Baby Stories - 17


He is a very happy baby with good personality
Raelynn is 2 years old, she loves going outside, playing with toys and her little sister
Ashlynn was born on august 10th, sadly her first 2-3 weeks of life wasn’t easy for her and she was in the hospital with RSV and then breathing issues. She enjoys being with her mommy and most definitely snuggling! Give her a vote she’s absolutely precious!
She smiled when I said shes in the cutest baby competition. Shes only 3 months and ready for it. 🤣
Levi is a such a happy baby! He is always smiling and watching his older brother get into trouble! 💙
Brecken is such a fun, loving and energetic baby. He is so social and loves learning new things. Brecken is most excited when he is spending time with other children and chasing his puppy brothers around the house.
Loves holding his newborn baby sisters hand . Love walking around saying hello acting like he’s holding a phone.
This little ham is the sweetest boy and really loves his mama and dada!
Heres Obi! A fiesty little leo who loves to snack,snuggle, and giggle. He loves attention ,music and to play. I hope he captures your heart like he's captured our families.
This little ham is the sweetest boy and sure does love his momma and dada!
Marshall likes to watch The Book of Pooh and PJ Masks, to chew on his toes, and thinks his daddy is too funny 🥰 vote for my baby love and his handsome smile!
Brentlee has learned to crawl and pull himself up , loves cheese doodles and pretty much anything mommys eating
Everleigh is 9 months old and loves to play and get into everything! Just learning how to walk and we have a major clothing obsession ❤️
Nicholas has started crawling and standing and is a social butterfly.
Isla is the funniest sweetest little baby ever! She is smiling and giggling now and we love her so much!
Hi I’m Aurelia! I love chilling in my swing or taking naps w my papa. I’ve recently realized how important my feet are so I like to grab them
Please vote for baby Koa! 👣💙
Kit Coyote is a mixed indigenous and Irish baby who loves animals and her family. She smiles constantly. She woos many with her ear to ear grin and gentle nature.
Dahlia is the most amazing baby, she love for her older siblings to hold her, hardly ever cry, she smiles all the time I’m so in love…
My name is baby Nova J Lynn, my favorite hobby is to sleep ❤️
Carson Phoenix is 20 months old. He loves food and likes to dance to music! He’s got some sweet moves!💙 He loves to give hugs and enjoys saying “hi”, “bye”, and waving to people. He loves seeing other children and always wants to play with them. He lives with his momma and has a big sissy who is special needs that he loves very much💖 It would mean so much to us if you voted for my little man!❤️
Rylie is a very smart 6 month old. He loves anything to do with his family and cars lol. He is also a very loving boy 🥰🥰.
Mayci is a beautiful, outgoing ray of sunshine! She loves to laugh and smile!!! She is always happy!
Vote for my beautiful baby she has a amazing personality 💜funny full of attitude 😊 sweet girl
This little man is always happy and loves to be held by his mommy and grandma he loves everyone always big smile and looks at u with these bright blue eyes sweet little guy
Very smart and sweet little man very smart loves dirt bikes at 2 years old
A’Mauri is 7 months old and he’s the absolute happiest baby ever! It doesn’t matter what you say he’s goin to laugh he is the youngest of 4 and he share a bday with the oldest sibling!
She is a very sweet and super smart baby girl she loves babys and loves holding her baby brother just a sweet girl
He is a happy baby always smiling
Most sweetest boy anyone could meet he loves his baby brother kaiden and he loves puppies
Mommys bestfriend and twin! Oh & I’m Sweet & sassy 🥰 I love riding my bike & school/daycare is my favorite 🤩
Sweet HAPPY HAPPY BABY! I love smiling ☺️ Making loud noises and talking Leigh Leigh loves cocomelon & loves her milk🍼
The name Illiana is primarily a female name of Greek origin that means Bright. She definitely brightens the room with her smile and babbles ♥️
Cadarius loves cars and trucks and is a very loving baby ! Vote for him.
Hi am Mila, I was born July 14 weighing 7lb140z. 20 inches. I love to sleep all day and stay up all night. I have a big brother who’s a pitbull mix name Archie. Instagram @milablake2021
Kaylee is a 25weeker she is almost 2 now she loves baby shark she loves to be read to she loved playing outside she a happy baby always smiling
Kashlynn loves to jibber jabber and smile real big when you talk cute to her 😊😁
Bowie is a fighter, he was born at 33+5 weeks and he has just exceeded our expectations. He is feisty and so strong with so much personality for such a little guy.
And we’re on the move!! Emmy loves to crawl around and get into anything within her reach. Watch out for this girl, she unstoppable!
He loves to eat
Sophia was born September 3rd at 9lbs 3oz, my “sugar baby”. 💖 I had gestational diabetes with her and I’m beyond blessed she’s happy and healthy 💖
He doesn't really do anything at moment as he is only 10 days old
Alaina is a Gemini Baby. Shes a June Bug! She loves music and loves to Smile! She is cooing and very alert.
Whiskey is a very happy baby who loves his bath time 💙
Lanyah Ealey
La’Nyah is a happy free spirit baby. She’s a diva and loves the camera. She a breath of fresh air. She loves to move and talks endlessly.
Prince is the most outgoing 8 month old ever. He loves to play, read and looks forward to dinner time every night. He’s the smartest baby ever surpassing milestones for his age. He is just crazy and full of energy ready to play at all times.