Baby Stories - 15


Sophia is the most peaceful and content baby. She loves to giggle and is curious about the world around her. She loves it when we blow raspberries at her!
I’m Zoë, I babble so much! I love my mommy but say dada for everything!
Harper is in Tumbling! She loves her doggies & horses. Just a country girl
Jordyn Lane
Miss Jordyn Lane is a truly great baby girl with a personality that is already shining! Took us 5 years to have her but we know it was worth the wait!!
Stella has a very fun- loving personality and lights up the room with her smile! She is the youngest of 3 sisters, but is the one we describe as the “mother hen” of the group❤️
Cameron was a little premie he's 10 months as of the 5th I was supposed to have a c section on March 6th but he decided to come 4 weeks and a day early, had him on February 5th🥺 he had a little jundice and had to stay in the NICU for a week🥺 he's still on the small side but he's pretty strong for his size and he's happy all the time
Hey I'm Lilah, I love peas and music and sitting outside watching the trees
Rae Lyn loves animals, music, playing outside, riding her bike and eating pizza
Annalyse is 8 months old and my chunky size 3t little bundle of joy, she always belly laughs and everything brings joy to her little eyes. Her favorite person ever is her big sister that’s 6. She’s a sweet heart please vote for my love bug❣️
Lillian Jae
Lillian is such a happy baby, she loves cuddling, her toys, and being read to. Lily likes to watch Doc Mcstuffins , Madagascar and Minnie Mouse. She has such an amazing personality already.💗
He loves to get cuddles, is very smiley. Loveeeeeess eating and getting sleep
Avanni is 2 months and such a happy smiley baby 💖
My babygirl is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and she deserves to win a contest 😍😍
Violet is very smart and loving her favorite thing to do is snuggle with mommy and daddy
Hi my name is Cora I'm 4 months old. I like to babble and roll around and make people laugh especially mommy. I love to blow spit bubbles.
Asher is only three months old. With an older brother who is three that plays with him all the time. I’ve never seen kids laugh as much as mine do lol. We are one big goofy family.
Ryker is 3 months old. He tries to sit up and hold his own bottle. His favorite cartoon is Handy Manny. He's the happiest baby boy. He loves his mommy, daddy, and big sister ❤
Atticus is a happy smiley guy that loves listening to music with his mommy and daddy (especially Fleetwood Mac and bluegrass) and FaceTiming with his grandmas.
Caroline will be 3 months next month. She loves snuggles with mommy. She loves bath time with mommy. Caroline loves to talk and gabble on about whatever is going on in her mind. Caroline loves Christmas lights and loves to watch the fan turn around and around. She loves to look at herself in the mirror and when we take pictures. She’s growing up way to fast for this momma. ❤️ She loves making faces at every one. She loves swinging in her swing. She loves spending time with her daddy.💕 she snuggles up on her daddy’s chest. ❤️ Snuggles next to mommy while mommy reads her a book. Watch animals shows together with mommy. When daddy is off, we all snuggle in the bed and just look and play with sweet baby Caroline ❤️
She loves baby shark of course! She loves playing with her pit bull. Her favorite place to be is outside. Her favorite word to say is “dada”.
It is Journee's birthday month, please vote for her. Journee had a very rough start. She was in the NICU 76 days. She has fought to be where she is. She is a true princess warrior. She takes very little food and liquids by mouth. She has never taken a bottle, she eats a special way. She loves kix, macaroni and cheese, and Oreo cookies. She loves being sassy and independent and making people smile. She has an electric personality. She loves her family and going to work on the school bus with grandma. Please vote for her.
Jaxon is a fighter when he was born he had transitional problems but now he is a healthy baby boy! He obviously loves sleep! He likes sleeping on my chest!
Aiden has been itching to see the world since birth. He's been lifting his head and looking around from day one and is now, at one month old, trying to crawl. He's a man on a mission!
Hunters mom had an asthma attack and ended up with severe brain damage. And is in a care facility with covid he hasnt been able to spend alot of time with her since march. This little man needs good things to happen for him.
He’s very strong and loves to make noises ❤️ He’s the world to me
He’s a very strong and happy baby he LOVES to eat and roll around on the floor ♥️He’s a sweet heart
Uziah loves to look at hanging pictures and loves smiling at others you could feel the love
Cold in basketball
Oliver is such a funny and loving little guy who is always making everyone smile with his stunning blue eyes ❤️
Say hello to our beautiful princess Dakota Lee! She will be 5 months old on the 20th. She's our little ball of fire with a huge and happy personality!! She likes cuddles, her family, being read to, and her favorite television show is impractical jokers 🤣
Miss little Cami is a rainbow baby. She loves to smile, country music and her mommy daddy && big brother. She can hold her head up for 10+ seconds and mocks sticking her tongue out. She tries to stand and acts much older than she truly is!! 💖
Addison is funny smart sassy outgoing she always keeps a smile on that beautiful face she brightens up everyone's day.she loves music
Emma loves her dada and momma she loves to jump in her jumper and play with toys
Hi I’m Alahni and I’m 7months old ❤️🥺 I love to talk and laugh! I love my mommy more than anything and love my pictures taken!
She loves Minnie Mouse and is super smart for her age. She knows her colors and loves spending time with her mommy and daddy
Inumidun is a 3month and 18 day baby girl.she is a happy baby girl, she love to smile, she loves watching TV , she is a blessing to the family at large. Inumidun likes everyone she sees she smiles at everyone that carries her. She is also a miracle baby girl. she loves listening to music .
Kara is an energetic little one! Loves crawling around and pulling herself up onto things. She gives kisses and has the cutest squeal like laugh!
Grayson is 9 months old and a very happy & healthy baby! He loves reading books, his furry sister and playing with his toys.
Miguelina is super bright and very playful even though she is only 6 months old she loves to talk to her beloved grandpa that’s watching down on her from up above 🙏🏼
He loves running around acting goofy and and he loves smiling and getting tickled also loves giving high fives and knuckles
Branz is our baby of 4 boys! He LOVES life! A little bashful but once he gets beyond that he’s the most fun little boy ever!
SkyLynn is not an average 4yo. She enjoys going to cheerleading and recently entered into the pageant life. She loves to bake cookies and loves going to school to learn and play with friends.
Izabella Rosie
Izabella is an amazing big girl that loves to play with her sister and love to help around the house
Asenia Grace
Asenia is a loving caring sister that loves to help around the house and loves to play on her phone
Zayne will be 1 year the day after Christmas. He is the most friendly baby on the planet, mainly because he LOVES attention. He’s always trying to put a smile on someone’s face. He loves babies, puppies and FOOD!
My name is Christopher manuel and i just love my mommy and daddy <3
Wyatt loves cars, toy story and makes everyone laugh.