Baby Stories - 15


Jaxon is 3 months old and is just the happiest little boy ever!! He loves smiling and talking all the time!!
She loves food , has a goofy soul 💕
Darell was born on the 28th of December 2021. He is an absolute blessing!😇.Such a good baby and obviously adorable...Please hit that like button for baby Darell. Thank you 😊
Marjea' was born 2lbs a preemie, she has come a long way. She is a happy warrior ❤ w/ a beautiful smile.
Jesus loves to play and watch tv and cuddle ❤ Jesus loves to play with his pug puppy
Sweet baby lynlee is almost a month old, born on December 6th. She loves dressing cute and wearing big bows 😉🎀❤
Danasia is an happy baby and a joy to be around she's just a perfect baby
For her age she has the sweetest heart! She loves to be goofy and laugh!!
Joey is a super active little boy who loves excavators, monster trucks and anything outdoors.
Beastie loves her music playlist, we dance every morning. Her fav eats are rice, hotdogs, fruit and twizzlers. Loves tea and milk. She has a lioness personality with a fire I pray never fades. Shes all the best wrapped into one little almost 2yr old that really is a 40yr old "little person"
She is a sweet little angel. Full of energy and yet so calm. A birght little star she is.
Mario love to play with monster trucks.
Elizabeth was named after her grandmother. She loves to dance and talk
Rajvir loves smiling and staring at the world and it’s beautiful people with his big bright eyes. He greets everyone he meets with a big smile. He is a happy baby.
Josie as we call her for short is such a happy baby. Her smile is so contagious it warms everyone’s heart who meets her. Her favorite things to do are play with her ring toys and sit in her boppy pillow. She also loves to watch tv and play uno with mommy and daddy. This girl will pick cards for you to put down after she of course tries to eat them.💕
Baby V 💜
Please vote for our precious Delaney ❤️
Ryan loves sports. He excels in golf, baseball, and soccer! He makes friends everywhere we go. He’s very outgoing and social, he holds the doors for people entering or leaving ANYWHERE, he is so sweet. Vote for Ryan and show him your support!
Everli Rose
Everli Rose is a happy, bubbly 3 year old with a lot of sass and personality. Her favorite show is My Little Pony and she loves to cuddle and play with her friends. Although she is little, Everli is the definition of determined, she commands the room wherever she goes. She loves to play with her baby brother Owen and loves singing, playing outside and playing with her pretend kitchen and food. Everli is always ready to make everyone laugh whether it be with her monkey impressions or super loud laugh, and she surprises us every day with her tenacity and willingness to learn and try everything she sets her mind to. There's no stopping this determined little diva <3
The sweetest 6 month old baby girl. Loves to give kisses, snuggle her mama, smile at her daddy and eat big girl food. The most lovable love bug ❤️
Brynlee loves to smile and laugh and move around and kick her feet. She loves to cuddle!
Charles is 2 months old and he loves his mommy, daddy and nana a lot. He loves to smile at you. And he loves his Mickey mouse
This lil’man is my heart. He is such a joy, lights up the room with his sweet smile! Charming his mom and dad all the time!!
Jobadiah is such a smart and happy baby. He has so much love to give to anyone with open arms. As he continues to grow and face new challenges he keeps a smile on his face every step of the way.
Laila is 9 months and has the personality of a teenager already! She is named after one of the greatest female boxers that has ever done it 🥊 She is the light of our lives and can make anyones day better 🤍
Hayden is a happy 3 month old he loves attention and his siblings, he loves different colors and toys that make noise and feels cool to him. He is a happy baby and loves to laugh
named after a badass, beautiful princess. she lives up to the name! with a perfect little personality, and little bit of fire in her soul. shes beyond perfection
Carter is such a happy, smiley boy everyday. He brings the biggest smiles to everyone he is around with his adorable personality. He loves people and is very observant.
Richie is such a blessing! He has been smiling since the moment he was born!
Kaleb is an amazing little boy , funny smart and filled with lots of joy!!!
Not a contest when you can buy votes lol
Sophia is the HAPPIEST baby girl ever! Her smile with dimples is engulfing!
Hey my name is Amirah I am a princess literally it’s in my name just look it up. I am 6months making my way to 7months very soon. I love smiling I am such a happy baby everyone is surprised by how calm and happy I always am. I just enjoy being apart of the crew and feeling apart of it. I love eating this is probably one of my top 5 favorite things to do, watching Sparkabilities is my favorite I get so excited as soon as it comes on. I like to play with other belongings that aren’t mine I seem to have more interest in those things than my own toys. Oh I forgot to mention I love to stand I believe I’m going to be walking before I can crawl. Lol Anywho I’m just a princess still trying to figure this whole life thing out but I’m definitely enjoying my happy life!!
I’m full of smiles and love too look at colorful lights, being held! I love to sit in my chair and talk❤️
Sophia is such a happy baby! She is quite the little princess she looks to be. Don’t be fooled though. She thinks out loud…she has us wrapped! Yes!!! She knows. …
My name is Aleigha Nicole and I am 2 years old. I love watching Cocomelon playing with my baby dolls , my favorite food is cheetos and pizza. I am a sweet and happy baby .. I love my mommy daddy and my mawmaw and pawpaw. So please if you have time go vote for me.
Amahara is the sweetest little girl! She is so smart & loving! At just 3 days old she's was holding her head up & able to roll half way over! She loves our dog as well!! She's also quite a talker even though we don't understand she's always holding a conversation!
Jaiden is the sweetest baby ever! His smile will light up the whole room❤️ I prayed for him for so long and he definitely is my biggest blessing!
Anastasia loves cuddling with mom and dad, taking naps, sucking her fingers, and seeing the world around her. She is especially enamored with her puppy, Benji.
He is a daddy and momma baby he loves to play and crawl and talks all the time his weight was 7'1 when he was born and now weighing around 17 to 20 pounds he is suck a happ baby all the time
Izaiah is very out going he loves to dance watch YouTube. He’s got a big heart and loves everyone most importantly he loves his mama…vote for Izaiah
My little man loves to be held by momma and daddy loves to talk and be talked too He was a premie born at 4lbs 14oz but is now 13 pounds mommas little fatty 🥰😘he will be 3 months old on January 4th 🥺
Our talkative, loving, funny, sweet, handsome boy loves everyone and makes your day even with a smile. Our sweet boy loves tummy time & playing with mom & daddy.
Emily is a every shy little girl. She loves Minnie mouse and dressing up.
She loves being the center of attention for the most part
Dylan is 20 months old. He was born with a cleft lip and palate so there is quite the story behind that smile