Greg Dickey
When someone looks at him he likes to give everyone smiles to cheer them up. He growing up so strong and sweet and he loves to give cuddles and smiles all the time i love him to death anytime anyplace
Little man Carson. He loves to move around, in his walker or his jumper. Always ready to play. He’s got his best friend giraffe he loves to play with.
Legend is 8 months even tho it feels like I had him yesterday. He’s the most silly baby and his face shows everything he’s thinking. He loves to explore everything new . He’s on his way to learning how to walk
Luke loves to play, eat and sleep. He’s a wild little baby and always wants to get up and go. He’s 5months old and is trying to crawl even though he’d prefer to just get up and walk instead. He loves bananas, apples, mash potatoes, and many more foods. If he smells the food when I’m cooking he goes crazy wanting to eat even if he just got done eating. He’s got a smile that can light up a room, and a laugh that will make you laugh. He’s very alert, loving, sweet, and all around the best little baby I could ever ask for. Also he’s not a big fan of clothes!
William is a bunddle of joy, loves to laugh and roll around. William is a daddys boy and mommas world
Grace is a curious girl, with a big heart. She loves giving kisses, going to the park, going swimming and playing in the sun.
Everly loves playing outside in her pool!! She loves watching tv and playing with mommy 💝
Maya loves to smile and blow bubbles…❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Im Jolene and Im 9 months old. I love snuggles and doing tummy time.
Hi I’m Paisley Ann. I am 6 months old. I love to smile and I can sit up all by myself. I am so sweet and so very much loved ❤️ I am my mommy’s and daddy’s RAINBOW BABYGIRL 💗
Scarlett is the sweetest little girl. She has a big personality, loves to cuddle and to take in the world around her 💛
Samuel was born with cleft lip / palate he is a very strong boy a fighter he was in nicu from nov 21-dec 18th 2021 with many surgeries ahead of him. He is very smart loving loves to crawl and give snuggles he has one of the biggest smiles ever . He is my hero and an overcomer.
Hiii!!! I’m Renesmee🥰 I love to take walks with mommy I love watching encanto and I love to sit up 💕
Hey my name is Julian and I’m here to say, you hang with me you’re gonna have a good day but don’t get in the way when the milk is pouring I’m trying to finish my bottle and get back to snoring. P.s I love with my parents.
Melanie loves her big sister, and she loves to play with her toy car
Ann Marie
I named her after my Nana and she loves to laugh.
Shes super happy , LoveS ALL FOOD . and is definitely a water baby! loves to be outside and play with our dogs
Eliyana is a bright baby girl who lights up the room where ever she goes everyone who meets her is smitten by her personality! She loves to be out doors, she loves her baby dolls during her free time she enjoys to eat anything and everything! She has a older brother she loves very much she is a very loving smart girl!
Her smile and bubbly personality is sure to turn your day bright. She loves to laugh and be outside. She is always on the go and learns so much every day.
Daisy Mae
Daisy mae is the sweetest girl! she’s funny, so smart!! she loves to be outside and loves swimming!!
James loves ladies, and food! He also likes to laugh a lot, James has a twin sister named Jessie, they laugh and babble and fight daily.
I like to talk with mama and dada. I love watching veggies dance on the tv. I smile whenever I’m talked to and I love to laugh!
Addilynn G
This is addilynn she is one years old and loves to laugh and is always smiling! She loves to cheer people up when they are feeling down and is very sassy 💕 vote for this beautiful girl
He likes to chew on everything. He loves his mother.
He's rolling over,and he loves his feet
Cameron loves being cuddled with his mommy and daddy and brother and sister and he loves smiling and playing with his little toys and taking long naps
Rowan loves to smile and he talked to . Loves dogs nickname is monkey
Rowan Noah loves being talked to and rocked. He smiles a lot and absolutely loves attention.
She’s a mamas girl! Her smile will light up the room!
If you can dream it, you can do it.
Eryk is in the 5th grade and is 9 years old, he loves dogs and elephants, he is the biggest fan of wwe wrestling.
Emma is in 2nd grade and is 7 years old, she has 3 brothers and 1 sister. She loves animals, frozen and trolls.
Arianna is in the 4th grade, she is 9 years old and has 2 brothers (1 older and 1 younger) and 1 sister (younger). She loves animals, cats are her favorite and she absolutely loves Sonic the hedgehog.
Eliana Delores
Vote for our Daughter Eliana for the cutest baby contest :)
Farrah Mae is such a beautiful soul and we are beyond blessed! She is always smiling and full of joy! She loves watching Moana, playing outside, and being in the water!
Wrynnlee loves to sass 💁‍♀️ extra chromosome extra cutie! 💙💛
Alphie Roman is a very happy baby who loves swimming & standing. His favorite music is hip hop & thinks it’s hilarious when someone twerks his little booty for him. Fav food so far is pears/ fav animals are cats/ fav person after his mommy is his grandma. Not only is Alphie the cutest baby but he is the happiest baby ever.
Extremely Happy Baby ! Nickname Giggles
You should vote for Juli’Onn because he is the most loving & precious thing you could ever meet !
Hi, I’m Lexie! I’m a tomato loving, thrill seeking, water loving princess!!👑
Athena is a sweet and sassy girl. She has a huge heart and loves playing with other kids!
My names Armani💛💙, im a Down Syndrome Warrior 💙 i’m always happy and smiling and i love to eat 😆
Kenzley loves to laugh, smile and just be the light of any room! Such a sweetheart & can make anyone smile. ♥️
Lucian Ekko
Lucian loves to try to stand, sitting up, smiling, giggling, and holding everyone’s hands when they hold him. Lucian is the biggest love bug ever and has the most amazing little personality
Richie Jr
Richie is the cutest! Sweetest baby all smiles always happy! Loves interaction and his family!
Baby Girl Is such a Character! She’s such a Happy Baby! She Loves Her Toys Her papa 🥛 her Mommas and Her Families🤍🤍