Baby Stories - 12


Hazel is a sweet and sassy little girl that loves Disney. She enjoys chewing on any and everything and spending time with her mommy and daddy💗
Mr. Steal Your Girl will definitely steal your heart like he has mine! He loves the ladies and the ladies love him!
Chance is hilarious and full of spunk!!!!
My miracle baby. Sylas came to us when we needed him the most, after 6 years of trying to conceive. Sylas loves Baby Einstein. His daddy is his best friend. Doggies make him laugh. He is growing into a funny, silly, unique little boy, and I can’t wait to continue to watch him grow and learn!
Our baby boy has the best facial expressions. He sure likes to tell us when he is not happy with something. 😂
Love, Lullabies, and Laughing. My perfect preemie and innocent eyes. ♡ My first little baby, who I was told wouldn't likely survive. Yet she was born perfect. Everyday she grows and laughs dispite our hardships. My little girl no bigger then a doll, try's to give her Dad kisses, Loves to pee as soon as her diaper is off, prefers to chew on cloth even though it drives mom crazy, and will try to mimic mom as I pray. Her dark sapphire blue eyes grow brighter everyday. This poor social butterfly hasn't been able to see many, but loves everyone she meets. Her protective preemie skin is almost all off now leaving us her beautiful new skin that's softer then velvet. There is nothing in this world more fulfilling then waking to this precious face. ♡
Xeniyah is very unique, special and loveable... Xeniyah is heaven sent from above!!! Words can't express the love she has taught me!!!Xeniyah taught me how to love again!! Xeniyah has brought lots of love and joy to our family after the loss of her big brother on December 26,2018... Xeniyah never got to meet him but he still lives inside her heart forever.. Xeniyah loves to play with her doggy Koko and her toys...Xeniyah is a very happy happy one of a kind blessed loveable baby...
A little background on Keegan: He is my 12 month old rainbow baby. I have cervical insufficency and had to have a procedure called a transabdominal cerclage to give me a chance in getting him here after viability. He was born at 34 weeks despite the TAC holding. I had unfortunately developed preeclampsia but back to Keegan. Keegan has such a outgoing little personality and he has the cutest fluffy chipmunk cheeks. He has a head full of blonde curls now. When he was born his hair was solid white (I know..strange). As he grew his hair was out of control so most of the time it was naturally in a mohawk. Those curls won't allow for any type of mohawk any longer😆. He's spends his day baby babbling practicing saying Ma-Ma and Da-Da, standing up practicing walking, eating everything he can stick in his mouth, sticking his tongue out, fighting sleeping (he doesn't want to miss a moment😆), and trying to sneak in watching the TV as much as possible. He loves toys that light up and make NOISE😳 the noiser, the better😆. He continues to amaze me every day with how quickly he is learning new things. Please vote for Keegan if you can. All votes for Keegan are appreciated! Thank you all❤
Sienna is so intelligent she can count, say her ABCs , sing , dance, & color paint! She’s so adorable and smart for her age!
This lil handsome guy is a joy in everyones lives. His smile will brighten up th worst days. He such a smart and happy baby.
This is Bradlee, He loves riding 4wheelers and being outside with his pap and uncle bubba. He collects old keys, and loves going to school to learn!
Paisley is 3 In March. She’s excited to start preschool. Paisley has has grown and become so smart and self efficient this past year. Coming from foster care to family. Completely focused on growth Paisley is thriving and started to discover who she is. She loves books, makeup, and shoes. She loves a walk and playing with her baby dolls.
I love snuggles, bath time, and I babble smile, and giggle! I can almost hold my bottle by myself! I like to sit up a bit too! I want to crawl but I just end up going backwards or in a circle!
I am very active, I like to play and laugh a lot.
Harizen is a full time heart breaker to the boys and mommy little minni me she was adopted by her amazing foster family who still keep in touch with me alot.
Henry is my 2nd child and first son he has 2 older sisters one of them being a step sister and 5 fur siblings 2 kittens and 3 dogs and also is my 2nd rainbow baby and a totel ladies man if u know what i mean
Kellen is a super happy baby. He loves his blankie and his siblings. He likes to stand and follow anyone who is walking.
I love watching tv and chilling with daddy
I just got my first two teeth and I love to laugh and chew on everything 😍
Octavia is most definitely a water baby 💦 She loves to zoooom as you grab her hand to walk with her💕 Absolutely loves her cheese, but than again she’ll eat anything you give her 🥱 Loved by all and loves most 😉
My name is Aswad Sterling 💙 I like to look around because I’m curious about what’s around me. I smile big in my sleep. Most of the day I like to take naps 😊
Karsyn is 22 months old and all boy! He loves the outdoors, running around and playing with balls. Of course baby shark is his jam. Sweetest little boy you will ever meet
Ellanora or “Ella” for short is her mamas world & a daddy’s girl! So much attitude at 8 months old, she keeps us on our toes 💜
Our little Lola is the joy of our household! She enjoys splashing in the tub and telling stories to mama and dada. Born in the spring time on the night of the pink supermoon in April 2020, she has a very bright and bold personality! (we are not buying any of our votes, and we have no social media)
Paislee is a very smart 1yr old an she loves her Bubba an she loves playing outside an riding her Fourwheeler.
My Melody is a unique baby!!! She loves to laugh and be cuddled!!! She loves to bounce, kick, and growl hahaha!!!
I love to smile, giggle, play and give cuddles.
Samara is a sweet little girl who loves animals and loves all food.
Emmett has a smile on his face everyday ☺️
Scarlett was born deaf. Despite her disability she’s one of the most loved happiest babies ever!
Hello I’m Legend! I was born with Gastroschisis, (born with my intestines outside my body), I fought so hard while in the NICU for 2 months of my life! I’m a warrior! I’m all better now and home with Mommy and Daddy n my brother n sister! My favorite thing to do is play peek-a-boo! I absolutely loveeee rattles! I’m just such a happy lil boy and am constantly smiling and laughing!
Xochi is a sassy little fire ball who loves to eat. She enjoys having snacks with her dogs DK and Cupcake, who she sneakily shares her food with.
What isn’t there to brag about having a child such as Miyah ❤️ She’s the most loving, smart, playful, caring and most aware baby you’ll ever meet ❤️ She loves to play and entertain her brother and could brighten anyone’s day up just by looking at her beautiful smile. Miyah would love it so much if you gave her your vote ❤️
Londyn Rose
Londyn is a very special little girl who is such a happy baby and has suffered the biggest lost no child should have to endure, her father was taken from her 6 days before her first Christmas. So please vote her.
Austin has a sweet nature to him and already shows so much personality. He has two older siblings and is learning quickly from them:)
Hi, my name is Izidor but everyone calls me Izzy. I am a happy 5 month old. I love to listen to music and to my mommy sing. I love to watch Masha and the Bear. I smile and giggle a lot. My mommy and daddy tell me I am a miracle baby and they will tell me the story when I am am older :)
Wes with the mess loves to dance, read books with mommy and play with her dog Saint❤️
Brandon is 4 months old, he loves his brothers, his kitty. And loves playing with everything he can get.
Hi! Im Everlee and i’m almost 2 years old. My account is ran by my mommy. I love to laugh, talk, smile and give kisses. Cocomelon and Barbie are my favorite shows. I also love to sing “Wheels on the Bus” and dance!
She is just the sweetest, happiest baby ever! She loves to cuddle, She loves to laugh and smile and tries to talk to you. Her big brown puppy dog eyes will steal your heart and soul just by looking at her. I hope you vote for us. 💞🎀💜
Our sweet angel finally came to us after many years of waiting and wishing for her. She loves to snuggle and laugh. Her sense of humor is contagious. Our little sweet comedian makes our daily lives so worth living. She wins everyone over with her smile. Our miracle for so many reasons.
Ximena loves to smile an coo. She is full of joy!
Oliver is a very happy baby boy. He loves people holding and talking to him. Very vocal and adores his big sister.
Octavia is a strong and independent little girl. She is very loving and loves to give her little brother kisses and hugs. She is a lover of food and is a big cuddler .
A little 5 month old who is full of life!
Kashmir loves music. He is extremely smart and enjoys interacting with others.