Emery LOVES to play outside! She also loves “working” at her mom’s boutique Cute AF and on her days off she spends time with her grandparents!
Ava loves to talk to her mom in baby talk, she loves to smile and ear the birds chirp in the mornings.
Tre’Zure is 7 months now she was a very fast learner, she’s so smart and changed me for the better she’s really my treasure box ❤️🥹 she’s a very goofy baby she wakes up with a smile on her face and I love that about her she’s always so happy !
Makenna is a fast learner, very talkative, loves doing her hair, and dressing up.
Honesty loves to watch Happy Feet and be with her tata. She loves to wave and say “tatatata” .! Her favorite food right now is sweet potatoes!💓😊
Charlotte is a very happy and loving baby. She loves her big sister so much.
Kennedy has a very big personality and loves her siblings so much!! She loves to squish her nose and make silly faces.
Adalynn is almost three months old starting to roll over and try to talk and giggle every now and then she is the sweetest baby
Christina loves herself momma and daddy & big brother, her dogs she loves music and she's loves to dance when there is music on she loves being outside laughs at everything most of the time she is a happy baby girl she is trying to roll over on her own she's a momma and daddy & bubby girl
Eilianie was born 26 weeks only weighing 1lb 11oz due to complications she lived her first 3 months in the nico n ccn thankfully she’s home now healthy baby girl who loves smiling and overall happy baby
Ariel is 4 months old and loves to laugh and smile!! She loves her mommy and daddy and siblings so much 💗
Chloee isn’t your typical girl she’s not afraid of worms she will dig for worms until she finds them. She also loves to help with laundry, cooking, and washing dishes. She’s little mama of the house and tries too be little mama over her 2 younger siblings.
Houston just became a big brother and he is the best! He loves his baby sister so much and wants to hold her 24/7. Houston loves playing outside, playing with cars, or empty dip cans as well as pretending to put a dip in and spitting in a bottle.
Mia loves to smile and she loves to play patty cake. Mia loves to act like she is sleeping but when you look at her she keeps one eye open with a half smile on her face.
Alleen is a very happy baby and loves everyone and loves her sissy especially she is a very great baby❤️
Jacquelynn is a very smart baby. She started to do things very early. She loves music and banging on stuff like drums. She is in love with Bluey and Sofia the First. Her favorite color so far is red or blue.
Felix is the sweetest two year old little boy, who loves Blippi, Land Before Time, T Rex Ranch, Cars, Trucks, animals and babies. He is so filled with life. Any money won will help go towards his education or towards rent/savings for emergencies, since I live paycheck to paycheck as a single Mom! <3
Dawson Loves wrestling and Loves to swim with his best friend maddie. He loves playing outside and morgan wallen. He said show him some love Ladies!!!
A healthy Preterm Baby ❤️
Cameron is such a special baby. He loves to scream to get people's attention. He loves his backyardigans. He has the most adorable smile
Hi! My name is Elizabeth. I am 1 and I love to play outside. I Love strawberries and green beans. I spend my time telling mommy what I want her to do and chasing my doggy Jarco
Hi, my name is Ocean! I love my mommy and daddy and all of my family, i can be sweet at times with a little spice! I love animals and watching them run and play. I am shy until I get to know you please vote for me!
Hi my name is Legaci but you can call me a miracle child 🤍 I was born 5 months early , weighing 1 pound and 8 oz . As of now I love to eat , sleep and smile ( laugh) , and I kinda talk a bit but no one can understand me yet 🙂 some say I’m lucky but I think it was all part of the plan , because now im heathy as can be weighing 13 pounds .
This is Harmony, she is 2 weeks old! She loves baths, naps with mommy and daddy, visiting her family, and tummy time!
Hayley is a one of a kind, she was born 3/25/22 (3 months) and loves being by her daddy, and also surrounded by her 5 fur-siblings. She thinks its funny she is due for a sibling(s):end of the year beginning of next year. She loves being outside in general especially for a walk either in the stroller or in her 4-1 carrier/backpack. She loves watching paw patrol mainly, but will watch other kid movies too. she loves giggling and gurgling alot. Lots of smiles too.
Little baby in a big world who loves to eat and sleep🥰
Hi my name is Jay'cee and I love being outdoors, playing with my big sister, going to the park and swimming. My mommy says that I am full of it whatever that means. I love to always be on the go and learn new things. I have been in the hospital alot since I was a little baby, I have an autoimmune disease that affects my lungs and kidneys. I don't let that slow me down. I want to go to school and play on the playground. I love having my pictures taken and also being barefoot. Thank You for your votes
Hi! My names Kaliah! I love being outside, playing in the pool, going camping, playing outdoors, and hanging out with my older sister and my younger siblings. I love my chickens and my goats and my favorite thing ever is the smash the eggs when I collect them! I think it’s funny 😊
Im Emberly! I was born 6 weeks early & im a rainbow baby 🌈 I spent some of my time in the nicu before going home. I love my mom & dad but honestly, i love everyone. Im always smiling & happy.
Tanner is a mommas boy he loves sleeping and eating laughing and playing he is a happy baby and loves his big sister
Sophia love playing outside she loves dogs cat horses chickens and ducks
A’niyah is an 6 year old small business owner. Who also loves to read, dance & cook.
She’s got one heck of a personality and she loves getting into everything! She is on the go 24/7 and she is ALWAYS happy!
Seth loves chewing on his hands he smiles and loves to talk
Sage is a feisty and funny 9 month old! She loves to snack and loves to watch people. Her favorite thing however is to steal mommy’s phone and accidentally take videos!
Noah is the happiest baby. His smile will melt your heart. He loves animals but favors puppies. Paw Patrol is his favorite show 🐾 Noah is mommies miracle baby and brings lots of joy to our family.
Bentley is 2 years old he love to go for rides , go fishing , and spend time with his family but watch out hes a ladies man ❤
Makenna is 10 months old loves music and lights shes such a happy baby all the time i love her so much best baby ever🥰
Weston is 5 months old! He has 2 teeth coming in! He’s a very happy baby with an attitude! Loves to play with his toys! He has the cutest smile and laugh! He’s trying to learn to sit up! He loves to hangout with mommy and daddy! Overall he’s a great and happy baby!!💙
Josephina is the most happiest baby you’ve ever met, she loves her cookies, and nap time, she loves to cuddle.
Bentley Grey was born March 26th making him mommys birthday twin. He is an extremely happy baby and loves to hangout with his furry siblings.He loves to cuddle and loves when mommy wears him on walks!
Rylee won her fight against CDH(congenital diaphragmatic hernia) she had less then 20% chance of living and we found a dr in Florida to help and she’s strong as can be now🥰 Rylee saved us she’s learning more and more how to eat by mouth she LOVES her bath times she loves her walks!
Emma loves doing girls scout and Pageants
Camila likes bananas also likes to say hiii lol and dada she is very smart and getting big fast lol she also likes playing with baby dolls
Annalee’s warm hugs can warm your heart!
Our little Beans is a dream come true. Our little rainbow baby makes every day a dream❣️