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4 months · South Bound Brook

7th USA and 1st New Jersey ranking in the Lullapanda's contest which ended 19 days ago.
Prizes won: $300 + 1000 votes
641 €

Hi my name is Lena. I LOVEEE sleeping, eating, watching anime with my dad and talking. Soon as i see mom or dad getting ready to take a picture of me, i strike a pose.



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Nathalie C.
Nathalie C. Mikado hello, exchange sérious 10 votes/days. Link please for return votes
Francette P.
Francette P. Hello, would you be interested in an advance of votes to be returned to Maxwell from April 4/15. Tell us how much you can make per day or how high we can go (150/300/400/500/600/800/1000/1500). We are waiting for your positive or negative response on Maxwell's wall. Thank you in advance and good day.
Stephanie D
Stephanie D Eden bonjour je recherche des avances de vote a me rendee en mai ou juin, je peux faire 30/jour si voys etes intéressé
Sabrina Nanette
Sabrina Nanette Echange?
Angel Jai voté pourriez-vous le faire pour Rodgers merci beaucoup
Stacy O. P.
Stacy O. P. Lena your very competitive family got your back....LET'S GOOOOOOO
Nathalie C.
Nathalie C. Mikado hello, exchange sérious 10 votes/days. Link please
Connor G.
Connor G. Thats my cousin! Go baby go baby go!
Nene S.
Nene S. Cutie Pie...
Sharyn D.
Sharyn D. She’s adorable! Go get ‘em Lena
Stacy O. P.
Stacy O. P. Ya-Ya’s Nu-Nu is a sure win with her beautiful self
Twana D.
Twana D. Looking like your grand auntie
Venitta L.
Venitta L. Heyyyyy pretty girl Lena!!🥰
Karen S.
Karen S. I voted 🥰
Valerie W.
Valerie W. She’s just a pretty princess ❤️
Lacy H.
Lacy H. She’s so loved!! Thank you 🥰