Baby Stories - 10


Andrew is loved and cherished by everyone who meets him. His big blue eyes will melt your heart!!💙 He smiles all the time and has the most precious laugh. He has a very outgoing personality. He loves bubbles, bath time, and playing with all kinds of fun cool toys!! Go vote for andrew!!
Serenity Rose
Hi Guys my Name is Serenity Rose , I just turned 1 year old on January 22 and I have blossomed like a beautiful flower 🌹 mommy is so amazed by the things I do , I love to pick out flowers from the front yard when I do I get one for mommy and My Nana. I love to go for walks on the side walk on my own as mommy follows behind. I love giving kisses , I’m such a friendly/ bubbly baby that every stranger I meet I wave “Hi” And “Bye” (Mommy Gets worried about that) I also love hugging people. I like helping my nana do chores I see her sweep 🧹 I’ll sweep with my mini broom 😂♥️ I see mommy dust things out I want to grab a cloth and help her wipe too. I Love Doggies , as much as I love dancing 💃 My # 1 Hobbie Is EATING 🍽 I eat just about anything mommy and nana give me. When I see mommy getting ready for work I like to watch her and help her get ready I’ll grab her make up brush and help her apply her foundation (Not The Best) but I try 😆 I see mommy brushing her hair , I grab my brush and brush mines too, I Also help mommy find her shoes and bring them to her 👟. I love helping mommy do laundry too I like to pass her cloths as she puts them in the washer also Last but not least I love to listen to Richard Clyderman when it’s time for bed. Mommy is Oh So proud of me And so is daddy 💕♥️🥰
Emmett will be one on the 16th! He loves eating, running with his walkers. His new favorite thing to do is dance, and whenever he hears “Alexa, play music” he just instantly starts dancing. He is so funny, and the happiest little boy!
Canaan is a creative and loving 6 year old! He loves playing outside and wants to be a fireman when he grows up!
Hi my name is Amelia Jane Kitts and I’m cute but rotten! I love elephants and Christian music! My favorite songs is Didn’t I walk on the water!!!
Hi I’m Finlee I’m 2 months old and I’m a good baby I love the colors pink and army green I love to smile and giggle and I can hold my head by myself already isn’t that amazing 💕
Bentley just turned 3 months old, he loves green beans and bananas!! he loves watching animal planet and old western movies with his papaw!
He's the most chill baby I've ever been around. He hangs out and smiles at anyone who looks at him, especially his big brothers!
Hi I’m Julian Xavier, I’m almost 6 months old. I love to roll over and laugh with mom and dad. I love to smile and talk. I’ve figured out my toes and am obsessed with my fingers and my tongue. I’ve started eating baby food and bananas are my favorite.
Kenzlee Ray
i Loves to talk, laugh ,and smile❤️ i also love sleep i'm am everywhere now and i love my mommy ❤️❤️'
Hello I’m Camdyn! I’m 18 months and I’m a water bug! I love playing with my toys and going outside to play, I also enjoy watching my favorite show word party! Please vote for me❤️
He’s almost six months old , love to give kisses and is full of life! He babbles and wakes up with a smile! His smile could light up a room! He’s our sweet sweet boy! Such a blessing to our little family!
Levi is the happiest baby I have ever met! There’s nothing he loves more than laughing and yelling as soon as he wakes up each morning. He enjoys listening to music, going on walks, and he LOVES his 2 puppies that he has at home.
Axel’s favorite things include chewing his hands, jumping in his jumper, and playing on his play mat! You should vote for Axel because who doesn’t love a chunky baby?! He is almost 4 months old and one of the happiest babies around!
She love watching her baby shark
Tj is 2 months old he was 6 weeks early but growing everyday. Hes a miracle. He loves looking at lights and listening to moana
Ford has one of the biggest imaginations he can play for hours ... And one of the sweetest boys every he really is awesome...
Looking to advance votes to be returned in July 2021....Our votes are not staying posted I have Jaylen c and Travis l voting also... If you can advance votes during our contest in July we would greatly appreciate it just write on Chase’s wall...thanks. Chase is the happiest boy and is such a joy for everyone around him... he loves climbing and playing with his toys. He is Momas only baby boy. Please vote back or we stop 🛑 votes and also please make sure you post your votes on our wall..❤️❤️
Stetson likes to eat, sleep, cuddle, and play with his toys! He's 4 months old and loves listening to music and enjoys tummy time. His mommy loves him very much and wants to share his cuteness with all of you!
William widner iv was born December 29th 2020 he weighed 8lbs 5oz 20inches long and loves to smile and laugh and roll over he’s already holding his head up and loves tummy time and loves to eat!! Mommy and daddy loves him so much and are very proud of him
Colter was born Dec 14, 2020 weighing 7 lbs 14 oz and 20 inches long. Colter is the smiliest, sweetest boy ever. He loves his mommy and dada and loves listening to Morgan Wallen. He tries so hard already to sit up on his own, loves checking everything out with them blue eyes, & makes so many funny facial expressions. ❤ He is our blessing in disguise and we couldn't be more thankful for the love and joy he has brought into not only our lives but everyone he meets. Please vote for our baby boy. 💙❤ Much appreciated. 😊
I love puppies, and trips to the park.
Kolton is a very happy seven month old that lives in oregon. He will soon be a big brother to his baby sister arriving in June. Kolton loves bath time and always enjoys being outside. His favorite tv show is Trash Truck.
August is a miracle she is mommy and daddies savior rehab and jail was promised for me and she changed everything I live to call her my blessing everyday
He’s our rainbow baby. Very vocal & loves laughing with you. He adores everyone. He’s also our slobber monster lol❤️❤️
Maezy is the happiest baby anyone has ever met 😝 She absolutely loves her feet, and her food! She likes to smack things continuously and smile at anyone who looks upon her 😁
Say hello to my beautiful babygirl Allyson Jean Louise Jensen😍 Allyson was born on December 8th 2020 weighing 7 pounds 8 ounces! She loves to smile for anyone and anything! She’s the happiest little baby I’ve ever seen! She loves bath time,enjoys talking to mommy and daddy and loves to be held her favorite part of the day is when daddy gets home from work and watches cartoons with her (Mickey Mouse) My sweet girl is truly a gift from god❤️ Please show us all the love and vote for my babygirl!😍❤️
Elouise is a spunky 2 year old. She loves taking pictures and very sassy
Lucas is a happy boy. He is the light of our life.
Koldyn is a firecracker! His personality shines as bright as the sun, he is such a silly boy. He loves to color and is rarely seen without food of some sort, he loves his older brother and sister so much he can't stand to be away from them! The sweetest little boy, so full of love and curiosity 💙
My name is Rohnwyn Isabella and I love baby shark, dinosaurs, and all my sisters and brother! I’m wild and love the outside too!
Gianna is the sweetest baby girl, she’s just started to laugh out loud and is trying to sit up. She loves her big brother and also being outside. VOTE VOTE for babygirl please 🤍
Dawson Wes
Dawson is a spunky, happy, silly little rambunctious boy! He loves to eat bananas and play hide and seek! 💙✨
Ace man is 10 months, loves to yell and chat away at ya, play with all his trucks and loud cars. Do anything mom and dad is doing and has so much personality definitely knows what he wants. Very happy baby! Always smiling ❤️
She is a very happy baby she love of my life.
Shes loves to eat banna's baby food, she loves to play in her boucer with her toys, she loves her big brother ,she loves kisses from mama
Sapphire likes eating? Playing? Cuddling? Rocking? Dancing?
She is a beautiful little girl who has such a personality for being for young ❤️
Kendall is a bundle of joy! She is 2 months and loves cooing & moving her entire body to get your attention 🥰 she came into the world ready to have a party with her hand next to her head... she’s so cute, but I may be biased!
She is a sweet baby that loves to laugh and play!
This is my beautiful son, a gift from God in our lives, a nice, communicative and cheerful boy, where everyone praises. I love you every day more and more son !!! ❤️🤴🙏
He is a very happy baby. Love's to be cuddled. He loves playing with his big bubba. He loving walking and playing with his toys
My daughter is sweet and lovable, happy and smiling, she always brings joy wherever she goes, I love you so much, blessed by God! ❤️👸🙏❤️
Scarlett is our music lover!! She loves listening to her daddy play guitar and listening to people sing
She loves to travel and watch cartoons. She loves attention and being held. She’s been to 5 states and seen lots of things!
Brycen loves smiling at everyone and loves attention
She is the most funniest, most loving kid. She has that attitude as you can tell lol. She is so beautiful, and I’m very lucky to be her mama! She just started crawling and she’s got her first tooth coming in 🥺 she grew way to fast for me, but she makes the world seem more beautiful than it is. I’m so glad to call her my daughter ♥️