Baby Stories - 10


Asia loves her snacks. And touching everything that catches her attention. Her favorite movie is Happy feet two and Moana. She bounces and jumps and claps to all kinda of music as long as she hears a beat. She is very vocal and is slowly learning sign language.
Sweet, curious, kind, outgoing and smiley
Very sweet an loves to eat an sleep
Brooklynn is very inquisitive, very outspoken.She enjoys dancing, family, music,cartoon & make believe saving the world!! Parent Brient
Very easy going. Very curious.So juicy & cuddly. Parents James & Ruby. Loves to be held in sit up position so he can watch the world. Blessings!!
Emma Jean
Emma is 1 years old, she is super sweet and has a great smile. She loves to eat mashed potatoes, french frys and pepperoni.
Sequoyah Blazer Jr
Sequoyah Oneida Blazer Jr , is 4 months old and loves to laugh and play on his tummy time mat .. he loves Watching Mickey Mouse and coco melon ❤️
He is our little Cowboy an is Mom & Daddys boy...
Kimber is 3 months old loves to sleep and eat and be able to look at things she dose not like to lay flat she is a very happy baby
Izzy is a very special little girl. She has been through so much in her little life but still keeps that pretty smile on her little face. She is a loving , full of energy little girl.
He is a people person he loves baby shark and dinosaurs he loves helping his papa Marvin
I'm a 7 month old fashionista! I love to eat , play and kiss my mommies on my down time! Vote 4 me 🥰 Miss Skai💫
Gus loves to be on the move, although nothing can beat a warm bottle of milk 😁
She loves car rides.
Kareena is our 4th child. We waited to have her for so long. She is our first full term baby. Her development and motor skills are exceeding expectations. We are so thankful to have her!
Nierra is a beautiful little girl, who loves singing, and playing like she’s a doctor, her favorite tv show is Bluey. 💕she’s always smiling always wanting to take lots of pictures.
Ellianna is very smart and growing up so fast. She loves boss baby and spending time with all of her family. Loves to give kisses and loves to dance she has many personalitys
Mckenlynn is a sweet beautiful little babygirl an loves her Mom & Daddy D...
Declan is a 6 month old who likes to roll everywhere. He loves to giggle especially first thing in the morning.
Gracelynn loves to play all day with her sister and brother and loves to watch shimmer and shine and like to help feed the dogs and her rabbit her favorite food is pizza favorite dessert is cupcakes
She loves coco melon 💜 she is 5 months old she loves laughing she says mama dada & hi 💜 she loves peek a boo 💜
Mason is the sweetest and loves talking to everybody! He loves eating spaghetti so much we had to get him a shirt just so he don’t mess up his clothes. He is adorable in my eyes! My chubby cheek baby, my comedian of a child! I wish he was still a newborn. Vote for Mason!!!!
Pretty eyes and chunky thighs. Can always count on this happy baby to brighten up my day!
Carter is the happiest baby! Never without that smile on his face
He lives to smile. Hes calm and would prefer a cuddle over a toy.
Emilia Rose
'Emmie' is a super happy baby and just loves to be cuddled with. She is always smiling & laughing and loves when her big sister Elliana (Ellie) plays with her.
London Sarai
A model at heart ❤, loves to dance and give hugs, loves to feed the dogs her food🙄, a big sweetheart , very active from the time she was 4-5 months, loves the song " the london bridge " 😂, shes funny 😌💞 and very smart & continues to learn something new everyday .
Elodie is almost a 3 month old babygirl, she loves to smile, loves to be tickled. She is honestly just the perfect baby you could ask for!!
Jake Makani
Jake Makani loves smiling at everyone😁 he loves standing on his feet to explore new things, hes sweet and cuddly baby
My little girl is a fighter. She isnt quite a month old and already she has had a bit of a rough time. She ended up in the NICU for a brief while after birth but she fought her way through and we were able to bring her home. Since then, she has made strides to show she is just like her grandma, a fighter.
Jonny is a true character very funny and loving. Loves his trains, planes, and cars!
Amelia Ann is the absolute light of my life. I am blessed to be her mother. She loves her family and trying to eat her toes-she’s a funny little girl. Her smile always brightens even the darkest days
Jakob loves to chase or be chased by his big brother Jonny. He loves giving hugs and kisses and loves the camera. Just loves looking at himself in the mirror or on camera
Dawn Ortiz
She's a fun excited about everything in life kinda of daughter that brightens your world up
This is my little Cystic Fibrosis warrior, Nova Verily! She is my only baby and she saved me in ways I couldn’t even begin to describe. She lights up the room and everyone that sees her falls in love. She loves animals - especially dogs.. When she sees a dog she jumps and squeals in excitement. Nova is energetic and happy most of the time and she would be so excited when she gets older to see that she won a contest❤️ Vote for her because she’s precious!
I love my mommy and daddy, I also like saying hi and bye-bye and I love my mid-morning snuggles with my daddy and I love giving my mama tight hugs and slobbery kisses
My baby girl loves the outdoors and her new puppy. Her big blue eyes compliment her usual ear to ear smile❤️
Alani loves the ‘I love you’ song by Barney. She also loves to hear herself make noise. Alani is very smart and learns something new everyday.
Mason is handsome happy smart baby who loves boss baby!
Autumn is my rainbow baby. She is always smiling and loves to give kisses. I cannot tell you how much joy she has brought our entire family. We love this little girl so very much xoxoxo
Maximus was born in October, he enjoys his time snuggling, cooing and hanging out with his doggo siblings Parker & Dakota
Ryder is a 2 week old little boy who loves cuddles! He brightens anyone’s day who’s near him. He loves his swing and being held. Please vote!
I love going to kalahari! I play soccer and love it! I have straight A’s in school! I’m wild and love to have fun!
Vera, who’s full name is Veronika, is a sweet and loving little three year old! She loves to play and to share. Her favorite show is Bluey. She copies literally everything from Bluey! She loves to paint and do her makeup just like her mommy!
Nash is an active, silly and loving little boy. He is so much more than I ever dreamed of.