Amara Joy is the sweetest, happiest little girl in town!
Max was almost 3 weeks early to enter this world, he’s currently taking part in his free trial of viewing this world, he would like a refund.
Mark is a happy growing boy who absolutely loves his cuddles. He is a big mamas boy!! He enjoys drinking lots of milk and sleeping in his swing!
This little guy is only 4 months old and smiles, giggles and loves his siblings!
Liam loves bath time looking in the mirror andd talking to his sister. Hes very vocal and a happy baby.
Hi my name is Isabella an im 6 weeks old i love to spend time with my daddy. Im already a mommas girl. I have a nine year old brother who just loves me to pieces.
Elaina loves her music and loves to smile at her mom
Favorite word is obviously DaDa, she loves stealing her big brothers toys (the dog)!
Hi I’m Matilda and I was born on New Year’s Day! I love my mommy and daddy! I’m learning new things everyday!
Cattleya is 3 months she getting so big and she is so active and very happy please help her get frist place
Cameron Lee is 3 weeks old. He loves his milk and cuddles! Hes a first child! Hes always smiling and a very happy baby!
Cute, bubbly, giggly, handsomest , happiest, sweetest, mamas boy.
This is our sweet gift from god Aizlee Kay! She is our blessing! She super sweet, loves her cuddles and her older 5 siblings! She just started smiling and loves to show it! Vote for our beautiful sweet Aizlee!
Lakelynn is our SMA warrior!
Emery is a super happy baby, that's always full of giggles and squeals. She really loves her stuffed puppy, stuffed giraffe and vibrating hedgehog. Her favorite toys are her rattle and a cactus teether. She was born with the full head of hair that she has, and hasnt lost it yet. She loves bath time, and just started showing interest in playing with the water a few days ago.
Alarah is our rainbow baby who loves the water and eating. She’s the happiest baby ever and would love your support 🤍
Conner loves to experience new things and he loves to work in his office AKA his bouncy activity center
Mila always is a happy baby she loves to play and their is never a dull moment when it come to her
Grayson brings so much joy and laughter to everyone he meets. He crawls super fast already and is starting to stand! He’s super curious and loves investigating everything haha
Zoey Elizabeth is an amazing 9 year old girl, she’s an amazing Big sister, she enjoys going outside to play, she enjoys make-up, going shopping, and Lazy Days.
Brooklyn Is The smartest almost 2 year old, she loves her momma, grandma. she loves to play outside with her big sister, Tictok is her favorite thing to watch on the Little screen while Paw Patrol, Clifford and Mickey Mouse are her favorite things to watch on. The big screen.
Jaythan loves to play he’s smart funny he loves his baby crackers and loves his Cocomelon and his favorite movie at the moment is Trolls world tour
Mason is a happy 5 month old. He loves his mommy and daddy and can brighten up any room.
Bexley is my name I was handed picked my uncle in heaven. I have been a blessing to my family. I love to smile please vote for me thank you
Chase is 2 months old and my whole world, after miscarriages and loses I finally got my rainbow baby and I wouldn’t trade him for the world and more.
Penelope is the happiest, most bright-eyed baby you could ever meet!
Ziah mae is one of a kind, very sweet and already has a huge personality. She's a daddy's girl
Three is a young man with such a personality already . He loves stuffies and snuggles.
Hi my name is Paisley, I am one month old and growing everyday! I’m a mamas girl all the way! My mamas my best friend, she loves me with all her heart! I love to snuggle, look around, go on walks when it’s warm out, and be talked to. I can hold my head up like a big girl more and more everyday! Mommy is super woman she makes sure I have everything I need and more, she takes good care of me. Its me, mommy, my Mimi, Popop, my auntie Lexi, uncle Chris, my cousin Christopher, uncle Manley and colt, and the puppies kilo and Pandora. I love them all so much! Thank you for reading about me!
If theres a face to be made, Cora will make it!
Maeve is our little preemie! Sweetest baby ever!!!
I’m a happy baby girl!! I love music, car rides, and talking to everyone! I’m getting my first baby teeth!
Maizie is a curious little girl who loves to stretch her neck and check out the world shes livin' in! Maizie survived a partial abruption during her time in utero at 22 weeks and mamma & daddy are very thankful for her every second of every day! 🥰
Peyton is a very active/ sweet little girl, she loves everyone and is just all around the most amazing baby ever and I’m obsessed with her.
Hello my name is Bryce I love to smile and laugh. I love my mommy and gramma they take very well care of me. I like to make noises when I read tags. I love the show super wings and I love jumping up n down while laughing at my self. I love to smile and make faces
She a pretty Happy baby
Carter is 9.5 months old! He loves to crawl around and play with his big sister! He loves Mickey Mouse club house! His favorite thing to do is eat!
Desmond is a sweet, loving kid, with plenty of attitude. He loves his sweets and his trucks. And if he could he’d walk around in nothing but his boots!
Adam is loving,caring, and smart cookie. He loves sports especially in soccer and football. He has a brother whom looks up to him.
I’m a blue eyed dimpled boy, who loves to be outside & watch teletubbies & Mickey Mouse.
Adalynn is 8 months old she loves her mommy and daddy. She has 2 teeth and is very active
Kinsley is such a happy, bright, loving little girl. She loves to dance and play, especially with the animals. She makes everyone around her smile. She’s always laughing and talking up a storm. She loves cuddling up and watching movies with mom and dad. She’s overall the best little bean❤️ 😊
Grayson Robert loves looking around and seeing all the new things in the world. Holds his head up like a champ and loves to scoot up mommas body when laying on her. Hes so happy all the time besides when hes fighting his naps or mommy & daddy don't make his bottle fast enough. Hims loves bathtime, Car rides, his swing and of course his momma and daddy❤
Shawn is a Happy 1 month old. He love to eat, sleep and spend time with his mommy, sister and grandma. Shawn loves to smile and watch TV whenever he's not sleeping.