Baby Stories - 12


Maci loves playing with her older brother Aiden
My name is Blessin . I’m 5 months old and I’m such a happy baby. I could smile and laugh all day at least when I’m not eating . Trying to get into modeling to show my cuteness.
Cameron is my world he melts any1s heart just his laugh and his smile the way he giggles can light up anyones day and he puts a smile on anyones face hes handsome he loves to play and he loves his 3 sisters hes very smart and will be someone in life. He deserves the world so please like it up and give my babyboy some votes and help us win this 🙏🥰🤗😩
Legend is a happy 2 month old boy with lots of love and smiles already! He is super smart and can’t wait to learn more about this beautiful world 💜 Help our family mommy and daddy need your votes so they can spoil me and give me the future I deserve!! Thank you 🙏🏼
He loves to play with momma, trying to roll over and reach for his feet! He loves FaceTimeing with his daddy, and is so ready to meet him finally, just waiting for him to be home from deployment!
Oaklynn Wendella is a 8 month old silly little girl!! She is such a sweet baby!! She loves to laugh, smile, play with her brother, and cousins & ABSOLUTELY LOVES Cocomelon!! Oaklynn is named after her papaw Wendell in heaven, & all that know her know how much of a precious miracle she really is!! Please VOTE for Oak!!
Avery is a joyful baby who is full of energy. He loves to see the world around him at any time of the day. He is very playful and loving with the cutest dimples ever!
Grayson is a future Fire Fighter (he absolutely loves them)! He is SpongeBob's, Paw Patrol's and Mickey Mouse's biggest fan. He is also well mannored, love animals and says hi to everyone.
Harmony is 9 months old. She is full of smiles and talks all the time... she can roll over, sit, and crawl. She is pulling up and trying to walk.
My baby is sweet she loves when you talk to her and she is the happiest baby me and her daddy love her vary much she will be 3 months on on April 5th
Little miss independent, shes got a Sprinkle of Sugar a dash of spice and a little bit of sass to top her off. She loves playing outside and playing mommy to her baby brother. Also she loves animals, especially her cat dizzy i always find her sitting with him whenever hes eating and shes always chatting away to him.
Butta is a miracle baby. He had brain surgery in April and he also has hemophilia type a severe and epilepsy. Proud to be his Bammy aka Gammy ♥️
This is Asher. He turned 10 months on the 19th. He is my first son and he is a redhead! I love him so very much. He is a very happy and loving child. Asher is my pride and joy, the love of my life. I couldn't ve happier. I have some pictures if the video didn't load:)
Lucas is a 7 month old ball of energy! He looooves Mickey Mouse Club House and wiggles to every song! He’s my caboose & my heart beat. 🥰🥰🥰
Emerald Raelynn at 7 weeks old loves to smile at mommy and daddy alll the time! She loves being sung to and listening to good music. She likes to dance with mommy and look at herself in the mirror. Her favorite place to sleep is on daddy's warm chest! She is the happiest little baby ever and the light of our lives! 💚
Sweet as honey, cute as a button! My Sweet baby Serenity ❤️ She had a rough start to life, being born with a broken arm and dealing with multiple blood works for mps1🥺 but despite the complication she’s always smiling and laughing 🥰 thankfully she doesn’t have the disease but she will have to be careful when she decides to have kids of her own since she is a carrier of mps1
He is beautiful and has the cutest dimples ever 🥰 . He loves shrek and coco melon and being a typical little hyper boy .
Cameron is a Happy, Energetic, Funny 8month old!!!!
Kaydence Mae
Hi my name is Kaydence Mae! I’m a March baby! I’ve made everyone fall in love with me💗 A few of my favorite things are snuggling with my Mama and big sister and also being swaddled up with my pacifier💗 Thanks for voting for me 💗
Leland is a sweet 1 year old that loves to play in his drums and has his momma and daddy wrapped around hus finger
This is little miss Emory-Ella Skylyn Sykes! She is 5 months old and she’s the happiest little girl! She’s always smiling and laughing. She loves watching Peppa Pig and Cocomelon. She loves to talk and yell like she’s fussing with you. She’s a big time Momma’s girl for sure! She’s such a blessing and she’s loved by so many!💕
Luke is 3 and he loves cars, dinosaurs and robots! His current favorite thing to say is "whats that?" whenever he hears something outside. Hes energetic and very curious about everything!
She has a very sassy personality and is not afraid to show it.
She is sweet and loves to cuddle. She is learning her own personality more and more every day.
Tarryn is 4 months ! One happy baby. She loves cocomelon & talking !
Callie is a smart and playful little girl. She loves laughing at your sister for doing funny things. I have dark black long hair that she was born with. And beautiful blue eyes. Shes such a sweetheart.
Ashton is 4 years old, loves to dance and be crazy, and he’s super outgoing.
Rowan loves going outside and meeting new people! Hes the happiest baby but with the biggest personality.
He is a super happy baby an at only 3 months he likes his jonny jumper an can sit alone in his bumbo chair
A’Myia loves to laugh and play she is a very happy baby 🥰 her favorite show is Minnie 💕
Madison is Charming, full of laughter. Has such an amazing personality at 1month .she loves kisses and talks
Joey is the happiest child! His smile is contagious and sparks joy in everyone he meets.
Greyson is 5.5 months old he has his own little personality and we all love it!! He loves sitting in his new chair and loves chewing on his catus teething toy!
Ryleigh is a very smart, beautiful and talented little princess. She loves her mommy and daddy and little brother so so so much! She always gives hugs and kisses and says she loves you. She loves Frozen, Toy Story, Moana, Cocomelon, Croods, Paw Patrol, Trolls, and Puppy Dog Pals. She loves to dress up as a princess, even tho she already is one! She loves her bath time and play time! She loves the outdoors and water! Any time she she’s water, she wants to play with it! She can count to 20 and knows her ABC’s! She loves to paint her and mommies fingernails. She like to have her hair braided and always wants to brush her teeth and wash her hands!! She is a very helpful cleaner and wants to help anyone she can! She is the absolute sweetest!! Mommy loves you Ryleigh Jo Quesenberry! To infinity and beyond baby girl! 💜💕💜💕🥰😍😘
Evie is a happy, goofy girl! She gives the best cuddles!
This is my handsome lil man Karter. He passed away of SIDS on December 28, 2020 he was 4 months and 28 days old. He loved, hugs, kisses, cuddles, mommy, daddy and sissy. He liked tummy time and bath time! Loved watching tv. He would stare at mommy and daddy and sissy constantly! He loved to smile! It would brighten the entire room up! He loved playing with his toys and eating 💙 He was oh so very smart and super strong, even his Dr couldn’t believe it for his age! I miss my Angel every single day. My heart hurts and I will do anything in this world to keep his memory alive and show his handsomeness off. Mommy loves you Karter Ray Quesenberry! To the moon and back baby boy 💙🤍💙
A sweet little boy who gets fussy when he needs his diaper changed or when you need to change his clothes
Melanie is a super smart independent sweet baby. She loves avocados and playing with her toys (her favorite toy is her hearing aids... 😂❤️) & her aunties dogs. She is lovable and just so precious. 🥰🥺
Isabella also know as bean is a very energetic child. She loves to put a smile on anyone’s face. Her laugh will make you laugh. She has an amazing personality and all around beautiful ❤️
Roman is three months old. He has a birthmark over his right eye. He loves his two big brothers as well as mommy and daddy. He loves to sit up and watch his surroundings. He Loves to laugh. He’s already reaching for items he sees he wants but can’t hold it for to long. 😂 He drinking a 6 ounce bottle every two hours or so. He loves to take pictures. He loves to see his self on camera or the mirror. He’s not a big fan a bath time at the moment. He’s a very happy baby boy. Vote for Roman because you can’t resist the smile😩🥰‼️‼️
Smiles all around 🥰
Angelo is 4 months old! He loves to laugh 💙 He also loves watching Cocomelon Dinosaurs 🦖 Angelo can now roll over and he’s working on learning to sit up!
He is almost 5 months old eats his 1st foods baby food and is teething can roll over and almost sits up on his own
He loves talking to everyone. His favorite words are mama and papa. He really loves his nursery rhymes.
Braxton had a liver transplant at 2.5 months old. He had a rare metabolic disorder called OTC. In other words a Urea Cycle disorder. He was hospitalized for 4 straight months then almost every other week for the rest of his first year of life. He is now doing really well and is catching up on everything he has missed out on. Your vote would mean so much to his family. 💙
Jerry was born February 19th, 2021 loves his mommy and daddy and loves eating and sleepy he also loves smiling and watching tv! He hates getting his diaper changed. He hates sleeping by himself as well.
Amias Fox, is the youngest of 5. He is a happy, smart, loving little boy. He gives the best kisses and hugs, loves his big brother Zion, and is a big mamas boy. breastfed 19 months and counting! Amias likes to take walks with his daddy, his favorite movies are Moana and Soul, he loves apples, steamed broccoli, and raspberries.