Loves talking, watching the muppet babies, and being sang to. :)
Ethan is perfect in everyway. He loves to play with his brothers and sister. He loves to build with legos!
Lilly loves to watch Bluey while she's learning how to walk! Her favorite food is banana apple oatmeal cereal. She plays all day and is always full of smiles
Gracelynne is known as our little spitfire! She’s sweet but sassy and always knows what she wants! She is always smiling and no one is a stranger. She is a pure joy to everyone
She is small but mighty! Only spent 27 days in the NICU after being born at 31 weeks! She is talkative and super smiley! She loves her stuffed animals and her grandma!
Eat, sleep, poop, repeat.❤
Was born on her great grandfathers birthday.She loves music,singing,and watching her older siblings do tik toks.She's an extremely happy baby .Never cries unless she hungry and thats a whimper.
Khaimirah Brown
Oh welcome Too my world my name is khaimirah but everyone else call me baby khai or doodies most like my mommy call me her dut dut I love to watch tv enjoy my family also I have my days of doing wat I want I recently turned9 months and I started my first word da da now it’s Mama and at times my oldest sister names I enjoy listening to music and dancing wen my sisters say go dut dut I get on my knees and dance I love hugging and being loved on I love my sisters my mom and dad I have another sister who’s before me who I love very much I entered this contest because I live my sister she’s special she bed. Through so much and she deserves to have one time to live and I wanted to win to take her somewhere special
Zuri Brown
Hi my name zuri I’m 5 yrs old I suffer from being death but nothing stops my daily life and I wouldn’t change my life for the world I would like to win to show my mom and father how much I appreciate them through my hospital stats recovery placements I can do anything and this world but I choose to make my mommy and daddy proud of me for being who I am I love to flip run sometime I try to have conversation but the best part is I’m here living after 3 intestine survives and reconnection of bowels I’m living and i want others like me to know we are special jus like 👍 others and we can do anything possible in life despite our health we are strong
Aubrie is 8 months old❤️ She’s the sweetest baby girl. She loves to smile and laugh.
Izabella is 5 years old. She loves school and She loves to draw. The youngest girl of the family but acts like she’s the boss. Very sweet and sassy
Noah Is 5 months. He is literally the sweetest baby. Very quiet and calm. Loves to smile all day and at everyone he comes across.
Shakira Cole
Shakira is starting to baby talk ,turning over scooting backwards and forward ,she like to smile a lots she my cute little girl she learning lot from her sisters and brothers
Jonathan is a twin. A micro premie born at 25 weeks gestation. Now he has grown into such a strong boy and is a little fighter.
Ruuben is a very funny child. He loves to sing twinkle, twinkle, little star.
Gracelyn Rae is our rainbow baby🌈. She is the sweetest & happiest baby you’ll ever meet . She lights up any room she ever comes in. Anyone that meets her instantly loves her . ❤️
Ethan is 6 years old … He loves everyone .. he has a good heart loving young baby
Symphony is 5 years old … she a smart beautiful baby girl she loves making people laugh and smile
Harmony is 12 years old … loves dancing making TikTok… love smiling & laughing
Harlee Mae is one of the happiest babies you'll ever meet. A singing elephant thats on her play mat is her favorite toy and she loves watching movies with momma and daddy. Strong girl 🌈🎀
Bentley Mae is the sweetest & strongest little girl ! She never stops kicking her feet and loves to bounce !
Maverick will be one in just a couple weeks! He loves his three big sisters and cocomelon! His bright blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair matches perfectly with his silly spunky personality!
This baby is always so happy 💕 she is beautiful 🥰
Born 5 weeks early and shares her birthday with her Daddy who she identical too! She absolutely loves Mommy and mamas milk, She's loves her Daddy and Aunt NiNi. She enjoys being outside looking around at everything. And being held is her favorite thing!
She is VERY independent and brave. She loves to sing. She loves cats and dogs. She watches GABY CAT & LITTLE PEOPLE. Here, she saying STOP Nene. Watch me.
The happiest girl, who loves her family and a good meal🍽️❤️💖
Ciley is 7 years old loves playing with her friends an animals. She loves the outdoors an singing
Hi, My name is Amethyst, but everyone calls me Amy. I am 1 year old and I love Elmo! I love playing with my older brother, chasing my kitty cats, and getting into things I'm not supposed to be in. Thank you for stopping by!
Ken Masters
For the one who needs no introduction he speaks for him self when he smiles.
Hi, I’m kenrai! I love to smile and laugh and meet new people:) I have 3 doggos that I love very much!
Paisley Novalee
Paisley is 5 months old. She likes to watch Mickey Mouse. She loves to snuggle with mommy and daddy. Paisley loves to see colorful lights. She also loves to smile and laugh.
gannon is the happiest baby i’ve ever met. he LOVES to eat and play with his brother and puppy.
Alexander is seriously the best! He loves cars and trucks and tractors. He loves helping his daddy on his car. He loves to get down and dirty! He loves to ride tractors!
Hi my name is Camron I’m 3 months old my favorite things to do are smile and wave at everyone I’m cooking all the time trying so hard to get words out my first word was hi I’m cutting my two bottom teeth already trying to roll over and when I get frustrated with tummy time I’m already trying to crawl I love spending time with mommy and daddy when they aren’t annoying me😁 but I really love being with my Mimi and pj and I was sent to my family as a gift from heaven
ViviAnne is 4 months old, she is the smiliest sweetest baby girl! her smile lights up a room! she is our rainbow baby & couldn’t think of a better way to describe her, she is pure JOY, a ray of sunshine in human form ✨☀️
Xyloh loves mickey mouse , cars , and music 🎶! He also has the most contagious smile ❤️
Cali is a beautiful young lady with the best personality and the most contagious laugh. She enjoys tumbling, music, shopping, and hanging with her friends. Even more than that she is the greatest big sister to her 2 year old sister and her pup Carson.
Lucian James
6 month old spunky lil baby learning his voice and love to roll around the floor and his babble talk is his favorite
I am Kylon. I am the silliest 7 month old ever. I love smiling, slobbing, and scooting across the floor. I love to eat and Gracie’s Corner is my favorite thing to watch.
NovaReign is a bright beautiful little girl who loves to play and eat she says mama dada nana
I am very outgoing. I love being outdoors. I love basketball and softball.
I’m very funny and entertaining. I can make anyone smile. I love being outdoors Sports is my favorite.
Isaiah is a happy baby that loves bluey and loves to be loved ❤️
One of the happiest babys ive ever met, Gracelyn has a wonderful personality
Hi! I’m Nezamiah. My friends call me Neza. I am 3 months and full of smiles, laughs and conversation. Thanks for coming to my profile and don’t forget to vote! Have a blessed day ❤️