Jaden loves his jumper, milk, and watched his girl Rachel!
I’m Corbin. I’m 18 months old. I love the outdoors. My favorite things are tractors and baths. Im a very happy toddler and love to play once I started walking it was over I go everywhere.
Ava Kain
Ava is a very outgoing, intelligent and charismatic little girl. She enjoys being outside and of course, getting messy!
I am 2 months old, I love talking to mom and watching Breaking Bad! Also hate tummy time!
Ivey is 2 months old! She’s a very happy baby with the biggest smile!
Our handsome man at only a day old.
Isaiah loves to laugh and roll all over the place he is one of the happiest little guy even though he has had a rough start, Isaiah has clubbed feet and has had casts one surgery and now is in boots and bars
Sofia is coda, intelligent and learns quickly. She is big and tall. She is a sweet girl and talks ba ba ba loudly. We are totally deaf parents of this my beautiful daughter Sofía. She likes to focus on everything that she didn’t miss anything. Sometimes she likes to hear my voice sounds silly and hilarious because I tried to speak that made her laugh many times. I am trying to teach her with my basic baby ASL and im sure that she getting to understand slowly 😂😂❤️❤️
Amaya is so full of joy and happiness. She loves to talk and say mama and dada now and lives to play with all her toys. She is a big fan of the magic school bus and watching hunter x Hunter with her mama. Her favorite foods are strawberries and bananas , she very much does not like carrots at the moment.
Oakley Mae
I am 1 month old and I’m a very calm baby ,I never cry unless I’m hungry .I love watching the celling fan
Jaxton enjoys sunshiney days and warm baths ! He also loves nanna babyfood & apple juice ! And pallet time with his toys !
Hello my name is Halo Wayne Morgan I am a month old. I love to take baths, and love tummy time. And I especially love cuddles ❤️
I am 3 month old baby girl. I like to be happy, calm and popular.
Hello, my name is Vicente Carrillo, or Vincent. But my family calls me "Chente". I love all music and love to dance to anything, including commercial ads. My favorite foods are pizza and milk. I love watching soap operas with my grandma. And long walks on the beach.
My sweet baby girl is my whole world. She was an unexpected pregnancy but so wanted after having four miscarriages. I never knew that the something missing in my life was her.
Zachary is an energetic little weeble wobble that loves to play. He may only be 7 months old but he loves to watch his older brothers run around and always try to join in on the fun. He is such a happy baby and his little jabbers are the sweetest.
Jaxxon loves jumping around in his jumper, sticking his tongue out and playing with toys. He steals his dad’s pizza all the time. And he just loves to smile!
He's a sweet boy, loves his brother and sister, he likes to be goofy, theres never a dull moment with him 😁 he is a very generous boy and always wanting to help other people, he has a good heart ❤️
she's such a big girl she loves to dance and play and she loves to eat and play with her toys🥰
Hi, I’m Jordan I have two teeth my favorite things in the world is paw patrol and my family, I’m super crazy, and I love love going outside have a good day 😊
Hes a sweet baby boy ,loves hes mommy and daddy ,loves to be held by his mommy ,
Blake is a VERY smiley & happy baby girl! She is 7 months old! She loves to laugh, play with toys and give lots of lovins to everybody. & she LOVES to eat❤️
Hi I’m Baylee I love cuddling mommy and everybody tells me I look like a baby doll. ❤️
He’s a very outgoing, smart, and intelligent kid. He loves to play & gets along with everyone he’s such a good kid to have he’s very funny , loves to dance, and has an amazing personality
Ryker Asher
Ryker Asher is 2 months old and has a big brother Kingston who he absolutely adores. Ryker loves to sleep late and try to talk to his mommy and daddy. Ryker loves his Husky Jett and being on FaceTime to anyone. Ryker is one of the happiest babies at his age and is always smiling and laughing.
Zane is loveable and caring down to earth lil boy he loves to be loud and to pick with people and he is a all around amazing lil boy
Devin is a wild outgoing spontaneous lil boy he is extremely outgoing and a all around amazing lil boy
Ryan is a very quiet lil boy and very loving bery tender hearted and a all around amazing lil boy
Stacie is a very down to earth child she is an amazing big sister and a all around enjoyable child
Best Christmas gift ever.
I am 6 months old and I love my bath time over anything and also spending time with my mom. She's my best friend in the whole wide world. I also love all the new baby foods I'm trying. I am learning to sit up and also roll over on my own, I can't wait for whats in store next.
Levi Hill
Levi loves the outside.he also loves dogs and to watch his favorite show Micky mouse clubhouse.he loves to laugh and scream at you too.
Paisley loves sleeping, she loves it when you tickle the tops of her ears. She is the most perfect baby❤️
Brynlee loves to smile, Brynlee likes tummy time and her favorite grey blanket and she’s loves being swaddled she gives her best effort in trying to crawl
Zayn is one of the most happiest and smiley baby you will ever meet. He also makes many noises and is so goofy. He smiles at everyone he meets ❤️
Aubriella is our first born, she is our miracle baby surviving placental abruption, she is a little sassafrass, and she was born on Halloween, and she is a very happy baby.
Kaylum is an 8 year old who loves his Lego and Pokemon very smart and also knows how to utube and tiktok he even makes his own videos
Colton is a funny 11 month old that is always looking to show someone his cute laugh
Dakota my sweet boy! Loves his family and has such a gorgeous smile and beautiful curly hair and loves puppies!
Brentley is 4 months old and loves to crawl, make funny faces, laugh at his daddy, and one of his most favorite things to do is smile, he will smile no matter the situation or time, he also loves SpongeBob we watch it every morning
Jarrett is a sweet, smart, funny soal. He loves playing basketball,🏀 riding his bike, and loves to play outside with his big sister.
Nova loves bright colors, loves the outdoors and to take walks with mama❤️
He’s the most happiest, loving and smiling baby. He’s 4 months and been sitting up by himself since he was 2 months. Loves to watch paw patrol and Mickey Mouse ! He loves talks and massages!
Hi I’m Mila I love to eat a lot and like to listen to Gracie corner
If god ever placed a blessing on this earth in the form of a princess ,your looking at her 🙏🏼✝️💜 She is a miracle baby
Linoab is such a happy baby with a contagious smile.