Baby Stories - 10


Isla is such a happy baby! She loves to watch her bothers’ crazy dance moves and isn’t stingy with her smiles!
Dream is a very happy, sweet princess 🥰. She will absolutely conquer the world
Sweet baby Willow is such an amazing baby! She is very curious, smart, talkative, and lovable.
Ayden is 3 months old he is a very happy baby he loves to smile when he sees mommy,Daddy and Big brother..
He’s very smart loving and playful loves everybody around him and friendly paw patrol is his favorite cartoon and he loves to eat
Xena is the 3rd fire sign in our little family after her mommy and daddy! A Moroccan Viking baby who loves talking and playing with her Peppa pig plushy!
Xavier loves watching his daddy play his games, swaying in his swing and cuddles with mommy!❤️
Our “McDreamy” loves to sleep, eat her fingers, and go on long walks with mommy and daddy.
My babygirl was born September 10th let’s give my princess some love 💕
Hadley is the best granddaughter she never really gets upset she is always a happy beautiful baby
Everleigh is 3 months old and is just the sweetest baby. She loves to talk and stick her tongue out! What isn’t there to love about this beautiful blue eyed baby?
Zane “meaning” God is Gracious! He definitely lives up to his name. He’s our world! He’s such a happy baby boy!
Nash is the happiest 4 month old you have ever met. He is full of smiles and laughs and he loves his two dogs and cat (he just learned he can pet them)! Nash loves going on walks with mommy and daddy splashing in the tub. How did we get so lucky?!
Braxton is four months old and is such a happy good little boy ☺️ He loves playing with his toes and talking to his big brother!!
Hailey is the happiest baby, and her absolute favorite thing to do is sleep!
Louie is very smart , and a fast crawler. He’s full of energy and super sweet. His personality is so outgoing and he gives a big smile to everyone he meets ❤️
Amara is a very happy little girl always smiling. She has the cutest giggle she is so curious and watches everything. She Uses her feet for everything She picks her toys up with her feet. She loves to be hugged and cuddled
Kamari has one of the best personalities i have ever seen for a baby his age! He loves to dance, listen to music, ride his 4 wheeler, he loves his food lol, and he loves to give hugs
Irelynn is 3 months old and absolutely loves the camera! She enjoys playing with mommy & daddy, watching Elmo, and bath time! She’s a very social and loving baby and we feel so lucky to be her parents!
Hi ! Kayden is my nephew , he is super outgoing with an amazing personality he is super smart and so sweet!!
Hi I’m Dax! I’m learning to sit up like a big boy. I love to eat and sit in my bouncer outside and watch the cars go by.
Axel is a social baby that will just chat with anybody. He loves to play with his daycare friends and loves going. He loves to be in the water and doesn’t want to leave his pool.
Zoe is a happy little girl. She loves to smile and enjoys car rides.
Axxel is my grandson and is the most wonderful,happy,loving, ray of sunshine God ever created. He can put a smile on anyone's face with his addictive smile
‼️We ❤️ All our voters, thank you for supporting Xavior through these contests, help him stay in the top 25 ‼️Also if I don’t click the like on your post that doesn’t mean I don’t see it, I’m just really busy with voting and Xavior because he’s in everything! Your supposed to teach your children to work for what you want, and to never cheat your way through anything, also every baby in this contest is cute ! There’s no “that’s the cutest baby”This contest is not to hate people , or put people down, it’s supposed to be supporting eachother because everyone deserves to be 1st place! We should literally all come together and whoever’s been trying the longest let them get it and the chain can keep going, that’s the only way I know each one of us can actually win without wasting money to win and everyone knows it🤷‍♀️ but That’s my opinion on it 🥰❤️ I still Wish everyone the best. Xavior has almost all his teeth,he likes to bite everything! He loves baths,Mickey Mouse and learning sign language he currently knows how to sign (please, thank you , sorry, milk ,eat, all done and potty ❤️ He also knows how to walk but always runs instead 🤣he likes to use his functional kitchen for being independent, and is almost done being potty trained ❤️He smiles for everything and everyone especially the GIRLS 🤣 this handsome little man gets smarter everyday! Thank y’all for voting!!!
Actually it's a beautiful young lady with a wonderful soul. Her mom she loves her uncle to pieces both of them Uncle Jon she likes spending time with their brother playing in the mud going swimming swinging on the rope swing she's just a little country girl looking to have a good time no matter what she finds it and it loves her little baby..
Adalynn is a very happy,sweet, and sassy 7 year old who loves to play outside any chance she gets. She is always full of energy.❤
Weston is the sweetest little boy, he is about to be 10 months old and has so much personality!
Hello this is beautiful Chloe she is 17 days old and loves to cuddle and smile ❤😍💚
Hello this is Chloe she is 2 weeks old she loves her nana and great grandma and loves to smile 💚😍❤
Chloe is 2 weeks old and.born early she was 4pounds ans 15oz now she is 6pounds and 7oz she loves to smile she is a great beautiful baby girl 🤩😍💚
My baby girl Addie can light up a room with her contagious laugh and smile. With her strawberry blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes she’s a show stopper. ♥️♥️♥️♥️ Please give our girl a vote!! We would appreciate it so much ☺️☺️☺️
This sweet handsome boy loves his fur babies! He’s got such a personality in one little body! He impresses his momma every day with how smart and strong he is!
Mialina has brought a torn family together. Her bubbly personality makes anyone around her smile. She’s sweet, thoughtful, and is always dancing and making anyone around her laugh with her facial and body expressions. She is a true blessing!
Val loves to laugh, burp and fat. He loves it when people smile because that gives him a reason to smile to.
Jayden is very strong and very funny and he’s a Pandemic baby too smart and handsome
I am Pai 💋. My mama call me Lele sometimes. I like to watch Peppa Pig & Elmo. I know how to roll over & hold my bottle ❤️. I was born two weeks early due to low heart rate. I exchanged votes 🕺🏽 And I won 1st in SC twice on Bidiboo.
Joseph is the sweetest little boy. He loves cuddles, hugs and kisses. He loves to eat. Vote for Joseph...because you cant resist his smile.🥰
Nova is a strong little girl. She has been through the NICU and has survived having COVID. She is the sweetest baby with a great personality.
Lee is just a happy baby. He just turned one in June he is Always smiling and will brighten your day even when your feeling down. He loves to dance to music videos and play with his toys. He is the love of this grammas life😍
Brailey is 3 weeks old lets give her some love
Anova is a very happy, calm, and goofy chunky baby girl! She loves any type of food and doesn’t play when she was to be fed :)
Braelyn is a very sweet baby full of smiles. In her picture that’s her innocent pose like “I didn’t do it” 😊. We can’t go anywhere without getting several compliments about how adorable she is, she even waves hi when she gets peoples attention. She deserves your vote!
Grayson is 6 weeks old! He loves looking at lights and being with his momma. His best friend is his doggy named Leroy!