Lyra is the only girl with 4 older brothers. She just loves life, almost always watching everyone and everything going on around her.
Nyla is a very out going child. She loves to tackle her brothers and play babies with her baby sister. Nyla is very sassy and such a sweet caring girl💜
LeAnne is our love bug with a very goofy personality.
Heavenly loves Cocomelon,her brother and sisters. Heavenly is our sour patch kid, one minute she is sour next she is sweet
Graham is funny, sweet, loving, and smart. He loves balls and being outside. Fun fact: he has a twin sister!
Ember is gorgeous, extremely intelligent, loving, and sweet. Fun fact: she has a twin brother!
Raelynn is a smart, happy and vibrant girl. Her German Shepard, Axel, makes her laugh more than anything!
Hi! I’m Luna, I’m 4 months old!! I love watching Ms Rachel with my momma every morning, it makes me laugh and giggle so so much! Thank you for voting for me(:
This is Eden! Eden is 2 months old and loves to laugh and talk all day long☺️ She loves attention and loves to meet people!💜
Just a toddler in this big world who loves baby dolls ❤️
Bella loves her elmo, Cheetos and kisses from her big sister 💕
Love his mommy and daddy and his aunt Tessa Loves to eat Loves to laugh and smile Loves to watch SpongeBob and the Rugrats
Hi I’m Alani I’m 1 month old and i love to admire people with my bold eyes I am mommy and daddies rainbow baby. I helped them see the light after the storm
Hi , My name is Greyson , and I love to smile . I love playing with my cousin Ezlynn . And I can’t forget I love eating ! My favorite is Mickey Mouse and Ms Rachel .
Taiga loves "dancing" with her dad and smiling at everyone she meets!
Laila is just a little sweetheart, just learning about life in her first few weeks ❤️
Sebastian is a kind loving boy. He loves to throw the football around and play with his big sister. His favorite sports are football and baseball.
She's a happy, sweet baby. She loves her brothers and her nana.
Alexzander is a spit fire and full of life and personality!
Eli is a very smart little boy with a heart of gold. He loves monster trucks and being in charge of the tv remote. Lol.
Ronnie is the baby of my grandchildren, he has the sweetest little smile, the prettiest brightest eyes ever and he has the most amazing laugh I love it...he brightens up my day by just being around him, he's my little sunshine
A puertorican princess she is! 4 months with lots of love, laughter, and personality to give! Will smile at the drop of a dime. Not a crier, she loves to watch tv, and give lots of cuddles!
I’m Adelaide, but you can call me Addie. 🥰
Michael is as well adorable specially when he wants to help with mommy around the house. He loves to work with daddy, he also loves playing with his lil brother. He likes cars, dinosaur, and balls.
James is just so adorable, the way he talks and acts. He loves giving hugs and being with mommy. He likes playing with cars, dinosaur, and balls.
He’s a wild boy! Loves the outdoors and playing, and I’d have to say spooky season is his favorite! He’s definitely a mamas boy❤️
He loves his mommy, loves playing with a cup, and loves playing with family and making faces at daddy
Kane is such a joyful baby who always smiling. He loves lions and dinosaurs
Carly is the happiest and sweetest baby. She wakes up every morning with a smile on her face. Those loving brown eyes make you fall in love with her in seconds ❤️
Caleb Charles
If I owe you advance votes please message me at Mandi Joy Guinn on Facebook. Just letting everyone who is new to exchanges with me, I work 16 hour shifts at a psych ward. I go in-between regular patients and work on the COVID floor aswell. I do my votes every day, just don't have time to be constantly scrolling through walls to post my daily votes. Please refer to your who voted for you today logs. Hi, I'm Caleb. I'm 2 years old. A rainbow baby after 13 years of miscarriages. I was diagnosed with epilepsy a seizure disorder last fall. Loves smiling and laughing. Everytime I hear music I have to stop what I'm doing and dance like crazy. Loves his 4 older siblings. Loves doggies and dinosaurs.
I’m Full of smiles Joy and Happiness
Dixi is the sweetest baby girl. She loves to be talked to and she smiles all the time. She is so smart. Learning something new almost every day.
Ranger is always so happy and he loves to make everyone smile 😃
Kayden is very outgoing has an amazing imagination he is sweet loving. He enjoys spending time with his brothers and bonus sister and having family time with his dad and bouns mom as will as with me his mom and bouns dad.
Nova is a day of sunshine to the world and can make anyone smile 😊 she’s so loving and full of life she’s truely an Angel
Lila is a happy, bright eyed baby she loves tummy time and her doughnut and her sissy ☺️
Adalaide is 1 month old. She loves to eat and sleep right now. Lol her mommy says she has started cooing at night. She wants to stay up at night more. Adelaide is a very calm baby and just starting to be more awake.
I love my family's. I am very active my parents say im a tornado sometimes. I love all kinds of toys and just playing and being active all time. Please vote for me
Hello! My name is Westley , I am about to be 3 years old 🧡 my favorite things are cars 🚗 and paw patrol 🐾, I love to color , dance and play outside!
Vote for my sweet baby boy he is such a happy baby he enjoys twinkle little star song and ,coco melon he is starting to sit up and enjoys trying to say dada and mama he is trying to sit up and crawl around . He is always laughing and smiling when you talk to him. Like and share
Avery love to explore everything and anything he loves to crawl and walk! And he loves to find new things to touch and explore what they do!
Addyson adores her brother and dog Ziggy
Jaxzyn love to watch paw patrol and he love play with is cousin and kicking his mama
What can you say about a 20 month old?!? Little wind up toy that just goes and goes. 😊
Hi my name is Dayvion im mommys miracle baby. I was a twin which mommy lost very early in the pregnancy. Meeting me will make you fall in love with me. Im is such a happy baby with the cutest little smile. I loves to laugh and talk with so much to say. I will sit there and have conversations with u. I love to clean everywhere I go and such a big help. I really love bowling it brings me such joy. I love to slobber on my mommy. Please vote for me. Thank u so much
Huston 🖤
Hello I'm Scarlett..