Mia absolutely loves to get dressed up just to make a mess. Perfectly describes her 💕
Lei’loni is a very happy baby everyday is a good day ! She loves tummy time and bath time the most .
Giovanni is a fun loving and smart baby always smiling and lighting up the room he's always dancing any song you can play he'll dance for you
Ezekiel loves Buzz Lightyear and anything he can take apart and put back together ❤️
Hi im braxden im a little daredevil as mommy likes to call me , im a happy smiley cheerful boy whos a little mischievous hehe :)
Michael Michaelis Landrum is a happy little guy who loves to talk to people. He also loves to play with his daddy after waking up.
This little cutie is a happy one! Her Favorite color is Purple and She loves to watch Blippi!!
Timothy Blake
He is the sweetest,cutest, wild little boy! He loves his sibling! He loves spiderman and knuckles!!
She is funny,smart,just an amazing little girl she is a character such an imagination she has
Brayden is 4 years old very loveable and smart boy 💙
Meet little JJ! He is such an outgoing little guy! He loves to smile and loves to be outside!! This little boy never lets anything get him down even on his worst day!! Please vote for baby JJ!!
Jameson is the happiest baby, he loves to chew on his hands and just discovered his toes!
Roz loves her faithful friend Charlie and gives him doctor checkups almost everyday.🩺🐶 🥰 Her silliness and kindness to all makes her a shining star that brightens the world!❤️
Messiah Amaze
Messiah Is such a silly happy baby all he do is smile and play he loves to eat
Macsen is 2 months old and loves snuggles, his big brother Aiden, and his puppy Lola! He is a teeny boy but has grown from 3.14 lbs to 7.5! He hardly ever cries and is just the happiest baby! AKA: Mac, Macca, Macoroni, Mac & Cheese
Everley is already crawling and absolutely loves screaming, giggling, dogs, and anything she can try to put in her mouth! Looking in her eyes may put you in a trance, so be careful ;)
Haisley is a very happy baby! Her favorite things right now are making faces which she makes a lot and watching strawberry shortcake which Is probably because of all the colors, she already loves to hold her head up and pay attention to things. She is very sweet girl!
She’s 3 weeks old, loves eating, snuggling, sleeping, and the fresh air! She enjoys people, and is always so expressive. She was our miracle baby, and we are beyond blessed to have her!
Legacy Love
Legacy is 1 years old he’s so full of life all he does is smile he has the cutest dimples ever and he’s so loving.
Born c- section baby . Doctors gave us a scare his heart was not developed . We prayed and prayed . The doctor said your baby looks perfectly fine . It was prayer . River loves to pray at night as he takes his precious hand into mine . Full of energy and personality. Witty . He’s born a Gemini. Both parents are born Gemini too ! Yes he’s a true Gemini born from Geminis ! He loves Rolly Polly Ollie . Sesame Street fav “Elmo” and Mickey Mouse club house . He is sometimes like a little mini adult . He goes to bed at 9 and sleeps all night . He was name River from the song “ there’s a River.” He’s a surprise baby !
Zy’Aire was the first baby born in Detroit on new years this year, 2022. Zyaire is always happy and want to play. He loves being around other kids and his little smile always brighten up any room. He loves dogs & watching ‘Gracie’s corner’
Loves to smile! Such a funny character.
Aspynns favorite toy is a John Deere corn on the cob 😂
Oakley is very smart!!! She loves Baby Shark and is obsessed with animals!!
The sweetest, most happy boy! Loves his family and everything music! And absolutely OBSESSED with lights and TV.🤍
Hi, this is my daughter her name is aubree she’s 4 months and she loves to watch tv and she if a very silly baby❤️ she’s very playful and loves Minnie Mouse it’s her favorite character she is a very fast learner and loves to say mama and dada. She has very beautiful dimples.the cutest thing she loves to do is sing herself to sleep in her baby language 🥺🥺
Elliana is a very smart little girl and just the sweetest! She loves cats and cocomelon! Vote for my baby ♥️
She loves crawling around being active and loves to sing.
Ezra loves sing 2, his brother and sisters and to chase the dogs in his walker 😆 he’s always so happy and just so energetic Vote for this cutie ☺️
Ariya is a funny little baby girl she loves her tongue and makes faces when you make faces at her
She Is Energetic She loves school loves to learn And she Loves Her Daddy And Mommy She Is A Big Daddy's Girl and Also Loves To Work On Trucks and go shopping
Hungry man at his finest, love my mornings with Gracie’s Corner as much as I love my sleep. Smiles for mommy camera😁.
Hevnlyn Soul
This is Hevnlyn Soul, her favorite things is to keep mommy awake and fall asleep on daddy’s chest. She loves to smile when you say you love her and she’s very much a fashionista!
Joseaugusto is very sweet, he loves photos, he is always smiling, he is a very happy baby
Wren has overcome many things including a pyelectasis kidney and being hospitalized with rsv. She completed our family of four and is an amazing baby girl.
Intelligence❤️, Joyful😄,Sweet😘, Handsome😍, Loves eating 🍽, loves making funny faces🤪,Very Talkative🗣, likes to sleep😴, Loves every Holiday season🦃🍁🎅🏼🎄👻🎃🇺🇸❄️☃️,Shopping🛍🛒, School🏫, Loves spending time with family & Friends👩‍👩‍👦
Liam is a very happy baby. He loves cuddles and when you sing to him. His sweet smiles will light up the room.
🌈 Meet Jaxon Leslie Raye Pacheco! My rainbow baby!!! Jaxon loves hiking and being outside, Mickey Mouse, going to watch drag cars, cuddles and bath time! He can crawl, sit up unsupported & recognize the difference between a circle and square! His favorite food is mashed potatoes! He has blue eyes and blonde hair. 💕
Jaxon is one year old he loves everything/everyone as long as he gets attention he is an amazing loving happy baby and would love your votes
Caspian loves the outside air and absolutely loves his big brother Auggie he spends most of his play time with him and loves his sweet potato and carrots, I’d have to say attention is his favorite because he loves to practice his vocals with an audience! He is loved by every person that meets him and brings a smile to everyone!
He is always a happy baby no matter what, he had rsv at 4 months old and had to be put on life support but that didnt stop him from being the most happiest baby ever 💙 he loves tummy time and loves talking 💙 please vote for him
My name is Julianna but you can call me juju or Ju! I looove to eat and play with my baby dolls! I love to play with my brother, he’s my bestfriend! I like to paint fingernails with mommy! I’m very adventurous, bright, and sassy!
Lainey likes to make screeching noises and talk to her mama and all her family. She loves big bows and bell bottoms💛
Isabel loves animals and figuring out how things work! She is a Daddy’s girl, and loves being chased and giggling!
He’s a very happy baby he loves for someone to talk to him he loves to watch coccomellon he is such a bundle of joy inside and out his eyes are so amazing everyone falls in love with him soon as they see him he’s my pride and joy such a sweet loveable little man
Hi, my name is Layla and I am 6 months old. I love to smile and giggle especially when my mommy takes pictures of me. This picture was taken by my mom :) please vote for me