Baby Stories - 14


Samual is the youngest of three boys, loves being held and cuddled.
Hi my name is Malakai but everyone who knows me best calls me Kai! I love smiling laughing and playing with my toys! I also really enjoy watching Football with my dad my favorite teams are the Eagles and Notre Dame. I’m 6 months old and of mixed race. My mommy is from the beautiful island nation of Trinidad and Tobago and my daddy is Irish American. I’m happy to bring diversity and joy to this site. Please Vote for me!
Jax is funny and loving a real cuddle bug, he likes to play with his older brother and help mommy with baby brother. He loves playing with his puppy harley, and help daddy and his uncles
Jaxon likes to roll over suck his thumb he loves his big brother and his big cousin he giggles and smiles
Brentyn is the oledst of three boys, he loves to play with his two younger brothers. Brentyn enjoys toy cars and playing in the dirt, he loves helping daddy and his uncles with anything they are doing. He loves helping mommy with baby brothers and watching scooby doo and batman. He enjoys playing with his puppy locki and watching him play.
Hi my name is dayvion im mommys mericle baby. I was a twin which mommy lost very early in the pregnancy. Meeting me will make you fall in love with me. Im is such a happy baby with the cutest little smile. I loves to laugh and talk with so much to say. I will sit there and have conversations with u.i am currently getting my first tooth. I love to slobber on my mommy. Please vote for me. Thank u so much
Thayer Kysen Ezra Smith
Thayer is a little brother to Xavier. He loves his big brother & loves listening to his Daddy’s voice ❤️ He loves to smile and cuddle when he gets sleepy.
Yasir is a ♐️. His favorite color is blue . His favorite thing to say is eateat 🤣. He is a very extremely good baby . He loves playing his drums , basketball and baseball.
Carter is a lovable, cute and sweet baby boy, months away from being a toddler. Like all children, what is not to love. Please give Carter a vote 🥰
He is the happiest little guy that loves to give random kisses, loves cows, and has a small obsession with bananas (“nanas”)!
Jack is one of the happiest babies you will ever meet!
I love trying to talk to mommy and daddy, and give them big smiles when they talk to me.
Mac is a super happy baby that just wabts to laugh! He's always in good spirits. He loves food, animals, and getting into mischief!
Kingston is the Happiest Boy I know. He loves to read and sing his ABC’s. His favorite toys are Monster Trucks.
She is the sweetest and most cuddly baby there is !
Phenix has the best little personality! She has great facial expressions! Lol Phenix loves playing with her siblings and absolutely loves FaceTiming her Godmother! She gets so excited every time! She truly is an amazing little lady.
Viola loves her swing, and loves to have a "yelling" conversation. She loves when you sing to her and will smile and giggle when you do.
Rosalea loves to mean mug everyone( it’s very cute though!) she loves music and snorting her little nose! She will stare at you for hours and hours! And the only thing that makes her smile is when her daddy is mad and is making a mean face😂 I can’t help but laugh when she does it!
A silly hearted girl that life’s up the world
Full of sass!
Mateo*aka Tater* is the light of my life..He is to all of our lives.. he is my first grandbaby . He is the smartest most funniest happiest little big boy..he is now just about to be walking on his own..he loves anything with lights..he is such a active little boy..always curious about everything..always has the sweetest smile on his face and as soon as you see it u automatically smile too..
He is so smiley! Already reaching for toys and making his cute little noises.
Noah is a very happy and playful baby 💙
This little future genius is almost three months old. He loves all three of his doggos and watching cars race with his dad. His favorite toy is his elephant blanket named Frank.
My hobbies include watching tv and exercising my voice. I have a lot of opinions on where I should and should not be sitting. I also enjoy guzzling milk and letting it out on mom.
Deaglan was born 1 month early, he is a happy baby almost always smiling
Karoline is 2 months old and is super happy, yet also hard headed like her daddy! She is sweet like Mommy 😜
Cash is a sweet 3 month old baby, destine to be a county boy😎 Cash loves to swim in the bathtub, read bedtime stories with Mommy and making funny faces with Daddy ❤️
So sweet and smart 💗
Ryder is our one in a million baby ! He’s sweet and playful nature always brings a smile to anyone around him which is why we love him so very very much !
Paislee is the most sweetest happiest baby ever she gives so much joy to anyone around her she loves dancing and music and she’s definitely a mamas girl
Remi Grace is strong-willed like her momma and stubborn like her daddy. Loves cuddles, popsicles, and being around her people. She’s the star of the room and can brighten anyone’s day ♥️
Neveah is full of smiles loves music she enjoys her mommy and me time
Ryan loves to sleep and eat a lot! He’s 1 month old and getting better at sleeping through the night! This photo is from our newborn session he had at about 2 weeks, the outfit is so cute!
Helllo my name is Makayla I love dancing and singing. My birthday is June 7th
Daniel is a happy sleepy baby he was born a preemie, and loves to eat and listen to mommy and daddy talk and make him smile. He is loved by his two brothers and sister.
Bentlee is 2 years old! He is a very happy smiley kid! He enjoys playing with his big sisters and loves his toy lawnmower 😍 please vote for him!
Right now we love to giggle and kick our feet 💚
Such a happy baby! I can’t wait to watch him grow ❤️
Hi I’m Reighlee Rae❤️ I was born January 21st 2021. I love to smile and give cuddle 💞
Mav loves to dance, doesn't matter whats playing if any music. Always has a smile on his face. Coming from the 4lb baby he entered the world as, he has done amazing things so far.
Lydia is such a happy baby. She loves tummy time, grabbing her feet, and playing with mom and dad!
David James(DJ) was born in April and required surgery. He was flown in a T-storm to ACH(3hours away). He recovered amazingly & come home earlier then anyone thought. He has had a smile since day one and loves his family, cuddles & being outside all daylong💙📷🌈🌞
Lincoln Scott is our adorable little daredevil, he loves playing with his big sister , his favorite song is wheels on the bus , he is up for anything anytime , he is so smart and very funny
So adorable and loveable, she has the best laugh. Her smile brightens up any room she enters. Ariella loves animals, especially Layla. Her Great Pyrenees pup. She love music, food an water but hates bathtime and loves to be outside doing her own thing. Watch out world, here she comes!!
Cheyanne is a very talented, fun spunky little girl. She loves doing arts and crafts, she is a little chef and a rising star. Loves to make her own youtube videos. Chey is in the first grade, loves to read and write. She is a great big sister... She loves animals as well and rides horses.
Karter is the sweetest little boy and is always happy ❤️