Baby Stories - 17


Candace V. Alvarez
She is our lil warrior loves to smile and enjoy time with her Big Sis and brothers she is our lil Big girl sweet CandyGirl😍
Ryder is a happy almost 2 year old! He has bright blue eyes and beautiful long blonde hair! His favorite things to do are watch scooby doo, play with his puppies and kitten, and he loves doing anything outside!
Landon is currently tipping the scale at a whopping 16 pounds, wearing size three diapers, fitting in 3-6 months clothing, has outgrown almost all his ‘3 months’ sized clothes, has an established bedtime routine: bath by 7, bed by 8 and allows me to sleep through the night now... until 5:30 A.M. He’s learning sign language, beginning to laugh, rolling over, showing interest in foods, loves the song ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ and ‘My Girl’. He’s figured out what shoes are, combatted and conquered a baby proof diaper rash technique. Lastly, and most importantly, HIS COLIC IS GONE! Please Vote For My Handsome Baby Boy!
Kaizer is a chunky, talkative, early bird. A whole 11 pounds of love and cuddles. He farts A lot.
Willow Moon
Willow Moon 10 Months old! My little precious blessing, she loves to laugh, smile, eat, play, crawl, stand, try to walk, try to talk, bounce, and cuddle, and give hugs and kisses 😊💗
Hello everyone my name is Isaac and I'm 7 months old!! I love to smile and laugh and play with my big brother! my mom says i'm the happiest baby ever!!!
My names Amiri I’m 1 month old i still give my parents a hard time but i think they absolutely love it, eating is my favorite hobby as long as I’m full I’m the happiest baby ever i love warm baths and sleeping my parents think I’m pretty cool
Thalia Arielle
Thalía loves getting tickles and playing in front of mirrors. She also enjoys taking selfies
Hi my name is Westley. I’m 9 months old and a crazy little boy. I love food and exploring.
I love to scream, I love trying to Roll over ,And big bows are my favorite everybody adores me 😍
Travis loves kisses and cuddles from mommy and daddy 🥰
This is Lincoln,he is such a happy baby. He loves to play with his brothers,loves food,loves watching Mickey Mouse and smiles all the time. Help him win 🙂
This little cutty pie is my world she is my everything she make as smile with all her crazy thing she does. She is a playful little girl and she loves to watch her favorite show mickey mouse and she loves to dances Cardy B. Wap/clean
Alora loves: cuddles and sleeping with her mommy & smiling every chance she gets
Bayleigh Ann
Bayleigh Ann is the sweetest 3 month old ever! Her favorite show is Cocomelon 💜 She has the sweetest blue eyes, and heart melting smile! She’s the best thing that’s happened to our family in a long time. Give Bayleigh some love!!
Milana Rose is very special to me. I was told I’d never had kids and got blessed with an angel my mother sent to me from Heaven. She’s already so smart.❤️
Ardella (Ella) Faye, is the happiest baby I know! She loves to get on the floor and try to crawl around. Her favorite show is Cocomelon, and her favorite flavor of baby food is sweet potato! She has big, bright blue eyes and she loves her mommy and daddy!❤️
She loves her tummy time, she loves to roll around and talk. Her favorite fruit is bananas 🍌 and her favorite veggie is sweet potatoes.
Jordan is 3 years old! He's funny an super smart! He can count to 10 an he knows all his colors! He also knows all of his animals an the sounds they make!!
She loves to stand play eat and loves to videochat her Gigi her grandma her papa she’s loves to jump
Shes a super happy and chunky monkey. She loves to laugh and play. Shes a preemie baby that has excelled exceptionally well and we enjoy every minute with her.
Skylar is officially one!!💕 this is just for fun🙂
Ayden is the youngest of 4 he has 2 sisters and a brother. He is 3 weeks old born February 9th.
Thea Lea
She’s such a crazy girl she’s so smart and enjoys spending time with her daddy
Loves dancing and playing outside🧡
Sophie loves to talk and run around and play. Sophie loves playing with her big brother, Collin. She lives watching "Melmo" or Elmo.
Skyler just turn one last month and just now trying to walk. She loves trying new foods if you can't tell of my chunky monkey. She love her big brother and her cousin very much.
Darlene is growing fast she loves playing with her toys watching cocomelon and many different foods she is such a joy everyone tells us how she is such a good baby we are so blessed to have such a blessing vote darlene
Hi, I’m Axel! My favorite thing to do is tummy time. I love to sit up and watch my surroundings. My best friend is my big fur sister Nala, she lets me lay on her and cuddle, and she loves to watch me learn new things.
He is a giggly talkative baby who loves to be kissed and tickled and cuddled and to spend time with grandma and grandpa
Aubrey is extremely creative! She is a wonderful artist and loves to have tons of fun. She is always on the go and never stops! An unforgettable kid with an amazing personality. Loves anime and animals! Will use money for a extravagant birthday in April!
My name is Easton , I am 1 years old! He loves to eat, play with friends, dance, sleep, and go on car rides! please vote for me!💙
My little kelsea has come along way from being a month early 4lbs 11oz to 5 months old 14lb she now rolls an giggles she loves everyone and loves to grunt lol 🥰 bananas are her favorite
She is so full of life and will blow you away with her personality! Not to mention her eyes and smile 😃
I am a happy baby. I love to smile and talk. I also love my stuffed friends and my family.
He loves sharks. He's obsessed with Coco melon
Samuel loves to stand smile and hug. He is so attentive and loves attention.
Adrian is a tiny but mighty 4 month old. Born 6 weeks early and just shy of 3 pounds, he continues to amaze everyone around him with his growth and milestones. He loves to stick his tongue out at you and loves his Mr. Sloth pacifier buddy.
Hi my name is maeleigh and i will be 3 in just a couple months. I love playing with all my sisters and dancing.
Emersyn loves to play with her sissy maeleigh and follow her all over. She is going to start walking soon. She loves to smile and clap. And loves standing up on everything and everyone.
She is very active, loving, sweet, and goofy.. never a dull moment with her.. She always has me laughing.. she loves watching inside out and frozen 2..
He is a sweet playful and happy boy. He loves to play,smile,and laugh. He's a Daddy's boy. His eyes are soft and his heart is huge. His smile is contagious.
Baby Jesse is such an amazing baby! He loves to get kisses, he absolutely loves hearing his own name and he is a great cuddle bug. He is now reconizing peoples faces and voices. He smiles and laughs constantly. He is such a happy boy.
Addy enjoys bubble baths, scrambled eggs, and a good nap!
Hi I’m Layla!! I love rolling around and trying to talk! I love playing with mommy who’s in the Army. I love my snuggles with daddy at night! I have a million different facial expressions to show the world! My swing is my best friend and I don’t know what I’d do with out it! Give me a vote I’m pretty dang cute!
He just got his first tooth. He can roll over. He can say mama, dada, & Abby and he can sit up by himself 💙🤍‼️