Baby Stories - 17


Elia River
Elia River is mixed 1/2 Mexican, 1/4 black & 1/4 white, LOVES her books, playing with her rubber ducky collection and even though her looks mirror her father she is A TOTAL mammas girl
Aaliyah is a very smart, beautiful and talented young lady.She loves gymnastics and having fun with her friends at school.She also loves making tik toks with her older sister all around she is just one very happy,loving child .
Zachary has come a long way he is a premie baby and he love to smile and looks around to see the voice he hears
Nahmi will be two in just a short amount of time. She is a loving daughter and big sister from Pontotoc, Ms. nahmi is full of love and energy.
Chloie loves being a little sister and playing with her all her puppies. She enjoys listening and singing songs with her sister and daddy also. She also likes to play peek a boo with mommy too.
Sophia Grace
Sophia Grace is brand new. She is so loved 😍
Maverick Bear is the sweetest, funniest, most entertaining boy ever. He loves to make people laugh.
Maezlyn is a very loving child who has cerebral palsy. Her vision isn’t the best either so she has to have prescription glasses. She is loving and also a brat but that’s just a typical 2 1/2 year old.
🥰 Our lil ANGEL!! A true Scorpio and the sweetest baby girl ❤️Born a few weeks early, a preemie with a good appetite..My niece 👶🏽
Travis has a very happy and bright personality. He wakes up in the morning and is immediately smiling and giggling at himself. He loves fuzzy blankets while he is sleeping. He is also very full of energy.
Amir is a cheerful little boy, he always like to play and laugh . He just very much energize.
she turned 1 last month, she loves to walk everywhere! and she can be a very happy baby or a grumpy baby 🤣🤍
Harlem is a little sister she’s the sweetest baby ever she loves to play with her big brother and she loves to smile these have been the best four months of my life with her
Willow loves bath time she’s always happy. She loves playing with her mama she’s a beautiful girl 🥺😊💕
Abigail Ford
Abigail is 6 years old sassy,sweet,smart love fashion, family,an YouTube when she grows up she wants to be a youtuber,fashion designer, an a mommy she loves helping people she would give you everything she has to make sure your happy. She has the brightest smile an imagination she is just amazing in her mommys eyes.she would love to win!
Hello, My name is Ja’kari. I was born august 16th . I am 3 months . I love taking baths & talking & making noises.
Corry is 8 months old ..a St. Patrick’s day baby ☘️ He is full of love, life, and energy.
De’Mari is in pre-K, he loves riding his bicycle,helping anyone that needs help,playing on his iPad,writing his name and his numbers he’s just an overall really good kid
Serenity is my niece who lives with me. Shes got the biggest heart of any child i know. Been through a very lot but still just smiles and loves life!!!
Maddy have a twin brother, they were born 34 weeks only and she stayed in the NICU for a month. Her name madison means a fighter which is true because she survived! Now she is 2 months old and she is so adorable, she loves tummy time with a music playing, she always smile, an happy baby indeed! She is so precious!
Jaiden already is so funny at only 3 months old! She loves kicking momma & doing tummy time, as long as mom lays down with her. The only show she’ll watch is Cocomelon… she’s obsessed!! She tries talking & moving all day long.. we have our hands full when she’s older!
This beautiful little man really looks like an elf 🧝
Ella is the happiest baby ever. She always has a smile on her face and is obsessed with her mommy and daddy❤️ She also loves to cuddle and watch her cartoons!
Joey Grace
Joey grace is the happiest, smiliest 4 month old you will meet! Her juicy cheeks and loving grin will make your heart melt!
BB loves her daddy, mommy, baby Delilah, and her puppies. She is an active 2 almost 3 year old that loves the water park. Summer is her favorite time of year!
Amelea Grace
My name is Amelea Grace. I am 10 months old and i love being with my family and laughing with my sisters. I love music and dancing.
Kingsley is a happy almost 7 month old! He loves to move and grove and use his feet for everything! He could play all day if you let him! He’s smart funny and quite a character!
Caysen is the sweetest baby! he loves to cuddle and watch cocomelon! ❤️
Carsyn loves playing with his monster trucks & is the best big brother!!
Cayleigh Grace is a little sister to two older brothers who she absolutely adores! She loves talking to mama and enjoys being around her family!
Robby is such a happy baby who loves cuddling with mommy, watching daddy play video games and listening to cocomelon , Robert was named after his late poppy who passed away from cancer last year. We return and exchange votes !comment your link
Rhys is a sweet little boy who loves to cuddle, giggle and spend time with mommy and daddy
Emma is energetic, loves to play. LOVES LOL dolls and anything to do with LOL and unicorns. She's funny. Super smart. Has mannors and loves animals and other kids. Of all ages. Her laugh is contagious. ❤️
Colette Rose
Colette Rose is 5 months old going 35! She is our miracle IVF baby who is the most beautiful, happy, and loving girl. Colette loves to play, sit up, talk, and is already trying to crawl.
Jaiden is the smiliest baby boy you will ever meet! He loves to smile and giggle and enjoys taking warm baths. He’s happiest when listening to mommy & daddy sing!
Hi, I'm Aaron! I love warm bubble baths and snuggling. Sing me sweet lullabies while holding me and I'll love you forever. 👶
He is an happy awesome farm boy.
Delilah Jo loves to splash around in the bath, bouncing on mommy and daddy’s knee, and talking with her older sister. She’s happy almost all the time.
Please vote for my sweet,onry but handsome baby boy! He is a very sweet loving,smart boy! He love to pretend/acts like he is reading books. He really enjoys a good picture book,he loves cars,trucks or just anything that has wheels/tired on them so he can spin them,pop it spinners etc..... He loves the cartoon's; Daniel the tiger,sid the Science kid, Elinor wonders why,world world,Cat in the hat and super why and may more cartoons. He loves to snuggle and sing.
Evyana loves the water especially when showering under water head. She was born with a unique birth mark on her head full of hair 💕 Evyana also loves tummy time☺️ VOTE EVYANA !!
Mateo Antonio
Mateo Antonio loves bath time! He enjoys long stretches in the morning and cuddling while watching Sesame Street. His favorite character right now is Elmo and he also loves to hear nursery rhymes. He spends the day smiling and laughing the majority of the time, he likes being around new people as well.
Raven is a fun energetic baby. She loves to sing and dance. She is my granddaughter and she is beautiful!!!
Theo is one smiley little man, loves his momma and loves chewing on anything and everything!
Jordan is the light of the family after a very dark year! His big sister and pup are his favorites 💓
Craigie is the last of the four! Only boy! Our little man will light the room up with his smile
Lukas is a 4 month old amazing baby boy he's sweet he loves baths and snuggles