Baby Stories - 13


Daxton is smart, funny, very outgoing. He has such a wonderful personality. He loves animals, cars, trains , and Dinosaurs! He loves to color and has such a creative imagination
Lukas will be turning 10 months old this month and despite having multiple surgeries as an infant, he is full of love and laughter. Lukas was born two weeks early after an emergency C-section and then had heart surgery to repair his corarctation. During the surgery, one of his vocal cords was hit, which caused it to go into paralysis. His cords continue to recover as Lukas practices his vocal range and learns to speak. He’s been through two additional angioplasty surgeries to widen his heart vessels and maintains his sweetheart personality, smiling and waving at everyone he meets.
He Likes Being Tickled, Smiles Alot, Loves Kisses And Snuggles. When He Is Angry He Likes To Throw His Toys. Loves to Color, Draw And Learn On His Tablet. Favorite Food Is Spaghetti, Peanut Butter, Yogurt and Apples. His Favorite Cartoons Are PJ Masks, Mini force, Blippi, And Monsters At Work. His Favorite Movies Are Hop, The Little Prince, Toy Story, Shrek. He Likes To Throw Basketballs In The Hoop And Likes Kickboxing. Lincoln Is Our First Child. I Was Told I Would Never Be Able To Carry Full Term. He Is My Rainbow Baby/Miracle Boy.
very intelligent she loves doing anything she’s sees mommy doing 🥰🥰loves cuddling and loves being a little helper , also a pain in the butt 😂
Mia is the most smiley giggly baby ever! She loves to watch Disney cartoons and of course everyone’s favorite cocomelon. Mia is already trying to sit up. She is such an advanced beautiful baby!
Nitali is all about exploring her new world with love, joy, and a dash of sassy. Her favorite person in her entire world is her daddy.
Amir is the happiest baby ever ! He always has a smile that would make anyones day better!
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She one about to be two and she is so smart she knows her numbers and letters and she loves to play with her baby dolls
Victoria is my miracle child. With a little help of letrozole I was able to conceive after 2years of trying. I thank god fir her everyday.
I’m a happy baby girl!! I love music, riding in the car, and talking to anyone that talks to me!! I am most definitely a Daddy’s girl! And Momma’s world!
Zoe And Amelia
Zoe and Amelia, have you seen anything cuter? These girls were born in May and are already so spunky and have their own personalities!
Ophelia is our beautiful 3.5 mo old baby girl. She is the youngest of 6 siblings. She adores her older sibling and reading with mom and dad
Kaydence loves to Laugh, play, and Giggle. She loves her daddy and her brother and sister and mommy very much, she loves to dance around and sing and talk. She is very intelligent and has such a beautiful personality!
Aaron is such a happy loving baby boy!! He absolutely loves his sisters, mom and dad! He is a very curious busy little guy. He loves Mickey Mouse and baby shark. He giggles so much and his big blue eyes and beautiful smile are sure to brighten your day!!! He is such a blessing!!💙💙💙
This beautiful boy is the happiest baby you’ll ever come across. Always smiling and laughing and absolutely loves music.
Hi my name is Everleigh! I love to wave and babble, I have such a blossoming personality just in these 8 short months. Please vote for me 😊
Josiah is a 1 year old little boy. Full of smiles and laughter. Super hyper all of the time. Talks a lot. Eats everything in sight!! Loves his mommy and daddy and baby brother and big sisters. Hes such a pretty boy!!
Ariana loves her family and dogs/cats. Her rabbit stuffie and rattle are her favorite toys. She loves music and dancing/ singing. Her favorite songs are the Wiggle Dance, Paddy Cake, ABCs, and The Wheels On the Bus
My Name is Flynn Nance. I was a premie by 6 weeks. I laugh and smile when my clothes get changed. It tickles me 🤣. I just started baby food and I really like it. The food is helping me get my vitamins so I can grow to be as big as my daddy. If I win this contest, I am going to put the winnings in my college fund. Not sure what I'm going to be yet, but It'll be something fun and adventurous. Maybe a DNR officer. They get all the fun toys. Thank you all for voting.
Joshua is 4 months old. Loves his mommy time very much. He is his daddys twin. Loves to eat whenever he can. Sleeps all the time when hes not throwing up hand signs. Hes a all around funny baby.
Bryson is the happiest baby you'll ever meet!🥰 He loves watching blues clues and playing video games with his daddy💙 He has such an amazing personality and just lights up the room☺️
Maddox is such a smart loving baby boy! He loves Mickey Mouse, dirt bikes, and trucks!
Freya loves to play outside, she is wild about horses, Minnie Mouse and stitch.
Cashmere is a very outgoing and social toddler.She loves to count to twenty, loves to sing her ABC's and loves to take long walks outside so she can look at everything.
Lillian just turned 1 years old she is smart and sassy and loves her books
Nyles is the happiest baby that loves food!!
This is Brooklyn and she likes to play dress-up and loves pageants. She is the youngest of 4 and only girl.
Hazel is 1 month old. She had IUGR and was born at 36 weeks weighing only 4.3 lbs and came home only 5 days later. In this short time she has grown 2 inches and 2 lbs and has stolen our hearts and loves staring into eyes.
Lunah LOVES when DADDY sings to her. She's loud and always wants to be seen and heard.
Ashton is the sweetest little boy ever! He loves to laugh at mommy and watch cocomelon! hes such a happy baby. Vote for ashton💙💙
Dylan Sumners
Dylan is 4 years old, he has a younger sister who is 4 months old. Dylan has blonde hair and hazel eyes, loves dinosaurs, or anything that has wheels.
Miss Penelope loves playing with her big sissy! She’s such a happy girl all the time!
Journee loves to sing her heart out and dance with her baby dolls and her monkeys (they're her favorite animal) she has quite the collection of both. Journee was born to make everyone smile with her big happy eyes and charming personality. She will never fail to tell you have a nice day
My little rainbow baby 🌈 my husband and I tried for months and finally were blessed with our little rainbow 💕 the very first ultrasound of her the doctor said was called a diamond on a ring 💍 so I knew this time was meant to be ❤️ She’s my smiley happy baby girl 🥰
My baby loves wen u talk to her she gives u all the smiles she a happy baby
Alijah, is currently 3 months old weighing at 15 pounds. He loves to sit up and look around. He adores being sung to, he will also sing back to you❣ very sweet lovng lil boy. Loves to watch his two older brothers play.
Adalina loves to jump in her bouncer and go for car rides. Her favorite show is bluey and coco melón
Kaius loves to beat on the drums. He admires all types of instruments. He loves to explore and do things on his own. His favorite tv show is Dave and Ava
She’s goofy and outgoing. Enjoys going to school and wants to be a cheerleader. She loves being a big sister to two sisters.
Rowan will be 1 month old on January 8,2022! He loves to look around at lights and loves SpongeBob❤️
Aniya is 9 months old. Loves to play. Her favorite of all time is dancing to music and playing with her brother. She is the most loving little girl. Please go vote for my baby girl!
Leo is a spunky 1 year old who loves his mommy and daddy and loves playing with his dog Raven!
Juniper Marie is my little hazel eyes Puerto Rican rainbow baby! She is already 8 months old, crawling, standing with support and saying dada! She is the happiest baby of all and will light up everyone’s day who sees her! She loves to giggle, grunt and laugh! She has two little teeth and a huge smile! She has such and attitude already at such a young age but I guess she got that from me and her sister! All we hear is omg her hair was she born with all that!
Lacey was born nov.7 2021 weighing 7lbs and 7 oz she’s such a happy baby she loves to talk and laugh with you. She sleeps through the night and loves to cuddle with mommy she’s truly a blessing