Baby Stories - 13


Paytyn is a sassy little girl that is full of life. She loves to play pretend and shop. But what little girl doesn’t? She loves her two pups and making all sorts of slime messes.
My full name is Gordon Marcus Gebo but everyone calls me “Flash”. When I was born I weighed 10lbs and 6oz. I’m a chubby one! ❤️ I love being outside to watch cars drive by the house even though I’m scared of loud noises. 😣 I’m very very talkative and LOVE attention! So if you can give me a lot of attention! 🥰
Joziah is the happiest and sweetest baby , his favorite words are mom and hey . He loves food and dogs 🤍
he loves spending time with his mommy, but he has a wicked personality and is an absolute cuddlebug ♥️
Kaylee is a very vibrant and beautiful lite girl to have around. She lights up the room where ever she may be.
Olivia Rose
Let’s start by. She’s a very beautiful vibrant little girl who has the most beautiful smile. It’s great to see her happy and laughing. She is a joy to have around.
Julianna is a very happy baby who loves her momma and dada and bottles! Please vote for baby girl
Baby Che is 3 years old. He’s a very happy baby & always makes everyone smile. He’s loving & loves to cuddle with his mommy. Playing man mans & going to the park is his favorite things to do. He absolutely loves spider man & other super hero’s !!
Paislee Rain
Paislee has a heart of gold. Always thinks about others first. She always loves to sing! When she grows up she wants to be like Dolly Parton.
Mr Greyson is such a ladies man he loves to give kisses and hugs! Total mamas boy!
Whitley is so sweet and giggly and loves music
Luka loves animals, before bedtime he likes to kiss his animal toys and cover them with a blanket, he likes to wear his dads socks and he calls everyone and everything mama.
This is Zah'leeah, she's 10 months old & very active ! She gets around just fine, she can spot out anything that is SO small that I wouldn't even be able to notice. She loves her blankey the most of all & she loves to smile .. Vote for my sissy 💚
Brighten Jade is such a good baby! She loves to be read to and talked to. She absolutely loves to eat too!
Owen loves his big brother and snuggling. He loves playing with his toys and is trying to walk!
Sawyer is a 2 year old sweet, lovable, energetic little boy. Loves being outside. Loves all things Thomas the train. He’s the light of my life. Has a smile that will light up a room.
Kinsley Grace
Kinsley loves everyone! But when it comes to her daddy and pappaw there is no other person she would love to be around! She’s always smiling and a happy little girl
I am now 2 years old ! I love to play outside & jump on my trampoline while listening to music. Vote for me ❣️
Raelynn Sky
Raelynn has such a kind, loving heart! She loves to help be a little mommy!
Cleo is a sweet baby who loves run around and play with her baby dolls
Hes an amazing baby boy that is full of smiles and characteristics. He is very happy and lovable. Very alert and smart.👣❤
Cohlton is our Friday the 13th baby boy. He absolutely loves his food, loves to spend time with his 2 brothers,Cohlton is a very happy baby and loves to laugh and smile.
Stormi will be 4 months old on the 12th, she’s the happiest baby in the Whole world. she loves trolls and is definitely a talker! Mommy and daddy have our hands full, that’s for sure! ❤️ Push that vote button and share share share!
My little man is a miracle baby. I was told at 14 I was most likely never going to have kids. We found out at 19 I was pregnant with him. He is cooing laughing and smiling and getting better each day with holding his head up.
Layla is a beautiful little girl full of life whos dream is to become a model
Shes a amazing little girl very smart and is full of love and spark
Hi there! Here is our sweet little girl Kaia! She loves sharing snacks with her momma and watching her favorite show Cocomelon!
Rayleigh is a very loving baby. She loves frozen and her mommy.
Emersyn loves cars and trucks! Anything loud! She loves watching fishing videos with her daddy❤️
This is Roland he is the sweetest little baby and is now 3 months old . He’s always smiling and cooing. Roland is a mommas and daddy’s boy, always excited to see us. He melts our heart I hope he melts yours too!
Mason is 1 year & 3 months old, he likes to play and terrorize what he can get his hands into. He’s definitely a smart lil handsome babyboy.‼️❤️💙 give my little nephew a vote
Amelia Parker is a very intelligent outgoing & sweet girl. She loves anything hands-on like making bracelets, doing puzzles. She's already learning her ABCs and she knows all of her colors. She truly is something special.
He is such a happy photogenic baby 📷! He loves kicking in the bath tub, Cuddling up to his mommy, and being outdoors ❤️
Me encantan las fotos y siempre quedo hermosa
Adalynn is a little spitfire! She is the center of attention wherever she goes. Her smile and giggles are contagious! She’s the orneriest little thing and we wouldn’t have her any other way. 💕
Legend King
Legend is a very happy baby, he loves his mommy and daddy and loves playing with his toys I know he will be great one day ❤️
Avery is a little rambunctious dude with a lot of character. He's funny, he loves to give mommy kisses a lot, and he loves animals!
Hi my name is Linkyn and I am 5 months old! I am a super happy baby and love to play! My favorite thing is milk and my momma. Please vote for me!
Hi! My name is Aaliyah and I’m 7months old! I love to sing along to Little Eisenstein’s and walk around in my walker! I always have a smile on my face as you can see unless I’m hungry!(;
Milana is full of smiles. She love to be in her swing and mostly in mom’s arms.
My sweet boy is 4 months , you can’t turn your head without him rolling over somewhere , he is trying his hardest to take off crawling. He’s the sweetest you’ll ever meet😘
Destinee Raine
Destinee is a very chatty 6month old she loves taking walks with her mumma. She enjoys bannanas and carrots. She enjoys rolling around and playing with her feet she just recently staryed saying mumma and really tries hard to crawl 💜💜
She loves Elmo! She goes by Nadi. Nadine also loves food and playing with her toys!
Margaret was 7 weeks early though you wouldn’t know it now! She’s caught up with the babies her age in all the categories!! She loves books, cats and dogs, and her momma!!
Sophia is the most peaceful and content baby. She loves to giggle and is curious about the world around her. She loves it when we blow raspberries at her!
I’m Zoë, I babble so much! I love my mommy but say dada for everything!