Baby Stories - 15


Arturo “Roro” is a happy wiggly little baby. He loves his crinkly book, his two kitties, baths, and naptime with his daddy. He shares a birth month with his mommy. Family calls him Roro or Little Churro.
Lilly'Onna is a 1 year old who's in charge of the world around her
Jordyn loves to smile, stand and roll over. Her favorite music is anything Luke Combs. She brings so much joy every day!
He is very loveable and loves music but love chewing on his fingers even more Dai'Shaun is very alert and loves to watch his surroundings like it's tv although to much noise will give him a scare but the best thing of all he give the best hugs which he loves to share 🥰
Meet my baby Asher!💙 He is one of the happiest little people you will ever meet! He loves trucks and dinosaurs & let's not forget SPIDER MAN! He talks up a storm and absolutely loves going to church🙌 y'all vote for my baby💙
12 months old!! (1 on the 24th!) He loves crawling! STANDING AND WALKING HOLDING ON TO THINGS ALREADYYYY!! Almost walking alone!! Says muma and hey Loves music and the outdoors!! ALWAYS a smiley happy baby!!! 4 teeth!!(Blessed)
Lyric is 2 months old, she loves to coo and be held . She is the sweetest little girl, that loves to smile. 😊
Kayson is an eccentric person who loves to play and sing💜 He’s come a long way from a 3 lb nicu baby
Blaine is a bright lil boy he loves his big brother and learning new things his smile will melt your heart
JJ is all smiles and one of the happiest babies ever! :) everyone loves him and he’s such a sweet little boy. He also adores his older sisters and loves learning new things :)
Charlie Russell
Hi my name is Charlie. I'm mommy's rainbow baby. I love to watch YouTube and tiktok. I love to go fishing and scrapping. I love my cats and dogs, I also have turtles.... I'm Very energetic with a great personality, but also very kind and has a big heart ❤️❤️ I always love to make every one smile, would you be my friend and vote for me? 🙋🙋
She’s a sassy lil princess 👑 funny and sweet!!! Loves being outside!!! It always turns her frown upside down!
Gabriella is a sassy litte 3 year old who loves to play princess, is always there to help, and has the biggest heart that i know. She is full of energy and is always on the go. Gabby loves to spend her time playing with her little brother and teaching him things. She has alot of fun singing and dancing with her daddy and loves getting dressed up with mommy. I know with her strength nothing can stand in her way. My little fire cracker!
Grady is super happy fun loving little guy! He loves to smile and cuddle his mommy and daddy. He is a free spirt and is always making me laugh. He's my little ginger haired rainbow baby.
A unique name suited for a unique baby, named after the talon of an eagle, representing the greatest country on earth! 🇺🇸🦅 Talon is our sweet miracle rainbow baby. He enjoys tummy time, laying on Daddy’s chest, snuggling with his Mommy, and bedtime stories with Winnie the Pooh! 💛❤️💛
Annabelle Rose is a beautiful, smart little girl that loves getting her nails and hair done. She loves to play and can easily make u laugh. Her hugs are so sweet. She has beautiful eyes and a beautiful smile to match.
Ridge is a happy baby that enjoys bath time and cuddles. He loves to smile and babble a little bit. He loves chewing on his hands and smiling and talking.
Bodhi Alexander
Bodhi is a total sweetheart that is always flashing his dimples to others. He loves ro chat and wave to everyone he sees. Hes brave and always willing to try new things.
Bodhi loves to go on adventures with mommy and daddy. He loves talking to people he sees when he goes out and is a champion waver! Hes a total sweetheart, brave and oh, so loveable.
Hi my name is Malichi I’m 10 years old I enjoy playing Fortnite. I’m having 1 brother and 1 sister
William Carnahan
Will is a very sweet and affectionate kid. He cares for others and loves his papa to death! That’s his best friend his papa. He loves super hero’s and a few Netflix shows. He also likes ninja turtles and transformers. He loves to help cook with dad and mom and is such a big help. He super smart for his age and always wears a smile. Disclaimer: Please keep in mind I am voting a lot and have limit resources to do so. If I get behind on voting you can you stop remind me I owe you and I’ll catch up. I don’t want anyone left out if I can help it and so far I’m been able to return votes daily as asked (those who I owe in the future I will continue to vote daily don’t worry please).... if I haven’t return messages or votes to people who have asked please understand I vote a lot and have been voting daily for some people and they have me. Thanks to those who do vote and who are doing it daily I appreciate you so much. I really am only trying to be fair. Beware if I choose to vote I will only vote 10times daily until your contest is done don’t expect me to add more votes unless talking with me first or agreed upon please thanks so much
Miss Addalynn Mae is the first great grandchild on her mommy’s side, she loves to try to be independent already! She’s very awake and alert. Her Dr is proud of how advanced she is at a young age!
When he isn’t helping his grandma he is on the move he loves being outside his favorite thing to do is play with bugs or play with his cars in the sand some of his favorite foods are spinach artichoke dip baked Mac and cheese or blueberry muffins he loves cars,puppy dog pals an pj mask
Kalyani is a very happy baby that loves learning her ABC's in multiple languages and enjoys eating applesauce! Follow her on IG @kalyanimaat
Liam is a tiny warrior, born admist the pandemic. He is such a happy, loving baby, always smiling and cooing.
Robbie likes to smile and he loves looking at his mommy and daddy and older brother
He loves blowing bubbles with his mouth and smiling. He’s such a happy baby! He recently learned how to say mom.
M'kaylah is such a happy little girl! Shes always smiling, laughing and talking. She loves her mommy but ADORES her daddy.
Aidan loves bath time and recording Tik tocs with daddy
My name is Zayden I’m 21months old. I almost didn’t make it and was born early. I fought hard for my life and my mommy calls me a miracle.
Markie loves playing with other kids and playing with his toys ! His favorite movie is cars and he loves to swim! Vote for him he’s a cutie!
Zaelynn loves to be sassy. Loves her fruit, to crawl, and loves Frozen 2
He’s a happy man, smiles at everyone he loves to slap things and drool everywhere but loves his best friend(dad) very vocal
Beverly Anne-Pauline is all named after family, she’s very social and loves socializing and waving and saying hi to strangers. She makes anyone who sees her fall in love and she makes their day.
She looks just her big sister in heaven! Big blue eyes loves to laugh and love animals and she loves loves food!!
Skyla Marie
Skyla is 11 and a half months and she loves to be on the go. She loves her family, she will talk your head off. She loves to ride her 4 wheeler and be outside. She is a daddies girl, but loves her mama. She is the sweetest little girl i know!
Kyngston is two years old he will be 3 in July! Hes a very energetic little boy with a lot of personality 🥰
MIRACLE! Helena loves The Croods, her puppy Nala, being in water, and her bubba.
Alanas our beautiful little rainbow baby. She’s full of love, cuddles and smiles. ❤️
Cami is a happy baby and loves to smile ❤️
She’s smart and funny and full of engery loves her eggs n toast n the most beautiful granddaughter ever
Little Miss Gwynn is currently working on her neck strength as well as her arms and core. Got to make them strong so she can roll over and work on the crawling to come. She just actually laughed for the first time this last week. And we are hoping to hear it again real soon as it was contagious and instantly brings a smile to your face. We absolutely adore this little peanut more than world can say.
Raelynn loves reading, helping take care of her baby brother. She loves being super mouthy and is so full of sass and spunk
He loves to yell louder then his sister. Love his blankie and eating!
Hey guys! Im Tatum, Tate for short. I love to get dirty, and then splash away in the tub! My favorite toy and movie, is cars. 💙