Baby Stories - 15


Hey there this is Renezmae she’s a month old and amazing already she can hold her head up and follow every move you make. Thought I’d show her off so give her a vote !! 💜
Aiden is my sweet smiling 4 montg old. He always has a smile and loves to talk baby gossip with mama. He was born with a full head of hair, weighing 8lbs 7ozs. His A.KA. is Droolius Ceaser as he drools like bo other lol
My favorite thing to do is to get into things I’m not supposed to like candle lids gosh I love them but for some reason mom and dad always take them away from me when they are clearly my favorite “toy”
Sahari Loves To Watch Teen Titans Go. And loves to go on car rides. Sahari’s favorite thing to do is wake up at 3am and cry🤣.
She is such a happy baby. She loves getting ready and when I take her pics she gives me cutest poses. She loves music she is always ready to dance.
Rosaleigh is the youngest out of 4 older brothers. She came into the world with so much sass I can only imagine what the future holds. Her birth story is something her dad and I will never forget and always laugh about.
Mom and dad are so blessed with such a handsome, perfect boy💙
Bellamy Ambrose
Bellamy loves snuggles and lunch time of course! 😋
Grayson is smart loves tv and cooing at you he is a very energetic 3 month old and he has the cutest smile that makes anyone’s day better
My name is Nevaeh Ella-Marie, but everyone calls me Nellie 🥰
Hi I’m Riley I’m a tuff little girl face not having heart surgery at birth having to be in the nicu for long time now being home & healthy is my biggest accomplish
Lorenzo is a funny little guy, he loves to eat and to be the center of everyone's attention 🧡
My daughter is amazing.. She comes along way out of the NICU … She is my Butterfly
Samuel is 2 months old he has learned to hold his bottle and loves bath time
She loves her swing and cuddle time with her momma!
Remington Ray Hamilton is my Rainbow baby.. he loves the movie spirit.. he loves his Hershey kisses(pit-bull dog)... he loves elephants and his bear toys
He's a very calm and relaxed baby. He welcomes new environments and he has dimples💙
Hi I’m Kam. I like to eat and love bath time.
Niko is our 2nd chucky monkey. At only 2 months old looking like he's already 4 months. Niko loves to smile and talk and his big brother Aiden.
Our little bacon bit is so happy and smiles all of the time! He loves long stroller walks in the evenings and to be held. He makes friends everywhere he goes!
Lola Lynn Ann
Lola is 8 months old. She will turn 9 months on October 7th. She is so happy and her laugh is so contagious. She was born a twin. We never thought she was possible due to me being told I would never have a child on my own. She my miracle baby and the best thing that has ever happened to me. She loves being outside. Enjoys playing with her Daddy. She is almost sitting up on her own. She loves her swing and bouncer. She makes us so happy and proud! Thank you so much for taking time to vote for my daughter! We appreciate all the love and support!❤
Cattleya loves to eat and sleep a lot when she awake she loves to play with mommy and smile
Luna is such a happy babe, she loves climbing, running, smiling, laughing, giving hugs&kisses, and dancing to music & talking . She’s also loves food just like her momma ❤️
She loves reading time, and Cocomelon.
Zy’aire lovessssss to eat, you got food? He’s your best friend 😂, he also loves to bite and pull hair, taking walks outside or riding in a car is his thinggggg!!!! He’s the sweetest and meanest baby 😂❤️ Sometimes you can’t tell if he likes you or not , if you’ve been around him you know he’s got the most weirdest funniest scariest personality 😂❤️, he also loves Elmo and boss baby, actually think he’s turning into a boss baby 😂😂😂😂
Dalton is our rainbow baby! He is the sweetest, happiest most smiley baby I've ever had the pleasure of knowing! He loves mickey mouse clubhouse as a morning routine! He's 8 months strong breastfeeding but also LOVES Table food..
Jasper is LITERALLY 100% ALL natural baby boy! He's our little booger man. He is the sweetest little boy and has the most infectous smile. And boy does his 6 yo big brother LOVE him!!❤
Hi this is my beautiful daughter, first child of mine n want to be able give her every she deserves in life as she grows n have her smile, she loves cocomelon, n bunch of things! Going on two months real soon, she loves music as well keeps her calm
Guiliana Savanna
She loves to look around. She’s loves tummy time. Also she lovers her puppy.
She’s the sweetest little bug who loves to cuddle and put a smile on everyone’s face that she comes across! 💗 She likes blowing bubbles and talking her little baby babble 😍
💕💕Mama Squad💕💕 My son is not in competition we are doing advanced votes which can be returned on bidiboo in June Thank you I can give advanced votes of 200 , 400 , or 600 and for 1000 I will have to see if I have any help thank you only ask for advanced if you are serious about returning…. He loves his family and loves caring for them and being there for them during hard times. He is a singer and dancer, one day he will grow up to be an inspiration to the world and inspire people. He also likes to make jokes and make people laugh.
Charlee is so smart she loves to dance, sing, and she’s soooo funny!!
Izabella is a smart growing little baby. She loves her stuffy. She found her feet and tries to eat them. Her favorite activity is bath time.
Aylah is in her first year of school she is my little anime fan. She’s always smiling and always handing out hugs. Vote for Aylah 🥰
Stella loves her grandma
Beautiful adorable and very smart and alert
She has three teeth coming in and loves to climb all over mommy and daddy.
Paisley Ray was born on 9-14-2021💝 6 lbs 13 oz & my little angel baby she’s already such a sweet baby!💕
O’nijujuah loves music her toys her dog and her brothers and she most definitely loves to eat
Hello, Brooklyn B. Smith is 2 months old and was born via cesarean like her big brother—10 years apart. Yes, a decade. She’s also considered as my rainbow baby. Brooklyn loves to smile, giggle, and tummy time.
Emmie is a happy, smiley baby girl! She loves bouncing, bananas, being tickled, and cuddling with mommy. She is the sweetest human being alive and I love her like she loves me 🥺💕
Mckenzie Marie
Little miss Marie is 2 years of age very smart loves mInnie mouse has 3 siblings that she loves dearly she loves to draw sings dance and play with others her personality is so amazing such a great baby
Hello my name is Rylee, I am a valentines baby. I love cookies and my Similac. Oh yes I love my mommy and daddy as well 🥰💛
Hey there, I’m Daxton Oakley!! I’m almost three months old. I’m a full blown mama’s boy. I’m very active, I eat more than I sleep and I’m ticklish! I love to watch the rain and I’m a silly boy!! I have so many different nicknames, but you can call me Baby D😘