Xavier loves to spend time with his mama and dad, but his dog is probably his favorite! He’s always full of smiles and loves to be outside.
Houston Lee is such a happy little boy, he makes some of the funniest little faces he loves snuggles with mommy and loves to eat!
omari is 5 years old he enjoys pj mask he has a outstanding personality smart and sweet to everyone he like soccer.
Rosie is an such happy girl. She loves to smile and play and chase her older siblings around. She truly brightens every room she goes into!
She’s as sweet and delicate as her name . Makes the cutest little sounds and laughs so relaxing and just beautiful.
Theo loves his head rubs hes 2 months old and is very vocal hes got blonde curly hair and is a little chunk
Trace is a seeker of the spot light! Everyone eyes are on him once he shows up. Trace favorite thing is trying new foods and being around people he loves.
Chloe love Judo, DIY and her dog Snoopy. Le concours continue demain soir/ the contest continues tomorrow evening 🥰
Aaron Jr is a happy, talkative, and smiley little boy. He loves when his dad reads and talks to him in Spanish and constantly stares at any light! He’s such a sweet boy and has brought so much happiness to our lives! He recently found his hand and has constantly been sucking on his thumb! He’s our happy little man!
Kingston is a Monster Truck fanatic that has a huge heart.
Hi im aurora . My favorite thing to do is eat, ALOT ! I may look small but i fart and burp like a grown man . I really hate getting my diaper changed , baths , car rides .... pretty much everything that dont involve eating. Im my moms last child but not her only child. I have a big sister and big brother i love them both. Mom says im super cute and i hope you think so too (:
Bentley is my 2 year old son
This is my 7 year old daughter
Sweetest girl! Always happy! 😃
He loves Mickey Mouse and cars! he is the sweetest, most handsome boy you will ever meet !
she is the calmest, most sweet, beautiful girl ever !
This sweet little girl is always happy, loves getting snuggles from mommy, daddy and big brother.
I’m almost 16 months and I’m the happiest baby! I love meeting new people and trying new things!
He loves cuddles with mama and rolling around
He’s a fun loving 2 month old who loves to be spoiled and held❤️
He’s the funniest and sweetest little boy. He will smile at anything that comes near him. He loves the flavor peach and he loves giggling and playing around🙌🏼 send me a vote and I’ll send you many smiles🫶🏼
Baby Blakely loves music, cuddling with momma, and don’t forget milk!
Hey I’m august but you can call me Auggie! I’m almost 2 months old and I love relaxing in my swing and smiling at my momma. I also love my bathtime and get mad when mom takes me out. We appreciate any vote we get for my absolutely precious little face!!
She is a diva🫶🏼 If you’re having a bad day she will make it better! She is hand picked from her big brother in heaven ❤️
He is always smiling he loves to crawl and he loves Italian lullabies
The sweetest girl. ❤️ She loves cuddles, meeting new people and Music. A pro at holding up her head. Purses her lips when we wipe her milk drips. Getting sassy and classy everyday. Ruby is a Gem
Hi my name is Carson. I have 1 year old. I love watching Mickey mouse and special agent oso. I love being in my spending time with my mommy reading books and cuddling.
Please vote for my sweet little wild man he definitely keeps mama and daddy on thier toes but we love his contagious smile and laugh that face gets a way with everything
Hi my name is Mazen. His 11 months. Mazen enjoys being outdoors. His adventurous, curious and bright. His just a laid back little guy. His a thinker knows how to get around by observing.. He loves watching his favorite show Ms Racheal. His an adorable lovable guy.
Addison Rae Moody
Addison Rae moody sleeps all night now and when she does get up shes always got a big smile on her face . 100% mommy's girl loves watching cartoons and love's to talk . Shes a very good and happy baby..
Lorelai loves cuddling and being loved on. She loves car rides and watching Sofia the first. Her all time favorite thing to do is sleep and eat tho please vote for the cutest baby alive.
She loves tummy time and loves to look at her dad and smile she’s starting to hold her head up a lot
She always has a mean look on her and she’s adorable and loves to smile at all her big brothers🥰
Kailani is almost 2 she loves to smile, loves animals and overall very smart !
Myles is always the silliest. He loves to smile, give kisses, and watch Ice Age. He is very smart and can tell you any color, shape, etc. He can count to 10 on his own and sometimes higher. He is a mamas boy and grandmas boy. He loves absolutely everyone he meets. Vote for little man so we can win and finish his room ♡
Avah Lee
Avah Lee enjoys playing with her Barbie’s, helping mama cook dinner, and playing with her baby brother!
Archer ( Archie ) is such a happy little boy, he makes some of the funniest little faces he loves snuggles with mommy and loves to eat!
Joesph loves bath time and his mama 💙
Layana is already very opinionated she knows what she wants and wants it right when she says. She loves Mickey Mouse and her daddy
Bubba loves tractors and playing outside
Jack is a very good big brother. He likes to ride his bike and play board games with his mommy and daddy.
Korbin loves to discover new things and lives an adventurous lifestyle as a traveling petsitter with his mommy and daddy
Shes outgoing kind sprited funny and a sweet heart.
Adorable, precious, delicate, sweet, and bouncy are a couple to get started. She is very observant in the world around her and loves to grab anything in her vicinity. She's a bundle of joy that always has a smile on her face.