Baby Stories - 16


Caylee is our 8 year old daughter, she loves art and music. She is a cery bright and sweet girl.
Our angel baby! He loves to smile and LOVES outdoors! Shrek is his absolute favorite he can watch it a thousand times over! He loves his sweet potatoes, oatmeal, corn, kale and many more. Vote Armani! 💙
Aurora is such a chunky cute girl! She LOVES to smile and laugh. Her favorite thing is getting on her hands and knees and trying to crawl already at just 5 months! She absolutely loves being outside! She is the sweetest baby ever
Hi, my name is Mazzilyn! I’m my daddy’s girl and my mommy’s world. 🥰
This is Keaton-John! He will be 8 weeks this coming week! He is full of smiles! He loves piano music, and let’s be honest, all the music I listened to while he was in my belly makes him dance! His mommy is his favorite person, and his grandma is magic. He loves to look at Christmas lights and shout when he’s excited. Cuddling is his favorite thing to do. His eyes are getting bluer by the day and he’s growing big and strong! We decided to do this for fun.
Warren is about to be 1 year old on the 28th of December and has a very silly personality he loves to laugh and smile the biggest smile u have ever seen with his little curls amongst his head he loves his mommy very much
Hi my name is Zyla and I love to dance and make people smile 😃. I like watching Elmo and Mickey Mouse club house. Ohh and I forgot I LOVE to give kisses and big hugs 🥰✨.
Aurora Briar Rose Long is my beautiful Rainbow baby 🌈 she is my answered prayers after years of fertility issues and 3 miscarriages God knew what was needed to heal mine and my husband’s broken heart’s 💔 after losing our son last year to pprom we became pregnant again only 4 months later and by the grace of God we made it to the finish line ❤️
Adalynn Rose
My baby is so photogenic and can put a smile on anyone’s face anywhere we go! She loves watching peppa pig & Minnie Mouse 🐭 Her favorite color is every color 😌 favorite food ice cream 🍨 She counts to 10 & knows her abc’s 😁 vote vote vote ❤️❤️
Ryleigh And Raelynn
Ryleigh and Raelynn are twins. They were born on Sept 16, 2020 at the exact same time, have bright blue eyes. They like to look at lights, like to coo ,follow mommy with their eyes, suck on their fingers, hangout with nana&papa, and snuggle with mommy,daddy and sissy’s 💛💛💛
Rae And Ry
Rae & Ry are the most precious, smiling, coo-coo ing twins! They are 3 months old, born September 16, 2020. They have a 7 year old sister. Ry is the little sneaky one, likes to fake sleeping and fake cries when her sweet twin Rae cries Ry likes to mock her, they then cry in sink. They like to swing and look at anything that lights up! They each have their own personalities, and they love to cuddle each other. Their mommy and daddy couldn't have been anymore blessed with these 2 perfect bebes, my grandbabies are the best blessing!
Coda is 14 months. He is full of life and sass. His favorite show is Cocomelon and LOVES to eat. He loves playing outside with his 7 year old brother. He can sign some things and talks all day long, even if nobody knows what he is saying.
I’m Harlow Wren, my nickname is pumpkin because I am a Halloween baby. I snort for my food and I love looking at anybody who will pay attention to me 😊 I love to kick when I’m awake and dreaming about my next bottle when I’m asleep
Hi! My name is Elijah. I absolutely love being with my mommy! I love sitting up and having tummy time! My favorite thing to do is chew on my hands even though mommy says I shouldn’t! I love watching scooby doo and making funny faces!
Josiah is such a sweet blue eyed little boy! He was due November 13th, but decided to arrive 6 weeks early! And was still so heathy!! He was 4.13lbs when he was born and is now 9.8lbs!!! He’s getting so big so fast and is already so smart! He rolls over and smiles, and picks his head up and coos! He also has his mommy and daddy wrapped around his little finger😍❤️
Everli Rose
Everli Rose is a happy, bubbly 2.5 year old with a lot of sass and personality. Her favorite show is Doc McStuffins and she loves to cuddle and play with her friends. Although she is little, Everli is the definition of determined, she commands the room wherever she goes. She loves to play with her baby brother Owen and loves singing, playing outside and playing with her pretend kitchen and food. Everli is always ready to make everyone laugh whether it be with her monkey impressions or super loud laugh, and she surprises us every day with her tenacity and willingness to learn and try everything she sets her mind to. There's no stopping this determined little diva <3
Carter loves to watch Finding Dory, and enjoys cuddles from mommy & daddy! 💙
You are our sunshine🌞 in the rain 💕
Cameron is 2 months old. Born on Halloween 🎃! He is the most amazing baby you’ll ever lay eyes on! He’s always smiling and laughing! Cam is such a good boy, the best thing ever!
Payton is a little smarter pants. She loves her sister and she loves unicorns.
Serenity is a sassy little girl! She loves her sister and her whole family. She loves baby dolls
Kai Fallon is 10 months old. He climbs on top of everything he can reach! Hes got 2 teeth and more coming in. He says hi and waves and hes still a mommas boy ❤
🌙✨ Maxximus Tanner was born 4 weeks early✨🌙 He’s the happiest, drooliest, silliest little boy❤️ His favorite show is Pokemon. He loves to talk (yell), smile and stand up. He’s the sweetest💕 little boy and he makes me proud to be his mom every day 💙Please vote for Maxximus!! Thank you xo. ✅💖 Will trade DAILY 10x Votes, just ask me 💖✅✨🌙
Im shy, child of God, an one day im gonna be a Doctor. Thanks God Bless everyone
Sophie is a very smart baby, has grown so fast in these past 6months. From being a little preemie to a super little piggy. She loves tummy time, any meal and disney movies
mason is such a sweet little baby. he loves to snuggle & smile! his little coos & goos are so sweet🥰🖤
Rackley is just about 8 months old and is a ball of pure energy and joy! He loves his pup and food! He is a crawling machine, and is working on walking. He is a spitting image of his daddy ❤
Silly little man with an amazing ability to climb pretty much anything that gets in his way ❤
Hi my name is Cynthia Estephanie Reyes Hernandez I’m 18 months I turn 2 in may I have a baby sister that is only 2 months old I love playing with her I love Elmo and watch it in the morning when I’m eating breakfast I love playing with toys and love eating my grandma food💕😊🎀
Texan through and through! This little guy is TINY but mighty! Benson is the smallest around all his peers, but his personality and inquisitive nature makes him larger than life! Benson is a fun loving, joyful, and independent toddler! Benson loves firetrucks and wants to be a HERO himself! He loves to help others and you can always count on him to be there for his friends and loved ones! He was and always will be the best gift from God to his 2 loving Moms! Aka mommy and Dah. Please help Benson win so that we can begin saving for his future firefighter fund! Please vote for this little HERO!
Hi my scarlet I like to make babies noise and learn new things
Noah is a mommy’s little man he loves to coo and smile 😊 he would love to win it would help him out a lot with things he’s gonna need as he’s a growing little man!
Kyle is such a happy baby! He always has that big smile on his face. He LOVES madagascar, its his favorite movie ever. He loves food, somehow he eats everything his big sissy eats and only has a few teeth! 😅 My blonde hair- blue eyed baby is such a good, sweet boy! Please vote for baby Kyle! Thank you!
My beautiful, sweet baby girl is as sassy as a one year old can get. She LOVES music, she can hear a beat from a mile away and start dancing to it. Avaleigh has such a HUGE personality. Shes a sweetheart and very smart. She knows when she has you wrapped! I thought this would be a fun thing to join to get family and friends together and vote for our girl. Please vote for Miss Avaleigh! Thank you. 😇
Amazing little girl! She just learned to roll over and just started eating baby food! Her fav is pears! Please support us in winning this contest so I can buy her all things pink and pretty! Lol
Caleb is a happy little guy that loves to laugh, play, stand, jump and just make everyone happy❤️
Addyson loves to eat anything she’s allowed to, play with her puppy dog, and get all the lovings!! She sure loves her mommy and daddy!
Joey loves animals and food. He’s almost walking and loves everybody. Funny and photogenic last but not least adorable
Amara is 6 months old and an absolute sweetheart! She’s always happy and has the biggest smile for everyone she sees🥰
Elijah is a gift from God. I was told i couldn't have kids we tried for 12 year and finally God blessed me with Elijah. Hes independent, he loves to stand up, play with his toys, and loves to watch puppy dog pals. He loves to laugh and smile. His favorite time of day is bath time and bite bites. Hes starting to learn words. Hes my pride and joy!!
Ellie Grace Maggard
My name is Ellie Grace, I am a spunky year and a half old who loves music, turtles, bunny’s and stickers! I love dancing and playing with all my toys! I am a big daddys girl and love riding on the ‘side side’ with him!
Karter was born 3.5 weeks early. He loves to sleep and eat. He just graduated from preemie nipples! He has started to smile more and more each day. He loves cuddling with his dad! He has already doubled his birth weight in just 2 months. He loves music and looking out the window. Xmas lights are his favorite at the moment!
Toby Axl
TobyAxl Dewayne he is the sweetest little guy . he is always helpful.He will stop playing for a minute and run to his nana just to give me a hug. Hes the best.....
I love spending time w mommy & daddy 🥰 I may be little but I love to sit up, laugh & talk back ((: Michael is super fun & lovable! He wakes up so happy & already makes our day so much better 💛
Charlotte is mommys only little girl weighing 5lbs 7oz. Redhair lil spitfire 2 weeks old ❤
She is a tiny strong and mighty. She was a premie of 2#13oz born emergency at 32 &1/2 weeks along. She spent the first month of her life in the NICU she then came home and continues to strive. She loves everyone and enjoys snuggling.
Addison Claire
Addison is a sweet girl with a sassy side! She loves to go swimming and ride her mini four wheeler. Give her a vote to show some love!!