laugh and play. Eating my hands is my favorite🥰I just recently learned how to eat my little feet😂I also enjoy making spit bubbles too
Maci Leigh
Maci is 2 almost 3 months old , she loves watching tv and video games ! She giggles and try’s very hard to talk. She loves her mommmy and daddy and loves to be talked to ❤️
Thistle Eli was born with an extra chromosome and was a complete party in my belly. Since his escape late December he's been growing like his namesake the wildflower with a crown.
Ryder is always so happy he gives these ornery looks and loves to laugh
Hi ,my name is Josiah .I love to play with toys and beat up on my brother hehe ! I love homemade tortillas and rice & beans ! Please give me your vote 🥰
Shanelle Oryana Rose Clemmer is the only girl out of 4 kids! She has three brothers that absolutely adore her! She is our princess 💕
Aj is one of a kind. He has the most spirited personality. Always happy 😊
Our sweet Amelia (Milli) Mae is such a happy baby! She LOVES music and being outside. This sunshine is the light of my life!!
She is 5 months old and loves to try to walk around! She loves to watch cocomelon and Little Einstein‘s. Soon she’ll be learning those big words!! She also absolutely loves her green frog!
Flynn Buster is the happiest most smiley little man in the world! He’s very goofy and loves making people laugh already🥰💜💚
Name: Amile Mkhize, Age: 4 months Precious Lil boy who loves to show his beautiful smile all the time there’s never a dull moment with him around.He loves to eat haha 😛 enjoys butternut squash the most His very curious about everything around him😊(Your vote would be highly appreciated )🙏Thank you
Dallas is 2 months old loves to play with his puppies and kittens! He loves his ball pit and being outside! He's very loving
Such a happy baby always smiling loves to laugh ☺️🥰😘 anything that's won goes to Liliana's college fund!!!!
De'Angelo loves the lion king and princess and ths frog. He loves listening and dancing to his daddys music.
He's a sweet, always smiling happy 3 month old chucky baby who loves his mommy, daddy, brother and family so much 💙
Love his feet played with that’s how I get the biggest smiles. He loves talking to his mama and daddy.
He's a sweet, wild fun loving boy who loves cars, paw patrol, dinosaur and his baby brother!! He's very smart and very tough and strong three year old boy who has blow our minds at his fast strong will while he had a broke leg
Hope is 6 months old and so full of personality! She loves to make us laugh, give kisses and hates to get dressed lol but, boy she sure does look cute when she does! 🤣 she loves her sissy! ❤️ her favorite song is “Old McDonald Had A Farm”! She loves fruit and hates her vegetables lol please vote for our princess 👑 ❤️🙏
Rebekah is 3 months old, loves to smile and see the world, and she is just a doll baby.
This lil guy was born on the 17th of January. He loves long walks anywhere with mom and dad. He has a thing for dinosaurs. And if you catch him at a good time he might just be jamming out to his favourite songs. He's a capricorn full of personality waiting to pop out ❤
Axel is a true southern boy, plays baseball. Love the dukes of hazzard, mud trucks, four wheeling, and more. Out doors is his place to be.
Charlotte is such a giggly full of smiles baby! She is curious about everything going on around her. Her favorite food is pears and she is a big fan of nap time
Aaron is such amazing baby he is always smiling ❤
Smart, Cute, Funny, Talkative
Wynter loves to watch the tv show T.O.T.S. She loves bananas and to play
He loves listening to music, loves being with mommy, started to babble dada a lot, loves his music toys
He is my first boy and my world he is the best baby boy he a happy boy he haves 3 sisters. He turn 3 months today he like to Smile he is a wonderful little baby boy he making Sounds now .baby boy is fixed to be 1 in 4 days can’t believe he getting so big Gavin birthday is today happy birthday baby boy Gavin. Gavin is one happy boy likes getting in to everything that he can love is walker and saying mummy and daddy
He's always wanting to make everyone laugh. His eye's brighten the sky. He's smart, funny, handsome. So sweet I can't imagine how life would be without him.
She was born a month early very quiet relax baby I love lamp times and bad times enjoys bottles bottles
This little guy lights up everyone's world. He has bought light into our lives again. He dreams alot and smiles and laughs in his sleep. Nothing but cuteness coming from Andrew all day.
Jaiden has down syndrome. He was born on March 6th 2019. He likes monster truck shows, Dancing, singing, playing with games