Baby Stories - 100


My baby girl is the happiest most energetic baby I have ever met she has change my life so much for the better waking up to hearing her baby squeals is all I need in my life please show your love to my beautiful baby girl 💓
Cocomelon on repeat 🔂
Everett loves music and watching every fan in the house. He also loves to eat and loves his fur sister, Maisy. He had his first laughing fit and slept through the night at nearly 3 months. We were all so happy!!
she’s a very happy lovable baby 😍💖
Alonzo Lewis
Hi everyone! Alonzo Paris Lewis is my name and I am 4 months old. I am such a happy baby and I love being talked to and also talking back to people. My favorite things right now is all of my dinosaur things and of course my bottle 💙
Everett William James
At a month old, Everett is already learning so much! He can hold his head up, roll over, follow voices and sounds, coo, smile, and give lots of love 💞. He is a very happy, content baby that loves to be held and snuggled.
Breanna she 4 month old she is a happy baby and she like to take pictures please vote for my baby girl 👧🏻 love ❤️ Breanna Alexxa Espinoza
Kainyn Anthoni was born on May 4th. He has quite the little personality already. He loves his Nannie, his Papaw, and his Mama.
Riley is a happy boy who loves to smile.
Ava is a sassy 3 year old who loves playing dress up and doing her hair and “makeup.”
My rainbow baby boy 😗 Trevon was a preemie baby & was born 34 weeks 6 days. He is now 2 months will be 3 months in 2 days.
Charly is my sweet girl she loves to play with her big brother and their car toys and dinos, she is also very much an outdoors girl weather its being in the pool all summer or going to lake Michigan when it’s frozen in the winter
Aidan is the sweetest little boy who loves being with his mom and dad, smiling at everyone, talking to new people, going on walks, and playing with toys!
Layla is a very active child.she love people and she likes to share her things with others.
Bailey is a happy little baby! She loves to smile, explore outside, and listen to live music!
Trinidad Joanna reed is a very special lil angel she brings so much joy and happiness to everyone around her she loves to hold your hand and loves to smile she’s a miracle baby
Kensley is a fun, loving little girl with a big personality. She is very funny with the cutest giggle. She is sweet but can be very fiesty. She loves to snuggle and give big kisses, but dont let her size fool you. She is a big ball of fire!
Fern is the sweetest.
Penelope is the sweetest little 5 month old she loves spending time with her momma🥰 She loves music and it's obsessed with the movie Rio. She is so smart for her age, she is also so cute and chunky 💕 Vote for my P💝
She is just born! She loves eating, pooping, and taking naps
Because he is so cute and chunky!
Scarlett just turned one! She loves to smile and laugh, get her photos taken, and is in love with Tarzan!
He’s a very happy baby. He loves his big brother and giggles all the time. He loves looking at himself in the mirror.
Hallie is one month old and loves to be rocked. She loves hanging out with her big brother and snuggles with mama!
Nickolas is so energetic smart and full of energy he makes u smile with his laughter and just hearing his voice
Gemma is almost 5 months old and is such a fun loving baby. She loves to smile and laugh all the time. She loves to eat her veggies (an entire container plus 5-6oz of a bottle). She’s a ham!
Otto is 2 months old, loves to stand up and loves his swing. Otto is such a happy good baby.
I’m NovaLee I’m 6 months old and I JUST learned how to crawl. I love smiling and talking to my mom and dad!
He is a happy baby he loves to smile
Raul jr is a outgoing handsome baby , he is play full and full of love ,
Janyla And Janiyah Thomas
Hello We Are Janyla And Janiyah The Thomas Girls Twins Very Beautiful Loving Full Of Joy Show Us Some Love And Support ❤️❤️❤️
Team Noah❤️ Noah was born two weeks early weighing 7lb and 15Oz. He loves to sleep and eat 🤩 he’s the baby of the house and loves attention.
Ermias Harris
Ermias likes to dance,eat,and play. He also has a bright personality...he just learned how to walk on his own. His favorite words is “dada” & “bye bye”
my darling Caleb such a sweet boy please vote thank you
She loves to float in her floaty in our pool, and spending time outdoors. And she loves spending time with her daddy. As well as going shopping with her nanny.
Malaya is full of love and personality all while being born two months early . Her smile will light up your world 🌍❤️
Everly And Amelia
These sweet girls were born in March and are ready to take over the world!!
Jayme Loves Smiling and listening to his mom sing to him 🎶 He may be a little under a month old but the way he loves Old school music I swear he has been here before!!!
Natalie is a very smart, outgoing 2 year old. She loves everyone. She knows her colors, her ABCs, and how to count to 10. She is an only child and has ALOT OF SAS ❤ She loves music and dancing best.
Trevor is a very smart 4 month old! He loves to giggle and eat! But most of all loves it when his sister reads to him! Any prizes won will go towards his future education!
Raven is 4 months old and loves her blankie, bottle, mommy & daddy, and cuddles!
Charlotte And Eloise
These sweet girls are warriors from the start! Born at 33 weeks, they have fought for their place on this earth and have loved every minute of life. You can see it from their sweet smiles. These twin girls bring so much light into our lives.
Charlotte is a smiling, goofy little girl. She loves baths and putting everything in her mouth
Beau is our little miracle, defeating all odds, and making every day better. She was premature, Born at 3lbs, and had a lot going against her but she's only gotten stronger, winning the hearts of everyone she meets
Jonah enjoys being outside in his swing, he loves baths, and the sound of the rain falling! He LOVES music and when someone sings to him. 💙
Paisley is a giggly girl , she loves snuggles and playing ❤️
Peyton loves the water and to smile she is a very happy, loving baby!