Baby Stories - 13


My brother just turn 4 i love him soo much so if you will please vote for him and win he can get toys yayy.
Baby kenneth likes watching tv with mom and dad. Has 3 older siblings and loves screaming at mommy when he doesnt get his way quick enough.
Briar is a very energetic toddler who enjoys her independence! She loved Elmo and Peppa Pig
I am a giggly happy boy who loves nothing but to make my family laugh.
Carson is a very motivated and strong willed boy. He has figured out how to crawl and is on the move! He recently just got two teeth and is enjoying the new foods coming his way.
Kyson is Avaylas twin brother. He is also a true miracle baby being born 2 months early & having issues in the nicu.. It was a very scary time for us. The hospital went on lock down due to covid & he struggled with his feedings. Over a little time & persistence he proved to be a warrior! Tiny but MIGHTY! He is a true mamas boy, so full of compassion & love he can’t help but melt your heart. His personality just radiates love & sweetness. We thank god every day for our miracles babies 💕🙏🏽
Avayla is a twin & the princess of the family being the only girl of 2 brothers. She is a true miracle baby! She was born 2 months premature due to a true knot in her umbilical cord & a double placenta abruption. We feared for her life at one point. Seeing how far she’s come & watching her blossom into the angel she is has been my life’s greatest journey ♥️
Zayden dressed as a scare crow with his younger brother on Halloween. My first born child. He is a little spit fire with so much love & compassion for animals & his siblings. He’s mommy’s little helper ♥️
Annalise is 6 months old. She loves to smile, blow raspberrys and eat her toes. Vote for my girl please!
Sophie loves to cuddle & loves bath time! She also likes to take naps with mommy and LOVES to eat 🥰
Frankie is a Fourth of July baby he is always happy and always smiling whenever he sees somebody he laughs really loud and then automatically wants them to hold in he's really fast runner he crawls really quickly he's just an all-around happy baby and he's changed my life for the better
Baby boy loves to tell stories, scooting all over the floor, eating, and most of all cuddles from mommy.
Vienna is a really sweet 4 year old girl. She’s my miracle baby. ❤️
Paislee is 1 month old and loves laughing at her mom and dad early in the morning.
Hi I’m James I’m almost 4 years old, everybody love my hair and love me because I’m a happy kid and I love my family
My little dude, my very best friend. Wyatt loves helping me, with EVERYTHING. Whether it be helping me with dishes or changing the oil in my car, he is always there with a helping hand. Wyatt loves his scooter and is always trying to learn new tricks on it. He’s got nothing but love in his heart & he would be completely lost without his pup! He is suuch a funny little dude & enjoys nothing more than just being outside
Love this dog and his big sister and big brother and loves watching coco melon
He loves playing with our dogs, he is an amazing helper with his bubba. He likes reading books, loves playing with his trucks
Say hi to my little smiley Angel Butt. She is the sweetest baby and loves to be talked to. She loves cuddles and gurgle talks to EVERYONE! My little angel is a chunky 18 lbs of bouncy giggles and kisses. If we win I’m going to split the money between her and my son Jaxon and start a college fund for the two of them 🥰
Jasper Lorence Brown
He knows how to speak 6 words by 2 months, he's not shy and loves to talk to people. When he was only a few minutes old, he tried to crawl and he's such a mama's boy. He loves food and loves walking
Harmony Rose is ALWAYS happy, her smile and laugh brightens up a room. She’s always energetic and such a well behaved little girl. She loves the park and snacks. If she wins, the prize will be put towards her new room of our home, and a college fund.
Yandiel Torres
Mi nombre Yandiel tengo un ańo de edad me encanta bailar ,reírme mucho ,comer y jugar .espero que me apoyen
Maverick is a little stud who loves to giggle and be held non stop. His favorite thing is a good cuddle.
Hi! My name is Madax! I love bath time🧼,my mommy❤️and my favorite food is pears!🍐 I also have my first 2 teeth!🦷🦷 Cocomelon is my favorite show to watch and I love my JJ doll!🍉 Everybody tells me I could be a Gerber baby so let’s see if they’re right!☺️💙
My name is Rose I was born July 7th 2020
Xochitl is a smart 3 month old that loves to giggle a lot she love to watch cocomelon and pollito pio! Shes adorable♥️
Toby is our rainbow baby and brings so much joy and laughter to everyone he meets. He doesn't know a stranger and loves to be talked to. He really enjoys music and sometimes even helps us "sing". He adores his big brothers and they are such a great help with him! He's super curious about everything right now and takes the world in almost all at once.
She my world she always smile and very happy
Sierra is so smart and loves to play with her brothers and loves to dance to
She’s a very outgoing toddler! Beautiful smile , very sweet! Takes cat naps, lol.
Perry is just a curious, happy, breastfeeding machine.
Rogelio is such a happy baby, and has brought so much joy into our lives. He loves to sing, count, and he's a goofy baby who makes everyone happy 😊
Adelynn Ivy
✨Let me just talk it up about this little princess of ours. Adelynn Ivy has come so far for being only 1 year & 10 months old. She is so very kind, always wanting to give hugs, & share all her toys with mommy. She is so incredibly smart, this girl already knows from A-F in the alphabet, knows how to count to 5 with mommy in English still trying to teach her in Spanish, & hopefully up to 10 soon, she signs and speak all of these sign languages: milk, water, eat, more, mommy, daddy, dog, bird, bath time, sleepy, help and last but not least, all done. I have also gotten her to start saying on a regular daily basis: Hi, Bye, Please, Thank You, Your Welcome, Yes, No, Potty, Okay, Good, Happy, Kind, Nice, Important & Love You. She loves to read to me and her dogs, & loves even more when I read to her. She says almost all the words from the books: “baby animals”, “colors”, and “first words” in all 3 of her word books. (14 pages in each book) She is also in the process of potty training and going on her own potty, now tells mommy when she needs to go up stairs to use her big girl potty. Almost never takes naps, I’m lucky if it’s an hour nap a day. However she does sleep through out the whole night. She is now finally in size 18 month clothing and in size 5 shoes but will be in size 6 here pretty soon. THIS IS ONE PROUD, GRATEFUL AND BLESSED MOMMA✨
Madelyn had a rough start in her first days of life! She had a stroke followed by seizures and was on oxygen for months. She’s my little fighter and I couldn’t be more blessed to be her mama ♥️ She’s such a sweet beautiful little girl!
Shes my sunshine
My name is Noah and I'm 3 months old! I have already mastered rolling and determined to start crawling soon. I love my family and can't wait to play more with my big sister when I'm bigger. Hobbies include milk guzzling, blowing bubbles, pooping and sleeping. Vote for me!
Crazy wild child who loves cars 💜
Sassy dramatic chunky baby who loves her bows 💜
Kyree is a year old , she is smart and has such a good personality already with her laughs and giggles and big smile that lights up and makes you smile . She is really into elephants 🐘 loves to eat definitely a foodie like her momma ,and is FEARLESS will do anything again if she falls she gets right back up and try’s again
Brady is the sweetest and so funny. He loves crawling with shoes on his hands- we call it “Brady is taking our shoes for a walk”. He thinks his pups are hilarious in anything they do.
Esmée is a very smart and beautiful 10 month old❤️ She’s walking already and loves Mac n cheese! She’s very funny and loves playing peek a boo. Some of her favorite things are cocomelon, music, and playing in her car❤️
Josie is very strong willed and independant! She has a smile that lights up the world and can put a smile on anyones face! She is the light of lfe in so many people that meet her! She loves her family and her dlgs! She sure keeps us on our toes....crawled at 7 months and trying to walk now...shes almost got it!
My little gem is a Libra baby born in October and named after the birth stone she is so giggley and happy and obsessed with cocomelon she’s the sweetest little bean and loves to laugh at literally anyone
Shes beautiful smart inteligant spunky wild shes one of a kind😀😘
Braxton has an older sister that he loves to follow around and spend time with. Braxton is funny and full of life, loves helping daddy on race car and playing with his toy cars.
Samual is the youngest of three boys, loves being held and cuddled.
Hi my name is Malakai but everyone who knows me best calls me Kai! I love smiling laughing and playing with my toys! I also really enjoy watching Football with my dad my favorite teams are the Eagles and Notre Dame. I’m 6 months old and of mixed race. My mommy is from the beautiful island nation of Trinidad and Tobago and my daddy is Irish American. I’m happy to bring diversity and joy to this site. Please Vote for me!