Baby Stories - 100


Chloe likes the color blue, loves the tast of bannans and growning like a weed and likes to travel. Also already trying to talk also trying to cut some teeth
He is such a loving smart boy and he is a handsome young man he has a very outgoing personality amazing boy
Morgan loves his french fries.and he loves his grandma.he has a very cute laugh and has those beautiful blue eyes like the Montana sky..
Ocean Ari
She always has a smile that brightens up a day. Keen observer that sometimes she makes funny faces when something interest her like food, video and bright lights.
Jackson is 4 and a half and is the most energetic kid I have ever met. He is super loving and caring towards his little sister and has a huge heart. He loves cars, superheroes, and power rangers.
Ember is 19months, is always on the move and loves to play with her brother. She loves her baby dolls and Minnie Mouse. She is way too smart for her own good though.
I call her Espa or little butt she tiny but she is fierce not afraid of anything vacuuming or a strange dog she is interested in everything and everyone and wants to know what their doing. She’s had weigh issues but she doesn’t let that stop her she is trying to stand on her own and eat baby food I love my little darling so much.
I call him Bitty Bob he is mischievous and loves to laugh and play, he often gives me heartaches because he likes to climb high on tables and couches and fall off backwards into a pile stuff animals. He says a few words but can understand everything we are saying I love him dearly.
Riot is 5yrs old an is in Kindergarten at Tushka. He loves school an playing outside with his fr8. He loves ridi g his bike N playing with his trucks. He will do anything for you.
Memorie is 4yrs old an is in PreK at Tushka. She is very outgoing an I not afraid of anything. She loves playing with her babies an stuff animals. She loves being around people very sweet an has a huge heart for everyone.
Caselynn is 6yrs. old and loves life. She loves going to school . She enjoys riding her bike an just being with friends and family.
He loves people to talk to him he loves to be held and he loves to eat
Le’Hana is amazing girl .She’s such a bright baby . Le’Hana is 10 months . Her birthday is in February. Le’Hana learning more and more each and every day . She’s very smart and comprehensive . she’s very Beautiful . when Le’Hana was born she was born cold so with the sickle cell trait . Le’Hana has a hard time staying warm blooded which can be a pain but mommy and daddy works through it with our baby girl .
Sweet, loving, and has the biggest/goofiest smile. 💜💜
Darrion loves to listen to his big brother tell him stories about his day. He is filled with smiles almost all day now!
Ayden is currently just hitting the stage in his life where he loves to talk in his own way and chews on his hands which means lots of slobber, but he has a heart of Gold an rarely will you catch him without a smile on his face. He truly is a Blessing from God.
Zaylee is the happiest baby. She melts everyone with her personality, cute giggles, and gorgeous blue eyes. She loves snuggles and is becoming the biggest Disney baby!
Bryanna is a Princess, a Disney Princess to be precise, as she states. She loves everything Disney. She also loves her Jeep and Daddy’s “Loud Car”.
Miss Nautica is a sassy, smart, and very kind hearted 3 year old. She loves all things girly, cooking, being outside, and her momma❤️
She's a happy baby that hardley ever cries! She definitely has a great personality.
She is full of personality and loves the camera
Joy live to laugh and coo she loves to bounce and try to carw she has asmile that is brighter them the sun it will make u melt and smile along with her she loves to snugle
I love To smile with everyone and make their day. Finding Dory is my favorite movie right now. Breastmilk is my favorite and i have 1 tooth. Mommy says to vote for me because im a cutie🤍
Collin is just a happy happy baby, he loves to cuddle and coo and talk and has the best smile 🥰
A miracle baby who loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and bananas ❤
Elijah is a very happy bouncing 11th month old! He has the best little personality. He is super cuddly and giggly.🥰
She loves to smile and cuddle!
Kilynn Rowe Guy
Babygirl is 2 months old she loves to smile and laugh
Y’all need to vote my beautiful babygirl ❤️ She loves her family and she is so sweet and cuddly
She loves dog's, She loves to eat She likes playing with her toys Her favorite word is dada She loves her mama and dada
Hi my names Haven🥰. I love the sun and everything colorful!. I love spending time with my mom and dad and my favorite food is Eggs and Spinach 😍. I’m 11 months old and the greatest bundle of joy❤️.
Hello my name is Josiah, I was born at 27 weeks, weighing about 2 pounds 10 ounces. I was in the NICU for over a month and since I’m a strong boy I got to come home to be with mommy and daddy earlier than expected. Now I am as healthy as ever and weighing at 6 pounds 5 ounces. I sure am a fighter ❤️
My name is Zack, I am 9 months old! I can sit up on my own. I am starting to find my forward gears when crawling (Ive only had reverse for a few weeks) I LOVE cheese puffs and popsicles. My favorite food is sweet potatoes. You need to use two spoons if you give me Sweet Potatoes.
This is my soon to be 1 year old niece , she is the happiest baby ever and loves her family so much.
Justin is 9 months old, loves to smile, laugh, play his little heart out, has 4 little teeth shining, loves the outdoors and mama is his favorite person. ❤️
Daekwon is 5months and is a happy baby 🥰 he smiles 24/7 and loves eating. He loves being held too
Hi my name is Maverick I will be 2 in 1 week I’m very respectful and I love to run,climb and make my family & friends laugh I love to cuddle & give my mommy & daddy lovings
Brooklynn is such a fun, loving firecracker!! She is so msart and loves to learn new things!
Lakota is a very smart and out going baby she loves to talk and scream and wave byebye
My little princess 😊, she is a beautiful, bright young lady. She enjoys playing dress up, doing her makeup, going to school and spending time with her friends. She has a funny personality and is very independent. Why should you vote for her?, well why not?
Monica is a girly girl and a tomboy. She loves make up, doing gymnastic and playing with barbies. She also loves playing with cars, Pokémon, and action figures. She loves having lazy days. :)
Carson is the light and soul of our whole family! When God blessed us with him he came into this world with a bang and has been shocking us each day with overcoming so many things. No matter how often he is hospitalized from being sick or all the drs appointments and testing nothing keeps this boy down. Carson works so hard to get to his milestones and we celebrate each one with a dance party. He knows over 150 signs, lots of sounds, new words each day, just started walking and is the smartest, most determined baby, funniest, loves music, dancing, and so much more!! His favorite song is 10,000 hours by Dan & Shay, Justin Bieber and Wheels on the Bus! Loves Mickey Mouse as much as he loves his pet cat Cooper! Vote for Carson because he is the most precious beautiful baby boy!
Joni loves to snuggle up with her mom and loves everyone she meets!
Meet ki aka malaki a very bright outgoing silly personality whos so sweet with 2 big brothers to keep in line theres never a dull moment he loves music dancing and animals. My little merical the last 2 children i had doctors were telling me i couldnt have but u see em today
Hi, I’m Serena! I’m a sassy little girl who loves laughing and talking to everyone!
Niko was born premature at 32 weeks. He was in the hospital for almost 2 months trying to maintain weight and body temp. Niko is now a year and a half and he is one of the strongest babies/kids I've ever met. Niko very energetic, really handsome, and lots of fun to be around. Currently we are learning body parts to keep on track
Ryleigh is an artist young lady who dreams of becoming a game designer/ developer. She has a very creative mind and loves being a big sister.